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[Your happiness activator “The Seven SECRETS of happiness”




First of all: Congratulations!

If you are currently reading these secrets then you have understood that it was time for you to take your destiny in hand. Indeed, many people complain that they don’t like their life, they’re unhappy, they have money problems, relationships troubles, they’re unlucky, work problems, etc., but how many of these people are truly capable of changing their lives? Very few in reality. Most of the time, they take no action. In general, they wait for a miracle to happen and they simply never experience a better life.

It is by far the worst solution for change. Have you ever spent a long period of time without doing anything because of immobilisation due to an illness or accident, or even due to depression or fatigue…? you must have noticed that if you do not move, nothing moves for you! The only way to make things evolve, in every area of your life, is to take yourself in hand and provide fresh impetus to the cause.

“If you do not make the cart move yourself, the cart will not move for you.” (Ancient Asian proverb).

You have already started making “the cart move” by ordering the Seven Secrets of Happiness, so applying them will be child’s play for you.

You are what you think.

Your way of seeing, thinking, speaking and acting is the reflection of your profound personality. The world is an illusion insofar as each person sees it in their own unique way. If you are happy, the world seems joyous and energetic. If you are sad, everything seems dark around you. It is a basic spiritual and psychological law. Your perception of the outside world depends on your “inner window” Therefore, an event can be experienced in many ways depending on your point of view. This fact struck a psychic friend of mine and me, during one of our visits to India meeting



great clairvoyants. Thinking that we were both on the same wavelength, we didn’t discuss our impressions with each other throughout the whole trip. What a surprise I had when I discovered, after our return to Europe, that we had experienced these human exchanges with great masters very differently. We met the same spiritual people but we got different experiences and powers out of it. Yet, we never left each other’s side during our two month oriental journey. We shared our entire spiritually filled days, and we never left each other from morning until night, except to go to our own separate rooms.

Try it yourself when you next go away for the weekend or during your holidays. Or you could even walk around town with a friend. Make sure you agree to stay with each other, to go to the same places and not to discuss your impressions the whole time. Only do this when you return. You will no doubt be surprised by the differences of appreciation between you. Therefore, each person sees life through his own “inner window” and you can never look through your neighbour’s window. These differences of mentality and point of view come from education, personal experiences, life’s events, and private, professional and social environments. Every experience is unique and irreplaceable.

In the same way, your way of appreciating or hating your life and all its elements is forged by all the factors we have just described.

According to what has been positively or negatively programmed in you, you will have more or less confidence in yourself and you will be more or less able to react to events.




1. The poisons of the mind Often, we do not react but we are reacted upon. That is to say that we don’t think, don’t speak and don’t accomplish things of our own free will but through the distorted mirror of our conditioning. This conditioning has in the long term forged a personality for us which is not our own and which we believe to be the real “self” We are so unconscious of this programming that we react to things convinced that we are applying the best solutions, when in fact they are quite simply the result of a distortion of the mind .

The best proof! Simply analyse your life to understand this catastrophic situation. Can you say that you are happy right now? That you have everything you need? That you have no money, love, luck money problems, etc.? Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life? Are you always in a positive state of mind? In short, right now as you are reading these words: “Are you happy?”

If you are HONESTLY able to say YES, then close this initiatory guide right now and return it to get your money back!

But if you are honest, you will have to come to the bitter conclusion that everything is not turning out for the best. What more striking proof could there be than you are not yourself at the moment! If your



You wouldn’t even question whether you are happy or unhappy. a being that is not really you and is only the result of all the false ideas you have accumulated since the day you were born. you are greatly mistaken because it has never finished with you: you are the product of it! You are immersed in and modelled on all the acts. ideas. even though you have no conscious Gabriella 5 . According to psychologists. you wouldn’t have any problems right now. Your mind would only be influenced by positive suggestions and your life would be the mirror of that. we invite you on a journey into time. And yet all of your past history is of great importance. one cannot but notice that this is far from being the case. if your profound being was truly able to express itself. an impression… Fairly vague faces crop up when you try to evoke the first images of when you were very young. Why? Because at the moment. even if you don’t like looking back into the past and you think that all that is finished. the smells. you cannot remember this. emotions. things are finally going to change! And this is going to happen rapidly and in such a spectacular way that you probably cannot yet fully comprehend! 2. words.true personality was currently being expressed. then you would be happy. When you try to remember these far away memories. Indeed. And even these are just snippets of memories that only come back to you if you think about them. Subconsciously. Indeed. it is not your true SELF that is reacting but a caricature of it. thanks to the Seven Secrets of Happiness. the contact in the hands of the obstetrician and the nurse to whom he passed you to… before even arriving in the arms of your mother… are impressions that are profoundly engraved in you. you have a fleeting image. our first conscious memories are not before the age of three. We’ll call it your DOUBLE. just the light. Very fortunately. Of course. and thoughts shared and received since the moment you came out into the light from your mother’s womb. because you would be swimming in success and accomplishment! Yet. back to the day you were born. Programmed since birth To fully understand what you have become.

These often commendable efforts. Therefore. etc… have also influenced your mind. your group of friends or companions. etc. apart from your gene pool. uneducated or antisocial. but it is about becoming aware that all these psychological and physical elements have contributed to making and building the person you are today… Then added to this family education comes the school programme. instilling moral values on you.. the moment you were born. have nevertheless fixed you with ways of thinking. physical or sports… This ‘training’ continued as you grew up because you didn’t evolve in a neutral environment. the only thing is. or even eighty years old! Of course. when you came into the scene. your thoughts. and notably the digestive tract. It has been scientifically proven that the microbes from the people around penetrate the body. your parents and your grand-parents began educating you. generation. continent. grandparents. You depend on ethnic. whether you are twenty. “correctly”. sixty. and even well before. religious. insofar as they conditioned your parents.memory of it. forty. from the moment you come into the world. references that belong to your own country. social. contingent on the political regime into which you were born and in which you now currently live. etc. your commitment. provided with all the qualities to succeed. your social activities. you were a pure being without conditioning. Yet. culture. sit at the table. teaching you to walk. Often with the best intentions in the world. ancestors. body. according to your ideas. according to the fact that you may have experienced times of war or peace and social battles. speaking and acting that continue to leave their mark on you today. which are the family’s duty. All the events that have taken place since your birth. Except. this is not about questioning an indispensable education which no doubt stopped you from being deprived.. as soon as you were born the psychological bombardment began. society. your Gabriella 6 . but also to think and speak. etc. sit. philosophical.

