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Item Executive Assembly Senate
Position Position Position
EPF Proposed EPF No change to Executive Agrees to $134m
appropriations totaling proposal. bottom line, but makes
$134m. carve outs in
Waterfront, Muni
Parks and
reductions in Muni
Parks and Albany Pine
Bush; and added
approps for Beacon
and Breast Cancer
and Environmental
Risk Factors (BCERF)
(If any)
Since Executive and
Assembly are in
agreement on
Executive Budget
recommendation is
to continue to
oppose all Senate
changes. Chamber
indicates Beacon
will be negotiated at
a higher table.
BCERF is not
needed as the grant
recipient (Cornell)
indicates that they
are not interested in
continuing project.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Marine fishing opposes Position Senate proposes to Recommendation is
licensing repeal marine fishing to oppose the
licenses, establish a Senate proposal.
saltwater fishing Federal government
registry outside the requires States to
context of a licensing maintajn a registry.
process and refund Absent license
lifetime marine revenues, the cost
licensing. Would cost of maintaining the
State $1.9 million in registry and
annual SRO revenues; suppo.rting other
$1.4 mmion of Federal marine activities
aid. now funded with the
revenues would
have to be
accommodated by
significant CQt$ in
other programs.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Public Service Executive opposes due Did not include Senate one-house bill
Temporary 18-a to significant revenue proposal in one-house proposes to accelerate
. Assessment (Senate loss . bill. the expiration of the
proposal) temporary 18-a
assessment from
3/31/14 to 3/31/12,
which would produce
a $265m loss of State
revenue in 2011-12.
However, Senate staff
has advised that they
would change this
timing to eliminate the
2011-12 loss.
revenue loss would be
$529m in 2012-13 and
$265m in 2013-14.
NYSERDA Executive includes this Rejected Article VII Accepts ArticJe VU Supports NYSER.OA
assessment (Part Article VII annually, corporate staff: add
TEDQ) which authorizes an grants for resid¢ritlaf
assessment to fund I and effICiency
ERDA R&D and energy projects and
analysis, at a value of I research.
$16.23 m i J ~ o n annually . .
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
NYPA power plant Executive apposes Did not include Requires NYPA to There is no 2011-12
RFP - Senate
propoSal in one-house issue an RFP for the revenue from this
, .
bill. Position pending. sale of its 80 MW gas proposal. Per
turbine electric Senate proposal,
generating facilities NYPA is not allowed
located in and around to actually effectuate
NYC. Requkes NYPA . safe untit authorized
to provide report to bylaw.
legislative leaders
regarding potential
revenue from sate by
March 31. 2012.
Authority of the Public Executive, opposes Oiq not include Senate proposal This proposal is
Service Commission proposal in one-house would cause the PSC primarily
over services of a bill. ,Position pending, to no longer have programmatic in
tetephone corporation authority over services nature. There may,
or cable television and technologies used be a small long tenn
company - Senate
by a telephone or fiscal impact to the
cable company that it State, but no impact
did not actively in 2011-12.
regulate as of 1/1/11,
and would allow
carriers to provide the
technology of their
choice within particular
service areas.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Ag & - local Executive' Budget Assembly wants' ,to Une Senate wants to line' Executive wm accept
programs " sum out out programs as line outs, but any.
pots for Ag previously d(>.ne previously done bottom line increase
& tocaL
' '
in spending has to
be accommodated
. "
within agreed 'upon
budgetwide add
Ag&Mkts :State Ops - Pro Dairy is in' Ag & Mkt Assembly Senate accepts the Line out and
Preservation of operating budget, but formally askeq 'fp.r Pro State Operations preservation of Pro-
Come)! Pro Dairy not lined out. Ag & Dairy to be Iinep 'out. reduction amount, but Dairy would
(Senate 'Proposal) Mkts'GF will But wants to ,know what specifically lines out significantly limit AG
be cut 10
'<; is in the funding for the Cornell & Mkts options in
plan. Pro-Dairy program to achieving their 10%
preserve it from cuts savings.
and reduces GF
contractuat services
.. by_ a like amount.
