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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

MAR 4860 (RVC/RPC) – Customer Relationship Management

Spring 2011 Fully Online Course


Instructor: Dr. Nancy Rauseo Phone: 305-254-0386

Office: Room 305A – Department of Fax: 786-573-9458
Marketing, Ryder Building
Office By appointment E-mail: Please use Blackboard email to
Hours: communicate with me. In case
Blackboard is down and you have
Professor's an emergency, you can use but be sure
Site: /1226516/www/ to write “Your Name – MAR 4860
VC” in the subject line.


What exactly is CRM? There are hundreds of definitions out there but the one we will use is
that "CRM is the core business strategy that integrates internal processes and functions,and
external networks, to create and deliver value to targeted customers at a profit. It is grounded
on high quality customer-related data and enabled by technology"(Francis Buttle, 2009).

Customer relationship management (CRM) is considered by many as the new 'marketing way
of thinking', with annual sales of CRM software going from $762 million in 1997 to an
expected $12 billion in 2010. CRM represents marketing's return to the pre-industrial era of
doing business through one-to-one relationships, using the technological advances now
available. Traditionally, marketing has focused on the acquisition of new customers through
mass advertising and price-oriented promotions, accepting the fact that customers eventually
switch to competitors. As markets have reached saturation, customer acquisition has come
mostly at the expense of competitors.

Today, the focus has expanded to more emphasis on the relationship development and
retention of existing customers. Research has proven that increasing customer retention by
5% can potentially increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. Despite these findings,
companies of all sizes and industries find CRM strategies difficult to implement – and in this
course, we will learn why and how to best implement them.

This course is all about retaining existing customers. As you will see, CRM is a marketing
strategy, facilitated by people, processes and technology. According to Goldenberg in July
2010, "CRM success will depend on the people/process/technology mix: 50% on people, 30%
on process, and 20% technology". Using different frameworks and an interactive learning
model, we will learn and apply best practices, techniques and approaches for increasing
customer retention and loyalty.

Achieving the learning objectives for this online course will require discipline on your part. It
is important to stay on track with the reading and other assignments. Although there will be
work involved, you will find the topics very timely, interesting, interactive, and applicable to the
current business environment. I will work to stimulate your interest and learning in these

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

areas, but you will be expected to take initiative and develop self-study habits.

I look forward to meeting you in class on the first day, online!

NOTE: This fully-online class will have a mandatory, on-campus final exam.


As a result of this course, you will be able to:

1. Recognize the various CRM theoretical models and components and apply them to
business scenarios to improve customer retention.
2. Identify and explain the connections between company profitability and improved
customer relationships.
3. Apply customer data, information & knowledge in decisions to strengthen customer
4. Recognize the prominent CRM software providers and explain the services they offer to
different levels of customers.
5. Recognize and distinguish between sales, marketing and service processes and the
facilitating role technology plays in improving and managing these processes.
6. Evaluate a company's CRM strategy, people, and processes and recognize appropriate
and inappropriate CRM practices using relevant case studies and scenarios.


After completing your BBA with a major in Marketing, you will be able to:

1. Identify the core factors that need to be examined for understanding consumer
2. Identify elements of professional image, attitude and etiquette.
3. Calculate retail pricing on both cost and profit based approaches.
4. Interpret the language of marketing research.
5. Analyze a company's marketing strategy and recognize appropriate and inappropriate
marketing alternatives.


Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and

Francis Buttle, Butterworth-Heinemann
2nd edition (2009)


Click here to buy your textbook online at the FIU Bookstore.


My objective is to provide you with an online environment that will encourage and reward your
own intellectual effort, while simultaneously maintaining standards that identify those who are
motivated to pursue excellence in their own educational preparation for a business career.
The teaching methodology is to link the course material back to the real-world and to
encourage an active learning model. This means that you are physically and mentally
engaged in the learning process. You are applying marketing concepts (doing things) and
then talking about the things you are doing.


MAR 3023 is a prerequisite for this course. If you have not taken MAR 3023, you do not
have the basic knowledge needed to succeed in this course.

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

Other pre-requisites include:

Students must have complete control of the English Language.

Students must have a Windows computer with sound card, microphone and CD-drive.
Students taking this course must also be proficient in;
Internet Browsing
Internet Research
Internet Test Taking
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
Students must have access to a phone, video or other camera to video tape themselves
and upload file.

For information about prerequisites, click here.


My preferred method of communication is through Blackboard email. If necessary, I am

available to personally meet with you on campus by appointment. Contact me via e-mail to
set up an appointment.

