Console Application

Time Limit: 3hrs

Multiple Choice Questions: In this Section support your answer with appropriate choice: Give reasoning too? 1)
Concatenating with strings are done with: a) reserved words b) method calls c) operator overloading d) operator overloading and method calls

2) In order for a class to use an interface, it must a) Inherit the properties of interface. b) Contain the same method as the interface c) Creates an interface object. d) a and b. e) All of above. 3)
Every class directly or indirectly extends the______class. a) System b) Object c) Drawing d) Console

4) what is property?

z). 10. 7) Are private class-level variables inherited? a) Yes b) No.WriteLine("output: {0}. .Object. x. d) None of these. int z = x > y ? x : y. {1}.net. d)Using System.10 c) output: 11.Generics.5) using System.Collection. Console. c) Using Base Keyword.11 d) none 6) using system.{2}".10 b) output: 11. 10. c) Runtime error. 9) What is the top .10. b)Using System. } } a) No output. b) Compile time error. class _R4R { static void Main( ) { Console.y. y = x++.NET class that everything is derived from? a)Using System. 8) Can you inherit multiple interfaces? a) Yes b) No c) through Multicast Delegates d) None of these.WriteLine("R4R"). } } a) output: 10. int y. c)Using System. class _hello { static void Main( ) { int x = 10.Object. d) None of above.Library.

y=4. y=6 2) Matrix Multiplication of Two Dimensional Arrays? Explain various methods of Array Lists? 3) WAP on C# to implement Multiple Inheritance? 4) What is Polymorphism and Method Overloading? WAP for it? 5) WAP for Multiplication of Jagged Array? . but prevent the method from being over-ridden? are Arrays? Explain Types of Arrays? is Overriding and Overloading? 13) What is the difference between this and base keyword? 14) What is Dot Net Framework. 4| 5. SECTION B Subjective Type Questions 1) 2) 3) 4) What is Boxing and UnBoxing in C#? WAP using call by value and call by reference?Explain Briefly? Why can’t you specify the accessibility modifier for methods inside the interface? Can you declare the override method static while the original method is non-static? How? 5) What’s the difference between an interface and abstract class? 6) Describe the accessibility modifier “protected internal”. 2|3. x=5 and y=2.10) Can You store multiple data type in Array? a) Yes b) No c) using Jagged Array d) None of these. x=3. write different versions? 11) What 12) What Section C 1) Split the String : String str =”1. 6”. Where x=1. ? 7) What is Abstract Class? When do you absolutely have to declare class abstract? 8) What is Virtual Method? Is it possible to override Private Virtual Methods? 9) Explain Access Modifiers of Class? 10) Can you allow class to be inherited.

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