Navigation law 8utiget Assembly Senate one-house bill Senate proposal ,is
eliminate,d ,this ,GF Executive proposal. restores program fundamentaUy a(l
grantprogram that had (approp - $2.9m/cash - add. Any adds
provtded $2Am) and/or restorations
for 50% to the bUdget must
of fit within agreed·
enforcement sp,ending upon budgetwide
by tocaJit1es. Cash total.
savings of $2.4m.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Extension of Executive Budget Agrees with Executive Senate one--house bill Executive" could
Pesticide proposed permanentty proposal. woulQ sunset fee on settle if sunset were
Management Fee extending the fee ,(Part July 1, 2014. extended a year. or
S of TED Art VIl). Will two,
try and get at least
another year or two
. .
beyond Senate's
Postpone timeline for Opposes Senate Did not include Senate proposal
ultra low sulfur proposal. proposal in one-house would exempt
retrofits for State bill. Does not have contaclofS -and
vehicles. (Senate . position on Senate's I ~ U t 1 e s who do work
proposal) bUt for the State for
Extends the date that
66% of vehicles must
be retrofitted from
12131/09 to 12131/12
and that 100% of
vehicles must be
retrofitted from
12/31/10 to 12131114.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Sulfur Heating Opposes. Did not include Senate proposes to. Appears to have no
Emission Bill Art VIJ proposal in one-house extend the deadline on ,fIScal jmpact.
(Senate proposal) biU. Position pending. suffur content limit in 'Senate may drop
residential, proposal as industry
commercial and has indicated that
industrial heating from.' they have already
7/1/12 to 7/1/14 . invested in
infrastructure to
current deadline.
Sottle am want to I Old not include Senate proposes Industry says bill i$
Amendment Art vn in the context proposal ·in one-house revisjons to the Bottle
worth $2Om to $30m·
(Senate proposal) - of the .Budget. bW. has Bill. Focused on fraud
to the State. DOB
Part 00 indicated they will not reduc;;tion. AUows
revenue unit is
scoring at $0 - no
. discuss within the bottlers to verify
.evidence to support
budget. counts back at their
industry claim.
warehouses and
. .
allows true-up ,through . .
reporting rather than
by holding cash.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Ag&Mkts Grape ExeCutiVe Assembly restores this Senate one-house Due to contfnoed
Genomics Lab -
proposed to eliminate reduction. They object restores this reduction. issues with
Senate add back of
this har4. doUar capital to "having pay for it . NOw Senate is saying availability·of. federaJ
approp authority
reap-proJlfiation, with again", they would be OK funding, it is now
savings of $2.5 mflfion add of approp only - untikely
in 2011.-12 and $7.5 no cash. inclusion of this
million in the outyears in
the enacted budget
would have a fiscal
impact it:' 12.
(Project coukj. not
move forward
because fut! funding
is not available)
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
SUNY/CUNY Comprehensive " ,: ,PK with post·audit for OK with post-audit for- ' We are close on '
Procurement iind
measures included fot :', '
"goods and some goods and some procurement arid will
Public Private procurement and
' "
: and OK with services; ar'!d OK with ' attempt to close at
Partnerships public/private -: ' goods post-audit for {loods the next meeting;
partnerships and services at the (not services) at the Executive would
SUNY hospitals; reject SUNY reject SUCF .
