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Mid-century Modern breuer
Full details in Klemm real estate advertisement
on Page 3 or visit www.mid-centurymodernbreuer.com
Castello Di montaCuto!
to learn more about this 11th century wonder,
please see Stribling advertisement on Page 2.
Mountain &
Distinctive Waterfront and Country Properties
To view all our listings and MLS listings, please visit jbfsir.com
Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
$3,495,000 | MLS: 3101811
$7,150,000 | MLS: 3033649
$2,495,000 | MLS: 3100143
$2,995,000 | MLS: 3103446
In this edition: Special focus on the season’s summer rental market
Speci al Quarterly real eState adverti Si ng Supplement tO the new yOrk ObServer • march 2 1, 201 1
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917·693·5363 º dmccullough@stribling.com
Nested in one of the oldest medieval towns in the French Riviera, St. Paul de Vence, is well known for it’s modern and contemporary
art museums and galleries. Steps from the home of the late Marc Chagall, this two level, 250 sq. meter, 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath Villa
“magnifique” built in 1910 calls to you: One can almost hear famous contemporary painters continuing to keep the village’s artistic
vocation alive, as you meander onto the neighboring Foundation Maeght’s Giacometti courtyard, with it’s Miro sculpture labyrinth,
and mural mosaics by Chagall. Each of the Villa’s four bedrooms has a private bath. Two bedrooms have terraces, selectively
overlooking spectacular sea views of Cap d’Antibes. The other two terraces, four total, entice you with panoramic views of bucolic
gardens and sweeping vistas of the luscious 120 orange and lemon tree orchard just off the large eat in kitchen /dining room and
main living room complete with fireplace. calls to you, complete with French accent. You can almost hear famous contemporary
painters continuing to keep the village’s artistic vocation alive, as you meander onto the neighboring Foundation Maeght’s Giacom-
etti courtyard, with it’s Miro sculpture labyrinth, and mural mosaics by Chagall awaits!
kM£8III£$: wIFI I8I£88£I/I£l£Fh08£ º F00l º $kI£llII£ I¥ º 0£8I8kl h£kI º 3 0k8 6k8k6£ º 4 8£0800M º
4.5 8kIh º £I0l0$I¥£lI 0FF£8£0 kI: $1850000
CASTELLO DI MONTACUTO! Lately you’ve been thinking: There’s more than just romance “Under the Tuscan Sun”. There’s
ENCHANTMENT -- enchanted landscapes from mountains to the sea, cathedrals, Etruscan and Roman ruins, fortresses, watch
towers and castles! Castles everywhere; architectural treasures, honorable tes- timonies to the medieval era rich in history and
culture. There’s so much to love about discovering the day to day magic of one of the most breathtaking, yet almost hidden spots
on earth. Off the tourist trail. . . Welcome! Or as the Tuscans say, “Benvenuti” to CASTELLO DI MONTACUTO! Originally intended
as a resolute fortification and watch tower, the castle has lived here since the 11th century. It was later ttransformed into an aristo-
cratic residence by the noble family Salviati who commissioned Francesco Granacci to paint the frescoed “Franciscan Friars” and
“Nativity”, dated 1520 a.c. for the family chapel. Landmark designated and classified by the Superintendent of historical Tuscan
monuments, the castle regales a main building with two floors: the main floor hosts three living rooms, a studio and a grand salon
with a magnificent loggia and terrace overlooking all of Florence. The second level hosts seven bedrooms and an additional loggia.
The tower has three floors and a covered space. 2000 square meters in structure totality. The inspiring park like gardens meander
over 30 hectares of olive groves waiting to be fully cultivated. If you don’t have a precise idea about where you want to live or visit
from time to time, get ready to meet and satisfy all your wishful thinking and longings for a once in a lifetime heaven on earth.
