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Inre: Mayor Teresa Heitmann, PUBLIC REPORT AND FINAL ORDER ‘An ethics complaint was filed against City of Naples Mayor Teresa Heitmann bby William Barnett. The complaint alleged, among other things, that Mayor Heitmann violated Section 112.324(1) of the State of Florida Ethics Code. The complaint referenced several allegations made in a separate complaint filed by another individual with the State of Florida Ethics Commission. The complaint also alleged that Mayor Heitmann made “duplicitous” statements on or about May 25, 2021 ata City Council meeting regarding whether oF ‘ot she had reviewed or read the allegations made against her that are purportedly the subject matter ofthe Florida Ethies Commission complaint. On June 30, 2021, the Ethics Commission voted unanimously to dismiss the complaint for lack of legal sufficiency because the complaint was not based on substantial personal knowledge and because the allegation about the alleged untrue statement made by the Mayor is outside the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission. Wherefore it is: ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Complaint filed on June 1, 2021 against Respondent Mayor Teresa Heitmann is hereby dismissed. DONE AND ORDERED by the City of Naples Commission on Ethics and Governmental Integrity in public session on June 30, 2021 Comissiow on Eris AND GovERNMeNTAt. Inrecerty By: J. Dudley Goodiette Chairman Signed on: Toy? 2021

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