: public/private proposes to budget and the
partnership provisions SUCF off-budget and elimination of
eliminate Executive Executive control of.' ,
control of staff; reject' employees;
Executive would
partnership provisions drop ,
CUNY Tuition included appropriation Accepts appropriation Rejects appropriatiOn The Senate is not
authority for CUNY 5 authority for CUNY 5 authority for CUNY 5 interested in
percent spring 2011 Percent spring 2011 percent spring 2011 providing authority
tuition increase 'tuition increase tuition increase to CUNY for an
state tuition increase
without providing,the
same authority for
SUNY. Executive
position is to keep 'it.
but it's not a deal
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Multi-Year Tuition No provisions included No provisions included Includes authority for 5 SUNY is pushing a 5
in Executive Budget in Assembly one-house percent out-of-state year rational tuition
proposal tuition increase for plan; Senate is open
SUNY; accelerates to a discussion on a
and increases tuition rational tuition policy
retention provisions for for both CUNY and
Rabbi TAP New program that Allow TAP for certain Need to identify
would cost $18.3 rabbinical students ' funding for proposal
miUion annually; also beginning in spring and a policy
potentiat constitutional 2012; cost of $18.3 decision; potential
issues , million annually constnutional issues;
Leader's issue
Other TAP Proposals Proposed new award Amend 2-year degree Accept 2-year degree ' RemOVing publics
schedule for public and proposal to proposal in current would isolate
2-year degree public institutions; reject proprietary schools,
programs; Proposed accept add-back of of private pension
and is a poticy
add-back of private private pension income income deCIsion - fiscaJly
pension income for neutral in 2011-12.
TAP calculation Decision on
, Executive position
needed. Add-back
of private pensMJn
income is a parity
issue with public
pension income.
Senate rejection
would result in a
loss of $6 million
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
SUNY Appropriation Includes Accepts existing. Proposes new New structure WOUld
Structure appropriatj0,n ,structure appropriation appropriation structure provide SUNY'wlth
and is cOncerned apout and corresponding the same protection
SUNY being in a . Article Vlllanguage against executiVe
posjtion to four that would essentiaUy imposed reduCtions,
large payments per remove the to State ·as.
year as proposed' by Executive's authority CUNY has. bti('
the Senate; Assembly to administratively would
is' also concemed· about reduCe SUNY's State elimtnate an
logistics involved in support level wnhout tool the Executh(e
processing payroll _ legislative has to manage ' .
authorization expenditures. ,:.
Executive oppOses
Upstate Medical Nothing included in Nothing included in Includes $135 million I Policy decision
Center Acquisition of Executive Budget one-house in appropriation needed whether to
Community General
authority and Article . include provisions
VII language related to for the Community
employee pensions General acquisition
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Fun Family S(inotions Withholds public qPposes Supports Executive Couid agree with '
assistance grant whefl Assembly subject:to
head of household overall fiscaJ
does not comply with . . , situation
Public Assistance Delay PA grant Delay PA grant Reduce current grant Assembly position
Grant increase to July, 2012 increase only to by 10% until 2012; would be acceptable
November, 2011 delay 2011 increase to subject to overall
2013 financial plan
Public Assistance Change Public Accepts Changed Safety Net Senate position
Share Change Assistance shares from shares from 30170 to would be
50/25/25 26f7 4 State/Local acceptable.
Federal/State/Local for thereby eliminating
TANF families to 100% $53M in Local savings
Change Safety Net
shares from 50/50
State/Local to 30170
Require SSt Income Opposes. Senate proposal. Opposes due to
be included in impact on Public
calculation of PA Assistance
benefit recipients.
Reduce the amount Unknown. Senate proposal. Oppose. Would
of PNA to public transfer cost to other
assistance recipients portion of State
from $150 to $45. budget.
Item Executive Assembly Senate
I Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Juvenile Justice. Reduce OCFS facility Agrees with capacity Agrees with capacity Executive has
capacity by 376 beds; reductions; would reductions; would proposal for 2 year
repeal 12 month waive the 12 month waive the 12 month waiver of 12 month
closure notification notification for one year notification for one notification with no
requirement. with closure criteria and year with three month closure criteria and
60 days notice. notice. 60 days notice.