Tuscany - Florence, Italy:
0FF£8: 15,950,000 º 800M$: 50 º 8£0800M$: 15 º 8kIh: 13
I0$0k8I - Fl08£80£ º ¥Illk 8080Ik8I 0FF£8£0 kI $4.M Waltz around this legendary 17th cent. Tuscan
Villa, nestled in the hills of Florence. Glide thru its peaceful gardens, leading to 382 sq. meters of this “politely plutocratic” 3 Bdrm
apt. Imagine peeking over the shoulder of Tchaikovsky as he’s jotting down last notes to a Piano Sonata. Hear Swan Lake while your
mind’s eye is watching Countess Nadezhda Filaretovna von Meck, as she composes one of her momentous letters to Tchaikovsky
in support of his talent. He and his quiet pen-pal and patron of his musical genius, exchanged over 1200 letters; some written from
this very spot. This magical apartment, completely renovated, is 1/4th of the notable Villa, once belonging to the Russian composer
who is said to have lived there in 1878. A list of Tchaikovsy’s well known and celebrated pieces written within this very Villa exists,
documenting his artistry. This ground floor apt also has 3.5 baths, sizable kitch, a formal living rm, 2 lrg fpls, ++ all modern conve-
niences including gym, ofce and plenty of spaceto create and compose your own classical concerto. (An upper level 222 sq. meter,
3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, terraced apartment is also available to combine or purchase separately.)
hI$I08I0kl Ih8££ 8£0800M,Ih8££ 8kIh I0w8h00$£ You’ll be happy in this perfectly renovated,historic
prewar, cooperative triplex townhouse located at 323 East 50th Street. Stroll through one of your two private gardens and you’ll
find yourself in an large eat-in kitchen, which evolves into the oversized living room, while harvesting views limited to just
your green thumb.
F8I0£0 kI $2,295,000.
Speci al Quarterly real eState adverti Si ng Supplement tO the new yOrk ObServer • march 2 1, 201 1
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March 21, 2011 CMW 3
Speci al Quarterly real eState adverti Si ng Supplement tO the new yOrk ObServer • march 2 1, 201 1
TO ADVERTISE: 212.407.9386
CMW 4 March 21, 2011
A Tradition of Trust
Connecticut t New York t Massachusetts
Salisbury, CT New Preston, CT Norfolk, CT Riverton, CT Millerton, NY
860.435.2200 860.868.4411 860.542.5500 860.738.1200 518.789.8800
ANCRAM, NY. Chaiming4BR, 8.5BAIaim
housc on ¡4+ µiivaic acics. Oµcn ßooi µlan,
laigc Liichcn, DR and LR wIP, windows io
gaidcns and scasonal vicws. 1hcic is a cozy
sciccncdinµoich, andßagsionciciiacclcad
ing io ihc 4ux2u hcaicd Cuniic µool wiih
µoolhousc. 1wo houis fiom NYC. Availablc
Mcmoiial Day io Laboi Day, 2u¡¡ m$25,uuu.
Web=LH204I Leslie Bell
WARRLN, CT. Biing youi baihing suii and
siiaw hai. 1his chaiming and clcgani 8BR,
8BA homc offcis all ihc amcniiics io iclax
and cnjoy ihc summci. Bcauiiful µool, cus
iom Kiichcn, haidwood ßoois, imµcccablc
fuiniiuic and siunning gaidcns, all sci on a
quici couniiy ioad. Availablc Mcmoiial Day
io Laboi Day, 2u¡¡ m$22,5uu.
Web=LH2I06 KarenCasey
NORTHLAST, NY. Lighi siicams inio ihis
comfoiiablc4BR, 8BAColonial wiihbicaih
iaLingvicws. RclaxinChcf`s Kiichcn, DR, LR
and IR. Enjoy Summci on ihc biicL iciiacc
and ihc vicw ovci 7uu acics of conscivaiion
land. Plani youi own oiganic vcgciablcs in
ihc µicµµcd, fcnccd gaidcn. Availablc May ¡
io Scµicmbci 8u, 2u¡¡ m$8u,uuu.
Web=LH2225 Llyse Harney
SHARON, CT. 1his bcauiiful homc is on ioµ
of ii all! Icaiuics includc: 22 acics, 85uu+
squaic fcci, 4 Bcdiooms, 8.5 Baihs, wiiclcss
inicinci ihioughoui, bicaihiaLingvicws ovci
µioiccicd land, and µiivacy, yci is vciy closc
io 1own and ihc Mciio Noiih 1iain Siaiion.
