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2009/2010 Issue 12




“Rough tracks”

Ready to topple…. Ferret in a little bit of a jam! Picture courtesy of Bill Sjoblom.

!!!!!!!!!URGENT VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!
Vehicles needed for RAAF Williamtown Air Show. Numbers and vehicle types information needed for RAAF to set a side suitable display area. High attendance is also needed as the RAAF specifically invited the AM VCS. For further information contact John Oldenmenger (President).


Springw ood Vietnam veterans day march. Picture courtesy of the editor (Brett Nicholls).

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com Public Relations Glen Cairncross (0408) 803587 Club Plate Registrar Laurie Winney (02) 4578 1531 CM C Delegate Gary Beers ALT/Delegate Vacant First Aid Officers Certified .Jeep Jamboree .2 00 9/ 201 0 I SSUE 1 2 Page 3 ADVERTISING QUICK FIND INDEX Advertiser Pope Batteries Ian Thorburn Automotive Surplus M. What’s Coming Up August · 29th August – 30th British Car display day.Lardner Park. vintage tractor pull · 19th Burwood Show and Shine · · 18th/19th RAAF Williamtown Air Show NUMBERS and VEHICLES NEEDED 30th September to 3 October 2010 .30pm · 18-19th Rego Day – 4 5 10 2 AMVCS Committee 2009/2010 PO Box 221 Gladesville NSW 2111 http://au. attendees will receive speci al medallion be there 8. Visit website www. The King’s school. Parramatta.Spares Service Provided Old style batteries Jeep Parts All models car parts Reproduction Parts October · 16-17th Menangle steam museum · 24th October – Convoy for Kids November · 20/21st Warren Brown trip to Taralga. form to be completed. located between Oberon and Goulburn.V. President John Oldenmenger Phone Vice President Ray Kickert Secretary Ken Whyte Treasurer Neil Cameron-Smith Editor Brett Nicholls (02) 4572 5672 (0418) 260013 (02) 9484 8862 (0407) 229 396 M ob.M.30 .Jan Thompson (02) 99697607 Corowa Information Jan Thompson (02) 99697607 (0412) 078 096 (0412) 078 096 COMING EVENTS for the A. Tommy agreed to map out route · Last weekend – Christmas Party – Menangle December · 1st .groups.Special Kids Christmas party – Rose Hill Gardens . 1500-1700 vehicles expected September · 12th Orange Blossom at Bull & Bush Hotel. 02 9622 3223 02 9879 7682 03 9873 3566 02 96542412 Page No. via dirt roads. finishes 2. Pennant Hill road.V.lardnerpark. Warragul. (0425) 253 253 (0414) 013 237 Email: BRETT_TRAC EY2@bigpon d. camp over.30am.