Convert open ended Agrees with Executive Maintains open ended Executive should
local detention into a position, but with 1/1/12 local detention. support Assembly
capped allocation. effective date rather position, possibly
than 7/1/11 with extension of
conversion date to
j 4/1/12.
Increase funding for Agrees with Executive Provides that local Executive should try
community based position with modified detention funding to secure discreet
alternatives. timeframes and lower could also be used for funding for
funding in 2011-12. community based I community based
I alternatives. alternatives.
Invest in statewide Agrees with Executive. Rejects funding for Executive has
compliance with DOJ. compliance beyond proposal to reduce
the four facilities DOJ investment by
directly subject to DOJ $7 million (not yet
agreement. offered).
Modification of Fee Increase fee from $5 to Opposes Opposes Could drop proposal
Structure fur SCR $60 to reflect cost of to overall fiscal
Clearance Checks service. situation.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Kinship Guardianship No proposa1 Proposes to postpone Seek to authorize
implementation of funding-through
program by 1 year. Foster Care Block
Require OCFS Unknown Senate proposal. Oppose, although
Weekly Reports on some reporting
Youth Detention agreement may be
possible if other
juvenile justice
issues are resolved
to the Executive's
Reforms I Assembly has
No position.
proposals which would
: be acceptable, and in
some cases preferable.
Reduce Puplic Assembly proposal. Reject-unnecessary
Housing based upon
Modernization Capital availability of
by $6AM Federal funds to
Expansion of Catskill Executive agreed to Senate proposal. Oppose. Savln9s
Flood Remediation provide information to shoutd reduce
Program to Ulster Assembly about current bonded capita1 debt
County allocations. service rather than
support expanded
flood remediation
NPPJRPP - line out Consolidates two Would restore $6 Accepts. Executive Assembly position is
programs and provide programs into a single million and continue reduced funding level acceptable.
restorations competitive program. separate programs but continues separate
NPP and RPP. programs.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
$500M Performance Provide two Accept the Executive Reject Executive
Pools competitive grant concept, but increases proposal.
programs: $250M for the performance fund
school districts with the to $350M and reduces
most improved the efficiency amount to !
academic performance $150M. The Assembly !
and a separate $250M also expands eligibility
for districts that and provides for
implement long-term payment of g rants over
management a four-year period.
Permanent Spending Index future year Accept Executive Would agree to a 2-
Cap increases in School Aid proposal. Restarting year cap provided they
to personal income Foundation Aid within are guaranteed a
growth. cap is a key priority. favorable regional
School Aid If Legislature stays Restore $200M for the I Reject Executive
Restoration! within overall dollar 2011-12 school year ; proposal.
Distribution threshold; will we defer with a distribution
to their 2 -way similar to the Executive
agreement on how to Budget.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Long Term Reform to Various measures to Reject Executive Establish new rules,
BOCES and Building contain future-year proposal, but advance including a priority
Aid growth in reimbursable an initiative to promote system, for
aid (e.g., limits on more efficient determining teacher
reimbursable BOCES transportation services layoffs in NYC,
expenses and a school through SED guidance replacing the current
construction priority and school district seniority-based (Last
pool). reporting. in First Out) system.
LIFO Governor's program bill Unknown. Reject Executive
accelerates new proposals.
statewide performance
evaluation standard for
Special Education Use wealth equalized Reject Executive Accepts Executive
Financing Reforms reimbursement for proposals. proposal.
school district costs for
4201 schools and
summer school special
education ($155M in
2011-12 savings).
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
NYST1 Dissolve NYSTI and Dissolve NYSTl and Accepts Executive '" , ..
transfer assets to OGS Would transfer NYSTlts proposal
' '
. ,.' . , ~
.. '.-
so that these assets liabilities to OGS and
could be sold at fair require OGS make
..... :
, "
... ,' .
market value to payment to SUNY and .' ,
, .' .
reimburse SUNY give assets, including 2
Albany, OGS and State buitdings to Russetl
... ~ ~ .