Availablc July ¡ ihiough Scµicmbci 5, 2u¡¡
Web=LH2289 Juliet Moore
LAKLVILLL, CT. Chaiming ¡8uu`s niccly
fuinishcd 84 Bcdioom, 8Baih homc on 4
acics wiih ncwKiichcn, Iamily Room, laigc
dccL. WalL io laLc, villagc, basLciball, icnnis
andbiLc iiail. Availablc Mcmoiial Day io La
boi Day, 2u¡¡ m$¡9,uuu oi by ihc monih.
Web=LHI207 Lva Yxfeldt
SALISBURY, CT. Biighi and oµcn summci
iciicai wiih diicci fioniagc on 1win LaLcs,
fcaiuiing4BRs, 2.5 BAs, ccniial aii, combincd
KiichcnDRLR. Sciccncd µoich ovcilooLs
icnnis andbasLciball couiis wiihchildfiicnd
ly bcach bcyond. Also availablc: iow boai, 2
canocs, 4 LayaLs and sailboai. Availablc Mc
moiial Day io Laboi Day, 2u¡¡ m$5u,uuu.
Web=LH669 Leslie Bell
By Natalie Howard
the open space and privacy afforded by litchfeld county, connecticut’s largest and least
densely populated county, make it a dream location to spend a summer.
“litchfeld county offers a rural, private, sophisticated country experience,” said graham
klemm, licensed real estate broker with klemm real estate, inc. “it’s a great place to come
and explore without feeling guilty about missing a weekend or two in the city.”
For outdoor enthusiasts, it sits contiguous to the Farmington and housatonic rivers and
boasts two amusement parks, several vineyards and a number of natural waterfalls. For those
indoorsmen, litchfeld also plays host to several art galleries, museums and shopping centers.
litchfeld county neighbors the berkshire mountains in connecticut’s northwestern corner. it
consists of 26 towns and several small villages and is a two-hour drive outside new york city.
“most properties we rent are private, have a view or are on a lake or pond and are charming
antiques,” said klemm. “at thea same time, the area is very relaxed. Jeans and polo shirts are
the norm.” we say it’s a nice departure from the style-conscious ways of the city.
klemm cites the reasonable real estate prices as another of litchfeld’s advantages.
“litchfeld county represents an extraordinary value,” klemm said. “Our average, high-end
summer rental is in the $45,000-75,000 range for the summer. For that you would get a four or
fve-bedroom high-end house with a pool or on a lake. Our highest-end rentals hover around
the $100,000 range and are typically estates that are 100 percent private with long driveways,
guest houses and major views.”
while the prices for high-end rentals hover around these estimates, smaller, “entry-level”
properties can go as affordable as $20,000 for the entire summer.
with the housing market not at its most impressive, these numbers could seem like a teasing
fuke. klemm asserts otherwise, citing litchfeld’s under the radar status as its secret weapon
for keeping prices affordable.
“we don’t tend to get large spikes or valleys in either sales or rentals,” klemm said. “we
typically don’t have tons of inventory, but this is still a relatively undiscovered area. the two
balance each other out, keeping prices low.”
as a connecticut resident and real estate broker for more than 14 years, klemm has already
uncovered the treasure of litchfeld county. For those less certain, a summer rental is a great
way to try without having to buy.
“renting certainly allows someone the ability to check out this area before making a greater
commitment,” said klemm. “having a place to hang your hat for the summer will allow
appropriate time to get the proper lay of the land.”
but act fast - with its affordable rentals, proximity to new york city and quiet country
atmosphere, we don’t expect litchfeld county to stay undiscovered for long.
Get the Lay of the
Land in Litchfeld
Direct Waterfront Long Meadow Pond. 3 Bedrooms.
Deck. Patio. Dock. 3± Acres. $25,000/Summer.
Converted Barn in Best
Location. Recently Renovated
Inside & Out. New Kitchen. New
Master Bedroom. New Gunite
Pool. 6± Acres.
photo courtesy klemm real estate
photo courtesy klemm real estate
Speci al Quarterly real eState adverti Si ng Supplement tO the new yOrk ObServer • march 2 1, 201 1
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March 21, 2011 CMW 5
A Tradition of Trust
Connecticut t New York t Massachusetts
Salisbury, CT New Preston, CT Norfolk, CT Riverton, CT Millerton, NY
860.435.2200 860.868.4411 860.542.5500 860.738.1200 518.789.8800
Lakeville Lake Home Site of Your Dreams
LAKLVILLL, CT. Hisioiic Dcan Mcadow
7.67 acics wiih ovci 5¡u fcci diicci fioniagc
on LaLcvillc LaLc, ihc dccµcsi laLc in ihc
Siaic. Cicai Souihcin cxµosuic. Bcauiiful,
clcaicd vicw of laLc. Dcsigncd diainagc and
siic µlans. Ncai iown, HoichLiss School and
Mciio Noiih iiain.
