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State Representative SPRING 2011

Ryan P. Aument
Serving the people of the 41st Legislative District

uld You Like To Stay Informed?

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Hello Neighbor,
As session progresses, there are many issues facing our
Commonwealth. Important topics, like passing a responsible
budget, health care, education, crime, and senior-related initia-

As your state representative, I feel one of my primary duties

is to keep you as informed as possible regarding how I am rep-
resenting you and our District in Harrisburg. I am able to accom-
plish this using many tools including e-mail, Facebook, break-
fasts and town meetings, my website and newsletters. Having
said that, I also strive to keep costs as low as possible.

This newsletter, for example, while many constituents tell me Rep. Ryan Aument is sworn in as the newest House
is worthwhile, is costly to mail. Using improved technology, elec- member to represent the 41st Legislative District.
tronic communication is an effective, timely, and environmentally
friendly way for me to keep you informed. Simply put, I am able
to use it to communicate with you at a much reduced cost. Rest assured, I will never use your personal information for any
other purpose other than to keep you informed. Your information
To accomplish this goal, I will no longer automatically mail will NOT be sold or distributed to any outside party for any reason.
printed copies of my newsletter, however, I am offering you the I simply want to keep costs as low as possible while keeping you
easy option of receiving future newsletters from me in an informed. Please remember, unless we hear from you, this will be
online format. If you wish to receive future newsletters from the last newsletter you will receive from my office.
me electronically, please log on to my website, RepAument.
com, and choose the "Sign Up For Electronic Newsletters" Sincerely,

If you wish to continue receiving printed copies in your mail-

box, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and mail
it back to me. I'll also have printed copies available at my Lan- Ryan Aument
caster office and at events. You may also contact my office at State Representative
(717) 295-5050 to sign up for either version of my newsletter. 41st Legislative District

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C omplete and R eturn

 I would like to receive future newsletters electronically via email only.

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Mail this completed form back to my office at: Manor West Commons, 2938 Columbia, Avenue, Suite 501, Lancaster, PA 17603.
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STATE Representative District Office: Capitol Office:

ryan P. AUMENT Manor West Commons, Suite 501 PO Box 202041
41st Legislative District 2938 Columbia Avenue Harrisburg, PA 17120-2041
Lancaster, PA 17603 Phone (717) 705-7161 Phone (717) 295-5050 Fax (717) 705-1946
E-mail: Fax (717) 295-5053

Ice Cream Socials Planned for May
One of the best ways for me to meet with residents in our district is to host outreach events. These events give me the opportunity
to discuss the issues that are impacting our communities. I invite you and your neighbors to attend one of these upcoming events:

In Manor Township
Ice Cream Social
Thursday, May 5, 6:30 p.m.
Charlestown Park - Shenk Pavilion
(Located on Charlestown Rd just west of Rt. 741)

In East Hempfield Township /

East Petersburg Borough
Ice Cream Social
Thursday, May 19, 6:30 p.m.
Amos Herr Park
I look (Located in front of the East Hempfield Municipal Building)
forward tou
seeing yo nts! More information on future events can be found at my website
at these eve
at and on my Facebook page at

New Legislation Would Assist Military Personnel, Taxpayers

Laws of the land - they are designed to assist, protect, and sustain us. Citizens from all four corners of our Commonwealth count on our laws to,
among other things, provide them safe haven from those who choose not to obey the law. They also count on their legislators to always consider
everyone’s best interests when crafting, debating, and passing these laws. It can be a long and trying process, but one that carries with it great
reward in the form of better protection of the people.
In the near future, I plan to introduce several pieces of legislation designed to enhance the lives of those serving in the military,
improve openness and accountability in government, and save our taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. These intiatives are a direct result
of the input and suggestions from citizens in our legislative district. As your representative, it is my duty to listen to your concerns on
issues impacting our communities and families and to act on resolving them. My planned initiatives include legislation to:
• Update Pennsylvania’s Tax Reform Code to have it parallel federal law by exempting employers from withholding tax
from those:
o Serving in the armed forces in a combat zone during combatant activity.
o Having served in the above capacity and are now hospitalized as a result.
o Serving in the military as a result of a federal call-up to active duty.
o Serving in the civilian capacity outside Pennsylvania in order to support those serving in the armed forces.
• Publish an annual report of the Oil and Gas Lease Fund on the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’
• Give courts the ability to order any party held in contempt to pay for related filing fees of the party who sought
the contempt order.
Many new initiatives will come before the House as the current legislative session progresses. Ideally, all legisla-
tion introduced in the House, including my initiatives, will have bipartisan support. Some will pass and progress to the
next step; some will not. The important thing is that we, as legislators, continue to strive to ensure our current and
future laws protect us as best as possible.
More information on the above mentioned initiatives, as well as other legislation, will be available at my
website at and on my Facebook page at

Share Your Thoughts on Important Issues

As your state representative, I am not only charged with representing our district in Harrisburg, but also doing everything I can to ensure
growth and progress in our own backyard, the 41st Legislative District. But I can't do it alone. I am seeking assistance from my neighbors who
share my vision: to make our district the best it can be. That is why I am organizing a Citizen Advisory Board.
This new Citizen Advisory Board will meet quarterly to discuss the issues impacting our communities. Your feedback will be very helpful in
shaping the future of our district. So, if you can spare a little time a few times per year and are interested in joining my Citizen Advisory Board,
please contact my office at (717) 295-5050. I look forward to working with you to make a positive difference in our district!

PERMIT NO.432 Serving the people of the 41st Legislative District

Ryan P. Aument
State Representative