Charges account for Sage College for $1,
" , ,
unreimbursed costs on
,- ' .
behalf of NYSTI.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
$130 million in capital Proposed capital Accepts capital Opposes capital
funding for Regional appropriation in appropriation, but appropriation and
Councils Executive Budget, would fund with new reprogramming of
funded by bonding. legislative
reprogramming of discretionary pots.
legislative discretionary
capital pots.
$100 million in capital Proposed capital Accepts capital Opposes capital
funding for the appropriation in appropriation, but appropriation and
Economic Executive Budget, would fund with new reprogramming of
Transformation funded by bonding. legislative
Program (for reprogramming of discretionary pots.
I communities legislative discretionary However, the Senate
I impacted by facility capital pots. has proposed a tax
closures) credit alternative,
I similar in structure to
, Excelsior, for
businesses in
communities impacted
by prison closures.
$100 million in capital I Proposed redirection Opposes redirection of Accepts redirection of
funding for the MT A I (via language) of $100 discretionary funds and Assembly
capital program million of Assembly provides no alternative discretionary funds for
discretionary funds for funding for MT A. the MTA.
MTA capital--
effectively provides
operating relief for MTA
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
NYSTAR Merger Proposes merger of Accepts Executive Accepts concept of Executive may
NYSTAR functions and merger proposal and merger, but moves accept Senate
programs into ESDC; savings. NYSTAR functions proposal for transfer
produces net savings and programs into into OED if Senate
of $1.9m. DED. Retains will agree that OED
Executive savings. retains discretion to
decide which
employees are
Excelsior Jobs Tax Executive Budget Assembly accepts Senate opposes the While not stated by
Credit Reform proposes reforms: 1) Executive proposal and reform proposal and the Senate, it is
extend benefit period includes in one-house did not include in one- possible that Senate
from 5 to 10 years; 2) bill. house bill. would be more
revise jobs tax credit to amenable to the
be based on projected Executive proposal if
income tax receipts for they were provided
each job; 3) enhance with economic
R&D credit to 50% of development capital
Fed R&D credit - up to funding.
3% of R&D
expenditures, and allow
access to other NYS
R&D credits; 4) base
real property credit on
improved value; 5)
authorize utility
discounts for program
participants; and 6)
allow benefits upon
reaching interim
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
OTB bailout for Opposes Senate Assembly has not yet Senate has proposed
Suffolk and NYCOTB proposal because of stated position. OTB bailout. Creates
(Senate proposal) costs and liabilities to a process to allow
the State. Revenue Racing & Wagering
unit has scored at Board to sell or give
$8.7m ($3m un-cashed rights to operate
tickets & $5.7m for NYCOTB to a vendor.
annual NYCOTB Puts NYS on hook for
pension cost -- total NYCOTB retiree
OPEB liability would be healthcare. For
$200m) Suffolk it allows them
to access capital
reserves for operating;
and allows them to
keep un-cashed
tickets (hit on State).
! Ag & Markets -- Accept. Accept.
1 Assembly and Senate
I want to line out
i programs as
I previously done.
Navigation Law Wants to buy back
optional enforcement
Extension of
Management Fee
Postpone timeline for
ultra low sulfur
retrofits for State
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Funding of State Executive has placed a Unknown Unknown
Racing and Wagering counter-proposal on
Board the table.
Tug Hill Commission Unknown Restoration
State Athletic Unknown Unknown Restoration
Mixed Martial Arts No position Senate Proposal
Expedited Handling Make pennanent 2-Year Extension Unknown
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Global Spending Cap Includes OfliJOtng Includes on-going Includes spending cap Maintain spending
and Enforcement
spending <:aP linked to
spending cap linked to only for 2011-12 and proposed.