Llyse Harney Morris
Web=LHI594 $2,875,000
ASHLLY FALLS, MA. A Ciisi Mill has bccn
icsioicd inio a sµcciaculai 56 BR, 4BA
homc. 1hc oµcn ßooiµlan fcaiuics a 2ux2u
glass wall ovcilooLingihcbcauiiful Pond, and
Masici BcdioomovcilooLs onc of ihc waici
falls; ihc magical sciiing also includcs ihc
KonLaµoi Rivci iunning ihiough as wcll as
an island. Winc CcllaiEniciiaining Room.
Leslie Bell 8Juliet Moore
Web=LH2I78 $I,995,000
COPAKE, NY. Caihci family and fiicnds and
cnjoy sµcciaculai Sunsci \icws ovci CoµaLc
LaLc. Qualiiyciafismanshiµinihis lighihllcd
7BR, 5BAhomc wiiha Chcf`s Kiichcn. Cclc
biaic summci on ihc laLc wiihiwo docL sliµs
ai ihc µiivaic associaiion waicifioni oi in ihc
hcaicd Pool. Blucsionc 1ciiacc wiih builiin
giill bai. Minuics fiomCoµaLc Couniiy Club.
Llyse Harney Morris 8JohnPanzer
Web=LH2288 $I,945,000
SHARON, CT. 1his bcauiiful µioµciiy fca
iuics 822` of fioniagc on ihc Housaionic
Rivci. 1hc Main Housc has 8 BRs, 2 BAs
and a lofi ovcilooLing ihc Kiichcn. 1hcic is
also an Aniiquc 2BR Cucsihousc wncwly
icnovaicd Kiichcn. Enjoy dining in ihc
sciccncdin Covcicd Biidgc sµanning ihc
biooL. 1cnnis couiis, gaidcns and Pcigola.
Llyse Harney Morris 8 Kathleen Devaney
Web=LH2202 $I,025,000
LAKLVILLL, CT. 1his ¡9ih Ccniuiy Duich
Colonial fcaiuics 5 BRs, including a ¡si ß.
Masici Suiic, 8 BAs, widc boaid ßooiing, LR
wIP, laigc 8scason Sun Room, and caiin
Couniiy Kiichcn. 1hc housc siis on 8.68
acics and ihc hcldsionc 1ciiacc lcads io a
hcaicd Pool, 8cai Caiagc, and an aniiquc
Bain waiiing io bc icsioicd.
Leslie Bell 8Barbara Roth
Web=LH2207 $695,000
NLWPRLSTON, CT. Youi own 2Bcdioom,
¡.5Baih Ranch on 5+ acics including wa
icifioni and µiivaic docL on bcauiiful and
µiisiinc LaLc Waiamaug in Washingion,
C1. Rclax on inicicsiing iciiaccs, dccL and
cncloscd µoich wiih laLc vicws. Enjoy laLc
iccicaiion including, Washingion Bcach
iighis and acccss io boai launch.
Gary Flood
Web=LH2049 $649,000
Built around the 1800’s and recently restored. 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, Mason-
ry Fireplace, and Sunroom. Designer inspired garden and outdoor shower.
Central Air: Walk to the ocean, transportation, and the village.
SUMMER SEASON: $ 55,000, AUG.LD $35,000
1-613-513-1144 or 1-917-693-5363
By Natalie Howard
For some, the commitment—
and money—involved with
buying a property can seem
daunting. the compromise?
rent a house just for the
summer. the place? the
“we get so many people
who have a serious inclination
to purchase a home but
want to rent frst in order to
get a sense of the different
areas and locations they’re
interested in before ultimately
making a decision,” said
andrew Saunders, president
and owner of Saunders and
even if renters know
they want a property in the
hamptons, there are still eight
different villages and hamlets
to choose from.