According to your position and your salary or income. In other words. or success in this area. or not. But all that is another story! The Seven Secrets of Happiness. We could go on using these sorts of examples forever. In short. but their ultimate aim is your inner evolution. Consequently.. you are what you are today. a decision-maker. if you quickly evolve in a life. but will perpetuate during other lives whose number depends on the degree of evolution achieved in each one of them. etc. for some. just like all your other conditioned ways. will not end at physical death. you may or may not have the means to support your family. etc. You may or may not have opportunities for promotion. being humans made of flesh and blood. if you have not undertaken any or very little studies. etc. transfer. you occupy such and such a job at the moment. Gabriella 7 . will of course bring you more love. luck. speaking and reacting which also leave their mark on you. which incidentally. help your parents or your children. the next one will be more favourable and so on. pay increases. but there’s no need. This has created in you modes of thinking. acquire experiences and change for the better. we need something concrete in order to live life. just as much as failures in school or university. your professional environment also has an influence on you. It depends on the studies you may have undertaken. your colleagues. In the same way. We’re sure you have understood this life principal: our entire life is a continuous chain of causes and consequences which then themselves become causes of other consequences. you have been influenced because (by choice): you haven’t had the level of instruction that allows you to accomplish a further study programme. money. buy a house. etc. fulfilled. until you become the perfect being we were originally and to which we aspire to be inside. an academic or university background that suited you. and so on… We could compare our life here on earth to a continuous chain. you feel a certain guilt or regret for having followed. go on holiday. Furthermore. these factors have repercussions on you and those around you whose reactions also condition your attitude and state of mind in life.words or your actions. health. etc. regularly change your car. But before getting there. You may or may not be creative. according to your degree of knowledge and diplomas. You may or may not get along with your bosses.

or change your wardrobe! However. and it’s now down to you to open the doors to a happy life. just as the Seven Secrets of Happiness offers. whether it is your education. Please complete the questionnaire below as honestly as possible. to protect yourself from damaging energies and attract beneficial vibrations. your parents. to stop seeing your friends. Gabriella 8 . even they cannot do it for you. whatever you age. do not hesitate in going back to it and reading it over again until you understand its meaning. free of failures. Apply yourself to trying to make them visible so that you can destroy them more easily. You have been judged worthy enough to receive them by the leaders of the superior invisible worlds. social condition. This will be the first step towards transforming them. That is the Secret of the Seven Secrets of Happiness! They will help you to see yourself clearly. previous programming. so don’t forget to recognise your limitations. according to your beliefs). your spiritual or political ideas. as powerful and omnipotent as they are. you must put things into perspective and separate the wheat from the chaff. You have the ability in you to understand. assimilate and above all. Now. Recognising your shortcomings and qualities and strengths and weaknesses is the basis of any genuine work to change oneself. to emigrate. If you have not clearly understood one of the concepts explained above. and current situation! 3.There’s no question here of asking you to disown everything. and full of spiritual and material success which is yours. to get rid of the poisonous thoughts. let’s evaluate your degree of comprehension of the Seven Secrets of Happiness theory. apply the Seven Secrets of Happiness. You are the only one able to study them and make them work in your daily life. the ideas that will move you away from this conditioning that confines you in a psychic prison with invisible walls. Evaluate yourself We often progress through our failures and shortcomings. your job. We are offering you the Seven Keys of Happiness. However. your environment. just as it was originally conceived by Divine Providence (call it whatever you wish.

and that we call your DOUBLE? If you are sufficiently perceptive. For now. the light has turned in your direction. and on the other. that you still have the ability to criticise. It is the DOUBLE who has succeeded in making you believe that it was you and who inspires all these negative ideas in you that you thought came from the real you. Now. You are so used to it being around that you have ended up believing you were it! It may Gabriella 9 . This proves that they were sent to the right person! You were judged worthy enough to receive them because you still have a critical mind. are motivated and dynamic… This is essential for understanding the fundamental meaning of the Seven Secrets of Happiness. However. your SELF who believes. or is at least attracted by the profound meaning of our comments. you will understand that two tendencies come to light in you and oppose each other: on the one hand.We totally understand that the basic principles of the Seven Secrets of Happiness may make you react. but at least they won’t leave you indifferent. its illusory DOUBLE who feels threatened. one day they too will have access to the light. give rise to incomprehension or even certain opposition… This is a good thing! This proves that your situation is not as desperate as all that. breathe deeply for a few moments in order to calm the mind (mental agitation is always a bad advisor) and ask yourself who is really taking action right now: your true inner being or the person you have become following the mental bombardment you have been subjected to since birth. This is reassuring for you and a pity for them. Our statements may surprise you or incite your support. It is therefore understandable if our views spark a reaction because these conclusions and information are probably new to you. You are not yet completely apathetic as is unfortunately the case for many people. and who you are going to get rid of! It is often this that forces you to doubt. and who you will soon question. Take full advantage of it because such opportunities don’t come very often in life here on earth. the vital weapon of a successful life.

until you are rid of it for good. relationship. right now. magic or other methods? YES NO Have any of these attempts given you results? YES NO Do you have health. or work problems at the moment? YES NO Do you think you can change this situation with the help of the Seven Secrets of Happiness? YES NO Gabriella 10 . You must learn. money. without doing anything to change it until now? YES NO Have you already tried changing by yourself or by using psychological. Simply circle the answers that correspond to you. Do you feel you are on the right track since you have the Seven Secrets of Happiness at your disposal? YES NO Since you ordered this. to say goodbye to it.even be the case that you couldn’t really see the difference between your true inner being and this caricature that has ended up convincing you that it is you. start by answering the following questions with a YES or a NO then. For now. has your negative state of mind changed? YES NO Do you often complain about your lot. analyse your attitude.

then it was high time you found a solution to your problems! If your answers vary. in all cases. it is your Double who is controlling your life and living for you? YES NO Are you satisfied with the results obtained by this DOUBLE up until now? YES NO If you answered YES to questions 1-2-4-6-7-8-9 and NO to questions 3-5-10. for now. If the opposite is true. you will progress faster. The others will also progress but with more effort.Are you willing to make the necessary effort. In fact. It is time to move on to the practical part. Obviously if you fall into the first category. it is not too late to change either. notably by rereading and fully understanding the theoretical part developed up to here. you are in the best conditions to fully benefit from the Seven Secrets of Happiness. You will surely be surprised by the change of answers compared to your first ones! Mental relaxation Exercises Gabriella 11 . A word of advice: come back to this short questionnaire during your reading and especially at the end of your Seven Secrets of Happiness training. you will learn something from studying the Seven Secrets of Happiness. notably follow the Seven Secrets of Happiness guide to change this life that has not been generous to you until now? YES NO Are you conscious of the fact that it is not you who is reacting but.

