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July 2021

The Cornerstone
Volume 43 Number 7

Minden United Church of Christ

Pastor Brian Wohlhuter
Phone 712-483-2903
Parsonage 712-407-2370
106 Lincoln St. Box 218, Minden, IA 51553

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

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Robert Campbell
Alexis Baehr

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Worship 10:00 Mike Dea Sarah Hiller Peyton Fox
Coffee: Gretchen
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Worship 10:00 Deloma Fischer Jason & Mary
Coffee: Amanda Murley Moeller Anniversary
Ushers: Gretchen
Cunningham (2)
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Worship 10:00 Renee Price
Coffee:Richard Wiggins

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Worship 10:00 Scott Manhart
Coffee: Jody Miles Adam Nihsen
Lexi Beebe
July 11, 2021
to discuss the housing allowance/
salary package of Pastor Brian

August 1-5
on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

streamed live on You Tube

Minden United Church of Christ

August 1 - 5
6:00 - 7:30
Help needed for Bible
Open and closing leader
Bible Lesson

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Bible School:
Pre- School Leader
OIL—In the Old Testament, oil symbolized
consecration to God. The temple altar and
king’s heads were anointed with oil to set
them apart as holy. In the New Testament, oil
often represented the Holy Spirit. Jesus and
his followers were anointed for their ministries
(see Luke 4:18 and Acts 10:38).
As it does this year, July 4 fell on Sunday in 1937. While Pastor
Eldred Johnston led worship that morning in Paulding, Ohio,
local kids set off firecrackers nearby (restrictions were rare back
then). Realizing he needed to act, the pastor slipped outside
during a hymn and found the revelers.
But instead of scolding or shouting, Johnston stayed calm. “I
used to enjoy shooting fireworks too,” he said, adding that he
knew it was a fun way to celebrate. “But many in this town are
gathered in worship, and the noise is very distracting. All I’m
asking is that you wait until church services are over — about
noon — and then shoot firecrackers all you want.” The pastor
smiled at each youth and returned to church.
Recounting that experience in Liberty magazine, Johnston said
he half-expected to hear defiant explosions. Instead, the kids
waited respectfully until worship was over. When conflicts loom,
may we heed that example — and this advice from Proverbs: “A
gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up
anger” (15:1, NIV).
Minden United Church of Christ
Box 218, 106 Lincoln Street
Minden, Iowa 51553