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TEXT: Internship packet. UNIVERSITY MISSION STATEMENT: Southeastern, a dynamic, Christ-centered university, fosters student success by integrating personal faith and higher learning. Within our loving Pentecostal community, we challenge students to a lifetime of good work and of preparing professionally so they can creatively serve their generation in the Spirit of Christ. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This capstone experience involves supervised practical experience in theatre, publication, public relations, broadcasting or related communication field with professional organizations. Prerequisites: Completion of required communication courses and junior year status. (For Journalism/Public Relations majors, the required courses are COMM 2122, COMM 2233, COMM 3333 and COMM 4333.) I. PURPOSE As the communication major nears the end of his/her educational experience, the communication internship provides that student with the opportunity to gain a real-world experience within the communication field with an organization of his/her choosing. II. OBJECTIVES OF COURSE A. General Learning Objectives This course seeks to: a. give the student a real-world understanding of communication. b. provide the student with final preparation as he/she nears entry into the job market. c. give the student the opportunity to make contacts within the industry. d. provide the student with an opportunity to further develop his/her portfolio. III. RESPONSIBILITIES OF STUDENTS A. Attendance policy: Southeastern’s attendance as per the student handbook is adhered to in this course. Perfect attendance may reflect favorably on the student’s final grade. B. Satisfactorily complete requirements as outlined in the internship guideline packet (see attached). C. Students must complete prescribed number of hours as directed by their internship faculty advisor (i.e. for a six-hour internship, 300 hours of work is required). IV. EVALUATION Job Supervisor Evaluation Faculty Supervisor Evaluation Final Paper/Log sheet VII. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Southeastern University is committed to the provision of reasonable accommodations for students with learning and or physical disabilities, as defined in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973. If you think you may qualify for these accommodations, notify your instructor. You will be directed to contact the Coordinator of Academic Services at 863-667-5157. 45% 45% 10%

V111. PLAGARISM: Consent to Comply

I ______________________________________________ (Print Student’s Name) have read, understand, will keep in my possession the Course Syllabus for ______________(course code), Southeastern University, Fall 2008. I understand that in compliance with the syllabus and the Student Handbook, for both instructional and evaluation purposes, I may be responsible for electronically submitting my written work to Turnitin®. With the affixing of my signature below, I agree to comply to the terms therein. _____________________________________________ My Signature ______________________________________________ Date

Department of Communication Internship Packet

Contents Internship Checklist Internship Clearance Form 1 Internship Clearance Form 2 Internship Contract Assignment Evaluation

Southeastern University Department of Communication 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 667-5000

Communication Internship Checklist
Phase I
1. Student secures this “Internship Packet.” Student produces a current resume. 2. Communication Internship Clearance Form 1 completed by student’s advisor. 3. Each Department on Communication Internship Clearance Form 2 clears the student for internship. Completed form is returned to internship supervisor. 4. Student contacts and requests internship information from company/organization for which they would like to intern. (It’s the student’s responsibility to make initial contact with the organization - filling out application forms with the organizations and sending in current resume to business.) 5. Student is assigned an oversight faculty member for the duration of the internship. This faculty member and student meet to discuss coordination of the internship. (Student sets the meeting.) Faculty Internship Advisor Approves Phase I _________________________ (signature)

Phase II

6. Once a potential business/organization has agreed to host the student, the organization must send a letter stating they agree to host the intern. The letter should include: statement saying that the business/organization agrees to host the intern (to include the dates), type of jobs the student is to do, the number of hours student works and who will be intern’s immediate supervisor (include phone number and e-mail address). Post letter to faculty oversight member. 7. Internship Contract completed and signed by all parties. 8. STUDENT VERIFIES THEY HAVE REGISTERED WITH THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE PRIOR TO BEGINNING OF INTERNSHIP.
Internship Faculty Advisor Approves Internship & Phase II _________________________(signature)

*Phases I and II must be completed at least 8 weeks prior to beginning of internship.

Phase III


Student keeps a weekly log during internship. Intern is required to submit logs recording daily activity at the internship on a weekly basis to oversight professor.

10. Work supervisor’s mid-point evaluation discussed with intern. Evaluation forwarded to supervising faculty member. 11. Final requirements from student are: a “lessons learned” paper, remaining logs, work supervisor’s mid-point evaluation, supervisor’s final evaluation, and a portfolio of the student’s product while at the internship (i.e. video segments, written pieces, “on-air” checks). 12. Final grade assigned once all items are completed and faculty member has had sufficient time to review all material.