My policy is to return your email or phone call within 36 hours. If I am unavailable by phone,
leave me a detailed message with your name, course name & number, and a number where I
can reach you.


Course Requirements Points

Syllabus Quiz (10)

Online Academic Misconduct Agreement (10)
Student Homepage (10)

DISCUSSION - Four (4) Learning Community

Assignments @50 points each

DISCUSSION - Four (4) Participation Activities @ 20

points each

DISCUSSION - Facilitator Role 60

Individual Research Project on CRM Technology 130

Six (6) Online Quizzes @ 50 points each 300

On Campus Final Exam 200

TOTAL 1000

Letter Range Letter Range Letter Range

Grade Grade Grade

A 935-1000 B- 795-834 D+ 665-694

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

A- 895-934 C+ 765-794 D 635-664

B+ 865-894 C 735-764 D- 595-634

B 835-864 C- 695-734 F <595


As a college, we care about the quality of the business education we are providing you. More
on the College's commitment to Assurance of Learning can be found at the following link:


As a college, we care about and enforce the Policies and Procedures as they are important to
the quality of the education we are providing to you.

Click here for details on our On-campus Orientation/Online Tutorial, Server Maintenance
Requirements, FIU Library support and FIU Policies.


By the end of the second week of class, you will need to take the Syllabus Quiz. It can be
found under the Assessments link of the Blackboard site. The purpose of this quiz is to
familiarize you with the format and specifications of this course. The quiz will cover all of the
material posted under the Course Content link labeled "Course Introduction". The quiz is only
worth 10 points but studying for this quiz will help you immensely throughout the semester.


A final, on-campus, exam will be given on the main campus. I will notify you of date as soon
as the semester begins so you can make arrangements. This exam covers a good portion of
the course material. I will provide you with more details as we progress throughout the
semester. The final exam is worth 200 points. It will be in a multiple-choice format. You must
be present in person to take this exam. Personal ID is required.

To keep you up-to-date with the narrated slideshows and textbook reading assignments, six
(6) non-cumulative quizzes will be given. The purpose of each quiz is to assess your
understanding of the assigned materials and textbook chapters. Dates and the material
covered for the quizzes are shown in the Course Calendar and the Assessments link in
Blackboard. Your best planning tool is the one page (PDF file) Course Calendar found under
Course Introduction!
These quizzes will be administered over Blackboard in a multiple-choice format. Each quiz
will have between 40 and 50 multiple choice questions. Each question is worth 1 point and
each quiz is worth 50 points. Quizzes are not a group exercise. Group participation and/or
cheating will not be tolerated. You must read the Student Code of Conduct and return signed
via Blackboard before taking your first quiz.

Absolutely no make-up quiz is allowed. Please don't request a make-up quiz. If you do,
you must be prepared to fax me official documentation proving an emergency situation (death
in the family, illness, etc.) PRIOR to the quiz window closing. Each quiz will have a time limit
of 50 minutes. You will have a four-day window to take each quiz, normally from Thursday at
0:00 (midnight Thursday) through Sunday at 11:55 pm. The quiz automatically shuts off at
11:55 pm on the last day, so don't wait until then to log in and take the quiz. PLAN

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

The quizzes are not easy. I suggest you study hard for them and prepare.
Before you take a quiz, please make sure you carefully read the "important notice
regarding quiz taking".

ATTENTION: ONLY fully released versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 or higher
can be used to take quizzes. Any browser other than Internet Explorer is not 100% supported
by Blackboard and you will experience technical difficulties, particularly with quizzes. We
highly recommend that you read ALL the information in the Browser Issues section. It is your
responsibility to ensure you are set up correctly to take quizzes. Taking the PRACTICE QUIZ
can help you work out any issues prior to taking your first quiz. Remember that if you have
technical issues of this nature, you will not be able to retake a quiz. The ONLY valid reason is
if the system was down.


There are four (4) CRM research/discussion INDIVIDUAL assignments scheduled for the
semester. In these assignments, you are to APPLY the CRM theory to practical situations and

The goal of these assignments is to develop your critical thinking skills. To learn is to
think. To think poorly is to learn poorly. To think well is to learn well. If all you are doing
is describing your experiences or putting down on paper your thoughts without thinking about
them, then you aren't learning. Without analyzing and applying the CRM concepts, you won't
learn about CRM. All content, to be learned, must be intellectually constructed. It is very
important that you read the document titled Assessing Effectiveness of Participation in Online
Discussions in its entirety. This document can be found under Course Introduction. It explains
my expectations and my guidelines for assessing your participation in these assignments.

