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Ages 10 and Lewiter, Sidney

up Biography Book R.
Webb, Clifton,
Ages 10 and Crain, Jeanne &
up Comedy DVD, Secular Loy, Myrna
Chazak and
Ages 10 and Yehuda Grovais
up Drama DVD Presents

Ages 10 and
up Drama DVD Greentec
Productions &
Ages 10 and Productions
up Drama DVD Presents

Ages 10 and
up Humor DVD Greentec

Ages 10 and Greentec

up Humor DVD Productions
Ages 10 and Productions & Avi
up Humor DVD Greenberg

Featuring Rabbi
Yehoshua Leib
Diskin A"H,
Ages 10 and Published by CIS
up Non-Fiction Book Publishers

Ages 10 and DVD SET,

up Science Secular NOVA Presents

Ages 10 and
up Stories Audio CD Hill, Rebbee
Ages 10 and Shemiras
up Stories Audio CD Haloshon Series
Ages 10 and
up Stories Audio Tape Lavie, Rivka
Ages 10 and Yasgur, Batya
up Stories Book Swift

Created by
Mordecai, Miriam
Golda, Ruth &
Shlomo Yehuda
Ages 10 and HaLevi Jewish
up Tehillim DVD Library

"…an immigration docudrama, replete with

powerful scenes and sharp characterization
based on the experiences of his own family.
With sympathy and insight, he traces the
sociological and economic adjustment of the
family to the New World, in every sense of
the word. The most remarkable aspect of the
book, however, is the authenticity of its
portrayals of immigrant life in the first half
of the century and the contrasts between the
restraints of the shetel and the heady
American Dreams, The Story of a atmosphere of the bustling American
Jewish Immigrant Family metropolis of Newark, New Jersey..."

Cheaper By The Dozen

"During World War Two many Jews lost all
of their possessions and estates Yaakov, as
frum Jew residing in B'nei B'rak the son of a
holocaust survivor, decided to retrieve his
fathers lost fortune. Upon Yaakov's arrival
in Venice, (where this movie was Filmed)
Italy, he discovers that his father's fortune is
presently in the hands of an anti-semetic
priest. Thus, the presence of anti-Semitism
gives Yaakov the urge to fight until he
succeeds. A lengthily period ensues in which
Yaakov reviews many documents finally a
monumental discovery. The film captivates
the viewer with tremendous suspense and
emotion as Yaakov encounters many
Brothers Forever - The Pintaleh hardships along his investigative journey.
Yid is Never Extinguished Will Yaakov succeed in his quest?"

"Barak is a carefree, suburban 17 year old

with a penchant for adventure. He accepts a
wager from his friends to enter a yeshiva
disguised as a religious student, and remain
there an entire week without blowing his
cover. There is money and pride at state as
Barak must navigate unfamiliar external
surroundings as well as his own
The Challenge unprecedented feelings and emotions.
"Inspired by the song "Yankel" by Abie
Rotenberg. Yankel Am Ha'Aretz is about a
simple man who endures hardship his Torah
studies. Deep in his heart he loves to do the
Mitzvos, yet he never seems to get things
right. While all the children make fun of him
"could there be a bigger fool?" - Yankel
forges ahead and keeps his cool... While
everyone thinks he will never cope - Yankel
never gives up HOPE! While all options are
dwindling he fears...the gates of heaven?
they NEVER close for tears! This education
drama-comedy had audiences of all ages
Yankel Am H'aretz: A Story of laughing an crying its a film you don't want
Hope to miss!"

A modern day drama brought to you by

Green Tec productions. The plot involves
The Pretenders political intrigue, deception in Israel

"Chaim Ravinsky and Yeshohua Feldman are

longtime neighbors, Chavrusa, and close
friends. A simple misunderstanding causes
each of them to think that the other is in
crisis. Follow their hilarious anticas as they
anonymously try to ease each others'
presumed dire straits. This story will keep
you laughing from beginning to end, while
demonstrating a meaningful example of true
A Generous Mistake - Part 2 ahavas yisrael."
"Baal Teshuva Barak Levin is one of the
stellar students in his yeshiva in Bnei-Brak.
He is surprised to find himself drafted into
the Israeli army despite his deferment as a
yeshiva student. Follow his long and
arduous journey through an enthralling chain
of events that will sweep you into the
whirlwind of trials and tribulations. A
spellbinding drama that infuses the rich
tapestry of adventure , and turmoil with the
ideals of character and fortitude as Barak
learns to confront and ultimately triumph in
The Real Soldier the face of adversity."

Tales of the Heavenly City - Stories inside: A Gaon in Their Midst; The
Special Excerpt Edition Test of Wealth; The Siddur of the Rashash

Physics The Elegant Universe &

Beyond; Einstein's Big Idea and
Einstein Revealed (3 DVDs)
Inquistion IV - The Fourth and
Final Episode of the Classic Sotry
of the Inquisition
A Time To Repair - Loshon Hora
Regarding Poverty
ONLY A Shemiras Haloshon Presentation
"Time is not on Bina's side when her best
friend Shira's mother buys an antique clock.
The clock is stolen and Bina finds herself
drawn into a terrifying web of robberies.
Who has stolen the clock? Why only the
clock and nothing else in the house? Is the
robbery connected with the vandalism of a
high school classroom? How about the
break-in at a nursing home where Bina has
been visiting a frail elderly, Holocaust
survivor? Is the old woman's life safe? Bina
must find out whether these events are
A Bina Gold Mystery, The Secret related before a Holocaust survivor is
of The Grandfather Clock victimized yet again.

This DVD uses images of people in our

Community and from Google Images, as well
as a musical redition of the Psalm to add
another dimesion of enjoyment and
understanding of this beautiful Psalm….it's
Psalm 148 short and sweet