Visitors: Brian Healy Minutes from Previous meeting: – Minutes were read and were accepted. No notice on opening and now is mainly just about buses. Ken Whyte. Both John and Garry Nesbit spoke about the late notice of rallies. Seconded Ken Stacey. Treasures Report: Not present hence no report. Kevin Burne. A submission has been made for a tourism grant. Place to visit and suggestion were made to go to the Chocolate/Wiskey factory which also has a pizza oven and café. Neil Cameron-Smith. Correspondence “in”: None. Day.Page 4 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” MI NUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETI NG OF THE A. Forms will be out shortly. Re-Kokoda Memorial V. He said that he is doing well but his eye sight is still a problem. Public Relations Report: John Oldenmenger said the winter rally would be as usual. Dave Taylor suggested the club pay for the hire.52 Next meeting 7th September. Glen Cairncross.V. Vice Presidents report: Not present hence no report. The AMVCS track time is 1. Laurie Winney. HELD AT CAMPSI E R.14 Apologies: . 7am gates open. Jan Thompson spoke about Corowa 2011 British and European Vehicles. Steven Smith. KVE held AGM.M. Les Bell. Keith Adam then bought up discussion over the Pro’s and Con’s of the forth coming Weapons vote. Garry Nesbit re-mention the donation tin. General Business: Ian Fawbert objected to a line in the newsletter and suggested it inappropriate for the committee to make. Jan Thompson made suggestion we take nominations for trophies/awards now. The usual parade on Saturday. For further details on events please see the events list on page three. It is slow on the mend but is getting better. Club to vote on Isuzu Bellett Club. John has no offici al notice of no camping. Swap meet is held in the pit area. His foot is well and he is getting hydrotherapy. John also made mention of an upcoming military expo.C. The award handout was discussed. Garry Nesbit questioned about country members attending club rallies. . ON TUESDAY 3rd AUGUST 2010 Meeting Opened at: 20. M. Mark Weltner. Dave Taylor suggested that the nominations be shown in the For Sale/Wanted’s. Mick Jericevich. All British day 29th/8. Friday was a visit to Oaklands. Ray Kickert.C report: Garry Beers reported that the 10/10/10 Concourse is open to anyone. Tom Rolfe raised questions over the lack of correction made with regard to the section of minutes left out which occurred in June and not printed in the July edition of the newsletter. The recently mailed vote form was a SAMPLE-ONLY and should have been marked as such. Proposed to Accept: David Taylor.S. Truck and Bus museum has moved to Leichart from Tempe. Tony Playle will participate. Heated discussion then ensued with input also proved by Dave Taylor. C. A visit to the Shearing shed at Toccumwal on Thursday.S.Bill Sjoblom. Catering is awkward for Saturday night.L. Rotary want ideas on ways to help. Phone call from Ken Whyte 15th Aug. Meeting closed at. Garry suggested handout at Dinner and that a short background to trophies be printed in the Newsletter. A question was raised about Landy expo dates. John suggested taking him to the Air show for a day out and Jan suggested Menangle.. Garry Nesbit made suggestion that the club trophies maybe warded for other good reasons. John spoke about Scott Weeks. Fred Reeves.P.45pm. Friday night a guest speaker. John read out futureEvents and dates. The member is located in Bomaderry. Camping at Warwick Lords was suggested but would need definite numbers con firmed so as to possible hire a port-a-loo and maybe split the cost. President’s report: Received phone call from Dennis Deering about invitation to RAAF Williamtown Air Show on the 18/19th Sept. Paul Tiberti. John took seven nominations. A vote on the weapons issue will take place after the AGM. Club Plate Registers Report: 1st country club plate registration has been received and processed. Keith Adam. 21. No camping. Keith Adam asked if a secondary club outing or event attendance counts as an outing towards the primary club. 1854 persons have registered for the East ern Creek weekend. John responded stating that maybe Glen had worded it incorrectly. John ‘O’. John needs numbers and vehicles of those to attend the upcoming Air Show at Williamtown 18/19th Sept.

A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Page 5 Historic Vehicle Registration for Country Members The following is an example of a recently completed restoration of a ex army Landrover which is now on historic vehicle registration with the AMVCS being the primary nominated club. The first part is details submitted to the registrar and the second part is the detail surrounding the restoration kindly written by Ian Williams. 1234XY ######### .

Note the JP’s intitials on the pictures. .Page 6 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Examples of pictures needed for historic consesional registration from country members.

