Agreement to Participate The purpose of this questionnaire is for a third year psychology project, which is examining the effects

of gender relating to an existentialist viewpoint of life and existence. I have read and understood the purpose of this questionnaire study, as outlined in the description. I also understand that all data is anonymous and confidential and will only be seen by the experimenter conducting the research. I further appreciate that I am not required to answer anything in this questionnaire which I do not wish to. Therefore, I agree to participate in this study and complete the questionnaire Name Date _____________________________________ _____________________________________

Value of Existence questionnaire Gender _________________________________________________________ Age (please delete relevant option) under 30 years 30 years or over

Religion (please indicate if atheist) ____________________________________ Ethnic Background ________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: Please read each of the following statements and choose the answer that is most appropriate for you by deleting the appropriate answer. 1. there is no importance of life and existence Yes 2. life needs to have meaning Yes No No

3. we give life significance through our actions and the way we live our life Yes No 4. I believe in some form of existence after death Yes No

5. I believe in the existence of God or some over omnipotent celestial being Yes No 6. I regularly engage in exercise and physical activities Yes 7. I am scared of death Yes 8. I feel good about my life Yes 9. I am happy in life Yes No No No No No

10. I actively practice my religion Yes

11. life is governed by external forces which we have no control over Yes No 12. I am motivated to take a stand for what is important to me Yes 13. everyone has a unique meaning and value in life Yes No No

14. I have no goals in life Yes

No No No No

15. I have a positive attitude towards life Yes 16. whatever I do is meaningless Yes 17. contentment is hard to find for me Yes

18. I am always searching for something to make my life meaningful Yes No 19. I act and behave according to others’ expectations of what I should do Yes No 20. I often wish I didn’t exist Yes 21. I am a good person Yes No No No

22. life should be lived according to morals and values Yes

23. life has no grand plan, everything doesn’t inevitably happen for a reason Yes No 24. it seems I am constantly anxious Yes No No

25. being liked by others is fundamental to my happiness Yes 26. I pray regularly Yes 27. I have no worth Yes No No No No

28. I have no sense of identity Yes 29. I have achieved nothing in life Yes 30. I have a family Yes No

31. I am not close with my family Yes 32. I am financially stable Yes No


33. I am happy with my physical appearance Yes 34. I have a happy home life Yes No No


35. we are responsible for our actions Yes

36. my friends and family give my life a purpose Yes 37. religion is necessary for my life to have a meaning Yes 38. I have had an unhappy upbringing Yes 39. I find life has more meaning as I get older Yes No

No No

No No

40. my family is financially dependant on me for existence Yes 41. I often do not feel accepted by my peers Yes 42. I have no children Yes No No