“renting is a great starting
point,” Saunders said. “many
people who rent are trying
to understand the hamptons
because they aren’t familiar with
it. it’s a great way to get into
sense of what it’s all about.”
but renting in the hamptons
isn’t just for newbies.
“we have a number of
customers who rent even
though they are familiar
with the hamptons because
they just don’t aspire to own
a property,” Saunders said.
“there are a lot of consistent
renters. “year in and year
out they rent a place in the
hamptons. For some people
it’s always the same property,
for some people it’s a different
property every summer.”
the bottom line is that
people, whether renters or
owners, keep coming back to
the hamptons. because of its
location on the Far east tip of
long island, the hamptons
have much to offer in terms
of picturesque scenery.
“the hamptons has some
of the most beautiful beaches
in the country,” Saunders said.
“cooper’s neck beach in
Southampton is consistently
rated one of the best in
but the hamptons isn’t all
surf and sand.
“the hamptons has a great
and unique mix of lovely beaches
and really beautiful farmland,”
Saunders said. “it has some
of the nicest vistas and some
of the most beautiful summer
scenes. there’s something for
everyone, so it draws people
from so many different venues
to summer here.”
with less than 20,000
people inhabiting the
hamptons, it’s one of the most
exclusive vacation spots in the
tri-state area. but exclusive,
especially with the recent
economic downturn, doesn’t
have to mean expensive.
“a lot of our renters come in
with a price point of $50,000
to $70,000,” Saunders said.
“this could be for the whole
summer or just for a month.
it’s a popular price range for
people who want to spend
the whole summer in the
hamptons, but also for people
who maybe just want to spend
the month of august there and
want to fnd the best house.”
that’s not to say that there
aren’t properties outside of
that price range.
“a modest price for a short-
term rental can be between
$10,000 and $15,000,”
Saunders said. “very expensive
rentals that have private pools
and their own tennis courts can
cost into the many hundreds of
thousands of dollars.”
price nuances don’t solely
depend on the luxuriousness
of the house.
“the size of the property,
newness of the house and
proximity to the ocean also
play roles in a rental’s value,”
Saunders said.
no matter the supplementary
reasons for a rental’s appeal,
it’s setting in the hamptons
will always seal the deal, if
only for a summer.
Hittin’ the Hamptons
For summer getaways,
renting is less of a commitment
SAG HARBOR. Enjoy your August
in this wonderful waterfront
4 bedroom, 3 bath home with
spectacular water views from
every room. Dock your boat,
sunbathe on your own private
beach and only 2 minutes to the
village of Sag Harbor. Aug-LD
photo courtesy saunders and associates
Speci al Quarterly real eState adverti Si ng Supplement tO the new yOrk ObServer • march 2 1, 201 1
TO ADVERTISE: 212.407.9350
Gracious circa 1890 home is sited privately on a bluff over-
looking the Hudson River with panoramic Catskill views
on 12.5 aces. The property has an 1800 s.f., 2-story colonial
farmhouse, a 16x40 gunite, heated pool with pool house and
a regulation tennis court with equipment house. The prop-
erty has been featured in magazines such as Domino; Home-
style; House Beautiful; and O, The Oprah Magazine. Minutes
to Bard, Amtrak and Hudson. Offered at $2,200,000.
Scrving Northcrn Dutchcss & Southcrn
Columbia Countics for Almost 20 Ycars
845.876.8888 · HILLRHINEBECK.COM
Hudson Rivcr Propcrtics
Astor Courts is among the grandest of the legendary Hudson River mansions. It was designed
by Stanford White with reference to the Grand Trainon at Versailles and was completed in
1904. It is sited on a bluff on 50 secluded, pastoral acres - part of the original 2800-acre
Astor holdings. The 26,000 s.f. residence includes a Grand Salon (35' by 60') with 15'
ceilings and domed skylight, ornamental plasterwork, Ionic columns and French doors that
open to an indoor clay tennis court; 7 nreplaces; master wing suite; 4 bedrooms, library
and indoor pool. Has 2000' of river frontage and dock ¨rights." Offered at $8,900,000.
