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@isherpreet Thanks for the follow.. and you have only 5 tweets? =P - Sep 20, 2010 [cont'd] that girl was me... yes, I missed a class. Feeling so stupid =/ - Sep 20, 2010 There was a girl telling someone that she's not a fan of bunking at all, little did she know that as she spoke, there was a lecture going on - Sep 20, 2010 Not that CBA teacher again, NOOOO.. anybody but her please!! - Sep 20, 2010 I guess it's just me & @IBA26 today... - Sep 20, 2010 orkut not blocked, facebook not blocked.. great, I hope it stays this way for a while. - Sep 20, 2010 my GPA, exactly like I was dreading =/ - http://twitpic.com/2q88gg - Sep 20, 2010 Come on people, what is the point of not showing up on the first day after such a long vacation? - Sep 20, 2010 Finally they installed IE8 in the computer lab, finally! - Sep 20, 2010 Waiting for "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" to start. - Sep 19, 2010 My mp3 walkman headphones stopped working about 2 days ago =/, gotta get 'em fixed or get new ones soon - Sep 19, 2010 Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian #nowWatching - Sep 19, 2010 "If the murderer leaves a hair on the crime scene, you can't get him 'cause there's no DNA in a hair fallen off the natural way!" @leizsa - Sep 19, 2010 @rfnnm thanks for tellin me the marks, I really wanted to know how much I got. =) - Sep 19, 2010 Vacation are officially over... I'm kind of excited for tomorrow =D. Still haven't made my mind on the major though =/ - Sep 19, 2010 Had fun with @maryamach today, I took @amna_zain along with me. - Sep 19, 2010 Ha I lost 2 followers. Oh well.. I probably didn't even know them, so it's ok I guess - Sep 19, 2010 @daniellejonas Happy Birthday! - Sep 18, 2010 I WANT MY DC BACK!!! - Sep 18, 2010 Last night I was telling @Amna_zain not to move the bed 'cause it was disturbing me.. few seconds later I realised it was a quake. =/ - Sep 18, 2010 @leizsa AWww.. you did wish her.. nice. Glad I could help - Sep 18, 2010 @rfnnm nice.. how big/small was the tortoise? - Sep 17, 2010 Finished making 3 birthday cards today - all of them look alike. This is what BBA teaches you; 'economies of scale'. haha - Sep
17, 2010

@rfnnm I heard something about the results of the rest of the subjects being put up on the notice board or something, did you check any? - Sep 17, 2010 @xmicabelax Hope you get well soon.. I know the feeling it's horrible. - Sep 17, 2010 [cont'd] ..but suddenly; for a minute of 2 you begin to doubt even if that it is a real word :o - Sep 17, 2010 Does this ever happen to you? You have known a word your whole life, it's so common, everone uses it.. - Sep 17, 2010 Got me hands on 2 new Agatha Christie books, let's see how much I can read in the remaining two days of holidays... - Sep 17,

@digvijay_demi I'm good, what about you? =) - Sep 17, 2010 @shyamu_kutty did you like it? - Sep 17, 2010 @naughty_sukhi since several months.. and yes my holidays are almost over, just his weekend left - Sep 17, 2010 - @selenagomez [Teen Vouge Interview] "Kids never get a shot at talking to me because they're always being tram -> http://bit.ly/9HNjtF - Sep 16, 2010 @xmicabelax You took a twitter break with Demi, how sweet.. you are one TRUE fan, I can tell. Welcome back! - Sep 16, 2010 @ddlovato I'm so happy you're back!! Twitter without Demi felt so empty! - Sep 16, 2010 ? People always say life is full of choices, no one ever mentions fear.. ? - Sep 16, 2010 @naughty_sukhi and I know it's confusing.. but whenever I think of changing it, I think otherwise. confused? ha - Sep 16, 2010 @nickjonas ~Happy Birthday!~ #Happy18thBdayNickJ - Sep 16, 2010 @naughty_sukhi I know, haha. His question actually made me laugh out loud =P So what's up these days? - Sep 16, 2010 I just noticed it was my Birtday yesterday, according to the Hijri year system. - Sep 16, 2010 Watched "the Mist" today, it was such a waste of time, the ending was pointless. =/ - Sep 15, 2010 Agatha Christie no. 1 TT - She's one of my favorite authors! =) - Sep 15, 2010 #newtwitter: a step towards being more facebook-like? - Sep 15, 2010 @ItsChelseaStaub ~Happy Birthday!~ Bon Voyage for the journey =) - Sep 15, 2010 I listen to a song I like it, but then I watch the video n it always disappoints me. For me the vids are never as gr -> http://bit.ly/9Hv5px - Sep 15, 2010 @rfnnm nice!! I loved that hair style =) - Sep 15, 2010 [cont'd] ..it's not my fault those chats are always in the middle of the night, I've gotta move to a different time zone. haha =D Sep 15, 2010

Can't believe I missed another @ddlovato live chat, thankfully @cambioconnect always puts the whole thing on their website. Sep 15, 2010

@bfswithkhalid Good Luck with the reharsals =) have fun - Sep 15, 2010 Really weird Topics Trending right now O_o - Sep 15, 2010 @ItsChelseaStaub I like the word 'tweet', nothing strange about it =) - Sep 15, 2010 Had an almost internet-free day yesterday.. I missed it so much! - Sep 15, 2010 @naughty_sukhi hmm.. so you thought @digvijay was buttering, huh? =D - Sep 15, 2010 @digvijay_demi Thanks, and I hope you get as many followers as well, hehe. - Sep 15, 2010 @digvijay_demi You sure have a detective mind, haha. Like the way you reached to that 007 conclusion. Thanks for liking it. -

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2010 Unusual Heels .Sep 11. but I don't think I'm that twitter famous that I need automatic replies =) .Sep 14. 2010 Good Night all . they often just represent my own personal opinions. haha. 2010 I was just thinking of getting a mid-night snack. downloading some TV show episodes..Sep 11. 2010 My favorite nuts. the funniest part is where Luke (@4Mdot) sings.Sep 12.. 2010 @G_yaa I was wondering the same thing when I saw her on TV. Yumm . 2010 "Ashley Simpson Olsen" -Alex Russo [Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana] . 2010 [cont'd] DISCLAIMER: The things I tweet are not necessarily about universal facts. 2010 @selenagomez A month without Disney Channel. =P . 2010 Watching "Castle".Sleep Well! (and if it's not night where you live.Sep 13.Sep 15. 2010 @digvijay_demi It is me. don't we.When you're painting and things don't go like you wanted. 2010 what a beautiful morning! . chatting with @leizsa. 2010 &quot. 2010 @Estellee_N @lLuciiie @FicBreatheAgain & @BlackxKeys Thanks for the RT!! ^_^ . 2010 @AlysonOnTour God didn't create chocolate.Camp Rock 2 . Aargh! . I think. 2010 Has anyone else noticed how @selenagomez's hair keep changing between short and long so frequently? I think she's using hair extensions . they now changed it to an egg silhouette. @leizsa saw #CR2 just because of my tweets about it. "Only for US residents". 2010 It felt perfectly normal when we say Nineteen-eighty (1980).Sep 12.Sep 12. twitter seems kinda empty now doesn't it. it's fun (I'm using my walkman headphones =P) ...Did you know there is a spanish version of that song too! .com/channel/beauty/the-ugliest-shoes-well-ever-2388563/#photoViewer=1 .Sep 12. later internet confirmed it all. 2010 It's 'Eid' and I'm 'happy'! So. it's HP =) btw. 2010 @digvijay_demi why would I read a Bond Book.. but it sounds a little weird when I hear people saying Twenty-ten (2010) =/ . I'll check it out . don't rush to change it . haha. 2010 Generated by myTwebo. 2010 Jason parts were the funniest scenes in CR2 #welovekevinj . 2010 @CR2News [Camp Star "launches" a campfire invitation from out on the lake] Jason: "We're under attack!" #welovekevinj .Sep 13. . Sep 13.Sep 12.Sep 13.Sep 11. 2010 @selenagomez Awesome! I love Polyvore. just let it dry and then a -> http://bit.Sep 13.Sep 12. Hazelnut.Sep 12. 2010 Remember how people how didn't put up any picture on their twitter got birdie silhouette. how did you figure that out? ^-^ . "Eligibility: US and Canada only".Sep 13. can''t wait for the spanish. 2010 Mentos . 2010 @G_yaa thanks! ^_^ .Sep 11. and I still don't get what people see in Robert.Sep 13. 2010 @digvijay_demi Thank you! =) . It's like "I'm giving you the fire. 2010 O_o @Ladygaga wore a Meat Dress at the VMAs? .Sep 11.Sep 13." in a chipmunk voice =P . 2010 @bfswithkhalid "Tweet the answer" I like it! But there would be 140 characher limit for each answer. 2010 @CR2News Here you go http://www.Sep 14. 2010 @shyamu_kutty you got that right! .yahoo.Cola flavored. that thing sure looks like a steak.Sep 11..Sep 13. 2010 I played CR2 in fast motion.Sep 13. 2010 @rfnnm Ashley G's looking so different.Sep 13. 2010 Haha.Meat Dress .. read this tweet again before going to bed =P) . . 2010 @itweetlive your site looks very useful.youtube.Sep 13.Sep 11.. 2010 @shyamu_kutty #welovekevinj. 2010 WOWP "Delinquent Justin" #nowwatching .Sep 12.Sep 13.Sep 13... and I don't think she really liked it. and yes that's a book.. ^__^ .com/account/profile_image/NadaZain?hreflang=en . not availible in your country".Sep 14. 2010 Hayley Williams: Funny 'inverted' twitter name: @yelyahwilliams .Sep 12. but still nice.Sep 13. Walnut. 2010 @IBA26 can't believe you actually tweeted! how's your Eid day going? . Trying to make the most out of my remaining week of holidays! . is like #AYearWithouRain =) .Sep 12.Sep 15.Sep 14.Sep 13. btw I'm A BBA student.. you? . . 2010 @shyamu_kutty you guessed right. 2010 @digvijay_demi it is about me reading a book. 2010 @itweetlive ok thanks.com . 2010 @digvijay_demi You have 'demi' in your twitter name and you don't know CR2? haha .. "Boat Trip" [S02E11] September 12th . 2010 Voice chatting after years.Sep 13. Cashew nut & Donut =D . .ly/91nh3P .Sep 13. what is cool about that? =D . 2010 "Sorry.Sep 11. 2010 @bfswithkhalid The birthday song was awesome ^_^ .Sep 13.Sep 13.Sep 12. 2010 #AYearWithoutRain by @selenagomez . man made it =P . hehehe . nenhum problema. 2010 @digvijay_demi Demi's taking a twitter break these days. when Dr. haha..Sep 13. ~Happy Eid & Eid Mubarak~ to all of you out there! . 2010 @shyamu_kutty =D .@leizsa started telling me all the disadvantages of late night eating. 2010 @Sidd_XD Hey there! . Eu gosto da sua imagem de fundo do twitter muito! . hehe =P .. french & turkish versions! .Sep 14. 2010 @kaam__ É ok..Sep 11.Sep 13. 2010 testing.A.com/watch?v=QgVeA6hzG0c JONAS L. And btw didn't I already tell you about what i do? . 2010 Who saw the VMA? .Sep 12.http://shine.Sep 11. I didn't know you were on Polyvore too. hahaha http://twitter.Nada Zain's Tweets 3 Sep 15.

..Sep 08. 2010 @G_yaa http://isms.Sep 06. 2010 I got this in my daily fortune on orkut "The days are long.. .Sep 10. 2010 @ddlovato Twitter just won't be the same without you..Sep 09. 2010 @naughty_sukhi G'luck.Sep 04. 2010 Jason finally gets to make his own birdhouse in #CampRock2. 2010 Watched "House of Wax" for the first time today. 2010 Got an email frm @Twitter it ws somethin abt twtr apps wrking differently... .Sep 07. how are you these days? haven't talked to you in such a long time. they're so encouraging and supportive. 2010 @CR2News CAMP ROCK of course! . edit delete and then tweet again.Stop The World Soundcheck "See the FROG at the end . 2010 @shyamu_kutty Oh. I know some haters out there can be really mean but the fan sure out number them! =) . Better download 'em both together now. may you have 9. hehe . 2010 @bfswithkhalid Bless you. 2010 Is there like an expiry date for USB flash drives? mine just stopped working without any apparent reason. i can't believe that someone reads my old tweets =) .Sep 05. =D .Thank you so much @leizsa. and I still haven't had enough! [let's keep it a no. 2010 @kaam__ how can I help? =) . =P haha . 2010 Eid Mubarak to everyone!! . 2010 "Time heals everything".Sep 06. I'm sorry.Sep 08. .pk/ . that's the reason you got it several times. 2010 Bride Wars . I mean 'who to follow' is totally like 'People you may know' on FB = .Sep 03. which I am often. finally 21 huh? How does it feel? =P miss ya. . I often got lucky.Sep 04. I think) . So.Sep 05..Sep 10.Sep 08. thanks for the RT ? . 2010 @CR2News OMG CR3?!1 reallyy??? GREAT! . 2010 Happy Birthday to you dear @mariaehsan. 2010 08 September 2010: exactly 4 years since I've been missing S. I didn't even remeber half of those . 2010 @rfnnm may you have 9. 2010 Almost everything about me is #unlikeothergirls. .. tweet.Sep 06... .Sep 06. 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever Twitter kinda copied Facebook on this one. but what if the wounds keep refreshing and never get a proper chance to heal? .google. 2010 Fed up! =/ .Sep 10.. 2010 @Duartinynbi huh? sorry I didn't understand your tweet. 2010 "Nanny McPhee Returns"...Sep 09..A. 2010 @fathiacullen me too!! I loved it.Sep 08.co/MypJGdG via @youtube .Sep 03.Sep 09.. seems so true .Sep 10. 2010 @bfswithkhalid You're on TV! =D .Sep 11.Sep 06. can you show me that picture? I'd love to see .. 2010 I got a very very special gift by mail today! . hehe. took me a whole month. 2010 F. I think you get my tweets on your phone.Sep 07. the ones I had no prepration for at all. and I was still planning on watching the 1st Nanny McPhee movie. 2010 @shyamu_kutty ^_^ yeah it is.Q...com e-mail me =) . 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever So when and where did you meet Demi? lucky you. to send you an invite I need your number .Sep 08.000 more =) . 2010 @xmicabelax I love your tweets. Should've read the mail carefully ..Sep 06.Sep 09. 2010 Eid Mubarak . 2010 ` @DDlovato ..Sep 04.Sep 06.Sep 06..Sep 05. .Sep 06. 2010 @xmicabelax what was your favorite part from #CampRock2? We?Demi .Sep 10. 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever I loved it! watched it over and over again so many times.Sep 08.Sep 04. . 2010 We?Demi trending everywhere! along with Camp Rock2! NICE! . 2010 @G_yaa you can get in without invite too but it takes longer. sort of.. less than a week away! . I remeber my physics tests. 2010 EID. 2010 @fathiacullen Hey.. now no app or gadget is workin. 2010 CampRock & Mitchie trending right now! nice. but the years are short".. nightmares guaranteed =/ ... 2010 "Kind of.1 TT!] =D .Sep 09.A. do you have a picture? =) .Nada Zain's Tweets 4 @G_yaa Eid Mubarak to you too! . I'm different! =) .com/transliterate/urdu . 2010 I've watched Camp Rock2 about 3 times till now.Sep 05.Sep 07. 2010 OMG! this sms tweet service is going crazy. maybe.Sep 07. 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever well.com . I deleted all other ones .. hmm.Sep 11. 2010 Generated by myTwebo.Sep 11.Sep 10.Sep 09. 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever Hey there! did you see #CampRock2? what was your favorite part? ~ We?Demi ~ .Sep 08. I don't know.maybe it'll turn into a Prince!" =D http://t. 2010 @naughty_sukhi Oh. 2010 This is interesting: http://www. surprized to see a week old tweets updated just last night. now where am I supposed to get that? . 2010 @G_yaa nada_scholar@yahoo.Sep 09. haha .Sep 06. 2010 I don't know what was there in those anti-allergic pills but today I officially broke all my previous sleeping records! . I--" -Mitchie #CR2 (that sounded just like me when I'm unsure. . delete. 2010 I tweet.000 more! . .Sep 06. 2010 "It's not too late" is missing from the CR2 I have ='( maybe it is there in the extended DVD version.#nowwatching .Sep 10. 2010 @shyamu_kutty yaay. ? ya .Sep 11.! .Sep 06. so for all of you out there who get my tweets on their phones.Sep 06.Sep 10..trending =D .

my brother is too lazy to bring me a new one. 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever Thanks for the follow! =) .Aug 25. 2010 The card is done. I have so much in mind right now! =D . will you? =D . I'll love those files I know!! GET WELL SOON .php?note_id=7680602415 =) . finally. . . 2010 @naughty_sukhi haven't asked yet. indonesia. dont you? Saw some #CampRock2 bloopers today. 2010 I miss the Taraweeh prayers in Makkah #fb .. 2010 OMG! *Screams*!!! I found a leaked version of #CampRock2! It's so High Quality!! can't believe I'm watching it before the actual release! =D .Aug 25.Aug 24.Aug 29. 2010 @bfswithkhalid how are you feeling now? .. 2010 @CatchMeDevonne you'll find that address here: http://www. arms ''n feet.Aug 30. 2010 Smitchie!! . 2010 #twitterismylife trending! .Sep 01. 2010 You know we''re using too much on technology.Aug 26.Sep 03. 2010 @naughty_sukhi thanks.Aug 28.) . =D Sep 01.Aug 25. I wasn''t expecting the surprise at all. .Aug 26. I hate it when I have to leave my work in the middle like this. when two singers with a super hit duet haven''t even formally met.Aug 31. . cool .Aug 25.Aug 28. "I scream. . 2010 @HeyItsNicoleA ~Happy Birthday!~ . can you believe that? . 2010 I was having a sweet dream. 2010 talked to people from so many diff. post it! Hope it reaches you soon @leizsa. 2010 @naughty_sukhi I got the answer! it was Faridkot.. 2010 @naughty_sukhi yeah the one in India =D . 2010 ~ A day without you is like #AYearWithoutRain ~ .Aug 28.Aug 25. . now all I have to do is. 2010 @ddlovato haha. . 2010 love it when it''s cloudy and cool breeze is blowing.Aug 26. that I'd have to copy my own Generated by myTwebo.com . maybe a magazine or an issue of Reader''s Digest.. .and then someone woke me up.Aug 25.. 2010 Donut + chocolate milk =) .. I like it .Aug 31.. . Never though I'd be so out of ideas. ahh..Sep 01.Aug 31. sweden. 2010 I''ll watch it later. . anyone knows how they work? .can''t wait! . Ohio. if you want. .Aug 28.Aug 24.Aug 29. 2010 out of thoughts .Aug 23. Aug 31. funny . 2010 @G_yaa "tweeples" sounds sweet. 2010 Having some date biscuits. 2010 Macaulay Culkin: the "home alone" kid just turned 30!. 2010 I guess somethings better be left un-tweeted (referring to my previous tweet =P) . Like right now. 2010 @xmicabelax haha. 2010 @Amna_Zain *frying .Nada Zain's Tweets 5 "WARNING: Twitter may contain traces of nuts" .Aug 28.Aug 24. duplicating one I made earlier.Aug 26. end? I hope it does soon. 2010 @CR2News this #CRScrapBook idea is perfect! I can't wait to draw something and send it along w/ my msg. This never happened to me before. 2010 .Aug 27... 2010 @rfnnm this is trending right now #rkknmnnk don't know what it is about. btw I actually got it right after my last tweet .Aug 24.. 2010 @leizsa Oh. 2010 I got contacted by an old classmate that I haven''t been in touch since years.out of tweets .. 2010 I love movie bloopers & behind-the-scenes.Aug 29.Aug 26. itchy all over hands. places today. 2010 Does eating sweets before bed make your dreams "sweet"? It''ll more likely give ya nightmares later & cost u trips 2 the dentist =P GNIGHT! . 2010 I''m all out of glue. 2010 Need something to read.. 2010 when will this seemingly never-ending summer.Aug 23.Aug 25. I'm already late. Glad they started making them here too. 2010 got an allergy since 2 days. 2010 Trying to add subs to a movie. 2010 My real holidays finally started! Remind me to never apply for a (boring) bank job ever in my life. You scream. Don''t know what it is from.facebook.Aug 23. 2010 @QueenRania ~Happy Birthday!~ [never thought I'd be saying this to a queen!] .Aug 25. .Aug 23.Aug 25. 2010 @CatchMeDevonne Hope you get a reply too! =) . 2010 @leizsa what did you want to talk about? Can't do it right now dear. with caramel and almonds =D . literally. but not in mood of a book. USA as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s. 2010 Making a card for a friend. . 2010 Play-doh was first manufactured in Cincinnati.Sep 03.. rather than just importing them like before. UK etc.. 2010 Ice cream. I hate those kind of people too! . 2010 I'm taking a twitter-break for a while. =/ . 2010 @shyamu_kutty I'll help you with that case of the missing wrist watch.Aug 23. 2010 Craving for ice-cream right now. shina. want something light like.Aug 27. you can 'direct message' or 'text' me GOOD MORNING . WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE-CREAM!!" .Aug 27. =/ . There were so many chocolates. 2010 Lies everywhere.com/note.Aug 26.. . 2010 @G_yaa I love date cakes too! .Aug 31. you're sick? how are you feeling now? You're lucky to have such caring friends =). Feel like I've just returened from a world tour! ... but it kinda made me think of your twitter name.Aug 23.Aug 31.turkey.Aug 31. and there was a new flavour of toblerone: buttercrunch.Sep 01.. but I'll let you know when I find out =) .Sep 01.Aug 31.

Aug 23..twitpic.twitpic.. 2010 @kanaXOkana thanks for the RT!! means alot! .Aug 19.Aug 20. 2010 @leizsa Madiha Sheikh . 'cause they at least get to see each other almost every summer back in Taif =( . 2010 . 2010 I don''t like it when twitter forces me to misspell words just to squeeze everything in 140 characters.Aug 20. #HappyBdayDemi @ddlovato ? !! #CampRock2 ^-^ .. #WhenIwasLittle . 2010 @G_yaa did you get a tan or something.com/2g7kxd ? xox #Happy18thBdayDemi.Aug 22. .Aug 22.nice talking to her after all these years.Aug 20. e.Aug 19...Aug 23. now I get it.Aug 19. 2010 @G_yaa I was talking about last yr and the yr before that. people need to think of others as humans too.Aug 20. 2010 Ever tried making eggs in a microwave? I just did! Something was wrong with the stove ''n I needed protein! ..1 TT! =D .Aug 19.Aug 19.Aug 21.Aug 19.Aug 21.Aug 21.Nada Zain's Tweets 6 work =P . (that on was from winter. 2010 .. hope you make it! [I could never..Aug 22.. 2010 Twitter made me forgot all about facebook and orkut today O. 2010 OMG. I'll have to ask =P . 2010 @ddlovato You'll probably get millions of B'day wishes (just like you deserve)! I hope you notice this too.Aug 19. 'n I recorded it. it was so nice of you =) . 2010 I used to watch the same cartoons over 'n over again.Aug 20. 2010: Phoenix.Aug 23.com .Aug 20. Let's make it no.Aug 21. 2010 @leizsa I can imagine =) ..Aug 21. 2010 @WeLoveLovato let's not call either of them B**** .twitpic.Aug 20.Aug 22. & spend rest of my time wondering which of the 2 actually made it.Aug 20.. 2010 Missing my old friends. 2010 @naughty_sukhi really your family belonged to Sialkot? I don't know where my family belgoned from before the migration. it's like you solved a "find the differences b/w the 2"-puzzle.got cut in the middle 'cause I ran out of balance (expensive international calls =P) ..Aug 19.. it means alot!! .. don''t you agree? GOOD NIGHT! .Aug 19. I live at the other side of the world =( ] . 2010 @naughty_sukhi Oh. thanks for explaing that "in reply to ---" thingy . 2010 @xmicabelax September 14. 2010 was that lightning? is it raining outside?.Aug 22.Aug 21. you look quite different from your last picture.Aug 21. ..ly/Demi-Lovato-Twitter" I SURE HOPE NOT! . AZ. I'm reading.. xox http://twitpic.Aug 22. 2010 I send two tweets.g.. Ah. they're back *phew* .com/2g7kxd . 2010 Used to spell Disney this way => "Disnep" #whenIwasLittle (the curly 'y' confused me =P) . Later she refused to believe tht it ws her n th recording. 2 yrs in a ROW!!! *Awesome* @selenagomez @David_Henrie @Maria_CB @JakeTAustin @D_DELUISE @comeagainjen ~CONGRATS~!! ? . 2010 @ddlovato I choose tweeting while reading a book.Aug 19...Aug 19. and suddenly an idea pops into my mind! so I tweet about it =D . 2010 WOWP: Emmy. 2010 @DemiLovr4Ever Hey there TheEmolaylay from YouTube. haha [nice pic btw] . 2010 @xmicabelax AWESOME!!! Good job girl ? Hope she sees it this year too! . 2010 ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ @ddlovato http://www. and kinda jealous of them.. 2010 Found a 1992 Newsweek from the store-room. 2010 One more day and then I'm free! =) .Aug 19... but now it's DIFFERENT!] . Her voice was still the same. 2010 Good Night! . one minute I'm wondering why I have 0 followers/following is trending.. 2010 ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ Demetria Devonne Lovato (@ddlovato)! http://www.they're both nice! =D #Happy18thBdayDemi .. your comment mean alot! . oh wait it's just my stomach growling =/ .. 2010 Made minced meat & potato Samosas. Guess I shd make a vid nxt time .Aug 22.com/2g7kxd <3 xox #HappyBdayDemi #Happy18thBdayDemi #HappyBirthdayDemi . 2010 @G_yaa =D you sure explained that picture in detail. I can already see the Trending Topic for tomorrow. 2010 @tisgens thanks.. 2010 While travelling by a car I used to wonder "why does the moon keep following us around"? =P #whenIwasLittle .Aug 22. 2010 @sandrasondrot thanks for the RT. the next minute all my followers/following disappear! =O .Aug 19.. everyday. they smell so good. just a few more minutes =) . good old times! . recieve only one "updated" confirmation message. 2010 @ddlovato ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ http://www..Aug 20. 2010 #CampRock2 CAN'T WAIT!!! .. 2010 @G_yaa I'm totally with you on this one. 2010 Caught @Amna_Zain snoring once.Aug 19. 2010 The premiere picture got me excited! can't wait any longer #CampRock2 [didn't like it much frm the trailers at 1st.Aug 22. but she said that I sounded VERY different. if only they could put themselves in others' shoes .com/2g7kxd [HOPE YOU SEE THIS ONE!] <3 xox #Happy18thBdayDemi (a TT!!) . I loved that comment as well. right?) =) Aug 19. 2010 Everything seemed so big and everyone seemed so tall #WhenIwasLittle . 2010 Called an old friend to wish her Happy Bday today . this time it didn't come to hospital (atleast not yet =P) let's hope for Generated by myTwebo. 2010 @Disney_Dreaming RT "Will Demi Lovato be leaving Twitter? http://bit..o .

