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Introducing Locrete the Economy of Ideal Construction
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Locrete is a novel system in the building construction industry, best suited for housing projects in various world countries. Studies by different development agencies indicate a strong demand for affordable housing and other building projects throughout the developing countries. Needless to say, the implementation of such programs requires the procurement of considerable technical and financial resources. Locrete International presents a solution that provides a patented technology for construction that can deliver affordable housing through the utilisation of a system that can be built costeffectively, in a fast track manner with minimal skilled labour and heavy equipment. Locrete International offers a simple technology for pre-industrialised housing structures and technical and management assistance and support to stakeholders implementing development projects.


Pictured on previous page is the first machineproduced batch of the Locrete element. IBCC – Kuwait 29 February 2004

Introducing Locrete the Product & the Patent
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The Product

product Details

Locrete is a pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete element used for the construction of structural slabs and load bearing and non-load bearing walls. The Locrete post or element is characterised by a particular cross-section design and has two wide planar surfaces connected by two convex surfaces on each side along the full length of the element. Each element is reinforced with a single pre-stressed steel strand placed at the centre of gravity. The elements are cut to the required lengths. They are mechanically lifted from the casting beds, stacked on pallets and stored in stock yards ready for transportation to the end-users in the construction sites.


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Introducing Locrete the Product & Production of the Product
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Introducing Locrete the Product & the Patent
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The Patent

patent Details

Locrete is a registered patent in Kuwait, Lebanon, South Africa and the U.S.A. It has also been examined and accepted in Australia, the registration deed of which will be finalised in the second half of 2004. An international application was filed in 1999 with the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The international Examiner’s Preliminary Written Opinion indicated that the main claims meet the Patent Cooperation treaty criteria for novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability. National applications for other countries around the world such as Europe as a bloc, U.A.E., the Philippines, etc are still in the process of being applied for and processed.


international Application Number international Filing Date applicant & Inventor international Publication Number international Publication Date South Africa Patent Number Kuwait Patent Number


03 December 1999

Fahim KASSIS WO 01/04432

18 January 2001



Introducing Locrete the System of Production
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The System

production Plant

Locrete elements are mechanically produced. A typical production plant consists of the following components: concrete batching plant: normally fully automated and numerically controlled. The assumed capacity of the batching plant suitable for this production is 8 cubic metres per hour. concrete handling shuttle, railing, gantry crane, bucket & control system: this can be a fully automated (computer numerically controlled) operation. casting beds: specially designed and fabricated steel casting beds. tensioning & de-tensioning abutments and jacks for prestressing the steel strands casting machine cutting disk machine lifting and stacking machine: a suspended machine that travels over the casting beds, lifts the Locrete elements and stacks them on specially designed pallets. The pallets travel on wheels between the casting beds and the stock yard. These are either loaded on trailers for site delivery or stacked for future delivery. There are other minor pieces of support equipment provided with the machines previously mentioned. In extreme weather conditions, the production facility is housed in protected warehouses. Yet the product can be produced in an open air environment – if the weather conditions are favourable. The number and length of the casting beds, and consequently the area of the production warehouse and the stock yard, are dependent on the production capacity.


Pictured on previous page is an artists representation of a typical Locrete production plant.. IBCC – Kuwait

Production capacity of one machine and eight casting beds is around 500,000 sq.m/annum, considering that each bed is 130 m. long and assuming a total of 250 working days, 2x8 hours shifts a day

Introducing Locrete the Product Testing

The Testing

test Reports

Load bearing and shear tests were performed as per the requirements of ACI code 318. A pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete system that is new in the industry needs to be tested for compliance with various national and international technical standards. This includes testing the load bearing capacity and deflection of the system under various loading conditions. An internationally accredited technical research centre in Europe, a member of the WFTAO, tested the performance of the system under various stresses and loads and confirmed its compliance with international standards.


WFTAO Requirements

World Federation of Technical Assessment Organisation (WFTAO) identified six essential requirements: Mechanical resistance and stability Safety in case of fire Non-threat to hygiene, health and the environment Safety in use Protection against noise Energy economy and thermal comfort

Locrete meets all these requirements.

