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Student's book

Mark Skipper


Express Publishing

Unit 1

,A,dlM1ive,Si ~(lB~havio,urangl,



Unll. 3,1 Unl;t32

Inf(')rni~1 Ui:ngUage .iog'i6rm 1.1$.'10 IntrodU~ti0ns
.••. _

, •• ;", ,

:•• , ,



Unit 3, Unl14

Adjectives. -.. aM

m (Werd


..,." ....,.".~t' ,





~.. 68,

.,- Pair




Unit 34
Unit 35 Unit36 Unlrt 37 Unlt 38 Unit 39 Unit 40 IIJnU: 1 4


I, "''' ,•.~ ,.'''.,,'


'."',""" 70'
''' :.. 72

UnU 5 UnitS

Anger and AnnoyanceA(9.uin9 ; :,
_c , ,

Animals ,;"

"." •. 12' 14
, _.

Key: Words:

Key Words II L:inj(ing Words
Little'Word:? Modals



Un 1117





B_oq}' ldlerns


_ ,;:, ,{)o. ,,82 84

Unft 9 Unft 10

Cnance~!'1dPrp.Oability ......,.•.•~......" ...... ,...... ,2Q ,
ChoosingM(;i b,;siorns - Glbtl1es

looking I S.e:eing
Money [I Money II ., : ,.."., ,

{f'dlecniv:es! ····,·-~.· ·"'.w."' ..-..''.....,.... -....... ,22 ...
Unit 111 UnIt 12 Oh)th~& II (Idioms) -'CoI6ur,s' Comparin<9 __ __ ' 24 :26


Unit 42 Unit 43 Unlt·44
Unit 4S

Nature - Noise I ,.;, ,.." .."
Noise II .
NOU!l?·1I Nouns,lU

" ,; $: , ,..'
" .. ,_ __

Nouns- I ,
,.. ,." ,,

0< .. ,

,.. 88

Unit 13

Cc_oking',9lntl food: ,


,.".,.. 2$




:;"" .. "9,2

Unit 15

Crime. I! (Vocabl,ll<!'¥ and Collocations)

.... -

36 Unit 48; of I , " ..:" '."

Unit 16
Unil 17

Qamageand G6fidihons
Detewmination - likes·Dislikes ,

" , " , ". 1(10 , 102 104

Unlt'18 Unh'19'
Unit 20'


_ ..~.'" :

; ;, ,..,

> ,.,

38 40

Unit 49 Unit 50 Unl151
Unit 52


I'l ..__

Eating ,aM Drlrilking
Educ~tiQn " ,

PeDple·and PerSonaHty

Physjcai Descripihm
Place (Adjectiv!:"ls)

Unll 21

Empha,$J's (5Xfr.em.eAdjectiv~$'

V~nj) ...... 44

"." " ~ .-., "

'Unit 53 Unit 2'3 Unit 2:4 Unit 25 Unit 26
Unit 27



~ace ,..._

"_ _ ,_."_ ' : ,.., '"." •.. , ,


, , ,_ 48 50 : ", ".. 5.2 54

Unit 54
Unit 55 IJnll56

BhOrt ~d Lo_:ng ....... , .." ....... " 1100
; ,. , " ,

Fi~e and light Food I ."." . Food II '". ',


arid B~d



Something, Anything. Nothing.

,......'; - ,., ,'



I d.'


Unit 57

Speaking-ana Sport

Com'muo1ca:ting II . ' ,.., " ,,,

Holdftlg. Pushing, Pulling; lakingl
Unit. 28

,. .,

1115 ."

He~llhl .., : , 'Ffealth Jl .Im' and Eo ;.,

, ;.•.•. ;
r-•• ".,



lIJnit 58

Talking (Rep-orting verbS) ..,

U.nit 29 Unit 30

, ,


Unit 59

There is

- rime'!





Unit 'SOs Time II


UnIt 60b



, ,....•."._.,



UnIt 89




'".." ..


Unit 62


,--."- .,.~
" "

,.,....•. 126
"." .. , ,.12.8 , 130

Unit 91


PrepOSitional Phra~


Under,. Over and Out


Unlt63 Unit 54 Un'it ,65 UnIt 66 UnltS1 Unit S8 L Unit G9 Unit 1'0 Unit 7'1

Unhappyand Happy Veribs,I ." VeriQs.II VerbsIII' ;
Walking~and, Runn~ng, _

Prepo'sition I 1lJ.nlt92 Unit 93 Preposition


1,66 ,•.•"

" , ,


'.•, .-.,., . , ,

,., .. 132 ..' 134
< ,

Preposition II
Verbs ..

" •.188
, 100,

A, Band C Phr~

136 1138 1'40
Unl1~ 95 G10 M Phrasa.i. Merns 194

Ways of...

,' , ,

Unit 96 Unit 97

N, 0 and P Ph'ra.sa1 Verbs R an~:FS I?ttrasaJ Verbs'
T and WPhl"asaI Verbs ._ ,

"..~.•" •. ,1SB , 19B'

_ 14:2

Weather IL.




_ 202. 204

WJshing, wantlng, Requests, PeJi11lission and Preferences ,__ _ ;•._ 146 '" 148

Ullit99 UIlTIt 100

Phrasal Ve,rbsl Phrasal Veros Ii ,.•,; __


Work and Earning a Uving

Unit 73


Adjectivljl$ •
v ;

Unit 101 Pt1H;iJ.;;aJ NOUlns ..,

,. ,206 ". ,208:210

Adveirb Combimitfor'lsi Unit 74 Unit 75
Unit 76 Unit

Ulilit 102
UnIt 103 UnIt. t04

Be (Pnrases)

,AdVerb Combinattons, II

" ",

15.2 154

Break - Bringl- C<;I,tcI1(phr3$eS,)'

Nown Combinatronsl
Noun Combinations
II _

Come (ExlPr~ionwPhr~1 Do.or Make _ "

Verbs) ...... " 2'12 ~" " .. 2'14 ,•. 216

Unit '1'0.5


Noun' COmbinations 111 ..... ,... , ...... "., ....... Noun Combina.tions IV ,
-v r

, __ '158

Unit 10-6 FalJ (Expre$st(mslPhrasaIVerbs) Unit 107 Get {Expr~ions I}

Unit 78

Unit 79 llInil80 Unit 81
Unit 82 Unit 83

V€fb CombinatIons Verb Cembinatlons




162 Unit 108 104 UnIt 109

Get (Expressions II/phrasal Verbs)
Give (ExpreSSions/Phrasal VeJbs) "

2!:!2 224
., 226

Verb GQ_mbinaHon:sII .." I Verb Combinations IV
Verb Combinations

16;6 ~ ; , _ 168
170 UnIt 11'D Go_(Expresslons) , Unft 111

V .. ,•.,

Go: (Phrasall Verbs)fHave- (Express[or'ls)

Unit 84
Unit 85

A, Band C Prepositions

, 174

Unit 112 Make (Combinations/EXpre$ic;ml)



ntb J



Unit 113 Make(Expressions II/Phrasal Verbs) " .••. 23Ci Unit 114 Put (!:x:pressjooslPhrasaJ Verbs)
Unit 115

Unit 86
Un~t 87 Unit 88

Kto P Prepositions
R 'antI S Pl'a~sHions T to W Prepositions· Prepositional! Phrases

176 _._ : _ ,.. 178


Set (COmibinaliblilslExpr,esSionsl Phrasal Ve,ros) .,",'
» ,._ ,

At ...
_, , " 180

.,23.4 _ 23£ ..,

Unit 116

T~ke (Expf~ionS/Phr~



fll(dpaitie'whetbertbe ~t(mrmentfitbtlt appetlr kelofl).ed. I think that what 11e i 1 + i I or 1eelings for QtheJs: [N0te: aisElI u. diffic.posZtion <and bad '.er) [Note.h-eaded: J(i)~e is far roe vo}atile. cantankerous: (-) if sb Is' ~l(er met.. they do dangefous fllihgs withbuHhinkrii. probably the most reefings' ups~t her .IrsltIve.. they bse theirtsrnper very quickly and very easily ..! talk to another person .. they.g cheerful: (+) if sb is cheerful. th.y ! :: TheeNotator was ruthless in Imp. {-/+J if sb is m!.-clever pl. in one: of his colle~:gu'&s.fter It... unpleasant wanting to know more about them ! and bpas:h (. ~ sb of ! ! ! ! (-1 I .3:tk:uIGLis..j_o emythlng to they refU$~. i ! way 10 gerwhat:the.qaUGus.sque-amish . We needson1eone whti' is oalm.!1ledto de..perslstent: (-/+) if s~ lispersistehtt.AdJ8c1lv&s with l11'1egamracoMotation are followed by H.y want Mathe.the bIl'l8'h: H if so j.kless th7nf} to when the'. iflSb is.s a noun or s._use Of his sjy El. they say is Impolite and will hurt <Or ~ fickle: (.Qstrfan I've .f·h ~t ___ ~~_~_ou eS.ROb sat in his __~ ~~yo _nl eao_wa_ the rest Q(fhe-scdpt is like. patient and /ev:eJ. j but the manager. j~ is inquisitive:. do.callous: (-) if sb 1$ .~u a -'d~~ .muoh _g(iiling to love SQno9/.nd meticulouS. Cptactice: 1: 8e. her was be/fit._ . often with tlile verb to be. . 'wlthdrawn: ! they are-very quiet and eo n. overconfident! ~ ! iafildaggressive alot qu~sti0m~ .a:lculaUng: (-). (-) if sb is volatile.bad He is" a veryinquisitj!je Child..b .? unusually inquisitive . they say .1_ -.driv.. to give up" despite 'canitah k)EltiQus.1 Adjectives I (Behaviour and Traits) ___ -.e i erueland IGold and have no me~t. paying attention to ~metJl~i unscrupulous: if s_p is i details and making sure jhat . 'cantankefoui ~ reckless: (-) itsbis feckless. He'S' ca~in9 about-anyone else ~ t~mper$d?lnd do not speax. .. they are net " < Qffenc:J spmeone ! faithful OT loy~1 to tAeirfri~nds!remafk:/lefU8~1 I a blunt (~ply How c~n have tlIJ$loo..postitlve cormotatlon'aJ'EI followed by (+).CUlrt" they are verey abrupt ~~d rude. ifs_b is calcu~..f rubbish.a'{i:t. Note: . the'Y are unscrupulous.C(re)tUr? (T) orlaIse (py: Bob.ltllning.) 11sb is fie1Kle. they de.iQ (rt-) i'nterested squeamllh: H.o~like (-/ +) :if se Is withdr~3iWn. 'thev ar. He's. He'd r. bl.ullies . unsgjru/JVIOUs.glrl'l badmake. often by asking' ari'hoyinglylo:ud. ~J. as'l\l result) That was a very rec.01' 0 ppositien tempered and 'lend to argL(~lwith did waS"cowardly and pathetic: 1'0 b~ blUnt.ormy Hki(jg.ifwhal ~ was' artYI}f.~ peopte _a_bolU~ insignificant things as a: friend.: l Why are YQu 5Q oheerful'tQday? reckless qrivirngaJ$9 used 10 ~ describe aetons] curt: H ifs. katy IS SOl wl'thdrawnand introverted thai you_. in danger? Papl is nOt~n easy pa/son to have because he' Is so The customer was mOQi persistent and refused to speqk to anyone. they arsprepared :everytnlvnQl is' correct or I'n order 1 to 'ac1in art immoraJ and dishonest cruel' ahd heartlsss.J)jjne. and those tJhotara Irullther rnegalive.od mood i action:. t. ) Bilencfngbfj. . It's terrible. "Iifley are 1 are alwayS: trying to find but abtH:lt i.s brash. j and .are usually upset by.canhardly gel . evan . a profit.bebp. 0 volams. Do you realise you put' your ! own /:ite.and always That 1V'()r~senter is far'too noi'sy i . followed by (·1+). r It :ew ftom his curl tone that he what they really think. Below is n cppy Qf his character -tlin. ~ ~ things suchas blood or needles (often used abqut children) c. nor posltive. (a_ r~9kle$s . Alilhe adj:ect:ives below can be used bator.are-payiflg him tb-prodl/ce this kind o.nd In a Qo.scribeacti0ns] -as rlckle as Jear:(! i i a ruthless d&eision/(in footbaJI) a ruthless'tackle .' ..witnolUt sullen: (-) if sb is sullen they are.ey i 1 abeut th~ c_Ql1$equ_eneieS~ of thejr' ': .__ ~ whi_GH _o~uld giVe. . ' ~ they do not like th'e sight of-and in manYGI~rent rhings..:.thosEi with a . Can you 9rrange a meeting· with Joe FhJgi-s? 1 th1nkth@ three· of us should get together. Petcy is disjiked by most 'ef his ! . was a1ways meticulous His callous disrega.d of hel ~ about her a~ppeatance. (i) (./Je{eX~~. .ne:y 1.of her. tve just rece4ved another soript from him.somoone you i ~resa~ (-} ff sll is Iruthless. blunt: (:'1+) if so IS blunt. talking to others a wetd out . ·they are very GarefuI about what· calculatihg ~ys 'ofgetting' what i j he wants.are h'aPpy a. are. '!luI/en moods again.8. other pemple'g Uves. I can't believe we' .a:ting! i ThiS horror film is not tor people She WasneIVQUS~ The man in lront of they get what they want by careful f whoare:squeamish. mass media stfictlyee:nsol.i$ .

E~ract 1 D D D C afHm d.who shows no. 2'. heartless anq utterly unfeeling. •• I • ..nd dangli!'rOLl~iy loyal to ScaJfet H. he is infract fterce~yp. :g Match the ext:rdcts as )Iou bear thrim with the speakers (A-H).A man Of few wordS'qi'1d no.l'lI'e is loudril'outHed.. A blg man.".~ ••••••• I 14 Lau~a. H unscrupulous D . ts tlmsn.grapher B a . He is m~th.Only truly lh~PJ)Ywfc'1el1 he is shQ.IJI.~ . He will 'mgqe fpr arqurnent's sake. A a pho.9 ?b'S Also works for i$'c.ort'tfijs ~D. Always on the IO:Qkaul lor a b.. Bum fikea truck.nti! she Tinds the truth about the Black Widow and her story. Merfcury...oting. o ••• \ •• ~_ . '9 Jansen is witAdi'awn~. .. . Curio!)s. tlasfry and swagg:erill~~yarr6gai1t He dr1ps: :gold.'.A rugg~d.bRay? Fax T'Qny.mercy.__ u ~ . '~F1dal tinif{s fo~lhardy.kS to avoid hurt.. ~ ~ ...lulcus) ·f!fficienta. A re:cKleo$.····r .. 10 12 f .. 3 Vance is ruthless.' ~ o. j-lo. very'lihoreugj1 cateful that· mistakes are never made. ..r can neither understand nor tol~.. : ~ •••••.:...arlet... a. to the' shortextrtttts agtUn. f1. EV:£1rythingls tor the taking. He' keeps himself to hImself. 1 Scarli:H has 1 moral scruples. t~ ~ . Extract 4 Extract 5 me to ClJnfitm. He has: . g Ltsten.with Driven by mone. . wants. lheboominc9 voice behind the door. sh!!!' will Cl.. Scarlefli.~ !_ . 'gro\lnd-eteakiflg s.ire'9tor a book dealer '0 a librarian Extract 2 e F Ext(act3 EXtract4 EXtract'5 anaecountaot a risks i:neyery areaot hilS lite~ Vid.ea~bspeaker ..every G_QPwants lor a partner.r··... ~ and' eanous..~ 5 ...o anything to..ta.' ••••• ti .foiari G an antiques dealer H D D Laura Hyde repGltet Youngi bloncJe and beautiful.~ <"".~ lets notil ir"lg standil"l her Way.. ..~p'-~ . A crime with the LA.• r. cruel '7 D' . Immoral.asily. •• ~.. Steel blue eyes. .ow~ whc is responsibJe:for 'the: dl sap pea ran 1 ·~ ~. 2 'Sca'[letis calculating. ... 8ormmi'is eantankerous. He deesri't seem to valuebls life anymore and often fakes outrageous risks in his· ouestto discover thetrue identity ofthe Blac'k Widow.• <.A")Jila lose's' his ~empet ~asj.ler'lt 'ahd vQlatjlEh feelings. " .rJ. ~ 13 8oriomi will not's'ay wha1 he thirtl.' . Known as Captaip Outburst. .mte~t:ive 9fhi:s mEt-n. A blunt man. 0. handsome cop who i's no IQngew ttleguy.tOry. 11 Jansen is cheerful.ut: is 10 o'olock .. Sheds arso pC..stuntman Thirty yea'rs en the torce." " ...$ B meticulous C blunt D withdraw-n IE cantankerous 'F $queamlsh G persistent ExtraGt 1 l5X1rac:t2 Extract 3 D D D D See what J mean? We must s.. is. She' will not give up u.$itive.en it !. and ts •.lHydeiSiN'ql!..'aM mawh .".s (~-!i).of her brother. Thetnariin black . right-hand man.oj the adjiwtive. 6 Vance is fickle'.. . ernotiCtn.. she is. Cold. get wMt she.. Sh.y andpower. :8 Di Avila..+ Jansen is rec~:!esS. curt and sullen.e~likesto.. •. ~ ---"t.~.. beautiful 'aria ~sophfsticated. Known asthe'Black Widow..iso. Ot5sessed 'by: the Black Wld.erateweakness... 4 Vance·j_s squeamtsh. 15 L?ur~lHyd~9ive:$'UR e. steel cold heaH.

! morals. etc) '..'* cle:ver :at unde~s1~liIding I * r ' .".ane: .*.'" . lor hiS ~ '..* I 'I' '.... of Eiffort ~ .(generaIIY used With the i " ieyes 1 j noun nse' '.roa.' ~ * norrnat "". i d II : . . st'!:nu?us 8ctw/&/trip/effort/ .builtry's e.! i8hr:eWd:'It* olev~r 9. a. .. ! judgement of other people and tedJblllB:-l!tr*boring.a...! * "" .'.0\'" bering and depressing 1 ¥1pfi)earancelman _ andintrigue~ . .h ..i' .ger 1'**' (informal) Vl~rybat. amqo ..ndworn ..jng. used 'to des?:rib~ people. SGrUffy:'*~'" untidy (fOl"peG.. teacihers.impo:ssibl'e to pmve bedragg~: 1I'U. "" '.en u$ed.. '. ' . Reither extreme or9.*t. np faults .avid reader/football tan/stamp Gol/ector . discipline. mary.. .n'Qsllowlngl gocd !bank. atrocIous: fllmlm(f#. ** ::::: .untidy. "i me1:DC?rilo:'*'** very sudden a~d v. using at ' !mu u.'.y day/hoteJltea'cher/Sin.. . nis I<nowfed~! watertightarguments/courtcaselaJibi! The tw. ... ~ supetmfiirluit reoord/reputatlon! ...mlahed: " sth that has. crafix manlplanllao. . idea orlmpresslen 1 dreaqful weatfUjjrlrnista. '" " a dreary da'llfitf)ltown.. i astute: *.a blatant /leftonl ! He prop.usinessinanlinanoeuvring ~. '" '. ie roedide: Ib . '..sipoHt or harrne¢! ! spor:adJc fJghtJng/shotsMoJence! oqtQre. .'. and wmers) ! i " pro~ducini'i .• '" .muSic.' ~I... " .ucs 'mp... ete .ormg.. t afteGtlng every:one (for changes i WQ eomFhon these . very bad ..g:h measures.. ! tro i I gripping: '1<:1..etc) '! . ' or.mch:'" very loyal staunch supportei/lrlendla. . deception . flawless comple.' large'-! ! Impecc:~ble: ** pe'rfect. . •.{~$..!. :II. "h" i do "...stFdeas' I r orgijnfsa Ions. eneq.I 2 Adjectives II - .ue . .'." '. pro'II.uUfuJ.ppening.. ... " . str-ange nor ma. . . wor~~ ." . not been ] intervals 1 . w~s." . character unblemished j ardu. wit· OUl I'f' I.*'!< d' .g. mis/ea~ing infqrm~tiOnl i lousy: ' . i "U .~* b'orlng. statements ~enerahsat'. meanings j dishevelled%thesJhairl It was a grippiflg tafe of' .lks.' ~ t ! malnstreal!':. OF arg. number Of. a harrowing film/tale i excitement or colour ."" .! . H' h' d' . .l/yl DembClat etc. :.. .'c ! atrociOus!*"*extremely : * 1 . ..r used a noun....ons)M large and IgruejUng: 1 time' i arooQus journey/task *.. .a noun avid: *' very enthusiastic (for poop'le) all . security.?. mary nothing . ! I sttu.fl..g: (I) tao general and.Qt was brealht..'/Iid..e.very excit1ng.. '" .to .'" = can be used * Note: * == used Defore s noun.. *" . ie . '..I l i '! or nQtearefol:. .'".laWs. : specla ! tiring and involving~ lot ~ run~of~the·milfr.E!J~Ybe.! j """'. 'fo'~films 1 Adlecttveswlthslmlla( d she-VIII": "u untidy and books !.lean~ ~~tualfo:s. -' ~. . *.{(.eedlul: . . sLirprisjng or jmpressive watertight: .rclfIg rerror.. o." m1dcJ.ous: 1'1** ! ..' " d. not • I 9p~r8dlc: ***. I~&ml III. .n are ba~ etiJv.*jI:'.'.guiar j unble. ) unprepwed meteoriC FtSf) to fam~. ~. at irre. f(]u~. mun.Bet-lIBve 'success j to describe' jobs. i composers. . ' •" . faJ. ~' eeoventional. .ple/pI8Ge'S) u* harrowlng: shocking. ~rl:ln-of-.lct. ". He.. "..or mary.. or .. .in :a' posltlen to' punish (parents.leotor:aJ's¥stem. . weather ! astute po/rtloJanldeJ)Js1oFl 'n"''It. dirty and wet breatMci'fiing view/sc..enerslly with the verb to be" ..(for artrsts.slgame.osed sweeping ohanges l ti)blfJOllOn brealhtaklng: *1'<* .maGea' .was lement and let hIm off With a. ~nd often frustrating! situaUofis f tedious iourn~'Ifraslfli0b ~ shrewd busJn-essm~nlinve'srmMtl qulek .enery ~ wrong.cUws. '. ! ! wily: ~ ~ ~ expenenced ~t' deceiVing lPeopl~ and no! .' " . .ft. e-o-u~. i ! trudged mIG fhe houoo ..s . ' " . therefore no~ v~lid (for. .jng ahd ilastin§ a long .' Isnllsnt: *1Iit net sttr. ~ 11= . '" .. ' . ' ~ .t. befo. and refOrrTilS:) ..nary .."d'r ' f . . 1 conventfonaJ people/opinions/ ideas ! convenUona'I:**'*ordlnary. the e.xlonlperformance ' ~**p_eriec:t With . _ ".' *~~"giving the wrong ~ dr.trenUDUS:" needing a 101of'physieal sweeprng genemfisanon that' '1$ all i effort .. ~clever. bad ' etc.elle~sl 'e'to j ~~~ * I' " .OOtfT' 019Iie}t...' ~ giVing 'little saHsfact!Qn.keslal::ting i ! ! a:tJvertlsemen rs/comments..against 1 (for p>:eople) Fora ribild of his age.omplJter/ .J~ _ scseemot '" i flaw:Jess: ! j j.fme. ha. !sa l. l taste in clothes' i m ". ..' . .ers'.. b"! era""" *1!* clever and" good•. mlsleadfngl: •. grr:fBHirrg sotfefiule}daY/fflce ·Wome. .llties:s .0Ut (foT¢IQthes) you fErel very upse't '(not used to i deJiressing" scruffy pair of jeans/flatlboy describe people).3. The l~dge.ff!oirhe ~oad /doo. 'd .re or . piercing: 'It loud and 'hlgh~pitoned (for ncises) S s' let out :a pre. makmg 1 Her apartment' was dreary and l old drlEl8ry! *1... po..aJ. blatant: * very obvious" . I l~nd 1" !lW'eepln..easlly deceived (for peop1e/behaviour) wily b.-Ii ell".. bedraggled children of 'the sub/El...fe '~pPJ/~fiJncl~/ref)uJat(onl" Id. 'd".ii.s... .:<1 a.done withQut sham~ oremba~rassmem (used to ~ descn~ ~ad thlTl. tir. 1 .after-..ery (f'or safety 11OO~·"'~ strlGt not dull afterrWbnl{JeopJelcQlour/ l peoP.

".gtueJWfg... he t Dur~le~s ...pelfea -per£9rmanc~..6) bOdilg there'S _~ __~~~"F=~~J .1ftill. ~ 11.s bl'Ollight up by his 2) ~d land ..' o. magic andfighting evil.." Il_" .'""'" . 4 ' ~ '\"'~ ~ ... "'" ~..fIatcy . March the n()unsw:Uhthe:adjectitJ...r ~.f.'l#nptiotJJtn s_ente»t.. . Eve:ryth.pIeas~t rela!~\I"ie$..Jp}tqe. in this lfefi. RepuJ~!iGf1n j In1ormafion is th. 2._. ~ ~ ." ~~~. look 111 arrarduous j0urney 1:2 impeccable taste 13 mainstream polities' 14 a mUlidane JOb 15 a..thittk that t-be l. ~ ••• II!! "' . SQ Q~gin.. .ygu .. f:iiib:ful were .CPractioe 1.3 .K.6 1 3...~ mirJdle-:o'PJJe:-rrJili! .ridly.'.e"...1 ~ .'crafty ~ '...Q~ animal experiments judg. Decide whet!.. His name .llt task of boeh '8 '.a 'gruel'ling shirt 2 a . Ron and Hecrni01'iJt. '"1""' •• ' ' .!> Ha. '1 .. ~ : ~ 0 D D D 0 D D 0 D D 0 0 ..IteJage of the. .' ~ 11. sapk.seiSsd: ~gica:1powefS...eJ h security.t£afl'Y i..." .'e stWy of an (jtherw~~e> o:1'd!imaty 1) learnItIS..cMvestn bold with more.."4 " •• If ' . . ~.osopher~s keyS' at Hopatt'.es.Orphanedas a babywhen ·his parents Dwtnble_dore '<mel with the help of his' Ha." tbe foilowlng acl/ective-noutli combinations are-possible arnot. ~Ib.staunch.grid·.tll1Ulo..«dje." .tant a prolific.t '8 Ih'" the 'first J..iil1Pe~lif . when an untidy stranger (UEaS up on his ~ • "...?~alis:atj(:m rise m ali.e. Read tbeF~llbWing te1)iewtujd replare the.areadfol.. R~dcli(fe {M HMliYJ and hls c~st~r!) give o scream wizard" ..acrueves hj& goat DJtI)je1. novelis. "':Harry l?'onerand tlhe Phll.\dd 1:5 lax kgen.aslut¢. Groop 't~e qdjlJcti~J itl the._.. if .U:.$crlJlffy pair of'jeans 5 a/crafty plan 6 a shrewd businessmen 7 strenuous exercise 9 an 'atmc~ousd:rive{ 1!O an astute..however. '.ii.$bftwiJ .ones. ~~ ~· c "' .es~ 1 2 ..~..areary .. ucia:-J:be-l)QX follows it.'TF1I.but 4)~eyer Pt:Qf~SOf '11 har~owlng.. I hlgh~y recommend version of . Ston.-1111{1i4ane .4 5 . II the ftlm t Rowling book.. ki.s'..into cat~gorigs. a grjpping miSleading a pierc!ing sporadi. " .:dull..ri'a~e one: Then me ebe correCt CQrn.9 '10 ia 9 read.:ry!s educa fion at the schooland the 3) dlfRciLJ.~rmance 4 a.$ S~h9't!~fpr .. . correct it.. ~ ..Q.dreary journey .iJ)!g cha:qgesi..puUit]8:them next tot~e qp/lroprime' beading..!j. "... !kiwlei$ . a Lenient 13 a met'eoric 14 an a...tbat not. ~~ D 0 0 Glever::: '! _.miliriSlteatn .-Wily iii$hefJeli~d- \iIi.tu't.. a breathtaking a lolfl.. . enemy 3 a flaWle$$ perl. f/.pprOp..c' an en.replaCing th'e nnun: with an q..tert3lnJng n film boy 'Who POS.!rpmep:ercise Z..." "..c a s:weeJjing a staunch a watertight a view bfighting c documehlarie:s on d Fo..ombtnation is possible. "'! f'~'" ~ ~ . ' ••...bJi .arduoos.killed by an evil friends. ~ bW/raggled ~@nlllmtil)nid Boring: DIfflcult: Untidy: Bad: ...etJ . ~ _.".aoo he: happens to :De 'the keeper 5...eshIBg new fUm in whieh never (1.IPt4!Y -attWiQtI5·~ unl?Jum4f.t~*oos 's..>..Qla:g~tillO... " a a tedious room "I'''' ~ . Ui:rcler the t). . . . ~. Ordinary: • "' ' . ..

Hlnt: well-I'lanhed.lIsible. orthodox: accepted or used by most peuple-.. Impoliteness (n) . .00.. . unless ~ ! IIIIGwtldgeaIH: well-informed ! prICIIcII: down-tcHtarttI (for .. argumematl:Y8: quarrelsQmei always OIPP. u"uabla: debatable. unripe. . even! Timothy was 'a polite young man ~ nortl?em ~. dlsobooience (n) .1 sensible.. his n"'tv III.JSutements for the· i (n) Opp:llleglble.a VwY disobedient chi/dana :1 properly~ r.. .. ripeness (n).. i precI .. intern.Opp: dfsioy:aJ.1.$ excessive. ··er n. (n) excertent but t didn'Uhink the plot was ".~loyal: taitflful.(n) Opp: III!PIac_ . they're unripe. say or show you are sorry· for dQlng sfh Audrey was' extremely apOlogetic for havfngkept us waiting so long. t I I I r _ i It is not alMtys easy te gille f legible: olear enough to read.. IiI'IIiI ~ accurate: ~ec~/corr~. hafldWfiting is illegible.~ ha«iw. • . unOr1:_hodaxy(n) ! ! ready to 'eat (fruit. decisiveness (n) Opp: ihdecfsive. ina:eoessibili\Y (n) .ght an unnteeedent..: '. is 8lguab/e -that education JeElds ! ._. .as '7he.e's VEl'ry sensitive upset: carefUl in order 10 . tell you lhat' 'blacK is white. graih)l.ituation.lo¥alty (n) :.1PuJoos adherence to the truth and his refusal to compromise ."ceurve: more or higher than is with good manners.ness [(n)-l1of He time.nsibilitY o(n)' incoherent. Malcolm ..?s discreelaspossible.e to make qulck decisions in a. I i scruPUJoU8~ sb Whq takes great care todo wnatis fair.aju 10 .of the ppk is allowing for inflation? With impeccable tnanfIeI& vtrtublfy Inaccessible.. Opp: unofficial Sharon Is the perfect rallied the country round him at B' difficult and..avold embarlr:aSsihg or offending sb: indiscreet..: abnormal.implausib'ili~.mortflooox.espo. legibility scoulats me.! f Harry gets preferentiaJ lFeatmentat ! A (oyal friend will stand by you ~ work.bustfc.. necessary or reasonabte ~ courteous.s WinstoFl' ThiS is the lonly otfi¢ia'l blog~phy of the aufhor ouuently on (he market.: abl.~ c"learan...t Opp: impreciS..thmugh good and bad times.1' !" . _(n) Opp: illogical logic 1 [ ..nripe. .. may be • questioned INote: it 15 arguabfe! that: it can be ar~ued that] ·I..u. ntlal treelm. abnormality (n) j 1 :repl'aceable:: disposable" tea"dy to disagree ! It's .l. ~ . JIIegibUity [(n)-not strength of an eatfflquake.m e..'IS·' t" t~e "wa' y .. pref .' 0".(n) Opp: Inaccurate. nQrmality(rn) l nephew.~()in the . Clpp:: irresponsibl'e" irr.. :"~J'. obedient: .. eom....r th. a/waVE gets: olJtstand. common] Opp: I.pp: u.t. lncscislon ()1) Churchi1l's decisive po#c. dJscreet dtseretlon (n)' Opp: lndlscreflo n(n) h." Jr.. Inaccuracy {nl I youevetflhing you want to know. en) I I 't I j " dadslv8. § Impractioality en} acceuIbIe: sth that can beaasilv .'. plausibility (n) Opp: impla..elY plausible.not abnormal tor boys of his I Opp:irl'eplaceable J've ne'ller met anyone more ! .. ~ tl'pe~ fuUygrowli. Try to be. e forward is arguable... common] iIIpDI~c: to .she will i . Qrtl'1odoxy (n) ! .es (n) Opp: unscrupulous Socrates was known for his _SG1I.''-e..~ I can't poss.rrg(ne....r.11 UI. ~" IA.. her ~ thInk it's practJcal at all. plaualb!e: likely to be true.n arrha' workings of the i {n} .. eddpnrJJ6'ofnracision Thereis no logical 6i'Cpfanation IIJr f' "'.age'to want to'I.25% price impol'ite. difficult s..3 Adjectives III (Word formation) ! pafttIc 'reached/entered/ootainedtused. I reftlses to de>what she is told..@tklng &nd tesponsible.etl'sibly and Jo IS . ! to the bus/~ss of dating flees. ripen (v)'O. coh.".lrreplaoeab/e old . cb'he!ren.. disloyalty' (no) .ly read this.. valid.rthodox :teaching whb does what they ! fire were .. i' ~r Im.QsponsibiHty This is .ng Jlesulfs.' ~ 1 ! r i (lm)pmctlcal f)IIIItI1I~ Banning all Vllh1CiU oentre is II Iov!IIY Idea but I dtiiJ't ffoi7t-.d' c:oherent i offtcfah {ipproved by sb ln :authority explanatjo.u. have 8 four-wheel'dfWe.. iAcoherence (n) . preOOion (n) loglcaE: reasonable/sensib'le.. are told to do.t1~~rll. i just ~cause he is the boss~s to higher income... 'Obfidience.I. cla'a!" and Opp: olsehedient... honest or morally right: scrupi.~pec(al effects in the fflm WElte ~ ~ and easily I .: t Feal·IJIi<~I . 8CCllracy computer I1ardwareand will tell} pra~ ..nt: (to be) :.polltaness (n) Opp: accessibility (n) Opp: inaccessIble" Dan" you think that a . I ! i l . with an office all to himself. dange' 0 th e.(n) i masters.s knowledgeable about t r. increase.. 1 normll:usyallordinary..! : ManY' of the paintings lost in tt/e argumentative than Jenny.ion This machfne has brou..oe (n) 'Opp: i responsible:: Be:having :s. ~ I'm not buying these tomatoes...r peep I' ~ed ..despite hls uno..

E in tomorrow's world. crrredox ..... She had giVen a ..CPractice 1... practical . ? ARGUE You're dlis<:\weeing with everything i sa:y. .. For some with the money he' SATISn was receivlnq.....~ • ! ~.. I don't get ....· . that 6) exposure to computers may prove to be harmful rather than 7) to children and that iit is 8) for education to take place in the..... E!xp:erience........••.away.. legible . JI . normal .... . PREFER 2 You are '25 years old and you are a...•... however.....8 corrclexevercihanging mod.••. -+ -4 --+ -> . --+ --+ .. s . responsible ~~!!'. There are fhose who claim.. otscreet .._ .. len. Use the word given in ...ive . treatment. accurate discreet obedient ..e. where computeraided learning steps in..... because acquiring. l' KNOW ARIG'UE TRADITION .... im-. and b~ckground should we be giving OlJr children? Ina: 1) western economy. p... S~d decided to leave' e _ reason..·r . " . SLEEP when PERSUADE r 10 11 12' 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 normal 8 o:rihOcio): -t -fo . ripe . ~accurate ... Stop beil'1l9.. ".. appeal for :s... CHILD 3 Ben hated it. accessible 10 He looked terrible. It is 10) f..9 the next generation cannot be carried out within th'e 4) classroom framework..' ••• <0 plausible scrupulous .........TION COMPETE 2.Read the tea be]Qw.dfs'·... t~ey n!Jed to be we:ll"informed a"(1d2} " . ~ . ..".rticularly yGung chilprel1.. provid. in POSSIBL. inj 7 " the company. R~b¢r tf}at Y{:!'umnj b:tiv.. Complete the sentences by using the word that appears at tbe'end '0/ each tinct to form an appropriate ar/jeclit/e.. .... ~ decis...." • capitals allbe end oj some of the lines toform an adjective that filS' the official space in tbe· same line... What kind of 0). 4 This is the W01'St over 100 years. . . H~ Gan talk Y0U into 12 The bestman was very embarrassed _. . in a one-to-one prcqramme....OMY this way is slrnply Thi. and very about APOLOGISE forgeniri'g the time that the wedding was to take place.0lite . coherent .. "'.. but believe me.." anything..... . In .. sold everything she. mat this country has had to face in II~arner·centr~.s is....)..." n'igh!S'. it . .. pa.... 9 logical replaceable practical h:e' wants to . .: pertorrnance. 101' a teacher. adding one 0/ the!ollowingprejixes: un. she EXPLAIN l' plausible 2 _polite 3 scrupulous 4 ripe 5 decisive 6 accessible.. but I thought .cling likeQl spout s·ChoOlboy.. obedient loya~ precise loyal pf'ecise coherent legible J •• m . :9 AU the judges gave her ten out of ~!? RESIST PREFER a people... owned and went to live on a desert island. 11 ".e rnorld w _ _ ! I IS 3) that the task of preparin._ _ ... ·ible 1 -tc _. Too much work and too many He had t:oget. abo..or children to have a person.. mote PRODUCE a{n) 9) .denvironment. education 5) .. il·.·...8 1 -toe" -iess. really he is as gentle as iarrij.(0 4ddi! prefix from exercise lor a suffix from thefollowing: -ish ·1Id -ed. ...J / 11 I may be related to the Mana9ing Director... being so .jt was a very intems'ling and INFORMATIION crisis ECON.. 6 Appearancescan be " DECeiVe He might I'ookaggresskve but._....• .. .ec:tive:sbielow by. rather than ... . a proper EDUCA. although computers seem to hold EXCEED BENEfiT 5 Why are you. They say that...... replaceable.. o. elassrcern.. ~ --+ --+ ..Make the'opposites'o/lbe adj. --> 19 responsible 20 official --+ :to _... FLAW' .....logical He can be very •..irllg children with the skills that they will need w" .. gave up her job... it..... . ..

n g. and"fficutt.s The two children.~fld outs of his proposal.ry suc€esS{u1 in mEllk.(has a positive Gonnotatien) en 11 we le81/'9 brig!?t and ear...rytfling had been reduced by 5-0.j Good jobs ana .t for ..sha.en' acousec ol.l! definitely and tinally SQ that you endall doubt know it. who had been mlsslng for t:hre& days. newspapers and giqsrzy ma..atMl After walking tor lh'ree' hours.go: qoubffi.are" and you l ----and uncertainty once and 'or al. it to the COllfl(er wflere eve. @nd ends.ment" by daily: ..d fundamenta. out . these chair cove-ts Sho.--- 4 .. and stfoving" J o.the: manager d~ecidedtomake danceaMut· ft? od'dB and ends: smalt unimpprta:n'!" . la$.are tew far betwean in'de. in a way that saems unnecessary 1 was only 10 minute-s late.J1 (used' with r~f~rence to imJ!)0rtant 01' IJfethreatening situations) It was touch and g'G wbether they weuldailow us to" reave the country .use" Even .med despite bedng in a PQt~ntuaJly dangerous situailon) . that Beakla's: alibi was notRing but a tissue of lies~ ~ ODB Si D We'rp . my 'own fI~$nand blood. we realised that we were weH and truly lost As we had been weH ~and truly b'eateh the.cii)esn'~ hat'-e its ups anddowns1 rna and outs: thedetails.very proud' 01' and whk:hlwhQ ls veryimpoiilant to them His cat/daughter/garden pride" ahd joy.d shov.receiving food) bWt tt is Q. we should get there by midday.~nd-comjng lun¢fj br:eak is new company 'Polja'l~se we '0 just have ~(!) gr:i'n ~and i.ObjE!P!S.sltuatlon w'i'thout G:omp:La'ining (probably because [hlate is M .allowing tor w€.and-comlng~ so who shOws a.eM p'~Ghr~q away in boxe« exc. : n sh alIC blbod.d wherl ebhas not been har.~. pl:lshrng: (used with reference to crowded places) l wear and tear.looking spfck and span touch and .cJ tear.lng..arul-Gul lie.Q.:Cheating) What do: you mean f ~~heafecl? I won fair..r to grin and bear It to accept unprea~sani . far too lJr. most peo. bright and earty: (to wake up/get i upA:eave} very earlyih the' morning • .ple WQJ:Jld pFsfe! to JiS'!I9 a paid job tomorrow morning.and squ. up-.eptfo( a few o.e .f/$. taMn 'ralrond sqUlllr. damage caused to fLlrniturelclotheslequip.1/' (oflen used wJ..andpFop. saf&and sound: safe and unharmed (jJse. Atfs. an pesceBnd quat: calm :an~tranquillity We to@k a couple of days @ff and went to the country for a blt of Reace and quiel . basic pr/rtrJ. times ancbad times What fa. were found safe and s{!)und hiding in :8f1". of. . a comiP~lete lie· (used in r-eply to accused yo_u of stb} so who has That is an olJt~~nd-dl!lt lje~you've made it aU upl sadlY 10 be . ratfter fha. whtJlesa'f:e' c:hMges (0 the team.DIee) A .gazinesjs~ pad :and pareel' of beit:rg a page. used When ynu have' be. -~ G . oJ promlse and will pfeitlabJy be V.nly : 'striving in drips and drabs.qran.tll/ostand .: to will1airlY (Qfteft.snaft. by and large: generally By. Saturday 'be/ofe.abandbnea'mine . .Iea~tfifteen to have wrfttenanythlng a'S scandalous 'as that.lem) Having your part and parcel af! a.e ftlture l1p:-and~coming "artiscfttennis IDlayer {pilln/sf/writer ~ The . splclc and span: very blean Wnel:l I ~~tbacl<. Whereby up.ra lO't· of' pushing. relative W~"re taf.aify made.high' unemployment.kiflg about my ·~m. Why are you making 'suoh a: song and wen and tmly: (!Omplelel.~s"f4ltt:he" . tofirol(. weif paid j&tj that tf?i(:YdIsliked. Pair Phrases .government has inTr:educcfJ'fl a :scheme.J1dproper: very conservative and easily offended (used te describe geqple) She.%.of'a co'm!pncat~Q1 'situa:trO'n/pTI)ble:ml syst~rt:I/PJaposal We have yet to discu.a :8O"g Bnd dance about: to compleinto» much about sth. . Every-thing had .l want this pla..otnmQn..l part 61 (me/a job/a r'rob..'f. lot. is h'is to have u"pa end downs: to have goed.and .. numbers/quantities lJ1'e:gul'ar interval's He set OfJt to prove 'onos and fof" .JSPlt it.mily' . pride and loy~ s:th/stl that a pe ·sbn IS.u/d at . Of oourse t trust .ta lifespfasheg front '01 be raw and tar between: nottQ.r9$B the be very here.~tobe ~ery .g athlete~ will reeeiv'fJ financial sapport. ins prl'm R.frat they liked.ce .eelebrify.

I want this room lool<ing spotless ... as' .ing spick and .... 8 Players of his csuore are few and large between. 6 She didn't cheat.~_ 4 He loves his tomato plants.. 12 The doctors said it would survive . typed essays are much easier to read CPractice 1.. " .. Your gqrdenloo.". " . but the tact remains thatthe wrong dagnosis killed her .jayblood ..oeu. than Mnd-written ones ...shoving_ r ou'tragel:lus as that .say I.. even a-llowing for everyday wear and bear.Ks won(ierfuil! B: your brother. In the sentence: be16w. . 11. you have said such a thing tohim? He is B: No.hat you hated. ~ . 10 I don't know all the ins and o·dds of the situafon.' ••••• ''!!... but dQYo~ really have 1:0 make such a song and far' about iit? _ . ". 1 How coulld. ~. dance it..uests arrived in idrib:s and 5 They got there safe and .-. was touch andl tear whether he 8_ That's wear and -""""'" . 3. That Ferrari 7 There is no neecl to make such a fussabout • ~ •••••••••••• "!'. .span ... •• ~!~ ••• '~. ... .. but you'll just have to grin and . .ase from the two exercises ab(we. 6 There was a lot of pushing 7 She~s their pride.. b. his prieeahd go . ~~·. 11 We'll soon have this place look. !. . I won fajr and squerel 1 A. I know. and and . . •• it As. you can imagine. keep him happy .quiet ~'s(}tmd ~ leal: . ~ . . .. downs . 1 I know it's not fair. 2 A: So .•• ..__ . : 3 4 There was n:Qthing in lier bag but a few outs and ends . he's devastated. It's annoYing. She's far too prim and parcel to agree to anythinqas Comple. Make up approprliUeresponsesto the following USingpair phrases from exercise l a..". when' get back. the bold parts of the pai."! . Iproper and for all. 2 These carpets last tor many years..te tbesecntenceswtth tin appropriatewora from the box below.. _ 3 A: B: 4 A: How about a weekend inlhecounhyside1 B: : .r phrases have been Jumbled. tl1ey have their ups and 10 He's your own flesh and 12 I don't know tile ins and .. 1 IHe won fair and 2.... 9 like any couple. . She got up bri.earning process ....••••••••••••••••••• was..••••••• ' •••••••••••• '. the.. operation .llowing sentences using a pair phr. Jane. so' 9 Making mistakes i$ part and joy of the I.!_'!H'". What was the rock concert like? 2 Yourejust goin~ to have to put up with it 3 . S Cheap hotels are pretty hard to find in this nelghbourhood. . 4 5 6 By and once.drabs . 2. o A: You cheated in the competition! " . . Rewrite the 'are things between you? B: ".' .in the example....•••••••• .ght and 3 We need 'Some-peace and " 4: The: g._. II . e» ....square . . .••.. I did not . .. ". Swap tbem around so as 10 form correct pair phrases.early . 11 Let's getthis clear.

- dark horae:sb who pe:olZl!e know very little !.J tired of YOGr exouse-sJ ~ bm::ausE1'yau aT'S acpuste. ! J.eaUy enjoy yourself ena sister are all '.hiC.goingQn next door. Infuriate: mak. ! to. to h'ltthslI'OOf: to lase your temper 10 be up I.stb: to be I very al1gry and ready to protest j the Don's shere: the bigQest pan ! t 'used tit! describegmup reaction) Julie' fnheritedth. bout of the . 10 i i i be .' but it won't chaflg~e anything . sth you do not want to do He. be crotchety: I'm ~/ways bad-tempered and What was the ressor: for her suda. so J be careful what you say to him. You'd better do what YOfiJf.. Leoal people:are up in arms about t.lther. .e home" fbut It won't: you can do 5th fora ve. - most galling thing about his winning ali that m:O:QEW is that he. wherever stte went... .ib.. te8. we were irruri·dated with 3 p.. to start kicking. roposal to build ~ to rabbn on(abolrt slh}: to talk for a. with slhlsb ~ sb: sthdoes not affect you rm sickan(.Dme usee before _ noun) J 1 to be w~ry angry (not If. Anger and Annoyance 8 blEZIng o Ifrtt:!te: to annoy Hisaons./aok -sheep ..B: (inrormaJ) of the family. cryrngand Shouting {generally i used 'for child~en} .out $ean ise mysterv . didn!t get much :sfeep la:st ni~hr.. I I 1 to hound sb: to pe~istei1Uy folllOw:sb .hone calls from irate lis(e'ners-: ~ ~ "r to WOml. i Tfje Ii sDllsb: tG be ~ It isllke water offe duck's fa annoyed and fed up.Jnd.· The kids... to be loroaa: to be a little -angry. to haves whal1e 01a t1m. . mother to r. had a wha'le of a um« I ! SQrry 1 WflS. a heated argumlnt:-a bad argument inwhi'cllpeopIear:e very an!gry -- Raised 'Voices tQ/d me. YOUII' way cUI D' .l'llosion of I've been dogged by ifJ health ever {linceJ left univsr$ity.. minutes of comfng olt ~ the air.tnata h~ted argument was. touchy: to meaningless chatter.. t D YQU can ask till the BOWS C. i ! j and become very angry He . dark horse. he was furious . :::::.r.g.rmed his way work again! .: if you have a quick tordonk r -Y ~ very long time : (informal) for a easily made an£lJY a bit c.told hTm.ndeasiJy made .Gher says~ €Jrshe will g"6t ve:'Y cross: 10 ~. temp~r I've lmown Tom fordoilkey's year&. Hs'sgot a v:ery quick remper.oo in ooHne0~ion with the press) The paparazzi ho_unde. _galling: • ~sth that is annoyi:n. ! bseause lt seems un1air or wrong.A people are ve. p ~ a road thr-ough the villagf) green_ i long lime in a boring way ! a. he woulathro'W a tantrum. goose cht:tse.ft the room.e angry Rflde people infuri~te me: IrBlte: very angry ".. 60' t dem't tbink we should trust him. ratJy: bad-tempered!easilx made angry J rejJortC<lrd. he blew his top and began S'hol1ting. .16. re riuek! to avoid 5th whldh is going to hit yeu by lowering y'our head Jfhe hadn't ducked.hit the roof When he sawlilv ! l Animals the black sheepl of 1:I1efamily: sb conSidered to be a faillure/an embarrassment by relati:ves :.ath~toavoid doing.rotchety Wh~fl t ~' wake up in the momfn!}'$:.:.JJ\. you lese your qulokly and very easily.msquare in the laGe.moo to it ! His crlticlsmS'. My fr.ry long time.' ! She rabbit..m sh-e.· was already a mlllfQnaire! to get en sb"s!'lervea: She.(us.. Me? t'm : :a rock singer.BS bUnd ass' 'bat: (informal)to have! poor eyesight: j a wUd gOOS8 ehase:asearch that one is unlikely to'1ind Looking for him would b~ ~ i Iorsth She's_ as blind as a bat without her glasses.5 Anger and Annoyance ' Animals ---- . ~ '·0: to be angry and not want to f{t60d t to causing you trouble sth bad win not d~ed r keeps and it i /'am fnno an outDurl1: anger to argue! go away a sudden _el<. - . . a bit of a _tho a tJlazinf!J roW" to bloW' your lop: to lose your temper and become veryanQTY to When she . be Glt'k and IIred of very .'If .e Jifm~s shale... youcanl cows com. to be' lInr:Ugns nt: to be very al1gry because yow think sth IS w~ollg!or unf'air She was indigna:ntat the _suggeSlion that 'she waS: lying.. iBrmsaboul .'d nm .angry Wileri' they' told him. ' to be to ~nnQy.ate like Wal. i fl9hy~ 5uspioiollS l I.tant wflisffin_S irritates me~ to row: an argument lnw. r d~G/(>'s baek. f the govemm~nt~s.n When she finds out that you told h.. I ! 1 ! j i I've ~Jways blaBn thie o..angry be bad-tempered fm SalTY IV~' been so touchy lately.d her . wo. but 1 won ~tel/yoti. (often used wheM speaking to. of i: i Uncle Fester's Qers_ on my neNe-s with her ! ! i I Whe-never Tom didn't get his ownway. chil<llren). ! His proposal s(Jundsa bit fishy.SO: r8'tty this momin.ed on fat ages.. a wild un the Within two. .aWyers.y angry an:e emotional We had harne.. the ball would have hit Q# 'i1i' to tttrow a tantrum:. to drtve 8b up the w 11:to annoy sb That constailt dTilling'noise outside my house is dfiVlng me up the wall.e:n outburst? a quick temper. furtDUS: " ! ! j J i temper.

. b~ating B heated C stormy 0 smouldering I i .e~ party? We. . is always. We were .. to me. in fact 1 Throughput his p'laying career he was Injury. the erlflcisrn he I was a by 11 Angry? I was .. B.. "" . I the ball would havetnt a(n) "" ." .$ B! 5 Did we. dark . If I' hadn't .. come me 4. 10 It's only' fair.ih the middle 01 a crowded restaurant when 'they suddenly had a ....... We had a 6 7 " 6f a time._.... . CPractice 1. r row. George W'asn't ina ..d C livid· 0 cross Itt 2 The reason why h~ gets intc trouble so often is"that he' has a temper.e?.aesolutely " whim appointment was cancelled for the third time..are lawyers.n the eyes': 8 Unlike the. 2 3 He said we could double our money in two days? sounds-a b~t .. " . C back 8 "I'm " ..rQprtate word Jorm€~ jrqm.'... ..' .k tQdeath 9Stbp that tappihg.. She'_s: 'as' blinG! 8.A waH B roof Chill 0 hOIlJ$.. -:. A roof B wall C ceiling out that you've D 'lOP square petwee. ". _I 5 I t...nof' his age. 11 Ted has always been the black ... the waslhirig... . A annoyed B inritaIe. .. but nQWjit'sli~e water off a ....arm's .. was sorry.inly did.. but then h~... A fast B rapid got In'tl1e press used to affect C. share of the profits.A sick and tired Bin no mood C ':having enou9h O'siC." said.". . for hours! She yow waYQut of dorrng on about her job ! ~ : about the new tax 0 . It was h(s idea..galling ~ furious: C touchy 0 resemful 4 Of 'course she didn't see you..tbet}niJff.. most c~rt·a..." _.. You can sit there and argue till the ". Choosethe cO~ct it&W. .. His parents. while he dropped out of school at up th'e " .. chase.A rage B fiis:ts. a bit. Compiete the sentences With m~app. Will you? I'm trying to eoncernrats arid it is drivlng....... back. " ...." she family. his fwe brothers are doctors. A... l ] I i ... other players ill the semi-finals.. of the l Dnes€! to' listen to your pathetic excuses...jn " the government has" put on books. our 2. but Prtfnot changing my mind...tting nowhere! This is. Popov is a bit of a.paJtiQuiarlygood mood..speedy 0 quick him. 9 We're 'ge. A irate B crotchety C indignant 0 rnfuriat~ 5 Like many chUdJe..e' 10 The whole country is up. . he is prone to -~ince child.... • '.up this time... a wild .· .. 3 What I find most ... .. so he should gel the 7 How much longer do we have to wail? This is starting to get on my ... .. .aboutft is that he didn't even have the decency to say that he.a/sshoum in lbe pictureS' below.. enjOY' tlh. A . o li've known them 1m donkay'sy... 12 You're no! gOing 10.. C anger ! i 1'1 It was so embarrasslnq.. At first. horne...temper C mood Dtantrum A outburst 6 Mumwill hit the whenshefinds burnt ahoie in her new sofa. " ... in the morning . 13 It was a nightmwe...

dolgery as well.of 5th: ~akings~h into were about 5.ntity.. .sl1e heats His hometo.verbs. he will be trledfo.change -8 there are many other wa"ls we cain :heilp the off the hook in (Jt(}jer not to be disturbed. no vote/fI. is ov:erworkedand comreqaerJ. this unit and ibeprompts QeipM!. In (. not . envrronri1eht in th'e heme. No • 14 . J think tnatshe has done remafiMbly w. ln addition t(J~and. liv« is.~f!)Jercisf] la as a mi'iaei to" COilstmcJ). bOnforming to to He/eft the pho. probfem.twithStandlng their dffferenl po/itical'v1ews. She. porllculariy: I~m e. lIe] In addition to irecy'Clirfg paper. by that while: admittedly cannot si!lg/~ currency w. p"robleltls" l'mafrafd mat there is ryQthlng I c.By 'CIt and a.. [IT]GI'ven the ihcrB_aslng depletion Qf tM earth's resources. c the earth's resources are finlta.of protest in opposition t(j lhe new labour law.e. In the event of: (formal) occurs.. a contract. is true. m = Yes • • • people/not vat!?l ~M.d'lInfttedfy: used to accept that what the person one is arguingaga'instsays.w~ej. tho.ut is it really worth W? Admittedly. civic obligation.example lean Selie a gteat many dF$JJdVafitage.. they get on ve.0j(ford. Granted that by not joining the restaurant and while: (i) WRereas. !granted/e." IIklng/dJslikin.ert$. B. b: IJis.ry.rdinf!} to ner mother.'tne' picmic will .e.eap. consequentlly: .awar:c(ed the Nobel Prl'ze :for Llter?. what frappens to..fI 'on forecast.befoll9WElQ. follow-ed by a noun or the fact that . In order to: soas Given her Jaok Qf experience. as 1 sympathise with JOUf comfiar/son with London.itllltJwed ~form or noun by -rng: ! ! Unemploy~ent (s {ike.Jnce.the)1 Ught .herwise·.bY invers'ion) Fim::!ing . total In-addition to wInding the Pl:lllf:zei largely: mostly (by) far and away: used in superlatlvll of our natlooal id~. serite:nees for emphasis i ! ! Prize. glass 'and aluminium.. t In oase: becE!!lJs~ _sbjsth.6 Arguing 8CCOfIdlng to lIl/suu lliis-is what sb[sth (a report. nor:.somewh'ere to.000 people fa ~ much 81:. ~D o .e . Match. .li fl§ you r Dum iq-e(lS. . 1. Much'fs semeloeel authoritiesenooprage recycling:. US. i In ((he) light (j~ rhenew eyfdence. dull in for Instance!: for .:l.~n db to he(p you. on topor~ i"n:additlon to Theoal dugL/p the bulbs I had planted and then~ On top Qfthat. typiGaUy used With apprecIate.our argument's.dO-'al1y(J1fhg about it.wCiY~he -biggest f:l'aw i i'n his argument'is .ou~gh While Harry liked the idf!?"Jerry didn't thihk It would work.acki'JowJeges the. i happen Be .n. heirs.ate) says .be postponed.ell. the' weatl:J.: . a. [ t In opposlUon: other sIde on the There' was a wave .se people. even thoucgl:i. mi'ght as a result o_fthiS: The. in accordance with his wiil.g{. notwtthstarndlng: desp. (ii) ialtf.rgtJmBt1t/ffg«fe The eSt(jle Will be diviqepf!mong hi$.ed can.le with a part. In oJ): ln i i Th&' 'f.sto privatlsi'ng hpf?pitajs~ For inst.wn seemed us.JahiJ In accordance:: 1&a brilliant alhlete.!y· to be key issJJe in the debate tOf. a$ he buys too m/J. using words/phrases trom..tr9$s.of .() . cannofafford medica" ihsurance'? given: when Y9U con&jd:er/thfnk abOut I i: in (febt Is 1~1ig~j/¥ fils own fault. oppo$ing. ttle rule book. who.ct -matne. key"": (adj) the most important 'the Key poihtla. she 1s having secnnd thoughts.It is vital to r. for happening jf sth posslb:l~ future In the event.cuss the jQIlQwing debate'iSsf. symp.i'teNo.~pecially partioularly fond of this dine here often. a AGco. existence Of tfu~ pioblern\ it is. either (used to introduce another negative idea and IS f9ljqwE!d . gf~nt.ecycle on a wIder '$caletMn we doat p't¢se_nt. $he was a/s()-.rve ane-' fac. While the govemment.N --- SHOULD YOUNG [ucnONS BE COMP'UL50Rl'~ 0. Ac'Cordin9 to the ~xp.y in this pail.g Much and ! . their r~j.aswe.e w.1lght.i.well.unwilling to .ttysufferfng frems.quiet' in NQr Is-it partiCUlarly ch. left' inuddy fiJGtprintsaU overthe floor. all i't'fheQ@ncerit. bothers do little to adcress the. at raln.fil p-rese. ! CPractice. heve' eas.thestatemen1s·witIJ: .