you go to pieces. In the same way as you have feelings of trouble when you are faced with a difficult situation. feeling of oppression especially in the chest area… In short. waves of anxiety.Before starting the actual study of your Seven Secrets of Happiness. you are tense. There can be no other way because. Observe your mental or physical Gabriella 12 . whereas your true being has the solutions and is fighting to make you aware of them. in these cases. below we have suggested some preparation methods for applying them through this deconditioning method. It will familiarise you with the spirit of the Seven Secrets of Happiness. You may even panic or feel desperate in the face of your own powerlessness… To confirm this. the person you are at the moment and who is not actually you (your DOUBLE). you must learn to relax in order to approach it in the best conditions. you go to pieces physically and mentally without really knowing how to pull yourself together. You also have a feeling of guilt. and you have trouble keeping calm. Indeed. distressed. try to remember how you felt when faced with a recent problem or difficult situation. you become nervous. just thinking about it puts you ill at ease! Therefore. immediately try to think of a troublesome event or a problem that is worrying you. but above all. You have no doubt already experienced some of the troublesome occurrences described above. Before beginning the mental deconditioning exercise. it will allow you to assimilate methods which will be the basis of their study. you are submerged by a wave of pessimism or negative thoughts… You may even notice physical changes: bodily reactions such as headaches. you have probably noticed that when you are in a difficult situation. The Seven Secrets of Happiness will teach you how to expose it and get rid of it once and for all. Your false SELF unfortunately still wins most of the time because you are still persuaded that it is YOU. anxious. is bewildered because you don’t know how to face your problems.

The more troublesome the thought is. Thinking of it is practically the same as experiencing the situation in question or recollecting the problem to solve. Gabriella 13 . You are now going to learn how to calm yourself down simply by reliving or preparing yourself to confront a dramatic event that worries you.reactions. the greater your inner and outer reactions are.

your success in life depends on it. realising your dreams and.PART TWO The Seven Secrets of Happiness Now. If someone wishes to hurt you. Secret no. You are psychologically armed to successfully assimilate and apply the Seven Secrets of Happiness. and thousands of thoughts. make sure you clearly understand the theory of each one of them. Your success in applying them. without you even noticing it. you know how to regularly relax and you have picked out at least half a dozen of your conditioned ideas. eradicating your problems.1 Permanent protection against all mental aggression Every day. Gabriella 14 . Some of these thoughts are negative and pollute your subconscious. you are fed thousands of suggestions. that person emits thoughts which reach you and suck the life out of your self-confidence as well as your luck and success potential. quite simply. Before moving on to the practical side of the Seven Secrets of Happiness.

you cannot stop this phenomenon. Of course. if you are. are first and foremost a demonstration of the Fundamental Energy that animates the universe. harmful! You must therefore protect yourself. opposed. therefore an energy detector (thoughts being first and foremost a form of energy). such as war. you receive thousands of thoughts every day that come from all over the planet (some people even think that we receive some thoughts from extra-terrestrial sources too!). This has perhaps already happened to you or you are experiencing it at the moment. upheavals and hostility between people. especially since they come from all over the place. Their damaging power is proportional to the proximity of the connection between you. mental resistance is fundamental.With this secret that is especially adapted to your case. and who don’t know of your existence or the harmful influence of their cerebral signals! If thoughts emitted from perfect strangers from the other side of the world can harm you. in principal. the first leads the world. Yet. Love and hate are the two most powerful forces on earth. but the hate you may feel for someone is just as intense as the love you had for them! It is because these two feelings. then others are. Usually. catastrophes. You must first be aware that you are a transmitter and receptor of thoughts. Indeed. of course. while the second is responsible for most problems. then just think of the damage that can be done from ideas generated from individuals in your entourage or family or sentimental connections. In this way. then all human beings are the same. sometimes from people on the other side of the world who you will never even know. you wouldn’t know how or wouldn’t dream of doing it. Total protection ceremony against all mental Gabriella 15 . you will be permanently protected. insofar as if some of these thoughts are constructive.

mentally project your breathing towards a part of your body that you are going to completely relax. if you have enough space. pay no attention to them. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.Repeat this for five minutes or at least for twenty breathing cycles (one cycle = one exhalation followed by one inhalation). it is a good idea to first choose a place to perform rituals. When you breathe out. near or far. not just mentally relax. I know I am exhaling” When you breathe in. You must enter this place only when dressed in clean or new clothes which you will wear only for these rituals. Before building this energy armour. you should say: Gabriella 16 . I know I am inhaling” . From the twenty-first exhalation. It must be clean and previously filled with incense. This is the sanctuary creation phase. say: “I am inhaling. . say: “I am exhaling. begin relaxing your body. With each cycle. You must yourself be purified having previously taken a bath or at the very least have clean hands. and whether connected emotionally or otherwise to you or perfectly indifferent to you. Choose a spot or a room.aggression The ceremony below will help you to build psychic protection around you which will fight off all negative thoughts emitted by any individual. The ceremony will take place in the following manner: .Empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing. The more you perform your rituals in this place. the more it will be charged with positive energy and the faster the results will be. which will be used only for performing the ceremonies included in your Seven Secrets of Happiness. let them pass and return to concentrating on your breathing. known or not. Thoughts come into your mind. Starting from the feet and towards the head.Sit or lie down calmly in your sanctuary where you will not be disturbed for the next fifteen minutes.