what's up these days and how is the Ramadan going? =) . 2010 @leizsa Tweeting in class. =D . 2010 @shyamu_kutty @naughty_sukhi I was wondering the samething actually . 2010 When did they change the name of Kinder Surprise to Kinder Joy? =/ . 2010 Made spaghetti today all by myself ..) . let's use it as 1 .Aug 17. =( .(well.Aug 15.Aug 16.Aug 19.. 2010 I often 'favorite' tweets with links so that I can check them out later.I think this one's double *trying to seperate 'em* (no use) *tryin again frm nther corner* (still nt workin).? hahaha that's so me .kittehroulette.Aug 17. Hilary Duff got married! it feels just like yesterday when she was the little Lizzie McGuire ^_^ . 2010 @G_yaa "no sehri mimimum aftari" don't do that to yourself girl.Aug 17.. 2010 #nowwatching Wild Child . 2010 Reading all these tech-magazines make me feel so technology deprived =P . so you had some bad days? is it all ok now? .o'' strange people! . I used to love these cereal with timy marshmallows! ... ended up weak and eventually in hospital . fame and staying the same. you'll be out of there as Dr.Aug 15.G''night everyone Aug 16. with @Amna_Zain .Aug 15.. can't wait till Iftar =) Aug 15.Aug 14.) . but this is DELICIOUS! .Aug 13.Aug 16.. That was fast. I''m getting those twitter update confirmation messages on my phone again.Nada Zain's Tweets 7 the best .Aug 19.Aug 18. 2010 #nowplaying Allah Knows by @ZainBhikha . 2010 I totally agree with @therealgrimmie "When people say/overuse "lol" or "lolz" or anything related to "lol" I'm (cont) http://tl.Aug 15.Aug 15. "I miss you" ..Elen Uninterruptible Power Supply" does this ad even make sense? . Clever right? . 2010 I hate it when somebody shouts at me. 2010 @leizsa AWww hang in there buddy.Aug 15. 2010 Finally..Aug 18. 2010 @G_yaa Hey. 2010 . HRM. 2010 #nowwatching JONAS L.Aug 15. and when I try to make your point clear they yell back even more. "thanks sis!"). if we all really cared even 10% of how much we claim to love the country.. 2010 If you love cats you like this: http://www. 2010 @JoeJonas ~Happy Birthday~ #happy21stbdayjoej . I''m not a big sleep-fan =D ) .. 2010 took a bite of twix right after takin out my gum...com/2ejyh2 .. Getting lesser 'Facebook' notifications 'Orkut' scraps & 'Twitter' @ Generated by myTwebo. is the last one before Iftar.Aug 16. 2010 @G_yaa I'm doing good. 2010 @kiranmsthampi http://whatthetrend.Aug 17. 2010 Watching Demi Lovato: Dreams. Marketing. isn't it? .com/ ^_^ ..Aug 16. 2010 Everyone here is using my umbrella like it is a public property. my tummy is not. @amna_zain helped a little. 2010 My letter to a magazine got published! #ChildishThingToTweetAbout =P I actually didn't email that w/ the intention of seeing it in there =D .com/ the answers to all your trending-topic-related curiosities . Looked delicious. 2010 The internet life has slowed down so much.Aug 14. 2010 I ''heart'' my mama.. 2010 "Best way to prevent your future .Aug 19.) .gd/34c5fh .Aug 14. 2010 I''d love to thank and tell Sara (@leizsa) how much it means to have such a nice friend! I should''ve realized this long ago. Oh well. get up and start doing something about it!" . or you're a genius =D ..Aug 15.Aug 16.? I'm having second thoughs about my major.can't wait for that B'day video! .A. how are you.Aug 16.Aug 16. What has gotten into these indonesians? =P . not sure why.Aug 14. 2010 Having the leftover noodles from yesterday. 2010 Time literally flies away! By the mid of next week it'll be 6 weeks (since I started interning) already. yeah I've been a little busy. 2010 Finance.Aug 17. 2010 . we would've been 10x better off! =) #realitycheck Aug 14. =S .Aug 18. xox My best-est friend in the entire world!! 140 character are just too short to show my real feelings =) .Aug 17.Aug 17.Haha.co/XQ9aNrg . 2010 Wow...Aug 15. not letting me say anything . Hate to brag of my own cooking =P . or is is two joined together?! =P .Aug 16.Aug 19. infact 3rd.. 2010 @shyamu_kutty either you like those type of questions.Aug 14..Aug 15.Sara in no time =) . I've been through this twice. 2010 ironic & hilarious: how 'patriotic' ppl who talk about their love for the country are infact the ones who make the place a hell to live in .com .. 2010 I have one sensitive tummy. 2010 The longest hour. reminded me of a mint centered chocolate that I had long ago "After Eight" funny taste . . 2010 feeling a little down. 2010 Tricki-est part in samosa filling: Deciding whether the the patti you're holging a single one. 2010 Let's make this topic trending! #CampRock2 . 2010 @xmicabelax http://twitpic. 2010 Bieber-Selena Gomez Pacaran ???!! Seriously. 2010 @kiranmsthampi first day of college huh? glad you enjoyed .. by @xmicabelax http://t. O...Aug 15.) . 2010 I like the new "You both follow" feature here on Twitter! =) ~Good Morning Everyone!~ (although I know it's a little late for that) Aug 14.. 4th and even 5th thoughts =/ #confused Aug 14. 2010 @bfswithkhalid exactly "stop whining. 2010 I think too much.Aug 15. (don''t suggest me a nap.Aug 18. wish I could put my brain to stand-by mode for a while..

ppl's minds need 2B changed . =D .Aug 10.ly/bGxCk6 "I had 3 in 1 day http://bit. 2010 So. 2010 #nowwatching "Eagle Eye" (again) . what happened? Looks like you were having a bad day. 2010 @kiranmsthampi not free.Aug 11. 2010 @nada6797 hahaha. Got my answer in a forwarded (cont) http://tl.Aug 09.^ Good Morning! .Aug 07.. God knows how many more of them are out there ..Aug 10. 2010 Don't judge my life or think that you know everything just by how much I tell you & the things I tweet about.Aug 10.. 2010 @G_yaa I felt sorry for all those women. 2010 @digvijay_demi reading.Aug 10. 2010 ? Satisfied ? . it's so long and I'm too lazy to read it all =P .Aug 07. 'Goodluck Charlie' & 'Sonny with a Chance (s2)' episodes since morning =P . 2010 @HMFSeason4 I know it's a fake. and what's new at the comm. 2010 @G_yaa yeah a little better.it the kind of movie where you can only blink and breath when the commercial break comes =P . Blackberry is more comfortable (especially for people who like to text/type much. I'll be back to my old routine from Monday =) . 2010 nothing good on TV right now =/ .Aug 09.Aug 09..o . 2010 Who needs vacations.Aug 07. 2010 @G_yaa that's true "shopping with boys" sounds like and oxymoron itself =P .Aug 06. TV.Aug 12. even if it was real WHO CARES I'd still not follow her (sorry) .. 2010 I wan't something totally new to do on internet.Aug 06. and many others that I can't think of right now .Aug 09. 2010 http://oceanup. 2010 @kiranmsthampi AWw.Nada Zain's Tweets 8 messages =/ ..Aug 10.@twitter . 2010 ~Happy Birthday Buddy!~ @leizsa It was nice talking to you last night.I'm doin BBA hons. 2010 You have no idea how much I missed you . 2010 Who won the TCAs? .Aug 12. 2010 Everyone in the house sleeping .Aug 06. 2010 Checking out some Within Temptation [@wtofficial] on @leizsa's suggestion. 2010 @leizsa don't be so depressed deary. 2010 @G_yaa The whole nation needs a whole new perspective and a better way to look at things and most of all think of others besides themselves . 2010 ~ OMG I have "mosquito pox" ! ~ [My first thought after wakin' up this morning 'n looking at my feet full of mosquito bite marks =P] .and I'm downloading 'JONAS L. ~CHEER UP!~ . 2010 having Shawarma tonight! . Oh well.Aug 06. 2010 @bfswithkhalid I'm ok now..Aug 09. you replied really really late..Aug 08.. like me) .Aug 11. 2010 ? It's Not Too Late ? . I still have the stupid one on my cable =/ . 2010 Verily. 2010 I was goofing aroung in rain a couple of days ago with cousins..Aug 11. 2010 @rfnnm got DC back? lucky you.Aug 11. 2010 @kiranmsthampi =D how are you btw. thanks for the concern! .Aug 09. Oh I wish I could be there with you at times like this when you need friends the most! Aug 09.. I just took a one-week break. do I seem so? .. [13:11 Al-Quran] . 2010 Is that Meteor Shower even gonna be visible from here.@ddlovato . 2010 @xmicabelax good you didn't go for an iPhone.. 2010 Happy Birthday @Alysonontour! .Aug 10. thanks alot! It was so nice of you! =D ? xoxox .Aug 12. it must've been 'months' ago! I'm from Pakistan =D . '09 . 2010 RT @oceanUP Selena..yeah I'm a fan too! . stamp collection.. any interesting suggestions? #bored . ? . I'll can always see the pictures next day on internet =P .Aug 06.. thanks for asking =) .com .Aug 12. 2010 Generated by myTwebo.Aug 09...try not to skip it" ^. 2010 Ramadan Mubarak! .. people think I'm "formal".. .. 2010 Less than a week left for Ramadan to start! Can't beleive how fast the last year flew by.com/2010/08/05/emma-watson-haircut-picture-short OMG is this real?!! what have you done @emwatson? O.Aug 12.it's really pathetic .Aug 11. photo editing.Aug 07.Aug 12. 2010 @johnmaine Hey there! =D .gd/32cgqo .ly/acLRUw " =P .. 2010 Torrents are the best way to download movies and shows! . .A'.Aug 07. God does not change people’s condition unless they change their inner selves.Aug 12.I was born in Saudia actually moved to pak in 06 . parts of me are still aching *ouch* . ...Aug 11.Aug 07. 2010 Ramadan Kareem! .Aug 12.gd/2vkkf2 . internet surfing.Aug 07. 2010 @xmicabelax congrats on your blackberry! ^-^ which one is it? . 2010 I used to wonder why best friends often end up together in stories and movies etc. 2010 @IAdoreDemetria I adore her too! (^-^) [thanks for the Retweet btw] .Jewel (@jeweljk) .Aug 12. I don't even remember when I tweeted u.Aug 06. .Aug 12.. 2010 found the winners list. 2010 "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day .Aug 12. 2010 @digvijay_demi I'm here since June 18th. 'Haven't Had A Date In 6 Mths' http://bit..Aug 07. 2010 @xmicabelax are you plannig to attend any @ddlovato concert from CR2 summer tour? . drawing. ? Bittersweet ? sounds nice. 2010 @G_yaa just saw that friday shoutout.Aug 07. I (cont) http://tl.I slipped n landed so hard on my back.Aug 07..Aug 11.