. .B tandem wilh B Gtanted B..-..jcal marshali:~o of ideas which .and' y.efiects ithas on C!'urh~ia_lI:h . m. : . . {rl:<!.... 'J . '" ·if.. 10 ::)L as..ay :g~L C2trJed -a.".overwork? We ignore -·str."\ ~~ 4~. .w:a.e· parttlt.d(s:agliil'e:m. P say OSUCh) 1 o~r' welbbeing.An 3fgumeilt IS physi~aJJy th. _ ... . the ego. :es.r 3. -m . ... it i$ o.. 6 T'n-e .a 5) .:rrel?: D:r¢).y-tn an.~. .Stress.-. to do? ThenrS!: A particUlarly 1 A as 2A key 3A n:otwithslanding 4 A nevertbeless 5 Aste". bea dispassionate ~¢han:ge ef .. 9) " .1.have s'aid or _el1·.r and awa.. I"U 11)' _.'..h C by ~.. !stress. in faday's world it is 6) if the bigg~s:! ~hreal: tq and. "'~'.reJ"'l1p...lance(j pe($oli1€d IM~s.! :1 1 4·. c. . l n.ou will fina It defined 1) an "'angry ai'gU. always British hosJiltal do'ctQr rcollapses and dies. L..€'$S atourperll.~.. we I favours and nurtures stress. Bwhen B level B Also S Admittedly B in' 11'0(1 p. . '~~e>.. I. .. !!y!:e "~~gry~Js [he 2]..8 A in order 9 A notwilflSfil.B'fJlth quanelling a·ri'd~.lJar'ly Q in effect C ill t. We m~y.. ··tilt' 'l:nto'. to pay verylttIJJe !aUentioMo tt:te.0 . 15) .... !I. 14') ...ugtHri:g: in:V0h:e .Ind! th~!jf llJ.. .' "'< I:oo. .nd often cOinviilct. argument-'· 1'3' Of'opposing Q$. e "'p!nonent --ay.:u~s 'l}l1ds..all C Nor D Co n." 'I.II:" ~ . .vio1!lt wh~h q1:li.q:t and ~ qua. B despite B Forinstance . we' GhQQs~.rven bSQ'as. ~_ .[is~UiSSfOtl Of debate Jn which. 0') ttten.l(e pther(s).. chat tb~te are tiQr"te~~ed people ~tol.U(i~..i1dilig 10 A Forthat 11 A comparison with 12 A.ossibly ·t6 convi~ce ·t.. . DKrJowing Q' so th~t D habitual~y other than 1 i so the. ..llty dQlltl in the: past are cUten • .. the p:t<::feess is: an 'obLec{ive~ i. .r "."es~~ k'be@u~f1'! thin:gs:C9.~ •.Q.become aqgry 01 upset.. 2 '"'.Ciij" jumbled~ Read the te.. : : C G.€ .n B usuaUy B father than C I10rnially C more thanD I ~ .'th'.s~ive: beha. 5..) . generally 15 A better Jha.. . living in work-orientated ~'CU:lttJres r~whichoveiWQrk:isrtha ·27"year·dld !he driigged up at ta'n.1<..6. GOt. heart probtems.lff:~tU!igg~ 4.. ...Ul." tlu3f'Fe'1 1 d '. ·at:JU..A.eJilt~ Ft ~e~nu.t· he w:sliked. 1:21 ~ [ and 3) fa.ddm as aBd' when they ..b'. 3 . l7.'. _ ~"'~I __'. -e··. 9)' .. .lthoug. one" EVidence -and I08~Cmay be-used B) .?b muqh C code 0 main CcoJ'rse.rI only. dfe::word " 14 A.'emarked !:l:ta. 15) is personal.i1fellecrual.. I03supporqhe speaker's'. C In fact Cd!Jpositioh tb D contraali.Y nq£De' per~ijn@y cont:eFueg In the is. but itshould.dy 6' A IWiadditioh 7 A La..~C:)lyes. l (lancet arid depression l as a result.g week. ..e$' qteYe'Q..he event D no matter C however D That is:... '·ij· •••• vie:ws.'I'4 .c e9:eo. .:is the difference· . ' '. Stress upon 1 .0 diSCussION:.death QY overwork.ctioh i 1.n.l~d n01 De ·that it died' 'as a result' of' 'sftess ..Yjunction properly. -. I seem to be' incapa...tJ. 2) while :the: fact that ~ the ¥ound medic hadjustcompleted an lS6-Mur WOfKih. two 01' more people put forward difft:.rgrung. p:oirtr ofvit. .A quarrel.' a. ti.. .ipants' S S· -e: f S_.ll'i..rg~ly .According to.:g·. ~hO:tlld we' fA(8e~the Qiif:fel1ooc:es 1ft c9lirelf:it. -.y we'Je 'vld~}at'a. ""..'.se4#J t~e le:u.l!nts~) .. 1) rn addition to the irCoro:ne~ls re~Ol1t he'died qf nl'ltural ~'Gal1s~s.J::. Wh.e.y We acli«(1owledg'ey its fexistenc€!.:Y. So whal aie w.'r~ our "i. 4) in light of resulting 'from : ove:rwork!an unhealthy liestyJe: ora ] Qornb:ination -of'the: tW..h :9f pet'sQ'~. 'Of us is to face up to the i truth:stre-ss C<lUSBS.s~houtiri:g ~at_dl· ! step tor Arguing vs Quarrelling WJJ{l(l! onc{! ..fierwaras. qu'arfel may... eur oppt)n~n:t.. ..-.Silent Kille. is a potent and unforgiving killer. At l(fast 7) whether the i young doctor had died in a.'U"._ . Allowing 13 A o @~hen Blike B baste BwhWe c g.'" "'I. They. hnet the: panldpant5 and o· may be sincere'lY regretted\Y~nalL ~[.• during the former that we. .Somethlng must be I qO... I' .r:e'$ult fr'Qm a: da§.i10-~' .ble of ~eadfngs!able I '..rlleots. bound up with._ a. ". . raM tita.. a.and ! A.getwor. ... th!'!.S'peakiln~.i. __ . !Modern . .'e-Q.anCliJi. and re:fr~in :F.lsg.r. ~_ lj .jiun argument~we:ll'iairita:in.'·that".sequently C Parlicl.i(:t and 'SJ)1(lP rJJeth tlround "So that. The Hrtk:?rsp·7)'u. WQrdbere.quently 0 but D [hoWever C wHereas D monotenoos C>plpin I) In .ctionary :..J~p~nese 1 hospital hi~ deathcertifioote wQuld hav~ ~ read'karOshi" . ".'''~_'' . .iI'.

. 1 . .!:' . 1 natl .str(>ng m~nat . k_ne.a '.positively disl.uacles: to strike.iklng anything new whe:re y0~r bOQY makes a -f bod~. up ."a.e. ·v-e.h~d hardly . y.hand...~ If you ar'~ trembling.." t08hrver: ifYGYUare. saw fh~rt1mp. It was Gne_of distressed (also: to .tOum:le~fshape I shaking because you are I minded .n.'" Iold your ann.. . { be simple bUt eye~catiC:hfng. alone.. very excitmQ and dramatiC. or part of your body is: different or radl~ Opp: broad: .head 1 _stoptrembling.crou. fast asleep.:e A gf)~'d advertising poster :must any visible si~ns of surprise bored.. raising b. . expetleneed it pe. i (alse: to clench your teeth) to 'kneel: to bend'yo_l:Ir legs. sNvering.! Pie stOod up. mG'Y'ementbecaLJ1tepS:th hss hurt r experiem::€i Gf sth.f wouldrr~t::::.JRo re&tlessfy Whenth~y ar. II> l mouth. ! f i I_ i t ! ! ! i. your: hands or your feet eye-catchIng: so attractive or unuaual Verb-Noun Combinations Cfiildrf/._.:ou 'have . .'exl. 1 ! ! as i I .-h. '.to the i i greund and leaning forward slightly r i 110 ahuddItr: If you 9I. "' anq/or smells. 'he-:(jidn't bat aneyelld.cilench· v·our teetn) or . to duck: te quickly lower your .".blHn(1" Ii t j ! f . .first"l!Jan->.:if ¥OLl have flr.SUmSiJne more.~th~:r:a..I:: ~Are .e most hair: i lIehide put one leQon fop ofthe other to nod: t~ move your' he. let when you s~y Yi. " she sold.earted: "funny and not: very i tonaK your ' 'that your i . to be l wlgere the fI'Qn1part of . Mr Forth shudder..e. c1earerl his.fsee fA..ustides f'v~evel.le§. your ~ody is sh~l<jng because you are cold He hfijd forgotten to take his' coat and we?' shivei'ing" ' .i'I of(~n ffcJge~ and. Th~.nd link them She flo/Gied her :arm. .s over her to nudge: to gently push sb wUh your to attract their atienticm She nudgedhirh.l1S) ~ with a lotty.. use:dto! andstarre:a:to Sl)ea. YOUinod " itlvblved in: a: head.'! cras. . fYsS j that you . b. 1 IAI '" t Some ()f the second-hand boa.mained expressionless. movir1ll'!l. "-i. ~ weIHhumbad.~ 8tfi)f't nme because yo 1:UMt seen.nd to curt up: to mevs intQ a poSition tID.. a book or magazine in order 'to avoid being hit by sth...ook. .and 1 Th~'i car he' was driving was . ~.thumb.enough room in my down (In most countries.epages -If he hadn'tdl1eked.0.e a eellision 1 ktlees are touchIng fr. .Lls He neer:i1 a i I'i to fidget: to be cQnstantly mO'ving ji -pndthen web/()oficJJrti/irtg scream ! were weJl.Gri/. Tne cat was ourled up on the frigfrtenea or very nervous My parents are wI')' broad"minded S'ofa.ed.-waterln'9:: ! foad that leaks chest and glared at him defiantt".. !. your j . ' 1 ! l n's '8:: comedy. hits·t'h~ front part bfanoH. knighted. to ~~OOG.Posture and Movement The $~rgee(1 Jhen '!'(}9f19)Je(J t@ i Soldi.orie-ve:tiicle 1. programmt1slb{)oks des. 1 poseand·shQw your musetea . throat tD frown: to lower your :ey:ebrows halr~rafSlJl1g': very frig'hfenirrg../(_ because Y'!HJ ar. gmund~.the fa.' I trambl. stret'Gn memo 10 crouch: 10 sit with legs benl Uhder youse thaJ you are close.hl de not! finger~ up very t~ghtly" us.operatron Ingraphfe! "afl~bjtil:l§five minutes..! bE!trween twO. He trdwnoo infillstiation he tried _j kn'Qw. "I tf!inkthat'$ Elton John over tfJere. heard or tasted sth UflPreasant. bu: a light-heatted .i j f . narr~ded: not ~cceptlng a.. youate:.. .j: ..: t.· I punch me. the ball would 'frightening ~ are dirty and In paqr conditiOn have hit him square In the mce.o.ou or has madeyou jump .ing your arms tog... f that has been _reaa so much that or sa as not to be seen l bJoodcurdUng (80""un): very jthe ~ a~ eomElffld t~. know wl1at is going to hapRen . ! HIs .)u(tdei. elb'ow I /' ~ Ught.itgrol}nd waS' proudly flexing his musc. . olten bseause cskee.::~ serious light-hearted fiims/tete.. in the Gushes. very good j ·to grft your teeth: to press your teeth '" a csnop full of mouth· watering lightly tog. you have .1t was gtJing to lie.:.ually .tetienees and jowrrlSYs i ID cianCI) your alt: to :qurl 'Y0ur notu f1derstand How we dJetr..ause you are very angry to _adcUhe.h GOJliston alrlme seat to closs my. to.Jeit'8Sbeing film. i I was 80 scared that I COUldn't I and accept new ideas easIly.legs. clearly tn your eye so t~ not· to fJin9h. He cleflG/iied his fists Elf1d went to if r~u_-on: used to.i! j order to speak mare. y.ourleg:8~ while sittlng. descrao.ean't help r:loticing it ! not to bat an eyeUd: not to shew in I'm going to put·/~little drop of this Now) Gary. u expririence of'roochfng in Paraguay.been on. .ang:ry or you de deSCfibe.. t ~ ~ '~'IX ~.hl·cla~s. H.d.. yPUI ~hole body s. .hand ~. i Whenl told him that his bill came to lUnch: te make· a.rsonaHy to clear your throat: to oou.l nO$e tatall.itbefore the Q_uel:e. t all h'appy wjthtbday~8 pr:ogr-ammeP" sne aske. .ers in camouflage Grouched describe ttre. Th$ final WOuld be desided on penalty kic~s. because you tla sudden small 'Nrat. Everyone nodded ini:fgie'ement.cOmpoUnd Body AdJectIv.e1hecr.

.gg.. :aheye"catching' a Hght-t1earti3l.:J...s'houlaers J hadn't had areakfa... .bl"oWS~ to pull ...kle. _ ". """""'" 6 8 When you shake mpmentarlfy atten~on.. .. .. When you sha'ke because you are fri'ghfened.. I i a. . his results.: ...etb!f 'itfthe' She s~r'ajnedher . ... She pluck~Q her "..J'ecti:ve. his handswere...jiagel :- eut~lup .."" .ctcexTh'b'i71aliJ}ft."'. ..hi/d. '10 ~ . often whilst reaarng a 'beak or watch~ng television... I :nouns...'. plui.~ead '-st. My ..:om.. ..~ ." .lB As' he t09k the envelope containing aJ1dhis heart was pounding."." .. .shakFng retusa/..n a <ld6tball team is having..erf dls..." ...'.bJffng. ..ed his.. ".duf. .. . ..onmcb ."""". WaS.. ..." .. a..:nod . : 1? 6 He stubbed his 13 7 He flexed his ..e in senJen. '2 Some..".ar:es?~r The 'bGlfshru...)j( yont eyebrows and penci( tljem. "'"" . you do '¢dr.. .mpfJumi bf)ay 4djectives. ''' b....• Youqa itwith ~Ol~rheadwhen y0U9J:~' :agre'1ling with "som~ohe or when "you 'a(19'sayir'lg y..dl' Jla...".ph t$Xfm..~.umQting.. at the ffJte'NfeW m...h l' Youdo It when you make asma!' sudden movement because something has hurt you I ~ .atG.. .. ns: ph6..lyone .cr'ouc!J - tfin:iljle . ... .r. na..ied book I ro.. 9 3 'He shrugged his.. u~ing tw~ze(s noi.oJ sbmething has made you jump .Wnat your headi.h (he1.wUbf/jeir (senterrces 1to 14)...y to apnUn (your ankle/wrist): to twis'land hun (y!S)uranlde/w(ist) '$p....omaah)~ to make a your to pluck your ." 9 10 11 1:2 ha-ve seen.. .il-biting I· : ~ . 3 :a'mJou{h-waterihg.'.. 't..l/e1fje...sbiver .: to 4 He crossed his "..~ muscles -ieyeli'd- toe . .. 8 ! because you 2 He didrillDat an . you sh~ke YQlUr head when you say no He shook his head 8$ She te. 14 """""'1"'....s~...-/~$. "'. heard or '~atefl s_omething unpleasant." .aine(:/ her '!JAkIe." . 'Nell·. 10 :BbJb your g-gainst 8th to sbake your head: .De~crjbe th? pir.. 11 5 'S~h:elold:ed.. example).~ -wei . .. t : ••..rrQw-mindern a bIQ'go-curdlin§ '8 a h'aiw"rai$ing a head-all first'-han9 napl I des:s..'.' .Joe was extiacted from his' and in the mkidr(f Forth'is s'eason'i$ IMK. Into {J ha'IJ~mool'l s. " .tbe boiiyjrom l:he box below....a-s the bullet to rumI:J1e (of et..ease r eress I bus journe. 12 .frown ...'"."" ..thlHrib.1. . . (Itt it when' they !Dray.y (. grittei:J liis feetli..r... arms j 11 H~ cleared hls .ana ssid: "Whe €. .. 'the pta.She sr(Jqb~{l her toeag~jflst the Jeg of the c:naif. y{J~ do it.. .". eollfslcn I declslon cars I knowledge shampoo ! ~ :: 3.... ? sign' of .£rut serna Of tlie nairs of your eyebrows..... 4."" .. her . .":one...' Heclenchsd his ".. " She gritted her . with yourelbow to ~~t someone-s 5 You eo il on Il1efJo'orOT0rTI a big sofa.rl -lMI» -1m -lI!yewoVJs.h~pe_ Ib's sloma-on . .~.~ !9 . pounGing" He shook his .ns w#h an appt:Q]Jrit!te part oj.-. .. .plffte the collocatio... lilichQj tbe co. Whe. toe: to hit YQurtf. You SO It' when you JGwer your 'bOdy 16 tthe ground by Mn"ding your Rne.hedronfrQw do ~..".~:: .....edy /ftuit strasts Ip~trent$' recipe: I scream 3 You q\oit to avoid ~omefihing thaI hap bceren thr:o'." K~d$ do.... .tutes using approp1"l'art? e:olloealions from· e:Xefcis'€~3a. use the CQfre..ces: definitions . " His ... M.for ! .yers 111 t..'..... Then.of tb~ nouns goes with Jhea4.. il'1 mQst qountri' becauseyeu areeold. You 'do jf with your eyebrOws when you are angry or you . you do II..shudder ..lI t10Wn 'tJie stairsanli heart lBpoulildlng: sb'sheart is beating V(~ry hard.. wasrum. " {an inject[ finish / animal nr!dge . below :fsJ" 7 When you sh... it when they can't keep still. ....doh·t underStand . to shrug your shoulders: to move CPractice.. " ... shbtiJde. '" .. . tircte tfJ. . .. 1..dby two mONQ 'Your he_ag1rQrrlside to $ide.. pe0p.tpgra." . 17 .'".. becal!lSe it is empty arid you are nungry Shbu!€!ers IIJpand down . you do it..

Ie crt' your. an Ithllb: to took to be ha_'PYwWSb fuYeS or ~ a1ter-sth/sb when sth Isfil'1isb8(i: i Could you \keepan eye on my ! She's 80 Irritatingll'dbe glad to i plants while weare away? sse-lhe back of her.. He was pulling yourleg.armt6. at tM foot of:-at the bottom of (a hill.. . h~ knew she was-tneane.drew.Gf. a televis'ion. I couldn"t ke. aut.from the compe(1tiqn.. 10' head horne: to leave somewhere in order to go home I think we~d better head home.tlonand wj:II very soon stop working Tf. I'd set my heart'Qn that house a_nd/ was devastated when it was sold.. oord feet: to sudden~ feel that stop laughing Hec..' • pain IIIthe neck: a vmy annoying person.. to foot the bW: to pay the brill ala else was_ goillg~to' pay) ~.. ~~." strtetand tell sb (generaHy a. one's parents) i on He'$ 36.0:I would l really like to I'd give my righ!. j I I know Venice Irke the back of.8W: I'egally.f)ut her appear am: e.. i ~ 10 COlt 1ft .a on 8Ih:.~:kJ'sth I'm sure Tim will giveyou a hand to to pu.havea fantastic job like his without ab): to fall madly a:n~completely in love (witb Sb) He $potted he'Pilafos-s a erowderJ room and feflheadover he·eis in ott the 1:Of:I.see s'b. Not only did 1 sit .acevery well (not used tot all ttie time i peopr~) til be . I would SclI¥ fhat it will cost about f£ your bean onsth: to really wantsth move the frJi!ige. 8th on the brain: to be your hllnd: to knowa particuler obsessea by sth and think about it j~H.t: to learn not to depend ! others (e. I·ea: to play a jdke an sb and ma~e ~hembeljeve 5th that'i'S 'FlO'! true He wasn't being serious. have/give sb an advantage' avera to :makeIIoIe money hand aver flit to rapidly make.. accorQing toth!?' taws of the land You knowingly drove~hroughCl re. his own .gllt sb or hotel "(U~HlId to 41thIs on 118I·ut leg8: sth (a oar. toga11.o#en tor me fi rst t:i me 1 The mkwte' We set eyes :on her. you'll have to put your (obt down and tell him he riim't do whatE!lIerhe likes.etc) He fell asleep lilt the foot of a tree. to have ~ to J.. own two seen sth (in a shop.there waiting for him fotoVie'r an hour but be on sb:~o.' . win this match..oo'U(gnta new one. lO hlce • team: to play against another tesrn II they.Q) &b's.'. It's lime we.tting litre . or on. rnountefn.. He'$ got matorbikes on the brain. Irs all he ever think$' about. the stairs.or loseJarge sums of eompetuor (in Dusinessllother pe'ople (inl~~) money We sent Mm to a private school to gl'Vf3 him a head stl1rt in fif&.: know oH~hand:(informaJI)I checked 'first . In thleyes: of thol 11.g: to be verY expensive Getting this rooffi«ed wi/I cost us sn arm and a leg. to I09et e. know' aomewhenIlIktt the back..~ ! to k..x)_Qltfn'tkfjepastraight durIng the 'nierilfew.. to s.j. etc) is tn vefY bad cond..elP 8 straight 'ace: I Clouldi1" you are not brave enough to 00 sth 'impol1ant He got cold fe~1 althe last minute and with.. If harrd. put my finger Ofl whst It wa's"but there: Was something alf/erentaJ. nose: to annoy sb My neigj1bours deliberately play their rad/oaf maximum volume g~U!P my nMe.. they wif:! have te face wio in the next round. to glV8 ab a handl (wlthsth)~ to he'lp sb.. bot be unable to' say exactly what it is emphasise malt you thou. forexamplej that you want to buy/have I've had my eye on a riog from Mwm~s StoreS fOr ages....r. Ind • r. i . thing or task All he doos IS oomplalrr all the time. to pUll ab'. ta 'faJlhead aver heel8 In kJV8(wfth .. can't te.child) that they must/can't do sth I'dglve mlyrlghl arm 1. .t YO:III:ffODtd. to 10 Itl'. to c~ a lol was a very sad tttm . an't putm:y ftnger on: to know that c 5th is wrong or different.IIJanswer fa. He Is a' real pain in-the to foot the bill! 10 get '·MUrano. I'I! have to check the tickets .8 Bodv Idioms .. restaurant ' Off the top Qft:my head. I cried my eyes 0tJt all thfj way through it.until I' have - to get 8th 'off your cheal: to ten sb sth that has 'been worrying you He told them the seere: to get it of( his chest.. I don".".. We had' to close the business because' we were' losing money hand QVef fif] have/give ab a held start: to. .iis car'is on its last Jegs. head: information knowledge oHhe facts given immedlatJely full love with he. your *. to ha"e your . m to atand an one"..rwo feet.ep an ey. so n's time he learned to stand on..o'Wn: to become "'Whai time do we'/andW' '" don't know off-hand... a tree..d /ight-and'in the:_eyes oJ the lawthat i~ a: cfiminaJ' off~nGe_~ Well. It's ge.

It's late and I'm wQrkii1tJear!y fomouow. I'd give house like.11over your tau: to show by the expression en your 'face how you reaJly feel She said sne wasn't angry. he'll get-cold feet/. 15 Why do you always have to stick your hand I nose ting on the step crying her eyes into other people's affairs? 16 I don't think he's really determined.m: you have to admire and respect sb (for sth they have done) You may not like the way Charles runs his business" '... .". .. The children w-ere copying from each . to I tick your noae [n10 politician. But tbistirne he was Qloingto put his hand 1 foot down..! tayed witih IUS for six weeks and she was a real s pain In the .'" ..... 12 It was happenmq right under my eye I nose. . ...... " . but I just couldn't put my .gets-results... " . 5 You have 10 back 2 Ilie's.. .. 11 Sh! cOUlld keep a straight eye I tace.. In love. to other p8aple'.. ·12 I think ifs'timewe"gol a new television.his company is a roaring success. 111 He had alwaY'$ sa~dyes... with the result with an eye to: in order to (-I" noun or -ing for." ..."_ .e been losing money ..ou need for your climb can be found in the vililage ?ituated at the head I foot Of the mountain.heart I hand . the minute she walked into the room..ive-good answers to lin expected questions Now she hates you. for a 7 of. The ability to think on your feet .. Do you see how much better you feel now that you have got it off ytlur ". In the end. Circle the r..... city lilke nose' is that I paid a fortune for It. 1 It's impossibl. Business has been awful..I'll have to look it up 'in the encyclopaedla. " AU she did was criticise me.. You're going to have to think on y·our head 2 'appropriate I feet ~t's a terrible carr and what really gets up my teeth I body word" 1 IIwas born and bred in London so I knowthe the back of my. 10 Sornetnlnq was different about the place'. 6 The lecturer had such a ridiculpus voice thai neither 4 They're SO lucky!..."...... I was glad to see the of her.but you have to hand It to him.. 3 Everything y.. on -studying at Oxford but they turned her down.. ""'''. ever talks about 3 It was a joke! I was ]ust pulling your . 10 He bought tile cottage wi1h 3'(n) eye I heartto . and II djd~n'tresuse it I feel so-stupld...m) that you cause other people problems He msrried her with 'an eye ro getting his hands on her money. Thls'one is on its last ... " over ". 'he...and complain about everything.ather during the test~right under the teacher's nOS's.. but clearly she was.. Wh'en she left.YOUget for stickIng 'fOUr nose Into her affairs~ to think on yoUr feet: to be able to g. " . "lt'll cost 9 an .." she said..orre{tilem.."..bualneu/aff~Jr8. g'Qt football on the . ' so we b_Giught it for her on her blrtbday. " . 5 6 7 Hafell my right . Mum had her heart I eye Of! tM. We'v. That's what (It's) written ..theirs.... 9 Now it looks Ilike I'm going tOI havetonand I foot the bill for tne repairs.." '1 "" •• _' • I harnd it to JOEl. " . anda ..Complete tbe sentences using a1~ 2...... interfere in a situa1iIJIl which does netconcern you. CPractke 1. .. " ? S "There's no way we can afford it.. 8 We were the_first company to set up business in China. It was written all over:.doing il up and sellin'S! it at a later date. . so we have a neck I head start over our competitors.s essential If you want to be a you have 10 hand 1t1o ..e to anticipate all the questions that you are going to be asked. her face...".. over .painting for months. 13 The Httle girl was obviously very upset as she was sit- I chest out 141 We ought to hand I headl home. happens rtght under Ib" nose: sb is very close to srh when It happens/is happening and yet they dO not t:'Iotice it ..... It's: all he. on what it was'." .. heart ancj canoel the whole thing.." She had set her . 4 I don't know off..

we still '#Bot there on the Qff-cnance that soro6~ody 1 mighr have cancelled at rhe last I "t i rmnUE!'.'d be a fool t€J pass.chsnce:s Hire Ulat s1'h will I i ! It Is doubtful whethell'/lhal 8th will happ .Ranes.ed it with both hands. but J WOUldn't bank on it.s1royedjbuild cities well as . will not get that opportunity again ! fNote': stand no/liHWe/a (v:ery) .sth will happen:-all tIflelsigns i good Job offer.the en. I There's little likelihood tha. . etc) ~ show that sth very' probab. oil/run out . ppen: there is not much possibility 0f sth happening Opp: there's every chance that chi ce although you think it ls unlikely ~ I I to We knew they would be fully i booked. he ! Wfn the..thai . suggest that by t:he end of (he accept a good ocpornmlty. ! ~ It was purely by chance that I found out al!jout the job.ury. lallm/ramotelJlttla thai willi 8th willI happen ath could h. grabb. in }fll probability. I sup'PQse.n: sth probably' won't happen I happen: sth will probably happen Man w(1I definitely walk on Mars. she jumped at the c.9 Chance and Probability to be bound to happen: to be certain it) happen always happens) (becaU$e it Gwen his in.sbe~fI win the race. .coal.)( withdrawing .scholarshIp.yourownid~as.. lottery? You don 't stand .unlikely that they will /ell.that/pass a chance II There's every indfcat/on to (wllll1 both hands)· to quickly 'ike that up.economy will be on its (not) to stand a cha 08: to have no ! espealallv beeause YOlJ think you i possibilty (01 acl1ieving/Jgetting s1n) ! feet again.ppen The chances of his next a/eetion are very 8 There's bound to be heavy traffic f It weI purely by chance that m: it at this time of day.ironment an# the future of'ourplanet using expressions/rom this unit ariii the ptom_pts below. Opp: there's little/no likelihood of cnence.s chanGes of a promotion when his boss ovefheatdhim Ctr. to be unllkety to/ft II unDk. as .ppenlng/that 5th willi happen: ab'r:oad presente'd itself.btJean and. the Chala/opportunIly: to quickly accept a good opportunity to be In with • chance of+1ng form: there is a good possibility that Onty six people hfjV8 applied for the . year the .. of course.they stand to gain. 'sth will very probably happen../}' ch'ance . She was offer«i '1fee holiday in the Gar. ozone layer/grow bigger/incidlence/skin pancer Work with a paftner.'. i ! !!I will I 1./s will Ii . ~ was complete chance that sth to be certIIln to happen: sth will very probably happen 1 t happened f winning the remote.ortvn1ty to work good 'chance of + 'iog form] i ha. passing the exam. deny having had anylhirlgto do with it and put the IJlame tJfl us~ i chance ofwlnnirr. . but pass up a chance/opportunity: i til re' BY rot ndlcation (to sI) to saY'no to a good opportunity ~a th. his doctors say that it is doubtful whether h" will ever play again.ectfon.up a happen to gr b n opportunity/chance chance like She. (happen): i With Senator F6.le.:: He will. to brow your chanGes: to ruin your ! chanoes (of geftinglaoFiievitng sth) j j ! i i I! ttl. • beJ. (to do 8th) on tb off-c' ce: db I $th hoping i1 will succeed . 'sih will very probably happen Inere's. to ! i.Ise 01 CFCs • recyclli"lg/belento~ce{b:y law • supplies/fosstl fuel:s . Make."S.Uofsin{fj the firm '5 methods. -5th happenihglthat sth will happen (8th wi 0" n all probability. I l There is.l'be/comptet:aly c.g .. she stands a good He blew h. the chan 01 6th happenIng are very ramota· there 1'&very little possibility that sth will ha. • hole in. and th~ chances are that th. to Jump . They are certain to find alit. but .a .. gas.y th .4s in 1 without tickets. so little from it. i ! i • happen in the next thirty years. there's levery likelihood of 5th When the opp. predicU01.v.ban/l. so Joanna fs In with a good chance of winning it. as so few people get through firsf tlms. r It is .t they wiN agree to such a de~/.! ! being fe-elected /n next month's: general election. rhere's eve. as • probably won't I ! I t j nsf 8th Nil_in sth probabl¥ won'f happen Tile odds are against be. They are unlikely to accept. «bout. every' likelihood of his: from the reee. 1 the . we can still ohancethat you'" ger yOilr money back..

_. ___ .liY ths chances of thetr finding any sUNvvor-s are very " hdeed...slirn C meagre D shert ...... ... _ . purely . we thought we were ..alling-wea1her conditions on tep of the mountairr. probability He will._ .._ ... 5 He stands little chance... 4 All the signs point to a steady economic over the next two years. . a C grab D seize me a post..... b. 3...•.. C held D passed a 9 For qq..._ _ _ ._ .. l'd 7 It's 'more than likely that he will callan election in the next two months...estions 1 to 10 below.. It [ust happened. . oft-chance that someone might want to. A grasped 2 No way B grabbed . the opportunity with both hands.. chance...._.. A hold 8 run c possess 10 stand 3 It was her. He's a hundred times better than you are.. _. likelihood There's " . She said that he was If someone offered A bound B jump .... __ _ __ __ economic recovery over the next two. }fou musl Harry was offered a:c-sch'olarship to study in Spainal1'd he .. _ _ . You don't . 2.. 1101He never planned to become an actor. to compete. A in with B up for' C :in for D up Wifh 5 A full scholarship to Harvard and you're worried about leaving your job? still went to the stadium .. myself.. an actor.. compJel. I'd S1...._ in the next two months. which cannot bee'changed in anyway._ _ _ _ .. 8 Meteorologisfs ... ... . " . ___. " .... iindication There's " recovery ... A turn B brush C pass D cast enouqh to compete......_. about the oelay... a . of winning...was .... ~ . but 'Nt..._... t the chance...... _ _... will you beat him.._ .. . .__ _ .._. but I can't see it happening...: enough. the'. odds. ..e the second sentence so tb_at it hllS a similar meaning to tbe first seaence..._. certatn They __ ....._____.. A narrow B lean C remote 0 shallow 9 I suppose that there is a __ chance that he Gould win.. 6 We.._ __ ___...__. ... his chances Of getting re-elected? A pulled B wiped C thrown D blown 3 lit's ve:ry unlnkely II9.. up a chance like that._ chance......../" ... _... 9 l'm sure he knows by now.. A thin 10 B ..e1 real'! You'd be a fool to .... ""' in Souln Africa....years.._ __ .ondfavqurite pulled QUt."" .._ _ . ... ..... 8 Given tl1e app.. _. A sheerlly by chance then we managed to fjnd B purely C plainly D highly include the uord given 'in bold... The "" " ...._ _ 6 "Hs will unlikely probably fail in the' attempt._ a.. ." she said.... knew the coneert was sold out... 1 Tern's coach said that he didn't think he would be flit 4 Both thef:E_lvourit~ and then the §ec...wjnning ."_ once this season h-asfinished. hard winter this year. ...... . Choose lh'e correct item...say that we will probably have a ha[€1 winter this ye.... NaturalJy..'_ __ _ __... sell us their flckets .. _ . A_ with B b'Y C on D in 7 He admitted taking a bribe and he doesn't think he's " .. 2 I'm sure th~y wiU complain about the delay . chances Aocording to meteorologists..... using} to 8 words.... ._...... _ out by now..__ _ __ _ __.____ __ _ : .....athe will continue raCing once this season has flnished.. . _ _~ . .. _. doubtful Tom's coach saio ... It.-.ound He's ..

about 8thl whether or whether to do aIh: can't decide not to do sth ! ta aecide after eareful censideration (generally uSl:dfor ! t juries. i in trou~rs and garish .to f.Clothes I (Adjectives) Chooalng and Decisions to be In a quandary: not to be able ! to • I i 10 ! i I opt for/la to decide what to do because you find yourself In a diffieult situation l He was in a qlJand~as to whe. we will have noaltemative l walking holiday if I were you~ I)UI to ·take legal action against you.8' chang'e thrown aw?y fetchlng fJr..Q. to neither ~ 1 high heels and an ele\i'atelil sole ! . ld and iA bad o i baggy: very loose cendHlon sth/sb from 1J. ~ 1eJ70'S.agree. reach/ollom.s.tefs. . -especially witht/iaf i .tner j to accep.slngJ~_d mJnfJ out ~ j' >hiS ragged iacKet and patched tor speeiaj p.: can be used to..hortllsted: to l1e chosen from 1 Jennifer's party.d used as. dress scruffily? Look at that molh~aten thil1gs/people. This str~t~h sb h~a'sis to. t f.ifJk shirt.s.iaakettsnJr:t i Card.throw it out: swrdy: strong ThlscostlJme is so shabby .Pll. ~1 ! a t3tffa:!Jedlc('umpJed .e 10/). Attar much deliberation.els If you fmasers/Jeans used in forma! threats flat with very low or no M.:IPRlic~nt. [1'1 a way that is riol good taste (tOo do)sth i He' was a paragon of ~d .e easy . .raise. ~ large number of . w~th pleces of material ! i praise or criticise 'them sewn on to cover holes He saJdthat . that 1'Il 1 ! =. 'often ~:': Na. change the way voutsel about A tailored suit is the best thing to descrioe a.ery tolol:lrtul.e:Hrty do 8th. gro.sther people's arguments. in pure· matt/sand one in!:.of Th~ pretty laoe b'ou~e hac} a .n"artiele of Clothing I wasn't going to tak&.governrnents.find two things atlr. as I have to get up vel}' earlY tor wOFk tomorrow. do a particular Job: Oletlres that are part natural fabi:ie 'ancy: sp_eCi€i1M unu.rdening trousers are only fit to be torn up an. committees.intervIew.tu:rdy I'm torn .es~..gned lotif closeto thier e:mbroU:iered trimming.perween.lar i jvmpef he is weI$ring.'d ! pla.t ishQ'es. Flared trousers. i rldiflg gear.taste-in choice 'WCitS between a. the chl1dren worn"out: old arrd readY to be She wa.arg'ument. ide ait the w bottom ! . '#1. you w.n ~xcelt~. Black> Sea b08. person (. I i ! I to be tom between 8tb and ath andas a result not to be-able decide between them else: to. '! body to havel achan. dusters.. (aoels i GfalY retuse~ to tJeclZim& irlVolve. thal some might find unpleasant directors..••~ Hie' ~. i i ~ Those" worn-out ga. i I . car. in a way. j sth[. opted for the.but he .ir !ot ieadsl.. a degree course . toJarrl1ie at a IQ be In two mind. etc) The jUryW8j'jB" i (sth/sb) out: to cliloos'e ! toling. ! trQqsers. dheose My ffischecked company car Dr' a 5% Increase I'n I my salary.on. boards of r decision: I griJbby eoatl'frice laud. He t.Sweatshirl. eernmlt . I a~{j p~y special attention to to be .sl.up of simi.he. S Uared: .i\ien the joe Three hundred f.M3Dp'e .tformShses -wide rigueur and de fer ~ in . I'm in two minds about going to ~ i unable. a t.: (foonaO to I garlBh! very eolourfu'I. ! ! I Does he have to.~ was be~(-pald" as it would Invofl/a moving to a new area. I uS!:JallYln order to ! E ! patched:. i ! oneself in ' s1ght .eaten. woman) era.ashicm-O:onsQio.eNa was we:arilJg 8.sbl wear for1aimal Gee-asiahs.or~ti. lot of (similar) tHings to'encase fmm As tOfSi~mewhe'eto stay. i fUll. tG rooch dectsJ. lor your days..r.t the new fPb. only €hqi.nor disagre. bill wit/1in 14 Fd We'ar Na. were i ~ i The t:mmp IOGfke.aclive to 1 ! 1 .. 1 "8 baggy jumperrpair f){ jeans" crelsecl/crumpled: unfrb"F'te(j. wIth a lot i a i and part symhetlc :a. I mat tie is f9. to bel spoUt for choIce: to have' a. brightly coloured shirt. ~ Clothes I (AdJectives) shabby! IQQkiFl.generally.appjied fo.StS over fifty to(l4Cft!lSS hQ.EJ a. i . SQ' ~ mottJ.s fOr a ~ all of whom wil:l be interviewed and one of wtiom will be g.Jal. :i tanQred:d~si.10 Choosing and Decisions . lines and wrinkle's.lJs in the ! just sHs on the fence. '!J.s' weqring 1l' particularly to th'e' theatre but I had .e .( too loud.fancy ! picked by the" ChanceUor himself.r. i to aU on tlite fenee: not to.' ! = ~i I 6f heart and took thgmafter all. adVISOry body had been hand.a1f foe paintirrgs. :~ . i grubby: .g_"eo'heart: 'to "i fetchlng:attrac1ive.1 laded: having lost ltsoriginal colour '! compu'l~rengiheeilflg. not payth/s. j to have no alternative butID . o(brightfless.o'n i w~shand dare for. event"hough ~ i .have tG. s:ynthet1c: made from artlflelal :substances/material hand~p:lcked! especisllyehesen to CI'" fadedpt:J. full of holes JODto join a much smaller group.iII li~' <spoilt fqr cboiCE. bat only SIX w:ere shor:t!isled for . MQ!3J of tht? p~ople on the: 1 :qf dec. platronn~ platfotmshoes hav~' thick.

$he' had no alternanve _ punish him.. (havl:ng lost"ilsotiginar .ve) on the 'd8.f/'at - -Iancy ~grubby tor 'a §tat~ rather fh~ni:l. 2)... 2 lit was.. (UI1l.' I wfsh you would stop s. Cboose tbecOr'rect uem..llneH w$is8Jgaiflst her studying . '. .(." _. .hikjngtlQots _are best.go to Munns Stores.risb' .private psnslen scheme..wled _butpf bed and thrown on the first things thatcarne to hand: 11 At' first her fl..special praise..standing th'ere..tice 1..ents'uit... ...U)l ne_edto US€.de. but if I sa~d nothing I would p®.. Bquanda. A reach e' :arrrve..... " ."IQlh--~4ferl. C She bree:zedl Into the room wearing 1) . 12 Two hlmdred and 1i:ftypeople appned or '1 for these. . .. only twenty applicants were interview.itting~on the .loud . as bright coloure wHI only sesre anlrnals away. but later on tie had a change of . A isolated B tHO..lll theentri~s.i.mesl).... ~.. (slrong).------ 10 CPrac.eiection panel only twenty rntnutss to co lou ro........ Each gap is/ollorued by a definitiOn of the 'adjectilleyou need.. (old and loose).. (wide at the.Slump ~ platform -Jaded J(Hchif~g ..bl7ggy .umay haw to use some of the adje'C/tves tllltce and tbere are Sl)mt extra .thrown away) shoes. ... Dclinch ready to be.. (very . and goitfgon a reuno-tne-wertocrulse.....r. (very . She' had walked in dressed ina hideous pair ()f 4) .diftlcult decision.JeceiVed.c. D ~seltled B I was B You wouldn. Lookingl liP" her fatner almo:st choked on his tea.. 1 Chris was 2'.gq... . his was .'Iim off to senool. trousers and black 4) .FiIi in the gaps with an appropriate adjective ji"omthe box {jelow. D .uglht c: opta-d 0 'singled a It you need a.....rbrightness) shesald.p_qlc!mJ . 3. (attracti. A shortcut B short-s:tafiedi C short-changed D short~isled jeans. looked partieularty 11) . about whether j .... tailored .flared." (very colourful) ur 2) himself..A do0bt 9 C flitch D compJexfty It took thes.#babby - buyfnga new house.colourful) 1) .. remember ttl pack a pair-of 3) .'..-- - - --.... A but to B to C apart from than 's ••••••• .((lijecftpes which you do . Qif a (old) pair . A choseS preferred C cpted D seleetsd 3 Ofa.old t th!3: truth. (dirty) jeans and tihat 2) " (full of holes)l. A thought B f€e~ing C mind Dheart tor the job. ' ...dJ shirt and a pair of tennis shoes.. and let her go to Perris.. overeema B wined C sPQilt. . If ~.[ think that man aver there is DoCLm Fredricks. o ' " clothes..abroa:d.. ". in a .. in moretrouble. 4) _ (without heels) shoes . to a decision. 0Ut tor .. C come 10 and decide whose side you're en.:ywe first met I'd cra...... Sartorially..1 A When on safar]. a 3) (unjrone. . A fence B crossroads C wall ~ Neither of us..ry asto what [0 do. but inthe end we " crumpled .cflea'Sedsymbelit. we were made for each other.a.. 2) . .car-digPin.... A. . If going on a 'walking those 1) ". !' ~ •• it is important not to wear to teU her A minds or not IB choices ICcamp~ OJ options 6 Roysnn had d~lib9!raie)y disobeyed her ord~rs.. Y~u'll be ...S:llck to muted cciours. Yo.). 0 overwhelmed 5 I have to Bomit I'm: iii 1'Wo ... A pulled e torn C moving 0 leaning betwesn ... bottom) corduroy trousers and a huge 5) (very loose) jumper. would you? LoOk at him.worn·OIl! ... he would get into trouble... for choice.

wh1le-colJar Job:: an Office job [Note: bh.a. owe 'the bCl..cap it Wit we lost our passport:s.ot ! ~ ! ! went as white as· a you. ! l [ i you ca. both f3eaaeful and convenient.t. All we need IS tbe cmwcll to abeut womet] . I I i ! .V8sth under. ! You can scream and spout untiT you're blue in the face.he dr.k/behaviour{ of . labour] I I i to have 8th up your sleeve: to have a secrst plan or idea I I hadn ysa'fs_. ~ else • not yourself the illeg'al changing off money 1 What are.sta. still wriles~ but·only'once in a .hfte~ wrltt(3'n or We o.Colours Clothes IIIU". unfaif and eruell.Nathan WO(1't breathe unless she gives him parmlssioni I to hlQle gr8fln fingers: to be very goed " I was generally used to cle$. then. used for clothes I was sure thlsoQat was going ..f the red ~ape that wfiJuld be invOlved. I I ! 10 give ab. tt_h~ colour in your face be. Cedric's garden is lovely. be GOes have green fingers.e o.crb~~b buryling and selling of good's or oaught getting so hot He bought the tickets. ! dominant partner of the two ! business) per~jSSiOn to ~ ! peQple in\l:olved. improve your be too big fer me.rkied anti ! i j sb wears Ihe tf. n (Idrama) It seemed to be-a hopeless oass to introduce the last and o1iten wOfsMhing in a list It fained ·aJl the time.. ~ 1 red taps. out<of. and.opal a hat: immediate'ly and without thinking TfOhe proposed to' her.o gel the :I:)oot: (inrformal) be ! In black and w. but you're not borrowing t:I1e car.000 il1toQur account last sth: to get angry ~bout_s~h. ( yo(! are gQ~l1g. togive/be. but tor a critieism/remark/cQmment lobe blackandblu8 all over: to ! t then.n their shoes.: to have written proof of sth] Jim got the boot fast week for i ~ to catch. sb red..1dIdn't ·brea.ise :toJo.qal.I 'Won't change my mind/~e'Wol'l't let you or He. em the . given the boot] j j down I_nrblack and 'while. the black market: the illegal ! guilty.) . printed [Note: to hay·esth j 1 £3. ~ Col'ours ! below the ball. to be rn the red: ! hav. was horrible.hat you. a.: eomplicated official rule.. was b1ao!<and blue aN over after to fit Ukes gleve: to fit perfectlry..lse there was' no std~pingmem. i be bruised everywhere.than i they paid me" So I wo._gulation$1 bureauoracy was (iealiy below the b~lt. There It was~ In blaok and white: i the rnlddleof dQirrg. unexpectedly '.but It fits IJke end&d up . 'i 'he~rd from him for ten J g. hat. i i ."thle blue.n .as rnuehas you Uke_ but (. bUt ~. 10 be out of pocket: 0 have less money than you should h'ave [NotEr: I don't want you to be Qut of pocket:.nst Scotting'-up an ofl:ioe (bere beoBus. black lloolr: to look angrny at "Sb f ! a gI6118 .! • factory work. .afI'tstill be in the red: J Ptlt dismissed from YO.. are very When Itold shocked or sick her the neWs. routinf/ to have alreadyactl. give us the green light.generally used . at t.1 but they ere less tiring than done: sth : blue moon.! you can {scr-eam/ Brgue}./sany bonee. ! i I We' decided ~ga. a tex from him. but J and re.i · 11Clothes II (Idioms) .nk money to ! " to getlhS.enough money themselves if they lend yOlJ money] . J(mny weafs thettousem in that house .• until you liN bIDe In the " r were i r ~ were you/himfetc In your/hIBletO ahon: If I face. If ! i I houses is strictly controlled Living tn the green belt is. can go eneed with the project. YiJu shoultlap%g. to . i ! to pull yoursockli up: to work 1 the graan baH: an area of ceuJ'ltrysidethat~sutrounds a City . .ro fail thes 9 exams. she sheet .out of p'(o)_cke1~ My expenses co·st me more. performance f andln which the construction of you don ~fiuJi your sockS up. used {jut his lawyer had somethIng up his .lrjob [Note.sth wrong i he' ha'd passed! to gat hot under the collar about ! ~ ! Of course: I'm going tQ pie. Everyone gave when I said I t.ouaere (In that : to give ab Ihe green light (to do l house): (informal) to be the ! lib): to give sb (especially' a .go as white 8S a shut: to Lose all cfUiimpionship under their belts.s What' yousafd to her last night .lEt-oollar work: manual under the~coHar aOQut?' black ma:rket waS' me bla-ok looks bored. the hotel to cap it an: and 'finally. harder and start tryil'1gto g f j ! If I wef:e . J would seriously think about taking him to court. Whatetse can I .awing and looking after plants f I f tailing down the .rs:. and we I I . Once they had got their first i j ollll 101 the bluB: SUddenly' and .·handed: to catch i i or discoverso while they are in persistentlv being fate.e spsnt more money thanis"in your aC00'lJntSQ'.sleeve. an exp:ression used to check if so will have .our bait: ~ once lin a bluemGOn:' not very' qfteJll i i 'White -collar jobs may be. she would ~ deflnite!y marry him at th@ drop.~ 'to .

llooked at")gdly at Martin .I'd won th'e prize until I saw It ill black.belt .agu: the f9Ie. ~ondon. 14 The' bank rE1fused tolend crew Were rude..trousers . and red! white .a bit belowthe .cap.Iven w1th·aflne Martin decided that..)lantand itdies. If's ideal' as we..". he cjidrl!J reSign . I onlly have tq look at a f. is 2 3 4 5 6 7 bJa·c!k . 2 :She'weiiitas white-/ blue ass sheet when I mentioned hts name...Q which m. The camwawould 'Stillt!e Ch$C!.e'orders him a-ro.!.. :a. Complete the'if/ipms "in th~Joilgwing se~ntence$ with an Clrt:iC!~ of clothing from the box below . Now thai UtE! chai'ttnan has@fven: us ·t'he red! green company. 1:Q it all.. w. I had. socks .He·g..aes belpware. ccount was in thli't black: I a on the dOOr$te~- ..ea.'.f#ter to face .-so. Practice "'\ :3 .l$'hout ah'. I didn't'r'ealise J 'd Ieft my 'car' on a double yeUow I white iine. 11 Granted he'srtet 'OWl' msst raH:'lnte:d player.~Jlar YOlJr coach riglhL What you need is two OJ !hree ye'ar$' playing exp. lines al~9I tl:l~ side of a rga.'. ts blue I white moon. you. The person behind Martin was dire'clo. . th'e:rec&fding and ·decide. 5 I parked and quickly ran into the bank.wbethiir the'senten.e . 11 I didn't realise hockey was such a violent game. hOw much red I green tape.. red 1:5 We hadn't seen her fn years: and thsnihe otrier daY'she came to viSit us QU~ of the red f blue. Listen to. and Fl1noaway: ( \.e. iMartiDt=lap lbQiughl·the camera ?lJ a retail o!Jttet.c. We were' delayed Jaking off. shq..: 1 2 :3 4 S 6 really. What diia.snumber. -. any more m(:m~y as mY .': ? I only sail.. nght. The customs olfid9. the . which is once...! I'd think abouttheir suggestion. upandgot down to. tell me....ot"th'e .Dully . .{k. blue I white -eollar Job. Marl:in'wasfedlJp with bureaucracy . way sn.g!9 fined.rTId. 10 Why are you getting..ra. and. yo u were caught redl e 1. We ionlyse. extrava>9aht' pa.d:~rgueunt1JY>Qu're ted I bl.quietcbnfidE!nce em his face.. is invo. 9 Hf..l pought luxtny cars. " My 'opponent had a.argutqg .~a:n no' parking It is b..g abQl!-t an incident at cUstoms.u"reyellow Ig. the have up hIS . 12 Ydu"~e hot under the " . "..bat . I don't want you to' blebut: of " .eES you win .CitClethe·carieatJtern: 1 I didn'f believe.take !:h~promotion.if"!. . ito ok of .ry that contail?l$ the 11 a double yellQW line: twO yellow 10 be yellow:: ti~ bea cOoward a .p. but calling him the worst football player on the-planet other 2. I'm mauve I black anuohlg allover.than Qeyeflow Why don't you looK up their number In (he YellQw Pages? If you park on a double yellow fine. ..boot . truepr!:a. look It up in the 8lu:e I Yellow Pages. be 'stuck in an office all day . 6 YOU! hnuld have-seen the black I blue look sih~'g8i\je s him when he criticised her work. . Lookat the. 17 He' doesn't wanta ·0.... 7 You can~tde. He'd rather work outside than .rti'l:§:sat the drop: ofa . if yoV c~n't afford iff lend rn~: the money...s{ew«'_' bel~~ glow·.!. what I'd dQrf I werle in' her I 'gu'esl:! l'd.and buy Proudfoot's 9 We live)n the g:reen I black belt just outside.e. rt. l'landed.fh~r telephone numbers Of looa) businesses and services .shoes pp:cket .. . nv~ lntho country bqt the city is right 1011 you don't know the company'. Yo.:would be a waste of time . touch'ed a rawahd painful nerve.~ril.e·ortf ta.were toEd thatour lugg~ge had been lost. . in:a.iv:ed in getting a wmk permit here. '1 Itt:s time:yoll pUlled your .d 9.n'le.ue N'lthe fac~.m:o~uild§lr yow "..: WlB t_<mg. 4 I wish ~ had Y'eU:ow 19reen ·fing. g You will be{lr spm. jeWels and he'd t~row large.ny that yo·u did It.reen .h&B·d~ .. l These trousers fit me like a ' .. but I'm not gering tothPihge my mind. It'snql d~HiCLlU $'ee·whO wears the to iin that' house. 3 You wouldn't b~)ievB. 13 You car... 12 No.' Iha Yellow P.. )'Sju were afraid to do.some serloas'work Your/exam's S I don'tknow next week. when we errlvsd in Prague.