During the day. forehead and the third eye or inner eye located at the root of the nose between your eyebrows. I am relaxing my feet. this psychic protection is your emanation. back of the head. visualise your protection bubble. I am inhaling. you protect me against all harmful energies and you only let beneficial thoughts through. I am inhaling. It possesses your properties. forearms.Now repeat the following magic words five times with conviction: “Oh you. I am keeping my pelvis relaxed” Keep going up the body like this until you reach the third eye or the inner eye. neck.Imagine you are bathing in its light until you have a feeling of calm and peace. open your eyes and return to your usual state of consciousness. biceps. shoulders. I am keeping my calves relaxed” “I am exhaling. Keep it active permanently and even long after this ceremony” . I am keeping my feet relaxed” “I am exhaling. I am inhaling. chest. relaxing in order: your stomach. jaw. vibratory bubble. You are under the vibratory protection of the Celestial Powers. I am relaxing my calves. Oh You. . I am keeping my thighs relaxed” “I am exhaling.Concentrate once again on your breathing.“I am exhaling. Permanently protect me against harmful signals from poisonous thoughts. I am inhaling. eyes.Concentrate all your attention on this. I am relaxing my thighs. Appreciate its perfect circular shape and its translucent yellow colour. you can visualise your protection bubble whenever you Gabriella 17 . . your hands. . arm. . your middle and upper back. top of the head. I am relaxing my pelvis. Visualise it calmly. .Now imagine that in the middle of your chest a slightly translucent yellow bubble is slowly emerging. Celestial Powers (or give them any name you want).Make it grow until it completely incorporates you. as soon as you feel a psychic attack or if you feel some sort of unexplained mental unease. After having finished three or four breathing cycles. Likewise.

gods and goddesses. spiritual or scientific discussion to determine its exact nature. We do not wish here to get into a theoretical. you will regain the necessary vitality to restore your self-confidence and potential. The most important thing is to acknowledge its existence which is manifested around you all the time. 2 Restoring your vital energy Vital energy is the life force that animates you. Yahweh. one must understand how the universe works. It created everything that has existed. eternal vibration. at least once a day. repeat this ritual once a week or every two weeks in order to reinforce the good vibrations that now surround you. or even name it. If possible. Secret no. It is astonishing to see that even our most materialist researchers in astronomy. To understand this vital energy. This is not difficult if you open your physical eyes a little and your inner eyes a lot. We all emanate from it. unexplainable. the forces of Nature. exists and will exist until the end of time. This life force and vital energy has been altered over the years and this is why you now feel ill at ease or tired without any apparent reason. It is in us and we are permanently immersed in these energy waves. unquantifiable and invisible force at the source of the world as we know it. even though they have their own special Gabriella 18 . It is called God. as well as during your ceremony. physics or mathematics admit its existence. This Ultimate Frequency EXISTS: it’s a fact. Allah. the great architect of the universe… even Chance for the large majority of the scientific world. You can call this power whatever you feel like. With the help of this secret. Using the same principal employed to explain the First Secret. This is not the most important thing.wish. we are first going to explain this life force in more detail then we will move on to the practical part. Its existence is governed by a gigantic.

We will tackle the outlines of the first two principles and we will look more in-depth at the Gabriella 19 . but impregnates our slightest thoughts. Obviously. Hubert Reeves. etc. the first cell. according to this concept. speaking and. and has no beginning and no end. Energy exercises. however. A famous astronomer. emerged. even employed the term “star dust” to characterise our nature and emphasise our basic origin. vegetables. called the Big Bang. there was continuity from the birth of the universe to our most intimate cell which was fundamentally made from the same substance. and as a consequence. words and actions whose force is proportional to their vital energy charge. It depends on interior and exterior factors. Therefore. minerals. it was apparently born out of a giant explosion. So. the more force we have for thinking. If we use the theory used regarding the creation of the universe. In short: the more vital energy we have. mathematics. the most common one being ‘chance’ which. considerable power was needed to create this evolution. chemistry. Advice for attracting vital energy Vital energy never runs out. solar systems. reach our apparition. “works in mysterious ways” so much the laws of physics. whether it is that of the first man or our own. above all reacting. Indeed. life on earth. to coin a well-known expression. is eternal. that have been discovered up to now are of extraordinary precision. animals… right down to man. in the beginning there was a gigantic stellar “soup” from which galaxies. Collecting vital energy is founded on three principles: A healthy lifestyle. planets. from which came everything that exists and will exist forever.names for it. become charged with it and use it is variable. which not only assures the maintenance of the universe. we are all touched by this fundamental vital energy. A healthy diet. our ability to attract it. therefore a fundamental energy to traverse the successive stages of the world’s formation.

you must avoid uselessly wasting vital energy. etc. First of all. permanent hyperactivity will only use up your vital energy stocks prematurely. You will reinforce the efficacy of your training thanks to daily vigilance to take care of your lifestyle in order not to exhaust your energy reserves too quickly. Only. for one. eat or drink more than usual. which it is up to you to do by following the Gabriella 20 . In order to charge oneself with this vital energy.) but also all negative emotions: desire. other causes are easily avoidable. stay up the whole night. etc. grief. however. insulting or feeling jealousy. but this must be exceptional and not the norm. accidents. hate. and having bad thoughts about someone? A healthy lifestyle consists of having a regular routine by avoiding permanent excessiveness. party. a frantic lifestyle. hate. there’s no point in reciting ritualistic words. and two. illness. we cannot get this lost energy back! Sources of waste are fatigue. separation. but rather you should tackle concrete advice on lifestyle without interfering in your way of managing your daily routine. physical or verbal violence. bad diet. Do all the things you enjoy doing. You have already begun working in this direction with the mental relaxation and deprogramming exercises. This doesn’t mean that you cannot let yourself go from time to time and fall by the wayside. We are all born with energy capital. being aggressive. wrath. but always keeping in control of yourself. anger. natural or human catastrophes). For example. Some waste is inevitable (just living requires considerable energy. but without abusing them because. natural or human catastrophes. It’s all down to us to succeed. which is fundamental in the Seven Secrets of Happiness. if we often waste it. Suitable vital energy reception depends on physical factors which are essential but which will never replace spiritual exercises. you will no longer appreciate them. illnesses. accidents. losing your temper. now and again. If you lead a balanced lifestyle. simply repeating them will not suffice. If you regularly practice psycho-body relaxation exercises and mental deprogramming. jealousy. how many times in your life could you have avoided getting angry. It is therefore important to know yourself well.last. You can therefore. life’s ordeals (grief. you will have better control over yourself and you will be more apt to avoiding wasting energy.

a healthy diet). you will constantly renew your vital force. yoga. Gabriella 21 . we cannot recommend enough the practice of an energy discipline such as relaxation. maintain or recuperate good health. Chinese methods such as Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan… All these psycho-body activities attract the energy of the universe towards your body in order to strengthen it.advice above (lifestyle. reinforce your immune defence system and increase longevity. Finally. light gymnastics.

