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Proposal for: Business Promotion

Executive Summary

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited (IIL) has structured an online marketing program, aimed at
creating competitive advantages for by developing dynamic online solutions that are geared

 Enhancing the corporate brand visibility

 Synergistic augmentation to the offline brand positioning efforts

 Enhancing the visitor’s online experience, thereby generating a positive impetus to
brand recognition exercise

 Drive down the costs of new customer acquisition & reaching out to existing customers
with a meaningful, content-rich web presence

• An online marketing solution that addresses the issues of low-cost customer acquisition.In this document. • Develop a Web-presence that facilitates the current business processes through web technology by being a step ahead of your competitors by educating your customer on you and your specialized services Develop a community of interest. investors & end- consumers to facilitate the creation of a unique positioning. . encompassing the institutional visitors. which is built upon the four basic pillars:  Enhanced visuals  Enriched content  Visitor segmentation  Personalized surfing experience for visitors Proposed Approach IndiaMART InterMESH Limited proposes a Comprehensive Online Marketing Program Management approach based on its understanding of Requirements and objectives of the campaign The main objectives of the proposed online marketing program management is to Develop the virtual interface for that augments its present marketing & communications exercises by providing the information to the customers and other communities of interest online at their doorsteps. IIL looks at the possible solutions that form a part of this program and the tangible & intangible savings. We have laid down a roadmap for the same.

 We keep the promotional activities going on all through the year by constantly changing the keywords and all to ensure the listing of your site/page in the top 10 listings.Enhance the Brand Promotional Services Through IndiaMART: Direct Promotions:  Promotion in major search engines…making your visibility in first 10 listings  Infrastructure of 500 odd employees in our office with 50 people dedicated to the promotion department only. . You can browse through http://www.  Manual submission of your WebPages into the search engines. Cross Promotions:  Free rotatory banners and panels: Your banners and panels will get rotated all over the portal of India mart along with other industry dedicated portals which helps in mere click of button making the visitor reaching your web presence with At IndiaMART the promotion aspect are taken care of right from the time of designing.  We also promote the clients name and business through our business listing pages as IndiaMART portal itself is very well promoted on the internet by which the client receives the benefit of getting queries through the visitors on IndiaMART portal also. This ensures that the site/pages are compatible with all the search engines and you get the benefit of receiving all the traffic from these search engines. no software supported submission.catalogs. We design the site/pages according to the parameters specified by the search engines.  We also do the promotion through business catalogues of the clients that can be hosted on our portal.

com www. & more… etc… www.Following are the Market places owned by IndiaMART Intermesh www.indianleatherportal.

indiamart.  Designing  Hosting of the page with Indiamart.  COMPLIMENTARY OFFERS.indiamart. Unlimited tenders notification free  Customer Care ➢ Mini Dynamic Catalogs (4 to10 pages) Url:inwww. Call & SMS free for buyers 2.No Services Quantity Duration Price Total (Month) (INR) .3% IS APPLICABLE This includes for the following.Commercials Mini Dynamic Catalog:* Sl. One year buyers catalog in  Web maintenance for one year. One year buyer catalog free 3. 12 months rotatory banner free 6. Mini Dynamic 1 12 20000/. Mini Dynamic Catalogs (4-10 pages) 7.. Special discount -5000 3. Grand Total 15000/- PLUS SERVICE TAX @ 10. 20000 Catalog 2.  Listing in 127 portals  Search Engine promotion (in top 100-150 search engines)  Login id for http://www..

com .na26@gmail.C Excecutive-Client Acquisition Manager.Client Acquisition IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd.c@indiamart.For Further Clarifications pls. Contact undersigned Lokesha. IndiaMART InterMESH http://intermesh. (An ISO 90001:2000 Certified Company) (An ISO 90001:2000 Certified Company) Tel: 080-42414444 Tel: 080-42414444 Mob: 9686784862 Mob:9900094415 E-mail:loki.N Ningaraj Gowda.