· quHe) ·un[lke: diiffereI11'fmrn· sweden are heaejand' 'shOufdets ! I t ! has a)lfeady been menticm€!d..i'ffer. Buenos.~ sueam" She WB. maths·! between Quiter and. ! I to· be mudh ttle same as: there 1$ ! i1IQt.. qu"ities. " _ . . results. . made . pales "When you _•••• '.a world of like as.n th~ -o~her ! to be streets ahead . to be bV far (and away) ..phi. Buenos.Ch.i Her reaction to' the news was to be 'f i .own. aJway.. Aires'is muc!:l'ltYotl:er than'S wards. '-.£. 8a.much . i in music.their ..ctMty people who share thies~me' When it . make wonderful pets.': (used when monas.a very pjg h~ve very· differer:lt ideas and" j to be Identtcall to: to be'.Q(1ltwe~n same~s i There. ana 1 are on a-aifferent Your -afrswers to tbe. . there Is.••• .~ . a penalty.. but they much the .): to seem small or unimportant when compared to sth else 1:lIsedfor pmt:llems) to bgavery llIltJ]yst a..1. ... IctJ.g. shape.ence betw~eli1 He is sfreets ahead' of the otiJ'f!f i players in the comiJeUfi6n. .:.and character.chE¥ds was at odds with his ..loh better tnani .nc~.s sister._. .ther computer on the maJ1<et. f 1 i and! shoulders novel: to be j1 ml..eryonemilkes out nothing S H~r bit It is .exaetlY the attitu€les j differg. ~otct. We bad nothing be Of tfre"two players._ __mine.a: you 'do:n't. wavelength when it cernes to taste! problems are iderillcal to mine." .. word giveir in. ete which should j be the same) to be different' <ii) (of ! two people) not to ~ree wtth one J another 'about sth or nGt to share thesameopiAions or0\Jt1ook on life R. f comes to modern dance i music. I I ! 1 ! .any o. - 1 1 I to t. but I won't in oommonw.oflla be head 1 I. etc ! ! ! 88 1. f His second 'book is nowhere near as gaM as his f(rs't . + noun: the strUctUres ~ are ~s~ (i) when Y(i)Ucontradict sb because you think they are BJ<aggerating (ill to highligl1t the 1 fact that-' sti1 waslis not what you ~ expeet(ed} it to De or What it.: the're ts. It ·odda with: (i) (of two things : e.Ios~ someone you love: everything el~e seems pointless.. Ai res.diffeir. is .rh each Vihe" to pare In compertlO" seeing hUn again.(In)' td b~ d. yo. other CatSc may val']t in size. .I 12 Comparing nut to be 8" peIch an: tG be mucn ~ inferior to I lIke Krispy burgers.dbconpat' br:c-banged in· any ~ay.. as ge:od f I i to thai. •• 4 "When Y0l.noun/WU nat eo -much a + noun .. • .9t4€:first sentence. agree with) ~ ~ ~ My j'o'b is eve)y . but ·tbe rf)fer.oo'tbo.. . (to . Frank~ is -by far ~ and awczy the mostexperieneed. j Ir18 by fBrand away me prettiest iiSlanl?Jalong Ine coaf>i: • ! i?.r tfiams in the· toum:ament. to thlnJllnv/do otherwise: to isay/ to be In 8 league 'Or o'nrsown: to thinK/dO . not to be nearly than '8 to have: nothing In common _ Ib. I ! should be Jtw~sn't so mueQ ~ riVet:as.1: to be I11l..same as mlrie.Infenor:fo = + ../1Ib wu mora Of a + noun than ~ a -I.+ SFmon aod Mlka apart .a~! lea.ectlve +. ·YQu4nust include the..upe~eUve: by far (and away) is US~ to emphasise superlativas J ! to bear a (1trIIdnt) resemblance to: to b~ (very)'simlLarin ap'Ji)earance or character Opp:to bear little/no !:es~mblal100 to He bears a striking resemblance to his gram/father._. ttl 21.ught 6tbe_fWise.1 to be CtotBIlY. colleagues Glier the d8€. He! dress as ev. i . but tlieyare Flot a-pate'h on Ktusty btJ'fjers.elfYone makes out thaJil ~a~a simJla:r :meaningl. The Oheinlca/s' are in . he said. " " . nowhere .ision.u love " ~. colour . '. awarlcJ of difference My parents.'..difference 1'0be on adlHerenlw8velength: to between. for tf_1/€sHons· 1.tha.) not to share the same Ideas.scomes:in the eecend ha:1f ~f a sentenceIt was clearly. CPractice J. j c6mpari8on ( + 118: to be equally 1" adjective .! * The new Vectfor:r V rs unlike .! .adJective + ! He is' no~neatly as tjl'ented as she ! ~ ~ i He was very nibe. thg blues. usirtg3. tD be nolhlnSl/lJke l as: to be much Inferior to H . ••• ' rosascmeene :•••• '•• "~"Oo . dress is just as nice as mine.bit as tieJif:/anding r as your joJj_. ! ! t~ va--.Irs much: easier than ev. . OtJr problems pale in oomparlson ~ to be Jlowhar:8 near IS + adjective 1 to' teU apart! to rece'gnise differences ·b_etwe~n .. to be much fhfertor to . alibis.abolte the Qthe.. Londo-n . .sth different 11':drn what be much better ." he said.s... more o"a malher to me ~ background.ent4n::>n1each Q --'Y --_..gue of . 'Compiete the fecct1:nf$~tence$O 2 .adJectlve j THe reds ate not:n.boeAf t f • j Only their own mother can tell ! 1" -q.

.. ....fibjSJ' ..dmstlitJg -J!Xt. .. the aarne. ~ . . initlal draft 13 J...twn bqltday i:lesti1'ffi#()m. Brown eggs are V\9flO. fhey're' 15 Why ! . ":=:": .. ~ 16 They came in different shapes ..and sizes. .g .. id'entic.." . .....JS.... dHfiqult to tell themapart. .tbituflir and adfettiv'eS from the bbxe~below each ret of . .....ntical ---" .(lS'YOW ifie(.!s#ons jrw . uSing . ..'. much bett¢r 'Swimmer than the others.. .ifqlqte'd -nwlWti)inb~~ relailng .entertaining afraiGl.:'.. . .. .art I . ... w.....' thoughth ..' . resemblance The..: _ . . rhe. .. the The " "e» " "" YOli can S~e..: ". " . ide. . """ " bfthie report ....ii1n. ones.. -twice My neuse . .bfeat!H4kitlg'.- wh~teope~.Rf3' YQu'l'I be a much .i1Wrest(ng. 17" I can't tell the ditrete"nce between them. diff~r'ence between browneg:gs'?lindwhite' ones.. . " " .. "" " ..."" size." was an excelLent idea.avel:en..' ••. .polluted _. ..~nd I are ... . Wbrk~wi!th apartiiel. youfS? ! . 211 YmJi'llltincJ.well.rclyrisqtlt .. other. '.~pk and :lobviou~ly think' very difler. . ~ his wife.better pianIst than the others.. ' " _.!J1Qf1. .. 23' As it gelS hotter.' .. r~' ••. house is han as big as mine . . " l'm ~' ~ !!ario!. i: ! i ! ~ ~ f.. I drink more water. patch 1 He tsa streets Saying something is not the same·a-s· doing.b:orlng... . J~ ~ was an excellent idea.... 14 JerI).en1lyfrom OAe another.- pie(ures. UnfOr:iunattely.· as.. ! ..".. varY' They " " .. .: .·. .. it world There " .rrible.. Jeffy tbdughtit bijt . found it te.. are my findihg:s diffeienl from yours? oddS Why ."...". -dr. ... . Asa 'swirrfmer. . ones . ... ·....s fateSt fHfi1 ". ~: 1"8 Wiith cpn-stantpracti. scruffy Nobody "' '. ! ap. -.... " ' ".. .d. .g(h Jack.secluded: other pianists. his. 'and doing it 20 There. !. ...xh7l{aralflig ~ P. They . . " . I rl 'b. shoulders If you practice cpnsJal'1tly.·'''. ~ !.. much Hi. ... r~ 22 His...exprl. Ft'e:d.. . . . " "" '".. Com]Jitre:atid contrast..~remy findings ''' :. .....liv&l'Y --...exotiC' -id)!lliG ...5 Fred is the scruHiest per~on in ttre Grass... . if any... is little.historical. 0' ~ ""~"'~ •• .. .

etc is coc.lfdil or liquid fal over meal while it is''CQoking t! plBle: a round 'flat dish used for holdingfo. cOffee beans into pow'oef or vert ~ to sIZzle: describes the notss sth small pit.8th tOi the boll: to boil sth t4ll carve: to cut a piece of meat. to make a sauce thicker li. ! as dtttarentae ! very different from each ·cJudk and Cheese. 10' dreaa: to 'put a . verbs. used to ea. pepper or spices to fo_oo.13 Cooking and Food Verbs .ftke an oven In•.sUi The palias gri1fed him tal 4h.reatures (Crab:$. to basfa= to P_Ol.rCQms 'air . they'r:e. watef" i : . bread in the oven and i to peel:' to remove the skin from fruit . .!. How carl you study in this room? Jf's .t! roast polatQes. from Idfom&. ~ brush on a salad .as diftere/Jt'. sweet and sour (i_hicken.fill the' ilnsicjeof sth (often ell?. grallr: a kitchen tool which has a r prawrns. etc so as to prepare it for cooking i to poach: to eeok eggs (witt'lo[lt theIr s'llalfs) in a sp~tar pp:n in which the ~gs ate cooked above b. thin pieces.~tc~saraddressing).!!:) rough . makes when it is being fried ! fre_shfyground (f:offe.e.Hq (9ften a: m1i. I I l $ays :wUh a pinch of saJt. a.: to be very pleasafllt to so (and often pa-y 'them complIments) because you want sth from the.a sum of money) ! very ·sman ! i !like·my jab but it p~y$ .ve that ~sthi$ tomph:!:lely -ac. water ! to eplilnkle: to drop :smali piecesot I .f3.and che. salt.vefOOd (espe-Cially beans) in walersd t.(ked) in a 'Spec:iaJly pre:pared to thicken.hat it to Ice:: "to put icing (a coaling of soft ! t becomes soft or so ubat it sugar) .especfally when it is. y@lk tC?:gelher In a bowl with a f0rk ~ to brtng .f cookIng j I pat deep rGl'iJnd container !. to allow m cause sth to be'C~me unfrozen ~ to roast: t<q 'C0Qk meat or v~getal:iles fn the oven IdWI: (I) a shallow container with a wld'e lfnoover~d tep. B to bait 811 :' to mlx:the white and the i .mixture ·G)f oil. to stuff: to. you have to take evetYthing he Hfit may say he~s a .mily with the money she or he earns Affer my father died. .seeds and scme 'ssa c.: to quickly cook sUr (often of fGOaI prep.xturwaf oiland spices) so as to make it more ! to toss a salad: to mixa.turkey) wh:h a breed ~ to marinade: to leave food (before it or rice mixture. to.Cia. etc on sth. cullin.eli. some.g. ! o.c:heese.ri1 [ to to defrost:. aeru'b: 'to wash sth vigorously.b.oj tea. to $Immell' down (of feellngs.Noun.1taste SQ j to whip: tostlrcreamver)lquickly pan: :a round.used to make bread) a chicken or. having been very angry J'd waN 'fat him to simmer down before talking to him.: other Although they're twins.'being Cf)oked i If.)I! to. golfer. tagll'ln ab: to ask sb a lot Qf questions (oftel1l inan agiQressive way) to make.. them contess to .es'e~ 8th is not :myoup lor tea: 'Onformall) I don't partiCularly Hk.~ to tub .: a partfoular style Italian ou.salt. to Imead~ to pre~$~nd stretch ~ using a spoon or YQur finger-g' dough (tM mjldu!"'e~offlour.sth.e: very easy to do Donlt worry about 'the exam.oUfS but he t(}ld :tnem nothing.islne is f):'WFavouritQ.ared in a partioular way ~ when you were nol expeclin!!l' to ! My favourite Gblnese' e1sh is i cook) . sugar.etc a 'recipe. ~ to soak: to lea. to take sth wHh 8: pInch of salt: not to b.J pe8nutS~ (said of . cookirlg if1strl:lctions to butter a'b. ~ to :aheU:l0 remove the hard outside lel1lg.od to pull out the 11'11 a piece of caRe.Idsalt.sth (especiatlly I season: toa.esth Opera isn't really my cha/K. tUlrkey. for-celbkingthinglfin to Ig. boiling. i usuallY into slices [ r 10 ehqp: t09ut sth (uSuallY! vegetabres) lnte small pieces a chicken.S'alad tender or to give ir a spe. samet1mesby using' a' special vinegar.on the outSide. calm d-own.anuts} apiece be of cak..cakes.lCle$.!Ised for oobl<1n9 soups" stews. or vegetablesJ to plude 1 I . 1 became the family's onf¥ btearlwirmer. metal corualner used that it becomes stuff . Uke an oven' In 1118re: tnl$ room isv~r~(hot' . ((!:last iamb serve/cook food Qi) '9: particular kind 1 'tOI rude up.surtace (used for cutting 'food' fnrlo very smal:'! pj~t::es) sIeve: a too} used for se:par~ting solids from liquids togl'lnd: to crush pepP1!. IJS!f19at'gn~ter"caveringofmlts.· foil: metal paper used in COoking I to chsess and garrots) into small. et. but . of a cake ebsorbs the water keme: aeovered cont8iMJ useiO for .ql. to bake: 10 oooke.oiling wa"tet bread:wlnnar: a persen who supports a fa.c:uwatErQi" true.c fi rln8e:ta G1~lckly wash . u generally using runnil'ilg ~ater porn flY to' butte! me< up! l wadt let you have my car.oxpresslons to go bananas: to beCdme very angry or very excited She'{l go bananas when she finds (Jut that yo"" /lave lost her watc.

Drain a.lOint Qf beef arid cover 'it with buher in 5) . 7 ''Turn cathe's still a:ngry about being passed over for .'a'dd f~eshwater.... di... ..ia~~e(laak'e>-'cheese..~ 12) is 13) ".'. .. Warm the beans.. (A.. You pay her £25 a wee. .(joffe.:. M!e.." " ...i~mantle D recipe 10 rustled up BeaNe B cuisine C ChQP Cdish C: sprlnkted 9 'The bosswelnl . ....sreflm. .. ..." .. gas mark 5 or1i1IJJ"C'.udefrost 13 V.... When {he pure:e:is...... B foil B Poach B Grate B crackle BpQ~ B beat ... shell " ".. .... besrr in a.\'./!beans _ prawm -mea: 1 You grate 2YOlJ boaste 3 You stuff . . thts . ".. had pulle:p .. 11) the beef into 'SIiOBS and then serve on' top' of the beans. 5 Malco. D stir' 0 D. t4 You Ice' Of. {Q cooking ends 3 fh·e pOlice the suspects' 1 2 3 4 5 ... .. then 2) ".. . TFadit~dhiaHy. and to'matoes to a puree.~ ..scaraiilg 'the.ak two cups of haricot bsans'tor si:x to .simmer A . .v.llst trYlng_ 1.CPractice 1. . : . 2 They sale I was' the pest boss they had eii@J: ad.." with potatoes and leek'S...."... 4) . thicken ." the joint.-""." .up Qf . 6) Ih~.qnq sEl!aspni'ng. You be~t'.. spti'nkl~ '. . :ga:rlic....8 . .' :' B tasted 'T . gently uritil tha beans are tender:..... Do n6110) ..0I'i')an of k..".ou roast " .er'tHfat 10 My sisltfr and I may Id'bkalike... Dfain. as t~e beans will break. " me up...!)) 2.ekox belou: ~. 4 You grinq. I'd lather raze' by 'the.prom9t~on but h§l :Should soon ....ryten rninutea for an tibur.lree in1( 9) " ". 7) ..." ".w~pping for the last ten minutes to 8) ".. 1) •.eight hours. .... telhe bpil and.atnwhile. .= ..gah Flltely 3) " .Gut Olthe merg..tut:key. for a w.... ..ed B Scrub B lnduce Bsitzle Bcarv9' B tO$.ifl.. 11 She exaggerates everyth~ng"so take' arwthing she says with apinch of ... """""""H".~I()i1O'1vir~~tJ)ould you:fJ$e....b.. "it's like a(n) ' in 'here.tctet~.." the-beef~v:e. .B. Fill in the'f. s. 1 It is difficult to make meet when YQU ?rethe sqlle .rr. .. ..: ours. .." " wilen I told him that Jamieson pIc..w#h!Qod itemJJrorn lh..." 8 I'mafrai~ anadventtne holiday is no~'r'\il'aily my a..". 6 You knead ."... WbitIJbestjits ellCh gap in the r~cjp~ O} So..4fr(j~Jrt.helier:bs. prehe. ...hubble· C chop C drs. 5. D Baste 0 brown D keJtle .6 1 A l_a~ke' 8 $ 10 11 '12 13 A .......{ol#. " .' .."..a~ng the dish? " ".'. ". and pl. add some p$eled tomatqe$ and 'QQP~the onions.. h 4 My exam was a pieo@ of " .S$ C C'overing C Marinade C.shred A season A paper A B&ke A Bake A breathe A grater A revolve A Saver A plate Aser..." 0:fl 5th 12 Yo. CIJ()o~e optiwJ.qps tbaljoltow t... .a...~r experi'ehce..C tbe be.. 0.. A Rinse Complete the sentences wUhan 6j/1pfQP'tiatg lIJ}Jrd relaeed atrdfood....). .'.. l3:ut in character \!V~Pre: s different as a chalk and " ..?te~ oven at -.Grind C evaporate c si~ve C knead D Pluck 0 Flend~r 0 stand I:> peel 0 pee'l D bag D RQast " for (jver sf. but! think they wer.some onions. h~ Wbich of tb.... down. re?dY1 apd the beans. 7 You pluck ".."" . " "". fora' la~ge family. " .dotigb. 6..0" .k! Thet's . 'Pt)olat a lUXUry hQJel.egg~ SitgW.." she said..S..@Seak C Bring C. ft oouIdn't have beeneasier....8 '9 1[0 11 You You You You wh~p :. a.r." ..e h i..

ave they use Information they hava been given to try to prevent a crime or seiZe a c. -He. i to gel away wMh 8th: to do -slh wrong or iHe§la-l and not be punished tor it If you thiok your::fPJ ge_t a way_ with bJackmaill'ngthe preSident. go- t ing to be. lthaf this was a politically motivat8d r 1 crime.~stolen goods can be found I[Note. i ". usually lin secret] How did the police kf'lOW? Did· sQrneQne tip them ·off?' to tracll!: (lbt8th) down: to loOk ~Qr and find ThfJY tried to (tee the r:lJuntry.riminaliillegal TfIe bandits held up the stage! coach at gunpoint ~ an Inquiry Into (+ noun): an official f l- goods Acting on raided a house i'n central London and seized £30. ~ i ! . e.Up.e.iton. to be found (nDt) guJltyof: to be in to ot Maidsfone pr:isen ia5t week" onlyane is still en the loose. to be fined for (committing) a crime.apol"l [Note: a.-aff.t him in ceun.. ( Gharg~s that had been brought 'Jgafnst him. trou could i have gone to JajJ~ You should oount yourself !uc"". the poliOfl to brNk out of pt1sanf).. It's a forced confession.. crime you have t1~en pc¢used of committingl e J.ho.. Thev ! won't use it be(.ld '(sbfsth) up:' to rooa person 01' a place.given a lighter i to punishment (a finala caution) than you de_serve 't~ Hav'lng served twelve year. uSing ~ we.! etc)' to be .-e whew. he or she states in In court what their punishment at 18 to be convtcted of 8 crlme: to be found guilty In a court of law of a crime you have been accused of ~r I he let you off w:tth.ed/did not commit the crime they have of arson: been accused of He' was toundguilty a crime He's on ulanor forgery. be eentenced to (a number pllfl prt. (ab)! 01: to tell the poJic. .then youV~ get another think coming.000 worth 01 stolen goods.rnon~yl.~. i captured by the authornies to t~ agalnatab: to provide the court with information ttl'Bt Sh0WS Of on 'the 10088: to have escaped j won'f stand up in Goult from prison and not been.escape or hid~efrom the poUc:e be on !heron: to be trying to l 3 Dee" accused of committing It youw:ant to see him sent to prisoh. that sa is guilty of the crime that ! = 1 . he was re. tOI ! i.Otn prfson fn 199~i.geor jury decide. ! t. and when acrlme will be eommitted or where a cri'mina! or iUegal.scandal wiD be ~ We can't rule out the possibility held next Week. escape with sth to stand liP (In court): to be j accepted as true or satiSfaotory . J.hOld-Up: a rob beryl 10 be raJea8e'd'flomprisolil: set free· from prison to be .tour inmates that broke out !::>:': sentenced to two years in prison. pteaded guilty to.ommitted.s of his ssntence.on}: If a Judge sentences 00. a to ha. (J(J(J from the tfil.a e:r:ime / was .leased fr. a court of I~w wherea jud~. to pay a certain e amoum o1..! .lse they know it ta.s): to say in aoourt otlaw that yO!Jarllli ('not) guilty of' the.A: group of prmed men held up a I when it is carefully examinee in restaur~t in' the noFthemsuburbs court of Quito and trfade_ off with £2. He was GOnvicted of theft and I I experts trfed to d~fuse the bomb. I: to escape from prison Only one prisQner has ever broken out of this }8i/~ to let sb off (WIth I!I nne/caution.:· a tl[~~off: aJ piece o·f informationlgiven to the police.- 14 Crime I tQ act on • tlp-oft: if the police act on a tip. th.' .h he hadn't e. but the poJice tracked them down. to cordon (an llrulbulldlng) off: to pJ:acea ba_nieraround an area or building so as to prevent people leaving or entering The area around the bank was cordoned off while bombdfsposal to make olf with atfI: to· steal and . committing He was C1GJnviCied of a crime whfc. you will ·l1ave ta testifY they h. a fine. investlgatiOn toru'le out (the pouIbllfty of) 8Ib~ An InquIry into alleg(fd gqvemmerrt] to say that sth is not possible Invo/Ve:menHn the . that sb commttt. to p~e8Jd(not) guilty (to tlite faaO fror driving wlthQut as.1s punishment for committing.

. 1..' .pe is to be held on ..... .. " .. 1 The court will ctsmrss 1hiseYide. ..•. home. The Minister was cau!jon~d andfineQ 1:1. . fool~sh not to consider thle possjibility of fbullp!ay.gedlyrfrast~rmjnded his. 2 Ten tnmateseseapsu frorn Wands:worth IPirfson iast ntgiht held He ... fin. If nOt. ..." ~.'!.. . ... CSJ1li:plete 1 The thief wbbe·q him a1gunpoint outside his very own . " unEidubtedly told fhe: po. • ' '~." " . ..ic!J it CfPpears.• 'l:l:1e· money.dthe potreeman..e.b the bank. .. .~ ..'e~ . ' ' . ....anest:ed Ben Nutt and Tito Alld1E!~Sbn' yesterd. "'11 would be..'.Hp-off..0'00for disturbing the: peace And finally." 'S:aii.foIIQwing NLltfs Q~an'U3. For ql..• "' ....\.... .d testified ag'sinst him.. rule fhe pollcemarr refUsed . ... ~.•..... track It is d9ubtfuII cordoneel ·10 The ...lsca." .bout. WHatdo you think has happened/is happening in each"g 3 to 8 words: l(ou -must irrtlw}e the ·wMd g·Etlerlin bDldr Which file run fQr three we~ks...~''' " " about thf! robbery.... let Th~ jud.iice that he was 99[ng to ~... caught-and PUrljsh..•~ . .g.....'i....niedntn.e'oan'k."". < •.. .. .. havihg beenfound1guilty ·of the charges brQu~ght against ....robperyatthe limeNutt b~q~!9 out of prison...festiQm 1to 10 below..goa~n<:lwas . 2. ~.nnot be cbanqea intm:y way. ... " .. had no alternative blll to plead gJlJiity over the ehargl.. " ". tb.. 4 He thought he would be·able' to ..•.. .. . ... .'.if each pr:ejJ&sit1rm in bold isoarreU if yes. he I s9rlleMe l yean'i I priSOn J theft I PQlice I trp off I traok I down .. . . ....' .t beLow and decide . ...w/ USin~ the ptdihpts}' . ...(t IQ the lit)c inwh.aU.e.he: vowed that when he warStel~'a:5edof prJson he would pe~sonaUy'deaJ wlth' those people whO ha. He eaussda sen:sationat his trial when.. Ali inquiry ab~ut Nutt'S). . Him·.ls..:." ' . fining him instsad o'fsending l1im to 'prison. Anderson." . put a ttck.. •• made The thieves ". Reud the n:ws e':Getp."' : .ge . ~..tic escape from Miami State perfiteontiary... Uirite the C('#feet :on. " .t for 'fingerprints. th.nctli as being unsatfsfact6ry and unaccepssole..sentencep with ten y~er.. The-two men had been . ..CPr9Jctiee .e .aph? Talk a....' th·e'C1:ontentso'l'hers!9.'. . S The policesiand [ittle d.... . .. in court . ·.1the wifne.e!..••. Wandsworth Prison last night. ideas. 5 Th~: thi:eVes took everything in her-saie.outside his very own horne.senlence'so th:tUit has a similar .. FortunCl:te'ly.:.cousin's escape.was lenient..8 to :the first s~nt!J?la~ weil as your own.. ..E!"al ·moneyand the not be. get Hs' thought hec:ouJld .•. n0r)e 0. ..I be / trial I serious (crime /'if I be Hound ( ' ' :.. the PDlice.'..s in prison." . illiltria:1f. '...nallce of fInding the rnisslnq 6 'Someon:e jewels.e secotU/ . the missing jewels." '.ss'es who 'appeared lncourt during Nutt's Uial was harmed whiTe the lMIo men were at ihe loose. ' . ..erprintS.•. .orth... 3.~ of foul pl:ay. " ..e ne..aV in a downtown MIami hotel.' . .. out :3 Ten Inmates· ..e..' . 9 The policf. '•••...•.ed '[Or ~l.'. dUS. Nutt was>conVicted with fraud six months a. I question I wifness I oourt I te:s{ifyJ 'ag'airlst r defem::lant. stand Thi's:evidenc.'. tipped Thet~oHGemust . qlJilt:y / be convicted The' jud:g. acljrrg on .~"" ..... .l surreundsd jhe entlre-area and prevent!3'O people: frbmente·ri'ng it while they dusted for fil1.

Wa defence: (it lawyer) aUbI: a person or story which p~ovesthat sb was not in a place when a crime was committe'c.ra reac/}.. and fined tSOO....tackmaillng ot /(.!f to plead g:uIHy: to saryCin a court .against! I i ~ i B policeman plaln-cl.8 by the law pay pmteCtion mOl1sy'tQ Mr Big.. f He was a na(_dBned criminal. Most people have fjad at least one i ! The police . of § or not '9uj1ty of a crime described Smith esa menace to ~ protection money du~(ng ~ It took tne jury t. court wnat punishment a convided a cache: ·0'. r.: a spate of m~berie$1 break·ins/attacks/etc is a."e dqys .l/a decision secret about sb unless. like sb (a Icrimtnal)1 that has been d escri bed ' a deficrlptlon: to look exMtly i.ed with .usto. if was obvious that he would see the country. they ~ arrive without warning . santence~ (a judge) to tell a jarrested tw@ people.the· /!loose and brush with the Jaw in' .t '!lheywill How was Ito know thafhe was'a plain-clothes policeman? laW} that lIOU are g!Jlltyof a crime Ih.ce.: large sum paid as a guarantee' not run away ..i3.- _ ~ 15 Crime II (Vocabulary and Collocations) -- ~ - - - - -- -- In the . conROO't him with the 1 there [ you h:ave been ch~rged w~th ! ! G-enski~re droppadwhen it was.tand tr~/ tor He was taken Into poHoe c. [Note: waterflght alibi:. the crime that they ha:ve been ! pending trill charged with ~ 'to press charge8sgaUlst sib: to $i t'otrace Ibe whereabouts of SD: He was found . verdict acr[mlnal record! a IHit of enrnes 1 to :place 5b 'under arrest (formal. abiding convfctioll tor".re. -OVera short periqq of time i ! I ! . He was af a party when j to handle .: ! i He-pleaded gui/~ to the crime and was $.d (not) guilty of: ajudgB ! decides that' sb did (not) commit .rison while and be: Judged waiting togo [0 court . Judge Rand I Ttle polioe.egal is hidd.lbsives"weapons. rejeot~d. i Single piece oi evidence j ~ it because l1hey believe thaAa . etc court of law whether sb is QlJilty Pa$sing senten.months 01.~has' n~o.' .against sb. j wl1ichsb has been found Quilty f t.oriminal record~· l to drop the chargesagaJnst sb: > • asking 10r a preVious decision to i be changed i a h. .raught . ~ arrested and kept in p.e:n lhe police for a very minor crlree J ~idence to. .fused to The defendanf)s appes/was ~ abid. poNce 'we trying to trace the whereabo.ball. : I to reach a verdIct: to decide in a person will receive used fC?1" eXP.~ emb~zzJement. revealed that .. to ·defend $0 ina court of law· Who is hand/ing'his I• ~.: to Heoaskeci for previous convictions to.a raid (n)] : crime.their lives.·protectIon mOlHl~ money ~aid to sb who threatens to hurt or { bla(!:kmai[ the other person i i i ! i i I ""?" i 1 I r ! Monday.and search oWners.of money has been tha.)cal restaurant l nol a Ihred'of evidence: not a to raid: if the. took place.~. whlcb fias to be deci9'edin a court of law! . i . is impossible to'disprove] j We chacked out hI's . The. ! i"• . ••. should neVfN' have been 10 fit A spat. serles -01 these 'things that follow each other.. . brush wllJJ:the taw: dealin. L to be quahed: to be rejected. 'alibi that I ! to hand down .nigfltcfub owner re. Will the police be charges. f<llran btUkma1I: threatening to reveal a 1 i appeE!.defence? i. JenkIns walked free.. have previously been found ~uilty 01 a crime In a court 01 .. they do f .uts of tils' driver.II law-abiding eltizen: a person who I t Lord Chief Justice Bates quashed 5th the other person wants ! does not break the law I i tfle lower court's dec~sion and This new law is an insufl' to aJllaw· The two men are thought to be I ..medcan court of law. often in the same '13.uncovered a cache.guilty of shoplifting (policelanguage)/(formal) to look make. behind the recoot spam of i b...:. 1 p-oifce and tne pubN€. AI/tIre.. after all? pre~sing my' c.{jefJ. to lpa&l. worried.. this.a societY.dy .ice language) to arrest sb of.w /0001 pblice'station immediately.. which is kept by the petice ~ waiting 10 :9:0 on trial does not He was jiJlaced IJnderarrest fast l have to wait in prison because a Th:e Jury should bear in mind that ! In IpPINlf:a request to a court t j It was orre ~f tke longest prison sentences ever handed down in i ! an A. in prison. be taken into aoeount . unif·orm (pollce)1 to decide that sb did n:ot commut the crime that they· ans charg.of . to befouM. a hidden number of..leased Oil .re. spate' He..abbe.ngs hasrlhe.ent(Jnced tos/x .-dened crlmtnaJ: an experienced criminal who is unlikely to ever t The. (& Judge) I to announce in a cowtQf FaWwhat sentenc~a erfmiliaf Will receive t . It you see: a m{m who· fits.~. please oontact your! to bel In'/takenlnto ~lIcel GUsto""':o': ~ I!"V" WJ1 to . BI .othes poUGeman: a who does rilof wear . charges I.raided· .~ Jennifer Mills WmS.a ! .stand trial: to g:o to a COlJrtQ~ Ia. but:[Je's stiJUhe main suspeGt.. desottption.o be released on ball~ sb who is pol.e of mugg. an official aceusation j for sb ..alibI and it Is ! watertight.police raid a place.Qs wIth There may not be a shred of ! criminal or s1h ill... that--it tQol<.olircem. I ~~:':. Mr Frariks was in 'court when the Lord Chief Justice Ross 9) ...e(jwhen Hobday announced .Q~ and Mr Redstpn w. SO 'I went al~ong with ir. I wasn't th~t'worIi. The-police assured Mr FrankS that Mr R'edston was certain to 4) . .extortl on and the fllega.... I matched the~'picture with a.I. Passage B is a 'SUmma1}! o!Lpasisage A Ukingp'clSsage A as a guii!eline complete passtlge 8 with wbtds from thi j bQx:pelow.pteS_$e4 ~ f'~le{jJq(tpiar... Y9.....ponce .is East .. .'~ . "We recehm€l a can saYing that tlierewas 'a suspcious character ho.ld they'd let mEl..found .verTil~nt in six.during the subsequent twlall.of thisj Mlr Franks no ipngeF wishie!?tq G9· QPer:8Je with the. Th!at's why I'm not he.1usa.n .<:_!I WOUld." r- .: .. Of rQbberie:su! that haVe tte:rrori'se. 13)' "..<3 police celll. the dl:l:sGription of the ma!fth~~otli¢!e ha€lp~ev~0usly been 166king fot Whilsl Mf REidston has admittedly had oneor tWd.'. ".. he is baslcallyan ups...ach .s -ccuihe .plead . ." of.. B On the day he was t) .ed'''' ". II.n -nS'o7' no.n Police' Farce' cap!L!~e..ed. He ha.mMi -brushes .amfed .ton lis bel:!eve.suztld -passed .. be~ng Ilis lawyer.._ . ' -.ony" Mr R~dstbn was 7) .wprea..evrrdenc-etoc.. didn~'t. was q. Nobby R'eqston.G.n 11~.q1-lq'si)ed..ed to go tree before' a retrial. he didn't.home.:trtgingareundoutslde one of the city's largest banks" Rather than ~ump straig.di " Londoners over the last sjx .lpw..dto -~ ~... .. . ..:J.e'in il'nmediat£! GO'fitactwith the' pollee. ' 1'''1 . Even the pOlice saioth~Gourts would rej(')_01' it TheS dign't.€!re.v. --. The police ~..plam-:rr:CfJrd.. Hobday... when he was photographed by a6) .: Gitizen who abhors Violence of ari!y kind. s .... It h.... (in h.l.000 worth of s:toleIlQlQods' and a '! 4) _ Ql'we._'~ __ __.. they said..o. . months. and th....d:alsQ' be:e:n assured that Mr R. As a result ." R." he'd done' it a:nd tl1a~even if he Qi. 12) .:.dn''t.." . I Was [Mts when the police afre'Sted him.. all outstanding charges against hlrn 'trial....." against him. He is appalled by these allegations. 7') " ".•• :dow'nand the.!e' forql-lJ:!stioning as this afternpo... " .1anddoes not 13) .. h~I$One4im~ as:sqctat~....h. Thra.. I':cfbe safe.. Mr Frank~ outside a .fi' was al.tanding and law.---- · - --.watfl'!fi.nn.S"{J....alled Reci§iton R'ed:s-to:n has ~ long{ hn the Isle of Dogs.edston's tlatmate... ' :g'uiltyat his trial and that even if' he. de:al:'1 had tdl :90 UO AustFYa...'' ' ' .. of'a Mr . :s'aid that the pOolice were looking for the wrong mall -and claimed that there was not a 11) .. . when th.harulfln~ . . '. Un to rtunately ..ect R'edston . .-::-repotfed r The .rJI$sk . '~ verdict. London fl~t yesterda..... .~ pusineso h. be... H.. who is now in p'olice10) " .. criminal wIth 9) ".abidiflgwbereaboU/.what with my test!:rnony and old man.. marl 'c. my cllsnt is Gilmenlly unav9lilab..p to.uilty.. I took a ph()lq .~ A arettyingl01'j ..the 2) that inexchanQie the pplicfe wQuld 2) .. O .. :5) .got Him to CO'ITieback..sfanda chance.(:QrlV'ictionstQ(-arr'rfeo The Man in 1 :t 11 was my neck or his....drop ~ lak(? h9d my reservations b...ad0nly taken thejury one hour tt? decj~eth~t heWEI...--be hehind the (ercent ..lhe jury only one hOwr to 1 f) . Redston's lawyer lssueq the fa!low.. The policeman who photagr:aphe:d Mr Redslon 'said. sentence. .Qnce" "..'u see... Mr Nomert Re'dstqn.) alil9... i gOl the' police wha:t they wanted and I ev£f.went on . :deferiC.i@ pq1i_ce.. I was arrested :in con nection with one of the robberies and after spem:dJing the nig:ht' in' . lothe rQbtmries. .y '! afternoon.. He dld thr~ on ·the: unde-rsland..e: wouJij:alrilbst certainly guarantee a. fpllowihg:a .1 cut a....14) .. -elothes p..6} ..15) ~ . < J .af he woulq....-- - ----------------- -..'fallourableout~cm:1e.o.peIrce' are to haver uncovered f1. ..$.. being'. weara mitrdphol1l~ and ge~ Redston '10 talk.'c.. . the taot that Mr Redston had AnthtH1y Hobday 5) ' ..rd. t·-.. .. guilty of ail the charges B) ..nks-Jo Mr Franks! t9:sti'm. Mt HanKS .'. '.lping the polic:Er~ny mere.of him.[ 3) .-------- ------- 15 --~ CPractice shred .CleSfddy M~ Reds-tol'! . '.."? 8l. but he wtshes to make it known that-wl1en"'he!' r~tlims Me wjj~ b... Mr Russell Franks agrf3ed to: help the MetN)POiita.. .•• 2. Mr Reds... not 3) " .. Mr Franks .< Mr ReC:lstpn under arrest q:fl1d te-stl'lied 'again. Gtven the length of the ssrrtence 10) .edstbil'§'. :appe. .would be: an appeal.i~g statement ~nh9ur ago: "My client has q in.apOhs:. Austria.and I was' there When ~h:efudge gave h'im ten years. on bail pending !\I retrial.' r"'e:d'" WhO en U r Hobday lo'dg. re. i:hto .. .admit tll.j The M'e~Mop:olitan poliG..s:preSBV!. his.ght .i.. . .pbe:ries. ".Da. micro'phone' and fec6rdE:td Mr Redslon aomitUng' his rnvql.." wrfh the law in the past..cusTody on charges ofitheft. The police were alerted to the possibility of t Redston be. .. appe. I I the.. .. ". .ut the polic~ rec'kQli'lag once he was' on triial ns'c have to .9Q.e .......- 2... .

g unpleasajlt .den.~lt10 sef. wallpaper were Be cEreful with these omemem» I i Hnes app:earinQ en ~tie's.ra crush them. 1. the.readbare oarpel/sofa!Chai'r'. slf1 (8 pleoes: to break int0' ve.:J/em with this partioular mai<e of oar. and a'li:. Of! it (h'e. i.0 1:1 I it! peeling o1f.8th Tf:18l.damaged" with appte. {tor waJlpC!ip-er! 10 remove paint) to be falling off a. 3 . J into two pieces : frIytd/fnIytngc witn loose threads at i (i~ (Of a tyre) He broke ~ I' 1 metals when the~ g_et wet) The proJ.g@'! rid Qt ft~nd i Qff. qa.s Qeen better to sO}'alen I 9a4 won 1W amused ..ed hiS i i i There to burst w~re only MO' bruised pears In the cupboard.)tnecess. ~ cracketJ.eils shape qr! 10 be peeling "Qff:. T~y're alll?lunt I 1 1 tJHhy: very :dirty filth}{$s. ~aci!JP. ! She oaught her ~skjrt )n the car door.dly threadbare·:' the material st11is mad.ter e.nough ail i to bruklCUlln bl1t. ~ ! 'Revolution. haviAglost its j bubbles Bnd tastin. eften .the walls.Plana bu(~t with a: lourJ rlqise. 1 don't want '! rickety: (for f.ftJe gar.gl1tly .halter (Into 8 thouandimllJlon broWn mar'j($ on it (Onder Whi.stale: not f:f~$n st~le bre~/ca. t I when he ffn(Js ClIl. The kltchen.lli'ng off 1 l. ' i lorn ! ! ! roam. il hasnot andllNs:$tiU .i the fl:idge· is on its last legs. and it ripped.!arate ~n('.: a to. t chIpped: witha'sm~n piece: brcaKenoff i i E I tDsmssh to smtthereana/inlo fJny a1h ha. -a -soft i t08.a: strai'grn line ' SeeiElg'!a large tear in my sleeve" 1 The bread was mouidy. 'Came ffffifi my 'hand.' bou_ght?i new that it goes rusty very quickly.shift to ..kelbiscuit$ unstable HeSF!(e'red-a .' to crush: press or squeszesth i ~ staJned.eparated from 1 aha with boles" {for material)' He' t~()k the' lft:tlebo:y~ 1 eltles wete grimy.wlthout ".iitron The VI Gioes:n't workanr." i to rip sIh to hreda: 'to tear paper or material into Utile pieces The dOg rt{J#ledthe pap~r to shreds. hard material) irn'rw0 pleees s.ry srn aI II te Ievis"fon..urniture)oJef. fR 'fWQ. ! . sci~Qrs/knfves You should shtrrpen these knives.cident. because rl is very ofdand very dry ! sthone-plece. . It's falling to pieces. the bar of choco/ate. 'to e~pl.eam hai:Mplit: sth lis en Its last legs: 5th ts 1'nvery ~ tabs cNJ"lltbUngoff: (for plaster) small t 8th Is :IdU In one piece: if Y0:ljI dm~ baa ()(indition and verysoO'n it pieces of plaster are fa.yitt) a hollow in the surface caused by hitting or pressing (for metals) I j . Even :the ~ ~ l A rock hit the windscreen of the car causing it tQ shatt. . $nCf. The te:/f. to break/cut . the wall.:: wtth a: mark that is difficult hard 9:0 as to ehan9. I(sth Is) failing to pIeces: sth is very old and in very bad' condition ~ The car wa:s tl~d'y de1Jt~din the' to tIp:: to tear sth badly/tqget ac.:lld. IOtnap 8th In two: to break.n hair and gave Jo ens piece. etc ' fUsty: With rust on it (Le. Strips of yellowing.~ 01 has: become very old. beds.d an it ! HiS hanGs were gt.affroomlharrtis. to .etQ} will stop· working .dark. letting wat. ~ made of glass - 01' china) i from ~ air escapeI steplJ..dl dented: -.rimy: very dirty .IJbby wg. a car. etG) [S now oLd ~ t piEilces ~f1d not in very good conc. Lump's of piaster were afumbNf7g' ! Amazing/y.dmpped It's time we .. .. in broken This tefevision IS on its '8$t legs. weak and you.urfa¢e She droPfJed -the mirror and it ! ! Ii I ! _growth which IOQJ~. with m'QJ. J chfppe. ~ not sharpblllnt IMmells_. flat tyre noods to be seen to.of fruit} With ~ . 5 w.s $taiM. water from leaving it 1 I We've gotto get rid of this car..fJped it. .. in poor con€lititm i' of a.rking in .an(f j.a reel-brown substance that co-vera some flat (i) (of a fizzy drink). weak and thin th. gloomy fuJt of rickety furniture.6r into a million pieoes.ode..s likegr$e. i I the edges fraying jeans/rugs/a frayed carpet i to .16 Damage and Conditions bloalrad: (for sinks or tOilets)sth is ~ stopping the.arily cracked: sH.sink Is falooimd..sth (macle to come 0": to fall ''Iromlbecome .eaten~ old. 1. btUlMd: (for a prece .er or i Inmby: still in one piece. realised thal me s. . Powl J . when you pack them. moth. surface completely destroy ! Youo:ad't wesr that .nl bhJe"Tur and grows Qrilo~d fqod) 1 i Gompl~te!y) lnto two pieces.". I' a motfj~eaten ~tablecloth : mouldy. have seen belter days.lh9. squa'/id p/aoes pieces): to break Into many til~y the UasA of the f.ruit ls S:Qft and tp live In during tne lnriu§trifll f pieces (genera11yused for tbings tastes' unpleasant) ~ out thet ~ haVe scrtW.olh while tyitil1g into ~ t I r the vase te11 to the· floor smashed 'to srnlthereel1s.ed on th~ baNoo.l 'j I i Look at it!

assflge' and dec(deij t~e'UJords in' bold nave been -usea correctly.led B da b[lo.' • must . "This is my 14 Haven't YGugot qriy tletter cutlery than this? There's chair. ..-. new furniture.. . I wanted to leave...ome. ." he. He carne.ThE! ch~ir was uflus:ualiy uncomfortiSbje. ". 10 That he wasn't very good at' driving could be seen '. a She's even broken the. beJounil in this th{l twi. 51 moth-eaten curtain hUng like: a 13 Eve:n a.chalt." He interrupted.. bathroom the. ·'"T:akea seat..ciJp/tyrepeach 'e Ir.' .g 'doesn't work and thete rs a h. "Just one other .. the handle· has.. AU the w(j~ds.both 1.2:) bl.. " .. ..cked siink/.and the·toileLare. The rent's Cheap. ! A piell~: B and t"he paint srnlled b~ck. and I'll make you a cotfee....Ge~..n<HQ .back and h." I tore what was in the 'wardrob'e up for dusters." . floor.. and the cpoker ls on its last 13) feet... .xt to me thetewas 'an' ... . no wonder you..if you keep pLiitling tea b:ags down it..e\i. doorway:ano beckoned me .bk..ut Of th~ ie:nv~rQPe!'she Il'ipped the.2 The kjtGhen is' ·1I06!je.mb!in:. lhecup w:as not only 8)f'ilthy .. il in twq.lrse." he' s'aid.u can't really L)set~e:m.. stood in the was onlY .This' i~ the' living into.partEfcl po.of the water pip.. "Oh.ea a 10) ruslvspoon out of A split B crumbled Ccrabkedl C."~ only a .t~~#Qns to: complet:e:the sentences Ue.t the noun J!!hicb dQ?s not go with 'ashtray 'and l3. "We~I.ty o unit ·tfl.. He 3 The' doors were h~nging off their hing..lQ7.. A . 1) stale piece: of-cheese'. ~ I .". .ingle. • on . the liv:ing reern..Cling '7 You drb~p'pe(f it down the .l!Jlnt. .c rme/s}. . he.g G falling D g..flat tyrelsink h mouldychee$e/pens a d~ntEld peachl .stairs'? Yo~. ". " A smithereens . . 'anything liKe it.. .lying CU!1ai:ns!bread lkacracked ceillng/ a 6 It'$ time we bOU9hts. replacements can. "I think . '8 Girab:b. . he' Acrumb. splitting B scraping C peelin9~ D snapping root..i~.." I said.. dirty ha:iidkerchie'f at the 6) grimy window.. tihe~e . I smiled..rssitting my saridwlehss.ok[eq up altha . . repillceeich word with .9 a.T.'. ... on hitlin~ !he 'it Wa_5 also 9) shattered.put 1 The vase slipped from his hands and.eaten clothililgl bread : n a threadbarE! carpetJ f kniife.. .ra)moreapprojJr:i4t..t'wo'.C Practice· L ""\ ! t· i 5 P. though.. They're . CefiUre..! colals'olissors .ri{*!3tyforkfchaira bruised cemn~gl b BchiPP9d . 1 They wer~ drinking tea out of ". 6 7 8 '9 me .. sa! .. I had n. .. the way home th'e oar stopped.: . with ·thaT walls and the 2) stained and 3) brulsed carpet was ~ilt. 2. .'..9S 11) burst have : .r"'relucky: ilis stl!1 in one ."Ofcol. H~ A come B.g." he sald. ~ • ~ " .ve·got a . Look.O~. "" .5 Wel~." ! put my cup down." off..pieceoL 2 011 l Q stale bread/curtains r r 3- and a glass of " ~ Read tbe jollowing:jJ. chairs. He had a: 3 I nearly slipped en 4 Don't ~s:Jttmth.. "i" He~I.'®9n from his ... 'Then use the corr.~ On the tabl~e:ne.".rYou...trai. ...CkIWI'1. thing..yoU .." he s·aid..'..:'Yqnthe be-:d· the 11 Ybu'U never be able to cut$.) scrapl. . w$ . to' . A battered B yo."y~§?JJ I r'epHEid. dootJ la.~in the Ii. to pieces...smellY in there and A ripped B burst C torn l'matraid in the. ....!. at [l'1ese." lie pull. the :cel1tta! heatin.4) crumbling. lJ n'ot..:. as it .$ bUndle [of .inledat his .~ m moth~... in the kitchen last winte:r. THe Wallpaper was 1..One. rt into a U:)oUsalld pie.single 1.. : Tlhe'onlyf:rtIil in th~' hnuss was8J. ". I saJo J'thankyou/ "Oh. .. .cheese . shattered htstrouser pocl<:e~ 'and handed It to me<.t fac4 by . tflOUS~ WQlJldn'1 eat thaI ". e 'a rusty banana/fork a blunt lllI'irror/knife ~. onJsi1ed C snapped 01 tore bumper 1 He'gaveusa..areerre or Iwopweblems with the nat The pip... so lt's abit. Unshav.ul~jn:g con'tract Q. "Here's )lawr spoon.". ~ IUQk~d at him..and th~possible.g.~ •••• _.p. Choose:{he correct item..ect cf)mb..... CrO$$ .li~? ls followed B $hr~d$ C tiny pieces Dnalf ? .8llded me a the walls.?red with ol~ newspapers and ageing sandwiches .en ano smelling' of cal food.Il 94Je(.. sink.

role" have a soft. GO iityftdn§ .with this 'to the ma(. iii i$ i their attitude' or th~ way the.tion whatsoevttr of handing j'1J..PJfI(J ID tell you. I r~t)11V' ot on with Jill..hltiings iil the press'. I i ~ begirt to Jike sb.. beg1ns asentel)ce.omihg.a real. ShtI~11 step at promotion anGi she'll Grush anyone ' toloaU18: to really hate .tfol' SO be'(~ause of No way .se'lo I Nke atl my ctessee. having kno'wn themfo. Th~e:Ghildten took seneot fmmedfately. II' gol".sbthilflks th~y can do sth ba:GJ and 'ttfa:t nothing will ~"ap'p'en.s J i resignation to 1M hell-bent: an dOIng stb: to be absolutelydet'ermined tb do .ai all. IIdM11an ~ of doIII8 8th: will definitely not do sth~act In a (abIOIUIely) no i i ! to -8PPN1: if ~th appeals to sb. hasn't·s:h. the j:)aSil writing sur. .e_ac_h other as much as tbey hate Ute sight of: ttl really hate They 100k S. ro the new and made ~ ~ on. I .meabout). ' to get sth nothing to get that -matter sb wOI h0W ·1 I t i ! not to be overty lc. Uk.. (or.y j foll'Owed by an inversbn] r ! 'Q~ha'fe ! There.. ! theR -tie'. r i_ We aJlesol7ythBt been mislaid by tIleairfJfi/a but. ! althQugh I .to' I've got notlme~ tor dim" He!'s so i apologise.e? 10 take to sb/sth: to like sb/sth .gol (uaed tQ$hoW thal you wlll not . esp~ially and dr.the world 0/ him. _0ften used tor: husband ~ wife or .will" .ink ath! reaJly hate He . OV9r ap~a'edt@ me. d~~trQ¥irrg hjs career. tOI i .ving to pay so . i to obleat to 8th: te dislike 5th and feet angry about it' because you 'think it Is wrong or unfair J object to ha.g sdtt'spof !. situ to I'm }Jot ovetly keen on hGrror r 10 tell ysu the truth. a/ways been a &evcfted . but not intensely moVies. head heels r".vo-j(j.rtfng his tp' thJnk ! 10 resp-ectthe wortd: ·ofsb.didn 't g taNe toher.ho_tp_rep!1red to put up ...IQve. __ lengths tb get to do lib: do Ii anything to get or achieve 8th _ to 1 gO 8_nC1see a comedy Instea~.eems hell-benton oomftJ~te'ljt .: No ~ am I f/.slike'a.. :spct fo:r 8b~ (informal) to have-a special' likiil.husb~md. .oing the WBsfting-up. i !.anythlng tbat's sweet.·s noway:: l.ut said nothing' fOf tear of' hu. "m - If sb 'thInks be absolutely i'n love with sb He's besotted with her.. I wef1tbff him when he siriid. has I. shine to him.n:d have no If he thinks ne-een get away with that you used to like in..used to IQve·steak' but' flv. an adJective before a I • tllem i' ! noun He is devoted to iliS wife..8 way or' another I'm going to ••. . to . -.. .. .. del. ~ s to take 8 stJln.g lolcan 'I "'J than they blugo'another ..b_out:his /)f' who gets in her way.much money for an ink cattr:fqge .:.Likes . they find it attraGtiVe ana inte resting The idea of flving abroad j ! ! certain way I hav~ absolutely no Inten.h.. ~.e gone Jim gO{f?!1 to take him to oourt.Q happytQgether when you see Infjm on television. b. l arrogant. 1 He loathes driving to and admire like" Hi$ children think .'s €lotanotherthinkc.: 1 It doesn't matter how I do it or ~ how' it happens: the important i th ing is I'll it/if will happenj ! lots of new friends there. 'Oint i ! ! She has mother. ..(lY paFtiaf to chaool(jte.anofher and <8.' we 1O-go to-any .: f ab/act to herorderlng .! l'tn.. I J like.e to sb~: (informal) to 'rm' ". then they are wrong _ . ! '(!.. but apparentlY they hate the sight at each other.Ioya'i to love sba lot i di~llke so the moment you meet and be ve:r:y towprds' them. 'but I. a 1 feelings. my ! i a(w8y.Dislikes i U8ured: bUt do nat worry yOlJr luggage hBs wll1 find it...absOlutely refu. <.et's Some people will go to any: .nO Illegal or eruet it Is - test assured.simplY won't db He .qien't mind cooking.sIt! (eftenr sttl dangersus Of poten:tially harmtul) 1 to . bllt tve .detest d.'$. 'also i used ~s.hange: your mind) [Nete. I obieet to the way she orders me abCJut.Qut ! l I .. i'S told.llk_ ! on tefevis/on..t a. any longsr.0have noUmefor sb: todi.01 pr~paredto: I (efu~Seto to 80 off slh/sb: to 'stop likingl sthl.! Ihlnkcomlng= (spoken phrase) if ~: .b:..ehild relationships... no way I flm going . 1 to take an Instant dlanke to eb:10 10: i to be devoted to..short'tlme ornly Mrs Harris bas taken .n on diSlike. ai$ he.tilose hCJII:iplethings 't$.117 Determination but NIl .lager. {army proficiensy·group.=~ Illarent .::::: tor so j: I . not to to thtn[(:mlllch of sfh!ab: i not think sthfsb is very good do One way or another" he '/I make: sure he flets fhat leading. i 1 I ! to be beIoftadImacRy In ~ovawtdI i ! .. I'm goIng to Gomplain· j l ! . ~ 1 i i to be partial to used fortood \ *to like.:When ~ 1. ~ I . She didn't think much o'f his attempts at oil paihtll1(J. Ray and Ted took an instant disfike toone' .