Seemed like a good idea. another engine gearbox & transfer cas e (this was as the current engine had a bad knock and the deal was to include a replacem ent). Where’s your sense of adventure I hear you ask??? After some thought I decided to have the Landrover freighted from the Ridge to Liverpool via two freight companies. I drove to Liverpool to retrieve the old fellow. but looked much bigger than I had imagined with a full length roof rack and some odd tyres. some spares to go. (Is that why my back aches now??) I was keen to purchase a Willys or Ford Jeep and kept on looking for a suitable vehicle. most unrestored jeeps are fetching from $3000 to $5000 at most Farm auctions. not that I could do much. This explained that there was indeed a Panel Van used by Army. its Galvanised bumper bar and me riding in the less than comfort able ‘dickie seats’ on so many dirt roads. when I got a call from the second leg trucking company who informed me that the propshaft was bent. So at the time the risk seemed minor.A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Page 7 Bradley the Landy IN August 2008 I was over at a fellow collector’s house. but honesty was a major part of it). and decided I would take a winch in the event it wouldn’t start. I was given a bonus. It was sitting in a large warehous e at the back. many emails I was growing frustrated trying to buy such a vehicle. The deal now struck. Anyways things seemed to be going ok. I was surprised to see a Panel Van on there and did a quick search of the internet and a website caller REMLR. It would be a straight Bus up & drive back… Then I realised that it was about 9 hours drive one way at 100km/h. I was a little dubious of this but knowing that I had seen many vehicles on semis over the years I didn’t see any large problems. Ahh well. I had my ‘Brains Trust’ in Victoria and after many. I agreed on a very conservative price on the provision the roof was re-attached to the vehicle as it was lying right way up in the nice Lighting ridge mud. flaking old paint. Imaging how long it would take at 50Km/h. and no problems I figured. I really could not see the advantage of owning a Land Rover. but they were quite rare. I was later to learn that only 29 were ever procured. as I really didn’t know what I was buying. Arrangements were made & the two connecting truck companies were negociat ed. Seemed like a fair idea. By a zealous forklift driver in Lightninig Ridge. it stays for li fe. when he remarked that I should buy a Land rover. In April 2009 I was having an eBay moment but couldn’t come to the prices asking. (hindsight is a wonderful thing. I could remember my father’s Series IIA with its ‘elephant’ trunk under the bonnet. I planned a trip. Today. and a wooden block on the seat frame for a make do seat! . Time. The Land Rover would end up at Liverpool and I would retrieve it with a car trailer. I said well just laod it as it is! I got a phone call on the Thursday and had the trailer booked for recovery. dates and weights. Now thinking he was purely mad I wondered why I would take on another challenge as I had my Ford Blitz and yet another vehicle at my place would be just that. I decided I would drive the vehicle back from…… Lightning Ridge. I found very little in my budget range. the yellow & red levers on the floor. Not many photos of his IIA but I recall its lovely white rims. lots of straight road. I had everything planeed fai rly well. When you are 4 and told that this is what it was. Having me $50 ready.

engines and timber. so I figured it wasn’t a big job for resurrection…. in the cabin. Next day I unloaded. I asked the owner what had transpired and he rem arked that they had ‘cleaned out a sawmill down the coast’ Some 20 or so blitz’s had made the journey to Port Kembla steelworks over the past month. removing in a conservative amount perhaps 20-30 KG of red mud under guards. turn and roll. . and under the seats. I arrived home at around 4:00pm. and pump up the light truck tyres to a respectable 40PSI. Suddenly I had the ability to move. The rust was minor and I was quietly pleased. For the money it seemed ok. Data plates intact. not a Land Rover chock a block full of spares and a second engine gearbox etc. but as happens everytime I use a car trailer it rained. The recovery was going ok. I noticed two of the car trailer tyres were almost on the rims!!! I had forgotten to check the pressures (hire trailer) and it was used to towing a car. At the same time…. Looking closer I realised I was seeing was several Dodges (AB160’s) and two Chev Blitz chassis. I gained some insight into this case when I was informed by my sone that a gearbox was around $40 or its weight as scrap. I began to wonder when this would end. Almost an eventless journey. he had procured many parts at scrap cost to run his small car. and was he being financially exploited. I was assisted by depot staff to get the land rover lined up with the trailer and commenced winching. I began to take an interest in the scrap metal dealers and ventured to one of the three in Nowra. and pressure washed the whole thing. to my dismay. Now loaded. everything seemed to be there by & large. After a quick lunch. I let it dry off and refl ected on my purchase. My resourceful son was clearly in the know with my local scrap metal dealer. I set out to return home. This was when metal was fetching $250 a tonne. I was very glad I had taken a winch. I had a slow drive through to Narellan where I managed to find a service station I could drive into with a car trailer on. but to no available.Page 8 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” I attempted to start it. Some engines had been claimed by Hot rodder’s but the majority of steel was long gone. I observed a very large pile of t wisted metal. Enough was enough.

