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LebanonAmerican Club of Danbury ‘Annual Golf Tournament ‘Agri29, 2001 Dear Brothers, Members and Finds, Fst and foremost, we woud ke to thankallof those who have helped make ou past go toumaments such a success, Wete proud in announce the 2021 Lebanor-Amarican Clb Gof “Toumamert witb held on Monday, Jy 12 at Richter Parkin Danbury CT. This has aay beena fun event and with eveything going on tis yearwe are excited io get everyone gehen ‘one spaoe, Our love for comradery i second fp none and due fo creumstances otf our contol ‘we have lacked much ofthat his past year, ‘As yournayknow, The LebanonAmesican Cb of Danbury an organization that was started in ‘he early 1820s. fs teen a postive and unfyng presence in the communy ever since, tough ‘ongoing movement th chic and adtural aches throughout greater Danbury The Cb has ‘anarded thousands of dolar to colegebound ster troughs annuel scholarship program ‘and has held funcratsers to assist member famiesin times of tease consider becoming a sponsor, contibur andor playarin what promises fo be an excng ‘are memorable gif event. ll pooseds fon the Gof Classic wi boneft the Lebaron American (kb buicng fund, Addional formation about the LebanonAmeican Club Gof Tourament ardour organization sinduded onthe attached ther. fyou have ary quactons, please fel fee tocontactus, ‘Sincerely, oe Raya & Mian David £2021 Gof Tounament Co-Chais

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