whether you are aware of them or not right now. You are going to learn to master it. Gabriella 22 . The ceremony will take place as follows: Sit or lie down calmly in your sanctuary where you won’t be disturbed for the next fifteen minutes. Indeed. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. sheltered from the psychic aggressions you are now protected against if you regularly practice secret no.3 Have a magnetic personality This secret is very important because it will allow you to awaken your success potential and develop your vital magnetism. channel it and direct it towards a specific person with the desired effect. you are going to develop a magnetic personality which will spontaneously attract positive energy and others towards you. The ability to emit and receive thoughts is a direct consequence of the electric activity of the brain. see every thought as a piece of energy. if you have indeed practised secret no. all authentic inner work exercises are based on in-depth physical and psychic relaxation to open oneself up to the inexhaustible reservoir of the unconscious. this faculty must be considered as totally natural.1. Thanks to the two following exercises.1 in particular. Therefore. Therefore.1). you are overflowing with self-confidence.Secret no. From now on. you are going to discover and develop your usual or hidden qualities. The inexhaustible source of these projections is your mind which has your brain as support. Qualities detection exercise This exercise won’t be difficult to apply because its first part uses the same familiar information. This is where everything we need to find fulfilment in every area of our lives can be found. you are going to awaken the “giant” laying dormant in you and you will be in a position to triumph in all areas of your life. Now you are sheltered from negative forces (thanks to secret no. Thanks to this secret.

I am keeping my thighs relaxed” “I am exhaling. your middle and upper back. eyes. not just mentally relax. Also. I am inhaling. you should say: “I am exhaling. shoulders. I am inhaling. chest. I am relaxing my pelvis. relaxing in order: your stomach.Empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing. I am inhaling. forehead and the third eye or inner eye located at the root of the nose between your eyebrows. I know I am inhaling” Repeat this for five minutes or at least for twenty breathing cycles (one cycle = one exhalation followed by one inhalation). I am keeping my pelvis relaxed” Keep going up the body like this until you reach the third eye or the inner eye. jaw. I am relaxing my calves. arm. say to your unconscious: “What are my main qualities which I need to succeed in my life?” Let five minutes pass by during which you must concentrate intensely on all the thoughts emerging from your unconscious relating to the question asked. top of the head. biceps. back of the head. With each cycle. forearms. I know I am exhaling” When you breathe in. mentally project your breathing towards a part of your body that you are going to completely relax. Once you are in this state of relaxation. From the twenty-first exhalation. evoke the qualities Gabriella 23 . I am keeping my calves relaxed” “I am exhaling. let them pass and return to concentrating on your breathing. Starting from the feet and towards the head. say: “I am exhaling. say: “I am inhaling. Whenever thoughts emerge. pay no attention to them. I am keeping my feet relaxed” “I am exhaling. When you exhale. neck. begin relaxing your body. I am relaxing my feet. I am inhaling. I am relaxing my thighs. your hands.

this time asking your unconscious to suggest how to use these qualities in your daily life. I know I am inhaling” Repeat this for five minutes or at least for twenty breathing cycles (one cycle = one exhalation followed by one inhalation). Starting from the feet and towards the head. begin relaxing your body. not just mentally relax. open your eyes and note down all the qualities suggested by your unconscious or the ones you wish to develop in as much detail as possible in your way of expressing them. I am relaxing my feet. I am keeping my thighs Gabriella 24 . I am keeping my feet relaxed” “I am exhaling. pay no attention to them. Whenever thoughts emerge. Empty your mind and concentrate on your would like to possess. let them pass and return to concentrating on your breathing. I am inhaling. If they are not specific enough for you. mentally project your breathing towards a part of your body that you are going to completely relax. say: “I am inhaling. With each cycle. I know I am exhaling” When you breathe in. practice the following ritual. I am inhaling. From the twenty-first exhalation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. When you exhale. say: “I am exhaling. I am keeping my calves relaxed” “I am exhaling. After this time. repeat the exercise. Sit or lie down calmly in your sanctuary where you won’t be disturbed for the next fifteen minutes. I am inhaling. If your thoughts disperse and ideas that have nothing to do with your request come up. you should say: “I am exhaling. I am relaxing my calves. Exercise for stimulating your qualities Once the main indispensible qualities for having a magnetic personality have been detected. I am relaxing my thighs. concentrate on your question again.

eyes. I am relaxing my pelvis. We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know when we say that love. We’re not saying that you have to lower yourself. meet your soul mate or make friends. If you want someone’s love. One of the secrets of success is to be appreciated by as many people as possible. Secret no. I am keeping my pelvis relaxed” Keep going up the body like this until you reach the third eye or the inner eye. say: “As I am not very decisive. biceps. For example. you will have an extraordinary power over others’ feelings. I will be more capable of making the right decisions at work.relaxed” “I am exhaling. chest. Once you are in this state of profound relaxation. This will attract attention to me and the advantages that come from this: salary increase. promotion. arm. etc. your middle and upper back. I am inhaling. your hands. imagine or describe how you would like this quality to change your life. The aspirations you chase will materialise if you practice this exercise regularly. you won’t be satisfied Gabriella 25 . 4 How to be loved and appreciated by everyone This secret will be one of the keys to your future success. and feelings are of vital importance in your life. relaxing in order: your stomach. jaw. You will then deeply implant this programming into your conscious and your subconscious. the one which seems the most fundamental to you for having a magnetic personality. back of the head. transfer.” Visualise yourself taking advantage of these benefits for at least five minutes. With this secret. top of the head. forearms. shoulders. this secret will bring you the greatest satisfaction. Take the first quality on your list. neck. take advantage of the level of consciousness reached to call upon your unconscious. bow down or sacrifice your dignity because if you do that. forehead and the third eye or inner eye located at the root of the nose between your eyebrows. friendship.

speaking and acting. they may not be taken well. but not injustice. Severity can be forgiven. if you treat them badly or if you are unjust. Even if some decisions may be difficult to make. you risk making sworn enemies. Furthermore. The importance of attitude Above all. It is much better to arouse love. sometimes irredeemable situation. Never say too much. at one point or another. How many people have regretted underestimating someone who has later become their boss or from whom they have been forced to seek help! This does not mean you have to be overly obsequious with everyone but just treat everyone with a certain amount of justice recognised in your professional. such behaviour turns against the person who has lowered themselves one too many times. Such feelings often come from below average people who are not capable of changing their condition themselves and who take pleasure in hating others in order to hide their own inabilities. sometimes lasting several years. but they will be understood. Even if you think badly of someone. political or amicable environment. but you may find that they will repeat what you said to the person concerned. whereas if you exploit someone. you may think that the person you tell is close to you. putting you in an uncomfortable. Who knows what may happen in the future? The “small” person of today may become the “big” person of tomorrow. You don’t have much to fear from these Gabriella 26 . Those who reach the summit are those who have succeeded in becoming allies with as many people as possible and who have avoided resentment and hate against them. cultural.deep down inside of you. Be severe but only in your way of speaking and acting. it is important to arouse positive sentiments through your way of thinking. social. never tell anyone because. This is different from desire or jealousy which you will no doubt incite because you will have made a success of your life in every area. friendship or admiration from others through your attitude and the power of mental magnetism. proof of moral rectitude of the mind and character. if you have an ounce of dignity.