Introducing Locrete the Locrete Solutions & Benefits
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How, why, what, suitable when Locrete? Applications

The Locrete system is most suited for the construction of walls and slabs with a maximum span of six metres. Locrete can be utilised for internal partitions and exterior walls. The exterior walls are best built in double layers with insulation in between. This allows the utilisation of Locrete for load bearing walls. Locrete buildings may be used for many purposes. Common applications are housing, fencing, storage, guard shacks, vineyard posts and others, such as: Walls and structural slabs Retaining walls Highway noise barriers Boundary walls, planters and tree supporting posts Closures for warehouses Walls and slanting roofs Excavation shoring panels Walls and short span tunnel roof Pavements Locrete is an optimal solution for structural slabs built with industrialised quality controlled units. The typical Locrete elements are utilised for various applications, particularly for the construction of walls and slabs. There is a minimal need for skilled labour (carpenters, steel fixers, masons, etc). Locrete requires a minimal use of heavy equipment. Locrete eliminates slab shuttering material. Installation of the services networks with ease, accuracy and speed. High productivity, less construction time. Cost efficient. Locrete is easy to handle, transport and construct without the use of heave equipment and with a minimal use of formwork material.


different Applications

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Introducing Locrete how The Competition Fairs
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Locrete offers a standard solution to the construction of walls and structural slabs spanning up to six metres. Same units are used in the construction of external and internal walls (load bearing, non-load bearing and fire partition walls). Walls can be constructed in the traditional method by using mortar or without the use of mortar if plastered or clad with mortar backed material such as natural stone, bricks, granite or similar. It provides a user-friendly solution to the construction of walls and slabs within standardised structures and particularly in modular forms. Locrete shares with other pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete products safety, durability, fire resistance, sound and heat insulation qualities, yet its novelty is associated with its particular design, ease of production and economy in construction cost. Locrete homes are energy efficient, practically soundproof, environmentally responsible, energy efficient, will not rot or rust and requires low maintenance and fewer repairs. It provides the best shelter against the elements. Locrete can be left fairface or coloured or clad with stone, bricks, marble and so on to create a variety of textures and decorative finishes. It introduces technical benefits in terms of durability, structural sturdiness and the ability to perform better in fire resistance, heat, water and noise insulation.


vs. Hollow Core Slabs & Cast in Situ

Locrete is better than Hollow Core Slabs for short spans, easier to handle without the need for heavy equipment and faster to produce and build. Locrete is better than Cast in Situ in aspects such as effective use of raw materials, allowing mass production and control of quality and eliminating the use of formwork and steel fixing on site. Locrete is proven to be more cost efficient than the prevailing systems for slabs.

Introducing Locrete prototypes Built With Locrete
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locrete Utilised in Upgrading a Factory


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Introducing Locrete frequently Asked Questions
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what Is Locrete?

Locrete is essentially a system of pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete elements for the construction of walls and slabs. A simple method of assembly is utilised where all items are coded to related plans provided with every project. Minimal technical expertise and supervision personnel will be required. No carpenters or steel workers on site are required, considering that the Locrete elements are structural units that do not require formwork. The system consists of: Multiplicity of similar element of a standard design for building walls and slabs up to 6 metres span Columns Locrete is mainly used for the construction of walls and slabs, other applications as mentioned in the brief. A Locrete machine can be added to a preexisting pre-cast factory producing hollow-core slabs.


what Is the level of expertise required to utilise the system? what Are the main components of the Locrete System? what Are the main applications of Locrete? what Are the production requirements? how Are the service networks installed?...

Electrical Electrical services can be surface mounted and wired on site. Recesses for fuse box or control panel could be installed. Alternatively, wired conduits for electric networks can be installed in cavities wherever double skin walls are used. On roof slabs wired conduits are installed above the Locrete elements rior to casting the concrete topping. Plumbing All plumbing of kitchen and bathrooms are to be made back to back. Where required, plumbing walls are built with two Locrete skins with 12 cm cavity. The walls can be finished in any building material desired by the customer.

…how Are the service networks installed?

Heating Double walls with 5 cm polystyrene insulation achieve higher standard of heat insulation than internationally required. Locrete walls and slabs simplify builders’ work for A/C ducting and related works. Doors & Trims Doors and windows can be introduced to partitions and external walls with maximum flexibility without the use of lintels, sills or trims. Cladding If the surface is not left exposed, Locrete can be easily clad or rendered with any building material including stone, clay bricks, sand cement plaster, external and internal paints, textured or flat. Also colouring pigments can be added to the Locrete mix.


Contact Details

in Kuwait (head+office)

Tel +965 467 9508 GSM +965 940 5502 Fax +965 242 4434 Email info@locrete.com PO Box 127 – Safat 13002 Kuwait

in Dubai, UAE

Tel +971 4 391 1945 GSM +971 50 559 1141 Fax +971 4 391 8783 Email info@locrete.com PO Box 500427 – DIC Dubai, UAE