ISTHIRI PETTI (IRONING BOX) Dear friends With out further more introductory lines I am continuing my ironing Sincerely

Gopala krishnan 17-9-2010 11. Ironing with dhobi. When I started my career in Chennai, it was the period of ironing and washing with dhobi. Dhobi shops were available; they will give a receipt for cloth, and washing type URGENT OR ORDINARY. Cloths were ironed by them with brass iron box and supplied in paper packing. On observation I found, ordinary washing not only create delay, but not neat also. One basic thing I missed to write- on some hard cloth like bed sheets or bedspreads put on the table, the cloth to be pressed are kept and ironed. Sorry, it had to be written very early. 12. Terlin shirt and linan pant It was the time in 1964 end; Terlin shirts had their introduction. It was told no ironing required and washing easy. Linan Pants were costly, but had the advantage of non-ironing at least for a month. It was a fashion to ask- "New terlin shirt?" on those days. It continued for another 6-7 years in parallel with teri cotton. Terlin shirts were good. Washing in bathroom and drying was possible. Of course there will be slight shrinkage. Though slightly slipping linan pants too were good. These were readily available in Chennai. For me the pant culture came after coming to Chennai. Teri cotton was smooth with less fibre. In course of time it over shadowed terlin, market for terlin gradually got closed. Similarly teri cotton pants too overshadowed linen pants. The advantage with both these were, washing could be done in bathrooms and dried in the little available space of lodges and only once a while ironing required for bachelors. The market of Teri cotton for shirts and pants still keep the market with slight variations for the period. Most of the dhobies have now washing of dhothies and rarely of cotton shirts of MPs, MLAs Ministers and politicians. (Most of these people wear white cloths mostly) 13. Electrical iron box By about 1966 electrical iron box started appearing in markets. Initial products had no stability. Heating coil had to be replaced frequently. Over heating many a time created problems. Some times serious. Above all false illusion of current on iron box body while testing with tester. Gradual improvement made it steadier. I purchased my first electrical iron box in 1968. At that time no switches in iron box. Our wall plugs too were with out switch control. So a separate box with switch was purchased to connect the iron box, and put it on and off as required. The electrical iron box too is triangular- Heating coil inside heat the bottom by radiation. The body is sleek and on top an insulated handle. Indicator for power supply and heating. The power supply was with a cord and in the end with a plug. This cord connected phase and neutral to two connecting points to which heating coil is connected. The cord getting loose was a problem. The cord getting heated was too a problem. Electrical iron box do not require the ring. It can stand upright from the bottom and no heating from the insulated bottom. 14. Thermostat with iron box The first modification to solve the problem was introduction of a thermo stat. Thermo stat is a device when the heating coil has received a certain temperature, it will cut off the supply. The thermo stat also regulated the supply as needed for different type of cloths. The rotating switch for regulation of temperature with marking also came. Initially the thermo stats were not stable. After a few months it will not work and will simply give continuity. Thermo stat ironing boxes were available as early as 1970, but stabilised types appeared very late by 1990's. Now there is no thermo stat failure, but human failure!!!(Wrongly placing the thermostat switch position) 15. Appa- there will be no job. It was in 1995. My son had come on first vacation after joining as engineer in jeddah. I had purchased a new cord wire for my iron box. It was a

morning. By seeing it, my son told he will replace it. I said ok, do carefully, I will come and test and went for brushing teeth. I brushed my teeth and came and found the iron box fitted with new cord wire. I had a natural suspicion, how he could make two eyelets, open the base, remove the old one, clean and fix the new one, and connect the plug with in 3 minutes maximum. All these thing will take at least 15 minutes for me (I was only 50 at that time and had a self-feeling skill full in nature. After retirement I call electrician for most works now.) I asked whether he as done eyelets and all he said yes. Still seeing my eyebrow up, he said-" Appa if I could not do similar with in maximum 5 minutes I will have no further job in the company." 16. Iron box work with steam. A new version of iron box appeared in which water can be added and the developed steam will give wetting to the cloth and best ironing. My brother in Law in Maldives brought one of this type and complimented me. It worked well for about an year. Then water started leaking. Though this steam type is still available I do not purchase it. 17. Tailors and dhobies iron box All tailors now use electrical iron box with thermo stat. Now a day no tailor gives tailored items with out pressing. Dhobies who have shops too use electrical iron box. How ever street dhobies use only charcoal type. For a smaller period, they used to carry big wire with plug, and connect to a house supply and use electrical iron box. But due to reservatisam to permit dhobi to use supply, electrical hazards, over charging by the houses permitted for the current used etc, the system came to an end. 18. Iron box from Dubai On my first visit to Dubai in 2002, I was interested to purchase a good Philips make iron box with thermo stat. I purchased it from company show room. It was about 55 Dirhams. (Rs 650-00). Till date the iron box is functioning with out problems. The sleek foldable ironing table was not impressive to me available there. 19. Today ironing scenario. In Tamilnadu washing and ironing shops are there. Washing is very less, mostly dothies and sarees. Most of the people wash and give items for pressing if required. Having iron box many a time ironing is done in the house. Sophisticated dry washing centres have come in the field. They charge any thing above Rs 25-00 per item. In Kerala practically ironing shops are very rare other than in cities. Street ironing is there. This is mostly Tamil people in Trivandrum. Most of Kerala Housed do washing and ironing in the houses itself now. Coming up of washing machines, semi automatic and fully automatic has reduced washing job too. Fully automatic hot water machined really does a nice job. For washing bed sheets and heavy items still semi automatic is good. The present day teri cotton shirts and pants require very little ironing. The cotton T-shirts do not shrink. The Jeans pants do not require ironing. Hospitals have their own washing, drying and ironing arrangements. For gents the thinking of ironing is not so important now unless they wear shirts and pants and going outside. Most of the ready-made materials do not require ironing or much ironing. 20 Conclusion. Today a thermostat electric iron box is part of household item. Most houses will have one or two. Mini iron boxes to iron during travels have come to attend executive meetings etc. With comfort, revive etc old kanji, blue etc have disappeared. Now and then Ujala liquid blue appears. Ironing and arranging shirts and plants neatly in Almirah is really a show.

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