Phase IV

Complete Internship Packet for COMM 4836 available at

Department of Communication Clearance Form 1
Name:____________________________________ I.D. #_______________________________ Year and Semester in which internship to be completed:________________________________ Sponsoring Organization/Company for internship:_____________________________________ Internship On-Site Supervisor:____________________________ phone:___________________ Faculty Oversight Member:_______________________________________________________ Anticipated Academic Hours During Internship:____________ Anticipated Employment Hours During Internship:___________

THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED BY YOUR FACULTY INTERNSHIP ADVISOR Total Hours Attempted:___________ Total Hours Completed:__________ General courses to be completed by all interns: Introduction to Mass Communication Media Ethics GPA:_________

Grade:________ Grade:________

Journalism/PR Interns must add only the following courses: Journalism Grade:________ PR Media and Advertising Writing Grade:________ Performance Interns must add only the following courses: Theatre Appreciation Grade:________ Acting Grade:________ Television Production Interns must add only the following courses: Intro. To TV Grade: ________ Electronic Field Production Grade:________ Editing for Television Grade:________ Radio or Audio Production Interns must add only the following courses: Intro. To Radio Production Grade:________ Advanced Radio Production Grade:________ Film Studies Interns must add only the following courses: Line Producing Grade:________ Film Practicum 1 Grade:________ Film Practicum 2 Grade:________ Prerequisites Completed as of ________________(date). I verify the above grades and recommend the above student for a Communication Internship: _______________________ (Faculty Internship Coordinator) Date:_______________

Department of Communication Internship Clearance Form 2
(Note: A “no” in any section below prohibits the internship approval) The student listed below has made application for communication internship for the semester checked: Year Fall Spring Summer (check one)

Student ___________________________________ I.D.#____________ Class Level __________

Note: Clearance Form 1 must be complete before this section can be filled out.

Approve? YES NO (circle one) Date:___________ Remarks:______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:____________________________________ Faculty Internship Advisor *Faculty Advisor will check to ensure the student has no holds on their account before signing this form.

DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION CHAIR: Approve? YES NO (circle one) Date:___________ Remarks:______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:____________________________________ Wade B. Mumm, Ph.D., Chair *Department Chair will email an internship enrollment request for the student to the Registrar’s Office.

*Note: It’s the student’s responsibility to ensure this form is returned to their faculty internship advisor in the Department of Communication in a timely manner.
__________________ date received by faculty internship advisor


Southeastern University
Department of Communication 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 667-5000

Communication Internship Contract Name of Student:________________________________________ I.D._____________ Semester of Internship:__________ Place of Internship:_____________________________________Phone:____________ Address:________________________________________________________________ Internship Objectives (Objectives are to be determined by the student and supervising professor). 1. 2. 3. 4. Internship Responsibilities (Responsibilities should be specific, address the internship objectives and be decided upon by the student and the intern’s immediate work supervisor. Use back of this sheet if necessary) 1. 2. 3. 4.
Supervising Professor ________________________________

Print Name

Immediate Supervisor
________________________________________ Signature _____________________________________ Print Name

Student Intern
________________________________________ Signature ______________________________________ Print Name

Intern Evaluation Form
Use this document to assess each assignment given to the intern. This document is to be utilized for both the mid-point evaluation and the final evaluation. Please discuss your comments with the intern (particularly during the mid-point evaluation). This will help the intern improve. Have the intern sign this document and forward evaluations to supervising professor. Much of the intern’s grade will come from these evaluations.

Intern’s Name:_________________________________________________ Assignment being evaluated:__________________________________________________________ Responsibilities: 1. 2. 3. Evaluation of Performance: 1. Describe the intern’s ability to fulfill the specific responsibilities:_____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Rating: ___Poor ___Satisfactory ___Above Average ___Excellent 2. Describe the intern’s ability to work with others:__________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Rating: ___Poor ___Satisfactory ___Above Average ___Excellent 3. Describe the professionalism of the intern:________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Rating: ____Poor ___Satisfactory ___Above Average ___Excellent Comments and Suggestions for Improvement:________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ “A” being highest and “F” being the lowest, what grade would you give the student for his/her performance in this internship? ___A ___B ___C ___D ___F _________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ Signature of Supervisor Date Signature of Student

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