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NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS Student-Athlete Name, Image and Likeness Policy In an fot tallow North Datos State University (NDSU) student-athletes the opportunity to benefit from the use of ther name, imge and likeness (NIL) consistent with the NCAAs prineipls and _Budotnes, rs permissible for student-athletes to partepate nthe fllowing activites = Student-Athlete Business Activites athltially-related and non-athleticaly related): ‘studentathlete nay establish his or her own business or otherwise engage in business netvitis. ‘© Social metia content eration and distebution Promotion of student-athlete business Personal promotional activities (eg, signing autographs) Sale of memorabilia purchased by te student-athlete Private lesons ‘Camps and lines id party promotional activities ‘© Endorsing a commercial product va television, radio or social media ‘© Modeling non-nstitutional athletics and non-athletes apparel ‘© Personal eppearances at local businesses International studentathlets: Due to student visa guidelines that regulate employment and earnings for visa holders, international student-athletes ar advised against peiipaing in NIL activites, Before you engage in NIL activities please review this document carefully. Below are guidlines for disclosing NIL-aetviies fold by important complianee information Disclosure of all ame, imageand likeness activities and enitesindviduls involved is required. This includes compensation arrangements, The student-athlete shall provide such information in advance of any arangements or agreements. We are working to get INFLNCR integrated into the TeamWorks app for reporting of NIL activites. Until thats Funetional, we request that you provide the following, information via emi 1. What she activity 2. Whois the activity wi? (Name of business or organization) 3. ow much is being ped forthe uctviy? 4 Whenatieneivi? ‘Whereis the activity? Sand infoeation to calle instea@ndsue and rig ener eda ‘Adsitionally, prior approval isrequested before engaging in NIL activites that involve NDSU corporate sponsors. A ist of sponsors canbe found at the end ofthis document. Compensation eamed by the sudent-athlet, ina manner consistent with the guidelines outlined hecin, will not affect the student-thie'sgrant-in-aid or athletes eligibility. ‘This policy is based on current NCAA regulations. At this tine the NCAA is sil inthe proces of finalizing the rules surrounding NIL and as such this policy may change asa res of any decisions made bythe NCAA. In ation, any Federal legislation or law passed in the State of North Dakota coud affect this policy Mission, Vi mn, and Core Values of North Dakota State University Mision We provide transformational cducation, crete knowlege trough innovative research, and share ‘Knowiedge through community engagement thal meets the necds of North Dakota and the world Vision To lend the advancement of ovr land-grant ideals trough innovative education, research, and oxteoeh Core Values “The keysone tothe success ofthe NDSU strategic plan e our commitment to shared governance, transparency, responsible decision-making, and a sustainable future. The strategie pln is based on the Tollowing NDSU coee values: Coltesality Community Creat Excllence Impact Integrity Resilience Responsiveness ‘Transformational INVOLVEMENT IN ACTIVITIES THAT CONFLICT WITH NDSU VALUES AND MISSION IS. PROHIBITED, NIL Policy for NDSU Student-Athletes, Staff, and Boosters PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES Student-athlee isnot permitted to sell items provided by the instittion, inluding wards and apparel retsined by the student-athlete at the end ofthe season thal the institution will nt reuse, unl the stadent- sles has exhausted eligibility for intercollegiate competition. Use of institutional marks and logos is prohibited for any NIL ati Student-athleteis not permitted to promote activites associated withthe following: tobaco, alto, ‘banned athletic substances, illegal substances o activites, or sports wagering AA student-athletes NIL may nc be used by anatletis equipment company or manufacturer to publicize the fact that the institution's atbeties program uses its equipment. PERMISSIBLE ACTIVITIES ‘Astuden-atle may earn compensation fr th sof thr NIL. provided: ‘The compensations not contingent on specific athlete performance or achievement (ez, financial incentives based on points scored) Athletic performance may enhance a student. athletes NIL value ut athletic performance may not be the “consideration” for NIL. compensation; ~The compensation or prospective compensation) isnot provided as an inducement to atend the institution ("erating") orto remain enrolled st a particular institution; = The compensations commensurate with market value; and + The compensations not provided by North Dakota State Univesity an