With a quick exchange of cash I was the humble owner of two series Land Rovers.) missing its engine with fork lift tyne customisation and sporting a few extra parts in the back. station wagon parts (fitted aft er service). But it was well past 5:30 on a weeknight so I could only visit the yard the next day. windscreens. Sadly its not economical to repair. there’s a Jeep at the Scrappy’s & he wants you to look at it. Parts included. I was chuffed. I hardly slept all night. and I figured the risk outweighed the loss. Tac holders. I did notice a nice gear knob on a truck and salvaged it at no cost! I jumped back into my Nissan Patrol & drove away. all wonder of small parts and screws. Not one part was straight or untwisted. I was informed that my purchase was not an ex-army Landrover. (Things were looking up!). I quickly made the decision to sell it on and found a new owner within 3 days. After salvaging the winch and a lot of parts from the series IIA which was also a civilian vehicle. He had taken possession of another vehicle (in this case a 109” General Service Landrover. After the stripping and disposal of these Rovers. most of the parts were beyond the scope of even the work of the most skilled metal basher. a myriad of scrap in the tub. Delivery was late in the week. and the other had been disemboweled its varous parts. I explained that I had received the news. This vehicle/Christmas tree has been very helpful in bringing my GS panel (Bradley) to life. I was shown a blurry mobile phone photo which was no good to me. wiper motors. I was excited. hand brake handle. I was ushered ‘out the back of the large sorting shed. already dreaming I was going to own a Jeep. My Son came home one day and says: Hey dad. and turned to scrutinise the pile. At last! And saved from the scrap to boot! Next day I duly arrived at the scrappy’s. It looked about the right size and resembled a CJ5. I was contacted again by my local scrappy. wheel nuts. As I was new to the game I only took some useful parts and left the rest. but the engine & gearbox remained. The II was largely intact but had suffered slightly at the arms of a forkli ft. My heart jumped. Donning workboots (the mud in the yard pales even the most hardened war veterans and resembles a landscape not unlike that portrayed in Sir Frank Hurley’s photographs of WWI. along with a Fairy winch. Still wondering where my son was obtaining the plentiful booty of spares support. AHHH! That was the end of it until…. One was sporting dead flat tyres. Some 14 months later I have achieved success ! . and I was surprised that my sone was on first name basis with the man. My front lawn was now strewn with two rovers. I did some enquiries as to the serial number of the complete series II which was in excellent condition for its age. and will be eventually stripped totally to support another project which I have already acquired. I exchanged more money and it duly appeared on my lawn.A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Page 9 I sighed a big sigh. I was keen to look. On the way home I noticed another scrap yard and a 25 metre high pile of cars about an acre in size. One a Series II and the other a Series IIA. First introductions went well. where I was presented with two Series Land rovers. door handles. bonnet catches. dash switches. It was clearly dark bronze green under a lighter shade.

Ian Williams . I have had to adjust the rear brake shoes but everything seems to be ok otherwise. Menangle is looking promising. I might just spot another Land Rover. but then again. After a test drive it appears I have donemost things correctly.Page 10 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Many issues included: Getting a prop-shaft re-manufactured and balanced (below cost of a replacement) Sourcing four servi ceable rust free Army rims Sourcing original service manuals Replacing Main bearings Replacing the starter switch (the root of all evils) Replacing the fuel pump Replacing the carby Finding a period water washer bottle! Getting lights to work Getting the ignition to work reliably Replacing the handbrake Bleeding the brakes Re-building both Lucas wiper motors (yes they work now!) Getting the exhaust re-routed Fixing several bad earths and shorts. The whole saga would fill ten pages. This is the short version of events. I look forward to attempting to make club runs noting I have to drive at 65Km/h it makes for a fairly slow journey.