It is a sipper people." me: "Sir. 2010 @ddlovato I don't know whether to feel disgusted or to laugh at that @dougdvds parody of Here "We Go Again". 2010 .Jul 26. 2010 our micro eco teacher explaining something once "suppose you wanna buy an old Leonardo DiCaprio painting.Aug 02. took a week off from the bank n came to cousins place (after 10 yrs). wasn't it? =P .Jul 27. how's life? . I can't check my twitter lists on the phone. 2010 Finally some internet access! For some reason my sms tweets aren't working either O.Aug 06. . Mine is not letting me use the computer since hours X( .Jul 26. Might just suggest them to water those plants when you're done with your appointment . . 2010 It is the third time someone called my water-bottle "a feeder". rode a bicycle. 2010 Glad I brought my book along. phone-break-up just like the previous ones =P . you'll be fine. 2010 @joejonas & @AshleyMGreene? Oh. u? . 2010 Me: "I dont like these clothes. how are you. 2010 I'm back!!! .o . 2010 brothers are such _______ s. stories. hilarious .Jul 27. I already know how this story's gonna end.Jul 30.Jul 26. 2010 Waiting for our bus.Jul 28..Jul 29.Aug 02. so happy she mentioned this link in her tweet too! . You tell. you gotta try it (if you still haven't) n see for yourself!! http://www.. .Aug 02.Jul 30.D . Selena & Me: Birthday Adventure http://youtu.Aug 03.Jul 29.Jul 30..Jul 28. 2010 @ItsChelseaStaub hahaha. Do I look like a baby to you?! Hahaha . I pointed out the wrong date stamp on the clearing cheques. 2010 Good Morning (The mosquito season is officially in. 2010 @wesmalik thanks for the commercial-free podcasts.. .Why can't you see I'm no average angel? ? =D . stuff (besides music) on my MP3 player these days. variety = fun ~G-NIGHT !~ . mom" my lil sis: "no they arent. Rowling's potter series.^ .Jul 30.Jul 30.Jul 29.Jul 27. you mean Da Vinci" . ?????? ??? ???.Jul 27.. 2010 this is strange. 2010 I miss travelling by planes =( ." me: "thanks. I love em. they are too childish.Nada Zain's Tweets 9 @digvijay_demi Hey.sweet chili pepper. It'll awesome.com . 2010 @adnokr5 Agatha Christie.. =/) . but I miss my internet & tv. 2010 @G_yaa ^.com/NadaZain/status/15466796186 and I've already got ? of my wish ^. 2010 Generated by myTwebo. 2010 I finally feel useful. Welcome to Twitter! . Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.My Family.be/S34neBNeex0 "AWw @SelenaGomez is a true elder sis" ... 2010 @rfnnm yeah. 2010 #nowhaving Doritos . they say it straightly to me.K.Jul 27.Jul 30. 2010 Buenos noches.. 2010 It's really fun watching @amna_zain acting all grown up with little kids =) . Bonne Nuit.Jul 28.. 2010 maybe they should start making black boxes with tracking devices in them. 2010 @DLDdotcom I have a suggestion: why don't you guys post a tweet of every new update.. 2010 Taking somedays off for going to another city for a week or maybe even more. 2010 No FM signals =| . :) . 2010 ? I'm not an imitation. 2010 @amandapbezerra Cool Profile Picture! =D . Hope I get the seat by the window. 2010 Why's is hayley williams trending? (btw I recently began liking her) and how did bill cosby die? Can't google right so please just tell me . 2010 I prefer that when people have to say "anything" to/about me. don't worry. shot really silly self snaps with cousins then hooked up the camera to the tv.Jul 27. maybe show them the way to a blood bank & they could spare me for a month or two. Good Night.Jul 29.Jul 30. before. recitations.. Brontë.Jul 28.com is my favorite @ddlovato fansite in the whole wide 'web'.I wonder if I could make a peace agreement with em.Aug 02.Aug 02. my last tweet was supposed to be updated an hour ago O. Hahaha it is WEIRD!! .Jul 28. See this proves my point!" .Jul 27. 2010 @leizsa Hey there buddy.Aug 02. 2010 @DLDdotcom demilovatodaily. Goeie Nag !! . 2010 Got goosebumps thinking about what could be people''s last thoughts on a crashing plane?. which otherwise would all have been returned =) . it was funny.Jul 30.D . Viet didn't even let me finish the card in peace =D . .Jul 28. if you could sync ur site w/ twitter =) .Jul 30. 2010 @G_yaa I'm doin fine.^ ? .Jul 28.. =) . I want my own seperate laptop! .Aug 03.Aug 02.Aug 06. hehehe . 2010 Oh shoot.Jul 29... rather than indirectly! ^_^ .crushbits. 2010 Couldn't stop ROFL-ing last night. how's life goin'? Nice to see you on twitter dear. not into duplication . 2010 THis is SO interesting + funny.o .) .) . It has been years since I''ve last been on a bus station. ^_^ . audio books. 2010 It's fun here the weather is nice. 2010 About less than 2 months ago I tweeted: http://twitter. 2010 watching @JoeyLittleKing's . 2010 Tryin diff. THey're really great! .Aug 03. podcasts etc. NOT a feeder...Jul 27.Jul 27. some others that I can't remember & I also liked J. 2010 Listening to Drive thru by @wesmalik on @cityFM_89 =) . 2010 Never saw flies that liked glue and glitter so much. here we go again.. [I'll miss my internet] .You think I'm less than perfect .com/findcrush/1320527 ...

2010 Years of self-research have concluded: "The positivity in my mood is directly propotional to the extent of pleasantness of the weather" =) . I mean seriously. 2010 It was my e-mail day today! sent 5 e-mails (TO: a magazine. but I remember a friend once had a book with huge page folds (used for bookmarking imp stuff).Jul 26.Jul 26. she says it's more "funny". 2010 #nowwatching SWAC s.. @selenagomez. 2010 Recently found out that we can direct message our followers via text too just start your tweet with . 2010 Good Morning!! (gotta go now or I'll be late) . 2010 Had there been no snooze buttons on alarm clocks. 3.Jul 25.Jul 26. 2010 A mouse was going with its kids.Jul 26..Jul 26.Jul 23.Jul 21. 2010 ` #nowwatching SWAC s. 2010 I used to LOVE that show.Jul 22..Jul 22. my own mom?!! hahahaha =D .) . 2010 Check this video out . 2010 You have heard of dog-eared book.. 2010 #nowplaying ? Wouldn't Change a Thing ? by @ddlovato & @joejonas (CR2 soundtrack) .Jul 24. [-_-] .. 2010 Took online tests/quizzes after ages.Jul 26.com . haha @ddlovato's most favorited tweet is none other that breakup news tweet 1035 favs! . 2010 @EmWatson ? you Emma so glad that you finally joined Twitter.thank you everybody it means alot .RT @rfnnm "Full House Season 8 LMAO!" .. mouse: "bhow bhow" Cat ran away. Maybe i''ll skip half of the classes next semester go for a long vacation and maybe then i''ll get 80-85+ haha =D . a CAT jumped infront of them. with my sis (@Amna_Zain) ..com/28knrq . 2010 @xmicabelax http://twitpic. 'cause every hello ends with a goodbye" ? -@ddlovato .how could you..Your first twitpic ever!! So proud of you lil' shishtooo . my telecom company. you get time to write emails.gif " =) .Jul 22. 2010 .com/get_well/get_well_soon_graphics_02. but when you see "two million only/-" it feels a bit strange =P .. but she didn't use the "@" thingy (be sure to read em) =) . 2010 @adnokr5 it's the other that I like very much..fm n look what I found.Jul 22..Jul 26. 2010 It''s understandable if you write "only" on a 5 hundred something cheque. 2010 @bfswithkhalid my little sis @Amna_Zain tweeted you this morning all by herself.com/ if you're curious about how would it look on you =P . 2010 My mama liked HM more than WOWP..) .Jul 26. though Id share the results here =P .Jul 22. @ismspk and one more.Jul 21." #msgoftheday .Jul 26. 'cause it might hide another better opportunity from you. . I would have to get a new alarm clock each day =P .Jul 22. ~advantage of learning foreign language!~ .. .. too bad it doesn't air on TV anymore . ~GOOD NIGHT TWEEPLES~ . 2010 I just noticed that Facebook finally added the like option for the comments too! Now I can like comments and not just the statuses =D . 2010 ..Jul 22.Jul 26.) ..Waiting anxiously for this! Good Luck completing and perfecting it.Despicable me http://youtu. 2010 What do you prefer?: "RT-ing the traditional (copy-paste) way" or "Using the Retweet button" . 2010 [cont'd] this is one plus point of having an internet connection problem.Jul 26. . 2010 @G_yaa AWw. 2010 Thanks to http://favstar.tatmash.Jul 22...2 "Walk a Mile in My Pants" ep.. just a few days ago I tweeted that I wished you had a twitter account too! .I named it an "elephant-eared book".Jul 26. I know being sick sucks anyways: "Hope you http://www.Jul 23..Jul 23.Jul 26.wondercliparts.com/27l4rw .00 gpa is totally unfair! =''( My paper wasn''t that bad.. 2010 *sigh* can it get more boring than this? [-_-] .. 2010 #nowhaving Kinder Bueno (I have been craving for chocolates since last couple of days. 2010 Generated by myTwebo. . 2010 ? "I can't set my hopes to high.. 2010 #nowplaying ? Live Like There's No Tomorrow ? by @selenagomez . 2010 @Amna_Zain Good Morning to the best-est sister in the whole wide world xoxo PS: (dont forget to get the tv remote at 1:30 today) .be/IcaiFsriW_Q The little girl is so cute!-. my current favorite Disney show) =D . 2010 If your @ messages don't get noticed it's either because you're tweeting a huge celebrity who get tonnes of other msgs a day or .d friendsname #discoveryoftheday =) . 2010 #nowhaving Cadbury Perk .http://twitpic.Jul 23.Jul 21.. 2010 @Amna_Zain http://twitpic.2 "Sonny with a Secret" ep. I'm sur ..com/28f8s7 . 2010 @selenagomez ~HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!~ hope you have a blast sweetie <3 xoxo .Jul 22. they're just some TV shows that I'm too old to watch but I still do =P ("Hannah Montana" & "Wizards of Waverly Place") .Jul 26.Jul 26.. 2010 Q: Where do you take your broken iPhone to? .Jul 22. =P .Jul 26. 2010 @adnokr5 hehe..fm/ I know which of my tweets get favorited ..Jul 23. 2010 After a whole semester +1 more week of dedication to a course.Jul 23. dont know why) . 2010 ever wanted to try on a tattoo? use this: http://www.Jul 22.A: to the "Eye Hospital" ofcourse! . 2010 "If you miss an opportunity don't fill the eyes with tears. (since I don't have my DC anymore I download the shows to watch em now) .Jul 26.Jul 21.Jul 21. 2010 #happybirthdayselena is a Trending Topic today! Awesome! ~Happy Birthday @selenagomez~ . 2010 @selenagomez ~HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!~ sweetie <3 xoxx (I remember I was 18 when I first saw you on WOWP.Jul 26.Jul 23.Jul 21. It's gonna be awesome. 2010 I was just exploring favstar.Nada Zain's Tweets 10 @adnokr5 so what else are you into? hobbies.

Trying to get into something fun before Monday starts. SoTrue etc.@TaylorSwift13 . . 2010 #nowreading. 2010 @EmWatson finally you're HERE!!! I'm so happy to see you here ?..Jul 20.Jul 17. telling the truth.. . you.Ameen ..Jul 20.. Fact.. 2010 people took the rain as an excuse to come late or even to take the day off.com/276hsx . then maybe some lebanesse/syrian dishes then south east asian. yet they start judging your views without even realizing tht there could be other totally different reasons behind it. so hope you understand =) . 2010 the ?'s I tweeted about earlier ^_^ http://twitpic.D) .Jul 19. "Hilarious" =D . 2010 @xmicabelax http://twitpic.Don't know what you're (cont) http://tl. How do they know all those things I feel but never say? .Jul 21.Jul 19.Jul 19.Jul 20.totally disappoined =/ .Jul 18. 2010 Those OMG. don't you? (I was even thinking of copying them to my computer) .Jul 19. no batteries! You just flip these things.com ..@wesmalik (on the radio) .gd/2l9ef5 . feeling so faithless. 2010 Generated by myTwebo. 2010 @bfswithkhalid I saw that Air band video.Jul 17.Jul 20. no buttons. you feel all alone" I just remembered how much I used to love this song . 2010 I heart weekends! . 2010 This unbearable heat is getting frustrating and intoxicating. 2010 Weekend is almost over. 2010 I was offered a day off by the operation manager himself. going by the law .nice gifts.com/26ukft . twitter pages are so addicting & freakishly accurate.Jul 20.. 2010 I was hoping for a weather much cooler than this after the morning rain.Jul 19. 'cause all those tweets feel so relevant & applicable to real life #fact .. 2010 @ilovekayneraime I'm sure he's a nice singer but I actually don't usually follow people I don't know.Jul 19.Love Nada .@ladyantebellum . 2010 "my 100th TwitPic". that's nice . 2010 #nowplaying Al Mu''allim . 2010 @G_yaa not at all..Jul 19..Jul 19. 2010 "G-Night" to all the people in nearby time zones. filled a whole page with them! Will upload that later.Jul 19. 2010 @G_yaa you used pakoras for bribery? =D Looks like you had lots of fun today.Jul 19. Chad's (@s_knight05) *B-bangs* are 'funny'! ..Jul 18. lost under the surface . you're so luck to have such an amazing friend (is that an edited picture of Demi & . 2010 . 2010 Why are the celeb live chats always so late at night? I missed @selenagomez & @ddlovato's before.Jul 20.called "pages" .Jul 20.Jul 20. 2010 @adnokr5 I actually do read my previous favourited tweets sometimes.Jul 20.Jul 20.Jul 21. 2010 Watching SWAC s. 2010 #nowplaying ? You're Not Sorry ? .Jul 21...Nada Zain's Tweets 11 @naughty_sukhi copying my tweet. 2010 #nowtunedinto Drive thru .. 2010 @shyamu_kutty why don't you just unsubscribe from @naughty_sukhi's tweet texts if they annoy you so much . 2010 ? Tired of being what you want me to be.Jul 18. it falls more in the category of "having fun" (rather than bribing) =P . ^-^ ~GOOD MORNING!~ . 2010 @G_yaa btw I meant new cuisines not new odd combinations of the thing I already have in my kitchen =D . 2010 @bfswithkhalid yeah LOL (btw did those names come from from those PlayStation "Crash Bash" game? . nothing good on TV.Jul 20.) [did you guess the gadget?] ..com/26v213 . Totally new & different tastes. any suggestions? . 2010 OMG! can't believe this: Emma Watson (@EmWatson) is finally on twitter!! ? [Hope she tweets often and that she reads her @ replies] .Jul 20.style? =P .Sami Yusuf . . 2010 #nowplaying "Need You Now" .Jul 20.. hope you have a good time tweeting ~WELCOME TO TWITTER~ (^-^) . how could I refuse.Jul 17. . 2010 I was feeling like drawing hearts <3. 2010 Poeple know nothing. It is actually on the very next day of @selenagomez ''s bday =) .Jul 19. 2010 @rfnnm what was this about? "text me ur Tweets @8518 " . Seriously it is just rain.Jul 18.Jul 19.once you start favouriting/retweeting them you just can't stop. 2010 #WhereImFrom People consider these deviant: being on time.Jul 20. now I'll miss @taylorswift13's tonight =( .D .. 2010 .Jul 21.. Hope it cools down a few degrees. water cant hurt you much! =P ..Jul 19.Jul 19. .2 "Sonny with a Song" episode. "Good Afternoon" to others & "Good Morning" to everyone on the other side of the globe! .Jul 20.. 2010 Sometimes I wish I could try out all sorts of different dishes from international cuisines.Jul 21. . kind of curious about the flavours I have never experienced before. May it last all summer long .http://twitpic. 2010 The must-have hi-tech gift of the future: Check it out! No screen no downloads. (or should I say #stillreading) "Huckleberry Finn" those strange dialects are starting to get hard to digest now . 2010 "and when your hope crashes down. 2010 Just a few more days till "Ramona & Beezus" release..Jul 21.. 2010 . 2010 Thank you God for the lovely cool breeze. Who wants to go on a "food adventure" with me? =D . & maybe even some african stuff too . Sick of summer. 2010 I''ll start with italian and mexican.. shattering to the ground.Jul 20. 2010 Just checked out some other songs from Can't be Tamed (album) hoping there'd be something good in there .. a collage of all my previous ones! [don't forget to click 'view full size'] .Jul 20.