entity whose purpose includes supporting or benefiting NDSU or its intereollepiate athletes program, or an lier, director, enplyee or agent of NDSU (eg, NDSU Foundation, NDSU Team Makers, te). ‘Student-athlete may eferencetheir involvement in intercollegiate atletis at NDSU when promoting their business activity ‘Student-athlete may eceive cempensation for teaching or coaching sport skills or techniques in his or her sport on fe-fr-esson basisand may tse his or het NIL to promote or advertise the avalbilty of such lessons, provide: 2 TFinstiuonal fetes ae wed, applicable instttionsl processes for renting sy space ina manner consent withthe general public apply; = Playing essons sal not be permited; = Compensation is rid by the lesson recipient (or the recipient's Family member) and not another individual or entity; and Instruction to eac individual is comparable to the instruction that would be provided during private lesson wen the instruction involves more than one individual ata time. ‘Studentathlete may use the sevies ofa profesional service provider in the fllowing NIL activites: = Advice regarding NIL activites = Representation in sontact negotiations related to NIL activites; and = Marketing of the sudentatlets NIL activites. ‘© A professional service provider who represents an individual in NIL activities may not also represent a student-athlete for the purpose of marketing his or her athletes bility oF eputaton in spor to secure an opportunity as professional athlete ‘0 A studentathlete i not pemited to use a professional service provider in NIL activites who is an employee or independent contractor af NDSU. For purposes of this provision, an entity that contracts with an institution forthe primary purpose of providing products but not services is NOT considered tobe an independent contactor (© Afee arrangement for professional services shall be consistent with typical industry ‘arrangemants and must not be discounted as esl of athletes ability. Fees must be disclosed pursuant toa writen agreement with the service provider. A student tlote may receive the same de minimis benefits e., meals, copes, mailing) fom ‘profesional service provider tht non-student-athletes receive, ‘Studentathlete may permit the use of his or her NIL in mom-institutional promotional activities snd receive compensation for such activities and to advertise or promote the sale or use of «commercial producto service, provided: 2 Thee so tana volvement he anaennent developmen or promotion oC the relationship between the student-athlete and an involved individual or commercial entity = No institutional mack are used in the advertisement or peomotion ‘A student-athlete may receive compensation for his or her autograph in conjunction witha non- institutional promotional activity; however, no institutional marks may be used in conjunction withthe sale ofan autograph, Compensation for an autograph during a required athletically related activity (eg, eam community ‘outreach) or other institutional event i prohibited ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS WHEN ENGAGING IN NIL ACTIVITIES ‘Student-athetes should be adsed that earings from NIL activities may need to be reported as taxable income and ineluded as earnings when completing the FAFSA. Consulting a tax professional may be recess. ‘Student-athlete must rent nsational Facilites inthe same manner asthe general public fuse is for stden-athlete’s privat lesoss, INSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES 'NDSU and insttatonal staff members may not identify or select a professional service provider or srrange for or provide payne for services rendered tothe stidentathlete, [DSU institutional staff members shall not provide professional services related toa PSA or student athletes NIL activities. hlete’s business activity. ‘This includes use of institutional facilites, A business activity that is developed a prt ofa student-athlete’s coursework is not subject to these restrictions, [DSU and institutional staff members are prohibited from purchasing a studentathlte's prodt oF [DSU and institutional staff members are not permitted to assist a student-athlete in identity or securing name, image and likeness opportunities. Its permissible For NDSU to provide the following name, image and likeness edation to student athletes + Bducational programming on name, image and likeness and associated regulations, Assis in evaatirg name, image and likeness opportunities and permissiblty of those ‘opportunities; = Disclosure expectations; and Assist wth evaluation of professional service providers BOOSTERS ‘Athletics boosters are probit from creating or Facilitating NIL compensation opportunities for prospective student-athlete a reruting inducement or current student-athletes esa inducement to ‘emain enolled at NDSU. Revised: July 1, 2021,

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