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1. What is the difference between dataflow and control flow.

2. What is the difference between merge and mergejoin .

3. What is the difference between union and unionall.

4. What are the different outputs in lookup transformation.

5. What are the different types of deploying.

6. Where will be packages stored in a database by default.

7. What is package configuration and types in it.

8. What is parent package variable configuration.

9. How do you delete or eliminate duplicates records in ssis level.

10. How do you handle errors in ssis level.

11. Where will be log files stored in database and by which name.

12. What are the different source components in SSIS(both in 2005

& 2008).

13. How will you know the number of records passed from source
to destination.

14. What is SCD and what are the types in it and what is use
of it.


1. I am having 1 lack records in my source file and I want it to be

loaded in to four destinations (ds1,ds2,ds3,ds4 ) randomly
.examples 1st record to ds1,2nd record to ds2,3rd record to
ds3,4th record to ds4 and again 5th record to ds1 ,6th record to
ds2 similarly like that . how will you load it explain.

2. I am having a package in one server and I want to schedule it

from other server with out deploying it in to that server. Is it
possible? if yes how.

3. I am having a parent package and child package I want to pass

the parent package variable in to child package. How can I do

4. I am having 100 files in a folder I want to load all the files to

destination how do you do that and explain the steps which
you follow.

5. There are 200 packages in one system I am going to deploy it

in to server . if once it is deployed means whether the
packages will work fine. If no what should we do.

6. I am having 100 packages in project , I moved it in to

production system is it possible to have a single configuration
file for all the packages. If yes how will you do that.

7. I am having 6 dataflow task in a control flow and I defined the

flow of execution between dataflow tasks. My package
executed 4 dataflow tasks and I got some error in 5th dataflow
task and the package fails. The data which is executed by the
other dataflow is loaded to respective database. I want to
rollback all the data which is executed by other dataflow
tasks(1-4) is it possible to do that. If yes how will you do that.

8. I scheduled a package to run daily at night 9.30 pm (the

package is suppose to load the data on daily basis and the
data will put in to backup once the package is executed and It
wont allow the previous day data) and It worked fine until
Friday, due to some server problem the package get failed on
Saturday, and it worked fine on Sunday.My question is
whether the data of Saturday will be loaded in to database if
yes how, if no means I want to load the Saturday data if it is
possible means, How will you load the Saturday data and
where will you get the Saturday files.

9. I am loading a flat file source directly to database without

using any transformation will it loads? If no what type of error
will you get and what is the name of that error.

10. I am having a folder where I will get source files every

day. My intention is to move the particular days source file to
a particular folder having name of that day it should be get
done dynamically how u do it and explain.

11. I am having two sequence containers which have some

other task inside it, and it is in parallel execution mode. Which
container will execute first?. Is there any chance that both the
containers will start execution at the same time.