to.• ·. ~oves 'ql1eese.."'.J ". •... . " p".1ake it in turns to ask each ather questions abiJut your (jUfn!/ikes .. . really . .llastat$:d when she fpund' outt..p.oetry.s1()nsJrQm this unit.. iavo... 4~he had a'low 9pi:nlon :off hi.. Ye... (. ~ . Work:wilb aparmer . k¢!iin ~9n those~kin\Js . Ollie: way 9..• .•• .family. :. beSqtt¢d ~ j)JI!f/y ~ 5Jiqt ~ or 6' I'm notprepan. •• wrth him. ·ot Ihu'm.sucha thing..'.irnew tea:~he( P · :~ I whaJ he wants. ''' . wbichcannot be (Jhanged in any way: 6· 1 I don't liKe it whEm pe. but rest career.. " off heavy IiJlela! music...aiU/'(jts/ikes and .•.syes on her. madly $ue .. It's as if she's be:e'lltiir by a ten-ton trlJck! Sh~ wasde.urite rii'€1Ge. HIS. another. He 'D1!l rn next time. •. ~ ¢:allleqiher.ung ChHdreo will lovs this :~pPQal l'msure this • . ~ ". bold. I LaJany lengths to get . a The.part.. 2 She petesl~' im.e F. I'm$W'i!r thw us:ing ef'!pres.eetow.o.•.fd 7 He'll goto 8 Th~re's no way 9 He might have.'e ih theirdsrnands . Qelf~v~ tha~:She'di?ay.fs. . obieot 7 8 9 1'0 ...Scdislike'd ~he. tbe ..g:ot away this time.•· " ••.. I.buf I think he's . .2 Sus:. .. h sight: Sl1li .'" h' ••••••••.oufilms. . 3' I'm not 4 S everythi09~ .away with this . 'He h. se:nte'ac~ tlstng 3 to' Kworas.w teacher.qrq#estionsd:to 8 qeloJif. ~. Alari..tioll' whatsoever She seems to be hell-bent Don't WQf'ry. we'll g-et Rim world. yo:ungChildhel1.... He:d9!eS nothing. [][I. ... I. word (akenJrom the box .asin example. ". h 4. He. I .• 17 rrew film. do bV people I don't respect. !.....s.~d always had a soft " for Carla.." .true that She. ..ur any lon!lJe:r.••••••••• : ...shine..••." ... :quiietl:.0t take: The students ._ . on'dest.loafhes 1 George has .. ". 1 If he thinks he 'is going to get . assured. . A: Have you ever gone off something?' B. devoted' Daetd . 3 He'll stop at 4: 5 rnJ OJ] ~mQther think COrriih§'j..•. tb put up with suef wqtd given tn. ..... her' Conwl~f. 'bl!t nonmy more: . H' ••..itd -gone - Ulken . thE!' rniriutehe sst.....s ppeby ..ehavIQ. 6 David is very loving and loXa1towards his..haJ he Was' a lia1.theh he's :2 :5 l'rn sure yo. z. !Js~dtel'like it. cOU1:plete the seclJ!14 seuences« that tt bas a $fmJlarmeaning to :thefir. . tused to like hlp hop music some years ago but now I've gone off it..hiill b'llt I find it very difficult [0. othlrn 3 Fred disliked VivIana the minute he set eyes on her.a[l.. il'f$1ia rnil F re'p' " " •. '" co ••• . .. .~oyil'1g.time .bi'n'g [0· giv.• . 'i. lei to n~. I int-en. Stilton. _lb I n6thiii:g to ge~what he wants.detitSled . I've~otno . They're all the same.hlsp. COiJIpU?te:ed/dh sentence opmlng (lt« 9) with em ap!YrPPrta!e'etlding (a-£). AMa'&c·. stud. CPractke 1. ••• i1i$family. He's particularly " . " .....le ! don't respeot tall rne what to do. as far as I'm ccncemed.. ..ent... giving in to their' demands. -.. 7 Sue jiSGJaZoY about Alan. tor peopl~·like Ian. he'll pay for what he's done. much She . to her. . YtlU must indudeti).J_~I of 3." .ethe jr3l1mat'ftg Se'tUfflCl{S iVith'an tlPJiropnate..' .. hint She hated about him..She Met thoughHhft. butcom'plaili and whinge all me titn:e. Hs's only known Becky for a week..

llf1e.itidh and rtf askwherfJ . the bonnet. 'he to overtake: to. wide reads. tow: (ath) ~ ~ to pun Into eomewhere: to leavethe roaal in 'Order to stop somewhere [Note: '10·pul~ in: move to tthe side of the road in order ttl Jet .~usly been tihat you ean see i l'ileVf!r ov..~hts .lf rei parked on a (1ol1b. lorry [Note: for .view mirr:or ii to q. to &lart" drivil1g.t. in .'.:n in front of you.een wa'$ $/:. into a teJeRnone pox. move backwards i I ! uf!l1et ~ bpnqer.D swerve 10 avoid sth:tQ suddenly the pavement while driving .y are'rai~ed . I ! l ! i ! (In be on) fUll bfJam= ffYf:.ara~an. ~ into two lanes in each di~ect.another vehicle pasa] bike.tltle bumper. ! ! f He was Injured when the eer he was in was involved in a collision. quickly and suddenly ! 10 put B CIID' Into reverse: to change Seeing the boy. to .byt/te Police. ! to prevent accidents ~ I I 1 t I ror i. door. kpll1t: to dflve at . was d(!)ing twjce the speed limit: etc) of a 'GaI" j the Ught8 chang8d~ title ttraffic li. 8wlndsCfee. h(lving preYJo_usly st~pp.e the metal ! 5 The dual ~arfia.aIon: a crash in whloh two moving vehicles hit each other . fie was.eauf3l'1t. parkedandlbQKeid . pass a car whiCh is'ln ! I A . was divided i He was fined 'or speeding.: sharp -direCtion bsnd in d(~wupouts:!de my /'j'(ju$e. !i to pun away. for .ed to tOM if one ve'hicl~ tpws anPther. new one [Note: a write-off: sth 'tHe. i ! I puJled Up.tIt: ~'. th~ engine: 1 I dffJpPf1d a oan of paint on the ear t ti.avoid sth intne· road ' Clashed int0 a mae!.doing 60 kpb in a i t.stan: if sbta car stalls.eJtak~ on« hill. ! ! to pull (ub) ovec: 'to slop at the'side oftlhe road The car was frIaking' a .lp :9Fan. Never pull out into where<road turns back inapposite Haitpin·.:ddenly ~ raaf and 'dente-d it. 1 frOnt of you Gtasne£i. / drew tip at the. 10 milte lell car) 'Oil: to dam{4ge a car so oad'ly tha1 repairing it would cost more than buying a. over. but she to do u. She' . as 11e (lhe We pufled in :SOlhat the ambulance· 'oo!1id RB.Jrned red or green [ ofthe oorstops.Jt tOe ear was a write~off. 40 ' pulls tha:tvel1icle be"Mlnd it.SS.swerved to avoid the dog /~nd Into lanes (most motalWayshave ! to apeed: to go fasterlhan the speed j smashed into the cta$h is. I ! ! i to' awav: to r:emoV'ea vehicle that has been HLecgaUy parked or that has been il1v. a comer a~:OC:.ted fe. i Never overtake 0"' a blind Gmmer .olved in anaccloent by towing it and mycaf had be. etc) you use 10 gel off] Opp: to get in/into a car [Noite:.tried to pull away. speefJ IQn~ . to pull out: previously You ~getQffthe t.m he hit 'the' brakQ$'! into reve~ gear so that you can and the oar soreeohed to a halt.kId: to stide on the road 11& put the car into reverse -and j more Dip your lights.le yeJlDw /ine. stopped hcaozy traffic a haIrpin bend.nds are alwayS' without Que Gare and attention. dirtY th~t ws· cpuid nardly":se~ thrQugh ft.of the ca. )l:Quare blinding the i poor ma.gewa¥.~II oitrer foimsdt transport (plane. drive. the f~~ihtwindow of a Pull ih:to the' neXt pietrof sf.r white I uroiQckthe front. .18 Driving r~ I• 8 btrnd comer. previ. to pull up: t~ stop in a vehicle I . si9nposted.(raffic' neX! bus 's:top" We got on the If?in.was fined £149 for jumpfng a red backed irito1he. 3 or more I~me$) limit i i to denI I car: to dama~. at the iraffie IlgMs.use'to getonj . to.t has been wr'iti:en·off] 1 :! to join the trame" h~:vinQi. StrOI7l~ low fence built along the sida of a road or between'tvvo halves of a'motbI'Way i to lump a red light: to pass through. ~ He.t I I a ~rafffclight that is red t . put/roout of me station: The.sweMng to avoia th·e fox. It tookag(NJ the lights te change. the cnab banter. f mountedfhe pavement anlf. train.~g. su. :1 He started skidding towards an a lane: large. bt.dmaget out . i I I ! ·and pI:Jfledaway.. • to hit/stun on the bnIkec to brake.funny (foise' $0 f puffed He wa:s line" thank goodness..coUI. the whistle blew and we. are divided i onoamlny lortyl He .i «love Gr'la's car sldeways so as to to draw up: to stop in a vehiele ~ .en towed !away . Ihe£'ffl on full f beQ. :at traffl(: Itgnts) or having. ~ften by means of a rope or a chajt'l' t0gelout (6f 8 ear): lei leave a ear. wir:ld~c.all other forms of tsanspert YOlU ."1d whict:1 1 hoW treffto: 101$ of ~$fftC yOy caonot'$9& i Thli traffia was h8avy IhtIt n/t1h. She' ofieeked her rear.. kph to moot Ihapavement to go up on s'taUed.lur IiIghlEi are on full beam.. taxii van.




1. Reatlthe, two te.:tl,$ below
€aGb ,gap ,

'(lM decid,f/ whichtJJlsUie-r

(f\; B,

C @tJ)) hest-!ils

2" QYau will bear a conve_rsn.tion beJween a ·driVing. mstr!tGtdr and, a learner drive1l. Lis.ten to the recording
anit anw(!t'ti)'e' questiQiJstJel6w.
1 How fast was Mr- ~ai:nes d,riving when h~:wa$ on the highw,ay? :2 Why was the: lorry driving towards

,$he' had 1) , " . Her foot must have sltpped . .Etther w~y, the ffvi5' seconds It took her to resltarl the oar lhad

-see meld an etemity. The drivers

Mr Barnes?·
"•••••••• , I , ', • , .',", ••• '. ,'II ••••• ~ h ~.~ ••

be.hflld her had tmpatJent:ly s6.unded Ureif h.6rri.s and -she had beenfll!steretL How it ,hapP'9nedshe didn!t know, put she had put the ca:r into reverse and driven into !he car ,behind her. Nothing had happened to ,thi9 car b,el1ind, t,tl:.ltshe had 2) " the' back, of~ef owi1..Her husband would be livid. Five minutes later, she was stilI ihfnking about herhusbend Perhaps that was why she was not payi~gattefitlon ..PeJihaps that's, why she dldn't.see UTeboy klr;;Khis fOcitball into tKe road, Perhaps that's why when she'sawthe'ball she couldn't ;rat:iona.lis:~[l'Jat~tWa~ only a ball, Sfc)e'3), " to avoId! it p(1',IQ:'tn,e.1"I4} " tfJ~braKeS· as sherealis,e~:Lshewash€'ading fot a <lMh. Sma-s,n, Ith(:!jJp~i1e.dil"l 'slow motiQn;S.he watched!h,e W!ihdSG'{e~n ~hatter, l?he:'heard the metal erurrple. S,ut she, was okay. She h~d 5) .." ofll1er husb~nd;scar~ De,$t.rQ,yed,iLShe watch:e;dthe fooovery van 6) ,." ·. away :\he 1Iiff,eckage sf what was' once her . husband's pnde' C!nd,joy., The van, wilb the care romng unsteadily be h[rl d it, disappeared ..$he,watc:hed it go, tblrned, pJcked up !.hef0oiba~l,andsta'rted walking home. . 1 A,arrested 2 A bruised 3 A. swerved 4 A hit
.5 B halted, B

~ ,3 Why co.U!d Mr Barnes's;ee the IOJI)' : driVers face? } <••••••• ,,~••:••••• ~... " •••••• ~••'•••• , ,.•• ~


•"••• " •I." •• ;,••• ,•
•• ~ ~ ,••• !_. •• ~.,


.,.• ~,;.

L-.. ••

,.J, ..~ •• "~,, ..,:"

i .••..~"' ••



WI1~t happ.en,~d when Mr Barnes' hiit the brakes?
••••• ' ,,'~. L ' •••• L" •••••••• L.' , , " •••••



, ",


5 What were the three :iricidenls that ecoured before Mr Barnes .g,dt on

Ufe' highway?
~. L.'.
, •• ~ ~

~;. ••
.i •• ,,; •• '~.;..
" .. ,' '.' ;;: L ' L"' •• ' •• ~" " • '.' L L ".



~ ••••

~ •• :, • ;;,•• ~... ; •• n" •••. ~ ••.••• •







6 WtT€J.tdid Mr· Bamestry
• .'.'.~ •• ". ~•• "r •••• ~.~ ••• '.~ •.•• r.·"",,,"

or,d:er- t~ ttnpr,e:ss. Mw HiU1g[gih$,?

"to . do


~ 7

••• , ••••••.•••••••••


A d'GJ,shed

IB:swung 6 s.l;1PpM IB written

C stall!1d C cteased C twisted

o joltfld
D snapped 0 spun D Ihammere:d [)signed D dr]ve

Why couldn't Mr 8arne:s see: if there was any traffic toming: whenhe~ tried to pull out?
, , .'" r~ ,,•, , •••••• _."." •



~ .",



• _.. ; ••









" ••





I •••


i •.• '. ! .•.• •• '

C struck
C cast C tug


B How did Mr Huggin's k':nock hirnselt 0'ut7
• L" '. ',",' ~•• ~" " •.•:. , , ••• '
r.' •• '.:. , , •••.•• i " •••


" ••• ~'~..'"


, • ' ".."
~" ,


6 A low

:" i

, .•... " rn=-. ,

"n .. ~,~

.m·•• , ••••




He pulled 1) "" at Ih.e traJfic lIghts and a'hordeef children crowded rouno ,his. opr- trying to ,S9.rUboff"s .dirt fl'olror his: win~sGre~n. He {ihOlOed them awfj.Y. His mirtd W&S tur1nln.9 at a hundreq miles an hOl)r. Whafwas he ,gain!)) to qay? 'The minute the policeman had pul~ed hi!m 2) heknew heWi;lshtrouble.Th:e·policeman had been the side of the road and he h'ad'i1't seen him. The·policeman had walked over to his car-end as he wound down hiswihdow the night air had hit him. It felt lik-ea slap. "You do realise you were, 3) ,: , T' he said. "I] cloCkets you ". *x. 'a... !l.Qre! I.e ~new I ~ . a, b' d,omg• 75'" '. H.e f',·,>j'f lob a·tv·'kurt,I\o! t· 'Ik Be fc ·c. k' I,. . ... <'j..h" h'd .' ,een .,: oun"-l ~ II",,~ arreste:dafld parents had been n(;![ifie.d. He spent [fhe~n'ight a!. the ~,blicelstation~and was nOWbn :his,way home. He 4) " up 9IJ!sid'e his home" Whqi" w~re they g'oitlgto say? H~', tUj"n~d o:ft'th~. engine', got 5) thEfca,r and ,$~owly V'Lalke,d t0war,(:1'S dOQf. the

• ,



whqJ dQ you thi'ltk bas l1appenealis;
happening in: the p.~mogfqph? Talk about it, tm'ng thl! prompts.




i 1





1 A up
2 4 A


B out Bin

C Into
C:f,li:ong C ~dashing C 6f~,wled C 'Gut o!

o away
Dawf,j.y speeding drew 0 away

! laneJeQfne


Petre and .Jack/dr-ive: alonglc0lmtry ,Cl.c:rosslflo~k ,0f she'€:p/noadl

i notable/swerve"

3' A exceeding'

B cmw~ing.
13stop'ped B 6ft


AI. parked

avoid(arn irrrals/s Q/hiit Jbr~kesJn9t abJ.elpU!t ca.r/rev~rsE?/shFlep: ana behind'/Pe'le/~et bulMar! ! ln Iront ~ Jack/look/m a.p/S,e elw her e/b el real iS,eI





19 Eating and Drinking
Eadi1g ...



appetite: desire 10 eat f I was hungry befoIe I watched that documentaly on plastic surgery, Now I have kJSt my appetite.


When is dJrmei'? J'm t'iiiiJ/ShtKi JI ....... a Small, usefuf Mel cleVer Playing a sport ;s a r/fXXJ' way of machine or 1001 !working up an ap~tfte.

til WOI!k. up an 1ijJpBdlt'li to do Sttr (generanysome - kind @f' phy$ioaJ i exerdse) which makes you hungry



She had one f}adget I h;id never 1 DrInkIng has. big meals. .' f' seen~fGreit ~ ealfed an ~ _ d~,' carbonated soft drinks We' are alf big eatelS in my tamitY,se aJ.Itr:)matic .butter softener. Opp: still f7OfJ8 of us is thfrl. . f to grab I bile to 10 quickly have j Will you have a fizzy orapgeade or a to bon (tth) down: to eat v~ gutCldy. j 8th to eat; generall¥ in a fast food still orange drink? generally, becaUSe you are in a hurry ~ ;,*u~nt . . -aD bI IIIIIII*'I for e drink: to be He ran lim> the kitchen bolted down ; 1m gomg to gran a 1iJftef@ eat Do extremely thirsty his breakfast lind ran ,o~ ofrha dbor~ you want to come'r he asked. i (t was hot and we had walked for canned/IInnId goodS: fOQd putintb a 1M the ~upboard In the l<ltChen miles. 80th of us 'were gasping for a metal container and sealed 10! where foOO IS kept I drink af water. ... remain fresh You'll .f1oo all our finn9ci foOd in the mInenIlWBlllr. batfhsd water, generally If you're taking oonnedfood With you j larder. ! taken from spas and considered to on your camping triP. don'ttarget to j to beJreel peaIdah; to be a litHe hungry! be healthier lhat tap water pack a tin opener. /felt a bit peckiSh, so I p£Jppecf ootto ~ Some claim 1h81:drinking minemf Icould eats horse~ I'm very nungry: !the-supermarket and bought rr'rfSe1f 1 waterlmprovesyoorhealtlt often pr~ed by I'm SlalVing a cake. ! an the lIou8e:if you 9.0 to a oofe or a . "I'm §farvii1g," he· ~SiikJ. "I COflld eat a I' 'to ipk:k -II: )'OW' fOod: to eat your 1000. ::i restaurent and you are given stlrl (a horse." ! very slowly and wittl0ut entlilusiasml; dtinkj'C! dessert, etc) on the house, 1 ( ..... whe lly h~... .J! you do not have 10 "'~y for a . gene!Q1.., n you are um ~PYJ .:::; Ycrockery: the ooliectiVe noufl·for plates, unwell/do not lik-e!the wod) Our children's meals contaln a 'GUPS. mugs, bGwls, dishes, etc -H~nfjetta picked listfesst( at her fOf!Jd ~ special Offer this week: .ss much ice I'll wash thecmckery /ater. I an~:ltheJj pusl'led her plare aside. ~ cream as they oan eat - on the· CllllJery~ the collElCtive noun i1er kl1ives. . : hDusel forks and spoons ta~ your appstlte: '!ioeat Sth before 1 I a meal" SOl that you are no ·Iollge( : to be parched:: to be-very thirsty CoUld .YOU put 'the Gl1tte,}, on the, .• h "Oh'" . if' . i . I'm {NIfc/1M. Lfifs get sGmething to ..ungl)l IN en I. ISmea,dme

a big IIIIIt: a person Who $S1S a lot and




! f












thirsty ,:.~,: . !. to wall: :l1li dOYm: to eat sth very :.::.,~:: This glass .of will qUt;1rrch to eat.about 01 house, and home: if s.b· quickly ~often booause you are very yourthirsl. vlsn!>or stays with so and eats them , hungry or: in a hurry j-

dig fnl': (informal) start eating :! ~Dig in," he·-said; as he got up to!

No, VC!ucan't have' aootber slice of roast. l,cion1 want Y0l:i' tO$pQi/Y19Uf


i to .qU8llCl1 your :thirst: to satiSfy



thirst so th~t you sre nO'lang:er

answer the aoo:

out of house and horne, tlhey eat all the food in the house My {Jephews eemeto stay with me t fora week ,and ate me out of ; house and home. 1

,1' '••: !


"WeN,ypu wolfed thai down quickly ~.:;: drinks: cold (often fizzy) drinks that 60ft enough. didn't you? Do you went ' do not contain al(:o'OOI some more-P'"she-asked. j We only sell sottdrinks like ~ lemonade: endceo« cOla.


'-.. Practice
J. Choose tbe .ro,rre·ctitem.
1 l'rn absolutely.".. ! I coul1d eat a horse, A parched B peC-K,lsh C ihungry D 'famished
2: Sid has §llwa:ys been a

A heavy

" B ,s~rongi C. grand

eater, 0 big

3 We were starving but muin wO.uldn'l 1131 s eat befo~e u dinner as it would .... ,., ....... ,,,, .... ,. Q:ur appetites; A damag:e-B ;spoil. C .dent 0 pr~jupi¢.e


He must have-been hUf!gry .. Old
~I["".'.... ~".......,... '" .,.'.•.

yousee the way he

his··diflhe.r clown?
C dernoflshed D polish.ed.

A. wolfed

B swaJlowea

2. RelJd theres,tauMnt retJi#itrbelolJ.!: l)sinQth"fdlighl~'gktea tv9rg. -that appearsal lhe. en£/..oj s0111e:o{t!ze l!nes, form a u/<}fti that/its the sp4"ce~i'fithe same Hne Av. e.x.amp/e has. berm donejoryou:

5· That's. thee: last time they're tos,tay for the' we'ekend. They ate us out of houseand " ,1 A kitchen B garden C home _0 lardiYr '6 "Tlhere~s i"IO needt6.,stand0irl cerem.ony, .....:..: ..,....,...... . in,~, aid a 'cll ~. bod'I~., v. Ie,. fnrlth' k't c.h_e . ~ .s .. . ...8em . tJo', e o. n e.1



A Pk)UQh

B tBurr.ol!V C Fork
, h~ht?

0 Dig

rmjust go(ngto ,.,
we can meet, is Ihatall

a It)ite 10 e9t~a.ndthlen' D gra.b at hoer fO.dd.

A gr,C?!spB


C clasp , ,.., C w.orke,€J

a Feellrrg 6ff·colom, she
A ballet;! B Pickea



9 We Gouldn;t find ~. 5,i1'rgle k.nife" fOrlko:r SPQ0!l anywhere~ Apparently, for thern;'tiJlly equipped meant :e,verythin,g expept., ,"', ,..,..' . A crocikery B cUitie-ry C uienslts
D ga;q_gets

10 TAEJre'snothing-like a gopd GL,lp'b'f lea to '" .." voulr thirst. A clr~w


13 quahC!h Csafe
, ,. fGradrink_~

11 ,After three hours 'of wal.king in th~ hor summersun,

we were, ..,,,

A gaspihg BgllllRing
12 He prefers ........ ,,, .... ,....... A canned 13 B well

C panting

D 'sighing'

to ta.p w_ater,
D fresh

C mineral

Fresh fruit julcels crlnks,

better fOry.ou

than "',;.....,.,•. ;..,,.... ,... . ,
D bubbly

,A f,uzzy
drinks. /! mHd 15 We; had' to'

B fjzzy

C sMcnanne

14, Theydon't sell tea pr c.offee. Theyor1~Y sell ......,.......... B swe~1 C 'p!ajn
not fdrthe:drink.s


for our foo,(jbul


th,ey were orr the.....,,,.,....,.. ....... . . . , A house C compliment
B' cafe 16 There's plenty of ..:, D cQn~umptiQn iood til the larder. C frq~en D canned

when "an Q) invitatIon frclm one of its oWners f0un(l its way- on te my des"'. :Situated'in'a1) ., ,..". overllow.illQ with th.eme-d Irish and American eateries. Ine Weage stands out not only for the -2) _ of its deem (bare brick walls., .p0nshe:d·flGorb6~rds, ,~)1d whit~ linen tablechntris)" buf atso because of its uniquely Brilishmenu, 3} ." , bs.aYJ wew~re Intrigueiil a[hd we. chose to, dine out,at the Wedg.e last Monday ..we~were wslcomed by q ·tearnof excet!lehil and ~witcM·tJj-OM staff who, 4) our meal, were attentive _~ and $) ,..", ..""". witho![jt b~il1lg'Qv~roearing, ! The menu was .extensiVe. interestihg aM 6) ........ ,..', ... , 'for aU budgets'. The :~ emphasis, as you might e~peCl!, wa:.s en traditional British fare· roast meats, pies, t baked puddings -thQugh: a number of more 7) .,,, .. ,j,,,,, dishes. were thrown iofor ~ t thOS8Witih a(radventu_rous, fDala:!e,. We, , sp.oilt for B) .;and in th~( erts" I r p.lurriped fbrcrab SClLlPas a. starter and "ro.ast be.ef and Yorkshice pudding. for my. : mafn course. The:' 9) We were " ~~served were generous, OUf foot! arrived 0' '! promptly,:and nfoo interv;als 141 time: were left .:-:-. between, ocnrses. :Sup-erior servi®e. a. relaxing, ambience, an Imaginatiiv;e menu and 10) prices- it would seem






,,c ..




, that file Wedge. has l' fqrmula. It is ashame,

hit 011 a winning'

A ,spq>iled
B, raw


theref()re_:, that :our food tasted like ihuustrial stren"Qth :Soap..

J De§crlbe your iaI)ourite res:t:auTan.t~uSing words and
e~p.7it!s$-fdn$/Mm this -uni(.

20 Education
has equal chanceS failing an exam



• border1InI ClII'idIdIIfa: ,a person Who
of ~ng .


to be aqllAed from tc:bocM: to be

dismissedfrom school ~ 1 becaUse you htWe -done 8th very


10 pass tm ~ wtth ftyfng COkM.n: to db v~ well in an cexamand get very. good markS

He Wflsplaying truant· ag8Jn· and this tiine fie had lJeen caught -stl1d:ent should elroose to to be popller. ~ you are ~far • ., ChaIlIn .. 111m: tQ use'dishOnest I schpol atthe~tl of sb¢een. eve!)bo~ .~ikesow y m-ethods {e.g. copying from the i student next to you) in order to ~ j a (PBda: mark reQelved by students il1 He was a popular toocherand his an·exam 1 .examination or fer written work, ~ stud6ntS ieaJly erijoygd his lessons. i usually in form of a H9 che8tedlnevery'OO silt for, l i! sb who Is studying for i ,

fixpeI/JJd from school for JnsolerWe to her teacher. •~ offisial d~l)menr $I) receives on cor:npIeting course of ~ • gIftBd 8hIdIint a student with natural study or training' ~ ability to do sth wen Her 8efiInnar's SWimm1l7g ,eertJftcate The f1ea.dmaSter was dis~¥ed that is tramiJd GO tJre Wall. i sl)ch a g;tted ,aR.!:J hariiworklnSi

Our pafiCy is not 10 ,aJftM/ t:K:needine . C81Jd/~ to the Higher e:xafTiS. i





laura is a'vel'Y bright sltldent Bnd I'm .sUre S.@, will pass air her·e,.Ya(7JS with
flying c_(~loor:s. permi:SSibn

!i to P&av truant" to miss school
~ ,





CO ~

.best in your.class

too .lazyto ~. top of 'your cfaS.a:


I got·a,,; my G.offlPJO$.ifidn. ~ree from a university


be: the ~ a grlHjUll« who has.received


I came top of my QIa~ In history..
B DOUrIIl' a series of lessons




an adv;anced a~f~ (a maSter's degree ora dtx:toraie)at university

particularsubjOOt (you can ~o a. -; university, haVlng finished your OO.lJrse at a trainirig institute, .at 'a d~roo oours~ and having gat your Igm€}uage jootitute, etc) 1~uatifications




is a 1]laduate:'of Kent Unlversfly. to graduate tram UI\hIer'sIly. to leave

! la research/lOdo

Postgraduat~s must apply .fol reseaiGkJ funding &em the end of the B'Gade.mic year;

I'm doing a C(£)&f'se in radio jouma};sm at the looal techriicaI

~ReQeGca to






York In ~

research Into: to do ,adVanced stJJai~ in a partit:ular ElUbjept (o~n dQffi by peQpl.e, whQ have: a. university doctorate) [re-search .is an ·I.Jncowntable noun]

a ,degree: the qlJialmootjoh yo!.!, .Ne ~ wMn you h~~ 1ihished studyjng a ! -ceu~ at L!nlversity;IN0t-ei to doa i i .~re.e: tostudyfQf a d~:r~j ! ~ I'Vegot? degreeinOiochemistlJ(. ! lO Pm doing ~ degr~ in zOOlogy ..


laam sth by heart toleam sth So ";

Navlilg gained a' PhD ftl nuclear

you 00' nGt I"I~ .

to re3',d'


ph~iCS, l1e went on

M/ilfQatet n@d f~ the·.~m by heart so that shfy could (OOne it in




sUblett '9.t uri~lVersfty


In: ~o teach a paiticulat

! to ,rvvIse; tm stlUd1jforan ! INcite: revision (fi)J i

into (!.tomio ipartiel0$,

to do reswrol1

Paul is revising (Of !Tis geography-



" ..

dIploma: qpali.flcation awarded to. ,stuq.ent bycolle~e, or by nigh school f
in USA


St~ven lectures In Roman Law -sf


to sail tl1nXlgh~ an exam: to ~ an exam very oosily and with a g0Q;d

~ alenJenl; il'Iachef: a·t~achejl' who i.snot strfqt' and does not punlslh &tudeA!ts The·two,.year cburseiea:ds to the. CitY ! wlho deservet'o be punished & Guilds'Dif)fotna In Printipg. ' If .yc1l!' aretdo lenient with your to drop outar~ to .1~."ve sfJIc-ients,. you oat/be sure: that they univers.ity beforE), 'finishing your will take adttan.~g.e' of you. j degree




exams. to sn: (for)

Is ailed thmug.h my en(iof

year .

an exam:to takeane~m

I am going t,osit fQr- rnyptoficie:ncy week: .

exmn next

.spent'lessihan 1Wo tfiJ'rnS:ttJere.

She dropped out cif ,Oxford, having


a made pOint given for correct answer or for doing well Ih;examinati'on

,anundelgra.dlla'te: sb who is studying

their firs1 degrooeat university

edlllfalnment: sl'h designed to be both educationall Some-' people 'Would' say

.Peteygott~p. maooin hismafhs test.
a mock exam~ a pr.a:ctic.eexarrf usually important exam

a university
IlG wlnl

Pem7Y, fovea every rna.ment of' /Jeiqg' undergraduate. -

are edutalnme:nt. to excel at to be very gOOd at
He..excelled a:~ rnaths .and physic'S, fater winning the NQ~! prize.



taken aSl1Qi'ttilTlE! before a re.aJand

money to he)p P?yfor the,educa~6.n .


to be given

I passed trrt mock profidenoyef8!T1. so I'm oonlideril'thaU will do well in the reaNhinfj.

entrance exam)

yOl) reoelve (you offen win ' 1!. scholarship by doihg wen in an

He wontMbhOfpr:ship to' C:arnlJticfge.

B ~~ . 13. 3 Ten ~t. finally ge't1Jl1lg afifSt' class :horroursdegf!3.ssi:s_ted C let C C C C strtct D .. II also .e. ... Lionel was a 0) compulsive ltar and ·anillvete'tate cheat who... tha~ I sho:llid give liQnftl credft wher:e oredirt is due. 5 ·W··~ ill -~eed to ss .abqut nuclear physic~ ~t th_e·6orbll. OM well. plagued the hell out of both my:Self. ". Match the.. 2 'I can't eome but t(ll. I was a model student a:i)d was :pbpular OQth 1) my teaohers . Is fuls video series really or is it jus~. it ~ .... 6 .!Sentfy t.' .les.debatable D expii'@cl D hurJ. 2 to l~9m Sin by heart 3 diploma 4 edutainment' COllu:mn B grade 6 certificate . etc d grade out of to o(20.. F - 0 A hardened 1 A running 2 A gJfted 3 A grey 4 A -evacuated yOur G::C.. Rea4 the tt/lit'beww cmd decid¢which ftPfif)rP(A" B.if was perhaps a blessing that..... complete. i 3....... Notwithstanding tha..' . th. fnt withflyifl'Q 4) and Game 5:) . I took 14) a 'teaching post at Harvar:q. I f R(!(J(J'the-(fJxtbeio. it ".exoelled 6) sports.Jndergra:duate ~ I .c.and I saHe..... -president for s'ix y..anarrow fall.elc e to learn sth fora test or exam f S.t. " atomic partiCIi3s." ..fil"$t"year' " called freshmen ..e}l D lenient D by Drake D 8 A false 9 A eviction A made evacuatcn aJe: 10 B did Bwent D sat D dropped 11 . not On @raduatisn day.. " . and exbessiveliy liberal headmastercould 'ignore the fact that Lionel had been caught Cheatmg 7) ". t>lJt soon '11) out . ..xpens'ive arid most academically demandillg schoels i ! ! j i I hi th·e... ~ OC~ • '.2)' .even o." '''" .laying B up'slanding 8l)otde:rliile 8'€lxpelleq B pltohed 8-liight B-at B pretend B extraction ©cOm. feottJrec.1 7) ." .'rdsfrdft~. he 11Q) " a course in printing and d.".rpat)d jill ea(b bl~nk.. " 'degree . with ..S..'." . when not 1) 9} natural sci6:riG$. .iu1ttn..l15) . however. he was 4) " from the school before he 'tonk.g PQst. . tr'\..ltl:1ep~h s " '.-'h 0toe.B to revise 7 5 mar~: ! I. wt-n~re I..lpie~.a :scl1olarship to Ca.lfejiru'tion in column..en crQmplttet&e sftltenc~es b#lou.Hy received on completion oftrainihg b ed!J(::atlonaland enieltalning c mark ol A. Hewasatbest a 3) -. ke~195m~ -m..' 5 A thrown 6 A harsh 7 A 0111 B heavY B p. S._fL _~ _ ee p op~ "-'I . astrophysics.a gimmick? 7 A~though Eric...a)nd IflTly tEl8ching .Y . . can 4He didn't need notes as Me haG! le.. . Lfon'e:1 Mendax: The Truth It was my misfprtutre: tQ:be Wanel Mendax.Jnha·high school Qrfldtlates reCeiVed their ." ."" . !.g. stuQ~nts ~erythfng ... Farfromlt. h to know sth very well 1 2: 3." : the exam.. Contrary to hk~ own inflated 'opinion 'of his int!{nechJi3J1 apilities. student.U)ith an~ sui!a. a. It ts only-fair.. " 0'1my class In every subl'e13l1 took..Ulord$ln c(jlumn4with~ tb~ c....)at the I'Qcalt€!'chl'iicall-college.."s form master in.orrect.D :studying tor first university ! i ~ C&rnbrldge was ch'ildts pla.ur ridicul0usly 6) " . . _ .On graquating '10) .gJe Urf[V9.amec.p'Ulsivi.E. and lrs a Jeb..•..". .I . "". I waselecWdc:!ass. In my 'fil'lsl ye'a'fait s:o!heoi!..odell .(:j. ...rt often is the boo4 ." resesrch 12) .2:0 CP~actice 1...ilnne'University in Paris. they do: not know 9 paper'8w..y8s... : every single ene of hisS) " GCSE Exams.) ..exams and as-such . _ _ w . 1 am IJr(.country. them.ea0~tn.tfitH!~cb - 4 5 6 7 I f gap.. 1 passedevery exam I 3) ".. B ~n theU$A.". in .fiiglhtas l'm for romonow's '!8$t.ll. After this 9) .and my classm-ates. ..E .d QY college dr by U. ColumnA l' i 2.16~).: high sehoo] . a 8th off~da.90ta 0 . . CorD) bes.'Qoileagl.8) . Gar:nbridg'e..d my research. Lionel wasnot a .esi_gr. " every exam I took. I went onto OXfol"d to 11) .. No one had ever been '5) " : out..hls last year ·at school!..~. anYQr:re get... . ~candidate for his GCS..:.) C making D add ictive' D doing D C skmed C fuHle 'eviete:d di$car'd~d strrn~errlt in C rnoek C expulsi'on 'C a.4.e!lrs:2:) .lgnl..~I&WQr(J ~ I Uonel MenditX: Curriculum II was a child prodl:gy"and Went to the mosf..c6. of Greyfriars'School before.

/' n waS vel}' hilarious.Very) Note 1:: * '" used Ibefo~EIa noun.*e. j J a rocl-hot km1e are red-. noun Note 2: To stJengthellaxtreme .* completel. filtnyafter I"d been i.$ creaked and the Walls were paper thin./oved it~ mor-shSrp: **'" very sharp In razor-sharp teeth Emphasis II . competitIon. dooumentwy/speech found very bad indeed mistake when I j EverybOcty a dreadful the "''''* oompletelY new dfstrsuttht· *u very up-set indeed.tept .J.~er: freeing (CDld):"'1I'~ very cold (used to descrlbe the weather you feel) freezing cold weather Iwas or hoW' wide open: ** cornp!e. ~ a _brand-new bike : probably becaUcliE! sth very bad . there are IGts of teams/cand idate_s that may possibly win it] You left the dOQr wide olDen! With no favourites ' I ! i wet and it was freezing cold.Very The needles on the cactus were: ta:zOr-sfi8rp . We were famished.the subjeot crystal clear.ed i his house was bran~new. } 'm freezlngl door? 'Could you shut the wide open.They were drrtcheap. i ~ br8no. lr-was atJsofulely hilarious. noun.. *'It* VfWj papsr thIn: *** very thin (used to de~c:ritIe walls.dJecUVea dllllClOua: *~11! very tasty indeed deli%ils cake nil' 1 i i rIYstIng: ! ! Of the· many works of art lost in the fire. his dinner w. '" can be used before OFafter 8.. 1 pltch-b'LackJdark! *** compretely dark drenched/soaked: u-* very wet j superb~ 1tU veryg00d lndeed -a superb pertormancelrestaLJrant ~ It was a pitofJ. generally with '!ho verb fo . round the stene eGld~ stone Ideal: stuck "asb "''It WI3 swam In the crysta!·Q"~ar waters: of the Caribbean. did cheap.d tf:te bOy stone was sOlJndasl'eep. flabbergasted "'*' very surprised ind:e. SheW be livid when she finds out that you smij~hed het -favourite vase.b«:J was h~rd. Interesting her speech The eudding was deli~ious. dreadful: I made told him a riveting rlvetfflg.t cold.ched. stand with a very straight back famblhad: ** ve:r'l hungry indeed f. the fJOOrbDaN.adjectives you most use tha wordabsolutel)!...the time he fJpt qffthe pfi:lqne.11 (for w. l GOld:*'* completely cb_ldl (used de&critie food Qt tHink that shoul'd be hot) iVa never laughed se much in-my! litI. be sat bolt uprjght~ asleep: ~. open. She had been missing for . packed': :**'" (i) very crowded jnde~d (il) -fun Cif apacked"cinema The train was packed. V'ou eannot use the word very.ertr.y My tiands wefie. the to umament te felt in tne' .-eIN8~ "'oI. etc_that havebecome very hot} **. w~. That's how c.Extreme •..a~ysl I felt wide qwaJfe. t r to J was flabbergasted 'by'the'-fJews. wIde awake: Although lhadn~t s. particularly inside houses'and hotels) The. -the bell!" and tnen slumped wck down on the bed. ** "" used mte1' 8.night. 'The gleaming oar. buy arid sell] Of cow-se we bought th:em. s~ a( se.a week:: ~ to slttstand boll upr:lght· to sitJ Her parents weredis-ttaught. Ji .ater) very put his hea.arked outside j has happen. bone Idle: (infotmal~ very lazy : garden}n'! all day~ ~.ven were thought to have been priceless. Suddenly ·ftlthy:~** very dirty Indeed ~ sbouted. He made his po_sit/on on .he deaf.t Emphasis I . Your ""ob/em is that you are bone l: idfeand do notl1fng all day.~nd easy to under-stand 'It!j< By . The singer wassl4{).s'tUGk fast to my *" sluck very firmly and It'" completely awake ! ! finger and f couldn't grit it off. J."'1<11 (informal) very cheap ~Note: iit can also follow the verbs totaHy deaf He' !s$to. After walking In the rain for manly minutes.. tor fwD ! j We bought ltd/It cheap at the focal parched: *u· extremely thirsty drink? f'm Why don't we get!a pa(.hQt sound/tast as~leep He Be careful with the-se plates They . pr1C. it was hilario 14$Uvfd: 1<<1< vetyangry Indeed I Ii I transparent and clean (Ii) (for an 'explanation).ed crystal clear:: (i) 10:1'<.l('Iremely Valuable' a priceless paintlnglMing vase i t j Ii ma. short.. very clear . !1 unable to move The plaster was. red-hot! very hot (U8oo fo qesol1ibe metals. plates.aught thii. p. I The food was sl:Jpef. we were dfenched: We got star/ess.b. is packed WJYhuseful i niermation. This bOOk. .telyopen [NoW lit a compeUtionlElilection is wide.21 Emphasis (Extreme Adjectives . ! ~ .

.. 'T- .. .e w-. abs-olute~y " . She was..lh~ U[(Jrilsfrom .ed The novel was so ..: . we. Th.glh'edaJI the ~.. " .'" ~.:bergas1eQ 4 tarmsned 5 .was 2): hOI'ii'ib'lycold. .u. Match·tbe adjectives in.. She t. chair.approprl4le A adjecl-i1j&.sneets were 3) very dirty:..:..S.·itt hoM witbart·. promonort.t~{s.....iing illtolhe JrlFght~no'W:aiting for the rt1tmifng. ih a rQCking "'. ..taUrQ1nt... In the next room~n. ... 1 2 .' In truth.. I walted an hour for my sqUI. Th~y oeuldn't g~a t~!bl~ in the r€\s.0 ~ •• ~. Complete below .'." .u make 'a cup of te:a? I'm ..rprised v~et:tinter'asUng v~ry hungry k very bad I very funny m very valuable 1:1 III 2 Th.f '.... .whiGh -when it arrived. 5 She is stone . adjectitJiS to cOnipMre the sentences below.. He looks after aJithose 51 very v31'uable painUngs in 'the-mus~.!. CPractice . was going to' bea long holiday. 11 12 13 .at.....1. The Window had~ ....e wa:s upstajr.slijing 5) IJP straight.column A with their definitions i'nxolu:nl'n 8~ Tb&h 'Use: the..knife tsrazor~.. his CDs..a 3) completely new DYDplayer. Arid you knoW What hetioes fot a living. The walls that Oivic.nt o:utwitH6ut.. 2. ....werss.irtg everythIng he owned... White h. Samwas beside himselfl ~. there wer:eh'ordes Cif thieves downstairs .lIrf1.. wMn 'sh~ §8W the~u.. Did you hearthe news aooutthat .&r phrase from Ib.Sleal.. S0 wash them befq. .. . H~lost his te1evjsion. . ' _ train 'crash this morning? wha:fis for dinner? I'm ..n umoreHa Hl ~l1estern ancLQ"ot completely awake. ~.... i t parcheo filthy disMaugJiit hilarious. .. ct\eque ahd coulG'f hardly believe her eyes. The film was " and we JaUl. " ..'!heJist was' endess....irihg..illg hole:in it Sl1e~cou!d:n't sleep. S The 'waJls' WeG8 paper .. 8 Be"oa.. his hi f . ~. (:Qulqn't understand how h~'could have be-en so stupid...p.. 10 6 7 B 9 supero drenched dreaqiul prlcelsss riveting delicio'u's ... Maria" his wiiie..o~ 1 The.arnp an:d the way through. '... that he couldn't put 'the~r:ClOmswere:2} very thin and she :cbuJd hear the man it down."$b. " S HI:isexplanation was crystal " .. was 4) very ·angry. 5 '6 7 .is unit What ·.. 3 It was."' .. r g~t "~'! r r •• . Ths food was. . you come 'and have your dinner. It You(:hahds are .5'j thief in the pity.. 90 there she was.: S' What was the 'restauranl like?' Terrible. e. '1 21 tbe "s:entf:nces tl$it:lg ... .. .'I14 He is bone.blJi(}w and r~piqc/ahe'Wori/§!phr(J:Ses.. she'didn't want to sle~p. sta..ey were dirt -. ve_rytthirrsty b very dirty e very angry d very'tasly e very wet f very :cr~owd~d 9 very upset h very s.dld he expect?' He h'ad left: his 'front door 14 v:ery ~gQo:d 1) oompletely~pen. It wasan open invitation to: ev(.~p~' '. " . .. of cburse.. 2)oompletely asleep.~ " ~. 7 Dcm'~touch it..asstuck .•. .as:' it wa~ . ~. 4) He. .. he foUnd out that heha'dn't got the'. '... She.when !-.. .re:ful. ..! Ike.. . :1eornplained.Rea. It's red.. the room.3 4. pit(.m 9n the.. 1) very bad and Hie servi'ee was. .. A 1 livid 2 packed 3 fclab. don''t you? He's a security guard.!i<1n'twant to i~tQ jhe bec:lj It was'p.gJu.. .8 9 10 C It was·1) very cold inside.eally"" "' " ...1. . ...

~ho perfom in a film or play INo. thF! film has.ofaJilm or play bya 'critic .ign film which appear at the bottom of the screen flncoherent' !foil' a i i i i ! It was a good fJlm spollt i muohgratuitQL!S ! gripping: exoitin@~ viO/~nce. tbought·provokillg (. II Have you sa'en the trai'ferfor 'Lethal Hflmmet 8? e 'twist 'a. not. anaet is _d. or play :~r .':'. without lif& The film has been given rave It was a dreary' film about revieMtS~. . we haven't: missed any of the . blockbusters of all time.. : Rer1eet. orf9'inal Iangu:age a.rate film/cast b.] The plot ! R.a tfawless Having read the script.: an 'advertIsement often ..preeictabJe. pe(fQrma.: excellent [Note. .y or film [Note: a weak pJot:a.. film replaced 1by another t:<:mg!. without mistal<-es or lrnperfeetiens . 8 star.3 (\lerygood) written ~ ~ or spoken . a very successful film which makes a lot.:office ttoo.t Ino l:..the. ~' extracts frorn a..edl cast: a cast in wt'lic:n many of 1he actors endactresses ate famous] thousandS. ! YOucan buy the . the actor. except' the cred-its.angerous and spebtacular 'actionsjn alUm [Note: .l~a~e li lacklustre: without life or en:el'QY Was if: dub-bed or did it have a lacklustre performance lo. toilets.: thll'd-rate: It Is' a rfjmake of Hltcheock's c/.you walch a film ill thecinema showing ~ IOlllsy: (i:nformal) bad no more than average 'in .JeuS' the 'box at office. it was a b-ox. 8 I i deep: in a film There wass tong q. Impassible stupld.i very' peer quality Of stam:fard] fil's~.etunt:d.Hur'" is one ot the biggest . ! aleclrl1ylng: verys)(citing i ~cenes Sosns two is set in a f@f&st.oonllincing.wl .haracters were un.8 stuntman: sb who ~rt. mediocre.. j! It was hardly' what Xou weald caff a some oritIas liked II! whi18 others . a loe ~ to 'i !' an Qutstandlng is '! the plol: the story ina pla.many people go to see it] the soundtrack: the.:kaIage: Dehind the stage in a ~ theatre where the dressing reom. sha.. plot that is 1I10t very goed orbe!ievable.Ucw::superficial.orms.- 22 Bnrertainment an plays are normally diqided ! Into acts ~ ' ** : I The PJa~ is a comedy. be. stunts} ! ! l ! i j I "Cleopa:tra" boasted . senseless mindless fIIm/Violence outstandrng: very Qood playwright nop:a film or play that is not successful Although the film co-st make.1orthCor'nil1g film of I f hateflfms thc#/itwe.' fllm contemporary life in Europe. a C'Bst of' lin a/INs I s1IlbtfUes: own stunts. IRe box otIIce: the place in a theatre or j the aalpt: the written form of a film cinema i j I an electrifying per(ormancel opening $f!fquence ~ a scene~ In a pIa}". lint. . book or film getsl is given/receives mlilNl revIeWs. deep.studd. a .- absp.. '. or play whIch makes a lot of money . 'Rear WindOW'.lrpri$j:! in thE! plot of a film or p'lay Fer from being. . ! to b9 dubbed Q' no res pe ct for it It 50< thtat you have to e I pepormance contiernp. the cast: the actors and actresses.tlblf. by too a gripping finale/car chase. did not) I i dreary: boring. full of meaning [Note: If a play. I r i ! • fWllllke: a new version of an older went blocimnatr. . of mei1ey "Ben .opinion.gave .: when what is going to happen is obvlous was weak and rhe WithoIJ16nyl:hinQ c..deep ~ the ptay comes across as shallow and preUmtious.Iransla!ions wriH!3'M1 I Rocky 'Hardman.n three acts.soundtraeK to th& film on CD. 'I a :: Come on.l:Jsy -scrlptJspecialeffecfs mediocre: quality 'subtitles? trailer. because: . we backstage to meet the cast.!.ivi·ded .assiQ. most commonly used in the oombinatillln: gratuitous violence.lute. the ac~ss [Note: 8 box-offlcesuccess: a fUm j -accepted the patt.J behaviour I predictable ending ~ .l.Jade Swinger .te'. praiseworthy effort predictable.1m..bee{J dubbed._.a language): to have . performs the credits sppear i fore. 1 i . a surprising twist at the end.nce· Imlndle.. .Bvlews appalling: very bad appalling fiJtnldirectorJ'acting' colllmmpUble: recommend i i ~ pralsewDlithy: deservirlg to be admired and respected because it very goad' . to understand written form at the very end or the· ~ very beginning of afil'mand tell j you who was in tiM film and who ! was irivolvedin mal<:ing it . the credits: where you buy tickets I I i j gra'uHous: ! perfom'larlce. etc are After the performance.shown b'efore. a (rave) review: .

Decidewbmber tbe 'atlject!ives . _".toe w_i)r. \fetch gives 3 9) fl3wless al'ltl utterly 10) 1mc.e. Whh a deftness of 19UC'h remlntscent or John "t. i SCRVPlE or successiveslOry.!.[everly made and .spa:rk1ingditJ1ogueJperlormance 22 ! ! .(H)kXs 2) ". 4Qri Poynt6n of and Sean Ve.makingadema! 3'ppojnLmcnl.a. Her characters _ar. [jse tbe wordgiven in capital. plotting lssssured . thelnrcdngis a 14:) first-Tate l.tb~br»: cffi_ce. and with each.lee'SSQr~.rave reviw .t VK 'llext weds.iwlady '1) n~eiifig" lurching as It does froJ1i101lll.. and about 3!.ng.. P'IO[ lirres.g ~t its W.tner. [he tcpo] USbe:s.t . Way t:o 'H-~ayen has ..ffS of 1 ninoone. of Met"n in Tim O'eal's: l Oscar~wlnn'ing mm.. cllma. .dsfphrases.. an (lv.y 4) -.another unW tt stumbles to 115 dlOrough Iy 8) SWiPtis:ing and thoroug~y disappt. .renH -monument to-all in cqmempornry€ol'i'si5Ienciesin the plot 16) sparkling fand .io . What.mllii(:~J1 Him-making..Q"l.X'.1."_ . BU. I'IcO_t only are (he main char:acte:r." b\lSi'Ilf:$$:p.mbundane'e or chases.b()thlf1ms and ~lays?' -subtitles . 'Seplon lS surrounded'bye cast of . and p"O'SS¥:ssiv? wire" his lllmbiHciU5 rriet1ds .. unexpected. " " .btwk5tage .4 sJjJm .flop a staNtudtkfi cmt".studfo.".'ttl isa rich and startling iCQ!Ie:ctiOi1 ol twelye short stories rrom h.IrSl._ . Tack 0'n to t:his 5Upporti-ng cast. All is TWELVlE.x that is as disturbing ~s it is.du~h(Jd into·E1tglisb -Ibe stript ! i(lthe . l.5' 3) wooden. -and hiral slQry.e ! 0) <lcln-5. if.a st~ ~a r~~e .gy .. it Lsa slasstc tas~ qf rormola film-m.c'0!TIpeJ1il'lg·. acdaim. ... whilslLne: 'normally '11) elecrr:ifyingPo. thats ror "SeEI' an actor as opposed to the CRaratter pqrtrayep perfotmance_ as Hamlet wooden cnara0ters He gave an unconvincing CPractiee 1.iQus.OKE wlthout being pretenrtous or overbearing . ~ 3 S1!:."H':"": ehara'cth.a41er ~ tbl! !lTlJdits ~ ad .. pOWer hy ORDINARY an EV..()j tlie lines toform a word chntjits the space or. a blockbuster .~ a .bfH&tilCDntMCled with films plaj!s. rhebooks 6) _ . II is neither 6) sHek nOli Sepum's :5e.3cltng. e cce nrric II 11 d ge lie ra II y. we REVEAL get closet W the secret '~ekr(ed .Lselier lists..dicht to. A work or 10) . !~ boring.~ one. at the ! emt Qj' soifte.hdoing_iTl this film? NO<!.. revealed in a Cleverly wO'rktd clima...'!5hdly Rodger.alwi$t ~a t. ihcl~lding his 3) .. iin the United Stares PUBUSH tWOI moruhs ago.Hatf ."~".8) .'. aIIcJc attractive.. Jtead the.well' produoed (put probably not very_ deep) a sitek HolIywQ()cJ production sparidfng: full of life and enef.Jhe soundtr(l.. un glil'..onViIlc:ingfOf'ilsimpa-ct.. t) deep and crude'lydra\vn h. Nowhe:«.almighty ex pi Qs:i0r:1S and a surteit 5}'gratuiiOllS violence' Unlike Its predecessors. With ellen L- 2. her writing. un p It:3 sent miscreants.a.sanw_ ." . best known [t'ir her 1) _. Replat.the film review below have been used approprlalely or no/.An ~ffJpl(J has been (/(m.and his: rna li-'t.. tilm !woodem without ! passion unconvIndng acting: aeting you do not believe' in . adjective with ama« suitable one' _from tbis unit. mas5.. Sept'on'!i $~cteJ cernes o)J!in.Us .T'JLe:n's portrayal or ymraBeck is 12) lad<1ustre:..5)gripping Caf andh01. 13) lousy as the fHrn is.111 best..sla:rstlJddedcasl and the mallY rntlltorrs of dollars that went into Hs.and the princ~pal characters are hroughlt 'crashing together in theapprnprii:J'telr tilled 51l'(]ck. Shelly Rodger hi a master of her clan. Vividly drawn anqwholly convincing.cret met with ~orrrnarnce as trrewaywa'r(i cilp. 5) . like Its' many pted(i. energy or a ted/r!Ji1s.eJo-ryou' lirre .IS mm~_f:"er l.a(9) .in bold in. . of the most CENTRE NEUROS. ~ f Septon '5 Se:C. 2) Mindless.e each inappropriate.C<.•.g!lt and what YOIl have gQt is ':J that is fnteUligent and 19) praiseworthy A.H)I'\n (he book's title. text below.ome QUI of a Hollywood . " .kii)g..( tlmis totally dlia. [he' b.. Within 11 CR:ITIC[ISE monlh it hadshor (0. I[ is glleatly to their oretitt that.i Hl_I410n.and compelling: 0111 jlus ..ClK Jansen. i 3.ljnli. and' als~' re:lieivon .e.Ibeplp. m~. and rather frus:trating lite. the 'twelve stories drew [hereader lruoihe numerous worlds enveloping Sep'!on.ce:pli9fHll1ygifred wruer.ennedy Toole. is 1) . were actors ·Qf lhetalil:rre __ J9rcl. ACT PORTRAY Despite. ffi9!'e' ts reveeled about Septen.Jo..

_. can also be sinister He grinned at me..WOn't' organise the holiday.. ~ to kHpJbB\'8 an/youraar to the ~ She looked at the piece of paper ~ ground: to be attentive 01 what ls attI catchea your eye: you notice and frowned. f ttred or bared . r. ~ . to ! r f f to na through outright liie yourteelh: to tell an ~ 111m eare: I can't wait-to hear all ! grtt your teeth! to. ·to grimace when sth is hurting you or when 'you 'are ! 10 tum a bUnd eye t08th~ ~ deliberately ignore sth remembering sth embarra$sirig She's a snob and sneers atpe._ . ~ ~ -: whfJn this ad ca~ght my eye.. of respect 1 r recall it this. ytQ. it's on the tip of my tongue! . "she said. bIlnk: to quicklY Qpenand clOse your eyes They blinked as . _ b/mb.. l:m all esse.~ about s_thr f' We will never see eye to eye em to What was the name' of the hotel we stayed a[? Oh...23 Face fa - .. espeCiaUy because' slh is hurt:in§ you 1 gritted my teetH as the plaster waS puffe.-.ops .."...tHough a grrn ! the boss's. his teeth.. to wtnIt to look toward$ eb and close one eye briefly..opie who have (ess money than her.grit . tongue 1'CKInd: (for a:word or phrase) to He ~wned "tm geing to bef!I~" he ~ find a word or phrase very ~d . to see eye to eye on 9th: to agree it but (annoyingly) I just can't contempt/lack. 4 What dO'Y'DAI QO When yeu are happy? you . told me ! terrible mlstake. put yo ur teeth tigntly'together. Ia tum your 110M up at 10 ~hink '8t Christmas 1t ws$n't until he winked stine that I realised he was pulling mY'leg. Let's just agr.sne. : loscowJ: te ha. CPractke' 1_ a USe the verbs belt5w·tQ·art:swerqueSliom Ito Il. " my lip.d off my atm. to how a s.. . Jawn -uitnce .k keeps his ear I'D the ground _ la grin: smile broadly because yau ~ and caD usuaJIy fet US know what ~ I was reading the local PBper are very pleased .play ~tby ear: to dee ide wna~ to f 1 do accord. She siQowfed ·at me.u when youare angry? do You ..exam:'twthe'. _ .. 5 Wh~t do you de> when sprrre1hing hurts you? you." she said. He winced as the needJ& went in.: _ .e tJpormy face [nthereJhere agaJn: embarrassed to go toa place because 1 have done.. yawn when you are ~ - He got her a'ring and all she could tlo was tllm her nose up at it.. i to ioa:e face: to lose the respect of : Gtlner poo.sea'led. I promise' won'lreH him. ·8tlH to disgusting. "That's :! ~ ! previously there I feel too partiouJar I to do. .tliink . were walking along ~ licking lo.:annoyed 'or concentrating. i sth is not good enough fOr you _= to blualr._ .._ . but the police tend to tum a blind eye to it. I 1 nol to bII able to getona'. _... .rticu)arly what it means... to yawn: you.el.~rtQ show your l :oJ the fuss he madeo/a:st time.. ~ attractive._ .. ..lick . unusual Oil' interesting ! Jac.J:lle i If he admitted to maKing suoh. are seal&d: Onformal} 1 will t~:~ not tell anyone what yoU have just..blink -s/Jowl What do you do when you!~ - 2 What do you do when you are ernbarressed? Y:Ou .·s on th.they qame out into the di!ylight'- _ _._ . difficult to pronounce Idioms and EXpreulona ! I Gan't get my tongue round even the simplest word fn Spanish..ituation j dev..ean angry or h:0$1ile : exprssslon when you disapprove of sth .. We'll just pla¥ it byear. 1 1 to frown~ to draw one's eyebrows togeth€1'r because one IS either . tired or bored?: 3 What do. to wInce.. then laughed out loud..llipops.. .. .._ . sthemibarrassmg: The ohi/drer. he'd lose faCft are . a r ·1 to . tell me.ftrJt. We .. . l He's lying through his teeth. to lick: mov~ your tongue across the surface of '5th . usuatty as a algnal that sth is a joke or a secret 1 i i 1 It is Ulf#}sl to sing in the' :street. "I don't understand [ happening or is atrout to happen sth because it Is pa. 10 sneer: you .:ath bV the skIn: of 'yoLlr teeth: to only just manage to do sth HepfJss€ld the: . _. to go red when you are embarrassed Sarah bfushes when people pay her compliments... .ing. What a rldioulous excuse! ·Come on.gue: I !(now He'll neVer be :able to show his face in that testaurant again ··after. Yoi"J ". mood is like. My lips I'll naval:' be able to Ihow.

.liketo someone butdcn'rmeanir seriously? 1 ~.. Hsten.y. .ll me..COtl1:U:: oj a_w~ru:i4tnt.....".. . .... . r at them.!f1ces. .Iith. We never s:ee to .. It was a dilemma ind~ed ~ hqw to admit that he had done.... .a....l{r:hthe. ~ 14 I was 100Qltingthrough It._ .J'one? They.. .0f!...1.disapprove of l Oh..... in th-ere'agaih.. _ "... I'll never be able to .5a'rid Igot 56.S'~maf1:I"VE\Ys k:e-eps his ... :i'nthe. _ _pp _ _ _ _._ 11 2 NQrma was sleepy. your 'actingrt' may lead to b........... Just promise not '!.~t's ..ound and rarei~ takes :pot luck./se (F) and tick thecorrecr'bO)...-.-~..p-~s. -oLmy .. t They m\ghL ." e«t(s) .files. We....... -r r-: . .. at the other pe{son.. .:ds.r.oip:ation ·sf pain? Yo'u mig_ht~..hat took ' t p1ace in a French restaursni.-Ve-' . 5 Matthew hadeverythlng· plan'ned'. made an utter fool of mys...'H have to play it by ..6 How do sorns people show that they ..a fool Q1 himself. 7 '1 Of course R's nOr the JMh.. 4 MaUhew was afraid 01' making .....wD:rf/slrom (')'9(S).on a leuer? 'tou . '7 What m'ight dOYa. . •• '_'_ •• ...".-.... . .._ _. _. I can't.i#cl/dhell}er f. 13 The poli'ce intois country tend to tum ·. 10 What might yqu so wh:~n you. ... are seal~d. The..l.~ .. e .tongue." 9 I.... .. cv: . .. B_ A'....... . .... what's hts name ? irs . 1 2: 3 4 5 to tell :ahyorie about th~s.._..sen:t£.blil1d b: -Carl.~ 6 Whi." B: "Te.yes? ~ YOLl would . ••• '.. ....... ''"i " . .......the·'Verbs inIal .... . lying thr'oligh his! ._.. ... ? -_..nces J(.. I've.. YOU! might ....hp senttfflces beJoui aretrue (1J orft... A:gooq bu~in!. 7' Matthew was deeply .'. I 11 Wha.You 1'1u..:_ it.~..tgm~Jihings.: shoW my " to' any oj.. {qce-1U¥e.French W9H~S.what h.....".. wl?.....thJngor w.@·majorfilm and Iflhe.:om·e...._.cL but'only by the skln of my . to minortraff[c oftE.. ..... something that was incredibly snipidand yet' not IQse. S0 we can't plan our ! ne:x~move. :: ~ 2Ca:mp{ete the idiot1]s ~keQOx belhw.._ s .. ••• ..acososd to Julle.. "._ I !11 ~ f> • ......... . _. .-·TJUjflt/ if someone shQn~~ I~ghtnto. 1t's:~oh tip the s. . .. to tM recotdingj de-e.oh •. to the gr.. bnanyth!ng.I w#t heartm tl'C.s..My .. given up studyln:gGerman.tdbYDU'do to'astarrrppeforeYQ(fPutit. .... I'm all .. .. "You'll ne..ri§l '! 1:!' I :knowif!sOhly a srnal! part but you shouldn't turn yom ._ _ . ... . r gu es.....-e· S!Ul:~day supplemer1Jtand ~ this article on Vietnam caught my . nigiht..~-matk was 5.._.•.... ....t might somebody dP' wheM they say somethi. .......I . ·9 Willat would vou.your i 6 We're'.....elf.1 A'.' '_." ...Ups 3.u d:o in anti.. . ......r-teetb-· Yb.. .1... e. He"s...have no respect for w~al someone hElssaJq . 7 l'pas5~.. 6 Matthew was unable to prono'uflce' some ..1 10 We· don't know what they'll say. 'i :1 N0rmaJiked mOISt di{l. .round all those Io..hen you don't understand somethiin€1? . your teelh..ou mi:ght be interested in ·it.. _.... thou~ht y. mbarrass'e~ by his mlstake....up at it It's. ~ ...a!ways arguing..-.I"'-t' ___ .:get my ........ B:·Oh_ours~ .•.

.g report:: a report of praise ! i " otnef.llyin thesun the garage. to ()iOOK 'Q rage: to burn intensely of contro' tl)eil su.ew car stood ·ol:lfside' 1 Ha. a building! it destroys .a/I. 1 ViQJance:.ireguts comel'etely insi.rep&ed Shalll dim .e brightly.shQ.. im~peotOfsgave the scnoofg glowing report a gilmm. a lot of' light is coming from it' A cruise' ship.g expensive £5 lor aao. to bIkM: (for smoke or oloOOs) to move stowly upWards or across tie sky Smoke was billowing out of the tOMtorey windf!Jws. . to catch flre~ to start to burn In broad cfayUgltI in the middle of the day.' HiS brand:.okly fight..scouts 1ft a camp fire.rt'1 glistened ih the' rtmonfight. ablaze with light.raec. suddenly start opera sif)ger bas a Thee. 6 days to be 80fUrtad I" (fames! If sth (a .(f)f what had i. the very bright and i unpleasant light of Ybdfl need a . every part of it is on fire £ because a bright light is shining into your eyes unabre to see The bright sunshine dazzled him and he reached for hls·sunglasses.began to dim. lea. ! to bedazzled: to be very imp. to dIm: to make a lig. I sCQtched my fal/oW'ite shirt while I was ironin.unning' but wrth to glow::: to ahine with a v~y. does It? Ithe glare 01.hal to protect you from the{Jlare ·of tnesun.led: to b~ a week. . that I thought they wquld hate . "-i glow. to sl11. tha:t"s thaf.. west wing althe castle w~s I ! . and' . Sometimes crl'mecS ate committed in broad 'day/~ght. to gut. . the' film 1 . car. we could just make shop less bright/to become less bright i .er of h_ope~a little bit of hope . onoe been the museum was still The oharcoa. its' surface bums .each ts full i i The government.· ue:stJ'll smotlJdefing. he drove around in a frashy car. it will bring down the government. is s oereh ed. a fire in order to qa:mage 'Orr'i destroy sth . to gll8l:-en: if 5th glistens.0 wort< $0 hard any more ever a period of time tfiat you become too ill or too tired to work Don ~ put those c8TJdles near the vdndow or the Gurtains ~y catch fire. was about. but wlreiJ they mElt.] flames. city were cal/ed'in to tackle the blaze .fires hav_ebeen raging f foi over a' week now • .pectto happen at night to bum yaursett out: 1.e gloom.ving only the outside standing completely gutted tly tire. to coma to fight to become known They 'Work 15 hDurs a day.Ihe oo.: the gloom: ~/:'Ie darkness The protesters set fire to ellery In the building. if: shines.the' lights? ! Ths"other players were' ~dazzJed by .: black mark is leftlbehind I" it had been raining. 1 j j ~ to flare up~ (for viol'ence) to .1u[. esp'E[!ci. Used for things (espedally crimes) that you would e>J.-:exPElnsive ! to scorch: if sb scorches s:th. Thee road to s81' fire to 8th:: to deli'berately.ithout c:atcl1ing fire ~ 50_ 'that a to g1lmmer: to produce a weak.often used for ·sfh 1!hatis burning (withbutflames) in the dark The bumt~ut 'Shl!til . and be out .k on it or to provide heat fora rocrn) robbery! The lights . tnfW'got on like a h:ou$e on fire.1 i .to' stevt.gleaming unsteady Ug'h1 We CDuid see the' ctty I(ghts glimmering in the dist~n_cf). dayllghlrobbary: ridiCulously Soon the whole house engulfed in fJames .sta. a biaD: a large and dal1ger'ous flre [Note. to Ught a fire: to start a small1lre(to €oo. After he. ~oame a millionaire:. usually because it is wet in the sun.g it - 'i i 1 !: 10 let on like a house on fLre: if tw:o people get oll1llike a house on fire.ed in . They'll burn themSBlves out by the time they are 30. they really like each other j j I a g'lowln.If the truth a"ver CQmesto light. as !Jared up agE!in h the streets otPatis.fael rhal's daylight if -a f. ~ Thatfampu'S fierytempar. Tnere was stilt a faint glimmer of hope that 800 agreement' Would be reached. (/0r-a very cut plunged the sfty into Fire and Ught Idroms Expreasfo nd erbs put a blaze out] Two firemen were Injured as fire crews from around the. his skill with the' b. or if:sth 1 w. out the'street sign.n.Pprtr 011..: to tackle a lilaze: to trty to Ught to be ablaze wttn light If sth Is ablaze with lighl.oulder: to be b.~ i to gleam! t:oshin.J on .WV OR The forest .a.the Highs/neet. a building" etc} is enguijed in .softj warm no flames 1 red IHght•. to give off Ught to produce Ii!ljht ! This lamp d6esn't give off' much ! lQ hav 'a Hery temper: to ge1angry very ii. wa. I The. to be d8Z2.evefytning . 1ft up the night sky as it made ffs way past' the is-iand< 10 e pi d Into darkness: plae'e) to suddenly'ljiaceme Glatk A power darkness.

..a ..ed C taken . was eornoletely "' A swept B 'gutted C' smauloeteo D brazed 13 The truth about lheseabdal years la}er. .. I was 1 irlie'lights-sloWly' the augienc~ Aduil~d . A clouding B billlQwfng . . only Came 10 . .. minister sparked Their CfF?dsion nona rlotingthroughotitthe off proseoute work. _ . :2.. A put fIre t(rtt"ha... . . 24 lights shows 6b'afacer suddenly up: sb't? face that verlj Ihappy orexcite"t....n't . .. total Bflare(l C wide D abSoiut~f 15.t: uiltlirig..WaS"3 shot 10the..... off b'lf Abele's arrest..Si~it -. Bt. llames. heavy smQj.....h Iqok plaCEt in oOWli9ht A broad . ·oc likas tQ ge1 hi~ own way. into D put 13 ... b C c?ug... Some..ed ... the curtain went up.used hirriafembei.. no information'at all if's./J(ls'fi)..tre.up. 6 l~~snotovet yet... A nay Bgloom C glare [) blaz~_ 14 It was a daring robbery.ged 1 The oity below herwas with neon I!!ih'ts. "" .. 7 9 Hew tace ofhope. Suddemly. flashed.. A 'covered Bplu....gI6ittfngsparked fiery -.~"Qff much "" C shed li'gh'l..lH. 8. the athlete reaching hiS sp it d~.jE(O(]' " •. th:eygo... tbe box be/@Iw.." B sparks It took forty firemen to C blaze Drage 1 You know Steve] He's got a ..g/i~ 2 rMJ wasn'ten -accide..e~their flttJ~ fae.. . ~¢-.. B e'ng!Qssed: C engaged 0 . A cast B spend n giVe .the country. . D ra..led 5 We were . .. ..(e :qtJtof the window.!l'ing by her.... robb"er'y! !himself out befbr~e pe.....~... S I Gould see the ~aritern A..zle:nient It." .. butif might 10 lpark off: to'oaus~ sth to happen are When they saw the Ghr1s.tand the mom was ._..". 'dimmed 2... the widespread country.n..•".e. The lnslde.. darkt:ined ~ went wild. 5 I 'a"c-c.Gt you from the " ..oott. .'?'! Than 12 UnfortUnately. Thete~s still a Wide-spread rioting. .ht 0 .d4r~.." I didn't' kr:10W a~ythlngtorsure. 1:11 £10 for a intetitlonaHy ....h. CaribQean? Are you .jl4r:e(L. going to the: . 3 ..serious?" ·~o The 'first thing he dtd" after winnIng the I:ottery wasta buy himselt... Such was: its intensUy thaI tEickleHhe .~. temper and Aflame A enQulfed 4 Withiil minutes lhe building was ..:l they a sh01 In tfla dartc a complete guess base€! on ab501.... whic.a:larted to the fire when' we s-aw thiCk.__ ... 4 StraigJlt A's! That's another report to take...Qh:okiing D pushiri-g. ofthe su. Why don't we A catch! B ~ighf C set total darMess'.. C gHstening 'e g'litnm' He-was Gom'p:letely .Ap par:e_ntly . 110 Ths fire: hardlY touched the_exte'riar aHne building.. Comp1ete tb'~sen.Stril<ing miners. has·p~ralys.$ /..~ -car.'(up.':.mglasses prote.l1b''rUs. 1'1 Ws fre:ezihg i'n-here.. B.·ashot in-tfl' hiisheadlighlS.. CPtactlce 1.utely.t 0(1 liKe a 'heu!. gle-amin§J :B 'glowiwtg 9 It's only ~ small tamp. .daylight -liBht ~burnt. 'and C dimirilshedlD A dazzled c: inHamed 0 ablaze e.Woos:ethe CGtrect iJthz. violeh'ce' up among the' ... B Nt" 3. .. . "We're. ... It was arson. c: '6 Th~ fire put iiout A ignited A afresh for days. however..' afire?' 0 start 12 The Ilightswent QU... un1Wlhe' mortsosn rains B soorch:eelC B alightC horne tp his .. .l"jtlt:efWitb an appropriate word from.alr. ablaze I) acute ih the dark ..

oranges.J:itsuchas peaches" plums or v.ata. leaving.vouring '(-~trawbefry..etc) j ~carhonated} [pllilnchocoliltsl.emons.the apple. i i ~ s.~dto-give it a sour taste] have pips. fireJ -: whlppedorream: .a group of i grapes groWing on the same stem . minerai water: very pure bottJed water from a spa] dash of milk In my (!Jaffee. of cneese.epaJredby IeavirJg it In smoke i to give ft a smoky taste) which Is i an orange/pink colour ~ (apples. either iin % :an Oven or in a. etc) -i rancid butter: b}Jtter tba t is 1101 fre.ry dark becatlseit does riot 1 dherrles contain much milk plain yoghurt. YBllrthe I'll have the veal outlets. vanilla. a wedge or cheese:: a tHick pieoe. pInch of aaJt: -a little bit of salt dollop of Jem:a l8.ckly so"tija. in a trfangtlla:r shaos a whHe coH'H. ehoGolafe thar t~ 1 atona':. ! tough: The stef$.lltto cut meat from a calf unl1pe: fruit that is not ready to eat. B ' .obI: carrots lhat have been cut into small cubes [Note: grated carrot: Garrots that have been shredded into small pieces using ~ grater) B a ~ i i eour: milk that has gone off and is no longer fresh Throw that milk Ol1t. only the core.t it a round sandwh::he.Si that oo·nolt. carbonated water [Nbte.:sClur .sa. smal. af ceLety pips. [Note: baked pota.l seeds linside certain fruit (apple. - .s! a nurnbes of has become. large h~rd -seed in th& rhidGle 0f tn. $:tlff [Not~. { stJn:wfifjn a drink is still. ~dd. meat or other foed which is hard and di:fficl.crearn that has besn stiri"~_dvery q~i. it is not fizzy grapes) I. apartdlng water: water With gas.25 Food 1 a bunch of ~t'lpeI~ . pears) J 11e .e. tomatoes.s ere-am: cream with lemon [uice aeedleaagrapea:'grape. a single s~ment of ~ garlic ~ l cora. the central part of certain fruit : acmnIlled ~ eggs· eooked in a pan with milk [No1e: poached ~ egQs: eggs (without their shells) cooked in or over Oiling water) ~ ~ amok-ed Ulmon: cD:ld salmon (pr.spoonful of jam f a et:Ick of celery: an indlvidual piece t.~ed in: its skin.: a GUp of coffee wfllh roast potatoes: PQtatoes cooked in milk [Note: a black coffee: a cup an oven.ndwiche. 0' . a cl~ of prlicr. pleC!:se.: yoghurt without any ofbOffee without milk] potato coo. cluh of milk: a drop of milk Just -i pJea~! diced ca"./(-Wcts tender end-JUicy.rg:e. .It's sour. ! te:ndlr: meat Qr other food which is soft and ea$iY to Icut .sh ~nd that tastes and -smeils very unpleasant The _smell of'rancid butter wafted out of the fridge.s.

each..Q{OlJndI a wAit~ I~ coffee' 1 sp. for you to 'ea~at 5 smosed I whIpped I crushed salmon 6 pickled J minced I roast beef 7 beaten I whipp. An.ipped I smoked onions 9 fres.ndl ut some c sfices to make sandwiches.arkling I minerall gas..ast I baked I mashed pota. tben 'b~fly.!.tioe 1.__ . . " .following? '1 butter 2 chicken • • 1... " . apples 4 strong cheese 5 meatthat isea. Find the rJdd one out. pil1eh 0'1 a c cne.Irvin exercise2'a·. I. N'OW match fb. c Complete the sentence« with c. 8 lemonade 9 chocolate or yoghul'1 b.. 2 3 4 5 6 7 .. "'... J~. Match an A a{iptop. <.kiitc1hen'e d pips peel .... 10 . i S She added a ttl the:soup just before :serving ~" 6 7 If y..rd.orr-ect comliinations . . ...eJoryou. . fiV dairy 2. a. 4A " was· roasUJnQ'n the 4~tated / meltedl ground cheese 2 There's-a ....wo..8 9 10 dash of wedig's of .. I've packed a . . 1 ..ut'l'chthne.. wate-r 2 scrarnbled / skimmed J peachec eggs 3 to. ...ou \:Vant some fruit.• core .. ~e' tbe following words cO.. rind rancid .3 Audrey t'9Qk the .. Tbe/ood items below." lean a drum~tick . .. F..riate food 'itemfrom Column B.RUl[arrd VEGEfABLES. explain wQy it doesn't fit itsgr:oup.gristle .... ..gristle rancid mature sour plain rind 2 lean 3 ~sparkling 4 .. there's a on the-...•••• ' •• '_~ ~ 11 a round of 12 fl' douopot ram I bread 3... sanowiohss e lamQ tender unripe 'tough plain __ seedh:l~s ... B a salt b garlic 'HoI. DAIRY PRODUcts JJr DRINK! (Some WOrds 'Ire connected with more thlm Jot !rUl:tatm v:egetabie~DP/or example bas been don. phrase'from Column A wiih an products and Df6r drinkS in the ~paees that follow. ~" . On the saucer If yGiu like your tea sweet. .sy to Gut I) 'g'..._. are preceded by tbrM! adje. • . spatrikiing l a J~g 6f a loatof a pat of .... the food item. . 1 TiheJewas a cr!1~ty bread rOlland q on the plate..d / baked herring 11 diced I melted (grateiJl easrots 3.nne.rapes 7 oranges. Write MJor meat.epicturqs to the food tl'ems..cted with MEAT.stfU .ed I sour cream 8 prCkleQ I wh.stick 5 roast' veal soft stlll bunch scrambledi clove baked smoked Core grated . ' .... > .$10ne b.ctives: Cross out any a4jeclives tbat don!)t go with..1 .CPrac.. a stick of' a cloveof a lump of a.. 110 meat that is diffloult to cut '1: meat that is not fatty 1 112~fruit th'at is hot ready to eat c.. • butter 9 sugar h 'grapes celery mill(' k soft . l·sKimmed I pawdere'd mtlk 10 smoked I chill~." 1 a bunch 9J of.. ' . •••• '.." . mature sOUI' one category). . ~... . (J.. W&icb of theaMff2 W:brds do you assoaate tiJitii tbe ..l...rHxample bas been done for you.

rOO in/with e.while meat) dthers:.eam. (lettu.stringy.(['iiiUlbIPl .e for CrU8ly: b~eiil:dor rolls that are crusty nave a: hard. lobe :garnlahed with: toe€! decorated with She-prepared ri:JmpMeak garnished .sty (for andvegetab!e$).mnchfrlesJchl ea"ten Dl1t a hpt. menU ar_eetih.Oi!.g .'absQ/utefy delie-ious! rish and cflipsare of newspaper. mea1 of and to Tile Chinese.apprOjJria!~.ith salt and/or to topped With:' ·If s1h is topped With sth 'else th.ley wur main cours:s. a mixed' that ..8 bed of: a layer of sth (rice.swak Courie ara Jansen.seasan. ' : CPractice '1.found a shop full of mouth· watering'!S~ of nta·hot parsJ!:!yswat! FM. cDurseeM ffnallY tlie puddinll or de.word tbat islhote .'.oq) that looks first 'course".. The meat was tough rmd fuli affat:.. 'carr0t eta) .ssert~ They . onton.stringy. die mal"./! a ch:e»r rc()ll. smothered 1n/W1th-~ be covered to Chop tn« mll5hreoms for five minutes. ~ . talt¥ : ·astage 0f8 meal [N. Ten wprasin the.spagh. two or three salad vegetables .p~p~nghotl vrJ{ry hot: used describe food l(fiamts'h Witf1 lemQfI and serve me~f.basfL· pepperan%r spicesadaed lrnprovs the taste . succul'ent: ~ulc:ya!1d~a.. . heavy and dlffioult to digest f'lJ have [Steak and Ghips and my J.? 11'@r1cWfiSh. c(~P. cheWy: sth you have 10 chew a lot In order to 'eat (some things should be chewy ·e.uce. .. served wfrh lashings tJ)f in . it has .wa:te~ng: and/or smel. Wftha feW/eaves of.e and FrentJh fries wNhJlus.ley sauce: sauce made With a plant called pars. 'Tfi1s SQ!U'p' istJest served {J{plng SU_Gcule-nt'stir-fried ve.ges . cream and sauces) .should note:g. wh'7pp&cf cteem. ana chewy to chop: to cut sth fgen'~rauy vegetables) Into small pleees thick:ly rn a mixed aalad= asarad containing He ate a $tibkj chOColate cak~. tomato and Q.n~Qther ~ c· ~umber:.. men very goo-d (to. soft roUs: rolls that crust] What :are you gofng to h~v. Sftvei:tan a c#sltiorz e]spjn«ch and'.f}(Jtables.6f ice eN~a. Into powder or very steak SfJNed on ~ bed of fluffY a Ughtfy grjtled long~grain nee. etc) tt:iat other things are put on lop of The main course is to grind: to crush pepper corns or coffee b~ans.-course dinner: dinner '!tial has fhree sta.ote~: three.. solid.ite French on.m . The' st~al< was -tender pa: f6ed potatoes plaice: kind of fish PJalq. Ii COLI.the -stalter or mol!ll.ettf we had was so stodgyl strlngy: If meat IS . with herbs.8 Chicken lashings of: lots ola particular kInd Kiev 8'lJoompcmfed by vegetables of food (esp.accompani£d by vege/ilbles ill $Julion 'Ilillec& ojp/aic. . The dish of the day .. pars.-e:ri :Ialter IS pUt on top of the It (~~nerally used fot desserts) I ordered-a slice of apple (~Jrt -topped with a g_9n-erou'S he/ping .an unpleasant texture beoause It is fuU of long thin pi~ees (that are liKe string~ and it is :fMrefore 'difficuJt and unpleasant to eat It was a' pletufl of . In HUOn.tradltionalJy seaBonedwllh: \incbii'ecl Ttaditiorfill 3ETMENU fil:s'tPl.. toffee .: if vegetables 01" fruit are' in season it is the {!me of the year small pieces rNote'~ ground (adjJ] when they awe ready to eat and as a result . letl:use.are avaHabte in Targ~e I fOlle wakiFJIl liP to the' smell of i quantities freshlY srol.(lnd rondd buller Either" Main or inappropria'te: 'tJjf!m Smngypiecescdfstt[dk (Jr. Underlil1e I'h~'''lnd' replaee wUh a. stodgy.e is my favour!t@iish. F. soft wWi parsley $ consisted I'm gJ)ing to .SeaSOh tb:e.-crust [Note~ nav:e E!.s(J()P and crusty mil.ion SOUR) sein'ed' wil. sueculent. . Btad sJir4ry wile will have fish with salad. smothe. sauce with salt and pepper..

" Ma'in 3) .dgy Dio.sewa.. 1 A Combined 2' A Crackly 3 A Food 4 .~..A -succolsnt 5 A mattress 6 A joined 1 A de:6orated 8 A 'station 9 A watering 10 ' . coffee from the highlands a' Co/omltia D Mingled 0 Brittle. Make yOUTOwn menu using the V'Qcabulary pjesent~d in tbe unii.I HoI's til' oel1vres anti SaJad Iced MeiaF! 1'} " 2) " . p/:eces of by fresh vegetables in '8} I a rio#rilustard _ . in cream a/ild .tDut and 'babysweetcom n " •• or Steak Sennett fender strips oU~irlainsteaM.:lerry Slftrender a mil:mth-9) seNaei with U} SBIJCe mousse....undatfOn D. Desse._.:. hOt strawbemy or Am~ric~f.lPt'e Home.hicken in CI'c:r:eamy sauce. B loaded B 18$hiilgs '8 baking B B Coed 0 Menu D sto." ..satJc(7) ".rtot Yout ChoiC'e Stt:aw(.. 1()) " " of 12} "'".ati ng B base B . serVie'd hat and 13) "" on with varl'lWa Friesnly 14) " .ralls and butter of Your Choice Cfiicken UqBlteohe '4) ~. mounted 14 A cj'u~h~d B Mixed B Crusty B Plate C Blended C Qhewy B stringy C Cow'se C supp... ""."..U!r...•• saJad with vinai€lpette dres.madeapple (ce cle~m pie.garnished D C elaborated C (lQOmed C season C temptin@ combfned 0 stock D provoking D C smothered C rlvers swarming D flowiings C poilifl:g C topped 0 fed seasoned ground D capped C grated D pl!Ilverfsed 3.fl:!:tded B accompanied B harvest B licking.0 . leemtng' 11 A flGlQds 12 A pfp11ng 13' A.d ana 5) of'basmaU riee MtJ16~ " "" W1th ma"ge. .....

at his to tLckle sb: to make sib laugh by touehff1..l.II~ it If she relaxed her. 10. grab: (i) :to quickly taKe s. the grIp . 10 tamper w'tlh sm: to touch or move sth witho'ut permis.stroke: to gently move an open hand back and forth over 5th (§:enera:lly for animals) like th. etc): . to smack sb:'to fin a cf:lildWith an open hand in .th (ii) to i . grand planooidtside.!jed have. We tiffed ·SQineone wifh .)' take: 5th (especially sth that does not ~~~on:a~~g~~W) zt.grasp of c.ort.. espeeialiY WII/yoo please stop fiCfdling with the ~toh on ffIat bag.. patting him ii) (for people)' too attached and i to pull }mur weJght: to do your fair otllhe l:Jack. It took tfiree of us io a. you will .11_' nnu' twiddled ilbUt nothing o. ! to . He' ~ ." ' I.lIns.enfkj. . move yeur hane or 'fingers J Sfl'e.. I ~..fumbled with his lighter and! dropped it on the f/aor.grasped it with bo. I'm going to tbe: canteen to grab [ to tug: tiQ' pu.le held 5th or tty te reach mr 5th. to yanle to PlIli sJI1with forcefull pull one q:uick..f#f'/ tight..:to. to ItwIddle 8th.Cl raid He.ed her He· mjghtlppk dO~ on file plan~t.n the grip 91 its worst winter on record. grasp: 1:0 take sth 'a!)d hold tlghUy She swam to 'the rope .p .but f}.dhim into a ~ Clingy: i) (for etotfles) very tight' and i van.~: to pLlII a. r: bis lalj}. a.' and cryfng.. very .e. 1w:o men shoved ructefypast me.Jiar/"t flatteririg dress ....b~ "That hurts..n(. when you are bored' or neNOUS etc) in youI' fingers. 1 to manhandle: 'to push sb roughly ! ! i . you . ~ly When you ~ cQntrQlled. ''d . HoJdb1g. grip.. oMn wt1ile you are deep in thou.lthesheets off tne p$ lhe .ful pulls The little.embrace: arou. to 'pat: to. arid ! boy : mother's skirt i t'o qJ'st her attention.pp.. a.. {he ground. means of~ rQp-B or achaln ' We embracedanlX saW gtiodOye. famine.:II sth wiith'sh.goods. p .manage to g~t some foodl L tQto. ere). etc) awa/f from.b. " . -on a neuse tn north-east LonGon. YOU'~b(eaJ< It...."'" '". g~i1tfest frie'l'ld:s sweets..erland is . sAowfng the shape of your body "WeJlofime1 .fingers Shetio:kfeiJ the baby's fe~et. often by dfinklslee.1. Pushing..Handa to flddte wttb 8th: to play with 5th small (a penoll a .order to rDul1Iish him or her The police roannandle. vehicle. frightened of IDS. applying pressure i not parlia:/.9 little.!IVKO f ma:c. depenalent on others ! sl'1are altha \oVQr~. t "'.anexe:ellent understanding of : it open and continue:d running..'· . aarinfront ' .S he' toy~1i1 With her hair >as she reC/. Somebody with his' b(akes~. weight fnth'i~ office. '8 : 10 be In. ' to.: to' : The door Was'Stiick-.. "How dat. away.:l so 10 to put your arms ! } to._ .. 10 seize: to takes4h illegal (stolen 10 slap sb: 'to hft sb(generallyon the .. He wtenc. TIt f He: grabblJrd his coat and ran out Our oar proke dOl(lln'so it had to force. to futnbJ&:. gerrerally: for (a region . he said...'" 'he said.e you 'S~y that ta me!" 10 :ahove: to pusti sb roughly .g: them witH your . J. b·OY is too < flXoelleht. drag: to pull sth that [$ hea. 'to. and a'sked to r:e'~iW1 r arm where hehafi banged it.nds. fo quicKI. ' be tQwed to the garage'. with YGur hands or 'fingers. are trying to make SV1 work ' He """ ..of: 10 be 'ewerlencing ath that' cannot lie knoB. rubbing his 7:". sb to clutch: to hold sU" tightly because ~ f~Ge) with an open !land... but in an-aWkward'and clumsy 'way ! He . clutching to Qf:fel}d or hurt.omputers..or the pOODle of) a country Switz. • won't leave his m~ther's side.. to...g so change it or d!amage ~t had tampere(j Tha't was no abCidimt.d h:erbo'oi(. 'tiad weather.' ! . . ~11 economic crisis. fEipeatedly touch with the hand hela flat: ! sb lightly 10 cling: to hGtd on to :sIn very 1jghtty because YOll are frightel'led that i to It1 go 01 BIb: to stop holding 8th so that it is ne longer In your hand you will fall Of you will lose it She let go of the bird and it flew Sheolung to her sultease. to grlPi: to hOld sth V. doh'1.vy she sGrfu~med and $h~ s'iapped him aqrass' the face.ght ~ towranc:h. but s9me:llifnQ 'to' eat ..slon and in otthe room. ~ .seized a caehe of because sb has safd or OJlne 8th e(JuFlt~rfeil money during . He yankec.: to tum sth ( a dfaJ. toy wHh 6th: to play Wilih sthin your hf:'\nds or fiF1g~rs.ildren bysma~king them.y He' gripped t(le edge of his seat asshe overlook the . often YiOuare in pain The polioe . r i ~..: to puflsfh forcefully and qUick Iy in order loapen it/remove it from where"itis to have an excellent grasp of.1 L. was wepring' a verY clingrat1f:J {f'you tikrn'f :start pullFng 9011r over sth.lCs. :8naic:ll: 'You shoutd' never punisH Gih. feJ{ to..e"l1bite yeu if you try (0 stroke him.: ' tugg.

'i room..behi:hd her. []jJtrt:k_lirtg her.. 'staggere..shoved B yanked .3 The -man let outa-scream.g':!\no 'tVin~Girig.senlenre i"nSectlbn Ahyiiddingan A g' .f'rfI:9oin9tiCf .. . how he haled them! He sat outside the. whr)t!idri't want hirn tQ get: to. w~h tile 'engine"soYfleone.' 'waMng out oteirstcms. 15 5. ..ilews.._fY.l ~ smack tMeir children when they hav~ beef1I1?Mghty... I' I IfiddHngwith h1spert He was next. to ~tsside.&0meOne Who wasn't teo dependent on m"8:! someone who WOiIsn't toe """.-:.._ •• .ril~fpy C huggy o Gllngy of its. A grip c B seizure C 'embrace o grasp CsMre Ev. "Thaf'S: -miiM!i.l~aV!.ggin-g C wreTlcl:'iiilgD towing ril." . 1.Want to 'get: invQlved ~rJyOUirpro~lems.!egi):1 sat ~ My kteai 'partner would have.snatched tile doer.. l.. Why a Fe.. 1?ormoonehad 6 " 7 There she was.. A towing B manhandling C pushin~ D dragging 7 Int€lJ'."Well aome. his·oac·k.ed ICloQse. dress.eai:b.B' darted tbrwaJd~ai'1d tt. I 1. A ·gfippe'O B gr~t!b_l3d.. whic'h then 6 ma.04 She reached the 111e'boal. Agripped Be-rrtP..d towards the Wliidow..inttl1l~ novel efl. .ii.son the back. [J:!Jtoying with her-hair. a huge su:itcase. Me... tampered.start He looked' undet" the bohh'st" Some wires hag be~\l cut. B fe.plutcheq E)'snatChed . pun tifS .pacl!~~d-a:oQ ..gtasp!EI!:l C . a COtlpl'€f Qf hour~ §I~€)pbefore we. court. he as_k)9Q. h'e sfag@eredto t ·'she obviously took 'excf!ption to :something' g:ol B 't~gge_d G grrpped Dheaved 6 Asthe-train p~urledin. But ] Knew dlflerehUy ~ bec!3uSi8'he kept 1() I had no idea whafwavele'nQth HadoCodflsh was on.. wait'ing'for Someone to pull her rn..ofa all by ~~ LIII .--. .... W itth th-e shriM cleaI11h'g' except -5 .. r-TT." he'sald.. I Mid.. ~ s'That didn't hurt.. shattering into a thousand tiny pieces. nervou.' e a~ wejght Cfinger 13 L " ' I ir~~I'lydon"t. stroking C rubbil19. t'obe.I) C' .... hls.l : A let because.. Agm_spy.YO:U..She was exhaustedandehe .. A 'seizeB embraee C grab D' grasp 9 . r . htssterrtach and.. DP'aUing []]] rubbin-g M. .:nhatidled .rindin$_jrom terlton B. stroking the I!ittle kitten that was Gutli3d upon me on !.?H. IB' 9.ryed arlO.eb 0 dy W8_. into a carp. rhe a l'm..ried 'tOI move the.Gluteh~~ 0 ~lul1g apptopriilte A . c••• .ieo wss Pn the " economic recession on record.. tugg_ing " 14 "HoW' silly 'oJ me....emonious. Ie.. A h~ft hOld.he t~aJ po.. ~i 5 lim looked upand '~""". •••.ppeq B .ooic. worst kep... ..snstched 2' He of g[abbed 'ihe vase and it dJQPped to the. ' --" Stan:iey" who always refused to.. He 5 His oar Weuldh't ." she Said. she suddenly! 2 In England it is quIte' eommon for parents 10 3 Anna couldn't step faughlngt):ecauSe hets'ls:terw!as 4 Stiil under influence (iftne an'aesthetic. - litl. SO 1$ug~gested t1"Ahh..d D I..Ii. . .to have t.S~iz~q is ...:mCer. A :sooks ~slapp'ed· ' him acrossthefa ~__ _ I"aco~~ ""e_.g..' B tug 'n 12 Of course you'll pass: You -write well and . •• :.-" r-' ::!J. CumjJlete.ys_e'lf.. ~ .$ly 8 . busy. .!J .flom. F I picked up the-letter.'" i1e.leas..t lt'sso cufe. A ... berldlh@ down and he 10 At the nme.exeellent of ttlie'subjed.. hlmlnto its pathi~AI_ G wrenched o .c:~f1e.'she said. It was"a· very realistic. .ds. Sh.everythjti'g~s re...~dy.. you have all LI.sola.' .!O 0 wrenched 1 At1h8t pOint the hero lspeedsaway. $.'''''' at his rii(lth~(s.fy fell to ~he:gmund.ce.. A.raced go ! .dling the dial wlntil he fO\Jnd i~. C yShkif.. A grip B{=riJ c:I:lil pa~ihg fumbIe:d with his k~ys. ~t ~ . s. : m!? into: it? A 'pullrrng B dra." he"said. "Can Ihqve ?'n iG~ pream.

oe's life is.cure for RedsteW-sdisease.. effect: to start to work (for a Although nat yel fuJfyre'bovered •.0 be under operation.l treatment 'that will get rid : ofan ill!1less or a disease a disease or lllness 1~ UlnaIS'" to try and cure an 10 contrad . He~s being Qperated OR tomorrow.~eJ a rash I'm al/e.the • painl<itlers.101/on his health.ry quickly Hospitals . Th& President wa~ disoharged from hospital last night.iety who .ly dIfficult dimb. an anaestl1eti c) 'tou'll feef muoh . .urgery' (formal) to nave a surgeon operate on you The Viae President u.ltr .uffers tram migraine.ea. been bad-tempered recMtly. to eke R.spltal to hang by a thread: Ifo. his sister _nursed him baef< to health.o be taken into hospital HE} wBs"admitted to nr!J?pltal a. to becllscllargedfrom hospital: 16 bJi allowed to leave ho.o1 sth: If sb dies of a part!icular disease/illness. ! 1. he is the' f7lend. to be rushed to/into hGspffBI:lo be taken 10 hospital h~}fe a i pa-rticular illness or disease : ul1a:ble (0 relaD< because you are worrying a lot I knGw he'§.pUbl'e to stn: to be the. to die . on ~fltibiotios end they make 1 t08uf1er from I'(~."e tot two flu.the ope(fjtlon.COllocations For some reason. he Is not : to be. to be IJiJ: intenslVliI1 care: to Ibe in a hGspital ward where people who are very ill are treated and looked It was VB'}' after intensiv.rgic to pollen. tosth (catS.soc. medicine. fun .rip~cm.are particuJarlysusceptible.are appealing to donors to come forward and giitebload. nuts.(.fter complaining of pains in fll's ohest.(formal) to operate on sb me teet e bit sleepy. to male. serious.on 'WQrking down' the mine'S for so many years had taken its .:: . po/lapsed at work and was' rushed to th~ city hosp. dust. fa be lo good shape:' 10 befit and get better [!Note: 1:0 mak. i. He was in .) pSln/.recovery: to recover completely]. He.yrnptoms: treatment to reduC$ thearnol)otleffect of pain/symptoms. your body reaots to it In a negative way if you are al!efigio Ws· during .to he:al~hy It was? simple operation and the daotors expected him to make a full recave.better when . reeover.ioC medipin:e t'm to perform an operatJon.perhaps. or perhaps 'You . an1Jl!li0t. groups . He 'died. ! to be al1 raJe Lo stIl: to nurse After sl!! back sb g:etbe. i tD illnessIt's onaa' those Illnesses that you just' can 'I treat with corwe.I 10 18k. to be ! - 8 cUlie for B dsease: a medicine 'Or' tobi admitted 10 oo8pitBI: t.efltlydfso{)vered a.eaa. but we're in very good shape. undargo .iUs them l The vaccination is being given to those. poverty1 Take two of these. it k. toU/a heavy taU on: to have a bad eiifect .or repairing 5th problem. lot of stress at the office"at :the mement a :Iot of s:tmmr. They'll alleviate the gain. me that U qan be 'stored and used tor sb surgery else at a later date la~ last night and his condition is said to be stable. etc). Soientists .'}'. you can only get them on presc. not used with minor illnesses in spoken English It KiaS during his trip down the Amazon that he contracted malaria. . hanging by a thread they-ate yery iH and Hk·ely'tod~e ThedoctofS later wid her how tiffr /ite had hung by a thro.Qderwent to get madrcJne on prescription: you musl have a prescription to obtain it [Note: buy medIolne over the coumer: need a p:resofipti0n to buy tt] you do not to gWe blood: to voluntarily have btood taken from you SIl) Here you cannot buy tranqul1lisers @ver counter.s a r8Cov:ery~ to PreposrtionB to . of pneumonia.on to operate on sb: to rre'at sb by cutting open part of their body and r~moving. to be on 8n1fbToth::s: to be taking.tter tne to health: to help . anxiety. but he~:s unqera. klndo1: person who easily catches m~dlca.a dl8eaHllllnUl: to cafchffall ill with a disease-/ll1ness.have reo. [Note: allev[ate is also used with boredom. on the mend: to be getting better respondIng to to BlIBVhd8 (th.ltal. ·a painkiller.ntional medicine. YQY mart sl1et!'!!!i'ng'.lake effect ' 10 treat .

... w~!U haN..on prescfiptlon/'no e. . s <6 < .. .... 10.8 lotQf stress.ahd will'tnereiore 110tt. he.a1tack!undergo surgery/life/hang l:ly . ' hospital with third-degree 1i~ TlherEii'_s.... 'These paln hours before sha. r.en domdry a/etl{JJIJ st:zUfent....". (}fJ I r : "Yeu can't buy these tablets . has..g threacj/int€!nsl\!!3eme.ied: . " _ hos. §0 before'my'leg is totally better but at least it 'is ...CPractice 1... .. So you have.Jnjs..redueed ... Bathing your ank~e in cold w<'!ter shoull~ contract the.. he pe... 5we~nilg... sons' suffer .:ffer.." ..cp:nst'jti. antibiotlcs. .. a tl1i'B'ad. .. his. .. Itw6n't hurt 2 These pills: will help to alleviate the pain..atj()'n te:ahhiques!alle'vi ate p'aiYl/ingood Shape now A rush to h~sl3halls_l!ffer from h~eatt .. 5." his life hangihg ... 'i[tIJt cms.. B suffer> from migra.iwthe.l1orrneda. 1:2 ThankfUlly. ~...go $I..eomplete re.:ripJion.1ress/take me!(jJ6irre.. .. She was adrnitted bU..' 3 4 5 6 '7' S 9 H$. . ':/ ~!. Ybu have' to g'~t them " ..:tltake up YG9a: and r:elax. He wa:s .. . -:'-. 9..effkne6)' . the'l1!lend ....Are I'JfJihet· ~ ! answers c....C if not..alth.ppe1U!d. 7 Her mandfa. 5 He had' been . 10 The-hosp:itaJ'ssen..•. ... Yow .good shap€dor a IT\all qfh!s':l:gei 10 They' .specjial~s. und¢r. ..operatred discharged 1 1 H~ was . . '".... as we.. 1:~(Jorret:~. Mlat do youtkink i$hafJfJet!ingJ}j~ b(:i.. ". plq_y ill Mjl. so sn's 8Me wa$butcol<. .gery on 'his: l:. 8 H~ was rushed ./respolnq to treatment/on the mend ..f was'. '1:2' She takes vitamin supplements in winter because she is' $us!"sp..." 2 There ~s:no knO'Wl1cufe...'''''.gaine~ him b~ck to health..t respond to this treatmMt.""c~Glds and trll' 13. are...tible . the counter. . I took the disease i'ilAftiea last'surnrner..'. 4 He eoul dn"l eat what she had prepared fcn him beeause he-was aHergic ch-eese.his 'eViery theprompts. ITit doesn't in good har1~s.pos:e<d_to finiSh th:e ~o\Jrs~ if you... -:" . effect almost i mmedtate. .the..going to nurse the-operatlon.lfJer t ~..cBn be treat1ed with antibiotics. "pres(....tbem. .. wif\:! who re..pftal with euspected appelidi'citiS'...was his.wa$/ totaJk oovUt.i:erCis:'e 'has . a'FE~: :and 11'was begillninQ tQ takErit&'IOH .t!:ter d.. tending fb..ine andback p·a.. The!6llowing e.a: long wayt0 11 Most common iilfe:ctions'.. suPPly{ . . . s.. him on M¢'nday and he' w~s " hosprtalon Tuesday! ' 'intensive 'care. prettY.. cancer. 'hayfever.".ior leye.Govery .tl.:.orr(?'ct?Put a f:iGk (.l It was.wUl make. ~. a 8'oth of _f9ur qutn. give blood.e to 'operate'....picture~1 u.. Sterrits·c!is'ease.

I. a sora throat: If you have (gol) a sore th~oat. to have (got) poor eyesIght not to 1 be' able .he again. "1..g'. I was in . •• . vern g. '8 ar.I.ave assured us that.eto) but not be so ill that you need to." 4'1 . headache: a very bad headaChe to come out 011a comB: to wake up 6/1(8 me' some aspirin.10 see very' well and probably needlnq to weargl!a. stop having an effect you will be In 50111&' AOI(I~ .the lastthree years.u". runny oinimentami told me that the rash should clear up within five days.~s right Cj$ rairt II not a stinldng' co/t/.~ for to I Yol/II have to speak up' abft.!=: to paas . HfJ'S put his back out: .al:nakdow:n: to 'become extremely and I. · A_I.. he took four of my teeth oUl..e all go. stomachlto have a stomach upset:. a rash or sgots start covering part or all of your body ta take • tooU1 auI: to remove a tooth The last time I went to the dentist.' < Helen went to bed with a blindin. I got an . I'm """.!.but which is not serious and to coma fGund/com. to coma out In 8 ruhI-ipotI."' .1 bug which affects the stornaob] n. to become ill t th with 8th i a· ..' I've got from a coma ~ that thumping headac.ntibiotic$. -to to IIlava/su:fter' 8 nervou.l to use a hearlnq ai€i]- I < lahaye. was two months before earne ! a bQsI: an illness which 'isteasily caught· out of his coma.ut me on a n' Hft-s had two nervous.s ~ a week but she shake Qff her co/d. " 'Vel}' peor eyesight The last 'time I' ate.. #WIle •• a' nd P 1 f to be . ID put your back out: to hurt your back.repeat themselves When the anaestnetlc wealS off.not be able to keep anything in yourstoma~h because you have probably eaten or drunk sth bad We all weal' gla:s'ses in my family. 'only have r to look at a bird and I G€JMe out In 1 a bnndlng/apllttlog/tt1umplng a rash. highly Infectlous. .. n. . ~ ahDoIIng paine: sudden. I've My finger bled SCI badly that I ve.sses ? or eontsct lenses rN. ·e·laze' nge. sharp paIns ~ which do flotlast for a long time :. (ath) GJff: tog. to: to regain . to be very III and probably in hospital as a result i She Is seriously 1/1 in. Ciiit. probably lasts for two OF three days consciousnessaft~r you have [NQt~: a stomachltummy b"9: a fainted '~/h' I came roundrto.mable to cope Bushell's dfsease' IshighJYj I've.ommy .9. -i someone to sneeze near you and ' you wfJ/ gel it. g to feel . eonaetousaess i aut: to Ila: nt to :Iose '. rtoU-Iay.k..ote~ to be hard 01l11earln9: n. . that's all.oD'd' for' ! 1.eriQ. 10 wear off: to.e momeat. .hospital and ~ the doctors say that it is. 'i to pul:) through: to sUrJivea.' a SOle thloat. ius/' gOf a touch of flu... he prescribes that depressed ... I 'hope I don't pick up mal bug' .! but which dQ .(f i 'ne{frfy passed: Ql.w I. You only need. funny Ilosa. Jf~ /'Ioth/ng a few paracetamo/ won't f" to: fee:1 (a bit) IWiIder ttla weatherl 10 pur eb 011 8th: if a doctor puts lIOU ~ i on a pertlcular course of medicine. t-' cours_e:Qfa.. which is goirr.ed fi:om one p.1"1. "'.dlseasa: a..n d DC tDrs l.g he..if you have (got) a runny nose or if YOIJr nose 1$ runnrng.JI1n:ess l He's In critical oQndltion but ihe: I.. your throat hurts so thO at YO'U'" d ~_·d~. you have a cold and your nose is producing a lot.breakdowns in . it goes away The doCtor gave me some to ltI.o".ld :.nd recover from. tid of 8th Angela IJa. 5 gone' '~""W. dise-m1e that is very ea$llly pa-ss. well.. often because you have ufed to tift: sth very heavy John won't be playing for us today.e neadache.! not going fnto work today. medicine fOr you to take [Note: a doctor can also put you on a diet] TIle doctor ree .. he will pull t :.U:S. . pain. aff-colour: to feel slightly ill Geo/fwent to work yesterday. t ! IIInelS.PhraalVertIs to cIur up: If a rash or a cold clears up. I'm allergic to feathers. If you come out in a rash/spots.. T T measJes. We'v.IUI H III.::..: he's qu1tehard' 'of hearing.touch and 1 go whether she wIll pull through. c .ecfachebut ifJ~he morning-she felt' . an up-set. afif)f havlnQpreviously ae right 88 rain: to teeI1·QO% felt ill a stinking·' lcold: a very tiai::l co. infectlQus.ot to be abla to hear very weiland pro:oa:bty needir'l. go to bed t:I j t through.sQ:me of the symptomsoff.erson to . CD and sometimes even fospeaR 7n""0. ·ult to s·'.en' ambulance. even though he felt under the weather: YoU don't normally need to 'visit the doctor or take any medicine if you iust feel off-co:/our.upsef (a. of liquid I've just gDt 8 bit of runny f10i1f1 and a bit ot a sore throat. .another i to haV'Ga touch o'lI'uc to hav9. that.g round the school! to go down with 8th.III: a na rt ne i I keep' getting shooting pains like needles tn my back.

. ... . . He 9 It's a hi9'hi Y.. he complained of nose headadhe a ... Canyou Tl'l-llJcbthe pictures 'In3a? lOan] oftie sentences said were "Where am . a 9 When he : We're-soshart-staffed his coma.shooting says he fe-~lsa bit off- 'in his chest " . eyesight III breakdown rain S He1s not c-omjng into work 'today.'In # ec t'· . ... " - ~- ~ .....put on .... ~~~ ~ ~ ~.....~. I found myself neatly tucked up 'qiabe-tics. pain bug disease stomach 1:3 I'm feeling a bit under the ...1·1" .....U:fflC¢S With . 4 I shouldn't nave eaten that curry.pun tbro~gh appropriate nounJrom Section B. ...... You may have (0 change the tense or joml afthe v~bs:. Comptete the sentences in Sec/ton A with . a stronqer but 11 I don't know how lon§ I had been unconsoious.... go dOum with .. . 1:4 She's 90 t V"?p/ po-or '" -.CPractice 1. in .come our of ... when 11 in a hospital bed. Mak:eup questions for thefollowing answers... her course of antibioticS. 3 He's got a sore. .. -~ ~ 18: She just passed out! . the first words he h.!I'1l fee-las right as in the manning. ..sJJoke off com"trouTiiJllo . a... 12 The doctor . wear off .PU'-Qut - 3.." . 5 I think l've go~ a touch of ." the. food poisoning'. _ ..10llS ". 10 I've got a stomach 11 She is s~rlously 12 He had a nervous .. Complete the set..&l-ti ap-proPtitlte phrasal lIerbfrom the box below. 10 As Emi's throat infe_etlon hadn't doctor decided to . 15 Take two of theseand yOl..pass (jul come out. 2. -4 A: . A 1 I've go_ta Stiinking .. Sefore!he collapsed. " - because half eur teachers have".take oul .. . 6 I've got a blinding . It's gilven me' an upset . .clear' up :2 She's gQt a runny .. B: It'll clear up within a couple of days.