2 Motivation is the first determining element of effective mental suggestion. it is important to know the fundamental rules w h i c h a re : Rule no. 6 and 7.people because you are protected from their negative energy through your practice of Secret no. Those who succeed have often worked on their magnetic power or have spontaneously exploited it from birth. Rest assured. 5. These five rules constitute the pillars of your learning. For some. Rule no. Rule no. This magnetic power manipulates events and people at will. 1 Successful influence from a distance is based on the projection of images and not ideas. They will be useful Gabriella 27 . it is a gift that is developed naturally. 3 The degree of suggestion of the person influenced is the second determining element of effective mental suggestion. These rules of distance suggestion will be your Bible of success. Rule no. 5 Constant use of influence from a distance always leads to victory over the strongest psychic defences. of which you are a part. 4 Regular and brief mental projections emitted at the right time are more effective than irregular and long projections. Rule no. Learn to remember them until they are engraved in your mind forever. This is easily done as long as you practice the following short exercise regularly. The power of mental magnetism Another asset is above average mental magnetism. not only in the application of this secret but in nos. But before developing your mental magnetism. for others.1. it is important to work on it. Mental magnetism is indispensable to break through and experience happiness. even daily.

understand and practice them. You will then be armed to use them to your advantage for the rest of your life. Compose it using precise information. Carefully prepare each visualisation without giving too many details. If you can memorise. social or political favours you desire. Let’s take the example of someone you would like to seduce. the impact of an image on the conscience is considerably more powerful than a simple phrase. friendship. understand them and apply them! However. since we are conscious of the changes this requires for you in your way of thinking. it should go like this: 1st step: to appear on their mental screen See yourself in their house if you know the person. just practice the following short exercise destined to attract. First choose your goal and the person you wish to influence then proceed in the following way: If you want to influence someone. read them.4: visualise the effect of your suggestion. 3: arrange the way in which you want to implant your new idea in the person.1: imagine yourself appearing on the psychic screen of the person in question. then you have all the major assets for success and happiness. but above all. In practical terms. all psychic projections must be accompanied by a visualisation. we are going to guide you to tell you how to apply them.1 means.2: represent this person with a welcoming attitude in relation to you. Image No . For now. otherwise in your Gabriella 28 . professional. So. as you choose: the love. This is what rule no. First put together four images corresponding to the four phases of your mental projection: Image you throughout your life. Image No. Image No.

use your imagination and say things that are pleasant to hear. repeat the words you would use aloud. At the same time. 2nd step: form an image of friendship Imagine yourself on the sofa next to this person who is smiling. I wish to (choose): have a relationship. As before. For example: “X (name the person). expressing your love. visualise the scene as if the person in question was really facing you. your desire or any other suggestion that seems suitable to you)” Once you have managed to hold this visualisation clearly and continuously in your mind. project this image resolutely several times towards the person concerned. go out with you because you are (here. even if they are not around. for example: you and this person on a sofa. Visualise this image in your mind for as long as possible with the smallest number of elements in the scene as possible so as not to disturb your concentration. How successful your mental projection is depends on the force of your conviction (Rule make love to you.2)! Gabriella 29 . 3rd step: declare your feelings Imagine yourself in a decisive mood and speaking in a firm and persuasive manner. relaxed and welcoming.

making sure you follow the Five Rules of distance magnetic influence to the letter during each repetition. if you have carefully applied the four first secrets of Happiness. for example. we generally confuse two words: luck and chance. it is important to understand what luck is in order to really have it flowing in your earthly existence. their perfume or cologne. luck apparently comes Gabriella 30 .5 How to make luck spill into your life This secret is very important. Secret no. To obtain what you desire like. most people think “you’re either lucky or you’re not!” They often add “that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing we can do about it” Furthermore. You can almost feel the softness of their skin. Visualise a scene where the person responds favourably to you. This confusion usually gives way to our misfortune! Indeed. you have already noticed that your life has changed. Imagine the scene as if you were really experiencing it. You will know how to create luck in your life. To coin a famous phrase: “He who dares. their natural smell. wins”! There’s nothing truer when we know what the word “luck” really means. and you have perhaps even had a certain amount of luck appear in your life. In principal. that things are improving. when we use this phrase. Repeat this magic operation until you achieve the desired result. etc.4th step: Visualise their agreement This is the final and most important phase of your distance magnetic operation. the games jackpot Marie and I saw and which should happen very soon. even immediately agrees to your desire. In reality. If this has not happened or you need to reinforce it.

by chance to such and such a person. and positivity for you. doing no harm to anyone. In fact. to take the same example of “He who dares. when they were unemployed. From a psychological point of view. So. etc. this means that the result obtained depends on the force and intention of an action. and are happy to win. If all these things are positive. if you read interviews from lucky people. Here we have combined Gabriella 31 . or whether they are virtuous or corrupt! There’s nothing more false than these preconceived ideas which continue to do so much harm. but also on a word and an action. words and actions. four-leaf clovers and other talismans… which never attract luck unless it’s… by chance! In reality. it will stall! It is simply a question of using the right fuel. think. Petrol for the car. you will definitely attract luck towards you. it will start. and who lead a modest life. If you put water inside. with a positive state of mind. wins”. Otherwise. you would be struck by the fact that for the enormous majority of them. even physical principals recognised by the science of the action/reaction concept. people use a rabbit’s foot. luck is created and provoked by your attitude. horse shoes. that is to say your thoughts. they are good people. it’s all a waste of time. This is not just a vague theory but the simple observation of the universal rules of luck. a particular sum of money because it will allow them to make their dreams come true at the right time. you will desperately be chasing after it for the rest of your life! So. This is the scientific application of the action/reaction principal. If you put petrol in a car. with parents needing help. whether they deserve it or not. in both the car’s case and your own. This leads us to believe that any efforts made to attract luck are useless and are more to do with superstition than real luck also called Lady Luck or Good Fortune. The second lesson to learn is: the foundation of their luck is a very strong desire to win money in order to make a dream they had for years come true. Otherwise. for example. speak and act positively and you will be lucky.