READ CAREFULLY- In order to make these discussions more interactive, each of you will be
assigned to a Learning Community of students. Your individual discussion assignments will
be posted and then discussed within your Learning Community Discussion Forum in
Blackboard. Here's how it'll work:

1. The description of the assignment will be posted within that learning community's
discussion forum by me. Refer to your one-page Course Calendar spreadsheet in
Blackboard for dates.

2. Each student will research the assignment and post his/her response individually by
the due date (always on Tuesdays before midnight). For each day a posting is late
(increments of 24 hours), you will get docked 10 points. After 5 days, you will receive a
zero. Take these seriously. Each assignment is a mini-paper!Each individual
assignment posting is worth 50 points.

3. One student in each learning community will be assigned as the facilitator for that
assignment. During the semester, each student will get one turn being the facilitator.
You can get up to a maximum of 60 points for your role as facilitator.

4. On the Wednesday following the assignment due date, the facilitator begins the
discussions. So what does a facilitator do? Reads all postings, challenges others'
thinking, encourages participation and feedback, and generates a positive learning
experience. This facilitator role does not exempt you from participating (see #5 below).

5. For one week, each student within that community participates by responding to the
facilitator's comments or questions; challenging others' postings; helping others
understand a concept through experiences, examples, and explanations; commenting
on others' postings and contributing value to the learning. This participation is worth 20
points for each assignment. The MINIMUM number of participation postings is TWO (2).
Each community will have ONE WEEK to participate. No postings will be considered for
evaluation after that. This is not something you can make up at the end of the semester.
SUMMARY -Your actual discussion assignment and your participation will equal
three postings, worth a total of 70 points.

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

6. A week later, after participation, the discussion will be locked. I will review the
discussions, evaluate individual assignments for quality and post your assignment
grades by the end of that weekend (normally by Sunday).

When responding to a message, be sure to use the 'Reply' button so we can keep track of
the threaded discussions. All students are highly encouraged to respond and interact with
classmates. Think of this as a place of learning! It is your time to put into practice what we
have learned in the class lectures.

I encourage you to go to the Course Introduction link and look at the link Assessing Your
Critical Thinking Skills. This slide presentation helps you figure out what level of critical
thinking you are at so that you can improve it. This is a self-assessment. Second, there's a
Critical Thinking Rubric that I use to guide me when reading and evaluating your postings
and assignments. Also, be sure to carefully check out the Best Practice Examples. Important
points to follow when in the Discussion Forums:

Do not attach Word documents to the Discussion Forum messages, unless specified
otherwise. Complete your response either 1) in Word and cut and paste into
Blackboard, or 2) type your response straight into your Blackboard message. To leave a
space between paragraphs in Blackboard, you need to hit enter twice. When you click
on Compose, you can also choose the HTML editor button to better format your
response. This Blackboard feature requires that you have Java on your computer.
WORD OF ADVICE: Do your assignment in Word and always save it and then copy it

Everyone in the class will be able to see your responses. Copying or plagiarism will
not be tolerated. You will receive an automatic "F" for any assignment that is identical
or very similar to one posted earlier by a fellow classmate. There is no exact textbook
answer to these assignments.

Show me that you understand the course content and can apply the theory to CRM
situations. Use the proper CRM terminology.

Incorporate your own research. Use the FIU Library link under Additional Resources on
the navigation bar of Blackboard to access the Library. Select "Connect From Home",
enter your library card and SS# information, choose "Find Articles and Do Research",
select "Business or Marketing", and then select the database. I suggest using ABI
Inform via ProQuest. This contains great articles on business practices and current

Be sure to list your sources at the end of your response. Failure to do so will be
interpreted as plagiarism. You will receive an automatic "F" for any assignment where
you do not cite your sources. I use plagiarism software when in doubt!

Share your CRM experiences.

Connect the material in the course to your explanations. Simply stating that an
employee was nice and friendly is not enough. You must explain an employee's actions
using the CRM concepts. Instead, you can say something like this:

The employee displayed a high level of service quality,specifically, the empathy component
of RRATE. RRATE is a method for measuring service quality. In my case, the employee
showed that he was able to put himself in my shoes. According to Module 1, Unit 2 (p. 6)
"empathy is the provision of caring, individualized attention to customers".

Highlight your connection(s). In the example above, this is one connection although
there are two concepts highlighted.