10 year: of
1 0 year average of 2012-13. Requires Senatenas
mediCal component of
medical component of legislative indicated that it
CPt. Requires OOS
and DOH to.monitor
CPI, but only provides involvement in would willing to
DOH to enforce the cap monitoring Medicaid aUow Executive
disbursements and, if
for 2011-12 and 2012- disbursements, ·flexibility to
. provides 13 fiscal years. requires savings plan implement savjngs
broad authOrity to
Requtres 60-day to be submitted to ,actions necessary to
Commissloner of
legislative notmcatlon of Legislature and spending in
Health to
cost containment action approved before 1ine with spending
any actions necessary
to enforce the
pJan. implementation. cap with Legislative

Therefore. does not f.1otffication (similar
two-year: Medicaid provide enforcement to Assembly).
approPriation. mechanism. Rejects
1.wQ...year Medicaid
Medical Malpractice Includes $250,000 cap Rejects the cap on non- Same as Executive Policy decision
on non-economic economic damages necessary to
damages and a and modifies the detennine next
medical indemnity fund medical indemnity fund steps.
that repays Medicaid to offset certain hospital
liens and provides for medical malpractice
the future medical care costs (does not
or impaired infants. reimburse Medicaid
liens or medical care to
impaired infants).
Item Executive Assembly ! Senate ,
Position Position Position (If any)
Home Care Worker Requires home health Similar to Executive. Rejects.
Living Wage agencies to pay their
Requirement workers in compliance
with local living wage
Spousal Refusal Eliminates the option Supports elimination of Rejects.
for spouses to refuse to spousal refusal with
financially support their spousal resource
spouse for the purpose protections. I
of Medicaid eligibility.
Nursing Home Suspends Similar to Executive. Requires
Reimbursement implementation of implementation of
! nursing home rebasing rebasing method and
method due to extends use of method
significant impact on through June 30,
many financially 2012. Modifies and
distressed homes. proposes a one year
Institutes new pricing delay of new pricing
method that allows method (which will not
DOH to address these allow DOH with
impacts. flexibility of addressing
negative impacts in
timely manner).
Funding for Anti- Supports continued Eliminates all support Same as Executive. Policy decision
smoking Program funding for these for such programs. needed to determine
programs. i next steps.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
OMH Closure
- One Year Notice: Repeal for 2 years OK with 2 years 1 year (1 house) Senate seeking overall
- Prior Notice (Minor) 2 weeks 30 days 2 weeks (1'house) closure direction; linkage
- Prior Notice (Closures) 60 days OK with 60 days 6 months'(1 house) to OCFS discussions.
- limits on bed closures None None in 1 house; but None in 1 house
would like a limit in We had limits (and 2
statute weeks' notice) for bed
closures in last two
budgets, tf vital, agree
to 0) 30 days
notice for ' ward closures
but no bed limit; or (ii)
600 annual bed Umit for
ward clos.ures with 2
notice; no bed
limit on facility closures.
Adult Homes Court Ordered Maintain Maintain Use $40M for other Depends on risk tolerance.
Funding purposes Prefer staying with
Assembly and Exec.
i Budget position given
uncertainty of the timing of
the Stay (a previous Stay
was lifted after 70 days)
and budget cut
implementation risks. If
vital, up to $10M.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Prison closures Establishes the prison Creates a "task force For further
process, including
closure task force and on prison efficiency" in
infonnation see
repeal of the one-year
the terms of its Article VII which has a
separate side by
n otifi cation
operation via dual purpose of
side of positions
appropriation language, identifying
based largely on the opportunities for
Executive Order. Adds savings as well as
new criteria for the task targeting facilities for
force to consider, closure. Requires
including the existence unanimous approval of
of special programs members. Seeks
and the proximity of the additional $48 million
facility to where in savings above the
inmates are likely to 10 % cut.
DOCS-Parole merger Full merger of the two Accepts most of the Accepts the merger, Offer to withdraw the !