*Jaguar Platinum Coverage includes all factory recommended scheduled maintenance for five years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Wear and tear items are limited to brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid changes and wiper blade inserts based on factory specified wear limits or intervals. All work must be performed by an authorized Jaguar dealer. For complete details on Jaguar Platinum Coverage, including warranty and main-
tenance coverage and exclusions, please visit your local Jaguar dealer or JAGUARUSA.COM. 42 month lease, $4995 down, $795 bank fee, Add Tax & reg fees. No security deposit. Primary bank approval. 10k miles per yr.,. 30 cents per mile therafter. Total payments- XF=$25,158. Expires 5 Days after publication date.
50,000 MILES
• Factory
• Brake Pads
• Brake Discs
• Oil &Filter Changes
• Free Car Washes

• Free Loaner Vehicle
• Free Pickup&
• Wiper Blade Inserts
• andMuchMore!
201 1 Jaguar XK
Be ready for Spring!
201 1 Jaguar XF
42 month lease
† -
201 1 Jaguar XJ
42 month lease
† -
Speci al Quarterly real eState adverti Si ng Supplement tO the new yOrk ObServer • march 2 1, 201 1
TO ADVERTISE: 212.407.9386
March 21, 2011 CMW 7
THE WORTH OF A HOME can be found in details that truly define uniqueness – as simple as a
centuries old fireplace that retains the historic permanence of a time past, or as grand as a rooftop
promenade atop a landscape of city lights. So, to us it’s not about the size of the property, the
number of bedrooms, or even the price, but more about the distinct character that makes a
home worthy of being called exceptional.
Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty is like no other real estate firm.
Artfully Uniting Extraordinary Homes with Extraordinary Lives.
This is our world.
Because the worth of a home is
defined in its details
An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Ofce is Independently Owned and Operated.
Rcnovaicd faimhsc on 48+ acs w88uusf
of Dclawaic Rivci fioniagc wcsiablishcd,
ioµnoich, iuinLcy Lcnncl busincss w
numcious ouibldgs. Sµacious homc w4
bdims, ¡
2 bihs, ncw Lii & lig covcicd iocL
ing chaii µoich wiivci vallcy vicws. Kcnncl
& ofhccs aic houscd in a bcauiiful 4sioiy
bain. Also µcifcci foi vciciinaiians & oihci
animal lovcis! Asking: $890,000 =4I878
4bdim Colonial Rcvival in µiisiinc condi
iion! OaL wdwL, hdwd ßis, ncw Andcison
wind, µocLci dis, giccn maiblc gas hicµl, 2
LRs scµaiaicd by wd columns, lig DR woaL
µancl wall wµlaic iail & chandclici. Kii w
bicaLfasi aica, lig fii µoich dividcd by oµcn
& cnc aicas. Iin bascmi & aiiic wsiaiis io
widow waich. Lig ¡cai caiiiagc hsc w2nd
ßi. PaiLliLc giounds wvinyl µciimcici
fcncc. Asking: $270,000 =75486
jusi ouisidc villagc. Bcauiiful bldg siic w
sµcciaculai vicws of Dclawaic Rivci \allcy.
Ncvcifailing sµiing, nicc µond siics, log
ids, cxccllcni huniing & 2 icclaimcd sionc
quaiiics foi µicnics & iccicaiion. Ncai µlacc
foi hoiscs. Asking: $I60,000 =78862
387 acre farm - large 1860 farm house,
barns, offices . Mostly cleared & drained
15 minutes from AMTRAC in Hudson - 2.6M
20 minutes from Rhinebeck, NY
Reproduction carriage house on 15 private
acres . Home offers the best of everything,
gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops top
grade appliances, hardwood floors. Wonder-
ful location offers privacy yet easy drive to
Rhinebeck Village - priced to sell @ $415,000.
72 acre farm. 1/2 mile from village proper.
Ample road frontage. Property is sub-
dividable and mostly cleared and drained.
Has 2 large barns, 1 acre spring fed pond and
driveway is in. Estate or family compound.
Property drastically reduced to $995K.
New to market- like new contemporary on 40
private acres. In a world of its own have you
own private retreat ! Home is a great layout
with vaulted ceilings open living area with floor
to ceiling stone fire place in great room. Large
deck system on rear with in ground and hot tub!
Mountain views and stream meanders through
property. Minutes from Taconic parkway.
A buy @ $749,000.
LeGrand Real Estate Inc.
Email: legrandinc@aol.com
H.H. Hill Realty Services Inc. Found-
ed almost 20 years ago by life-long
resident, Harry Hill, Hill Realty is locat-
ed in the heart of Rhinebeck Village.