Cite the source of your connection within the text. You can always use outside sources
but be sure to cite them within the text of your posting as well as list at the end of your

Use clear, concise sentences in your responses. These are not emails. These are

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

essays so I expect a high level of quality in your postings. Do not ramble. Make your
points in less than 2-3 paragraphs, unless specified otherwise; each paragraph should
have about 3-4 sentences. Think about your answers first before posting!

Check your grammar and spelling before posting your response. I take off points for


You will have one individual research project relating to CRM technology. This will consist of
1) conducting research on selected software applications, and 2) reporting on your findings.

The paper will be due the last week of class, on April 18th at midnight. More details on the
specifications of this assignment will be provided at a later date. This paper is worth 130


If you have a disability and need assistance, please contact the Disability Resource Center
(University Park : GC190; 305-348-3532) (North Campus: WUC139, 305-919-5345). Upon
contact, the Disability Resource Center will review your request and contact your professors
or other personnel to make arrangements for appropriate modification and/or assistance.


The University's policy on religious holy days as stated in the University Catalog and Student
Handbook will be followed in this class. Any student may request to be excused from class to
observe a religious holy day of his or her faith.


Assignments from the text and other resources are listed below for each class session.
Students are expected to pace their learning according to the posted course assignments.

It is expected that interactive learning and teaching will enrich the learning experience of all
students, and that each student will work in partnership with the professor to create a positive
learning experience for all. Student engagement is a necessary condition for an effective
learning experience, and includes contributions to debate and discussion (if any), positive
interactive learning with others, and an enthusiastic attitude towards inquiry. Everyone is
expected to be a positive contributor to the class learning community, and students are
expected to share the responsibility of teaching each other.

Statement of Understanding between Professor and Student

Every student must respect the right of all to have an equitable opportunity to learn and
honestly demonstrate the quality of their learning. Therefore, all students must adhere to a
standard of academic conduct, demonstrating respect for themselves, their fellow students,
and the educational mission of the University. As a student in the College of Business taking
this class: \

I will not represent someone else's work as my own

I will not cheat, nor will I aid in another's cheating
I will be honest in my academic endeavors
I understand that if I am found responsible for academic misconduct, I will be subject to
the academic misconduct procedures and sanctions as outlined in the Student

Failure to adhere to the guidelines stated above may result in one of the following:
Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from the University, preventing readmission
to the institution. This sanction shall be recorded on the student's transcript.

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

Suspension: Temporary separation of the student from the University for a specific period of

Additionally the following two documents should be used by every student in business
classes that require individual or group written assignments:

Certification of Authorship Assignment Cover Page (Individual)

Certification of Authorship Assignment Cover Page (Groups)

For details on the policy and procedure go to (ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT. (Section 2.44)

NOTE: Intensive Auditing of the course will be conducted to prevent academic misconduct


I have observed that students who earn an 'A' in this course AND maximize their learning, get
into these habits each week (in this order) at the beginning of the semester:

1. Read the assigned textbook chapter(s) for the week, at the beginning at the week.

2. Go to Chapter link, and print out Lecture Worksheets.

3. Listen to the narrated lectures, found under the Chapter link in Blackboard. Some
chapters will have several modules and consequently, more than one slideshow. On
your lecture worksheets, make notes and list any questions you have.

4. Under the Chapter link, check out the available Supplemental Materials and resources.

5. On any concepts where you have doubts or difficulty understanding, please post your
questions or comments in the General CRM Questions forum. If you want to set up an
Online Chat with me, please send me an email through Blackboard.
6. Set up study groups, when feasible.
7. Start working on your Discussion Assignment early.

8. If scheduled, take the Quiz during the quiz window (usually Thursday at 12:00 AM
through Sunday 11:55 PM)- don't wait until the last hour to log in. Check the one-page
Course Calendar spreadsheet for dates. NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES ARE ALLOWED.

9. Read ALL postings coming from me! They will contain tips, important guidelines,
instructions, deadline changes, etc. I always post these messages in the INSTRUCTOR
ANNOUNCEMENTS Discussion Forum. It is your responsibility to comply with any
content in these messages.



Below is a summary of the topics and corresponding textbook chapters/lecture notes/readings

for each week in the semester. Under the Additional Resources link, you will also find a
one-page Course Calendar (spreadsheet) containing assignments due, quiz dates, test
dates, and more. Be sure to print out the calendar and post it somewhere visible so you can
plan ahead.

