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Vital Signs Committee Meeting: Agenda
Date: Monday March 7, 2011 Time: 4 pm local time Location: GAI Boardroom Attendees: Committee Members Denise English Joyce Deboer Regrets:

Lynne Romano Sara Davis Ryan Watmough


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Discussion Item Call to Order: Approval of Agenda-Feb 7th (Holly/Sara) Carried. Approval of Minutes – (Lynne/Holly) Carried. How are we doing?? Round-table discussion. Review Webinars Feb 28th, Mar 7th. Outstanding business: Manager Ryan Watmough Opinionaire Ryan Watmough Public meeting: _____________ Traditional Advertising: ___________ Research: Holly, Denise, Lynne Public Engagement: Sara, Lynne New Media: Devin, Jana Community Forestry Session. Update from Denise. Location: TBD Time: 7-9pm Date: Monday April 4th Speakers: Darcy M. will provide a ‘history of the local Forestry industry’; Kurt will outline the ‘reorganization of forest

Resolution/Act ion

For Actions, please see below.




districts’; a speaker from Louisiana Pacific will outline ‘national and global issues’; and Diana Brooks will discuss ‘green energy opportunities’ with respect to the forestry industry. 7. Review VS Canada Schedule - Indicators Set: April - Publishing: Sept/Oct - Presentations: Oct - Debrief: Nov We need to confirm/clarify timelines for opinionaire so it coincides with forestry session and meeting with community groups. Additional Existing Community Events: LIRN – Building Bridges; Friday March 11, 9am-3:30pm Poor No More documentary; TBD by producers Community Engagement Video: TBD by Sara BCVC Interpretive Program; March 21st: Lynne Opinionaire committee, objectives….etc Created from a combination of the Manager, and Research & Community Engagement Committee members. Collect data from the following sources: Organization Ministry of Transportation CBT Province of BC IHA OPT Clinic GSS School District #6 Town of Golden CSRD Parks Commission SPARC BC Rural Development Institute Real Estate Board RCMP – Golden Fire Departments Search & Rescue GWRC (bed stays) GAI KHC Chamber of Commerce GFBS BC Hydro DaVinci Networks (internet usage, Contact Email Address Please review CFC’s Vital Signs Timeline found on BaseCamp Participate in Webinars


Research Committee needs contact names and emails for these groups.

Jon Wilsgard Charles Hamilton

Ruth Kowalski Sally Masters


access) Housing Committee Transportation Committee Air Quality Committee Active Transportation Committee GCRS GECDC Golden Employment Services GBRAC 9.

Chris Hambruch

Connie Barlow Joanne McCullough, Connie Barlow Connie Barlow

Inclusion, exclusion? Update Holly & Lynne presented a table of 47 local organizations Format of community meetings? Need to determine ‘brand’ of our Vital Signs Committee. Are we quiet or controversial? How do we remain collaborative? Next steps? How are we doing (wrt to meetings, what is or isn’t working)? Round-table discussion. Next Meeting: Thursday March 24, 10:50am, CBT Boardroom

Include all groups; publish; update

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March 24, 11am Webinar

Adjourned: 5:43pm



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