NTC 2011

Daniel Sieradski
daniel@weRepair.org | @Repair_Dan

We seek to inspire Jews of all backgrounds to dedicate time and effort to the causes they're passionate about. What do you repair?

•  A Jewish parallel to HandsOn/Points of Light •  Founded in 2009 to: –  Promote service as a core Jewish value and as a viable and legitimate expression of Jewish identity –  Increase the number of Jews engaged in volunteer service, the quality of their experiences and the impact of their efforts –  Support and advance the field of Immersive Jewish Service-Learning –  Develop the volunteer engagement capacity of the Jewish nonprofit sector

•  Evolving institutional vision and goals •  Steep learning curve •  Addressing multiple constituencies, each presenting unique challenges:
–  –  –  –  ~18-24 North American Jews (alienation, apathy) Jewish service-learning educators and practitioners Jewish nonprofit professionals (overload, burnout) Donors, board members and other stakeholders

•  Reaching beyond the usual suspects •  Serving Repair plus 18 grantee-partners, plus campus, community and national partners •  Limited resources, competing priorities, exigent circumstances

•  Establish an identity by producing useful, relevant and engaging content & applications •  Establish a narrative by telling compelling stories •  Establish expertise by aggregating the highest quality resources in the space; be a tastemaker •  Establish a presence by being everywhere your target constituents are •  Establish relationships through social listening •  Establish a professional network by extending professional courtesies (retweet!) •  Establish trust by using and producing open platforms and datasets; be transparent


•  weRepair.org (18-24 & others)
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  Jewish Service Search Engine Repair News (legacy list) @weRepair facebook.com/repairtheworld Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr Jewcy, HuffPo, syndication RepairJobs RepairLabs News RepairLabs Live (streaming) @RepairLabs facebook.com/repairlabs

•  RepairLabs.org (practitioners)

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  First 30 days, 2,700 unique visitors Last 30 days, 5,100 unique visitors 32,000 unique visitors @2:30 min. ea. 4,230 email subscriptions 1,230 Twitter followers 765 Facebook fans Anecdotal evidence of impact Successfully established as the go-to source for Jewish service & volunteering •  Virtually all accomplished through social media marketing/word of mouth

•  Focused mission, clearer priorities •  Greater exposure to and understanding of needs and behaviors of both the field and target market •  Greater clarity about most significant challenges to and weaknesses in our strategy

•  New iteration of website
–  Greater focus on grantee-partner programs –  More content for those outside target demo

•  Seasonal and passive ad campaigns •  New iteration of search engine
–  Improved UI –  FedWeb integration –  Data aggregation

•  Hiring of intern and volunteer army to operate as service shaliachs and shadchans •  “Big splash” campaign

•  •  •  •  Be agile Be open, in theory and practice Be realistic Expect failure
–  The most worthy tasks are the ones at which you are destined to fail

•  Iterate and reiterate and reiterate and…

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