-tolerance for Parole
agencies, and the proposed merger, but with minor changes. reduction in the
Board as a separate,
transfer of maintains the Parole Parole Board
independent agency
responsibility for most Board as a separate membership from 19
functions to the new agency, and grants it to 13, to quiet
entity. Independence oversight of the concerns regarding
of the Parole Board is revocation process and the quality of that
sufficiently maintained the Administrative Law process; in return,
in the statutory Judges who hear the the Parole Board
language submitted cases deciding whether would remain part of
with the Executive a parole violator will to the combined entity,
Budget. return to prison. perhaps with
legal/appeals staff
exclusively to the
work of the Board.
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Merger of small Full merger of all four Rejects entire merger Accepts OVS, but Continue to press
criminal justice agencies rejects OPOV and for OVS and OPDV
agencies (OVS, SCOC and withdraw on
OPOV, SCOC) with SCOC. Agreement
on the merger of
OPCA was won late
in the negotiations
last year.
Break out of OCJS Return to original Return to original Accept lining out the
local assistance
schedule with schedule with schedule, but
I lump-sum
reductions across-the- reductions across-the- oppose a complete
appropriation into
board to achieve the board to the achieve across-the board
required savings the required savings reduction. Instead,
. traditional line items
advance a schedule
reflecting Executive
priorities (e.g. !
Policing and hold
Operation IMPACT
harmless) ,
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Citizen Empowerment Provide funding for Accepts fully. -- Adds school -- Should not accept
Tax Credits local government districts as qualifying school districts, as
consolidations equal to recipients, in addition consolidation
15 percent of combined to local governments. incentives already
tax levies. Require at exist under school
least 50 percent of the aid programs. Also,
funding for property tax would get costly as
relief. I each consolidation
would likely receive
$1 million.
-- Would require at -- Could accept the
least 70 percent of change to 70
funding to be used for percent, as it would
property tax relief. increase property
tax relief, consistent
with the Governor's
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Extend PIT Reject Proposed/Accept Reject
Surcharge over $1
Tax Co-Op Insurance Proposed/Accept Reject Reject
Company Premiums
Eliminate Remaining Proposed/Accept Reject I Accept
Quick Draw
Allow Mixed Martial Policy Call Unknown Proposed/Accept
Arts I
Allow Multistate VLT Proposed/Accept Reject Accept
Increase Multistate Proposed/Accept Reject Accept Could propose 55
Lottery Payout Above percent versus
, 50 Percent uncapped
Insert Blackrock Reject Unknown Proposed/Accept
Language in GLB
Extender and Make
Expand Financial Reject Unknown Proposed/Accept
Services ITC to
Investment Advisory
I Exempt Historic . Reject Unknown Proposed/Accept
Properties Credit from I
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Up to $170 million of Executive is opposed Opposes redirection of Has proposed
MTA funding (issues to proposals by the $100 million of exempting public and
carried at economic houses that reduce Assembly discretionary private schools from
development and MTA funding. Cannot funds for MTA capital payroll/mobility tax,
transportation tables) close transportation (these Executive reducing MTA
table while these proposed funds would revenues by $70
issues remain provide MTA with million -- at the
unresolved. operating relief) -- at transportation table
economic development
MCSIA Compliance Has alternate proposal. Checking with Feds
to see if language is
compliant, if so the
Executive would
Expand Uses of Senate proposal.
Aviation Capital
Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Establishment of Recotr\mend rejection. Assembly did not Senate proposed this.
legislative Budget The language is propose this in their bitl. jn their PPGG Article
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Item Executive Assembly Senate Compromise
Position Position Position (If any)
Eliminate Community Executive Budget Reject Reject
Projects Fund Recommends repeal of
section 99-d of the State
Finance Law, relating to
the existing community
projects fund statutory
Eliminate $85M Cash No New $85M deposit Accept Reject
Deposit since fund is repealed.
No Reappropriation of Executive Budget Reject Reject
Member Items Recommendation
Allow existing Member Current State Finance Accept I Accept
Items to live through Law
September 15th