His funeral will be held on Monday 26th July at 3pm in the West Chapel of the Fremantle Cemetery. Glen Caircross. The displays included a mobile Vietnam war museum which took donations for entry.SPRINGWOOD Panoramic picture of vehicles lined up in main street (above) including the Vietnam Vets mobile museum bus. 2010 9:15 PM Subject: Bob Dimer Hi all. Event Report: Vale Bob Dimer (W. WA. Regards. In 1999 he organized for Hal f Safe to attend the Corowa Swim-In. Jan. The vehicles that were on display included Dodge Weapons carries both 4x4 and 6x6.A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Page 11 VIETNAM VETERANS DAY . Regards.A. She had been battling cancer. Rotary provided great food asking only for a gold coin donation in return. He had been ill for over 12 months. Jan. July 19. . Stadium Drive. Two Jeeps and a Landrover. The weather was sunny at first and later by march time we received a shower along with a little small sized hail there aft er the skies cleared for an otherwise great day.) and Lynda Toohey (Coffs Harbour) From: Jan Thompson To: A MVCS Sent: Monday . Coffs Harbour at 11am. All in all a good day out and I hope this event continues to grow fostering more respect for what the diggers have done. John ’dutchy’ Oldenmenger and myself Brett Nicholls. From: Jan Thompson Sorry to have to inform you that Lynda Toohey from Coffs Harbour passed away on Saturday morning and that her funeral is to be held on Friday 27th August at the Hogbin Drive Crematorium and Memorial Gardens. I was the last to arrive which made parking a little awkward as the 6x6 is a little hard on steering. Tom Rolfe. Lynda presented the Jeep Action awards at Corowa in March 2010.AMVCS Editor. Brett Nicholls . Regards. Many people will remember him from his associations with Back To The Track in 1995 and he was the organizer of the 2005 Trekkers Trip from WA to Alice Springs. Bob Dimer from WA passed away on Saturday 17th July.some as far away as Newcastle. Many people travelling a lot further . The Sunday morning started with a early drive to Kevin Burnes to pick up a 6x6 dodge weapons carrier and then on to Springwood by 9. After the loss of Peter in January 2010. Please forward this to people who knew Bob and Jenny.30am. Bottom center picture is of those in attendance (L to R) Roly Davey.

microphones and vehicle harness items . side valve V8. headsets. The then "CIB" of the NSW Police took great interest in the Sect/Commune as apparently. Two Type D telephones and reel of D10 telephone cable [400 yards ] $ 150 Contact Stu Dossetor Phone 02 4421 3354 FOR SALE 623 Mountainous Acres at the locality of River Lea . FOR SALE One complete Clansman C42 radio ground station ready to mount into a B vehicle eg Landrover. not Rivets & in a Desert Instant Messenger: Message: Hello: I'm trying to track down(pardon the Pun!) whatever happened to a Bren Gun Carrier that was bought from "Jab Jeeps" in the mid-1970's. Also used in Ferret. Subject: infamous Bren Gun Carrier Email: landownunderoz@hotmail. It is in good running condition. Have cash or front winch to trade. bar tread pattern . Currently parked in Windsor. I would like them complete with the mounting flange soldered and riveted to the tank. NSW where the eventual Byron Bay "Love Guru" with his Wives & Children lived. i.Page 12 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” FOR SALE I have a 1945 WC-62 (6x6 Dodge Weapons Carrier).Interested parties may give me a call on 0400 080595. He knew the History of this particular BGC. Approx 75m still wound up with hook attached. just resprayed and just needs some tidying up. fuel pick up and drain plug. If you have an old rusty tank and do not need the fittings. $200. indicating that it had appeared in a Movie with John Mellion.208. 3 tone. I believe it is one of only 3 or 4 in original running condition in the country. Saracen. I am also chasing a crank handle.Information/Help The message was posted by Big Joe (from $400+ GST. Contact Brett 0407 229396 Kaiser Wrecker 816 PTO for front winch. ex-army truck. ended up on "Sunfell" Bungonia Rd. Call Laurie on: 0245781531 Ford 1942. Chris Hill 0417 240 522 New 1200-R 20 18 PLY Dunlop PC50 NATO PATTERN TYRES. WANTEDS: Fittings for Bren Gun Carrier fuel tanks. Ph 0264521701 or 0408 232273 PLEASE NOTIFY EDITOR IF ADVERT NO LONGER NEED Wanted .e.200@bigpond. Antenna tuning Unit. Saladin and Centurions. they weren't the only ones dressing up as Soldiers & driving around in Military vehicles in the Goulburn area. Filler. at the time!Anyone with any info.between Lithgow and Capertee.175. one filler cap and one complete set of fittings for a fuel tank. Please contact Stephen Ford on 0428647436. Please lets know? PO Box: 3058 West Kempsey NSW 2440 BIG Joe . Unrestored reasonable condition. that I would be open to selling for the right price and home.56). Michael FOR SALE: NOS winch cable off an International Acco.$500. He also recounted interesting tales about the "Jab Jeeps" Proprietor. I need. Goulburn. Ph 02 6778 7222. Please contact Martin Ryan on 07 40868162 or mryan. 7. Includes spare power supply.driving ex-Australian Army Land Rovers. running a Disposals Shop in Auburn St Goulburn("SHPunas Disposals")I'm told it was Sold at Auction & may of ended up at Puckapunyal in a Military Museum? The BGC was Spot welded.50 X 20 sized Tyres. At one time a Gentleman came all the way up from Sydney to visit & encountered strange long haired Hippie types dressed in Army Disposals Fatigues.

