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Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy

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London, Ohio 43140

March 4, 2011

Re: 2011 Continued Professional Training Requirements and Reimbursement

Dear Law Enforcement Chief Executive Officer,

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission and the Attorney General are pleased to announce
that a number of additional, free regional training opportunities will be available at several
venues in 2011. These training sessions will include courses on Intelligence Led Policing,
Prescription Drug Diversion Awareness and Investigations, Civil Liability and Use of Force,
Officer Safety, Hate Crimes, and Criminal Procedure.

The following courses have already been added in the upcoming months:

• Intelligence Led Policing for Supervisors

o March 18 Cincinnati Police Academy 8am – 3:30pm
o April 21 Columbus Police Academy 8am – 3:30pm
• Rx Abuse in Ohio – The Scope of the Problem
o May 2 Owens CC, Perrysburg 9am – 3pm
o May 9 Columbus Police Academy 9am – 3pm
o May 24 Sinclair CC, Dayton 9am – 3pm
o May 25 Cincinnati Police Academy 9am – 3 pm
o June 13 TBD, Portsmouth 9am – 3 pm
o June 27 Ohio U-Chillicothe 9am – 3 pm
o July 18 Hocking College, Nelsonville 9am – 3pm
o August 1 OPOTA Richfield 9am – 3pm
• Civil Liability and Use of Force
o June 10 Owens CC 9am – noon
o June 17 OPOTA Richfield 9am – noon
o July 22 Ohio Fire Marshal Academy 9am – noon
• Officer Safety Safe Streets
o June 21 Sinclair CC 8am – 4pm
o June 22 Cincinnati Police Academy 8am – 4pm
o June 23 Cincinnati Police Academy 8am – 4pm
• Hate Crimes
o May 11 OPOTA Richfield 9am - 3pm
• First Responder to Sexual Assault
o June 24 OPOTA Richfield 9am – 3pm
o July 13 Owens CC 9am – 3pm
o August 18 Hocking College 9am – 3pm
o September 13 Cincinnati Police Academy 9am – 3pm
• Senate Bill 77
o March 16 Newark Police Department 8am – 10am

More information concerning these courses and registration forms and instructions can be
found at

OPOTA also will continue to develop and post new eOPOTA courses on the Ohio Law
Enforcement Gateway. These include recent postings on Biological Evidence Collection and
Retention, Senate Bill 77, Deescalating Special Populations, and OVI Update. All eOPOTA
courses are designed to allow local peace officers to work at their own pace and are offered free
of charge.

A review of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) budget unfortunately reflects
that due to the state’s significant budgetary challenges, there are insufficient funds available for
CPT reimbursement in 2011.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific local need. OPOTA is committed to
providing the highest quality courses efficiently and effectively to ensure that our local officers
are prepared for the challenges faced daily. I look forward to our continued partnership in
serving Ohio.


Robert Fiatal
Executive Director
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission