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BOSTON COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT ‘THIS AGREEMENT entered into this 21st day of August, 2012, by and between THE. ‘TRUSTEES of BOSTON COLLEGE (“Team A”) and Ohio State University (“Team By: |. BUKPOSi: ‘The purpose ofthis Agreement is o conti the arangements and ‘conditions under which Team A and Team B will compete in one of more games ‘of football during the regular football season(s) as set forth in section 2. 2. EVENT: Each party shall caus its varsity football team to play the other in a game of football (a “Game” or "Games”) in accordance with the terms ofthis ‘Agreement. The Garnes shall beheld as set forth below: Date Place “Time Home Team [September 19,2020 Columbus, OH *TBA Ohio St. University [September 18,2021 _Chestrut Hil MA__*TBA Boston College 3 ‘RULES FOR CONTEST, ‘pum shall be governed by the applicable rules ‘of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) asin effect atthe time of the contest. 4. ELIGIBILITY OF TEAM MEMBERS, The eligibility ofeach team member to ie the Game shall be governed by the rules and regulations ofthe ion, and the rules ofthe athletic conference, if any, of which 5. QEEICIALS. The officials foreach Game shall be assigned by the coordinator of football officiating ofthe conference of the Visting Team (and shall be paid for by the Visiting Tear 6. COMPENSATION jo VISITING TEAM. _ There will be no exchange of game ‘Buarantes. Revenue from radio and television shall be distributed between the Parties a set forth in Sections 9 and 10 ofthis Agreement. 7. ALLOCATION of TCKETS. ‘A. Ticket prices willbe established by the Home Tear. B,__Band members (not to exceed 300), cheerleaders, and mascot (both ‘cheerleaders and mascots shall not exceed 25) foreach team shall be admitted ‘without charge when in uniform. Seating for the band must come out of the {00179127-1), 10. Visiting Team's ticket allotment and seats for the band shall nc be inthe coaching sea, Unused tickets allocated for nd seating will te returmed to the Home team no later than 2 weeks prior to the game at no cost tothe Visiting ‘Team. A request by the Visiting Team for its band to perform onthe feld shall ‘be made ne later than July 1 of the year in which the game will be played (the partes recognize that Ohio State cannot play on Boston College's field). The Visiting Team band will perform will under the rules and regulations ofthe Home Team, C. The Visiting Team shall be alloted 4,000 tickets for sale tits fans. In July ofthe year the Home Team is to hos, the Home Team will forward stadium char indicating the location ofthe Visiting Team’s allocation of sats. The Home Team will exercise its best efforts to provide seating forthe Visiting ‘Team which locations and sight lines. Any tickets not sold by the retumed tothe Home Team no later than 2 weeks before the dite ofthe game, or the Visiting Team willbe responsible for paying the Home Team for sud tickets SIDELINE PASSES. The Visiting Team shall be allowed 60 sideline pases at no charge, These passes shall be in adition to complimentary tickets and in addition tothe free admission of cheerleaders and mascot. Such passes are for use by coaches, taners, and working personnel only. Sideline passes must be worn by all personnel with the exception of varsity players in uniform. All Visiting Team sideline pesses willbe restricted tothe Visiting Team area (between the 25 yard lines). RADIO RIGHTS. ‘A. Therights forall radio, National radio and for Satellite radio rest solely wih the home team 1B, _Netwithstanding the foregoing the Visiting Team shall be allowed two {re outlets, one for alive commercial radio broadcast for which it shall resin the revenue from such broadcast and one studen: non-commercial radio broadcast. All other radio broadcast rights, privieges and receipts therefrom shall belong exclusively to the Home Team. ‘TELEVISION, Television rights will be governed by any existing or future ‘rossover agreements between the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big-10 ‘Conference, Inthe absence of such an agreement, all television and broadcasting rights rest solely with the home team. PROGRAMS. The Visiting team shall be furnished 100 free programs, to be vered ois dressing room a least one (1) hour before gare time. (00179127-1), 2. CONCESSIONS, PARKING AND PROGRAM INCOME. The Home Team shall have the exclusive rights to sell programs and run concessions and parking. Al income ffom program sales, concessions and parking shall be the sole property of the Home Team. INTENTIONALLY DELETED ARRIVAL OF TEAMS. The teams shall present themselves atthe sie ofthe ‘Game in condition to play a least 30 minutes before the time advertised asthe starting time ofthe Game, IMPOSSIBILITY. If'an unforeseen catastrophe or disaster make impossible the playing ofthe Game by either Tear, that Game shall be canceled, and neither ‘Team shall be responsible fo the other for any loss or damage. Notwithstanding, the