.. AUCTIO N: naval ve hicle to be auctioned at moorebank not date ye t of whe n. Carlo Paola.2 00 09 /20 10 I SSUE 12 Page 13 FOR SALE………….

Page 14 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” .

Page 15 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” .

WWII Russian tank with German markings uncovered after 62 years. The weight of the tank. According to its specifications. In September of 2000 they turned to Mr. Igor Shedunov initiated diving expeditions to the bottom of the lake about a year ago. Together with other club members. made for a pulling operation that required significant muscle. with NO RUST. Enthusiasts from the club. Estonia . Mr. WWII Buffs will find this interesting. and has recorded 19. Kurtna Matasjarv. so the active force required to retrieve it was similar. Aleksander Borovkovthe. Remarkably. and all systems (except the engine) in working condition. This is a very rare machine. Igor Shedunov initiated diving expeditions to the leader of the local war history club 'Otsing'. Narva Front in the northeastern part of Estonia . (Currently used at the pit. 1944. decided to pull the tank out. A few years ago. with a top speed of 53km/hr. the tank was in good condition. Altogether. heavy battles were fought in the narrow.Page 16 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Found after 62 Years. Mr. Plans are underway to fully restore the tank. The weight of the fully-armed tank was around 30 tons. he told the story to the leader of the local war history club 'Otsing'. For two months he saw air bubbles emerging from the lake. The Soviet-built T34/76A tank had been resting at the bottom of the lake for 56 years. especially considering that it fought both on the Russian and the German sides. noticed tank tracks leading into the lake but not coming out anywhere. manager of the Narva Open Pit company AS Eesti Polevkivi. the tank was captured from the Soviet army and used by the German army. It will be displayed at a war history museum in the Gorodenko village on the left bank of the River Narv. a local boy walking by the lake. with several technical breaks. 116 shells were found on board. they were able to fire up the Diesel engine! A Komatsu D375A-2 bulldozer pulled the abandoned tank from its tomb under the boggy bank of a lake near Johvi . Preparing to pull it out . The D375A-2 handled the operation with power and style. German troops began an organized retreat along the Narva front. A main requirement for the 68-ton dozer was to have enough weight to prevent slippage while moving up the hill. Together with other club members. It is suspected that the tank was then purposefully driven into the lake to conceal it when its captors left the area. (This is the reason that there are German markings painted on the tank's exterior. This gave him reason to believe that there must be an armored vehicle at the lake's' bottom. Over 100. 50 km-wide. combined with the travel incline. Even after 62 years (and a little tinkering). it turned out to be a 'trophy tank' that had been captured by the German Army in the course of the battle at Sinimaed (Blue Hills) about six weeks before it was sunk in the lake.000 men were wounded there. under Mr Shedunov's leadership. the Komatsu dozer was manufactured in 1995. it's a 27-ton machine.) The pulling operation began at 09:00 and was concluded at 15:00.000 men were killed and 300. During battles in the summer of 1944.000 operating hours without major repairs. At that time. At the depth of 7 metres they discovered the tank resting under a 3 metre layer of peat.) On 19th September. to rent the company's Komatsu D375A-2 bulldozer. After the tank surfaced. From February to September 1944.

2 00 9/ 201 0 I SSUE 1 2 Page 17 People from the nearby village come to watch.. . Here it comes. Komatsu D375A-2 is ready to go. Through the muddy bank of the lake…...

.' Incredibly.Page 18 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” Hosing off 62 years worth of 'muck. Pretty amazing. they were able to start its diesel engine.. after a few minor repairs. .