.. 1 I found her eXJ3lal1a:lion v~rydlff:ic:ult to.and En . I be spaces and imposing bt#ldiMgs.that GDllntS:.knew he . to envfSlgl: to expect We do nQt enfi/{sa'ge having any problems. we strengw .~ .nt chlld.immune:te a particular Illness or cUseqse... Using a-mall has enab1ea us lG Beimg with the firm tor twell"ly yools does nat 'entitle .. . as Fo· . c•• " . ". engl'0888d In ath: paying aU your .ecbmm~fI<.h·ar rUd~ and disl'9. Impertinent: rudeand disfespectful.s immune.hts. Ive: doing things suddenly '- impsti:ine. was.spectful thing. to join (the armyinavyl'airforce. 'She encouraged me in my decision to give up work and set bp my awn business.e speech J performance. ImiPlaiJs'i~le She.essive (Note: with a'strong character] imp.w:nholJ.. wbtdb..b:· 10 get solo help] i I . a~dlpIDmatan' The Beatie's. what g.attentiQJlto 9th (a o€lok:.."" the he._ _ .entf:al London.fhim. !iJipedinent to .%" to &nCOUJ'1198 lib (to do 8th(ln ath)~ to say or do things that give~sb the courage or confidence to do sth My parents encour-aged me to -apply to Oxford. : !' We .be vaceiflate'd agalfist it.. ~ Y:olurftarily [Note: to . using ~~tw6en 3' anil 8 U)(Jrds. she forgot roget off was she tn her to annat (iln1hB arm)'/n8. Demaio [$ totally im~elVlalJS to criticism and doesn't carEl what people say '~PQut him. etc ~ ! Immat. It is what tlh$:. ·envisage Analysts dQ not " '.word 2 Analysfs believe that lnterest rates will remain the same for the next six.b to be r· Imptd : buildfn. F.J that you . ~ yQU cannot eateh it (brecause you have 8. gr.n. ! because you have been vaccinated ~ aga_rnst it) [Note. ~ engineering is. . lmplauallbla: not very convihcing and prob_abl. yeur own tt'ioug.tllnnol.enetic ~.. immaterial comes after a noun Bndgerte:rallyfelrows the nor impp:rtant or verb to'D9 What wethinif 1's immateTlaf. Dr (rnpo Ing: bj'Qjand impr.rmance. to enable abdo sth: to make possitile for sb to do sfh reduoe our e~ts by 45. ensu'~thatthls n~v~r hapf)~nS' . Gn leaVing 'sehGal. was a vezy imposing man 'ano .. it has a simiw meani'ng lrJ the' first of Sob was in awe o.t tllinldng aeeut them carefully:first It was impulsive and pefhaps rather foolish df' Jonathan to giva up a good job:to be_Qom.natk)n.onthe f'AfJple to Changing you to senior 'Classes wouldentaiJ rewdti'ng the whole timeta'b/~. . your j work.offlptu rooftop of the t f:-pe'rio.afilm. " is envisaged that by the year 2010 nearly 80% of the population will oVffla computet.expfaln te YOU.lIal: relevant.()r'.k/questlon : .'~~'e6ecDruJ. generally used before a nou. : :·1r$.entitle sb losth: to give sb the ri'ght to haves'th Impervious l.enlIsted ~. an impr9Ssiv.osing can g0 Defore a noun at after a noun'.9 In e. in interest rates for i:he next . imperlinentoan go before erafter to entail: (fbrmal~_lomake it necessary' to ensure: to ma_kesure . generally wltl1 the verb: to Imposin'9person: lmponant.comments. it.. t'm fed up With you. .. . etc) j.vy/~rce): Immune to 5th: if yOIJ are:. limperti~oent She -shouldn't . j. co~pleJe.remaf. tie enUsted' in the na~. :3 She was' wrong to have sald ~llc. . f('Om }:>i'OseclJtion. a noun. in my Rower-tO' HI's French..y not true Jami~ Impraaslve: was the master of tmp/a!JJsib(e eX6uses.. months. wa... .~hthavet. Impromptu: ~- :.lch. It's a big cityl futl of wide to boss evezyblJdye/se wound. . . So engrossed thoughts that the train.ean'actor. I .I 301m .eat in si2e or degree or (jane with greal skill (only used fOr posHiVe things) dhanged inttny waf.:" He.again. ! ~ Impeccabl8~ perfeo~ and wilnouHa:ults I'll dQ ·everytnjn~.everyorrB' lillhe .. ! without 'adV&iflCed Q~E!paratiof1 or pr'attiGe. is lmp(lccable.. Y® tnU$t 'inclUde:' the .llst the ~ help o's. .gave an impr. believe. S{!fttence sO"that giveni~ bold. months.oBth:' not bothered or affeeted by Slib CPractice " 1.~ ~xpla. natural resistance' to.... immune from prosecutlon: cannot l:5earrestell or charged with a crime] As rlobedy is immune to this dis. we haVe' .was good' btJt We didn 'fexpect his res_ults to be as impressive as they were.iuf'}! thiR.. generally w.

. her to go an Ihe st<:fge...... effectsthe. inoiv~dual. 7 He acts-' wii~hout' con'siderhg tha possible risks" ~ i involved..."" : .iSvouc.. i imposing The Park Towers has .driv.. UID tsnrts. "..llen has ... she was.~. he . ! 10 My grandf~th'E!r wa~>an . ....e:'djdn/~eve:n hear me.....·.. ~ !. ... ..." . ._... .:.. .. i l 2:Compt~le the sensence«using the uocabulary preseJZted in thiS'_unit.QtGr ls tOfally .. a. ""..:..." " : the' help of local volunteers IA s:e1Ung up a ...•..'!' " •• -... .d. with . made pepple .... with no fa. when you purohase a doughnut. . would not he brought to trial.. .'.. .ults'at aJ. Impromptu Th!3:mirnfster " ' .Iy.. 7 That.". renderi'ng of the S6nait~. WhiCh is why hs. .· Br~ndl~nm. movlng to head offlce" :5 They.. ·u.....rQBWthani:'if. l' excuse to me.lfe aboufi fhe effects tine. "... .. lhat sh.esting. ".ew... I i 15 We will ende-avour 1:0 make sure that this never happef!_$ag!a'in.. ..~ . pmsecutior..'" ..eO'ple:~ 6 Although he had prepared nothlnq Jrr advance'..! ~ . ... can ge"t a free drink with every !?l... .. ...og:ate your' . engrossed· She .. ~ enabled Us:ing a'four"wheelldrive-jee'p .r if he-c<D-oj:)erated..ling in the city. YOLI .L :2 He....didn't get promoted." . irr?lt she didnl't ev:en hear me.. .e pe.. Th. the miniS'telr spo. '..rrily. Thie fao' ta:l~nt~d. her pa:re:nts .. 01 -S:pal'lish. __. " "" . as longl ?s: hs 'oo-QPe:rat~d~ he.. " "... .Hect him...._. the :s.e as The Park Tewers.Geoff suddenly real:ise.. 6 No other building in the ci'ly has such a bioS and impressive entr~nc. the . impressive_ !Yi.·. enliisted On . to criticism arrd doesn'tlet anyttling people S?. " ...~a:marvenotj?: i~.6 ' ' .said it. . ".i They told him thq:t... . ~~..ilding a bypass _ -_ .~~ homewerk speech: se-:~msa ratner B Helen speaks excellent Spanish... ! a La." .. about the .. " _ . the~ army.: ~.' ." _ " " . ensure We will do . ". that .eg[orrsaf the park.. 9 lithey bpilt a by-pass" they would have._ .. ... ~. to the disease. '. " ".Jo thsrnore inaGcessible r. 10 If Was by using_:atour-wheel ..._ t.....• ~· • •• As. ..aU Jigrts are switehed o·ff when-you leave the buftldin_9._ .·•'••. ... . immateri~1 WM~her ...'" any bUjili(. of mpney.our very . . ....H. ... ..•.shelf~!r fot homeless p.he'r .new law wooldbave.. ' . 16 Quite' without preparation."" :.d that _accceptingithe promotion would ..~... illlaccesslble regions ot the park. 11 With this veueheryou doughnut enUt!es-.e that they reached ~ '! the more.....·. ~ immune He was' .said it .. ' 9 Pfea$e "..ave an ..y a...:' .. u •. 4 .... 1:2 l~eft$ch00'1 ·and then Joined.". 3A massive·e:. .." ' . "... .. .. : ... ! ! r ! . law would have. 4 She found her ·book so inter.".. that this never happens' ag~in." "' _. encouraged I:-l'e: " .. ! ilmpu!lsive W...dnation "programme..'...·.sQ'nality... 14 30 His moth~t'sajdit would bea gopd 'id~a ror him to start p!a:ying tennis. c sp~nd a ~Qt ~ at money: entail BU.... 13 I don'teere if he m:eant it or not The fact is...'~... .' ''' . .~ 1 Sy... p n'~ ~ .•u .. he .new .lviegi.

tt{'nip til.. a j weird: strange mluA) !. J"ve g@ta dodgyback.(')( twO' ?hd 'get 'some ((esh elr: .prder tq <. yet 'he i ~ Ins..· !tis o.a weird noJselflfmlmanl~Of .rlbo1Jr. 'Cough .ou so much..k down (for machines and Gars) My·car oOnked out /fJ.fairy ldea&. not :SensiBle to nog:to.po/ioe.31 Informal Language VerbS Beat l r f alry-falry: not praGtlcal or realistic r i tacky: poor quality.e'pronouns (w~ran(j 'th~y') for a I'm illst nfjJ{iJing to tfre sfiops..ckly put J dOn.sell ) fJ@gllBd it' to my next . Don':t be Idatil Of course people er 'cars (I~ot llsed b.lock: very crOWded with They ar6 ea~y te"p~pare. fop tne kettle on~ will you? '0 BeaH: to eat quickly and greedily Fred sc. to bug: to annoy If It bugs y.some lJ6Qpie behav~ in such .'?. i The main mBa w~s chDck~a-block ' hum(Jur with traffic.i seasQ(ll' ? as a requefst) . daft: sHly.Fle'~s8' doagy ohataoteif.r l/:lat enters the c1tY? ! Who comes up with these.any more.m· '? saying is that it's a little bit noisy t.o/1Jysay those ridiculous things to·wlndme hands/pair of to .6 .? Slag I)&dple 6ft mucky: ·Girty muc. You jtJSt J bung them In the microwave.up.k. rcan'! help you lift that. l. to chuck: to throw or give (Note: YOLI 'can sUDst~utecChuckfor throw ln most throw pHrasal verbs] ! '.st '/iJight so it's the garage.? ~ a ohook. you.k.. .efore.class posb fl'(?Jte.:-v" We· nammere·fi them .Innoyor provoke them You . 1:] leans to slag sb off: to crineisa sb It My car is:abit mucky inside. . .t bOdy)! cank out: to brea. .enslve snduppeF.oiJngea lift with you? to's1Jnk: Ito have a bad smell quite: nippy outSide.. the .l/tfJstq. It off: if two people flit if ol.know what he {ioes. Chuok it away. fi) risky and dangerQus.sero~nge:to borrow. /f~he . Can j scr. r Phrilsal Verba clap~~out: Qldandin bad 1 oondition (for oars and machine$) ~ to chIcbn out not to do sth ! because you are afraid He's gtJt lots of money..o Irrpl sb off: to cheat sb outof 10 pop: toqui. .{Jm!hot"sl/aotor The weath'er was lOUSY all wee.eet for the flrsr ttme and mainly w1th ~h.uram:lrjr~ss/c'?f'1 apc<~ntlpeople.:lt for an hou(..triJst sblanother "~.gancakes and then goUndigestJon. (U) dshone&t.i to lcough up: to pay: sb mel'll:ey (often ~ >.ier had t(pped me off. c('). at l Lytngto ·'s·or>.cbuck (a1h~ out: tel get Ad of Sth TV dDesn't wo.kieo:n'El" another (generally used when two pe0pl~ nA. 00 gross: di'sgusilng Ie JOOkat.8 gross way? hush·hush: secret We: hit it off: immediately and have been triends ever in. j to hammer ab=to be.' 10 bUng: thrGW/glve/put Can you bung me the newspaper? i tackY fumituteJjewell6ry/$'hoesl They want to charge a fee of £6 i ! omame~ts for 8vetY ca..and untrustworthy (for ~ Ple-9iPl~) (iii) weak (forrpsrts Gf the'! loveS. i 1 l Hes(iys He's going to tell 'them tonight. cheap and showing :a'laGk Of goo taste ' it belora J Jose my bUt I bet he cniekens aut.0 last . • to knock: criticise 1 rm not knocking' your oer: _AlIIJ. I I r Can you lt~ c'huck' me the lightet? no §}otJd. You lost the bet. I don't .". lousy. i to '! . a lousy f.o nIp to: to 'go somewhere shorttime you want anything? I'm going .. '·t .. Is a bitdodgy. to set sb back: to-cost Hciwmuch did thai.. . .bout Why do . In'lpp'y:cold (Used for Weather) Take a coat with you if you are gbJngol.. they reaHy ~i. to hit.j' • . taste or tl1linl< a. W8's:hvuld ~huck it out.bvioq~/y Vi31)' hus. verry. on driving arouna in that I barribie olappsd.sls.j USo. posh: stitt i >. is uhkjndio I '/I see if I can scroung·e some money from my mum. tatty: old and In ti:!aqcondltton sfry!. ft's behiiid thail" traCKS" to w:lnd(sb) LlP:tn teass..1:' ~ 10 . . espeoially money I[Note: can I scroung:e?: wilil you give me .h4'1i1sh. I realised that the shbpkee.s6tyoubaCk.'t . Don't Ie-ave It on thetlo·or: Bung it In the bin.. team.. • ~ dadgy:. why don1 you -do something about It'? t ~ ~.. t.o/feda/J ~he. very easily and.. so come on.door ne'ig.out Austin. bad money Wh~n I looked at my ohange.

We'd have besn better off stayrngat horne. ' . .'. ... " " . ..bung them iii theoven and bre.slagsomeohe off: . awful.. . . . 4 . : to conk out: ..eXplain whttt-tath phrasal verb means.ort 2.. horrfbleand the weather Was lousy.· 4' The city centre was' chock-a-bloek • .. .. told me to be~rI " .stkm" wasrrt 7 Dad. . taoky.. 1: -to tip someene. . 10 .. .. '" '""..pped·out.. you 1:2 Manchester Unit~ hammeredA." .w~at .'' it to Qe:tu:.ear)l'sli'i'Jrtextracts. .. . 'hi I ~..ed. room excepttor a huge rOyk in the 6 :A: t'mnot buying this. i... ...and I'm his wife . you'll almost Gertajjn~y get the sack.. no-nonsense sol utions .I haven't got ~t Qtn'fi'nore. C. B: It's $lJppo~e.. He 5 Pop lhe kettle on. ~ Look at you.. ." ... il? Of course winning all that pounds off yO!J..dto. '5 You can't Wear that latty old jacket t9 the interview. didnThave'any furniture.. She's says it lis fashionaplE). \ . Itt." .3 I've:had enough of your airy. It'll create a bad impression. ...I·~etb. : 91 'to . '1 Alii I did was" ask him what the time was. you mucky boy! You'VE! got cho'cCi!ate everywhere! 7 Pink fur and plastid.~xa1lJple: hiis hcffndi"arie tor y()u.CPractke t...'" . "'... the. ~ _ pesh five... .. money wfllchan@ehis life! 12.. . ifthflyfind out.. . and he ' J g YOU. synonym or pbrflS_e. '9 His job isso bush-hush that he can't even tell me what he. you greedy ttJing! . 2 Karen? She'll p~ back ina.lgh up: .•...e.. " .blast nighi!:iin the... o It's. :-..was. 'donit see.. : •. ." . . n.8 If'S8· hd dodg'Yr don't you think? I meat!'.n . ."" 5 ''''..." 8 to 'wind ·$om~one:up: " .. with peop!~ shopping ill the' sales...coi. . .~tar hotels... 7 to 'hit it off: "" ... back: " . . U was a daftque. :.yiJU hear..wnright After all. cwill hear an infp.Ch'1Jck something/someone out: . un I . I flogged it to the guy down the rQad." .' . food w:a~.rollnge.". ....:fairy ~ ldeas.wiN h. .~. .does .s his liVITlQ tea .ev!3!ryon. .. " ..•. . erich extract wm ! . 4 to Chicken out " ... l to set s:ooreo ne. to thesh6p:s. ....semi--final of fhe~n Cup: "" ... mid'dle flfthe~ room.. " : '. 6 to . lt's blua cheese. .bbldtnlbe 2 horror film? No.Based an.. It stinkSi .~:mi~~because ~t w~nt 9ff and I hag jo chuck it away . f4. Rep/ace the infO-final adjective mitb arr lNJprgpricl!e: mmtral... couple of minutes....... . we are:atthe top.. a: eeuere of . Wh~t we need are serrsibls... you? I'm dyirng30r a cup '01 .. " 2 to ... 10 Thf!re~5. il wa. ! 9 'These TV dinners are so simple that you tak@ 13 I'd much fa~herstay ina iilfUe bed mern out oftne fr..'''.n one of meso and theyirE! readyin 5 minutes .Tbe r)W'tJS tn.cotd close the window?" 11 rh.'.:" 3 You $c'ofted all the cakes."... I think it's do.~hotel .t11U#p~rasq.. ". ~bUltWe onty need fortune .. 'ldOri't· suppose' I COul'dsc. round 'town.t it Hnish. any point in getting ~ rid of it Granted it's: a bit cI1a.e:~zeJ. He gave<mtf£40 fOJ'lt He was . Miian'B.. 11 Well.. ..ofthe leagiue: .. .O .. ... Could YOLi ... The sentences belOl{J contain antnjonnafa"dJective in hold.. a bit n~plpyinhere. eould I? I'll pay you back tomorrow. She"s just nipped 1 ...~..akfast th@." ' : :..gross that w~ left before Did the we enjoy sentences tMtbw ate in!tJr7nal.very weird person .

. to fee. /je. beMbiffenby rtJat dog.' If you wish to coatsat us" do~so via our Halling wop the silver medal in t{1e' 290m! hoe men went'oll to'win the gold . muon' b~tter off living your own.~avIQe You r. We..' i' .eed and to the.I. tp resenl Ith ha'ppel'i(ngtab elGlng r 8th. ' Word.ork v~ry hard in. Jnform.:::.y. to do 11th: not to do 8th: 'tOI He went on speakiag. la be poIrdIua: fo havana sense or .urant..e out. I wa's the last person to go. It~s poirrtlsss having meetings : lYeoause nothing ever gets ~ f i to faU to/neglUCf whaf you should have done det:lded.Bppliolil tion has' beenunSllccessfuJ. etc) thf. used' t.etting up at five.e failed to hand in his homework on time. In tact. to be sure 5th will . uo:lng: 10 come close. to winning the do .sttt: to maks sb do '. He obviously can't be bothered to write to us. doing his work _as w. he merely wahte:dto: teU the-trUth. ·to sth. J you would be b'etter off dolngslh: yse. the :speaker is being implying that sb is lazy] i giving 1h~m ol'ders.ealfy 'YQU'(jJ ! ought "to msy.s and phra..t'sgo to a resta.d:uc:e::. to be certain to:.lbitte!' ~bo. [Note: bgthered when can't is. h'atDPi\lr'larid succ. opportunity.lJt ~ sth. announces Oi) to prepared to w. first)second/lasl person that. almost do sth you can web$lte.Int to ath/ab Is bound to.3 2 -ing form vs Wordsand~ . 5tn (through persuasion. foan'tp9. critical.i angry an1i.. ! j ! 'to be (Well) WQrtb dalng: it wouid [ be a good idea to do - i 'lhe Test' is an'ekcellent It's: well worth reailing..ell as your .b dol.botnered to oook tQnight.' telt.. to want it to f' sorry to (Used With the verbs say. 10 doing... happen or sb to have. : Be OBrefulor Frank wiJl have you .gfet + Catching the six 6'clack'1firry 'will . 'Order to mi1ke' it ·happen This gQvemment IS committed to taokfing unemployment. She' came ctoee eJectron.regret +il1lg:: to besony about sth that has/hasn't happened . not to feel up to doIng ath: not to fee.wHi do stl"l They' Brs certain to refuse. eon't bu' bothered to do 8th: don'1 feel liike making tl)e:effo·rtt:o HalVey cJidn'~meariJo criticise.. regret to inform you that~your Le.. followed by ••.le8 l followed by' to 10 bathe ftrstlslOOndllast person to: ~ sb lis 1he. . nov:el.purpose .in th~ 7 OIJm'. be j be co.1 well enough to do stn I regret passing tip that mar. .: sth/sb is certainto happer:J/dosth because it !lias happenedtthey have'd0ne it before Hfls bound to be 8rr(ves (im time. followed by to . He never. i He res:ent~d taRing oraers fr@ffl'a man half tllS agB.mmltted toS1h: to beUeV8' j to to: to' be strongly in sth.boCltsbetse. .EI tOI jntrO.. Words and pmo. reg rei! (i) to re. li"robably do not want to do ~ late. H.. em :". even (bough nobody was listening. mean g. pmbably because ypu ~hink it ~ is unfair OT wrong .veflous. i You ale' not the first persnf1 to have'.. 4.

•. off You'd " .. . We-will have tolayQ1f 25 of QJJr:etnployees. close.." " to. 2 'I wish I hadn't lied t6 him. .'... the men's· singles title at Wimbledon' on t~ree.. . 'I ~ ...d I .". . 1 He was the rUllner . ".. 2... .. mean Reducing our OO$S ·toLd... " ."'"... hIm that his .. •• better You .... . He " .w..ryQn~ knew !before m:e.. . so I'm not IQO sure.. Revenue that she had a. . .nt Two months after she had won .. '2$ of our employees redundant... ... 13. fhat his.:.~ bo.... to +i#8 Qt bQth -in:g . A taxi will cost you an arm and a leg.. ~ 101 think you sho.. had two jobs.•... singles finals at Wimbledpn.n long enougfi to know that lending him your Gar was stupid. 2 I was . " manage. .. .: ..Yhu must in:d~de tb6 wort! givrm'in horne . .qomplete the sec.!.." . ~~ .seeend resented . ~'. . p{JPqt. . ·by bus. • • • ..." by now. negl'ected She . ..two menihs before lie f. was not up tostandard.""!' •.ke aoing1ihe washing-up now. The first one bas bee» d(J~J()r you.. I'm sony. ~.. 9 She didn't tell the Inil. ~.. work was not up to standard. certain me "" . then use them in stnten:t.1. .s:it:tg 3 tQ8 U). ..fence £0 that it has a sirltilat meaning to lhi first sentencei u..•" Brian you!'car.iHnQ. " .. • ~ .the last person 3 come close 4 can't bebd~~lred 5 rie:gh!J'cl: 6' It's pointless 7 lseertalrr 8 should'veknowil b'etter 9 gO'on 10 feel up 11 regret Eve. ~ ~ .....' . .ond sen.....uld go. I didn't mean to be rude. I ~ .. .. Qi Tflklng this job means moving to Canada.. bound She. -'~' ••• !'h.".." the National Championship.~.hip..j~sttons i to .:'.by ibus...Champions.. regre·t I .. " best .h tc:v g6 out.. .:~...cording if)' whe·ther th~ are follOwed by-tngf~ to (in/).. " .ords. ~. "'. ~ •• '. truth. perso·n I was . .up in three men's.. . He didn't take kindly to his boss te.'" ."...elt well erLoug.. 112 You have been friends with l3~ia..' .' ..~ tn-an . . o mean both -ing and to She' won the National Championship two months after she had wen the RegiQnal.whichcann:ot be ch..jf we want to reduce our costs.. He :.. I'm almost eerta1in she won't stiHbe.av~qQu It '.". Gut for two months aftet hiE:·operation.t. . It was a sericus operaflonand it took John.t •• ' .! .~1 I don'tfeelli. guilty.. ~ '. .. separate oecaslons.~...'... up John didn't .. 14 115 116 117 resent want is bound wish '118 object 119 resort 20 committed 21 well worth 22 be better of 23 he'll words/Ahr:Qses a...13.~n' .. I'm 5mB he will b~lbund9uilty .. ".. "" . 12 dread 13 how job.'.• thedlshes no.._ ~~'"' .aneed in any way..~ . " .. . . Categorise loe joiloUJ.: . " . ..

.ther that you are thinki""g of moving to SoU... if they 'get marri:ed. n was '~markab/y cheap.ct that . SUJI'II1y you ... Ws only going to cause more plob:/ems. with Wi dUf:I t!f:spect. . well •••: it's okay for you but not for me because my ~ eircumstanc6$ are different (used to criticise or reject sblsth) < ..nauxiliary i .. baus». but all the... BInIc k.. tatJlng at> What you wOlIfd ftUlC do (often used 8$ an Indirect ofli1vltlrtg sb to Join you) wtw ID be partactIy honest . '! 1 i ! ihow come . : We are not sure Where the meteor ~ I wo led to believe that ...same I'd better Im5 them... "m sure they are oorrect but 8lI 8 look - I don' knoW eboUt YMa IMII I ••• : used when ~ ..•. he's .gloOmiest re. which was far: trom f true.' but yoo can't critIcise sbl sth for.. putting Ion afrsand graces like thB./small not-surprising wonder . ~ but reel H8UNd .still living in Japan. but I think . [Note: what struck me moat . elr's How come you gofa bonus and I 'f didn't? .1? wUh aU due ·resped'. : . I belleve that] That was the. based on the information say.. yesterday momlng?l No wonderl :l small wrmder yOu're hungryl .-- - 3 3 Introductions . th~y are. •••: remember' what larn aeout to.e the shop.stavrant i J have ever be&n to...i : ! nD won dell' . : an informal wa.var polIGeaad you well.. whato. as.:. I thlnk I am 'right when II 1 fr.y words.. I didn't uncJerstand a word ot what he said. What on earth is' he complaining about? Who on . from wttsll 1 j ! 1 1 I ean ga.w it is' disappointing that we Africa..gQ(J)dness you'd hurry words to emphasise surprise or up! ange:r ina qu~stion letla face H:.•: WfJ must accept that 'Where on earth has he' gone . You don't have to go to work.t for you to (..reat to . .?~ resignation. you can't do that. 'ed ..1M 118 .... contradiction... etc' ..It seem to me wouldn"t mind someth... all ..: to be completery tl\Jthfuf To be perle£Oy honest. b.V of asking _why.~ Th'e fast time you ate was ~. soon as we what f cangathef. !: kno.".. not (doing Ith) .n~ to eat that sb was (often used to give IIInow for. J no. . a faot that she's got ! j i He stnmk me as an honest lind trustworthy 'doe..: (for'mal) polite 'Way to' lntroducs criticism. : but despite tmL.. [ have.sne.: I 1hink that sth would be a mistake ~Note: lu". but rest assured Surraly you are not going to rake them up on their otter.. but Jet's face'lt" there's nothing we cen do ..th8rt~ gather that . based 01'1 wh:at ed~has tbJd me/what I have readlheard .thinking of ha_nding in his' surprise) I wlah to gOOdneU m:.aff to l why did you ..: sb told that. What the morning. but I will say l this for it.. Surely that fs iI/egal? i I l by tIlelOund 0' It.. 'J': J don't know for sure...i .o C/os.but nevertheless.••. I W. followed by clause and not used witha. me most about this picture is the way the man in the foregroun.. but I _I.? (used instead of why in order to show g. made or that ano1herperson has j just made abOut sb or 5th) r know about you. . (used to ~ balance CritIcisms that YOll have .. : J knOw for i your first impressions of sb) sure that .~~ so I know for.s sheth/ni( . the.. me that 8th was true/possible 1 to hit. Whateviifr po·ss'essed :YQ(. nowhere. : the thing I particularly notICed] I overheatd her talking to Jenny I don't t t"'''''....bUt by the $€Jund (jf II.. I JJB. up your job like stop doing sth or when you are that? compla'ining about sth annoying where/Wh8tlwho/etc on earth ..I to used when you want sb to do Of ....:10 sth You7J h:avea' job finding :their It's 11'1-the middle o"f (you) mark m. ..un + would) I Ireally wis'h..d is looldngat the camera. for . .. i j I .. at bUt lIn lIlY . you'lf i It's all ver:vwell for you to go to bed at 3 a. (followed by j p~ono. But sfr.. (hey will be very unhappy together.suddenly give.. f ~:ven'tseen Andy for~es" .: it will [be difflqul.say because I am sure it wi'll happen You mark my words. he is dOIng reatly j 1 i We were led to beli~W3 that our ~ hotel was a short distance from i ttie b9ach.~ .m... 1: matsb habitually does on earth is: used after question I wish :to . u I know. r....: but I promise ~u is going ~""'''''W' 1\.. is. A$ far as I < YOy'D have II Job ·dolng 8th ..

6 To be perfectly 7 NQ 8' He! struck me 9 By tih~sound 10 Hidw 1~ H~e(S_Il{ing.rsuSl-ciing your wifec... assured.r-o:een any good at hiding our feenngs.'"'.. there's 'no pein.. B: t'm really sorry. earth drd I put'rny k~¥s? . 2 JuHe'left'without. ·they're doihg'(ery well over there.. 'gather. I knOW'fOT. 3. " I have no' apprOpriate eniii~-g (a-u) !tom Si!ctir)tl R A I) . b fact that he didn't Dome home on Firifday 'riight.5 They may Mve gBt away this tlme.< 33 i ml as I know.. . g..oflt r:fh£ly'reha:ving the time of their iives. .. idea.thisuni/: ~ . ' 'q r s t u . him. ~jrid of personthat wouk.lV'o. It's a hOpelesS __ case.. 5 6' '. Match these(l·tence openings (l. he is sun wor~i'ng. d respect.tthis wHlendl in tears! 1 '2 3 4 5 I wish to I know we can't afford it. !buit:.l 'jlit in perfectly at our company.... " ...I re'\il!l. Qompany. 13 It's all very 14 Hilt may tninkit'sagre~riPlea.4Sitt:g. .. I) well for Simon to.on't'oare whatY'O.vethai the p'dce-of the holiday w~saJI-in~lusive.. she's' a:lways been there for me when I've needed ashoulder faery on. 4" I wish to gQ(Jd'nes~you would consult me before you make decisions that concern.ciirln't -. f come you weren't at work tctday? 9 possessed her to cia such a thing? h lniol thinking 0:1telling hal? That wotJld bea terrtp_!e 1 8h€' .singl out on -awondel'ful oppornm lty.'" " ". CtYr/lplettdb~ sente'nce'S.. -~o-belte. but all the I Know you_~d()nT like Anne. sa:me. .21)lrg7ll :~ect1on_A with .. atact that she loves it here.1 tryil1~al"lY more.'.. '.ef us tras .osE!. .to leavethls.lltiilg a !awyer..t mind t and it seemed like a perlect' -opportunity..area.' as bejng a very honest and very generous man.apprdpHrJPJ in(mducttons !rom. I) c job pe. ltJ:uf rest 16.. I can't help feeling tha:tWe~d be'. we've'got1he~Qe?i! .saying goodbye to~him'i?'. say that' we should taKe a pay cut he doesn't have-a family to fe'9:d. '19 Asfar ' '20 I was led 21 L~t'& B . but I'U say this From what_ 1can You want to. 3 4 '" " he's upset!. kfoll' her.hinkyolJ'r..'.r . l.."'~ .. move again ?!.. but mark my 1.ooClness you wouldcensult me' . lean't b~eliE..f_orthat n' won~er shedisllkes 0. We will be dQing everything in our power to' bring these people 'to justice. getting there on time.sir.M~ said th.eve. .~"'.mis. I don't tllink adecislori like that can be: taken wl1hopt coi1sl. a honest. .Whatever 11 Wh~€!'on 18 With all due •• -:"'~'~ '..ul!d do with a IC. he things. A: . as the.". . You'll nave-a Surely ycuj're o . Traffic rs really bad in the centre. Word$...1 cO. both of us. ... e face it nelthe. I know for a '12 I dGra't k:nqw abou~you.u ~hink.· CPractice ].UP of tea . HonesUy.before you make aeclsions that concern both of us.

g'ranted I . Shirle¥ had 10'lg me"aboU't it !is I wou!'d' appreciate. You must includefhe . t ! f really Rut: my "001 1'1 It wh'eJiJ f t61d her we had all tJee:ninvited to the Pflrty.~ki'ttg with my partner as'! was.(1 makes you: sth ( Weil. 2 lid p:r~1efit if you don't s:it there. do'ingsth: ta~e' It He tbrik It for granted that we all undersfO@d French.a polite wa~ ofsay:ing about it: .there is a. become king €.". 'S()' let'sge....> wife wrote .ly oe or say sth that embarra. 4 I real~yput my foot in it to tell him tffil:t.1said. . ..t you tell him' hOw 4 I~d'prefeiit}t yeti left the doof!CJpeh.'po'em lJyRimbaud. 1 Isaidtlha. " .. ... to ~' Rumollr hase it thafhil. osarlhstel1ove.. 3 1t!:9not going to be..aUof his noviels..e:it that the lett€r$ :getpOS!Qtt To put o.e I . if you con't tiell him whogav~ you t:h'i$' infb.. .•) WfUi= to do 5th unplea~nt so that you no I waurd prefer It If you +..past lohg. ". 5th which. ..word given in It 'when: " . . would saY"yes..get/ ifJ anyway.. the boat. that my partner would say yes to om company doing the job.t t:he¥ are thinking oj closinq down tlhe fapto:ry. and to CI.rmation. Ji When I h?ve: a. Sunday myseJf with nothing to do. : . tell anyone whatfsaid. 10' get It over (ana don .qne of' themdeea first.'... r willi makesure that:s(h happens/is-'done f will see to it personal!~that the t{Ckets are sent to you this morning.'egendl ha. easy. J tliink fhat· what yOIJ did Was inexcusable. is very direat:.s play louq music: i !"'~~".1t ·thai: . . isn't ~apaple' of h~n(.. it sesms Petrp.34 .'lUng the JQb. " .:'lhere are rumours that say] about sth Cegend has· it that it you f.2 Please don't tell :anyone what .rte. take it'out Of you. .Iease do sthlplease GIon't do 8th 3 to8..ana for granted thai: to believe er aSSUlll'e that 5th isa fact wtthout tl'1ll1K1ng about it readingus.says .' wbicb. [Note~ irumour has it LI$. yet it oVei"an<1 tJo." . eouJd rawft't ttle form to liS Within the' n~xt fWedays. you w'll' like..Jowco. Teaohfng.she shotJ_l.. ~.a. It out 0' yOIll very:Ured ff was' a IOfr.$ nave· or upsets sb I 'eft my keys at ho1tle.wotds.!egend II .Jujl tM Ihat~ it whfjJ(} . I missed t'!#iRfPlfjJ.. thEdast arid worst thing in a list· of baa things . ro put it blunffy..g}oumiiiy.and the U!ot4 ~#'..luiIltly..and whi'c)h might offend or surprise used to jntrcduce in turns to drive/took .I eouId: Itw./ dldm'trell anyone .I.ur. 10 put It bluntly: do:ingstih. ..steering In . ~ . in1unls t9do ~th/ta'ke turns it if two peopls tc~n't bear It when the wIth? : :' .·cannoPbe chan..~dto em ptiastse hpwyo:u le~l that.... I'll s$. I'd appreoiate it if Y01.t our company would do the Job without ch. sure tlla! she.alih take(s. (formal) please cook! you ..sentence SiJ that ·jt was lHimilarmeaning UJ tbejirst sf!J.~ _' . that. ' . S'O turns' driving.ental. Humour is giving it tha..• 4' started !::. She was the only one who hadn't. Fttull/ie 6 7 '8 9 10 Bringing up two 'sma]'! ehildreh G'ert:ainlytakes you out of it I took 10rgranted sh~ wo~uld $ay yes.f' him ! SWQfd from [tie $tOTf.l..d to put your root In It:acCi<.. .(?.! the blls and to c~p ItaFJ it stq. . For quislions 1 to 1'21 complete the serond .""'''''''''''!. 1 We tOOk i~ turns .cantt.a(& It II YGl.adolescentsO can certainly CPractice 1.usi. Ultnk or Worry '1 tenI8': . then the other 'ano so on I'll see to It:.about fhis.P flail: used to introduce ~':. to taken .IIEngtand.t over it and done with.ntam mistak'C$.$'.. appreciEi:t.CJuid appr8G... we took ..that . ·and h. All the $entenc~s b.. 2. would appmclala It If JOI. We' w.ltenCe.'''' ••~~ • . to take It l'n lurns· to do 81hlto take turns. ~~~~: ••. .

emberrassing. .lIoking after two young children .... I~i .'". doesn't knoW lor sure .pressicms.... •... . He shareo scmethlnq W'ith someone.. e ·A: "'"'"" '".ao it now. fhen ii is illY 'turn on Wednesday 'and so on. ''''''''''' the reference Hbrary. asIle.. . Yes. "" .: ""'" ."" .... s : : 'bluntly B: No..·-J\o feeds. ". ".. c 11 ~'IImake sure that YQl} are.approPrill.. ·10 There is... I .it..... " ..... .' . .A 12 :It was so ........ t'hiscast:le.... S'Q Ile'!'S . "'"'.Howwas I to know that he had 8 said he wouldn't accept the prornotlon? foot I really : when I fold his wife C th~th~was going to aecept ·t.\ .. .borrowed that money fromvour ola:' story that says that EliZabeth I slept in 4. '_... stand I .. that ybu-1re notdisnnbed.''''' ~ . 8." 7 Wehaye tQteU ReillyU:rat h~haSb~.. nt..".. D E. fJ.t$..' B: Y'esr I really put· my foot in it! 3' A.Iars get it over with ...." " lis really' overrated."...: . I'd prefer it ifyoudidn'j<.. .Iending Had thatrT)oney..m'dant:... 4· A: ' ': ' B: Well. over We have to :te:JiReilly' that he has be'en B'... we'~idn't get in! 510 let's:.. "..""" : " ....." .. ~~~U".kes L(.. .(1-5).. ."" ~ .. " " : ".. He made a terrible.....up.... ·• ... .... mistake. .. Well.)Op'lesaying thing.6cefibrary.. ".."". to. '"'''''''''''"..:.. ..ten')!Jn/... him on t:] f B: No.. box.: And... ! . not dlsturbed..1' .... jneaeh extntCia man is' talkitig... you 6 I'll be honiest anofrank.p@ned.. prefer B: No. .... He has to do sGlmething unplt.•.• ? "" ". I took: it for granted that he woutd 2 A: .. tl$ing..• "' ••••• ~ .. W1lite ~he c'arrett lett'er'in the appfoJJriiltiextfacl He offended someone ..!'~sJU1t He knew for sure that something wou~dhappen..~ ". B: AdUa~! .'.. ~ . ... .... I love it.g hap_pe... ... : immediately.t in ~flis..: Wejl..... C'~"".. .' .. . .. o<c •!l e~lrt{C. 34 3. : ~ . see PII .. I think his new book Is really overrated. Tuesday..S!iarrs!or the jollotQtng answers. .••. . 9 1feed the:b~bY' on Mbnday tllirgiht...... •••••••••••••• I •••••••• ' •••• . ... fl?ed the b~oy.."""...t{"I#!. 4 If we.'.... : .. '1' 1 turns Jo and I . H....' . . rlke that 1:0 A: ..... .hadn't . ? .."..r i D Extract 2 D Extract 3' 0 E)ctratt A.... """.'" . "....s like that 19 Ai ..~..t'e .r. ..... to put it blunUy.S. 5 A: : "' 'e- ..".. ."" .. listed A·H. n.. ..."' "".u ··· ."" r....... .from this unit: 1 A.... ? ...." Elizabeth 1 slep.. we would have g... nnns . toeap ltall. c... 8 I hate PJ... .... but he....'''~'''''''''' \ g YOil'will hear jiv({$... " .ns.. ' ? ?- '~-!'.... ~ has Le·g." ... .. . .. .thing WQuldt1appe·n..~!•.~..IrIl.enp .~~ c" •• . B: to :. Mak.... ... rumour has iUheywili.'''''' ' ? ta.he: promotion.l3t."~ •• '~ . ..... -_.. 7 A·: ' ~ "' .ahd..en is certaJlllyexh'austif1g. 5 LQokirigafterlwo>younQ·... ... " . .••. . we take. 'it really takes it out of you..... .child:r..en macteng:dl!...... 6 A: "'".. He Will make: sure that sOf'l1~thin... .. " '" """... 8-. . wewourg! have gone b. He 1hi"nks something has h~p. "" "'"" "' .? 0') .. . . : ' .x:trad1 D E· F Eiiract5D G H . He assumed that some. ma¢e' red un de... Match the extri:tcts as'y'QU beat low with the. . 3 I'd rather you did:nit talk' in the bank~upt .

thewro.) that' I to lis/what you must remember is You mayOisagree with him. will :cou:mrt fOJ sih] didn't]. take.this : f tQ e)(aggerate the impertance of 5th ~Jm down.uts me in mlnd of the {ime we had to. I decided to treat her ro. ! to treat til 10 l1l'i: t~bl)Jy or pay for . ! IQ count. ·CU'.8 ~. record. he was heJeJfng i ~ Our reads aFe far too congested and we will be ..lputd GOUijt yotirS9:ff luckY your nous. home'S.He it LSa .va.tee ""'. used to intention to do sth in the next 'few Wg __ . thsland of the day! (inform€ll. will.r: to be regarded as support. expertence.J't'if' it is inconvehlemUOJ you ~poken')the most important thing waS' Io_ff~lde. ~ 'to. (when) We about the press) I When the press finds out that the ! to Min. as. money and wheln you are 1 I . B_. to go lOut 01 your way tOI dO' Ith:: to to P!JI:YOQ In .ls~abQut (o.alr rtJlhl mind would: only a ergz:y person wou_ld. s'9methitrg .35 KeyWords I -a11told: . tOI treat an 11111888: to try ar. . t. eve.start.. Why e:re you making such a hjg .!I. real thing about to have an obsession about George has .a.. Vi'hen the time is right problem in d.) mustJ seconds or miriu'tes. make as me fee/:.'tcount: 5th is. a meeting first thing on . for ~v. (InfGrmal) sth bad has ~ happel1.tG censider Y'Qurself luCiky (u:ied to say that. I adn It 1(.. used far t time. a sudden she r r' In due CQurae: at some time in the ! ~ ~ future. H9"s due back (rerR work III half people rouGhIng his bookS.lefs stop worRing : might be lyin9 to me.. YQUrself Iwl(y:.fn that c·om{N}ny. t= he.·..caated (r.unt 1. the enG of the day.wilt sheu ~dbat No wonder the audience weere :laughing. SureJylhe.t they emphasise too.en no one. no.t:.e·d after you have 1 done'a lot of Work) t That p. ChriS' rohospitat.Y " can be.mlnd 01 8th: to.ngllsh) 1 to be due blCll:: tQ. jilst as w. IVe just found out that PollY is a veget:aifan. e.(!)f the !Jet! No..900(1 tfilirlg (or i j It's one of these illnesses that you ! ! just can 't treat with conventional It's.ed to so.ster ot Transport has been arrested tor speeding.1l (ii)' -only' r~oentily (1IJ$. I youo:f :sth sb. they Wllf ~ to' t Fri'Ciay. an noul'i. ~ r sth s~E.ine.porfailtor valuab~e ~gener-ally -~ about do s.t UR· know that :they wW re:aJly enjoy it 81 wall: tfsluat i. etc.ed i' He treaJ&ner (ike clift.bu.all in th~~back .well as three gulde~ so aU told there i flr..ue C@/"Jt:S6. rmway"toQ tired to go out toni{ibt. He's got a thing ab-out cfeanffness.Jl ot were II Budden: (wheli) about ~fle suodenly talk1ng weather when all of burst out crying. 1110' bo-ut 1-0 . ~hDII 1 e. 10' treat ab like dh1:~to treat so very sadly~ only lust: <Q V(3ry ne~rly did nQt f hapfje. They WaT!U)ut of their wavra.. - - In tQtal and ffnclIJding i everyone or .f. but at J.Utllng: before you do anything else I've got were nine of us. i'nv/?st.. minutes. J Imagine it Is going to take you three hours all tOld.. i[Note:sb was· just weekend In Newybrk. he is yourbess'! alh crosse&: YO'u. Some p_Boplehave 'na'd"tQ Q.ell i dfdn't make a ~ medle. Let's csJl It a dey. to biI all fIN' IthIlo be all In favour of { have a 1ield day. $~y fhC!/1k you tor i91l he'f ~ sth 1n ·tlie next few s~c('fl7lds or to ' a real thing abol1t • ~ ~' ...addressing .~ wa--._. 8th: to totally -agree with/support i (normaJly used in spoken E. cue card the wrong way round -.hOw with the present" p~rf'ect t~n$~) Why she !luts IUP wif:h it I ol1~Y just got·lhere. it coutd h'aYe ~.avet been The"t7Jmis ji.He~sput the b. In time. WE! 'v9 betn pail1tlrrg noulSnow. dislikes drtt} f to make. partIcuJar thoughl his deCisions... I I ~"'" .om their.. :.e is way round: opposite to ho.0 To. remind malKe aspeel'al ef:fo·rt '10 do $tl1 for at. In trouble belorfJ mOst Count for I was lust abOIJH(JI phone. meat pie.. dl!> ". [ I .~ -. 100. Ws way too far to walk.. faot:that l'VtM. been a rpt worse) 'I1ou s.1 .at ft10t'he.Qcu.ven though !.lclal far so b~causeyou I'Vle oryfty)ust go..thing Gut f!Jf it? big thing out of 1Ih..fMlnd: to haye a .': It W'3S' sb's used in the expression: (sb"s : ----y.. It' neller crossed my mind that he Ilet~scalilt a dBy:. {~i!!he£ally us. beexpectad return I don't know wH8I you think but f I'm ail for pri'qlte education. Inth.rd'curean illRess a lucky thing. not valid ... It dO$S'n .and such you have to respect. we? 10 hIYI • flJtd day: to have the ~portunity to eriticlse and write a lot about eb (~net!ally used Nt) ene il'1 tneir dg'ht mind would countlhg There were six of US.

..oulss is studying arch~eQIQgy and Laura's d_oing philoS0phy_.. 7 Actually..JJn:Ureathe b word about it tCH~fly@ne. l'm' the end orthe . . so I s'h6pping in London am.lhose first games don't mind I count. i i . tolQ.. If the press find out he wasinvolv. -4 It's . 10 It never GH)S~Se~heY that £l_'p. days .atile 8 word a:botd stn to Sb..en 13c'c. so dC'.res~jgiflU$ finn Ilke. round. would go salling in this weather. 9 Obviously.. - shall we? 1<9 Mr.. No ~o. but only . I oon't Imdw why yeu·are- f ~ ~ ~ making 'Such a bIg .te I want a: word with you aboutthfl. l.. You may have to ahange-rhejorm 0/ t:JJe WlJta you_ choqse.. 3 Stop oomplaii1lii1igl. 2 Hets a govemment minister. hsr to' a Ritz. . t~Jkil'lg .ng. out of it.. JUSt . t over 'an hour ago! ~ H"UI"~...pass._ about fo leave when the telephone rang... car hire and a i1iQhl in ...'.me Ilrst " o:n Monday morning. They were .epted by a major.9 Flights. '114 Surely the ~a0tmat I passed niy mId-term .h. 1 Grimptetf!>the sent~ces bet{)w using. but nor when it invo1ves being cruel to others. My hand control wasn't working property.s'isif'lhey tr~ .20~ '...:.'-. man r=z=r:'> . a Well.......... They went out of their dey I WIlY to make me feel at home.. anyone. down.~ ._ l.'..k>wasAjO : they are going to give Thompson the sack. 11 We we:re:hi this re. forsometbing. He's actually sacked peop1e for being ten minutes fate. whafmatt:er...65eveal a seqret It's a secret. tbe biJx.. Jenkins wantse with yOlu in nis'of:ficB... soon ~oUo!J'ho1 thai the factory 'was-closing .' i Let's calilri.~J!.. tiCkets·. 5 Mr Jones wants to Siee.lUrant.not to bre.. but J think' p .-" of my lln1jversHy days. Mr Philips was wrong and we'll deaf With 1hat In real I due course.~ .. 1 ~can't affo. ! 2.rda bipto India. I think you've got it fhe wrong . 11 It is a very da._~r whE)re. exam must 15 It was Rosie:'s.~ 21 I wond. 16 It's blowing a howlin"g gale..'" 1 Is it any wonder he hates yOIi? You fOok him completely for granted and countad I baatecl him Hke dirt.See:in:g tl1a't dOCLlm.... 4 George and Milly were wonderful to me.....' .t broken window. wonor not ..wW y.reat UX!td - all _ c6u)jt _ day _ 4ile _ tfzfTid'- w. qUibkJiY il can lead lobJindness.. asw!?'11 we didn't go Oul i'n bll'at this afternoon. _ . but first f want~to know t10w this all started.300.sta...ed.. 3 The bass has got a real I mind thing about punctually. 8 f thought Pedro was due 1 way back from school two hOYfS 1 .. We'd have "got soaked. the trips..about the wedding when _ ota sudden shefalnt'ed.·Mtjinns would trylb sell her atake.ijJiw. 5 Don' breathe a IbIng I word of thIS ... ago. •• ~ 18 We've tr~el1 working for nine hours soli 0. .---Practice. ! .. 13 AUI said to her was hello."....and if it is not . ~! ~ and he gm 5:2... . S I was ... 7 I'm way I en for people enjoying themselves... 6ne(j[ the wQrdsin .. too expensive.~ .. they are. 6 Well..... YOUirselflucky that fhe judge'lefyou otfwith-a Tine.. . i 1 l 1.. birthday.: I'lQt'I.tlhen tsaatthe .erous ill~ness.." . ~ . Circle:t~~'forrBct' item..ou? You should ..e in their right . back .mar.. Word soon got rOI1f'1d that fj~r novel had 'be.... 1 i j ..hou~d costt. they'll have a fIefd I word day.. . publls_her: (0 want a word with Ib~ to wallt t€! speak to sb in p:rwa..The. 2 ..t'8..8 hotel. It's . young.....enl'a:ry on Oamb'rWge put me in . 12 He passed. B' word ·1OOn· got round: ~verycme soan founE! out th~t .

n tie said' th-at the '.et 'me wrona: don'! 'tfler. If he likes· you.that There' is 'samething the matter Ctiliclsing you.~ to be scared sUft: to be very scared deal was-off.. btlf if have not paid you!" councJl tax tor bad thing that has . . If's got to the poltlt where.":.s..ilractlca:ble i to make tt plain lhat to make 1t \lery obvious/clear that She made It plain My plan to ~y"a bo..O be difficult to (\0 come)hardOQ the heels of 8th: . place: that is: very untid}l and messy Th1s room to be hatd td :come by: t. the conttBG·t whe.: to resi. you can be sure tJ11 others will follow suit. s board maetfng: a meetlng 01 the directors of a company to [Note: a board of dJl'eClors: all i the dfreetors of a ~mpan~J i "ve got a board meeting 'this ~ ! afternoon. l f r. Tidy it up nowl ..leave a tip? edl tl.stage where Of coume feet hard done by. afford to . ! thaJ 'lie would 1 Up: a.'lsthtl1e matter with: tnere is .vel'!3 .r reached a . !f'l'lliSUlflderstand me ~ 5th wrong with "5' w' '. 101e8:V8 . to h~lppen soon &f!:ersth happens ~ : plain EngllsliN EngUsh 'that is clear : tO'. . 'annoy~b so that they disli'ke you find out about 5th two cars~-anymore. I like this particutar manual because . ground. from your iO. He handed in his notiC's because he had fOlJIlCfJ a better Job. to suit Ilb down to the ground-: to to go t)y tbI board: to be abandoned because 11: is no lOnger J. 1 be going to do slh In the next few 1 ~ Qilft oompetltlon: QiffiGulth~e.he said and apologised fbr telling us at such shott notice. only rfght' that yO!! shop/d feel to get en the WlGng sl'd~eot sb: to upset. so I may be for sb The Zx:y. the. even though I find it wrong. " plaIn Eng' fish. uat He is widelY tipped to .n serves hlm'rign( for lying.. be perieQ. n " . at such shari nGtJce: with 1I"le ad~nce warning so that you are prObably unprepared for it 'The meellng has been moved to tomorrow afternoon'..t:>e Feligal's sucQessor at Mane/MIster UrI/led. injec.a{~tine and It bss. . They have treetea you to . f wasn't correG"l/understandabl'e . these books are very ~. fntet:esl rates.get on the' wrong side' of him" the' past six montfjs.e' ..D wm do or be sth {usually 1n passive voice} ~ to De.ssc'a_r. It's small.exfJs1led if he did not'Cehav8 hitnse~ is a tip. when tn:e muscles in your neck hurt whe. ': don't g.n. Nobody is speaking to him? It lo hand Inl your IiIOtlce. .- • 36 Key Words 11 10 ~ to five and sleepl at a school during term time. be . I've got a stiff neok from sitting fn Running a business is no easy right owe)': immedlate~y a drought.s hard on : the heels of the Dldd. ! maIte(~ ~ J could telf right away that . to 'feel that yOu H'sgot to the paint where: it has have been unfairly treated . or dOing sth: used (he tiger" when you thin_k tharsth' is not prf)mise: it wit! bel over in a matte! '1 worth doing ef sec1onds. something was w/tlng.g.. Suit yourse/(.la only tlght'lhlt: . you ..coma toone's noUce: (formaT) to.• feel done by. competition we 'S. . them' he'll make your fite a mise·ry. It is.b This latest tragedy opme.: [ l II tJp~ to leave money for a waiter in a restaurant after you heve paid the bill Shall we . but don't blame if you catoh pneumonia.. EVe/yone had the day' offexcephlS. bot f ~ 'wbBra the poInt. come to our notice that you "serves ab right! sb deserves the you'lIe.t:Jowit won't work.okshop went by the board when fhe bank refused to lend me any morrey.bard to come' by. 't to have (got) B stiff necIG.tion. a1h: to pr.we can't.plain sailing: to be easy and to follow aujl: to do the same or to actin the same way Once one of the High Street tianks lowers its. on the point ot dolngsUtto' !~ minutes/hours ~ You'll face stiff GOf1.t-he We were on '-the point of sifJfling .get or find arrdeasy to understand ffnanciai . economical and oomfortablq.riJoy working here.ngton t/am[ c:rash.happened to you .it is onlytaif. ham ~ 'to trp ab to do:!be.1p_e~tfon in.let. be .and " Dcm'tget me wrong. setting up the business was plain saJ1ing. ' I'nll matter of second 's: very quiCkly '1 He wa. mQdel would suit you Gown te the. B me UITcompl'rcated to do Onqe we had SfiCI1..backing.. used for students (but not teachers) [Note: a boardrng sc:hool~a schoel where students live and sleep during term time] What I hated most about school was the tact that I had to board. with OUf oomputer.ed stiff when nesaw !Know you hate.n Whafs the point ofqoing tha:t? (n) Is noesay matter {to do 8th): it1 you try to move ' is difficult to do s1ih 1 You k.~ $emHlOa{s. MIlt youliSelf (used In ~): dosth just because you are determined to.