dont let the bed-bugs bite! .... You''ll find something you like . 2010 Moms do much so much for us. 2010 @xmicabelax Disney Channel = always a #WIN . you just drift apart with time without any big reason. exam. with a lot more GBs.Jul 16.twix. hope you have fun tweeting =D ~ . I am better off "solo" . I miss rain! .D .Jul 10. somthing wrong with the internet. 2010 Downloading some Enrique songs on @Naughty_Sukhi's suggestion. don't know why she got so messed up later =/ . Fiction. 2010 @mariaehsan I hope those ketchup stains didn''t give you a hard time coming off.Jul 11.. sugar-coated hypocrites to co-exist with them socially.Jul 15. guess what? .. Yeah mine have just started this week. 2010 Don't let your bad mood effect others around you.Jul 16.Jul 17.Jul 13. #meNmyfacebook =P .Jul 08. 2010 .Jul 08. this is our first upgrade in about 10 years =P "so happy!" . . Jul 16. isn''t it? .Jul 11. 2010 Watching "Get Smart" and "Bolt".Jul 15.Jul 15.. 2010 gano España! #esp #worldcup .Jul 08.. hmmm sounds interesting (@SelenaGomez's upcoming album) . my rest-day is over. wouldn't it? .Jul 08. 2010 "Parent Trap" was the best thing that happened to @lindsaylohan (I loved that movie). we actually have somthing in common.o (but I'm sure it was fun =P) hope it keeps on raining more frequently ..Jul 11.Jul 09. 2010 @maryamach & @mariehsan thanks =D .. Ah! this feels good..Jul 15. 2010 @G_yaa oh so they're almost over. A fine example of multi-tasking. 2010 @TeamCyrusVirus Is that a "follow me" request? Well." . The least we could do is be nice and show how much we care for her . 2010 Ans: We both love Twix bars (..Jul 13... 2010 My #twitter age is 386 days 3 hours 10 minutes 53 seconds. Find out yours at http://twitter.Jul 17. 2010 Just because you forget and forgive everything before the next day starts. Sowiee . 2010 What a day! .Jul 11.Jul 12. 2010 @G_yaa don't tell me you got all soaked up at 3:30 in the morning O. 2010 Good night. did they? .Jul 16.seocoder. ~Welcome to Twitter Sara (@leizsa)!.. and playing stuff my my walkman. so hard to get it up the straw.Jul 16.Jul 16. 2010 Well. just like the old times .com . don't ever take that for granted. too bad I'm not Team Cyrus.Jul 09. =D . 2010 Everybody is talking about cooking-up fake data.. Like it how Beckett secretly likes Castle but is "too professional" to admitt so .Jul 12. 2010 Watching @ddlovato's recorded @cambioconnect live chat. hmm ..Jul 11.Jul 11. it might cost you alot . 2010 Generated by myTwebo. 2010 McDonald's chocolate milkshake is more like a drinakable ice-cream.Jul 13.org/ #twittertime . before judging. Being dead is very relaxing. wish I brought an umbrella along. 2010 @G_yaa you actually DO get replies from official sites (I often do). I don't feel comfortable with that .. books. =D ..trust me! . 2010 @David_Henrie ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ . It is going to be a brand new routine from tomorrow.D .Jul 12..Jul 11. how awesome is that (should leave the door open more often.Jul 15. 2010 My sister just joined Twitter . sipping my lemonade. 2010 HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI HDI . yet so yummy ^_^ . non-fiction. a DVD player and a bigger LCD monitor.. 2010 So happy that atleast one of my old got a twitter account.Jul 16.Jul 15. 2010 If I have to be like one of those multi-faced.To fake or not to fake? .. 2010 "A Year without rain".Nada Zain's Tweets 12 Saw the first episode of Castle again today. sleep tight.Jul 15. 2010 Taking my sis with me to the university today. 2010 Lovely weather (hope it stays so for longer) .com/ . Fingers crossed. 2010 #nowplaying Decode by @paramore ... 2010 @ all the people who say reading is boring: try something other than your study/course books for a change. 2010 Glad this semester is OVER! .. can''t wait to read em! .Jul 11. the Indian Rupee has a new symbol now.Jul 08.they're my favourites too) =P http://www.Jul 11...Jul 17. one just needs to write them =) . and your friends tell you that you're talking too loud! =O . 2010 Finally a new PC. project tension.Jul 11. Don''t expect others to do the same back to you. 2010 trying to open the MIS result e-mail.Jul 09.. . 2010 No matter how good were you together before..Jul 09. 2010 It's so embarassing when you have earphones on. 2010 It has been a while since my last two-day weekend free from any kind of studies. 2010 Got myself a couple of computer and internet related magazines..Jul 09.@Amna_Zain =D .. hoping for the best! . 2010 @G_yaa Let's google up "how to rain dance" and then I'll join you too. 2010 Off to the park! ~B-bye~ (I'll tweet updates from there) . 2010 @naughty_sukhi "i-Mail" would sound like a new Apple product or service.Jul 13.Jul 12. 2010 So. 2010 There is a lovely butterfly in my room. It is pouring out here. etc.. attachment taking a bit longet to open . then dont quit. 2010 "If smoking relaxes you.Jul 09.Jul 15. . 2010 I have the silliest dreams whenever I over-sleep. sometimes. 2010 falling asleep to sudais and shuraim.endless options & a huge variety to choose from..Jul 13.. 2010 I get free at 12:30 on Fridays! =) . I guess) .Jul 12. does that happen to anyone else too? ~GOOD MORNING!~ . magz.

Jul 04.sony. I guess I saw the repeat then . 2010 Scratches?! NO! .Jul 08.Jul 08. business ethics that.lv/product/nws-b-series/nwzb143fp..Jul 04. 2010 Playing my 11 year old Casio SA-5 SongBank keyboard.Jul 06. 2010 "The thing at the tip of a shoelace is called an aglet" . 2010 ? I can't wait for you to understand / If you just dont get it ? .. 2010 I downloded a few chapters of a book on my MP3 player. any suggestions? .. 2010 Hahaha.Jul 07..AWw. and I'm bored already. .com/ .Jul 04. . all that is just bookish stuff. real books are better .Jul 03.Jul 04.B (can't believe I'm listening to rap O. how're we supposed to start anything without the data? .Jul 06. 2010 I could''ve finished reading 2 chapters by the time 1st audio chapter was over.. why can't they get along? =P .Jul 04.but I have to ? . 2010 Just finished watching "Castle" (season finale) .Jul 04.Jul 07.." . . trust me . cool! . 2010 corporate responsibility this.. Hope the Ramadan goes well.Jul 07.Jul 07. 2010 @G_yaa Thanks ^_^ . 2010 Thinking about migrating to Antarctica #sosickofsummer .. 2010 Sitting idle here at the computer lab with all my group. your favorite color is always the rarest one in your pack.Jul 05. 2010 @G_yaa AWww. (what should I engage myself in?) . the screen is not comfortable for long readings.cew =D . 2010 @bfswithkhalid listening to the show after ages! Missed it so much. 2010 did I mention how much I love my new http://www.Jul 03.Jul 07. 2010 Water-ballon fight!!! . Jul 02. 2010 CBA result to be shown today.. *INSTANT SEDATIVE* ! . 2010 ? Hoping for the best but expecting the worst ? . before the 6th semester is FINALLY OVER! .Jul 06. 2010 @mariaehsan "rediscovered"? It was never lost in the first place.Jul 03. Hehehe .Jul 07. 2010 @kiranmsthampi Maybe.o) .Jul 04. 2010 #nowwatching "Meet the Robinsons" ... 2010 Isha at 9..P . 2010 First few hours of freedom. Hayley Williams) .Jul 05... 2010 I think I'm going to keep 6th semester books with me forever. 2010 #nowplaying ? Airplanes ? (ft...Jul 03.000 species of bacteria.Jul 07. viva...... Hope it all goes well..Jul 04. but today I caught up on all the sleep I had to let go last week. (btw I didnt like Party in the USA either) . 2010 ? We can't stop the world. but there's so much more that we could do. while drinking it out of a glass.Jul 08. pink Sony Walkman (NWZ-B143F) today! It is so cute.demilovatodaily.Jul 06. 2010 I was just looking at my national ID card and guess what I found.. that was so sweet you're the new hero for birds now =) . Just like happy endings are for fairytales only. 2010 @bfswithkhalid thanks for the shoutout.Nada Zain's Tweets 13 Love the new summer theme of this site: http://www. 2010 This was supposed to be out summer vacation. 2010 Spread this msg: Please don''t listen Waka Waka (FIFA 2010 song) by @Shakira . All I want to do is to log in my OWN account . *yawn* . "I actually am entitled visa free entry into my own country" duh! =P . 2010 @G_yaa yeah that sounds good .Jul 03.Jul 08. 2010 @shyamu_kutty I wasn't refering to study books =D . and it was so relaxing =) . 2010 I am not a sleep lover type of person normally.Jul 08. 2010 The new Ufone commercial is so funny! . 2010 just one more project left.Jul 03. Love it! (^_^) . 2010 Can''t get out of the bed. There are somethings that technology could never replace! . poor Beckett =/ .. 2010 Trying to come up with a new idea for a hand-made greeting card.B. there goes my GPA =( .Good Morning everyone! .Jul 08.Jul 06.Phineas & Ferb #random . the days ARE getting longer.Jul 07. My conclusion: "reading is better that audio-books.. Good Morning to you too (^_^) (35.Jul 06. 2010 got a new 4 GB..Jul 07. ? . 2010 For me. 2010 The thing about M&Ms and Skittles is. 2010 I also get tired of e-books. Q k ye African language mein hai ap ko smaj nai ayga.Jul 07.Jul 02. some of it enters your nose :O .o. n come back for the sequel . 2010 Why can't Miley make more songs like "The Climb" ? . It is not easy to please that teacher. 2010 Preparing for taxation mgt. Feel like I could sleep forever. I'm sick of this semester.Jul 07. 2010 they leave some Qs unanswered..Jul 02..Jul 04.@kiransthampi I disagree. 2010 @G_yaa hahaha so TRUE. =) .Jul 06.com .Jul 02. have you vacations started yet? . mysteries unsolved so the people watch the movie over & over tryin to figure it.. 2010 @G_yaa I love cats and I like birds. 2010 #nowreading Adventures of Huckelberry Finn by Mark Twain . getting less than 70% is like failing. but I''m afraid I would score low in certain subjects this time. 2010 ? I can't breathe without you.Jul 03.. and MIS tomorrow :/ . I just sent a forwarded text message to twitter =P . really?! Eww) . 2010 Twitter has seriously got to stop showing me homepages of other people..Jul 08.. Gosh..Jul 07.Jul 04. 2010 Generated by myTwebo.Jul 07.Jul 08. it was the worst-est ever .Jul 06.Jul 08. 2010 Listening to @bfswithkhalid .but I was so careful with it :S . 2010 Exams over!! I am free! =D (well atleast for the weekend) .. 2010 You know you are too used to drinking water from your sipper when. Why? . .Jul 03.. 2010 Lizzie McGuire Movie trending AGAIN?! haha. . In case I ever have sleeping problems.