they have never or rarely doubted that their dream would come true. Chase this goal in any way possible without ever doubting. You will therefore only attract adversity. For example. These people have followed their dreams for sometimes months. or even years in this manner. even though involuntary as is often the case for lucky people who have never even heard of it. The more you doubt. immediately say: “I too can be lucky” Gabriella 32 . 2: “Motivation is the first determining element of effective mental suggestion” but also of Rule no. you will create a layer of negative energy which will place itself between luck and you. for example. Luck is by far a powerful but vague notion. the more bricks you will add to the wall you’re building yourself.the philosophy of at least four of the Five Rules of distance mental influence! Rule no. with negative thought. If this should happen. To avoid this or help dissolve these harmful vibratory layers that oppose the luck you deserve. always thinking of their dream or desire. engraved them and visualised them time and time again and they end up attracting luck to them. Indeed. Never doubt the existence or possibility that it may come to you.1: Successful distance influence. It needs an objective on which to focus.4: “Regular and brief mental projections emitted at the right time are more effective than irregular and long projections” Lucky people have therefore constantly stimulated their distance influence power and were not content to only think of their wish from time to time. If you are doubtful. what hinders us most often in our quest for luck is doubt and irregularity in evoking it. This attitude will only accentuate your misfortune. played games of chance non-stop for years with great conviction and regularity. Fix yourself a goal. This is the application of Rule no. immediately counter attack with an “anti-poison thought”. respect the following pieces of advice. is based on images not on ideas. otherwise you are putting a spoke in the wheel all by yourself. if the thought “I will never be lucky!” emerges. Furthermore. These lucky people have. They have imagined them.

Invoke luck by adapting the ritual from secret no. If you do it with enough conviction. With this constructive attitude. without ever doubting until you obtain the desired result.4 to your goal and practising it regularly and with consistency. Practice mental projections of luck by applying the Rules of distance influence. you will end up beating all your mind poisons. Gabriella 33 . the luck that is destined for you on a superior divine level will rapidly flow in your life.Repeat it until you are convinced of it.

6 How to create positive events in your life This secret is in fact a group of secret visualisation and concentration techniques. incapable of changing. alas.Secret no. dynamic. If you have already practiced the five previous secrets. etc. Indeed. being happy. Thanks to very simple techniques. It suggests ideas that make you doubt your abilities of autonomy. sad. So. proof that it is not indestructible. These techniques which are once again very simple to use. you are more perceptive. because of all the conditioning that has brain-washed this being that lives. sometimes you think you are good. you will be the master of your destiny. optimistic. you can fight it and get rid of it! It knows that this would be the beginning of the end for it. In fact. you start identifying with this tyrannical DOUBLE again who permanently mocks and cheats you… to the point where you think it’s YOU! This is its main weakness. capable of being lucky or changing your life. strong. dependant. thinks and speaks like you but is in fact not you! We call it your DOUBLE. The results will be beyond your expectations! You are truly the master of your destiny but. it lets ideas through that are constructive for you but destructive. you don’t know it or you have doubts about it. Now that you know that IT is not YOU. But. etc. Sometimes. when it is not vigilant or a little weaker than usual. superior. Practice the Seven Secrets of Happiness and you will beat it forever. often. independence. these moments of lucidity don’t last because you are immediately attacked by negative parasitic ideas claiming that you will always be unhappy. you Gabriella 34 . will bring you astonishing and surprising results. even deadly for it. and free choice in order to maintain its domination over you. you will be able to make practically all your dreams come true. alone. that it’s your destiny.

Fix yourself objectives in the main areas of your life and practice the corresponding visualisations. When you get in the car. Don’t do the same thing in your life. etc. or sometimes for decades.understand that you are not this misleading DOUBLE. seduction. accomplish something and attract luck if you yourself don’t know what you want! No-one can do this for you. You are the only one who can take action in the desired direction. you know where you’re going otherwise you would go around in circles until you run out of petrol. What do you want in your emotional life. Take the bull by the horns now and fix your life objectives. maybe even changed your life. Indeed. follow the plan below. Determining your objectives It is first of all important to determine your objectives in the main areas of your life.? What do you want in your professional life? What do you want in your social life? Gabriella 35 . Continue bombarding your Inner Enemy with the practices included in the Seven Secrets of Happiness and you will be forever rid of this heavy burden you have been carrying with you since birth. don’t go right and then left. To fully master your life. it is difficult to be successful. sexuality. exhausting all your vital energy. in love. Complete the spaces between the questions about your wishes. You have probably even eradicated some of your conditioning.

)? Gabriella 36 .What do you want from friendship? What would you like in terms of property (house. apartment.)? What material assets would you like (car. boat. etc. etc. audiovisual. computing. garden. ownership. luxury articles.

say: “I am inhaling. Therefore. say: “I am exhaling. From the twenty-first exhalation.Practising constructive visualisation Constructive visualisation consists of materialising the desires in your life thanks to the creative visualisation below. not just mentally relax. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. let them pass and return to concentrating on your breathing. When you exhale. I am relaxing my feet. Starting from the feet and towards the head. Whenever thoughts emerge. I am keeping my calves relaxed” Gabriella 37 . I know I am inhaling” Repeat this for five minutes or at least for twenty breathing cycles (one cycle = one exhalation followed by one inhalation). I am inhaling. mentally project your breathing towards a part of your body that you are going to completely relax. proceed in the following way: Sit or lie down calmly in your sanctuary where you won’t be disturbed for the next fifteen minutes. I am inhaling. you should say: “I am exhaling. Empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing. begin relaxing your body. I am keeping my feet relaxed” “I am exhaling. I know I am exhaling” When you breathe in. I am relaxing my calves. With each cycle. pay no attention to them.

the rooms. I am relaxing my pelvis. etc. shoulders. For example. and so on. You will then deeply implant this positive programming into your conscious and your subconscious. its surface area. I am keeping my thighs relaxed” “I am exhaling. your hands. relaxing in order: your stomach. The results of this method are absolutely astounding and quick to achieve if you demonstrate determination in the practice of this exercise. your middle and upper back. the more it will be implanted in your mind and the more chance it has of coming true in reality. Gabriella 38 . etc. The more the scene is emotionally strong. I am keeping my pelvis relaxed” Keep going up the body like this until you reach the third eye or the inner eye. Visualise this situation for at least five minutes strongly wishing for it to materialise. I am inhaling. take advantage of the level of consciousness reached to call upon your unconscious. arm. top of the head. jaw. chest.“I am exhaling. eyes. what apartment you would like. Once your first wish has come true. decoration. neck. move on to the second one on the list. back of the head. I am inhaling. forearms.) Visualise a scene representing you and materialising how you imagine your apartment to be. Once you are in this state of profound relaxation. biceps. Take your answer to the first area in the previous exercise (for example. forehead and the third eye or inner eye located at the root of the nose between your eyebrows. I am relaxing my thighs.