proceeding sentence, any financial obligations incurred by ether party for promotion ofthe Game shall be shared equally. Cancellation ofa cortest under this section |S shall not be deemed asa breach of this Agreement. Notice of such ‘acetastrophe or disaster shal be given as soon as possible. No such cancellation shal affect the Teams’ obligations as to subsequent Games covered by this ‘Agreement. DAMAGES. ‘A. If this agreement is breached by the Visiting Team, ifno Game of a ‘similar stature is scheduled by the Home Team to replace the one canceled because ofthe breach, then the Visiting Team shall pay tothe Home Team: () expenses incured by the Home Team, if any, in preparing forthe event ‘which expenses shall include actual expenditures prior to the breach which ‘eanzot be avoided after the breach; and (I) A iquidated sum of $300,000. The parties agree that it is difcult to predict attendance and revenue for any event, so that such $300,000 shall represent liquidated damages forthe Home Team's loss of revenue. B. _Ifthis agreement is breached by the Home Team, and no Game occurs ‘between the Home Team and Visiting Team as result of such breach, and iffne Game with a team or similar stature is scheduled by the Visiting ‘Team to replace the one canceled as a result ofthe breach, then the Home ‘Tean shal pay the Visiting Team a liquidated sum of $300,000, The partes agree that itis difficult to predict the attendance and revenues for any event, 50 that such $300,000 shall represent liquidated damages for the Visiting Team's oss of revenue INTENTIONALLY DELETED (001791271), 18, INTEGRATION. This Agreement isthe total agreement between the parties ith respect othe subject matter rea and supersedes inal respect al her agreements ether written or oral, No amendment wo this Agreement shal be wali unless reduced tring ad signed by both panies hereto IN WITNESS WHERE. the patos het by tices dy tore have ease this Agreem roens sv athe ate st above writ For BOSTON COLL Name: Geng Berto Title DireetonoF Thetis For The Ohio St. Universiy Nome Geof'S. Chat Title: Senior VP for Business and Finance axl CFO £00°79127- ‘ADDENDUM No.4 ne Oe Ste Unvrey FOGL? and Boon Collage CVn Taam?) nlerd Ino a Football Agreement (he “Agreement effective on October 14, 2013. ‘OSU and Boston College hereby desire to modlly such Agreoment as folowe In this Addendum No. 1. The partes hereby desire to modify such Agreement a8 follows: 1) Section2. Event: Section 2 should be deleted and replaced as fotows: Each party shal cause its vast feobal eam to play the othe ina game of football (a"'Game" or Games’ in accordance with he toms of his Agreoment. The Games shal beheld asset forth below: Baia lace “Time Home Team [September 9, 2023 Colmbus, OH “TBA Ohio St. Unveraty [September 7, 2024 Chestnut Hil,€MA ‘TBA Boston Colego Uniess modified sbove, the Agreement remains infu forco and effet. INWITNESS WHEREOF, the partis have execuled hs Addendum No, on the dates writen below. ‘THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY ‘Assodat Vieo President ‘and Direct of Aho PYffy (Ob Geotey 8. Chaias Senior Vieo President for Business ‘and Finance and CFO Jo 289 Bae 002117981), ‘he tseeot aston ct (Hone Teve” a Te ON Ste vert fils Teae) eens |oa Fal Ageemet on ig 2, 20122 arcu Mo 1 eet on Cte 14,2015 he ‘agnomee The rate bono age Te he State Unery aby eh emo suc emt ost endo No 2 The pusher dese tamed uh Apes slave 21 Saco. ae Satan 2d te ad replaced tow: ach ony sol causes vey Golem oye te rio Games aco ho Ae tot hd se rh bom ne se ae en sstemier09 2023 coms. oH oes erty Septemberen. 204 chat ere somonceage Less made above, he cement enses los and tic levees WiHEEOF tne pctes nore em tt Abdncim No 2 oh es te blo wee ‘ht omosrare unveanoF eat Cnty Se Peet for ‘esd anes hes Financ, aa CFO cu gains Ys cl lt weal ADDENDUM No.3 ‘The Trustes of Boson Colege (Home Teer’) and The Ohio State University (Vising Team’) rlered te 2 Foot Agreement on August 21,2012, Addendum No, 1 eflectve on Octo 14. 2013 and Adar No. dated August 9, 2014 (he “Agreement. Tne Trstess of Boson Golage and The On State University hereby dase to moa such Agreement a lows in Ts ‘adendum No.3 The pales herby deste to mod such Agreement as flows: +) Sestion 2. Event: Secton2 shouldbe dletd and rplaced as follows: ach party shal cau ts vary footbal eam to play the other na gare of {oobbas (aGame" or “Games” ascoance wih the lems of Bis Agreement ‘TheGames shall beheld 3s se forth below: as Hae Tine Toman ‘September 18,2028 Columbus, OH Tex Obi St University ‘September 18,2027 Chestnut Wl, MA__TBAY Boston College Unless modified above, the Agreemant remains infu force and elect IN WITNESS WHEREOF, te pares have executed this Addendum No.3 onthe das wniten bow Bosty LLEGE BY THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BY: Doral a TL Sig Sie Biases Geotray S Chats, Sr Vow President Tor Business & Francs, and GRO. Director of tie Zz ISLT B20 IR Dae ae {osszox1a)

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