Hill’s family has lived in Rhinebeck
for over 200 years, which gives him
a unique perspective on the develop-
ment and evolution of Dutchess and
Columbia counties. Hill Realty has listed and sold some of the
fnest properties in the Hudson River Valley—farms, estates, river
properties, town and country residences, and unimproved land.
The ofce is open seven days a week -- stafed with experienced
brokers and sales associates. For both buyers and sellers, Hill
Realty ofers state-of-the art brokerage. Hill’s philosophy is that
the acquisition of real estate is as much about buying “life style”
as it is about buying “bricks and mortar.” HillRhinebeck.com
Established in 1938, Jaguar of
Great Neck was the frst Jaguar
dealership in the Country. Our
experience has led to a reputa-
tion of value, personal service
and after-sale support that is
unrivaled. For 70+ years we
have been selling to and servic-
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“Seafeld” is an extraordinary, private 3900
SF waterfront estate in Madison, CT, less
than two hours by car or train from Man-
hattan. Built in 1890, this beautiful shingle
residence was renovated from top to bot-
tom in 2005 to capture panoramic views of
LI Sound. Situated on 1.37 acres at the end
of a private lane, this understated home’s features include a cus-
tom kitchen, central air, cedar roof, and an acre of lush lawn lead-
ing to its own private beach. An open frst foor plan invites guests
to mingle and enjoy the serenity of this exceptional residence or
private vacation retreat. Ofered at $5,195,000 MLS: M9126397
Peggy Steiner, Realtor
William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty
670 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443
Cell: 203.980.6910 Ofce: 203.738.0203 Fax:203.245.6722
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Beautiful bi-level in desirable Cedar Hills
Subdivision. Original owner - meticulously
maintained 4BR, 2.5BA home. Updated,
spacious kitchen, hardwood floors through-
out. Oversized family room, wood stove.
Donna Gennaro 845-928-8161
Stunning masterpiece with emphasis to
details. Customer mahogany doors open
to dramatic foyer! State-of-the-art kitchen,
River views and more.Web#3105223
Lorraine Leggio 914-762-1020
The Ivery model. Large contemporary bi-lev-
el, hardwood floors in the living room, dining
room, kitchen & hallway. Large master bed-
room, walk-in closet, tiled whirlpool, 4BR,
2.5BA, large family room. Web#501370
Theresa Budich 845-928-8161
The Richmond, 1 level living in Kensing-
ton station at Woodbury Junction. 2-3BR,
1.5BA, large kitchen, walls of maple cabi-
netry and granite countertops, breakfast
bar. Full basement, 2 car garage and more
Jay Himelson 845-928-8161
Better than New on over an acre! Close to
Montvale NJ border. State-of-the-art kitch-
en with center island, fireplace, 2 Tier deck,
hot tub overlooking private property! 4 BR,
2.1 BA, Web#498287
Eileen Fennell 845-735-3020
Motivated Seller! Updated 4BR, 2.5BA
Colonial offers new granite eat-in kitchen,
stainless steel appliances, formal dining
room with granite floor, gas fireplace, whirl-
pool BA. Close to public transportation.
Pat & Roberta 845-634-1034
DOBBS FERRY $849,000
Secluded by 75 acres of nature, this 4BR
residence with Ardsley schools offers a
welcome respite from the world. Vaulted
ceilings thru-out. Master suite bath, fam-
ily room hardwood floors and 2 car garage
Scott Rosasco 914-693-2224
FISHKILL $349,000
Breathtaking Attlebury model at Regency a
55+ community with open floor plan, 1BR
with sitting area, 2 BAs and the best view
in the complex! Upgrades: granite, hard-
wood flooring & more. Clubhouse and pool.
