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European Charter for Small Enterprises

2009 good practice selection

3.6 Kit.Brunello.System “KBS”

KBS is a set of tools for managing business transfers, including:
1. awareness raising by newsletter and seminars;
2. training and a manual on transfers;
3. analysis tools - quick self-check and questionnaires with personalised profiles;
4. monitoring - viability checks and mentoring;
5. territorial monitoring of the status of SMEs, including statistics.

To make businesses aware of the need for timely planning of the transfer and to assist them throughout the process.

Target group
Entrepreneurs, business transfer experts, business organizations etc.

Start date End date Other information

15/07/2006 Measure open-ended. —

Communication strategy
Encouraging business organisations to apply KBS in their territory.

Assessment by business organisations

KBS has been welcomed by business organisations that make our tools available to their members. The special focus on
transfering micro, small and medium-sized businesses means the tool is potentially transferable to all European countries. The
system is easy to use online or off-line. The data collection and processing functions enables institutions to carry out territorial

Contact details of business organisation

Unioncamere del Veneto, Mrs. Holland,; Confartigianato Veneto, Mr. Scaggiari,;

Statistical info
Over 2700 Italian and European addresses identified; 30 seminars, often accompanied by a Quick Self-Check; over 300 recent
downloads of our questionnaire.

Why is this measure a success?

The right combination of ICT tools and face-to-face approach. By participating in numerous transnational projects, we have
learned that there is a need to assist SMEs in the transfer phase and offer effective tools. We also participate in the national
group of experts on family-run businesses/business transfer coordinated by the Ministry for Economic Development to facilitate
the exchange of experience.
StudioCentroVeneto sas
Lessons learned Antonio Brunello,
Since awareness about business transfer is still very low, KBS includes awareness-raising tools, which also take into account Via G. Imperiali, 77
psychological and relation-specific aspects, often neglected by experts. 36100 Vicenza
Measure inspired by the following Member State/Best project E-mail :
Best Project 2001. The tools can be used by any country. In 2006 NHO, Norway’s National Industry Association, made KBS
available to its members (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises, Kristian Skjølaas,
Website :

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