' to our "' ". A video reviewer..a wo.SY'm~. 9 I'm atraiat.ent? Why don't we all chi'p in and 'buy hera big pr:e." him prown !tl1e ground.nglit.uGh . the only p. planes. 8 What8ve. They got Into the offic~." .... by..." .'..... ".. I wake..ethin. It serves him hartl i right.. ..bloris not avaUable. took the plans andl WBJB QUit and ~way ill under ten minutes. ! earn get: it to start 11 H!1l.w ill: tb~apprQpritM~If)rm." .ard I tip .. you have not pajd I plaIn slde of Mr Evans..notice . " .. away J .hJ:l.g 16 W. CPractice '\ 36 2..""..' of declaring a state of emergency... of our -each buying her a Small pres."..plain ....3 ThegQvernmenl were nn the '~'.. 4 Lookat this contract.App-aren1IY.ek but go horne to their patE1:nlS at t:he:we~kend..elcome in his house.yndlady comes back.~ you do.hel' of it." .. '2 Violent: erini"e hasfrcreased so dramatically in this nei'gh..sui{. 1 Qri(:e they -hadde.. lit has come.. " . ".: .. 1 earrt understand . ideal tor him. diUrIT....a:tthe moment. Midst 'P0[ltit~lc.ourhOPcl}hat rt has got to the tip I poin:t where we--are alii afraid to' 'go out ~at night S Whenever I sleep Oil.Stiff en the: heels ot [last We-13k'S' scandal comes news of yet anotheretnbarrassment for the ..wrons.g Dir~. Why can't they wrtte these things in "..•.g9vemment.. done.s~J1t? .. it was tight.hg fax ande-mail..." pibkE')ringas the most likely candidate to take' over from Mr Ryan. .... 6 If . You'd better tidy it up pefore you r l... tip .. ". 12 Wf/re boycottlng their procuets ana we're hoping t. not w.. It's jusf that I'm notinto detedive fiction..bborn.." youlrsell. Roman coins ln this c-ondi\i.~PersuadinQihim to chaFl. when I diSCQvered how tn...said it IS very rare. thatsom. " .tt:er I point.:pmmentators . don'tqet ani the wrong 5 6 7 S with all this I~al jargon. 5'0 we ie:ft. I could te. '17' Of course II feel ...#nnl _...e dldn't hflve to speak.matter ..hat othef~ companies ill the area . ~F. I f(fUn" a joi:lfor Tim whic:h will "'ened} I was$. but 'even so..dl I .item: r~ you should get most of the money...lS wto·ng.... board .wIH follow right / ..: .he Managin.1I . Cirfle tile I would need to' invest 15 Sh.had made it plain / wrong tlnal:we we:re.... you shoutd hand in ')?ournotice I suit.".... 10 There"~f'somethiri_g..the i with my car...· 'CGmpleUl the WJJrmc:es."... .stiff 1 You did most of the work"soit onlv' . He's ln-a nonce I board me. weill be up-agaInst wrong I stiff cqmpetiti'em In every match we play" 9 The~$tilJdents at tn is school ".erson in 'the otfke who didh't recelve-a. [)011·tg~tme".""".·... 19 Frig.! plain saHing.. 5 He' cheated b:ut they caught hi'ln and he was PW'Iished.. 14 My Id~asoQn went by the .. US\. It's. his mind will be no ea.~. ~" 2 What's the .. I was.. . up wllh a'sliiff l hard neGk.on are ' pJ'stty " to come by. ". It is possible to gist fnformation throughl In ... 12 r'm sorry to ~sk YOI)this at such short .. ' of seconds. OkaYi' . u#rtg th'e' U/ords'in thf! bo» :bplo.bcnea.Ga:red .SlJit... What 1 This: plfle€.bard ...etingl.. 11 He iSI vert stu... I ra to . 10 Ii~r... 4 Wha:t with hts commenfS and the off-hand way he treat~d.'~".. ! Ihink-we should leave a ..b..1 tl1inkyour book is very thf! we.. but GQuld you stand iii for Georg'e at toinorrow's presentation? 13' It s'ays that service is included..".. I'm not 90ir19 to a~9'Lie with you. really 1eellike....! lis '8 bo... . English? UiSi.. as the Minis~er for Public Works was aeQused of nepotism yesterday.. that about your job. l3 NGWthat we've qualified.aotivated the alarm." that ls 1..

. buJ. whilst but introduces sentences you must use might + have + past partlclplej this structure is particularly common In ~pOl(en English He mightI!Je 93..s the wars . but he 81111ogs j around the park evstyday.. (&terring to the previous ssntence] (iii) . appreciate.••~ mi_9ht appears In the fact part of the concession ser1fenGe.alihi$' exam:. ~ saId thaI hiS OJ health coulGJ be put d(f)wn tQ the' faot' tliat he was working tOQ mueh. (surprtse) $Qme concesSion It rhe doctor linKing words j and phr-ases introduoe the fact. despite..y oen 'f earn very much. DespIte the terrible weB'ther. stili. + though!.thougneanalso be used at tile' end of the·'surprj'se . res. to r:esult [n 'fOf the fire. that tclause Dasp'ff'elln spite of his .. She might nave been wellp.ntroduclng the 'l1ct adleDtlve T though/aa + subject verb: (fOrmal) this s~ructur~st!. • Itbough. but . tbele a. but even so. might .. Itn afrajd tHlff there is nothing J can do 'to help you.l:rts a sentence + mucb 18 + clause. they deoided 'not taoffer hJmJhepost A's.Eng) ish') part of a ccneessten sentence' (tnis usage IS common in spoken thee /Jest waseieatlyresp. IQ bel rasponsl1bl'a hapj:.!fn ·spite 'of gaining sti"aight 'ntroducingllhe surpdsel The most "Common way of introduc::ing tMiS'.p th:& fact. we· :decideI1 to gq~ @head with' t~e match Hfil was· weN·qualified expel/anced. sUfp. She khew (n:onethefess) anythfng. love. all the same~ For...3 7 Linking Words C8uae and ResUlt to attribute 8th to: to say That 5th CORee_ton . unrest.. [Note. _hf! was iJna:ote·to gel a p{aIi~ . programirre."is/her/ our. '{ '.cO. [Note: is ./ like his music.generally starts a sentence on·lY used . af Acid rain Is a consequenee burning of fossll fuels. the MQst PItneir stljim government fmm fhe faCt th{jt their iS~Q etc economic Cifslh elseoften inC:fllde. ..hlfl.Hel'refusal f6 give a blood' sample . nevertheless. hard. others introdlJee the surpr..ise the exam.: ConeGssion linking words and phrases j0ina fact·and a surprise that is ·related to 'that fact Alth:ougbfhe. cause to happen + nounJ~fng form: to She was :the.b:ut Sometimes oiRer words are added to it: bot. Despite though + crause: .QughlevenH:rol:lgh h. none\heless-.9. even thought for all. (tact) they sfiJl go to the Caribbean evezy year.decision to tax 1 sflvings. !1l~Jcfj leij 1:0 her. and highly to.. She' dicJn't get the' jab.len'lng for' + nounl·lng fJ1om: to: be the resson tor $th Thqugh' he_cdeni'&deveryt.having' a lot f)f experience. but all the same. becaus'e· efithe fact that f:" iI(liv:et~Jt¥.. he to. nev'er1heless. though ml~h' . but nonetheless. he found ft difficult to get a many (!)eGfJle who beli~r.. in . I 'Would neVler.k ~ fOr all was caus&d by The following words and phrases ~G concession linkers: adJecttve + (myfhfafher etc) + noun: generally starts a sentenoe MosJ historians attribute his down(a11 to his involvement in the Redgate cMdidale. of: onhe f even &0.. s~Ite of is fcillowed by nus.} incompetent. $Id yet. this.onsible.and v:erbs of liking (detest. c:on-equence to happen because. spite of. ..sympatilill:se-l would Ilke. was watet:J(jggad~ f" although/even though + clause: Ith . I desPJteflO spite of: 0) (myJ.due t%wing to +noun/~ Ing form: ri to adverse weather c·()nditfons.t iSnee9SSSIY • to be/com .e. . a . r disqualification. down to: 5th happens because of The doctors put his ill health down i to the fact that he was working teo • ¥ mUCh.sentenee ha!i)pened oe£. trouble. In.esi~iring: toatem Ifrom= to happen because ol. I think he We had to qall the match off iactualfy edjoys lJeing houndefl oy owingJ6 the (Bet that the pilCh : rhe press .she didn't geNtle job. often used for problems. 1 Daspite. b'lggeroff: to causesth to h~Rpenj The government's .e triM ~lter thf.all the mayhemarrd misery fhat war showing the the We have deoidea to continu« .go 10 ODe of his cOflcert~.pect. -dlscentent. etc . verbs: admire.fleaeff due i ~ :I. he stiil dldh't$uc'Qeoo . for past tense Ith can be put... . Though ehe was GQnd:idate.tep~ted.AJlh. Much as ..:.led 10 + nounl.with oertain i Crazy thou:g.risEt part ora concessionsentence is with the word. but she still didn't pass * the s-urprise. etc)} problems.triggerf{d Off wide$pr:e:ad ~ riotit1Q thot!ghout the oountry . much as".. despile she' twtfi. didn't" sily but 'great mimycdmplaints teo: that we have rece:ived aboutit.a$'.'1:!it sounds. however... thQu§h Ibe scandal resufted in his resignatlonl.Ing form< (Ii) + n:oun./ems. The matoh had to be ct).• but'. sympa(Jlise' withyaur sun Much . ·aJthli>-U_9h.Ing_tonn! 6th : the -s'eeond part of the . sometimes des:plte/ln .

••.wor(/{s) gtven.' ' ...foreacb·. P(I$lC{ QtNI!hal you bave read.'." _." .d maci€ a n.1'ot.." .h . I •• .. . " . . h •• I ~.... buteven so . .s: stem ._ ' :.c... .''~ ••~'''.~.' .n" thier dlrectors made twentyfactoty workei:s redundant....... ' :5.... riotetl and in' the general corfuslon the factory caught fire' and Was oumt down. ••• ' ..".. ""."..lille learnt ....."".nce. ..'''~'''''' ~.. . .... ... .~ .s :Still •.. '.. · ~ " .miSisai. .. ......".. •. ...' . .~. IBUT but it..' •. .ed everyone out on strike.. " " " .".' .•.'. ....~ ~.. wa.' + I ' ""~...U.. ..... '. 1." "". ••• " ·. . Nevjl~e'w·as in . _0' " .. " . '_II. " . 1 All the directorf!' pmble. u 1 .... . Nevme' was afraid of . ~.of mGne:y" IBlami:r1g'thRCQi11pany'sptoblems on ~a re'¢EfssiQ. .1 •• .' '"'.' _ ''''.. " ..economic proble....sft'ttence2 in me t-q:bteje~11...11.. I . " ". -. Despltethetact th.. " BUf he. The. .• 5 The redun~aincie8: lE!d . .e losihig a.. 1.i:s to SiMt€#Cie ) 'in the tuPle. . . .. ' . BUT -the. . ' ...• . -• • "... 6 7 8 '9 1:0 Despite + noun: ..... .' ~ . netil 5entence.l~ quick'ly and' sa~ked. ..' ' .....umbilt' ofunWtrselnvestments and wer. . call... . . Uninsured. 1.''t~''...... still Blf!' Belinda still offerep him 3. De. .... t '~ .rtttd.. I.. "... ~. . . '.an extremely Nevilleis poetry was Neville was rich and _ .:..." .'•. Even fhou'g._ . .. "' Neville was. 0+' + ••• "" •• 7 Tressle'sctsrrnsse: triggered S TI1~ general c"OnfusJQn was ..- - - 37 1. Rami Rama was . The dir.. However : ...soId . " .. -...•.' I 1..mage due. man. .Adjective-+ though .." .' • • • •• ".".. ~··· 3 The directors . .1 •••• '..o/ the sententes in tlfe tab.. sen~eni? 2 . .. .'~' ' " i._ 10 NeM!le knew very'finIs about . -. ". ' " ...Y ·wete -:.. ." ~.. '''!t •• .ectors lost everything because they were"incompetent fhe:yha. . For a. :. ' . mcensed by Tressls's dis. Each and yet _ ... .... BU'l Nel. • .m." . ~evll1e'-sparerit:s were 2 ~ville was weak and 3 4 S 6 7 . 4 nH~ relilunoandes were a consequence . ' ". ... . ~ ~"" ~ _ .' : ...1 l . . 9 The directors couldn't clalm for fire da.4~ the..".. !~~.. Read tbe fo/lawing extraf]1.••• c.spite + jog _ ': : _ '. ~ ._ ".. BUT he managed to' . .•~ • 2 The cqmpany was dOing badly OWing " . ". '.." . ....•.~. complete the $em~ces that app'ear beiow. The directors respohd(.' ~ NevilI'e·w&s-" "". " .. ~BUT Neville never refused ..""._" ' ... . . .. BUT he was not a y.'.....~~ .._ .> . " .••. 6 Marvin Tressle's deeislcnto. strike r~sulted .. 1 2 3' 4 .'.. redundancies so angered the workforce that theiii' leader" Marvin Tr:essle..corresponds to.. ..'mU$li~glu. " ....."'" '.le' abt)'JjlA Sentenc/i' J Q(:idw t:orrespon.'" •••••••• 'O+ .. . • r ..•• l... ' .... . ."" BUT Belinda.. 1'0 The fact that ~th'e_diriectors lost evel)1hing can be'put down '...attribufed the comparw's.. ".. and well-known 9 In the supermarket...te the ~'.~" ...··~" !"'~~I'! . [might \ '•..•" young man BUT he stiR managftd to . the direCtors had no alternafive but to file for bankruptcy. Theworkers.•. : ."". Tressle.._. ...." ~. Write a new s-eme. .~!.

t I'Ve heard Ana' (used to . have lost the match. f of a. Pa.d f c words nobody.but' the only thing sb does is . hoW much. baIh .. ~hE!Y' did were foo'lish i ~ . - "take a sandwich with you in case We did not go for a numbet of and: used to connect two quaJltlesJf8C'tS (hOt used in negatiVe sentences) lest (formal..than . past tense when referrlingto the! past sb should have known bette. verb or be followed by'n.38 Little Words . He did nothing'but .. secret Sne was frightened Jest h6 find aut . The weather couldn't have been betl8t. mIght however hard J lrred j .. iBS J.' / might have known Sam was But for our goalkeeper.Si1l1ute. (followe.Iong as you promioo ro pay me back. beoause Jrnpeltauv'e or had if net (often' The show wilt tJa:va statted&l@W. but he may well haVe.better .promotion. II) could we W'Ould ~ I r thing hfJJ~d-dQ~ sbWill.eferring to the 'future or a." "No. e.:~ Try as I might . MHher he. otheMiise' he'll get befter)mlgJitlrnay ! they Jove each other dearly. Ileast because especlally In G8S8: because it might.1I Ulan .. frfghttned.d by bare infinltNe) wotld"YQuwiJlalWaysfindsomeone who speaks English.stiN dttJ'n't g.. little ~oanl!'lOt'follew a negative form othSfWise he'll gal angry.expressions 8b could/mlgM have done 8tIt a spoken oonstrueUon used to say that you ate annoyed with sb for not'doingsth by J should imagine that the play will have staded by now. etc but! not wtM i 1 ab may/might well: it is possible that it was posslble that sb You eould tty phoning him. He was so tired that he could hardly . I ahouldrmaglneu'thlnk that should is often used with think or imagine to make' opinions less dimCl: ModaJVems .e tl'le words no and anGinone lOve yat 10: I·haven't .to make~s. ye. easier! . no . f "am We had a wondetfuJ time. lett by now. .. r whatsoever:aJ.•:sbis Old/intelligent enough t~ know that the kind qf thin. I rh)ght have to bI bound tD: 10 be certaih to Sl'Nis 80 talented that she's bound 1 to get that film fJ8f'!.•• nor: used to' epnnecttwo similar negaUye qualifies/states:! f j Of gueeaedJ'Iwnm Ih8t: I not surprised sb' was Involved in doing sth bad because it wou~ be typleal of them ~ f actions etc Neither: John' nor Mary went'tG the.about It. 1ollowed by a preSel"ltt9nse when f. keep his eyes open.. She mig#t have beeD welf. so we might.10 •. before a oomparative. but hardly/scarcely any: very few or very ~ You'd bettet oo as lie says.g. 80th Otto andeJzabeth are ~ . tetrible. noun + Whatsoeve'r + what$OVel) because: say .. literary) in order to make You mightlcouJdl1ave giVen me. lh.had-some. I've yet tcrhear what. would fnl1oNed.a sure that Sth will not happen ring. t i ! empnasj:$.ueall the time.. door. Dtharwlu: ~:"sb might as well: it woUld acNisable In the circumstances be I don"t kn()w why he ceme en comp1ain the whole~time.. if It had not been for . Where.. holiday. but _.expensive. . not least because it was so . § but lor.bJo has to not none.. Do as! he says. i it does not matter. . No matter where you go' in the.r: hardly: -sf> found it difficult to ~ . SCared.have 'known . . '".Medals LllleW0rd8 • Jong 81! If (and only it) (followed by the present tense) I'll lend you the money as .: although They might arg. We had (l(Jne whatsoever.n an:g. etc. I Was worried sick! (fOllowed by subject + (should) sfn/sb couldn't have been + bare ~nfir:HtiVe) INota: I8st often comparattve: couldn't have bBim t>l1OWS used to empjlaSise means because of the ~mty f how easy/hOt etc sthwas that] ~.y.etthe- Ti1ete~re hardly any {Joiriplaints. but she .He should .wous.. ''You must have' .ey fi&tj him up lest he &$C8Pe.s!de of the story. honer e1c.qualified. (followed by most question words what. In which case it. etc.foHowsa...fls well go home.. couldn't -open the .! to ckJnothlng .uCh a oomrnSllt: 1 ~ you get hungry. It's iustthe: liind of stupld i no ~.

"Come en. waiHng to go Qristage.n 8 words. . . lesf She covered her face . 12 N6bO. imagine that she iageing to be very ..~QQk a . Harry ..te word or ph_ra$B jrQm the V9Xbelou: There are' three extra #ems ...hingl H.. using"3 ..could not glet the oar to start :2 l'rn sure Milan will beat tazle.. And if Mr Crofts likes it. . campleee tiJesecfJnd sentence S(Jl that it has a simiipr meaning to the first sentence. ". you 8) . . yet rve .oy I know likes hsr.•••.o notfit. through the " curtan . He .ego'itig to be late. 01:1great I thought Therewas.' .. appropriale modal verb... Fill i.e . S'iUYi'" said George.t bf the fire services.both The~e I stood" . You open the windows if YOu find it warm in here.ltKie the word given in bold.... " . .:away. No one has put their name down fqr the sernlnarand it'en easier.Iong 1. breathe and ~) ·the fa~ that my b9SS~Mr.. was ill the audience and hM personally' asked me to speak. Complete:tbe semenees with an. wbiph Call11(11 QfHhanged in anJl way. you'll be fine... which didn't help. I was 'so nervous that: I 1) ' - that d. . least We decided not 3.•••••." I didn't want to be up there talking to them... it is in fa~t one on. I .~ ' ~ .clutching my :. "Somelhing i~'7) " .. So it was Tommy who let off the fire exlingUlisheir. cry." said George .• ..iiMther.. .. appease her. .gs. "' .~ deep brE!'a:th.• weli.. .••. . but. It " well rain later this afternoon.....C)· .e involved.could li(lrqly - bu.. I would have j'..rella with you ~:' 5.' 6'0 we'd '9 10 look harmless.. 1 Try as we might. .otberuHse... so we'd better buy some more" ha. have known he'd b.. '(you've got nothin:~ to worry about.~ to go for a variety of reasens. rapid B~t ..' ..e me moral support.u ·~he said.opria. Besldes they 6) have· been a great audience.· tn t. You have told me you wer.. And they were good speeches too. I . I . 5 Weare tunnin9 short of' coffee.only two da. 'fogO..n the gaJfS tn (he teXt witl) a......" Said Nora.. it was the hottest season.•••. ease "You'd better take an umb. better buy sornernore."Don't be in my recsignation. ~ 1·0 If the fire services hadn't resporrdee so rapidlY. 1 It 2 CPractice 1. 6 7 a " •••••••••••. .. Eor quesli(ffls lto 12.. l:t have. " 3 4 tried'..spent 'ali theks8vln..~ " . You must inc. HIk·e$li1er... 7 Bo1h Jehn and Jalne disliked the fUm. 8 You can borrow my bicYGle . bound Lazlo : "..----~ · --- - 38 2.mlg~:l.. . no.Qur house would have burned to the ground. The exam WrJ.t for.... "They're a'gre. .. our house would ! have burned to the ground. you:pr'omiseto look afi'erit '9 She covered hel' 'face beeeuse snedlen't want him to see her e~y. with you because I think it.. We as weH'call itoff.. mi:gl1t rain. "'Don't worry. They always de. Takeyour raincoat with you. When she finds eut that heMs ..looked at my. . smile 4) they will think yqu don't Want to be up ihe'retalkingto them.....•••. Milan. S) George and Nora had given their speeches and were waiting benlnd the clJrtqin try1ng togiv.".. "" 3) .bound . you Include a few jokes.. ~ 4 i'Take an umbrella..M most dang~rou$ reptiiles known 10 man.. 6 The main reason we dedqed not to 90 was that itwas too hot fhere at that time ot year.. . patting me on the back. we Gould 110t get the car to start.j1'1 away there' and then. mattei' N.". noiesenc wa:lked.rcUy' We_. NeHher thought 01 the film. . may . for the Whole jOllJrlfle:y. but I was most certainly not a great speaker..dSldllg as .ys. . He-lost his llcence.ll:ely n~'Naylam going to re$·igl1l.. 110 pressure.angry ind~edt. l've been waiting for audIence." I ~~d.geta promoticn.d fOlr the wn-olelo'llrney was complaIn...•••• .'!k~yto. I smiled we..only if you prornlss to lock after it .... hav$ known better than to speed in th~ yity· C~n1re<...and it serves him right.I c6uld!n't ~et the car to start.piEXle et eaks.. . Try as I ~..'11 " '".5 a .." . whatsoever I have ..i. Crofts. 3 All he: di. wrong. then." _ . ... 11 There IS absoh." she s~aid. we... speech.

. i want them to t~n you the truth aye8 on &h. to' see if you are interested in buyIng it t r . probabty because The two motorists sat fn the.: to look at a j b. o.D 'r-ise. very attracted: to. eyes on him. to sensebefo.•.. I' to rook over B: property.•.nat you .• an accident. n1T Just browsing. he . 2 The minute 1 : .at a house or pairitings' '•. etclhappen We wifnessedthe historfc.ersonr has done or .-- 39 Looking/Seeing - . Up ahead tn the distance we cou. h8J'fway through (h9 mestln.el'~ to look with difficuJty You should have seen the bIac.El'ls love:. g~imp~e of him as-he CPractice 1.all of the Serlin wall.seem~ in.. to 5th that'person ha!t$Bld or done ~ ! newspaper or magazine He bad promised nlll lo lq_ok. are reading or vou haye to study H: ! i look Me (straight) to CIlch a (neetfngl) gUmp. She was IN/d.annot ten the . aften i1 resppnse f through the pages of a book.we were looking for... tn love" ~hinkingi abou~ sth. : ID pore eMIr: to read very carefully and gLare: to state atsbangrily tor a long' time.terested In buying it.:' to look at sb/sth with eyes partly closed f She squfnted at Mm in the bright i sunlight.t exhibition house or ·flat. • i house. between grei. col'ours youe. astonishment They h'!'ld n9 i:dea about the SUrprise patty.•. . to loakdaggera .But! as soon as she Was out oJ tfje room..$Ir:aitiht - witT!iessed -peeling you're not lying.•• : an expression whiCh fs used when you confront sb and Look me straight in the 'eye and tell.. ar. not moving your head to peruu: to read (fonnaQ He gltmceii at his I .~ed under the bed:. at sth (a report. wfti}erms'- 1 We calJ. at me. CBlS ! you are very Interested in what you glaring at each other./d just make out the silhou. (because it is darkJ.dok..g.!if..••. tv glance..e. to '~ Havi'ng looked over the hous.. t..&tab: to look at sb to !angrily and ina threatel1lil19 way.' "It.6tha' p.•. we knew that we'd found our dream to. oiften with your mouth open Her parents g~pedat hel' tn. qu[dk look at sthJsb when moving Weca. for example.t~the sentences :with an appropri4Wword from the bqx belou: Ibereare two extra word's.. I thou:(jht about MaC)!and what she had·told me just belGte f lelt J an Olympic medal.e one cannot see prope~y look she: gave me. sped past in his l. 'Wb~chYO. Sth'rea11' V to aqulntBt 8. C(}mple.eCauS. ~ to &taro.~ QIJI'~ QI. .:' for a long. quIck look composition.Jnand red. time Whya.hand it in? my essay and $ee if It makes ~ can you please aast an eye over j -often by moving your eyes but ~ He peered at his waioh. How was I to 1. to halvea caJculations.reyou staring at'me? view: to walk around and I.ette.'U: do not need. ·ean f help?" -No thanks.'. to gaze: to look fora 10l1g time without really seein. 01' a mQtet to Ipealc to ta!ke a qaick look at 5th you are hot supposed to see 10 to see sth bad (a crime .Iff . in 3 My wife looked put my foot in . 10 p.ught . we decided that: it wasn't wh.. A number of peopJf! have viewed to make' (8th): om to see sth/sb.. YOIl are bOred. tell the diffie-renee' between oe'rtail1!...signing of the peace treaty between our two countries.: to lookat sthlsb fixedly or f I.lfUHhat you had nothing to dO' He 10881 was in his office poring OVEfr the doc(Jment. iba colour blind: to be. - to browN: 0) to look at things that i to glva sb • bCack IaoIc to quickly i are for sale in a shop (ii) to look look at sb angrlty. order to cheCk it fGr any obviolls ~ mistaKes i . etc) or sth Import-alli (thiS! f.ght 1'1 .. I had obviously in the eye ahd 'ten me fhat tk/itJirm/ ~da~W's .i to see sb (etten prefaced by the minute) President llmQusine" of tn'e as he 'Sged{JJBsl itl hiS a glimpse WI "1). . '45t - ~afTitirrg'~ bltnd ." sal.~ to! get a. to take a quick 1001< at 8th 10 CIIII an . The minute we set-eyes on it.k becaus.g w.b/sth.foggy.dffference te gape: to stare a:tsb/sth.•. id .. a over 8th../you know It was a secret'? r have poor eyesight) lwas btqWSing thfQfJgh7he Tif116S' when I S$lW an amcle about tTQpic8J fish. .imQusine. etc) In..~ In the eye lAd tall m •. but often with difJiiouUy the house" but n"Obpdy -. sb win As' gazed Out ot' rhj3 window. sth) TheY'sayfhalifyou'leooJourblind. .. It was ! She perused the contract before late and tbey W~fe stili only sig'llng at me. IIfell head over i1e'.set.are looking at (when. 4 Look rne . -annoYing Sally looked dagge.

c He has probably sa:id or done something which she disapproves of... b ShembYea t'rerMad in .. .. He wasn't fjupposed te :b ~" lpok..otder to look efher watCh.en.. 2. . 1"2 She perused the content Qf the letter.cfsipn basad on what they have.... f !:: c He. a H.. b He~ looking at h:er. ib He ICioked'fixedly at abo-ok iin the reference Ilibr.ilhout actuallY seeing ii... a She looked at' her w~teh for a long time. She peered at herr watch.. . c $he looked ather watch for only a seconc... c She naca 6 quick look at her watch .. " .... a . is c He~i$ laokingat SOr:rie.. ev.... 11 He was pOl'fng...dow..ayscmi'ethingl" .." sMs. '" . Estate' aSents have '8 habit of being economical wilihth~ truth....(Jjde whether the si«_tements 'fhat jellQ. .! . .. .. 9 1R~e. c' He wassu1rptised tq see her..da!bly gliveil the.. How ~ r . 'a He looked qLJi..b.. c He was interested in the book.... 111 '1'11 just go: andge± my sUn.. .. . I' I.. he: could lust makE! . astonishment.."'-' "She lo..aid. . . allegedculpr"t .. 3. [ b He was moving or she was moving when he saw her.gil9:sses.. ....0 o uYougo on. happy.tfrfn_ 'diJn~Jortou. a She could be somewhere dark ....~. .s.. b Theyare going . a Th~y are in love. 9 The woman 'told her small son that it was rude to stare a~ p~pple'..s_ardto him.. Anexarnple bas .'. e H~:was in love with h.. in t}jis tin"'it? Many of the verbs presented 4 Heeauqht a glimpse of her as she left tbetheatre . .. t She glanc1ed at her watch. a He is 'i/j:}ry s. b Hewasn't inte're:. : .. 10 One person " . ..u . a: He:W8$\qngry.te 100'k at a house. two figtJresstandin..e!..... ." she said.. i "[)(Drl't just stand th..she is' ~ reluctant to testify ..cklyat the book: ......look .! she $aiq.She had a qui.e. 1.'saw. in tihe briHian! sunshlne.." 3 They gazed Into each other's eyes... F e She i~dna hurry. in b Shei$. 'flie serttentes belOw each contain alooiting 'Verbin Aolti R:etUiffach srnl. a property p@for~ yo. "Fd liketo browse tor a: while...' " the robbery. b His mouth is probably open.. .... e H. r ~ ~. but uhder'S~a:n.. c They will Iirlake... b She might have poet eye$igMt.. . . 7 "You peeked.e:t!1tgaping! S. can't speak .. > . . gaping ..('1....but'lheril again it could be gre. . seen . .(uead (h.ary. a She is annoyed w~th her son...gat tlie counter.en." '8 They are in a shop.e is staring at her. '7 Always IQ0k' . '"'. b Sh.. 8 ~tcould be red.something bac. buy it.. .. He took a quick. ..!ed in [he'book· .h other's face c They couldn't see-properly .w are true orfcils.rtl1gthroUgh the wln. ' an eyeoverthese figures :i' 5 and check that:1 haven't made ·a mistake? '6 He just stood there'..6rii. a She is a situetien where she....onie kihclot ·de.. '2 H_eglared at a1ulde.ek look af:the le~er.. . F she We! III vi~w it tqmorrow.. should I know? I'm colour ...5 t6uld you . " .e leth7J( ..oked'al'fhe leHerw... b They are carefull:y examining eac. Cattyou match the'pictures .".. She gave htm aJbta'ckl·ook. elSe'.looked '~l hflr fora long' time. T b She wants desperately to buysornethinq.urDris~d .e.. 8. . a They are going to loo'k at a boJklaybrochure. .'.' '. .to hawttb fighfenour belts/.I. w 1J..!ring a a~count partioular period of lime Mary is e100 over. ""'~. On .. . . ..stlh in time MarK~sJalfen bghind with his payments.d produce{pay . to store sth valuable. she said. n~w Car .re. . She .IJY '. it's not ~to . ehar.n . (hat they II~ ·trom ha..~M¢ [Note: as an -adjective. h -. p I: the .g. .1rn verylittl~.\eap to use (use'd p:a'rti' • . eli bill 'sent to you by-a company or or. h~ was velY'tight- This. [ (10 earn) a pHtance: (to earn) a.mounr'of money you reoeive unexpecteglly (~. '. m€lneyas yQU He. lives on the. .'S. will. .SlJprising that he finds It hard to make: end's meet. •• • -. money you owe to/use/buy . '- .'. • • .000 iii he.u:ght . toba rely i~'or olose onS25. money he gets tram to save as mu€h y. or public money. c_ . etc" P/~ase 'find ~nclGseGl our official invGiee. ' a wad Qf' I an amount cd money of conam co: 1'~la!e:dl to a country's /.fife IMng-in . ellen theugh Et... e. She rs' .. c!.got net'bal1k /JoQ. lifestyle:.y but lUke it..antiq.. ~""'~' ')0. " 1'. ht • to be rnesn..ganisation to tell you hew much you . a oouriiU'y'sruna:ncial framework -its money. ..-: • .. upmarket.owe for.. " . - M 9ney "~. I~ ". expensive We'll b... spend. ~. an lnherltance or a win on the lottery) An aunt le.'. . . He ek:es" out a livfngsel!ing do. .'''' .'.ft us' £300.I to .a:rnount 01 money you need to start: a business I wanted tID set up a bqslfiess~ but 'beGause /' dirJn't nalleany capiflil.ding .rona !'e money a writerjml1s1cian reeeivesoannually troh] the sale$ df their oo0'ki:s)tmusic you the royalties on nis books.~gtinuts in Victoria·S!ation.ey .eled busineSsman It wfndfuU: a lar'g~. .owe institution a lot of money We ate hf.-:: r' . ':. paid (lff.uesi you can' get a goed return on your investm. eo-on0my eoonomic situationlorisis/groWth ..Quean.'" '''. ".! a v.jfter. for fQod anq drInk.rvi~e: a.<'!t' .. 000: f mill..hopping Of YQ~I/JI {}J~t back>affor~ I earn a pittance and Oaf! !raroly 1 : No. we I J. •• . people.invest. cQuritrls ~GC)nomy 1$ healthier than if has. most Of . WEf a..drawlJctt the. buy..' ~. . . • '.t1ldn't. ..I. eoonoml)! it'ie~:ns cheap] rea.ervi¢e er for sth that hav. 'l?J?en.._ #. • ~.)~ i.f(j)shelve the . ITS trade." (0 stan u_p·tOW own business. J.lve: so fisted" ai. has an annual lumovetoJ 2 bank: miNion. 'can afford te go that vet'j few to pay artIe..ebo. . we ~bol:Jght the.g.amJ~'from a prosperous family 'PJovrdefundslcqpital (v) of ..- 4O .re.1.kruGkeq away in her t1ra.flOG.ever been." ' '1 ~ 'I' ~ p' ..real miser.usually' buyeobMmy to eke out a living: to ear" 'jusi en9ugh m~oneytosurvive.J ~ ary" t 'an you cf. very c.. 811e liVes in ~fI excfusNe. to.i ~ .tbe JElP of tuxury:? to He I:)oug_ht thisf:reus6I-a{ter J1~rs: of scrimpl"g~lId ~allfng. I .~' _ ..ok like '~eaIIi1Q:ney Be careful Whe. I~. . Yo '.. Thanks to this windfall.. (w In ~I '.ert comfortable-life Who wo. mclus. : prosperous: rich" wealthy finance: (i) funds/capitall (11) (ii) to Hf? c.ent:: ribh ('only UlSe. especiaHy taxes tne government will proba-bly tighten fiscal p... 'false· money..onGie we hwe.ij Si. she's indebt. Like 'his father.".6 smalJ sum of mQne. bags. .! • _. oufl I'}ln: ~ b :a debt that yot:! have not pa'id . . '.Bre so ..ny people'. ~I I' I IP Iuyur-: to have lot~ of money and leac.. car is v~ry economical to uee. pay thre. ~...e .0 government. to be Qverdl!'8wn:lo be ih debt to the bank because you have 'SpEin~ ~ 1111 turnover: the' amount oJ money more money than Y9u'h'ave in your earned by a business dl.(info~maJ)t!J) be.Jlarlyor cers) f My (the) economy. - . money You must pay these outstanding debts immedfately. . I hat! . to your hotel with oounterfeit money. IO>iv.idea.olicy.~f'It {@ spend thefr .just goiqg .t 'cest me enily .avify in debt to the AI you. _. ABM.d 0: (informal)' rich and often belonging toa high 'social cless HiS parents are qUite well-ro-do. very exlrilvagant: . The bank may give you the .. Webougfit Cl')un q a 'neaTly: can be used with tli. seU..a.. Of oowrs~ <they can afford it! They're' fof/irl'g In it!" fie exclaimed: verbS cost. to.' . what it prodiuces.ilI noun) $blan bank..ed to fo.Q by usual e 'finaneiaUy meel: "tQ: manage "We'll manage.SaJ I" . • - . spend lessthan ~intormal) 't.trdtp mqaln.':' . IdiSliKe spenrlingmon.he-!lod: (informal) rich weJl-f. _. to h ve· rue a ay. . /lOuoo. - L • terrible li10verty Half tha people' in thIs country are /{ving_ in abjeqt POIlQrl¥.. .. He' tQo!k out a lean flt:f1'chase of a ear. 'Wonder.ear your debts: to. . copi. to l[nili'Jcetna the profrit one makes on"an in~esllment to I' I' not 10 dot related OUt debts.. -.(eads rtf8l'fags to s'Y.:a salary like his.more mane:v. ~ '_ . '''~~. .. velY extravagant... REin cf town~ .!.' ..

bober two'. Be-ginhing to :end. A sirrjple. alone ih a shabby fla~.)1 .. ' ...•. "'o""e' In...and new"Jo:und olrcle of 21) . restaurants . poverty .hirt....3) ..dejeet.. His parents aren't short of a..01' 20) " . ILiving in the 119)..'w· on.. A . Bu rstlngaf: the s"a. The wornan vyho sj)ends money like tiherels'np'lom9:rrow. Out a...'. 9"..lliter:aHy'.. IrS. ••~". B. Neither was it a.. 1'1 .dup._.tiU.. .?ob wlth his flashy oars. .... 4 A overtaken :I A bac~ s A outstB... He~s... .g. We can't afford B) . bundle's of it..ghf Belus~ve' B well-kt!pt B tailored Biswirmrning B Imiitatti0n C economio8'1 'C scriimjlmgl C figure C invpiQe C royaltY C minged C ersst C evocative C earned: CaUl C bathing C fa·lse 20 211 22 2:3 24 D Hspal D scrapping 'D sum D turnover D return D hearted D lap 0 effus'ive: D well-to-do D shod 0 tumbl'ing. '. This is Beb.. ri_eeds a platt So he asks his parents for money.o..end lob" '." ·.4) .. Th..weliJ .:" friends. 6) .:.) ·.d.' trial and the e¥er~shitilngmounla:incif brown envelopes that are 'stackedhigh on his doormat..ndling 7' A'p'ay for 8 A <giviii9 9 A pocket 1Q." . We to 1 A strongly 2 A works B hE:lavily Beke~ B misery B overrated C flatly C dJgs C snip Coverdrawn C behind C underpaid Cpay up C'gWEl'n'iGlhe is paid a 3) .whlrl .a(lri}1€i. ".licate S deal BwJhdfali B.~no television. lite.. from a lite 0114) " and. gas.. _ . :sitc~s"gthat'fa[1 ~.".ex:cllanges with hls-bank :manager. ' .sta'ke Bh~t1ded B hei.trees_. 1) ." . r'g·.a large 15·) . Ute is a circle. Froln rags' toO rlehes..iCh aitsiveT'/ii.. .. Itls about-a suttcase stutie.2} .. at fhe'b·an'kafld horribly 5. :DG:ountertei~ .no 'dar..U.. 13 14 15 16 17' 18 19 A A A A econornie scrap.C Practice' bank.ffi H'sm· ·'th"r .. .lp him '(01) . who's gotthousands tucked 11) ". " His rnottter. son. . is a meSS.. '''Mon~¥ d'oesn' meals. noraohange of heart fr:om hIs Ught· 1B} . .. taUs thr.. .oney that com$ crashiing"into Sob 's ~ifedQ:es :$0. 'so · .knock..e_..·_.on theidcor and Bob's~~iifecom:escrasNng (iownabQut his ears. w.le.. ' " parents.' . 11 B I:iabl:e B outdated B payoff B to . C (jr D) best fits' each sap. ratching B fortune~apit~1 A sum A fist@dA slate A exclusive A w~ill-9P-p'ojnteg A heeJed A rolling ·A.sudden giddy .. "..oQted 0 wholly 10 plQughs D steal D oversast D detained D underhand' D pay-through D to ha:veglven' 0 belt 0 about D away 0 sUQject Andlih<:llfl something happens. .. .empty pockets and.. '. irresistible money. live' years :ag'G.seHi:ngb'ur9'el's ." ~ you that kind of mon.e ... Take Bob.grqwqm trees"13ob. No. a. the m. and he is riding: for a fall. D'espair gathers himln ahd whispers in his ear . .g room. .vQsn ."" .tJkind 'Of.e rm!afl'who sp'emt e~os'e 10)." His fa[he~. ssn't gro_ .A suit:ca..y·. £:3.".. .ey..erBtands s. . ... overdrafts.. .)iving . bill? Th'ere"'s . the police. hi$ HIe 'becomesa .. 117) on an inspired investment. The.. -on fhR lottery.ith24) ". Money. Swi..h·t 'm'..only oriedifectlo'n~Perha'ps that's' why'. Ifs hot a. .d:iPlan a$J)'lians go. RejeGled. ba...OOQ on~ set ~f plastic chairs for the gard.'0> $"..·.~.ed. 2.. tn debt Bob.. his debtsan9 getpac'k'oJl his fei1!t a~raili'l. circle nev..of luxury... ~hrou'g'h the eeilin'g'''! . " . Never forget the cire. h it.5 I .dartgry.. Bob. from rock bottom? From overtime at a burqer bar.. o ".and Bob's gal it.. Bob refurns his miserable.. Por economy B 'st. 2.. His~ife is as\Jcc~~ss:iOh 0'1 unpaid bills.give B fiS:t B at B'in B reject A off 12 A.en.1. haven~tgpt thl.a/the llJ:xt&beiow decftfe wh. .b'arely keeping his head above wl1teit He 2) . of money comes c:raslling into Bob's. It [srullaf' m(mey. "Tighten your 9) . Well-off.e .with his rent. Where does-it come from? It 'tiasrI't . pentlholisesang upmarket stcres. They cQuld he.edo you go. 1ma... he is doomed to a life of 112) '.somethil1@ magioal...out of nowhere.. Whet.debts a:n.. B. 13) .. norari inheritance from a rong-Iost' aunt.Qf h i~t livil1... Cpn C around Cabje9J 3 A piti:anc"e. ".b lis..Ollgh the rotting e. rnoney! .savh1g to pay a £20. is ths new .

'B .ve to Ray It back i ! i because of a dramatic/marked redootion in consumer spending. . I'd lend you the' money...a cheqlll:e'~ public'servic. receive tine moneY)1 to be strapped for cash/f$rd JLlp/ to charge ab an amount Dr' n'tOfty Who flo f make thiS aut to? llhort . .r month] 1 on the lTIIarlket: available to buy/on cost . cheque: fo write sb's! I wouldn't bs able to selin at a we.proftt: to sell 6th at a It is easy .ot. normally. on a budget of £25 . debts (either ~Y buying a t 101 of1nmgs or borrowing money) exercise .000.rd/to. He 's .a:! was stolen last'nignt. . UIth at . It will (often used for !nv~tmenl$) J cost too in the neI~thOodl! Opp: to deprectate' m value ! region of t40. ~ of: thil}g$) the value of sth will f apprOXJrn8t9ly !ncr.8 (small) fortune/abombl the earth: to cost aIotet money salei I i I I'd (ove to go.y: 1. ! to rwtd atIfor: to be onsala!' Old.' J borrowed £50 from . to pay Ibr Icheque: to uss. of 5th so hit knocked 10 bOtToW: tQ get mone¥ fr'Om sb or from a bank. to lend: to givesb j money for a period of time ·after which they okay if I put down a i fto be) valued at: 'to be saidto be deposit of £30 it now and you i worth put it aside far me? . spend more fhan a certain I ~ Shall I make -the cheque payable! higher price than you bought it (normally small) amlJUnt .• they will profit.hlm fast 1 i ! f20 off the prfce. you can nOfma:lly save a lot almoney.In: a deerease reduction in the amount/price of steady/gradual slow bur continual number/cost ! sth INote: a i reduction: J reduction] ! in. i name on the cheque ( with the pa$Slng of time It's about fMt. in order to pay [Note:.Rolla RCJyw never depreciate In value.always snort ait maney~ Look .8 d~y.j buying a TV in twelve monthly special offer ~ ~ pay part of the price of a product ill order to reserve j~ j If I weren'. . to go he' has g. IInOUftl of rnoftIy off f 1 prtce of) lib: to redwcethe 1 i was ~ extended Unlike other car&. . There's boon a significant:retiuctkm in the R!ic-eof petro}. The painting..cllMI 8th: to share the cost: . dramatic/rna". .to ron up a high bill when i I . I'd buy a new car. big He buys modem paintings.nts~." Nductlon: reduction The sales period ' 8.8 ! 'Ii j This mesel has only been on the market fOrlWI) weeks. have decided thai you cal"l:not ~ . a .es. . hoping they Willappreciate In value. which must be paid money]' back at 8 later Giate [Note: to borrow ~vIIy: to borrow a tot of _.fusBd to lend him any more maney. ! 1 f i sth that you·ar:e selling l had bought so much in his' shop that they didn't o'harge melor one I 'to be on 8. Ito . '. In a safe:~n Would it .- -- j i " i j. ! I can't buy it at that price-because Durfng our tiip round India we 1 tQ.government you have to pay for pr:ovrsionof I I (h1) Inslal'me.t up to my ears in debt. Almy otto earn ~ little money to I don't l<n~'Whow he can afford it He 's on a' sa/aryof only £400 ij:! of tbe magazines.!. a shop far (advertising language) We aTe offering this unique ~k to be 011 • ! . valued at £3 mWton.'to 1J()112 over a panjcular period 01' ~me l 1.of sth Let's go ha1ves on th_isbill:. ' i to Imake the cheque payable to: to j put sb's name OR the cheque so that they r:eeei\l8 the' money 1£ the' . s. bur ho/id$l in Bfflr.S would costa bomb. It must haveco-sthima fortune: I'd. for/take !'Boney for (8bictJUght) budget to ! The bank re. foron/y £230. l t alBX on 8th: money ! to the.badO. I j 1t was damaged.of mone. will t 10 Dock . but I'm a btt /1ard up myself at ffle mement.V8tG go tQ 'the Caribbean.retailing at i 1 you have a CrMtt o8ld.bit stfiapped tor cash at the moment. acquire. on goods In a sale.bIke. (in) small monthly payments i'm ~ . -. If you buyeiec:trical i ! it a red"uct]cn . money ~.41 Money n to apprecbde In value: (used for ~ 'll III.III i 10 run up • Ut : 10 owe money. but I'm a.0 ha~e very for 8th: to e88'11I] gOVernment puts taxon lfIe_sirwe Can I payoy cheque or do you' breathe! 1 only accept Cilsh? J to bsup toone~s ears I'rlldebt: to ! to put downs deposit Ion 8th: to i owe a lot of money .make old.. ·to pay by j I woUldn'fbe surprised if the 1 ~redit c8. .

wheriwe'v.. I'm ili bit hard at the moment. on this'.....only 1% Interest........ A· house llke thqt WOl!Ip' post yQu ....: antiqu~jewelieryaJwaysl appreci ate/co st A: y~s" ft/be good iflve.. 5 I Wa1S traveilling for slx rnonihs and was a sttilct budget of £2:0 .. ..... to sUQ"gesl that hO. 'siign...upt bO'rrowed' Had "...0... the neJghbourhobd .. halves 3 "...s(debt/just a bir/ harQ 2 She sugge!5t'€ld sharing the.. ..." :.. a 'Property in (his.. complete the second sentence so that it has a st'milar mean. 'how cQm~ you can .. .u n:'1QR~y.. so I'm come down.. ..hecK the' rate of inlf....... 6 WithoUlt:aloan fromth~ eSOi.I. IikE...bold." "."'.(se ppices will afraid l'Won~1be able tojoin you Qn the trip.....e of inl'erestt when you as!(.2 A:..:.. .. over a: year... " ".. . Then. . 6 I put ..'. " debt..... .. . afford to eat out every night?.. area is bound to. salary .0.. market l cen't afford to do anything..ave g90e Qankrupt... We knew that at a.. Usetbdpromp'ts toiut out diaJogu€s... 5 A 13. payablel Wright Bros Ltd i 2. . mi.~h{lrQed we would h.QOO~ 16. 10 l'rn I btlUght thi's outfilt . the.. YOl. .. ..e Ohly made leeal.'.. .... 3...... so our Ib:tUcan't possiblycome run We'.....!f'filst yo.. ' "" ..eest of the rrreai. thi~ r~paired. She sl..' ... 1 A: paylca$h!credft carol madam'? B: '6heque/ifallr~ght A: certainly madam/chequ. 14 The government intends to.".00.. ." ".....? Alway~ c.. ca:s. 11 With all the. ....... like: that Will cost you approximatel'y '£:50. Her house 3 A.... .... bills I've ha~ to 'pay this month..: ' ... h~..a day. introduoe-a new tax ...d a loan. lnstalrrents ·.a i:lepen:sit . C. - 41 4 Tile only caUs we've made hava'beeJ'l local ooes.e a profit.. " liS Hi 17 18 booKs. ~a.lJ'resQ short ··. sale .. but I got it for only £2:5.." £2.wIJicb cannot Me coa'ri8:eli in any wa... Cbmp:let'ethe seiltences by pnt/ regJon' A car like thea.000 11 A~ways cheek the i:at. thebil!L ca. Eor q-uestiQn8 1 sell the cottag.. 8 I spent a small tettune.lY it m:a:rket.n at the moment.. :... ." .calls..lgg....{s no . 7 Her house has been valued ..i'!-g to the firs: sentence. I . ... "qriew Gail'. 1 We will have... ..apreposflionfnto to ihis much. " " ..i8 3 to 8 WQrds... bank.. mQrley. .n.... later-date we would be able.. £68.. .... 7 This outfit was on speelal qffer in the High St.... " "'" .. Who would y:QU lik:e:me to make the cheque . 12 The Firtex P'Q150 is the o'heapest computer ..stmE)nt/and you/'sell/it/prof1t ...'. bankt. . ..50. " .. to myears: .Practice 1._.. .apprec:iate 'value. :: . She put her house up' for-sale over a year ago and she is still waiting for somsene to bl. If YQ..." ' . to pay' a: lot of money to repair this... 4 This watch normally relftils . £6tlO"Odo.......i/puy!n-ewv!cileo records r1but/bit!strapped/ fortune a wiH ".. would have gon~1 .ch&41?' 1 Can I pay cheque? '2 Who do I make this cheque ~ayable ? '3 Youcan pay ... in the High 51...{musi.lrile-nls:? A: good ideal/not as if/iup/ear.. a B: why not bLiy/i1nsta.e .. Vlctorilan ringlvaJue! reg'lonl£:a. solnstead of £0'0 it: CQ§l me£4Q.. I'm .$ted that ....... ." .. .. housetor le!n.His annual income: is 1£68.~e ~ .can't ... 10 He Is very well-p~id..'s .000. ...ordgiv(f1l"tn.'" £60'0. house prices.. ....~ ....... 13 He: ls very well·paid. 9 He' knoQkeq '£'10 the price.00:0.. p~a.. . thilL i a 9 There isn9thing bit strapped ..e...ll.OOO...indud« tOf? u!.

: among/with ordinary peo.a lnary people wlho 8Fe m~mb'ers ota p0litical J.e . weededout'tnose emfJloye~s who patt .etell you thaI sb wanis tQ. shrieKed with They ha.ter the .qJ caas.Q b.l[ly -a door . When 8 tha press find he has they will haltsa'.1 '-Va'Stime to g.§l'rs.. _ se..J out of the th~jl. .nary/ut'lir1te. o weti not pulling tfleif' we/g. It's blo. like.Itii\lKes ~b/slih elselook u:nlmpertantioKli..)(plain why ...s fhe high· '. The Carro~keQ' jnto life.d tHe key_.:sp~aMo you or needs yo~J My alarm dock was bleepimj..made. ~ ~'J . "'".about 'a h'Owtirrg gale t to ~et rid of unwanted 1[iJ~oRlef~Qma grQup or 6tganisati0n outside.nd- . ..strong wil7ld/sb in pain ans JW e.! support of or. toua ticking of the Dld'clock kept me s. window) 711e rain was gently -pattering 'against'the wihdow pane. when..()f his disoontent j~.eeze.igum_ent d.~ their re/ationship-'had theroaks.le:':~ly .aA@etorlif1Quible yeet We. It puts~ g/f ttie omat 'teams' in the diyis{on oompletely in . 'Or laughIng howls) Wi .l . loud cry {a YOMr a. . If ~ yau: hated It..ea sudden loud 1'1'0:i$9 ~like a lbiSng. heavy' He up.ouldn't have heard anything..sol!Jnd m"a:cie by leaves When they move in the wind I It's tiald{y sufpfislng they .onthem [Nate: '.' .bank.ed Ie) 10 tick: 'd~s'cdbes' the regular series of short' sounds made by a clock a:s it WQlk'S suddenlY The. ( piteh:et'.$n. I N'DtlJr a lit (h u • avoid . .creaky (atlDJ Tile old riOOf c[eJiked as we. The'BtJdlence· laughter. 0(88 to rusUe: desctib~$ the bLJY<food.wake . deal:toee ()omp. till v ':! nit d .ou. ~tc) until a particular time 'in the future' to cilatter: describes the nolse made when sth metal (iikea tray) hils Itheground The tlj3_Ycjatte!.e by an old car whose engine..olocks. trom zynder the. describes ttrenoTse. to be 041' c' th ~ yet: not We!re. . used 'l. being passed ·0 Vat (or promotion to Note: You Will hear the 110 lses for each verb on the tape As you listen. - th~ gr.loople howling outsi€ie Olllr cabin.>eil1g fried in Oil Wecollld pan near eggs Sizzling in a . 6th ernb?rrassh'ilg or Could yQU len(J me £3() t. baokfiring twioe and then spluttering ot! 'down the road. a bleeper: a smaU deVice which bleeps.lnary pe0ple (use<! In connection with p'0(itics" most commonly in the phrase§.Jde.Rle Wh.en you walk. good 1that If'. _ . ':':"1. on the rool cause: the. The wind wa$" howling.. 10 Wstc .fnk that I (jid it.: (i) gra'ssroots support: thf. tao/e.tem from gO'llemmMt¢o((u#tion.~d out ~ if you tb. 'n(>"1 m ace . desedb. gt roo : md. I' -.~ . is: not 'wotk.. . it bl'a. bean the rocks: {used for " to' be'o\ have the opportunity to eritiGise and wrjte a lot about Sf) (generally IJsed abou{ the press) tJ.O tide' me over until Monday? be wrongly aocusing sb of 8th You are barklng'up the unpleasant kJn UI I: to Come not out of' /hI!) woods$th ahad's: to beso.)aFiy (iOet grass rools level.. to b eWe: to ma~._ .at gl\Sss roqts leV'el he was very populat:' None: of the :s. main 'reason tm The rO.wefe tlJ'Stiing in tO€! tD screech: dle·scr'Ipe.irig properly) br. She howled'with laaghter ..the sh. ~o to sizzle: de'scribe:s thE! noise.Noise t· . . make a strorthig.' pJn. $. "I.. We'.(j)or with thud_ a She w. read the notes belew. an Y:he aif'lilss'e_(.flt not On taking 1 _ '. all nigtit'. but . .d -him. ma.ges' or relationships) to be elose to falringlN0te."" . - .io{ patty mem'pers to be 01\. the SQUAd ef q:uk:R light steps (/3' Baby walking ali a wo~den floor) Sf taps (rain ~gain&t @. for years. The leaves .lking apoul. a sUdden inorease ina Af Iiight we: could hear the' wolves' loa h~lt'. to bleep: to stem from: be. ::::'.I'H~etrbntc gpunp (made by alarm.c) [Note. 10 be stone deaf' .pantc lhr(')ughoutth@ city: He d (sb) 0 . marria.fY ..Hetame.or delay _ te ta.blake' IJP. A moos« .eenlying. News that..42 Nature .. to • to make a sound like a long's' urns.. hf!.still heavilY in·debt/a the. 1.lsr emotion J 'behaviaur affecting a Igrge num'bel Of'J. ..caused by Most 01 theirecondrhic ptobtems s. .. a rocky marriagelrelationshlp] .r&stl ng rn the .wing wrong tree.'.. Pf1. taxI s.. made byfoad products l. .y yd~ur a ea r '~h""d -.. comput.oesFI't hol(J Water : u wolf/dog/a .d rell me What you think. algument IS Ulogit:al ' to A'iaJk'e along.___ .eJor)g to a politlc~lpa:rty) .el.Shed it open.. .. to thud: describes seundef obJecf h~tting the floor a.. stop beating about the Gushan. the volcano was to erupt s:ent a Wave of . ttl shrlok: descrfbes a high-pitched scteam or shout Usa $hrj~kgd: put . . say SQ_ .ve g:ot a brilliant team..he's: $tQne r:jeal" (nat) to have' enough maney fo Hoe you aver: (not) to have e:nough moh~y tel survive (pa.openJng or by 'fiootoqards wh.