Angela Ingham 845-896-1234
GOSHEN 305-535K
Harness Estates is an exquisite community
nestled within the Village of Goshen. The
workmanship and quality of these homes
will make you look no further. Many models
to choose from. Have the builder build to
your taste. Web#501699
Ellen Barrett 845-294-3100
Young 4BR Colonial immaculately main-
tained, sunny comfortable living area. Set
on cul-de- sac with spectacular perennial
gardens. Perfect for guest or extended fami-
ly. This home boast 4500 SF. Web#3104220
Annpauline Creamer 914-455-2220
MONROE, NY $399,900
Balmoral Colonial. Full front porch, 9ft ceil-
ings on first floor with open floor plan, large
family room, fireplace, formal dining room,
eat-in kitchen, master suite, sitting room,
walk-in closets, master bath. Web#492488
Tanya Makan 845-928-8161
Stunning young Colonial in Montebello fea-
tures 5BR, 4BA, granite gourmet kitchen
with high-end appliances, center island and
pantry, hardwood, custom molding, walk-
out basement & more. The list is endless.
Laura Arshansky 845-357-6664
NEW CITY $499,900
Custom built New England Colonial features
over 2700 sq ft of finished living area in one
of New City’s finest neighborhoods. Updat-
ed gourmet kitchen, family room, first floor
master bedroom suite. Must see home!
Jim Damiani 845-624-0700
Magnificent Tudor. Beautiful architectural
detail throughout, hardwood floors. Up-
dates: stainless-steel kitchen, granite coun-
ter tops, stained glass window, Pella win-
dows, patio and walkways, fenced in yard.ï
Renee LaTorre 914-723-8700
ORANGEBURG $2,199,000
Magnificent custom builders home with
rich architectural detail & craftsmanship.
Graciously situated on landscaped .92 acre
of park-like property. Breathtaking sea-
sonal views of Lake Tappan.5 BR, 5.1 BA
Peggy Connolly 845-735-3020
PEARL RIVER $649,900
Foundation is in! Don’t miss the opportunity
to pick your own colors! Last lot in great cul-
de-sac location. Mid spring delivery. Lovely
high efficiency Center Hall Colonial features
5 BR, 3 BA, Web#499857
Beatrice Barrett 845-735-3020
PEARL RIVER $329,900
Location! Rocking chair front porch wel-
comes you into this lovely home! Living
room, large formal dining room, kitchen
with pantry and walk-out to level fenced
private yard. Pearl River school district!
Eileen Fennell 845-735-3020
Introducing the Final Phase of sales at Wel-
lington Greene. 2BR, 2BA luxury Park Ave
style condos. Starting at $339,000. See
offering plan for full terms. File No. CD-06-
0187. Web#3101840
Andrew Rogovic 914-967-5777
SCARSDALE P.O. $699,018
Spacious & mint condition sun filled home
in sought after Scarsdale Park. Special
features include community pool and kid-
die pool with full time lifeguard, community
playground and restrooms. Updated kitch-
en, bathroom. Web#3105439
Nick Pilla 845-723-8700
SCARSDALE $2,195,000
Exceptional home built, finest materials,
upgraded appliances and granite, Califor-
nia Closets not included. Great plan for
today’s living with the 2 story entry, over-
size eat-in kitchen, handsome cabinetry.
Patricia Warnken 914-723-8700
STONY POINT $699,000
Fabulous custom built mother-daughter
Colonial has it all: 5BR, 4 full & 2 half BA,
cathedral ceilings, gas fireplace, 2 master
suites plus separate entrances. Profession-
ally landscaped with patio & 3 car garage
Pat & Roberta 845-634-1034
TAPPAN $499,999
Not your ordinary High Ranch! Double ex-
tensions on back which creates a large Den
off the Kitchen and a huge FR downstairs.
Home has been updated. Set back from the
road on .41 acre on a private cul-de-sac.
Beatrice Barrett 845-735-3020
TUXEDO $529,900
Tuxedo Park lake front with private dock!
Custom-built Contemporary 3BR, 2.5BA
Colonial on your own lake has 2 acres of
privacy! Stunning kitchen, many upgrades
& NYC close! Web#503337
Mary Ann Mitchell 845-351-4775
Fabulous restored Colonial with over 3000
sq ft boasts 5BR, 3.5BA, updated kitchen,
fireplace, sunroom, finished third floor
with recreation room. Detached 2 car ga-
rage & private yard with patio & hot tub.
Pat & Roberta 845-634-1034
WALLKILL $865,000
Palatial Estate on 3 private acres, amaz-
ing views! This home features elaborate
architectural detail 4BR, 2.5BA, gourmet
kitchen, Corian countertops, wine cellar,
game-family room, additional kitchen, bath
& fireplace. Web#498305
John Biasi 845-928-8161

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