Jul 01. it really is "not a good idea"! (^_^) . rushed back =P . Trust me.Jun 30. Freaking out already..Jun 29. 2010 I slept in the afternoon and wasted alot of time =( .. (e. Lizzie McGuire. 2010 I sneak caramel sachets from pudding boxes n eventually everybody ends up having a topping-less dessert =P *somthings never change* . should really start reading them . 2010 Ah... HM...so sleepy now. organic life" Managenent Information Systems by Laudon & Laudon ..Jun 28. 2010 "Today's transistors should no longer be compared to the size of human hair but rather to the size of a virus. you heard it for the first time becaused I just coined the term today. 2010 (My message to twitter during exams) .Jun 30.. is no child's play .Jun 27. strikin up a conversation. WILL YOU?" .com .Jun 30.Jun 29.I'll be free till the end of this week . 2010 Good Morning World! ...Jul 01..Jun 29. 2010 It's funny how Deathly Hallows Trailer shadowed Eclipse movie release. 2010 "The "natural alarm clock" which enables some people to wake up more or less when they want to is caused. Something about you so addictive ? " . I know how annoying they are. which result in mid-night snacks w/ pretty unusual combinations. 2010 @xmicabelax I don't know if you already know this but 1 of your video links is also a part of http://twitter.Jul 01.@taylorswift13 (dedicated to my mom!) . 2010 Expecto Patronum ! (a TT) .. it is about her mom not her father =D .. .page 214 . 2010 @G_yaa interesting new name "G_yaa" . 2010 A 20 marks question from an excluded topic #badluck ."Dear Twitter. 2010 . HP.g. and it is going right into my list of favourite movies =) .Jun 30. 5 more to go) . I'll get back to you after exams for all the details.. 2010 Deathly Hallows #1 TT =D (I better NOT read the book again before the movie release this time.Jul 02..) .Jul 01.Jun 29. 2010 . .. I know ..Jun 30. miss my old room w/ all the glow-in-dark stars tht shone up on the ceiling at night (I shd grow out of such kiddish stuff already =P) .Jun 26. 18 to 24 year-olds deprived of sleep suffer more from impaired performance than older adults. Hope I did not miss anything .Miley Cyrus (got to listen to it a few more times before I decide if I like it or not) . 2010 "As a group. 2010 watched "Hotel for Dogs" after a long boring day of studying. I suck real bad at writing fast :S HELP ME GOD! Jul 01.Jun 29." GOOD NIGHT (again) . Hope it gets all better SOON! . 2010 @kiranmsthampi kleptomaniac IS a real word .by a burst of the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin.. 2010 @xmicabelax is that you n your niece in those twitpic? nice ones.Jun 30. 2010 Ready to dive into "Principles of Auditing". for some reason she simply unscrewed a bolt from a bus seat and put it in her purse.Jul 02.Jul 02."screw-kleptomaniac" just isn't =D . 2010 Not sure about it but I think I got both tax numerical problems right. 2010 mistakenly took another girl's 'similar-looking' bag with me. @IBA26) read your tweets and when they like a certain one.Jul 01. (Do I need to arrange for any scuba gear?).. 2010 I often have strange cravings at this time of the night.. 2010 I saw a screw-klepticomanic girl today. 3 chapters of Development Eco.. 2010 what do you do when you have to choose between "friendship" and "doing the right thing"? . =D . ? Hard as I try.Jul 01. 2010 @jiya_z sure I'd love to know all about it.Jun 26. being too introverted isn't a good thing. I'm off to bed.Jun 29... 2010 some people (*ahem ahem*. 2010 Generated by myTwebo. 2010 Emma Roberts deleted her twitter account just because of hate mail from "Team Edward" that's so not fair . I just google-researched it and it turns out I was right.. 2010 @MariaEhsan =D next time when I tell you that something is not a good idea. 2010 Now that I collected & printed all the topics. Random! . cute child. 2010 #nowplaying ? The Best Day ? . . (hope I don't get exam nightmares) ..Then I had coffee to wake myself up. 2010 @xmicabelax AWww you still have that headache. the smallest form of... 2010 One of the most chilling captions put above an examination wallclock: "TIME WILL PASS. .My worst nightmare..Jul 01. 2010 better stop pondering upon such useless stuff and concentrate on preparation for tomorrow =P .Jul 01..Jul 01.Nada Zain's Tweets 14 #nowwatching "Sony Style Magazine" . wish me luck! .. 2010 @naughty_sukhi there is 1 exam each day I'm done with 3 (they went well) three more are left...Jun 29.Jun 26.Jul 01. here on twitter =D * Expecto Patronum * . 2010 #nowplaying ? Ordinary Girl ? ..Jul 01.Jun 30.Jun 28..! BUT. can't read another page. I know I can't quit." ~GOOD NIGHT Everyone~ .o ..Jun 28.. I don't think there are other such cases =D . 2010 it went well! (1 done..Jul 01. 2010 I often have a hard time opening up to people.Jun 26. 2010 Isn''t it ironic how 2 out of a trio of best friends always end up together.Jun 26.Jun 27. they text you about it instead of favoriting it =D . 2010 exam starts in less than 10 minutes O.Jul 01.com/selenagomez/favorites =D . realized it a few seconds after getting out of the hall. 2010 @mariaehsan remember "The Best Day". 2010 Two 12. 2010 I gave it my best.Jun 26.Jun 27. 2010 @kiranmsthampi hahaha.Jun 28.. .) Jul 01. The secret garden etc..Jun 29..5 marks long questions .but that's me . or I'll end up comparing the both =S) . 2010 *kleptomaniac #corretion .

now I remember. *I miss you* . Never thought I''d say any of that to anyone. 2010 @shyamu_kutty not really. the one who understands you the best is away. how come you http://twitter.ly/bDxuUA .D) Jun 25. nevermind I'll try searching for those videos myself. I'm all good (keeping aside the pre-exam panic).Jun 25. A definite fall in GPA is expected. 2010 Thinking about hitting the books from today (hmm.. 2010 @naughty_sukhi It's just like "like" on facebook.always a nice feeling! ~GOOD MORNING~ . no profile picture..youtube. 2010 RT @oceanUP Miley Cyrus Hopped On A Plane TO LAX http://bit.. 2010 @naughty_sukhi interesting site.. 2010 It is "Monsters vs.. I just wanna be with you! ? ~Nada~ . 2010 . but ? .. 2010 Getting "@ replies and mentions" on Twitter is like having a "new notification" on Facebook . 2010 McDonald''s "Happy Meal" has its own seperate website.o .Jun 23.. 2010 I'm going ? #RoundandRound ? on this spinning chair (@ the computer lab) =P [pre-exam stupidities] . trying to do a little of every other book O.Jun 22. 2010 @rfnnm were there 2? ahh yes. 2010 This semester is not my lucky semester...now that you're gone. but not everybody is lucky enough to have have a mother who is also a best friend.Jun 26. sounds crazy I know =P ... 2010 Trying to solve some Tax problems.Jun 26. 2010 getting "@ replies & mentions" on @twitter are like having a new "notification" on Facebook . wish you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! ^_^ . 2010 If you can not give me the support I deserve and need. 2010 @jiya_z Hey there. I might've not appreciated you much before.com .Jun 25. guess what. I''m lucky! . howcome?) . at least don''t create hurdles in the life I''m trying to live on my own. Hey.Jun 24.what should I hit them with =P) . 2010 @rfnnm I've been watching alot of TV too since yesterday.Jun 24. my studies right now! I think I should skip TV this time..Jun 22. . 2010 OMG! @MariaEhsan made me laugh like I haven't in quite a while =P .always a nice feeling.Jun 24..Jun 23. 2010 #hashtag =P . 2010 I'll watch Toy Story 3 right after my exams . 2010 Good Night . doesn't it? =P .Nada Zain's Tweets 15 So terrified of all the other subjects that haven't started studying for the Monday exam yet.Jun 24.Jun 24. 2010 Dear Cell phone.Jun 23. 2010 @penguinbooks CONGRATS! You got 91.Jun 25.. 2010 Sorry about those depressing tweets. 2010 @DinaKassab Her mom's Italian and Dad is Mexican . 2010 Check this video out -..Thanks . =) . 2010 Why do they call it a Computer 'lab'? sounds like a place where technology experiments are conducted. .@TaylorSwift13 Sony TX7 Cyber-shot Camera Commercial http://youtu.Thanks .Jun 22. 2010 RT @MuggleNet Dan Radcliffe: 'I thought Justin Bieber was a woman' http://bit. not as hard as I thought they would be. 2010 Everyone says their mom is the best.with a dream and her cardigan! =D) . yeah.(.awesome technologies! Wish I could Generated by myTwebo.Jun 22... 2010 Life becomes difficult when the person you need the most.Jun 22.Jun 25.Jun 23.Jun 26.Jun 22. can you give me the link of that Microsoft Surface video your group showed. ~Good Morning~ . its just me who doesn''t have any more patience left. 2010 If my grades are negatively affected this time.Jun 23.Jun 24.#toystory3 . send me the link of both of them ."@Twitter in simple English" http://www. . 2010 God is Fair and Just.. I know the feeling of getting hacked (although it was just my friends playing around) .com/1pedzd .Jun 23. I need it .Jun 26. Insha Allah they won't be as bad as I dread .com twitter directory under: #drawing #reading #disney #photoediting #swimming . it was the last of 6 consecutive presentations. those were the ones I wanted .. 2010 My favourite topics from today's MIS presentations "MIcrosoft Surface" & "Project Natal" .Jun 23..000 + followers (May it reach 100.Jun 24. 2010 I ? #disney .Jun 22.Jun 24. 2010 Just added myself to the http://wefollow. 2010 @jiya_z Thanks ^_^ . 2010 @jiya_z AWw.Jun 23. can be tricky though .Jun 24.sleep well..Jun 26. 2010 @rfnnm the problem is that I don't have a USB these days.Jun 24.. =S . what about you? (btw. 95% of the blame will be on other factors & just 5% = my own fault. 2010 anyway jokes aside: I've really decided to begin studying for the exams.Jun 25.Jun 23..com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o . MashaAllah. 2010 @rfnnm Nice presentation.Jun 23.Jun 24. and we didn't even get our full time ='( .@DisneyPixar movies are always great .? . So stupid of me. you favorite the tweets that you like http://twitpic. Should''ve kept it to myself :/ . it becomes a whole lots interesting before/during exams doesn't it? Jun 26.ly/9D4YkB *Hahaha!! so did my brother* .Jun 23. ~ Random fact of the day ~ .anyways lets hope for the best...000 soon!) . why don''t things get better already? How much longer.. I had a dream once and she was my friend in that dream.Jun 22. .be/uhHMWLjL77U . 2010 @naughty_sukhi hey there. Aliens" vs. 2010 @rfnnm Oh I just noticed those links in your tweets..Jun 23. 2010 Check out this video . that's awful!! how did that happen .com/naughty_sukhi/favorites is empty? (btw what was the dream? . 2010 If only I could lay all my books on Microsoft Surface and put my head on the other side & transfer all the data into my brain by dragging it ..Jun 24.