Date(s) Topic(s) Assigned Materials

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

1/10–1/16 Introduction to Course Watch Welcome Video

Syllabus Quiz

1/17–1/23 Introduction to CRM Textbook Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Slideshows,
Modules 1 and 2

1/24–1/30 Understanding Relationships Textbook Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Slideshows,
Modules 1, and 2

1/31–2/6 Understanding Relationships Textbook Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Slideshows,
Module 3

2/7–2/13 Planning & Implementing CRM Projects Textbook Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Slideshows,
Modules 1, 2 and 3

2/14–2/20 Developing, Managing, and Using Textbook Chapter 4

Customer-Related Databases Chapter 4 Slideshows,
Module 1
Watch Videos

2/21–2/27 Customer Portfolio Management Textbook Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Slideshows,
Modules 1 and 2

2/28–3/6 CRM and Customer Experience Textbook Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Slideshows,
Module 1

3/7–3/13 Textbook Chapters 7

Chapter 7 Slideshows,
Creating Value for Customers
Modules 1, 2 and 3

3/14–3/20 Managing the Customer Lifecycle: Textbook Chapter 9

Customer Retention & Development (selected sections)
No slideshows

3/21 –3/27 Information Technology for CRM Textbook Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Slideshows,
Modules 1 and 2

3/28–4/3 Information Technology for CRM Textbook Chapters 13

Chapter 13 Slideshows,
Module 3
Supplemental Materials

4/4 –4/10 Sales Automation Textbook Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Slideshow
(incl. in Chapter 13)

4/11–4/17 Marketing Automation Textbook Chapters 15

No slideshows

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

4/18–4/23 Service Automation Textbook Chapters 16

No slideshows
Final Research Paper Due
on 4/18


The semester is divided into fifteen (15) weeks. Each week starts on Monday and ends
on Sunday. Each week will focus on a major CRM topic(s). Under Course Content,
you will find a link for each chapter of the course. Each Chapter Link will contain three
folders: Narrated Lectures, Lecture Worksheets, and Supplemental Materials.
The Course Calendar is a one-page spreadsheet showing all critical actions and dates
for the entire semester. You will find this under Course Introduction. Print it and put it in
a place where you will look at it daily. This tool comes in handy when planning and
organizing for this course.
The Discussions link will take you to the various 'rooms' of our course. Each forum or
'room' has a purpose. Any messages posted incorrectly will be moved and answered in
the right forum. There are several types of Discussions in this course.


Instructor Announcements - This discussion forum is a MUST READ. I will post

important information about the course here. Please check this forum every day. You
will be accountable for any changes announced here.
Questions About Course - This forum is for you to post questions about the course,
syllabus, deadlines, assignments, etc. Please do not post these types of questions in
Instructor Announcements.
General CRM Questions - Discussions and questions/comments related to the course
material, i.e. CRM topics, will be facilitated through the CRM Questions forum.


Your Homepages- Read the description for this forum. Completing and posting a
homepage is a requirement. It is worth 10 points.
General Socializing - The purpose of this discussion forum is to dialogue about
non-course related information.


During the second week of class, you will be assigned to a Learning Community.
Individual discussion assignments will be posted and discussed within these forums.
Course Mail should be used to correspond with individuals regarding personal
Chat is a place where we can chat online in real-time. I will provide you with days and
times when we can meet. Because of varying schedules, it is impossible for all
students to be available at all times. Therefore, this is a VOLUNTARY activity, but
worthwhile for clarifying concepts. For a scheduled Live Chat, check your Instructor
Announcement forum for topic, day and time. You may also request an online chat -
just email me or post a message requesting a time and date.
The Assessments link gives you access to the Online Learning Practice Quiz, Student
Code of Conduct, and tests. The availability of quizzes and tests are shown in your
one-page Course Calendar spreadsheet.
The My Grades link will give you an idea of how you're doing in the course.
The My Progress links tracks your online activity.
The Additional Resources link gives you access to my welcome narrated slideshow,
Course Calendar, the FIU Library for business and marketing articles, instructions for
student homepages, best practices, guidelines, and more.

I want you to succeed in this marketing course and be able to take some practical experience

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Syllabus - MAR4860 - Customer Relationship Management

with you to the real world. Let's all follow these values so we can make this course a great

Hard, accurate work with fair assessments

Honesty & integrity
Willingness and openness to new ideas
Good communications

I look forward to working with each and every one of you! GOOD LUCK!

Florida International University Online

Copyright © 1998 - 2011. All rights reserved worldwide.

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