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Shambhavi Mudra Techniques & Practice

In the practice of shambhavi mudra, eyes are focussed on the eyebrow centre, therefore it is also
called as "Eyebrow centre gazing". This practice is widely quoted in the scriptures like Gherand
samhita. You can transcend the fetters of individual ego by practicing shambhavi mudra for
a sufficiently long period of time.

This practice is similar to Agochari mudra in which we gaze at the tip of nose, therefore "Agochari
Mudra" is also known as "Nose Tip Gazing". This is one of the prime practices for Ajna Chakra

Although this practice is called a Mudra (gesture), it is also a meditative practice. You can perform
shambhavi mudra for a prolonged period of time to gain the benefits and experiences of other
meditative techniques.


• Take a comfortable sitting posture with back straight and hands on knees. Close your eyes
for a short time and then open your eyes and look forward at a fixed point, then look upward
as high as possible without moving the head.
• Now, focus both eyes at eyebrow centre and concentrate. Try to suspend the thought process
and meditate on Ajna chakra. It is important that the eyes converge towards eyebrow centre.
If this is done in a correct manner, you will see two curved images of the eyebrow
centre merging with each other at the top of the nose and forming a solid V-shaped
• Repeat Om, Om, Om with the awareness of sound vibration at the eyebrow centre. Each Om
should be produced in a soft voice with total awareness at the eyebrow centre. Each Om
should be one or two seconds in duration, immediately followed by the next. Practice for
three to five minutes.
• Make sure that you do not strain eyes. Practice only as long as you do not feel discomfort. If
you feel discomfort, relax your eyes for few seconds and continue the practice again.

Internal Awareness:

• Now close your eyes but the inner gaze should remain at the eyebrow centre.
• Began to chant the 'Om' more slowly, with full awareness of sound vibration in the eyebrow
centre. Imagine that the sound of Om is being emitted from the eyebrow centre itself.
• Increase the duration of Om effortlessly, making it long and continuous. Refill your lungs by
breathing through nose and start next Om. Your body should remain still.
• Practice for five minutes.

Awareness of sound Vibration:

• Continue to chant Om but become aware of sound reverberating throughout the body. Try to
be aware of the sound only, originating from eyebrow centre and passing into whole body.
• Allow the sound to manifest itself fully, maintain the awareness of the sound vibration only.
• Practice for five minutes.
• As you practice more, you can lengthen the duration of practice.