=/ . 2010 "The Crystal Maze" on TV. That's great! Hope you enjoy the rest of the day too! . Jun 21. 2010 @jiya_z the presentation is tomorrow." . 2010 @seldemiley_fanx Oh..Jun 22.Jun 20.. 2010 @seldemiley_fanx love your twitter background! ^_^ . you mean that "Future Harper" ep. 2010 @jiya_z ~Happy Birthday Girl!!~ your tweets tell me that you had a blast today. 2010 RT @jiya_z " @NadaZain pool wudve been boiling hot too. 2010 @kaitlynkerr Ah. You should do what your mind tells you to.. 2010 the stupid bus driver just yelled at me because I untied the curtain.ly/91vVrZ "wow! can't wait for Monte Carlo! ? " .com . My fingers automatically do that whenever I delete something. 2010 @rfnnm Oh.Jun 21. that's so sweet & you're so lucky she tweeted you (again!) . but FYI my name's actually an Arabic word that means 'Dew Drops' =D ... it looks like SPAM to me =P . 2010 @xmicabelax http://twitpic. ok thanks =) . you were in a quote-ish mood yesterday weren't you? . haha but I couldn't help tweeting you in the middle of the story. like it! (^-^) #worldcup .Jun 21..gd/20l5ta . 2010 Lately.. 2010 Presentation today .com/1xqdss .Jun 21. never thought I was gonna see that old show on television again .. 2010 Today I'm going to re-re-re-rewatch "Princess Protection Program" on DC =D .Jun 20.Jun 20.Jun 20. 2010 @jiya_z (^-^) *hug* ? .com/1rkbgh .Jun 21.... 2010 Once upon a Monday.Jun 19. 2010 It's scorching.! which episode? . did some assignment work (cont) http://tl.Jun 21.Jun 20.Jun 20..Jun 22.Jun 20.. I've seen the videos you made last year even before the Lovatos saw them and I also (cont) http://tl. I guess.Jun 22.Jun 20.Jun 20.Jun 20. memories* .[I use "" if I tweet quotes] . 2010 @jiya_z that really is a difficult situation. choosy & too critical? . =( " hahaha you're right .Jun 20.Jun 20. 2010 How are we supposed to present the whole topic in 10 minutes?! I even heard that the teacher will keep a timer with him! . is there any way I could contact @ddlovato (other than twitter. I actually read the whole thing afterwards =) .o really? . 2010 To properly start studying for exams a student should be free from all sort of other tensions like preparing for a presentation.favotter. especially when you have a kind heart.Jun 20. unfortunately I never did. 2010 @jiya_z thanks.o .. I woke up. 2010 @manumg40 did you make this video yourself? nice. 2010 RT @oceanUP Selena Gomez Leighton & Katie IN PARIS http://bit.us/wp-content/uploads/robot-for-future..gd/20b50h . got ready..Jun 20.. haven't seen it yet but I'll search for it .AWw..my 2 minutes / my 6 slides = 20 seconds per slide! O. 2010 @xmicabelax any tips on how can one get her twitter attention? btw here's that @selenagomez scan I told you about http://twitpic. 2010 I've seriously gotta stop using "Shift + Del".Wish me luck! .Jun 20.. Like it! #worldcup . 2010 My friend @MariaEhsan thinks this robot is handsome http://murdur. no this line is not from there. 2010 @xmicabelax I see. 2010 @xmicabelax Yeah you did. this was purely my own thought . 2010 @xmicabelax btw I know Nada means 'nothing' in spanish.Jun 22. 2010 I'm a hopless presenter! . 2010 Heard the Arabic version of ? Waving Flags ? on TV. 2010 Can't one even have standards without being labelled as picky.Nada Zain's Tweets 16 try 'em out . what good are curtains for if they don''t keep the sunlight away =S .*Ah. 2010 @xmicabelax so I was wondering.gif ! O.Jun 21.Jun 20.Jun 21. 2010 OMG I just realized: 10 minutes / 5 group members = 2 minutes for each .Jun 21. I just saw your tweets.D nice quotes . she get 1000s of tweets a day) can ya help? . no time to practice that much with the whole group we still have to finish our report and slides =/ .Jun 21.Jun 20. 2010 Twitter tip of the Day: http://favstar. attended lectures..Jun 20.net/ . 2010 Generated by myTwebo. Closed Sunday) hahahaha : "that's HILARIOUS =D" . . 2010 @xmicabelax So happy for you.Jun 22. and got that by mail (btw I did meet her once *in a dream* =P) . 2010 "Miley C performed at Sunday night's MMA wearing less than some people might wear for a day at the beach.. 2010 @Adzy__ Does that 100 follower thing even work?. I just emailed her. 2010 How are we supposed to present the whole topic in minutes?! I even heard that the teacher will keep a timer with him! .Jun 20. hey. .Jun 20.Jun 21. you must be so excited they recieved it =D .@yahooomg (wht else cn u expct) .fm/ is much better than and more frequently updated than http://en.. @twitter is becoming more of an interactive place for me rather than just a type of e-diary it used to be =D .Jun 20.Jun 21..o .Jun 22. I really need all the luck I could get . "slowly-baking-you-to-death" summer days like this which make you want to wish you had a pool at your place. 2010 @shyamu_kutty Thanks ^_^. 2010 RT @seldemiley_fanx on the bottOm of a pizza menu (Open seven days a week..Jun 22. 2010 Just heard the arabic version of "waving flag" on tv. went to the university. 2010 @kaitlynkerr she made fun of old people on SWAC? hahaha.Jun 21. Jun 21...Jun 21. 2010 @xmicabelax Hey there Mica.Jun 21. 2010 @seldemiley_fanx you met her? O.

#worldcup (don't you just love these cute flags? I tweeted this just for the flags....com/1xscae . 2010 OMG! other people are tweeting through my account too. 2010 @jiya_z you're right they can't. 2010 Wowiee Lizzie McGuire Movie still trending.Jun 18. 2010 Generated by myTwebo. . (I miss my phone) .. 2010 Disney seriously compromised on its quality by giving Indians the right to air their own shows on DC..Jun 17. and I don''t know where should I start from. there was a lil' birdie trapped in who couldn't find it's way out. 2010 I'm not a teen hence can't vote for TCA '10. please ..com/1x0sf5 . 2010 #nowplaying ? 21 guns . 2010 You can't be mad at me just because I'm mad at you. which. turns out. 2010 ? Someone who knows when you're lost and you're scared .D Jun 14.Nada Zain's Tweets 17 @naughty_sukhi you still haven't sent that mail?! . that's so not cool =O .. 2010 I was clearing up the mess in my room... 2010 Lost my cell phone today ='( .Jun 19. I don't see happening anytime soon =) . #cmr ..Jun 17.and yes I ? delightful surprises like those too) .Jun 14. and found alot of lost stuff. and the say girls are more conscious about their looks .there through the highs and the lows . 2010 "The Stone-age Ancestor of the Nokia we know today"! Don't laugh. 2010 A week left until semester finals. . & Robotics" presentation and report =P . 2010 I don't know what's wrong with @twitter I sign in as @NadaZain and it keeps showing me other people's homepage and messages .@greenday ? .Jun 18. 2010 Just saw a man combing his hair while he was crossing the road. 2010 "You're on my mind more than I may show" . what do you think? .Jun 17.Jun 17. everything is so Hindi and lame. stomach growling.Jun 18. 2010 @shyamu_kutty I say it's not possible not unless we want them to. 2010 Good news: the cable operator got DC back =) . I mean a whole year has passed already! . all I can think abt is FOOD! That's it! I'm off to the café b-bye. 2010 @naughty_sukhi hahaha.Jun 14.http://twitpic.Jun 17.all boring and lengthy =S .Jun 19.I. 2010 I joined @twitter last year on this very day [June 18th..Jun 19.? .Jun 18. ? . 2010 I really need an intelligent robot to help us out with our "A..Jun 19. Don't ask 'how'. unless we make them that powerful and intelligent. I can't . infact the no. 2010 It's my 1st "Twitter-versary" tomorrow! can't believe it.. sorry .Jun 15. 2010 I went without tweeting for almost 24 hours can you believe that.Jun 17.Jun 19. 2010 What do you call that feeling you get when you realize. 2010 Cold coffee! ..Jun 17. If I was eligible I'd rather vote for WOWP than SWAC (both are nominated in the same category) .Jun 17. 2010 After all these years Lizzie McGuire Movie is a trending Topic? Random. AWw . 2010 @kiranmsthampi but having that Indian Disney Channel is as bad as having no DC at all. OSD doesn't sound dangerous at all =D so have you seen the Round & Round preview? .Jun 17.. in the middle of your bath.Jun 15. err. 2010 @naughty_sukhi Hahahaha @ddlovato tweets more =P I actually used to tweet via my phone more frequently n now that i've lost it. confused a bit . I've actually decided to begin with the toughest (..Jun 18.Bad news: It's not the 'all-english' one I used to watch ='( .Jun 18.. that's against the rules! =P . 2010 I hope Disney makes a song as good as "Send it On" this year too.. what was it you're thanking me about by the way...http://twitpic. howcome you didn't find it? . 2010 Doing some research on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. don't care much about the match=P) . =/ . 2010 @shyamu_kutty glad you're happy.Jun 17. alot of people think robots are gonna take over the world one day :O . 2010 @jiya_z thanks for the prep advice..1 TT! .Jun 18.Jun 19.Jun 18.. 2010 @tyra_hill Thanks for that follow tweet ^_^ . glad you enjoyed that =D ..Jun 17.. 2010 ...Jun 17.Jun 19.I want one of those! .Jun 19.Jun 16.Jun 19. 2010 I left my room's door open for a little while n when I got back.. this was the only spare set lying around the hou http://twitpic. 2010 @naughty_sukhi I don't think so =( .Someone to count on.Jun 18.com/1xt7j8 ..Jun 17. that the shampoo bottle is empty! =/ . full of over-acting! That is why I never liked watching them =P .Jun 18. including "cash" that I didn''t remember at all! ^_^ .. 6 subjects .Jun 19. . can't concentrate on my work..Jun 17.Jun 14.Jun 14. 2010 @jiya_z so true. 2010 @shyamu_kutty exactly ..Jun 17.com .Jun 14. 2010 @jiya_z I totally agree with you about those dramas.Jun 18. 2010 @mariaehsan that video you couldn't get actually broke all-time YouTube record for most viewed vid.Jun 16..Jun 17. 2010 @mariaehsan my pleasure.. 2009] =) . 2010 Nintendo 3Ds . that's when you realize it's wise to keep your phone with you 'everywhere' you go (it helped me once =P) . 2010 #RoundandRound by @SelenaGomez (feelin' dizzy now =P) ... someone who cares. 2010 Jaden Smith is the new Justin Bieber of Twitter! .Jun 14. 2010 @naughty_sukhi OSD stands for. but Cool ^_^ .Jun 14. 2010 I want my phone back ='( . 2010 This is how losing a 100 pounds changes you (That's Josh Peck from "Drake & Josh") . 2010 Skipped breakfast today. 2010 #jpn vs. it finally got free after an hour of flying & fluttering here n there all across the room =) .

2009 @xmicabelax Congrats @ddlovato replied.. 2009 The Holidays are ending but the summer is still there :O . infaat may you be the 1st one to reach a BILLION =D ! xoxo .Sep 24. so. 2009 correction.! I just love animals! ^^ .Sep 12.. http://twigu. I'll just shove them all in together and turn it on ^_* . Haha not really =D.Jun 13.Jun 13. 2009 @xmicabelax Glad you replyed(..Wasn't expecting this much.....Jun 13.. . 2010 RAIN!! finally! (Funny timing though. 2009 I should really get up now.com/irlcf . 2009 Got nothing to tweet about O_o ....Sep 26.Jun 13.. and no haven't decided yet .Sep 14. 2010 @jiya_z well won't be exactly free after that either.it's minced chicken I guess. 2010 @jiya_z *hug* .. 2009 @selenagomez @David_Henrie @Maria_CB @JakeTAustin "Congratualtions!" .. 2009 So Tired.. 2009 Good Morning! .. http://www.Jun 12... .Sep 15.I hope summer's gone for good now.. 2010 Feel like punching something with full force. 2009 At the university.Jun 13. 2009 Got 83% in Money & Banking. 2009 Feelin' really sleepy.like this profile picture of yours too.god work especially the one about bff's! .Jun 13..Jun 13. 2009 I want the TV remote. I don't like summer holidays much. 2009 Just finished stuffing samosas. must use it carefully and economically :D (still I bet it wont even last the day) . I noticed that.Sep 26.Sep 14. so we went out to celebrate one of my friends B'day! It was awesome! .. ... 2010 @jiya_z you're so desperate thinking about eating coffee?.Nada Zain's Tweets 18 I hate it when they keep bombarding me with a list of my duties and totally ignore my rights.:) ...Sep 28..Sep 28. Today's also the birthday of one ofmy friends!(and we're gonna celbrate that) =) .P .. right now ... AWww.. 2010 @naughty_sukhi hahaha! How about the oven?. 2009 Ouch. ... 2010 Elton John makes a song about an oven instruction manual on-the-spot.com/1wmjbo ..can't even feel my legs. 2009 @TomFelton ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ .Sep 22.Finally back to brown!!! Love it ? .. a grp assignment due a week after exams & I'm also thinking of internship.Jun 13. 2009 Loving the weather. what about you? how's everything goin? .you look so happy I saw your videos earlier on youtube. . I made that star toast myself ^_^ . 2010 @jiya_z I'm good =) .Sep 15.Sep 27.now! =( ..Sep 23.Jun 13. that @owlcity guy sure has some imagination : ) . 2009 We had so much fun today.Sep 13.. 2009 Can't believe how fast Ramadan went by this year.Sep 26.geekarmy. not beef ..Jun 13.Sep 28..Sep 27....com/j9b92 Maui is Such a Cutieee! =) . 2009 tomorrow we'll have minced beef ones. 2010 @ddlovato http://twitpic..Sep 28... 2010 "Underwater ferris-wheel"? Hmmm. .I have a tooth-ache! .Jun 13.Still can't believe it!!! ......Sep 28.you tweet back.2nd period was free at the university.Sep 13. on the contrary your love for the country is evident from the way you perc.Jun 12....Sep 13. 2010 "tai-chi practicing.. 2010 @taylorswift13 I didnt know you wore contacts :O =D ..Sep 24. " video too? =)] ..... 2010 ? I'm not a princess... 2009 @ddlovato http://twitpic... poor student soul.Jun 13. Hehehe ^_^ .Jun 13. 2 more weeks of studies 1 week of exams then the vacations begin. 2010 @shyamu_kutty that's my fav line too. boring.ru/TRjE .Jun 12. and yeah.ever wondered wht they are called? I recently hrd the term "prune hands" .. I could even bring down a wall..Sep 13. snowboard champion.Sep 20. . May you get millions more.Sep 10.AWwww. 2009 First day of University after such a lond long vacation.Sep 17. 2009 Watching Disney Channel =) . this ain't a fairytale ? . 2010 @jiya_z I actually don't mind having vacations this late. 2010 @selenagomez yeah. no more english-classics for me!! they're full of tragedy :( ..Jun 13. I can fix that flat on you car!" =P . 2010 only 1MB left from my gprs bucket. I can imagine how it is.Sep 13.! . It has more capacity. 2010 Hands become strange after staying in water for too long .com/cool/484/elton-johns-improvisation/ =D .. 2009 Watching "Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana" . 2009 @xmicabelax [by the way do you think she(@ddlovato) has seen your "*ONE OF A KIND* When two worlds collide.Sep 11. GOOD LUCK with everything! .. CONGRATS girl. 2010 @ashleytisdale http://twitpic.. 2009 JUst finished readin' "Wuthering Heights" today. 2010 Like it or not but "Waka waka" by @Shakira is so catchy and energetic #worldcup .. 2009 I'm tweeting from my university. it started exactly right after I finished my laundry :P where shall I hang the clothes now?) Jun 13. interesting.Jun 12.or I'll be late for the university :) .. some with Potatoes and some with coconut! .~HAPPY EID~ everybody! .most people don't even reply)...The cutest twitpic evaa.so you definately deserve to be tweeted by @ddlovato as well! .Jun 13.com .. 2010 @rfnnm patriotism?!.. 2009 Generated by myTwebo.Jun 13.