1'..thro'Win-ga tantrum C a gale"force wind c.'!eing a rat B a telephone C dis~ant tramc 2 When the press found opt that she had lied ~boutthet 16 shriek quabficatione. ' -. :3 B!Jslness has"picked up.stem .. Havillg said that.. using an. sentences.eMir B a oOilin9keftle C chleken 'frying 'in a pan . 9 screech t Humours that there Was going be a petrol. pipe seme time. __ . rustle A leaves. .5nol'1'age. e-. Complete the.grass .each of the folloWing noise uerbs: Circle those options (one or "!.Irqpped inte a rIver ... yet .had. 2. we ari'stm heavily 'in debt. .." .. 13 TM selectioifl 1P1Ioc€s.'S deaf'.. 4 He was popular at the roots level ot 'tthe' i 7 howl party.11 come strajght to the pc)'int . 8 thud 6 I'm afraId your' argument doesn't hol'd .ee _ d rocks .tree.below.Sh.:i@und no eVid13:ilge Of this'. C a: small bell 13 hiss' A ·a snaKe B an audiehce apprauding a play C a punctured ·tyre service. ..aling your which make the tJoiSe descNbedliy . s. so we're' not put Qf U'Je ..rool . _ then you are barkihg up the wrong ..angry dog C a waterfall A a metal tray hittln'g 11hegro'und an alarmcl'OGk C someone walking through fresh snow r L tt~e. 14 She can't hear us . clearly unsuute:q to a career in the diplom~ilic 11 The country's economic 12 bleep B an alarm.Sbe'giir'ls ith an aptitude.g C: a heavyo'bject hittiing thegroUJnd A a oar when A a: $itone to it sLidde-iIIly brakes C B aho..m'iJ a vehicle horn' A rain hitting a winpow 8 a traln C the distant sound of people falking A scmeene climbing an-oJd starcase B' an old door as it closes C a mouse A water flqwing through a...8 a door cioslh.'wac '.Ude . cause of vandalism is boredom.bus.Practice 1.e.v\i!. Three oplionsappeqr ne:pt to . fl'iIJ..the vero..ld . 9 Most p€l'ople WGul(:lagre~ thatthe . but his cablneteolleagues oquldn't.. 2 c:lafter a 3 sizzle A someone moving in a teatl1EH arm. 10 Their separation ~.~•.. clo..UlarJ(l t:'.fiqn'tcome as much 01a surprise as 11 creak ~heir manriiage had! been on the : for quite A a wolf B a Chilcl. they had a ". appropriate word from the boiX. day.h. s~Flndhim.._ there have been 'complaints about theway you have been tre.. ssnta of panic through0ut the country. You say mobilephones can cause-brain tumours and ye:1 ~cientisls ha. . A a rocket being launohed B a typewri. 8 IJust need to borrow enoughrnoney 10' me '10 patter over luntil F:riday. 5 If you think he stole the money. . problems from tihe 'government's inadequate financial pfanning. test w This helps us 10 .ter C an old car A a frightened woman on s(.. yOlJr~eart a olocJcar wa~ch ZX100 In the . on a tree moving in the breeze Bali."'" oet those:appBcanls who are. 12 IIwon'! beat about tne .4 tick A a computet starting ·up B C 5 backfire I have to say that our new ZX200 model puts the.

tended and amount: sf drink) kept short.a. GUpbD~rd'orQaplilet feathers ussd instead of asheet ] in whic:h you c:an hang. a sore throat : putfedout.uft. wilndow ! 'He ran. peopl~ Ik~ep their food something [Note: a sljl':a small ! lawn: gn area of grass. and hedgs: a row of bushes along the fielp or path He adviSed me to gatgle with salt 1 water three times ~a day for my j sore throat: . ga. to gasp: to rnnale quickly I. . dUY'et:q . when you are I coufdnit ~ mattresa: i : radiator: a haDllQ'w metal .l pipe attached totth.1lyOU> do is moan about'your Job. to! 8hed~ a small building in tile §~aJ_den closed ~ SUpp0r1 the rooi era building used for storing things such as She 'sat On the blJs~ hamming a ~ garden tools lURe.- 43 Noise II . ..gasp'ng (for a drink): I really 1 want a drink]. j 1 gate: . ~ i r sm:a ! settee: a cOIIJCh.ow sour)d of : two.. (informal): to : drain C9mplainabout sthl] : drive: a wide. 1 banlstar. Can f haves sip ot that? ledge: a narrow sha1f along the top to snortl: to make a loud nOise when ~ or bo.=-' . and Kirchen er ba:throom waJrs yOI.s [Note: to 1 rainwater 'falls· from. ~ a eUff face i ! l to groan: to make a long. your 'or blankets clothes .e! 9ideofa bu. WhY doh 't 'You/utit quit? "1 can connect electrical j '! i " . clock my dog-would jump i onto my bed ·dndJick my face...ut. Nouns I NGlsa II (Mouth Verba) 10 chatter: (ij to Reap falRtng quickLy i (Ii) (fo~'teeth) tb knock together He mumbled sth about uf1comforlable.ilding through which painol unhappin~s. A. cot: a bed for a.ked Clay Used 1'01 covering roots. ~ to fI108n~ to make ~a I. I.ew sound f t.~~ ! Nouns I (Houses) ! to. t.'eat ! elec. the-power supply long pieces of WQod i nOQfbo:atda: to chew: break food in YOlJr mouth r before you swallow it .gue fallout fitted on the outside ot.: wooden <Or metal covers 1D lIokslh: to move. or r1Ois!1 _.bum: to sing a tWrfetwith your lips' ~ beam:: a: long.. ' . to sigh: to let eura deep breath expressing I:! r • rug: a small carpetj mat very. room or spaoe un.. thick bar' of wood" j. of fitted to wind!0wsto raduce. 'gardens) or which surrounds one piece QI. ~ ota nouse t.. t " j j Have you got any lemonade'? JIm gasping. me'\al or concrete used. piece of hard ground fhe-wounded man moaned as-we 1 'of privale:roaa that leaos'from the: lifted him uc: .wa_s_ SQ yawning. J'd run two kilometres and /gu1I8dng. yo:w r ton. into the kitc. a rail supported by posts. to a garden at the entrance i I was to gargle: you ga.e side of a. pleasure. a cu~tf)Qard in the kitchen to Brp~to take. or iRlug (ii) a deViee.Jor air.rmeet:ed to :a central heating y' BWc~a. floors.. tir~d th-at stop f mantelpiece: a w!!loCli or slOne s'!"'1eif Which . that a wooden 1100r is made-up of 01 door ~s beginning te p. .o Y0uY8wn tired Qf borad Ibeeause·you're in pain or ~ "WIII~ fJavid's'· snoring kept me . IOmll. baby WIth bats or ] panels so that the baby cannot ·shutters.own: to eat or dl':ink.a quick.le: a liEU" generallliy square piece of ba. that J ~ After the seftenth fltghtot slairs. used to heat a room . ! j 18nc:IJI1fJ: the 'Ioor at 'the top of a (fight of stair-s ~ larder.awake. ~ ~ ! ~ padding put a large. Shff was In Love.spJm. Eve.alequrpmentihto which 10$$. ~ rah aM fixed along stairc:ase the roof ot : where. He came up to the sl!d~ce.quickly ".tto:rn e-age of a wIndow O~ on you breathe while asleep. WEH'EI J pj~ss fif lane (~p..rly -! la(g'$ cover filled with _i war:drobe:a tall... oblivious ro everything.ry time we tfiedto pa!ient he'fJ'OBned: move the unh"apf>Y '"D'" I hay:e t@ ·go?" s:n~ groaned. betng f fInGe: a b.layets of glass !SOGkel: (i) 'a device on a pi@ce.arrier which :separateS lW·Q : : ¥ - to pLII: to breathe loudly and qufckly ~ after a lot of physical effort [Note: to be puffed out: to be physically fired] I was: so cold that my teeth c' the top part of a border round a fifepla. .: yo~ can put a bult.a kind . a plas~ or metal channel fixed '10.• . fire<1ness She looked at his'photograph sighed.j road toa house' .device cQ.rgleinarder to f 'freshen your breath or to soothe . theroof into a moan about slh. across thesurfaae"ot 5th Nck stamps/an ice ere-am :' double-glazfng: drolnpl'pe::a At six '0 .lmble~: not to speak cJea.dr.Not:e:"I·m! . !Short.g. It Was sush a lough sleak founa It difficult to chew. 50'1a SheJfa!ong the botton.the lOWer edge of the roof which rain water drains into edge of a garden.o'gulp athd..oNhtiJ w~ter.t~ic. flaf layer of 01'} a bed to sleep on l. I.'edgeof a window . <flsapPoln1ment. gUlped ! clown 8'ome cereal and o. or point in a wall where equipment to.

ilit0 a mesaic: 4 Th. Which of the above would you associ aM with windows? 2 You do it-when you are aslee. .a.gulp'down . Would you find the following lhings inside or outside a house? (some items are for bath) dril!t~· bamster -8fdlerlglltlering-dl~).moon 1 You do it with salt water when you have got a sore throat.mamelpteu ~ shutters ~ beam-.gate .b..p ..larde. 11 There was a heating charge. 8 You de it when you swallow something very quickly ..cbew. ..puff . . desperately need alr. .. 1 3 The roof tiles we-re made.king up sixt'een flights 01 stairs .. S.~ . opened nois. 4 Y('liU do It when you are qrinking something very hot..I . 7 You 00 it to a: stamp or an ice cream . 101 The bed in the wrjter's room was probably comfortable.rboarl/s ~ radiator' .orfa~. in love or incredibly happy .et .eless~y.. What dQ'You tbink is happening/has bappened to J g You will bear someone 205 Grecian Stre_et 2 describing a bouse. Match the verbs in the box below U!itb thcir con:esponding definitions.r ~ kd8~ . 91 There was an unpleasant smell in the. '.... . more . " ..... a bedroom? would you find in 'a living room? b. 1 There was a neat hedge in front of The attic had a broken window.after wal. .e.llet -lick .sip .groan ..Practice l. 7 Several window shutters had fallen off. or in a kitdhen or bathroom? 18 20 is a room in me roOf of a house? 19 would you find In People Who don't speakclearly You do it when you are' surprised or .wardrobe .writer's room. Use the verbs 11l the box to describe the fJi'cture$. 6 The gaJ'den shed was obviously new.€!garden gate.gasp .~le:yaroll ..u keelD your Glo~hes in? 4 would ha.cha....-----------. 13 YO. .9 'are a kind of cupboard? 10 mLght you 1iM above a filfeplace?' 1'1 would lead to your garage? 12 collects rain water from the roof? 13 would you associate with the stairs? 14 would a baby sleep in? 15 would you find ona ceiling? 16 would you keep tools and gardening eqLJipment in? 17 would you find on the roof.mauress .. 15 Yeudo it . song "" . 12 Our overall impression of205 Grectan Street is not favourable.5ett:ee. a. even though the radiator didn't work...shed . The lawn was: strewn with Irlubbish. 5 Your teeth do it when you ate cote .socket . yOl! 2 would you associate!" with gardens? 3 would y. 9 You do it when you've ~ust been told a particularly bad joke 10 11 .. There were a number of photos on top of the fireplace.elow'are true.".gargle' . tug .ve bedrooms leading off it? '5 keeps you warm? 6 would you walk on? 7 would you sit on? 8 would you associate with electricity? . do it..landing .u do 'it when you are' 'disappointed..Ule- r.. 43 2.. 12 You do it when you slng the tune but net the words of a. '-. 5...sigb .hum .bedge -Jaum b.COl.Sill . listen each person? and decide whathet the sentences b. 14 People in pain dO'it . ' .drainpipe . . 3 You do it when you are tirea or bored ~ . 6 You 00 it to your food befme you swallow " . r •••• flM.aUie.fence'double-glazing . .

word that is wrongly spelled in aboek or newspaper· a.ous.t .forecast it wllJ rain tomorrow. Of crust: the !<lard outer part of alaaffsHce bread We had 'to cut the crust off evety stiee of bread.91" fight between two groups of people. Istakes the true nature of sb's adivWes His em/}assy P()S/ is nothing: /!)ut a smokescreeli to cover up. latc a'Adthe page numtJer:s wl1leC9'you cal"ifinil:!lhem Look 'Ii . .ieve thatsth bad is happening (e.air. had been told a fire had broken our· as it turned otJtl it was all a 'fiiYaX. • I . .. curved nails of a bird or animal v.g'.oi/e4 'by a. all prognos ~ what 'a doctor thinks. late} According to' 'the wea. premonition that there will be8 hugetiain crash next week.g Is a clever forgery. 11m: ~he 'owtsiGfe' edge. jUst a skirmish in which nobody was hurt a soort piece a~aetian taken from a fll'm an:dlsh()wn~:rat~ly (e'. 01 a friend of the'author The fQrewgrd to Ishe/wooo's novel Edges brim: the wide part that sticks outat er! INote: ful~ to an advertisement shown tne bottom of a hat 'forthcollJlingfilm.eople' In this area have net bee(l~em' theirtele~hCne' bills. .! eoonomy/saleswill be like [ ill "What's your prognosis.! through 15 minutes of ltraJters befON} ithe film came em. blade:' the. fOf<ecast: to. a. were irijUred In Clashes between the pOlice aOd antJ-govemm$lnt' profe'stCf!S.bulJding because we.wspaper are hl1at. mIsprint: .government made.9J players and both managers. I just !0ve . U rl. M~ nose. normally written was writt.sode~instalment: one prog:rammein a series] Did you SM' last night'sap/sooet tnstalment of "Friends"? ar part at the end of a nonfiction book il'lfbl'iT'latlon giving :additional me ' sth said @.ioi:ent and gen~rall'y involving only pushing and shouiinq It brawl.g. . book.f a~g.lassIrOIJTujmirror/. preface: an introduction to a bOOk The preface to the novel byE M 'WaS b. Ie a.t1v. showtng 'lWo clfpS from Rec:istQn'S latest if1m.of people. in thl.lphabet'ical list: at the baCk af anon-''s show we will be Some of the misprints ne.a lie that Is told to maKe people bel. fight which is not very a stupid mistake : ! claw .he reek of spioy food stung his I: .s a mistake made by nat noticing sthiforgeftilflg to do sfh Due to an admit1fst1p.. Part: :lhe.mecharaoters [Nelle: ep. minute btawlwhich i{lvolved. subjects. He reeked of garlic. thin.n of cleaning fluid was unbearable" a: shorl. sle~ve or the legot' a pak oftr0users . 'The p-aintin.'is.ther . in a programme reviewing new films) tn tonfg. last. the part of a plans where '~e pilot sUs a cuff: the part at theend of a. For mere' informaiien on fmrlhes. during a sports' Bve.oVer a Pe'riOQ of wee!ks contafining the sC!. coffee or-food of sp.en by W H Allden.'" prophecy: a stat'emeniof wha!.. .the aroma or freshly premonition: a strangefeelin:g 'tha1·sth (unpl. scuffle: religjous or mysti'oal powers beiteves Wi~1 happe'r'1 in the fuiture Nee/aims tnatall of Nostradamus' prophecies have qome trI).nt The match was sp.up in the index. a h~ge bJundet when ifpassed that law. hard.• pleasant smell T. unpleasant smell tINa armies/two politically opposed .sb WIth The. etl ml Forster. oontalningj' :namelS.ct a predi6tron of wnar the weather. seen" otrosesJiifed the.g. predict the weather! . his real aotMtles.' generally in a public place' or between players.easant) will happen fVehi:Jd _a. will happen to sb who. stench: f . docfor?" "He'll Hve" bout J don" think h'{l will walk again.sates..dl rjght up to the top] She was wearing a bat with abroad 8 We'had of iVprogrammes shown . written II Bmma: a pleasant smell given off by e.a copy of a letter/picture! officIal document made in order to trick poop:le IAto believing it is rea'l a short fight betweeR~O small groups of soldlers II washl a'battle. part of a knife/axel saw 'which IS used for cuttIng The stenQ. pr~fa~e. a fire)' or win happen We evacuated the . 11 Jt an' a. clash: a short fight between strong.groupslthe polka and prOtestors A humber . very strong.r done to Ili.ectacles FlghUng lim ths'rim 9.€J.ril7'1s b~wedcoffee. tY. was mote Of a scuffle than a The .([)f a: cirGular obje.8 numb. sae appendix U. the cockpit.e oversight) 25% of p. cinema/on 1V for a in the tJtebrim: fille. unpleasant smell [Note: tOI reek.

-. " Deception:.•.~r-i/!.jo..'i! ... which -c<m!rol$ .w!. for~ast....... 'two fop parts at the.. ". fron1 of a jaakeVceat which are f0.. 7 Reap th. gun whlth you pull t(() fire it the yolk: !.~ " ••• Ii! •• " i ... needle) a small bola· Pot· wOOden or metal bars that ~ thin Qne ~nd form the-~stepseta I~der (<llf a. Match the ''pait(s) in Coiumn A with: whitt tbrij are:a 'l parftJj in CQlumn B: Th~ .g a c_~f'rd~e h ..a.smpllescTe¢1 ...pGinted piece oj metal at the end of apen.iS lit t.... Mi-stakes: Fighting: i.pipgiUJrts -IQrecQS1--aroiii4:M clip .•. ·3 Tl1ere' wer~ $:I few scuffles other in ihesales.··noun}tom exfiitisij ta: e a gun' a pen .oss a musical wne:n thednslrument is played wla makessol.~•• ' •• "_!!' ~ i II!... a. "'IJ""~·""~..i. I ••• ~'.. _. ~ ..... .~~cm ....a 12 sp 0 k"E!$: '13 theblace 14 a claw 1~ t. I) Its 'mygralridmotlher's. " . 2.•• .ac~one lJ)_i_(h a more dpprop.k 0111 each s.... to S As soon as she looked at nls passport.....skirmish .d bread.• -..--. ' ••••• Srn:e!l: .~igb.. . .1 -. AretQe 1l{):Ut{$ in: bold used (Xjfff!tllypij not)"~J'Jni.when 1. . o '•• . piece.."" "_~Io Films or TV -programmes: a knife /}.. "t.hecockpit" 16 a cuff n 0' a plane' m ajach)t a f~ower :2 Stop beIng superstitious. . "..ittatioflS B a a ladEler b a needle e d a gblitar ifl: -Parts of ibooks~ .ry.~••• seiuence« A 1 a. She re-alised favourite that it was..' '.Sceries Edges! ----.•.':I...~ •• .ri:ate.. ~ .in If!_hy they are wrong ami repl1Jqe:e. ~" -I' •• "'~" ~ •••• '. •'•..pte/aee .lore&)' . •• ~ " .9.r.":..... clock) Ihrl3:k pleee 01 metal_or plastic ~hatindica.• " . •• .el Which coirinecf tile Qwter' ring: to tile centre the Item.i1filtrr! ~ rim ~ $... (i) row of benes down you r ba~k 01) the narrow.~ ••• ~ .~.----.episb/:k - trailer. ~ •.. •• ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '! ~ . ~.. GroujJ the~words-in the box by putting .. '" .. _ qpJmUiix .~..p·r<?pfJecy..'. ----.lnds.ldSGIbac'.~ ...hand 2 the nib 3 the-stem 4 ·the' trigg.he y~llQW part of "an' :~'9g Opp: white the flow of ink plant on which the flowers and leaves_Qrow upright part of-a 4 The kitchen was filled with a lovely reek of fresh Iy o'a[<:e.cufile .them next th'e -appfopt:i4te Cal€§IJf)!... ~ +' ••• "' •• '•..~(~b . 1. ~~)o.! (of. OJ' ~ . eat's or dotfs :paw an egg 10 mnQ$ 1 Why don't Y0U look up the date inth:ef." . she neverrnlssesaneplsoee.: ine thin Jn~trumefltlha:t col stretched pleoe of' Wire or nylon .bl~1Iikr ..-...tlasb~b«iiX ..'iI . sfiff part of a book to \'\:'hich pciges and cover a~&attache_d k : Bars of a whe.-----Ii ~•••• " . acloc1< p a sleeve .. -.~·.."~ ~ •• . AIe you sure irs not a misprint? B We needn:t it wasal1 ..rewotd .reek . which burns. ..! • ~ .stalm. ~ . .. ~u • ~ .ide and ~oin on to the GOIlar nib: a . a forge..•".I..crust .oreword at the end 111 the· wick ..etil . •• ~.'· .tes what time if ls :s. '. miSprilu -brill~~..lapel l me tb~ com{j.. h ••• .e advertisement again. a small lever of a..(ii)ti. ..".er 5 tile y 01k 6 the-so ins 7 the 'eye 8 :a siring 9 a.-.._ •• ' "" • j 1" " ~ •• " .IrAil~ .".\'. as people lostJe_:d each ..~ a bicycle wheel k l1' book of th~ bopk? There's nosuch Ihiil~ as.-... '11.Qfstring ina candle .' .

The manag:ement weren't prepared 'So gibberish: wOrds ~hat do not make: sense:. (= nis room! house was ve1Y dirty and untidy) hunch.en .3}rry a lot of clout I miglht.Mio!"laple a:cti\iity Tbe pres!(.Joter after another.. 7 A gOQdsl. a flair:: a natural abili1y t6·do sth She has.! ..SO there must be a C"'8t:ctfJ hitch. . f a hitch: ap_roplem that causes a I. . truly enjoy your skim§ hQliday. SCrUples:. i i ! reputatien • bralnW11Y8: -a sudden.:· ·small del~y {often used In U'le' ~ Th'e phrase: togo off without a. for a Ryonf.nWQve. rve jllst had a b.. al'ld untidiness squaUd (adj)] He lived in squalor.. the minister took'th~ newspaper to.l· wtJo wants to go sunbathIng" :8 I ean't explain why I thOllgh~ w~ would 'find it there. .and not on . husband wa. Sutce:ss. lTIor~1 principles: . earthquake. f fo11OWinga war.gibbe:rlsf! " 1 i l ]. .stan:dpojnt. a ~ch:_ a hidden trick So. problem (often used ironically when the problem is big) 6very week they printerI~ometh!ng.lUop thatnad: no s_c.• ' iI scoop:: an important piece 01 news pLtbHSned in ORe newspaper before any of h:t·0tllet newspapers knoW about it The tournali'St ovefheatcl the. ·1 Unabletoi:)_e:ar the squalor I 'slut an hiS reputation. ! fn the aftermath Qf catastrophes j lIke . position in whieh neither Pllaye-r can make a move~ 1 1 1 ! j j negoUatid-ns're.scrll. fl..a I ~ i I'd love to _goto the Caribbean with you n~ week.a . . If f filfln thlS'iorm. CPractirce 1. 6 Although he ls a.lples. bt~! J From the govemment's'.. ! . I get a free i holIday in Sootland. What's the .g ! I situation where flO 'further progress can be made (:ii) (in chess) ai. clever idea . (hat het iaJlowed by ~herules so the game 1 'ends wIth neithe1'plcwet wInnin.. If.: a fa)$..an_d".lesabQU'tr. There's JlJst om~ snag •.g.squaUti roem' Tn ~n equally squalid blook at ffats.An iinteriOr decorator needs to haVel' a. without unsof4{Julous s-alesman ::swfndiedtheelderly couple o:ut Of .~standpoint: polnto! view What a scoop rt was ogoing.I :[ catch? I j ctout influence and power figure/req_qonlY 'and (J'Cffries clout.! are a beginner and YOll wallt Thelatesteraze to hit the street~ of' .yot.t@ l> j t ke pflsheq tfJe door hlsmignt. to Its highest level ever.. weH • ~.45 Nouns III - - - the Iftennath ali the penod of lime.k is amust / might. a fla.. yetcariie J I eruption) I technical problem.complete disaster The 'p$crty wa:s a. alIasco-: a.e or twe technical hitohes. to ! ! n. i ! E'iterythln-g went Qft withOut a hitch an.problems) their UfesaMings. criticism wnicl1 hurts sb's .:': tMen s~1ing lessons alie@must.: PrasideHtl$ wife· st:a/e1rtate. generally affecting a ~9lev1sfonprograrum~] [Note: a lechnlcal hitch: a ~I alur.te I standpolint. you'll . Only nine peoplerurne?i up and we"had a power cuf. court 2 The iQfferseems-too good to be Uue. hitch: ! I . It was just one slur on hiseoor. Circletbet:orr-ec-t item.- to happeneuccesefully.lnbloc.ale doing everything in our power'efS ended in stalemate.() l ! might powertstrength I New York is motor skateboardtng. wotk n'&xt [Note: ~ • i squalor: din. sort them aut. a must an absolute neoessfty . Mr Harding is a person With stro.r ios Umguages. tragedy or natural i disaster (e.and t~{klng fibs:ofute . i • BOlli.Je1')t ()f the r~pubJTc.y 'conOes'sfons. an unfair aCG'u~al~on Or ! '. any.d the conference was a great euoeess. rt ts n@t qnusual ter ~ . a smalt ~ . dbnY we .f ! about him. to Week.a hunch: an Idea 'baaed on a strong intuinve feeling. 4 If yo~ look at ttfrorn hisstaJema. i . ecru.s' g}Qing te reisign.flli b:usiriesSma'h. 3 Some ~rade unions are v·ery powerful and c.ngsCO(lP f.thl$.' "How did you know we WQuld· fmd 'Iiel there?" "J didn't It was jtJst. YQvemments to apPf¥J1 for aid from the international community.withall ! a atalemate:0)a ! I i He-. ThiS isanadmini$(rt.iillsi(. to makean.oomplete fiasco. is a ! ! ~.ra.s~~ thall h~ is right.r~p. -wHhQut SCJupl:es] i are v~i)' enOQuragiq9 indeed: -.lived in 13.air / craze for combjning colours and te)'dures. 5 . The QJd man cJpposjt(!t was IObking ~trne. op. The chess game beM'een me M{o Gt.[Note: :the resultsoltnf!fse local elections unscrupulcus. Why j t We ere e:xperiencinf/_ on. but rest assured that we. ~ ! '~:. it waS:Just a l:miinw3ve I hunch.Jg taxatjQf/ . evidence .

: .ce ~mcl power ih iMtemationa'l alfairs w. any of the other Ilew:spapet 'knows anything a_bout it! 3. What's the.. .o his·apartm. He must have peen 2 A:· . 14 He said hello.$7Iqg .ewili not be::brMdca. .r erltlclsm of her character. 1 A:. Then ReaD the small print.'4Jlair. ."' of 'Viiew ·of the ol~ 'Ctflch (t ordinary man ...sti:hg tonight's European Cup match between Monaco 'and P·a:I'Il1. It was.he w. ". He' is . " IB: Yes." Shf: has an lnstlnetlve ~nd natll. . ... 4 8:. I thinik A: " _ ~" .b.!:lriven..ote'it'!" B:.s PlJib1ishedin one . identity cards made pert~Gt sense but from tne p'o. 11..~ ••.get it.: I ? .esti/JilSfor He... seruples:~mi~M .~s the €>onSlfmm...ed.a.nSJIJel'S/res[tQnS. : . tho-Ugh.2.. mad when he wi'. need:' to have a flair for it.. that did ..d the door t. ~ 3 The meeting was a c:omp. " . .• ! .hax below. it's the iatest'craz€.· he said.ths latest fi!:shionabfe acUvi. a.'s atl.ntpiec_e of new. 2 A: Wh'at (rrakes.pelle.. .apet . I'm 1& He o. -<•.s. " B: YEfS.' 1: l' 10 For students taking the: optional translatton paper in] December's Ell$am. . he said.ent. .d never see.. neither:.r befOre.)twe_sn'the management and the unions: end€!d ill asitua~ion wh-er'e no further -proQ:res_s could be made. th~y'r~ .1lJuch dirt and unlidil1ress. ~ 5 A~ ~ ~ 6 ? ':l. was y~el an other lnfrillg~m~ntof ·cJvillibertie.". ·Pc .lete disaster. \~ 3 A: " yOUI . w.£?s with arwlmfr~ the' . ..·side was Willing to make ~ ..ate' buslnessrnan."..lvli! feelingl.a. you mink that Sai1oon"31ohad a t'fand in this? 6: n"sa~trong intuit.y to': hit ~ .stand/JOinl . " . duriillg the aitEimooll rio to . Ihanding rneasceappy piece of B: OK. clever We were i(ijeahew idea ..llrallalent tor i ~ business. ? the SfreetS of'l:orroM. . "There's j~Sl orYe pi'Qblem.e :ab01it her" yet another unfai.6 What does it saYA.. She. pre§i(lent'sinUgen. i! 4 'r d be only too g_!ad IQ lend you the mon~y you ne._ordslphtases in b()ldi~thes-en:tenr.•.oh the street it. smi' on -ll (11~h~ a/termatb 12 The introduction of :10 thegovemm¢nt.hitcp . :newsp'ape. Ha.. . ta DUe_t6a tectkllcal problem. There is bound to be a Hidden Irick .tesspr For1h's Mo-week iriten~ive Course an literaiy langldage..a $Ialemat$ .~s.000 ahd we h. must. as· t B: II's: just a hunch.tHe jol1owtJig :. ha. s 1Q ln the' period of t~m~ following €he Second W®rld War. .-' I I . hand and squeezed it with all his wha'tsoever.rt~Q' ~ 'fighfing. Well.. a flascol Hollerbladlnq rs .J!as€o 0/4+6 . catch? p. 15 Yet aribttterartjol. :. "It's absolute nonsense.oqt the.:l.squ41/it «a Ur4jntp?JlI~ .gibberlsb.a must -. 'took Mr Filielli's.dour . Replaa t. Prd. .'.!. ... broke.rsan absolute necesSity.hen bOth counmes have sum~arily 17 rejected his advlce? Laura had a sudden. ambitiouS and hehas no nil oral p:rlnci. 11 The talks b. . j 5 6 7 B 9 eornpletsly broke at the moment. We needea £100.lf the :delegates dlidO"t turn up and' those... : "Re"adthls.a scoop'. " _..s1fl:. man'i families dedded to leave-Europa in search of a better and h9:ppier lifain the NewV~orld." . What a~importa.lhat..Make Up i:lpprgpn'atequ.

t. Opp: indiscreet "adD.rse generally in order to get ~th] I gratitude' (n). ve~sa. sb wh.: _ .:011 • cQllisio.estige (11) to reveal: r.ade: deliberately avoid sth you are supposed to do. . pove. re-oeJved GompJain ts about tast night-'s' Half the world's population live in programm9c. ·evasion (fI)1 [Note: ev.:.I (.next {(). I 1 van1ty (n) More emphasis res been put on ec I t accuracy (n).'0. pursui~(n) [Note: pursue: carry out/follow] We ate' in pursuit Of a green CJ!lf tra. {h) thousand.l (n). . to flatter approvtll (n).ith a. indiscretion (n) ffatte c· : ilatt.~. ~mphatic(~dj) to it was 8aijfnder who came up w.(adD. .gs: the tlnings that you carry with you (Iugg:age.remembered for his portta'ya! at Mr Blue·.ery (n). but J don '..·s:o.~ .ete) you tireak in a shop or restaura:nfl AU . .. beJor:lglngs tn) [NQte:belongln.crri:tlc!ses or who writes opp~ unpopu:tar to mphastse~ emphssts (n)...Q.. Opp: insi:nce~e (adD.. a plate" a vase-. an articulated lorry. bOQ.. 10 aeter: detenent (n) [Not. abfect poVerty.'~'''''' ".~-{.et paper that is proof 'of plJrchas:e] 10 refuse: refus~1 (n) [Nbt..~ .(n)"..analyst {n) reatJing . . " \. disor'etion (n). to destJroy: destruction . OpP! inaocurate (adD. Opp: dissatisfled/unsafiSfied dissatisfac1ion (n) wh'endriving. growth (n) The government's fleW' tax [Note: to flatter: to p. . I· -------~ '- ~. _.taxevasioli1': the crime '01 not paying your taxes] -I boredom (n} a pOlitical ana'lyst failure (n) . to .in Tamntino's' 'Reservoir. bravolY (n) f:" .: her to reme. ' - ---_- ': .sappro:val (n) (v) .mbJ. i'naccuracy (n) am(liety <n) . .ft'l'Iiscnief (n) (Note: mIschlevollS: n. ~. portrayal (n) to madl I'B: mediocrity (n) [Note: medIocre! not very good] a mediocre 'fIlm/periormance/t'oo. He is . I poor.] face. reviews (Of films.n Cn) 'ff:rsg@taway Gaf wa. • • .• .: '" • ·:t~j.evel9. di. • I .e: deterrent: sth thatetoos you dOJng:sth bad Dr illegal] It is hqped thst the possibi/l'ty 01 going to. [Note.Do.. to cttU sa: criticism -en) [Notie: a critiC: popular: popularity (n).s proud.s of moolie-at her name. pfide ~Note: pr'estiiglm. coat. .:. make a withdrawal Of ---- ---------------- ~------ ---~--~---- . recolleCtion of saying 10 recef\le~ receipt (fII) flKlote: receipt:' piece . '.sta:lglf.tty (n) We 'va. lrnpreclsion (n) .. \'..:.ent to presHglous: p:r. col J know recoUectlQn(n. ingratitude(n) .wth. _ . acdount . sth.9 involved in a cplfision with.t8Irgla. etc mlschfov(1IJ :. 0IPP': iimpreclse (adj).ra.f]s '.e:fefusal: non-acceptance precise: preelslon en)..Oreakages must be paid for..differen1 things] analysis (n).aughty] nostaJ fc: no..-:':. Marie oollecled her belongings and left.ll.) [Note: ver. . prison wili act' as a people who ~epearedlybreak the speed timit (adj).satlle:good at .ml a~tQr.!On (n) [Note: revelaUo:n: a surpnsmq fact which was secret but is suddenly made known] a prestigiotJ.165 kph li~wn the wrong side of th~c mat:orway.ooC/oessions a'Fe' designed stimulate economio grO. .veJling i1t . ... etG)) Their failure to qualify for the .46 'Nouns rv' . stupid: stupiqity (nJ "------ £60ffCJm my.. ~ .(ri) d'estruC.. (adH.!. '.: a feeling of sadness mixed with pleasure when you thrnkabol:lt happy times in 'your pastJ br breakage (n) [Note) br1eakage.Una of the toumament was: wholly unexpected.skills.: .il1t..lution rb our problem'. ilhdraw: With d.rawaI (0) I'd /Ike to slncere:Sincetity. disapprove (v). I. fa d pen: depth in) oalclJl~te the We've been tryjfigto to do Or take sth] to rDlgn: resignation (il) depth Of the lake.( . Opp: ungrateful.tive (c@. (a cup. competitor (n) • [Note:recoll'ecl. nC to competition (n).•..11:'compla... handbag.tHity 1(1(1.s: lrnportant and well-respected] companyijoblaward (n) to solvo: solution (n) satJsDed: satls1action (n).best ..etc)] unpopularity '(n) have no those fhJngs. '11". insinoerity (n) \.. li'Ios.

... ...... •• ~ ...... She:says she h. .... He was linjured lin a. " ••• • •••• ~....' . .... 13 The hurricane flipped though the outskirts of the city...i:..... Hi stupid 16 borinq 17 nostalgiC 18 proud 19 flattered -+ -t' • • ~ ....... ~o.. • >C ••••••• " ......• • 'p . . way the polic~ ha.'" . ... 46 _ ... started talking about phillosophy and 2. ....... ~ •••••• o... .!fits tbespaee in the. ".. ~ ~. _......oing to write . I •• 22 The' thieves ran out of the bank with two policemen running behind them in 'hot .'" f-..... " '. .'. ~ ~ . .'" •••• ~ .• .. ~ .. ... -+ -+ --t ... act as a . believe PURSUE Political 23 that ANALYSE GROW we will have....... .. .... .............. must pe paid te«.' ' .........o........same lin. 15 He won an Oscarfor his • DESTROY COMPE11E: PORT:RAY -" of Martin Luther iKling in Spike Dee's film..."'" ............ ~........ .....lorry... t' ~f' • . Oil ••••••• ~ 12 Tlhe presswerevery ....~~.... ..... .......... c . •• ~ ~.. '. to potential criminals.' " about Ihis private. to carry Out her superior's orders resulted 1[1 her be~ng eot.....1.....~ letter of COiMPILAIN ... ...~ .. :.your with you. Use the word gi ten 'in capitals at tbe en4 ·of some oj the lines to form a word tbp. . ..•......•• ... " ....... I". _ ~ --t ·..~4..~1..... ..... in il1terest· iM latin American music is due. 11 England are... •• o ~. . • " ' .. I. ... ... ' •• Power ........~~..' . we place a great deal of em communicative EMPHAS_SE 1. ~ ... ...1 ~ --t --'I • • .. ~ ..'." ...... .... .~ ...e.' WITHDRAW FAIL ~. life in the pr-ess. 10 1. ............ please make sure that you have all ..... ~ ... ...._ r....." •. ... ..... ... 2 At this company we do not tolerate '. -.. ~ ...e you the If we don't find a to this problem in the next fe'w days] we're going.... of the accident... ~ ...... ' ~ P...I '. '.1\.....ndilM the matter. ~. ................... '" '. We hope.. . ~ . •••• I ... an election in May......... .....• ·~S·.' a trail of 14 There were 600 the race.. • . 'espe.... skills. you can be sent fa prison....cJally after G~rmanyjs unexpected.. to giv.. . head-on with a...~ 4:'~ • :. " . . r I.. ':" _ ~- . .. 5· I'm a:fraid we can't glive you your money back if you haven't got a RECEIVE £. "'t . .. -Po ..... ~ ~. 19 He was forced to stand down following a number of "..'" -...... to the success of film:!i such as Salsa.. BELONG II too. ... ...4. •• oJ I ~ •• I... ... " •••• ~. i' ...'" -.. ..... The new law is oeueved to..... -l - found guilW of tax in this country.. -P ........ •....... 24 The .... ........ • ~...... ..... SOLVE RESIGN REVEAL EVADE 3 We have decided executive suite on the top.4 grateful 5 precise 6 sincere 7 accurate B prestigious 9 mischievous 10 poor 11 brave 12 dtscrset 13 versatile 14 anxious.i·a.. ....... it meets with your ' .. ." . 20 ifY0I.. i ... In big bold Jettlers the s~gn read: All ...... . ...... " '. APPROVE 4 I'm g..........log behind it in ~ -9 ... ~"'..: "'...... lea\l. ._ ....5 ~ I 1" •• . " ......................... . . . 0 vain 7 8 1 popular 2 satisfied ~ ~ -t vanity .. to lose '1h.. ... 'tram the tournament.. floor................An example 6 On alii our no .....e contract 18 We were all very surprised when she handed in her . ... 9 '"' •• 3 mediocre ....." ".... leave the 'aircraft.. .... <. . <Give the nouns jor the fa/rowing has been done/or you..... BREAIi< RECOLLECT DETER CO'LLIDE REFUSE •• " •• _. .. They DEEP 16 I was out of my ldidn't 17 understand a thing. • . Her ..... ........ <1 ..... 21 wh~myou . .... of the CRITICISE . ~ ~1 ~ I • i ' .11 •• " ......... ". .... ........ •• ~~i _~ . a "' - ..-: o -::~ -. . _ "J\.. •• o......rt-rnattialled..... irrpart. ~ ( Practice a4_jectives. . I.. bound 'to Will.....'....

f mln~: how Y..JnacoeptaJjje. related to PCL Ltd have announctid thaJ'200 statistics (inGr~as:e.lngeon: to g91'end on In the end.time.nti'oned .ir job ii) to get rid Of a plan. I have no : me.a. ' response it minht not. feet.tlegJnning €If a plall'l/projec:t/:attempt because n.f .to make sb redundant from eth Iiu Incnaed foUrtold: ~thhas 1 ~ the.dnd: to haVE! ~ access to the internet has i prrva.g_.. . ne'eo rfght on my· have' a lot of prebrsms to worry about/bevel)' busy I'Vie .~ w:a~ ver:r (. eJghtfold~ eight 1 The gev:ernnienf have.& the contFoversial votirrfltaJ/.' bptner him b.. very leaSt.d: to ~ thave Just said 5th thal is . his future hingecj orr a d6Gislen t~t was to be made by the Florida Supreme Court.. elc) [ WiU1Qutgetting.cut ali .~ I have 'aN{he sfi.P/em. I'm i and TOOls.elr . to.s only one 01sth I'll hBVe to consult standing on his oWn tWl.Jutet right: if so is! that. seeing double.~ ~ to Iron oLlf probJema: to so~ve and 1 . toe vary! rna!t ~eSlt im.atour a dsctston] Are.<1 lot on my plate althe moment. ~ 8th [ 'that has previeusly' been I No.e allin (he ~ ! right same boat..ement ana the uniel1s to . to be In the l8IT:Ie 'boat to have the . (Informal) cl~vet and uses the Fi§h'tt80tlCS th. Im~nts It tOQ}? three f~ng dav$.<.r Ownl two feet: to I'd like to . @et . fall Jabs are to oo-axed ne~year. Teaohihg kids.s .L do things for yourself' .e thCiU'sand8~ toes)jap'e f{otn '8 A QUqinest? aeaf -through pu:sh 11:. increased feur 1ima. what with feorgani and .. In Ot 'wag my b()o. dOUble: to see two.! used with verbs.eel. ~ to axe: i).k~ thatfs If sbplays I'm $l1re $0 qulal) you could! hear 8! pin d'r.Objects Numbers to .: 1s very different mom the thing Involved in/being unhappy about eight mcmths. dee/ded times.eVerything.~ It's like talkIng tOI II brick wall: to Fearing' fQr thelt lives.It was .. tor the manag.$es that sth willIWoul." In I minIOn yeatI':·~mph!j:$i. . etc] BX.QU f..ff:Fght enfenainrnent second to none.hammer ICluta l7!ftJtfl.tIl 18 8 dlfferenl kettle of ftlb: sUi ihcreased tenfbld (ilVer lfie past _. on the other /:land. . 1he: . rise.grind with you .g'reemsnt.o~lIlr. if you play your cards' rlght.s: particularly system or service . Teaohing adults is reJ'atitleiyeasy . you sure you won't have.ny mood y:qu ~arein the country ih th_eir thousands..Idtoms end E)[presatons ObJects.they were beo« tq$ql:lar~ one. 'f~'fused. naU on the h8l. . . He took it 'wlYhout pe&miss. ·thedeparlment meetln.. tfjere~s no pro. ! to havB I1It U1. oapable ot have jrist set up a Business to iron ·oJJt BfIY prf1blems they m'rilJt have.Q .C1ps". as good as.. to be back to square one: to return te.te~reastin for doing. Never in 8' million ye~rs will h~ ~ Smeal' That name rings a bell.havea:sked me' ~to chair ihe. In mybmok . j ~to II. an optician.p:.o. .e: threefold: ~ three times.rt.. t Everyday fenk fs an adult hammer out an. B.~ .u as the President's successor: 1.1 .meetlng::to be in eharqe ora m~eJing They .exactry: 10 .and seMces f We hap to pull string.ery . sthlbeinQ 1 . sing 10 puD able to dISCUSS my d~pend'son his frame of min(iat1 probJem with the boss but it stop depending on others because you are oldeacugh to the.d definItely n~l ·axe tQ. stand on you. ! would be fiketalliing loa brick .me o.~/Jyacc:(}ptable agreement. wf1en there i. at the .••: ln my opiniol1l ¥ouVe hit th'e nail on the heaa. . ~ .be HCond to none: to be.~'in 'great numbers j fra. I 10 fla:vII Cgol) a rot on your pla:t.: . plac. [0 ~ wall: reach an agreement after lon·9 and d:iffi'cult negot~ations ·seco~d thoughtS about emigrating? 'f en your doorstep: i. the y.s: to' use influence! very near where cOinnections you live or where y@u are staying to tlsesomewhare In their .O progress ha~'!:rie·en maa:e When planning permission for the new~porls pomp/ex· was. to 'rid of small problems i His j()V is to help people w:hO i l ! i r I 1·· . decrease. .quiel you could he!Jt.47 Numbers .they will a_ppo. THe Dumber of people with to hIV" an axe to . is ! i sameprobleins Times arehartt bur: we'r. f !so Nottling lIVed in thf-sde:s~. 8gfree to somefRlng {ike that. it . What'they flood is pUb{l0ffY. happen(+ inversion) 8th rings a bell': 5th sounds familiar 1 is a differenr kettle~Gf fish. people tI~dj talk to . to have second 'thoughts: to change YQur mind [Note: to be haviing second tho!Jghts: to be having doubfs.

. around SQllS (0 fnake correct col'ocatio7ts. now she says she's having. NbW~ usetbe phrases in b"Oid'insentences.tandon his. Med~s sorting out but rrn jl!st n..ofessLonally is.~ thousands..ptableagre~illent . e just IhOW... 3 That didn't work.o:vernmentwerefofoed to iron student g. but p~aying pr. on the hlitad. h none..ants and replace them wijth a 'student loon system... the meeting.. my h~ad. 7 The-name certainly rin§s a':s: like 'talk. the of mInd to do it. walll drop. fOiJrfold. out a mutually us 7 II a b c d 7 I'f you play your' rlgl1t. own . . so we 1 are back to square ... 2 I don't know wily I bother saying anything to you. ~ d!ouble. In my . few hinges for me. I know there's a: power cut hu~ we're all In the same doorst:ep. S Gabi's father knows (he head of the Imm)gration to a t. 4 As a holiday destination... 8 9 We rented a vmaby the sea. 3 The... ppropriate word a formed jriJm the objeCls sh6Wil: in theptclures below. We've jusf got to axe eut ene orjwo probtemswiththa _g~aphjCs... you cali get that learned hew tos. The words . 5 He pushed 'riQ_lifin front of in the queue. 2 first she :says she's sure 'about it... 4 The :Su9C~~S'.. S It was. mi IUon yeais! 9 two feet. After hitting. . Complete tbe . Pleas-e stop complaining. A " Resign?' Nevel' lna .teendingfr(jffl B. Complete lh-e sentence beginnings in A with an appro/1tia. ~ 9 l:fyou have an to grind.J.. <. " the liprary that you could hear a. b. 6 Neith:ersidewas prepared to rnakeeoneesslons. ~ ~ ~ . It is sa'cond to . ~ promotion" yeu know..:l:ifferent pi fish....t . Mr~. and the be~ch was ( bold have been jumbled. 4 Amateur football is onelhing.!) on our ~el:l.B. that1s sheer bad manners.'1. 1 It won't belong be_toreour website IS ready.sentences wub aon. f one. The sales have started early to boost consumer spending. 2 This paperwork.r.JriQkboat. 5 The value of thjs property haslncreasedL... 6 34 and still liiving with his [parenh? If's about time '~ l . so it took them six days to . Swap tbem d he! aCGt. 8 She! has a 'lot jOn' h. ! . I sUlgge$t that you "'! B take it up with the management e lhoug.of the P!38Cfl plan strings orr theIr Willingness to disarm.YDuhave hit tile. a. what with People fled the city In thlHr . As: the President of the company was ill.. ! 1 I thfnk. :S.g.. 3...hts.". you know. 3. those three prciects to fiinisl:l.l Was feeling diZZy and seeing . second . ~ 2.ot .. wasasked 1'0' .O hE!pulLed·a...All-en.

n of good.od ~a pJankot wood: a long.I::J: sand a single pJeccef·of ..unlvats.. hi. afwo. I a flight of &tarra:a Hewa:s out set of. 1 a pack 01 088: jf sth such as a st. of luck: an une'xpected piet'e of' good fol1une ie ..~ '~The bridge is pI/fir s. flashes ot Owen. ett.. aOa.(a chair.h'oQ/s eme . j • means/mocte 1 1 t• camera lens can affect the qoaJftJ of the pictures you take. ! .stars of breath aiter i ! ! .. no bigger th8n a grain at sand."of~1nC:naII. .ote pieoes :ot srf£iice. singl.$troj{e of (uok thCir.n' ~ hefet~Qayl You're jlJ~l tne fJersotl . a chest of. We've got stacks of fram his' belt...~ fit ot Ja8!lou8Y: ar1la..'" . Engjandput When fie lef1. potato crap.. lot of: experi6ince!knQwledge] information Thfsbook 0' GO. etc is a pack of lies.. of rubbIM~ (informaD no goo<Vstupid J saw that filln evetyone's been ravIng on about but I thought It • bunch of Qye: a number of Reys j together I know someone on the board of . load of rubbish. i a ItoaIol paint a single layer of : an excuse. . .one plec..tit ot JealQusy. The eei:Jroom wlndaw was made !8 IIlfatchot .ary.unoo.on the streUih . the room ~ an incredibly sma~1 a weaJlh h. __ u·tableno·· ) '1 J wanted to see. • blade Of JI'II8: a single leef ..motorway between brillia. in Parliament sscflonefthe of (Iha) motaMay.. . bus. you.tI:ave a . etc) ~ -The most popular IItRkl or (rnrormaJ) lots of time AJ11t ne:eds is a coat of paint' and it -will/ook'as gg.ptJtt in this a-re. etc Incr-eases'hasfUelleO inttation. a table.1I of brtllflmGe-: -as'uddenbufsf of excellence Apart trom 0lle ortltvo (In l ! of advice:: ons bIt Qiadlll'ice (adWce: .: /:.tlrawers. _... horse'. was overland. thin piece i i! olirilbi'np ten ft[ghts of stairs.a is the camel.~ tfje!e.edaad of night: the mIddle..aunny • .. ~ : ! 01 g1Er8l: a flat.e of furnlture I'n! i' . ~ a mok_.plank ot wood thaI' traversed tffe ravine.a'int 8 d. of glass used in a winClow or door of glass .n_ . I 1ft WUCIe - - clothing of ~athlnl: one ptece ot An accessoty may be as Importanf as other arficlas of clothing in achieving a tota/Iook. poinilng toa flimsy.Sht j. me w-as a ! crritiiGal re~ction tram number of people a IlargE.p1ece of fumltull8: one blt ofrumi1ure ..dlrectOrs who could help. enfaytng the B sllenoe. train. hegafle me two V€lty vallJP.itle'S. .of .. weather: a perIOd of weather of unusually warm weathef has had disastroUs consequances for ski reSorts. ell:perience/klilowiledge: a.. a series of robljeri:es!plice'(r~ :~ etr>.) (fum. :.- 48 . ThiS insect. 'th.ttaGk jealousy of i Uli"·afthreelarge..naeJrQm a ra_therpoOf perfotm~nce..panes i ! . 'fl1.rmaUon:alot: of [Note: a wealth o·t.ntrue' 1 i I a pane l apiece Everything snetold pack Qf II&s.. Rio :0 Buenos Aires. Wh-~I a . and . ~ time.. Um. is completely u. . MaidstoRe.: of' : An enormOl)s bunch ot keys·-nung T-fle film doesn"'tstart for anotner ~ trans.: mmorWay a 'Don't pay too much attenfktn (0 his younger slstef or ham probably . She tickled him with a blade of • board Of dIrecIora: the group $1 people in chatge of a companyl .uritable noun) f There are always· 'hold-ups.. u'. of the. • apeck of duet: a Single pleoe of dust Even I . a grah1 01&8]I.! He'watked around in the dead ot night.aid.e pieoe The Mlnlste"s' decision to reintroduce the tax provoked a storm of protest. :.Rdohester.responsible for the destrlJGtion of the country's tlw. c au._. business t •• The first leg of o1-proteat a very angry and llleans f ! of tralJlport: one p8rtlcbllar kind of transport (oar. two hows..8st Week'$ spell was 8. it"u If'" un' co. it p.~ he r 1 Info. The¥ hacJ. a tiny speck 01 dust on a •p.ntainsa wealth of information on tI'iecouiltrys si.:. grass jowney of • lourney: one Part Qf a Fha recenf spate of price grass.od as new.

Me. layer Qif late. . Cpmplete the responses to·tbequest1iJns!Statements uSingphrase-sfrom this unit ..!Qrthe. open oompany" bosses minuIes'i seeonos du_stbin. _ -a single leaf O'f a big.. steps unfair. ". 2. ~~ forecast crime. You'"l1 find . . d~monstratlolil -----_ _ P J M _. Comptete.'''" .I. . . thief dtshonesty' fa.~ - _ a set of '3 lot ot alotot housta. ·train problem.." ..get tht! miSsing c@11imtl.l:s 2. .et.w.-~ .of a pl~nkQf B. old -a seriEts of 3.. think thE?ihalJVr.' '" . .: ... Then i1i§eihe:corrett G8~~~ _ _ _ _ -." . .aut of breRlth'? ~'ve 1u_St.)11S by providing tbe mit#ng wprdirl column B... h8Ip fortune.•..."...d. 5" W~yare you so . betrayal genius. " ...)by? Yes.ale is rising alarmingly.~ ~ ' ".. shirt 3 a means of 4 a ptece-of T A L oneJsome ~ p1eceof a SJngIa pal1iole Of bus. There has :been a ..ings. The crime r...(he of c{JrlibJnatir.. '. trip lock. ~. W [...f 2-0 a. TbeJit'St fetter p/the':1nis$ing word fj gfven-llJ'i4 the ipli(fs tbatfotl6w tndicille tbe natnber q{missi1l8iettbs. fingers 5 a stroke of 6 a grain of 7 a piece of crossed S F J 8 a fit 0f 9 one Item of an attack of a sudden bum of beach chalf. r " No" we won't We'vf!) stil. light 10 a flash .".. 1 l'vegoJ'10 do some research on thfcsterm paper about trends in . 6f 22 a bunch of S p N --..~.. a/section of a g~oup of (together) a group Qf a fdtof a lot()f road.~ l I _ _a-long.. A 0 a blade of 1 a pane Of 2 an ~rticl9 of 48 B G C MeanIng Of Column A 1. t-Jn(llean.} 11 a specl< of 12 a. lot of . flat pie"te of O!)e l1em of one kind of green..)fwor4. .p'.. ••• ~ •••• ~ . isn't it?' Yes... 3 Come:oh.. Canyou: match the pictures lO any 01tbe items above? 3..spell of 13 PI spate of 14 a pack 01 BAD W IR __ ~~~~_..~.. tax I know.. it could do with a coat of paint.leg ·of a 21 a.."ljmsh 'travel.lateRir the meeting .. w~althof 16 a flight of 17 a storm of '18 the 'd..~ ~ _..Qr(/s in eplumn A ~areogif1pnin: the Mf!d1Jjng CfJlu:~m. K in the mid~dle of a$.fast.'"0". .'ay is looking father" $hai..mooern -architec± thin pieoe of a tiny pieee of a period ot tree$ powder. nonsensej 23 a board of24 stacks 0_1 25 a Joad of --- D~_=.ailS: 11 8J. or we'll be... 4 Th~ governm~nt has iljsl put plU_rC:hase up ...~ " .. table suspicion.eali of 19 a coat €i.•••• .cts. doer.. '0· (lon't you.. •••• " ••••• '" . " " . stretch. black Picasso. CPractioe '\ c(}1nvinat:i&'hs'in sentence'S. THeAsSoCiiItion Worll box will providet/tWs to help you....climbed .+---.. there has been ' " ~ .•. field window trousers.==~_~ T R one pad of a.g:ei amove en.

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