Eyewitteness both in boats and on a shore initiated a frantic rescue effort . In a brief press conference around 9:00 p. the 'Ride the Ducks' company gave a statement concerning the accident. Schwendtner and Prem were among 13 Hungarian students. Sharla Feldscher. It has operated in Philadelphia since 2003.C. Editors Note: The last I had heard this particular DUKW is in fact a copy vehicle of sorts built along a similar design as the original WW2 vehicle. It dropped anchor and was awaiting assistance. rolled over and sank in 40 feet of wat er.. four U.S. to continue their investigation." spokesperson for Ride the Ducks. National Transportation Safety Board Investigators immediately began to reconstruct what went wrong. The bodies of 20-year-old Szabolcs Prem and 16year-old Dora Schwendtner were recovered.2 00 9/ 201 0 I SSUE 1 1 Page 19 DUKW Tour Vehicle Sinks: Two Dead Struck by empty barge being pushed by tugboat July 14. said. It is unclear if the duck boat sent out a distress signal. unmanned and unmotorized barge being pushed by a tugboat on the Delaware River. a barge used to transport sludge pulled by a private tugboat struck the DUKW. but it is not clear if the signal came from the duck boat or some other vessel. We will continue to work with the authorities on the recovery effort.S. July 7. Ten minutes later. NJ. 2010. The barge involved was city-owned and was being pushed upriver by a private tug company. The Philadelphia Water Department uses the barge to transport sludge from a sewage plant in northeast Philadelphia to a recycling plant down river. mostly by conducting inspections for safety compliance..m. "I'd like to share with all of you that 'Ride the Ducks' extends our heartfelt feelings to the families of the guests who were on our vehicle today. The boat was lifted from the water about 100 yards from shore by a crane. where it currently operates 15 vehicles. . struck and sank a WWII DUKW used by as a tourist attraction in Philadelphia on Wednesday. It is their comfort and wellbeing that is our first priority. 2010 An empty. rendering the boat helpless. Rescuers located the sunk vehicle in 40 to 50 feet of water by using divers and SONAR. Philadelphia police say the boat had just entered the water south of the Ben Frankin Bridge and was to make a routine loop of the Delaware River when it suffered a small engine fire. state and federal laws and regulations and are regul ated as a business operation by the City of Philadelphia. The Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle. The Coast Guard says it did receive a distress signal around the time of the collision. K-Sea Transportation Partner LLC. They expect ed to spend more than a week working in Philadelphia before heading back to Washington. This tragedy will be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. Afloat. All occupants on the DUKW were rescued from the river. the Coast Guard regulates the DUKWS. two Hungarian teachers. The DUKW will be first taken first to the Coast Guard station in Philadelphia and then moved to another secure location for inspection to determine the cause of the engine fi re and failure. D. The DUKW had experienced mechanical problems and was disabled without power. The DUKWs are subject to a variety of local. K-Sea is headquartered in East Brunswick. They are subject to the motor vehicle laws of Pennsylvania while on streets and highways. occupied by 35 passengers and two crew members. teachers on a tour hosted by Marshallton United Methodist Church in suburban Philadelphia. except for two young tourists from Hungary. The company said that the tug's crew of five all had proper Coast Guard licenses. students and three U. Ride the Ducks is a Georgia corporation that has about 90 vessels in several cities.

Wine Tasting available Further details available from: Robert Brandes 0427 274 004 . Lunch. Sunday 29th August 2010 No change in case of rain At the picturesque THE KING’S SCHOOL Pennant Hills Road Entry via Masons Drive North Parramatta Gates Open 7am Breakfast (7-00am).Page 20 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” An INVITATION to ATTEND the 30th BRITISH CAR DISPLAY DAY In conjunction with THE KING’S SCHOOL Art Show Bring the Family have a great day.

2 00 09 /20 10 I SSUE 11 Page 21 .

PENRITH Pictures courtesy of Ken Whyte .Page 22 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” LOG CABIN CHARITY CAR SHOW .

2 00 09 /20 10 I SSUE 11 Page 23 .

Ken Whyte. . John Oldenmenger.Page 24 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” EASTERN CREEK 2010 Pictures courtesy of Jan Thompson.

2 00 9/ 201 0 I SSUE 1 2 Page 25 .

Page 26 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” .

2 00 9/ 201 0 I SSUE 1 2 Page 27 .

Page 28 A M VC S “R O UG H TRA C KS” .

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