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A rare event, with a mysterious man and many crime-related criminals. No one knows
he has to see a store clerk and one of the strongest gangs in the city. A curious case,
worthy of being investigated by Special Agents of the FBI.

The case begins in a small shop in the city of Chicago, where a man of Russian
nationality, with the name of Isaac Kolsnik is brutally beaten by a mysterious man. The
police arrive at the crime scene, where they begin a series of investigations into the case
causing confusion in the police department. The Researchers now have a great riddle to
answer, and as the victim remains in intensive care and there are many things that can
not be known until the beaten man can talk.

The crime scene is unclear, there is no clear evidence to begin an investigation when
suddenly a homeless man who claims to know what happened that afternoon in the
Russian man shop. The homeless man is an alcoholic, demented and confused to be
taken as a reliable witness, but the FBI has no other alternative, is to question and listen
to the only witness there.

The witness claims he saw a man dressed in a tuxedo and a good size. The police
showed portraits of known criminals and the indigent identify a face of a man known as
Joe Pilefsky.
This man turns out to be an old acquaintance of the police, since it has a great history of
crime and some arrests for violent. Apparently Joe Pilefsky is a good place to start.

Greevey Sergeant and his partner started a series of investigations that leads in the first
instance a man named Joe Pilefsky who happens to be the perpetrator of Isaac. By
quoting denies having an unfortunate encounter with the man in the shop but after
insisting the police give a different name Pilefsky related to the suspect, Mr. Mario
Zalta, which is a major employer for the transportation of import and export products.

Mario Zalta, who owns a large company of import and export, the company used their
trucks to transport illegal cigarette smuggling, evading taxes.
After intense searching and come up with the Lord's brother Beigel is a Sicilian
gangster named Frank Masucci meet a series of crimes and many things are beginning
to uncover. It concludes that Mr. Isaac Kolsnik is attacked by fear of being denounced
the illegal trafficking of cigarettes by Mr. Mario Zalta, who had his business in small
shops in Chicago and Kolsnik did not want to cooperate.

Mario Zalta's response is mysterious, and although he denied all the dirty business of
the evidence against him and his business were very clear. Now Beigel, the brother of a
famous gangster named Frank Masucci is involved in this dirty business.

Beigel is a famous and well known owner of a real estate company, whose hulls are
used by Mario Zalta to keep all the illegal trafficking of cigarettes and thus evade taxes
from them. Mr. Beigelrefuses to to cooperate with police and that has something to do
with shady dealings of his brother Frank Masucci , which is one of the criminals under
investigation by the FBI . Beigel is placed against the wall when Pilefsky states have
been ordered to hit Kolsnik Beigel for refusing to cooperate with the traffic of

Beigel is brought to the court with Mario Zalta and are fined by the court with a large
sum of money. Beigel is likely to be imprisoned and therefore their public image is
tarnished by what you are willing to negotiate with the police. Beigel discovers his
brother Frank Masucci and found guilty of murder and kidnapping of a senator lost to a
few months and now Frank Masucci is brought before the law for trial.

The investigation reveals a network of multiple crimes where the mobster and public
figure Frank Masucci is now the target of prosecutors and police in Chicago. Masucci is
brought to trial where for lack of evidence is released. To be continued ...