.com/eo37h .Aug 13. 2009 Nada I opened my colours and drawing pad today..Sep 10. 2009 Rain finally.!? . 2009 THis is the worst thing EVER! ..Aug 29. 2009 @ddlovato http://twitpic..Sep 04. 2009 Facebooking + Orkuting ..before they demand some .?! . doucuments..Sep 02.com .! ..Sep 03.....Glad you had the BEST B'day ever... 2009 @ddlovato So how much time is left for the AT&T Facebook chat.Aug 21.Sep 01.funny replacement for birthday candles.Aug 29.Aug 10...Aug 06.com/e3xoh ... 2009 http://twitpic.Aug 10.Aug 16. 2009 I didn't watch any TV today.. songs ALL Generated by myTwebo.. my old school magazine work.Aug 03. 2009 Princess Protection Program was on today on Disney Channel.! .. 2009 @ddlovato Good morning.. 2009 @ddlovato http://twitpic..I love this one! good job @dirkmai .Aug 28.com/fd7nj .?-lips! . 2009 @selenagomez Congrats girl. it's longer and worse than usual this year! . 2009 @ddlovato "TCA'll be incomplete with out you" :( .Sep 04.I will be sleeping :( ..Aug 10.after ages of waiting! :) .. 2009 Back. 2009 All the hardwork.I miss the TV! .....Aug 29.. 2009 Either there's something wrong with the weight machine.Aug 28. pictures.Aug 21. 2009 Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and some copies of Reader's Digest! I finally have something new to read .Aug 29.com/ => Website of my art favourite show "Fingertips"! .Sep 05. 2009 @selenagomez Congrats girl. 2009 http://www. 2009 Demi @ddlovato is going to chat with fan today. .O .Aug 30. 2009 Loving the weather.Aug 26. 2009 @ddlovato http://twitpic.Aug 15..Aug 15. .. 2009 Teen Choice Awards . 2009 @ddlovato "back to brown".Sep 04. 2009 @ddlovato Wish you a speedy recovery from that "Dentist-numbness"! ^_* .. 2009 If you're reading this DJ "I ? U" and miss you alot :( . 2009 Aaargh!It's getting too hot again.Aug 10. 2009 BOred.. .Finally . 2009 Art thou. 2009 I recovered some of my data :) .Nice cake.Sep 04. 2009 Is pariotism only all about covering everything in Green on the 14th?! .. 2009 The weather is awesome again!..com/efd0u .... 2009 :D .Sep 08.Sep 04.....Aug 10. Your leaders need to be pushed. 2009 @ddlovato ~Happy Birthday~ .I don't wanna go back I'm starting to enjoy the holidays.you deserved it! ..Aug 06.Aug 21..Aug 19.alot of people are waiting! . 2009 The vacations got extended! 1 more week! .Aug 10.Nada Zain's Tweets 19 I'm stuffed.this would've been a much better place to live in! .You look perfectly fine! :) . 2009 btw Saturday was the first day of the Week in KSA (Where I lived for 17 years) .bother ya. 2009 @selenagomez Anxiosly waitin' to see the Wizards:movie! .. 2009 @ddlovato Don't let people's stupid comment about the way you look .It's night-time where I live by the way! . 2009 I say if everybody loved this country as much as they claim. 2009 @selenagomez can't wait for the new twitpic! ."I have turned my twitter into a weather updates station..Aug 30.. "Saturday"? How much longer will it take to fully adjust?! . haven't I?" ..Aug 21.! . BBA projects.Sep 02.Aug 29..Aug 19. 2009 So bored.com/em7rg ..? x100! . videos.Sep 07.for CR2 right? ^-^ . 2009 Did alot of work today.Aug 03.. 2009 Some people should really earn respect.Aug 29.....com/fo5th .Aug 28. artworks. animations.I could only catch the ending :( .who's idea . 2009 The weather is getting lovely again. ....Aug 22. 2009 @JakeTAustin YAAY. 2009 Now that only one week's left till the university reopens.. 2009 It is almost 3 years now. 2009 oh..Aug 20.Aug 11.. 2009 RT @QueenRania YOU can get every child into school! Political will is born from popular will.Why do I still call Monday (first day of the week). Plz RT . Please! .I made this today.... 2009 Arrrgh..exhausted.or I've lost another 2 kgs in 10 days o..Aug 29.Aug 28. 2009 @ddlovato http://twitpic..Nice one.Aug 13.I really got to have the simpler version! ...Aug 09...after ages! ..! .too bad it'll be late night here. 2009 @selenagomez WoW nice..Aug 31....Aug 21. 2009 Chatting with one of my best childhood friends "Khadijah" right now! ? ..I forgot to mention the softwares and the games :( .. MySpace Layout! .. blah. 2009 @selenagomez http://twitpic..com/fd7hr .wizards the movie Finallly! ..Aug 10..? OMG.Aug 16..Aug 28.Aug 21.Sep 07. 2009 @ashemijo Welcome to Twitter! .fingertipstv. using pencil colours! .I hate summers. 2009 @ddlovato Congrats on your TCA! .I just hate summers! X( .. 2009 I broke my all-time sleeping record today! Woke up at 1:30!! .blah. 2009 "First of the Seventy one"? Someone get me a 'simplified version' of the Wuthering Heights. 2009 @selenagomez http://twitpic..you deserved it!! .

Jul 07..nothing interesting so far . 2009 @TomFelton http://bit.got to prepare for the exam) . [i. 2009 I don't know whether to get excited 'cuz HBP'S FINALLY OUT. 2009 More than half of my vacations have already passed. Facebook and Orkut alot. 2009 Although some parts a really good. 2009 @ddlovato Really nice!? (RT: http://twitpic.. everything I ever saved b/w May2000-July2009.Jul 23. 2009 @ddlovato Haven't got my hand on the new album. 2009 A virus in my C:\ drive :( .Jun 25. (believe it or not.Jul 21.Jul 23.Jul 28. 2009 Yates should've done better than this! .) . 2009 Just had lunch..you look so much different and younger in this one! .Jul 26.Jul 06...htm . hope this is useful http://recipes...Jul 23.Jul 24.funny .. 2009 My "Half-Blood Prince"-mania is now officialy over! ...Jul 23. this is the 4th time!) ^-^ . 2009 Started reading HBP once again. looks like the summer was just waiting for my holidays to start O_o .. 2009 @TomFelton Out of all the countries you've been to in your life.Jul 19..! .WHY DID ANYONE EVEN INVENT VIRUSES?! .so when is the Deathly Hallows part1 comming? I hope they'll not delay that .. your Highness (^-^) (OMG.Jul 07..Jul 23. AWESOME (feels like I've seen the movie!) . 2009 Summer vacation: day2 It's so hot..Jun 26.and I'm pretty sure there's nothing I saw in the trailers was in the book :( .really really sick.com/borpj . 2009 Going outtta city. 2009 @QueenRania I totally agree with. 2009 Just watched the HBO's First Look on HBP .. 2009 What AM I doing? they should really change the question now..Jun 24.no probs. 2009 @leaky.. 2009 I scored 89% in macro-economics! .everything looks so WET! . 2009 Watching HP & the Half-Blood Prince!!! .Jul 13.Jun 24...Jul 15..... 2009 So little time. so people know you're the REAL Tom Felton!!.Jul 12..Jun 24... 2009 @ddlovato Congrats! . http://twitter. 2009 Done studying for statistics paper.however..com/8gf20 .Nada Zain's Tweets 20 GONE :( . 2009 @TomFelton what's the average number of @ Tom Felton messages do you get a day?. I got 80% in statistics.. 2009 I should really get back to my books now. 2009 another un-eventful week has passed .mobi/en/Marshmallow . 2009 My computer got sick. 2009 4 done one more to go!..Jul 25.Jul 10... 2009 Watching Emma's Sweden TV interview.Jul 23.Jun 28. 2009 @tomfelton http://twitpic. 2009 *_* my worst nightmare has come true. 2009 Downloading a movie .Jul 27. 2009 @TomFelton It is a good idea to get your account verified..my whole life's work! :( .e...when you're having such a boring day. 2009 First day of summer vacation.. ....Like your hair! ? .Jul 22..Jul 23. 2009 Generated by myTwebo.and now it's back.Jul 26. 2009 Yaay! YUPIEE! wohoooo!..Jul 22.....Jul 28.that's far less from what I was expecting :( . I'm free Bye-bye exams Helllooo summer vacations! ..ly/hCQHK this one's a long boring one.It's really nice..All gone forever.Jul 02.. 2009 Watching "Princess Protection Program" ^_^ .com .com/help/verified .... 2009 LIstenig Here We Go Again #herewegoagain #demilovato .Jul 08.Awesome.howstuffworks. .. 2009 checking out HBP London premiere videos and pictures..Jul 23. 2009 I'm Back!! ..so much to study ! ... 2009 @TomFelton http://wapedia. No make up.Jul 29.they've made a parody of the book! (sorry people) Jul 19.....) .but it's useful .Jul 23.Aug 03.Jul 25.Jul 23....but I have heard "Here we go again" from your MySpace.Glad you had a good birthday .. 2009 Just finished re-re-re-reading the HBP.. or be dprsd 'cuz I probably won't be able to watch it till a couple more weeks?! .Jun 25... 2009 DEPRESSED.Jun 30. ? #selenagomez . 2009 @TomFelton I loved your role as Draco in the Half-Blood Prince?...Jul 06...!? .. revision left . it looks like..Jun 26. My guess 100s .Jul 22...Jun 27.a Queeeen]!) I'm so excited! .Jul 23.. 2009 ??This is Me?? & ??Here We Go Again?? ~by Demi Lovato~ "Can't get enough of these song!?" #DemiLovato #Herewegoagain . 2009 @TomFelton I love marshmallows too.. Raw..and every thing's gone. 2009 Rain.I actually like Leaky and I was so excited to get a "direct message" from you! .enough facebook and twitter! .No edit.Jun 24. 2009 @selenagomez ~Happy Birthday~ .Jul 19..com/question128..so I'll not be tweeting for a few days :( (I'll miss my Yahoo!.. 2009 This kind of lovely weather... 2009 Why is it called "Tweeting" not "Twittering"? #Twitter ... is such a blessing! ^_^ .Jun 24.Jul 28. 2009 It's really hard to find a topic to tweet about. 2009 I got a DVD quality Half-Blood Prince. 2009 Studying + Tweeting + Facebooking = ?!! (My last tweet for today!. 2009 @ddlovato ? LOve your new album? #herewegoagain #demilovato .Money & Banking exam tomorrow ... 2009 @ddlovato Can't wait to watch "the View" .I can't believe I'm tweeting you. 2009 @selenagomez Just watched you latest vid on YouTube..SO HAPPY!! . in the middle of a hot scorching summer.Jul 19. ....Jul 23..Aug 03..which one did you like the best? .on the whole.Jul 24...Aug 03.

. under threat O..o" .Jun 23......o" ! . you know!] .Jun 24.right? .. 2009 University. 2009 Today's Mercantile Law exam was good.. ..Jun 22.for "the Deathly Hallows" I guess. 2009 Generated by myTwebo.Now I'm really Depressed [Depressed with a capital 'D'] :( .CAn't digest anythin' O... 2009 Had my worst paper ever today (Financial Accounting adv.Jun 22... . ....studying..Jun 23.[Macro-Ecomonics isn't a piece of cake.. [only 11 and a half hours left O.. 2009 Mercantile Law (Laa) exam tomorrow.o] ..Nada Zain's Tweets 21 Statistics paper tomorrow..Macro Economics paper tomorrow. "wish me luck"! .couldn't finish my last qustion though because of the time shortage. 2009 @TomFelton .Jun 24. 2009 Printing the Economic Survey of Pakitan 2008-09.).getting your hair dyed ... 2009 Exams! 3 more days full of tension.Jun 22.Jun 23...Jun 23..com ... 2009 Preparing for tomorrow's exam.

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