This DOUBLE is in big danger.). So. It could still be holding on and continuing to diffuse its poison into your mind but you are no longer a slave to it. but you have unmasked it and it knows very well that it cannot last much longer. Your intuition will warn you of upcoming events for you. astral projection. when you use this secret. Gabriella 39 . most of the time. you can expect big surprises. You will also have previous knowledge of events to come. Your intuitive potential will be so strong that you will be capable of reading others’ thoughts. and of reading others’ thoughts (telepathy). and has even almost totally disappeared from your life. especially those involving us (clairvoyance)! Likewise. We all have extraordinary psychic powers but. we have many other hidden or ignored powers: telekinesis (making an object move from a distance. The main obstacle in the way of their revelation and use is once again… you yourself! Or more precisely the person who is living for you. the cunning DOUBLE that has succeeded in making you think it is YOU… But not anymore. levitation. out-of-body experiences. they are not activated. Indeed. We are all capable of developing our intuitive potential. your practice of the six previous Secrets of Happiness has opened your eyes. we either ignore them or don’t know how to develop them. mediumship. etc. You understand that it exists. No-one will be able to lie to you. Every individual possess great psychic potential.Secret no.7 How to develop your intuition and your psychic powers You are already a very intuitive and very receptive person. We can also have previous knowledge of upcoming events.

6: How to create positive events in your life inciting a happier life that will protect you from misfortune and dramatic situations that are favourable to a strong comeback from your harmful DOUBLE. do not relent and practice the six previous Secrets of Happiness regularly and with determination. So. an immense force of love which is always infinitely superior to all negative feelings.4: How to be loved and appreciated by everyone to oppose the hate from your DOUBLE. Secret no. if your psychic powers still seem insufficiently developed to Gabriella 40 . be careful because a wounded animal can still be dangerous and launch fatal attacks. Secret no.However.1: Permanent protection against all mental aggressions in order to be totally sheltered from all psychic attacks. Nevertheless. into an enemy because you are no longer duped. It therefore has nothing to lose either. Secret no. Secret no. to the liberation of your mind and the stimulation of your extra-sensorial skills.3: Have a magnetic personality to fully develop your qualities which will also allow you to distance the Enemy. You will therefore be ready to spontaneously and effortlessly decipher others’ thoughts and have a good intuition for future events concerning you. Since you are no longer a slave to your conditioning. So.5: How to make Luck flow into your life and Secret no. Secret no. it could well be that your DOUBLE will react violently towards you because it has transformed from a parasitic state. notably from your DOUBLE. you will permanently create conditions that are favourable to your evolution. especially if it feels that the end is near and it has nothing more to gain (you are now all too aware of its existence and its past hold on you).2: Restoration of your vital energy to be permanently filled with great inner power which will allow you to distance your DOUBLE even easier and eliminate it.

Empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing. let’s say for at least a month. Whenever thoughts emerge. regularly practice the following magic ceremony until you fully obtain the extra-sensorial skills desired. let them pass and return to concentrating on your breathing. When you exhale. For the reasons previously mentioned. With each cycle. only develop those which obey altruist rules and never for selfish reasons. Try again a little later when the circumstances are more favourable. Psychic powers stimulation Ceremony Before starting this ceremony. do not persist. positive enough or the moment to trigger it has not yet come. make a list of the powers you would like to possess but above all of your motivations. If psychic power is not spontaneously triggered after the practice of the six first Secrets of Happiness or after regularly performing. begin relaxing your body. I know I am inhaling” Repeat this for five minutes or at least for twenty breathing cycles (one cycle = one exhalation followed by one inhalation). Gabriella 41 . that you deem necessary. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. say: “I am exhaling. To determine the RIGHT moment. say: “I am inhaling. Sit or lie down calmly in your sanctuary where you won’t be disturbed for the next fifteen minutes. the following ritual. I know I am exhaling” When you breathe in. From the twenty-first exhalation. don’t worry about it. pay no attention to or some parts. are not yet awakened. You will intuitively feel it. It is highly probable that your motivation to possess it is not yet strong enough.

Once you are in this state of profound relaxation. I am keeping my feet relaxed” “I am exhaling. I am inhaling. Take the first power on your list (for example: telepathy…) Visualise a scene representing you and materialising a telepathy scene being carried out for beneficial reasons. Starting from the feet and towards the head. The stronger the scene is emotionally. I am relaxing my pelvis. I am keeping my calves relaxed” “I am exhaling. your middle and upper back. arm. chest. top of the head. neck. relaxing in order: your stomach. forehead and the third eye or inner eye located at the root of the nose between your eyebrows. you should say: “I am exhaling. shoulders. I am inhaling. I am keeping my pelvis relaxed” Keep going up the body like this until you reach the third eye or the inner eye. I am inhaling. biceps. not just mentally relax. I am keeping my thighs relaxed” “I am exhaling. I am relaxing my calves. You will therefore deeply implant this positive programming into your Gabriella 42 . Visualise this situation for at least five minutes. eyes. your hands.mentally project your breathing towards a part of your body that you are going to completely relax. back of the head. I am relaxing my thighs. take advantage of the level of consciousness reached to call upon your unconscious. I am inhaling. the more it will implant itself in your mind and the more chance your telepathic power has of being awakened. jaw. For example: to discover someone’s thoughts from a distance. strongly wishing for it to become reality. I am relaxing my feet. forearms.

and say five times with conviction: “Oh You. grant me this gift of… (in our example: telepathy) because it will allow me to be aware of others’ intentions. speak and act positively” Gabriella 43 . I know you will grant it to me if I think. Complete the ceremony by turning towards the east. Divine Providence (give it the name you wish according to your beliefs). and counterattack their vile assaults.conscious and your subconscious. While awaiting this gift. the Rising Sun. notably of my enemies. I thank you. Oh Divine Providence.