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ATHLETICS February 4,2020, Sent va eal Me, David tenet Athletes Director University of Connecticut 2095 Hillside Road, U-1173, Storrs, CT 06269-1173, Dear Davi: Per recent conversations reganing oor football gam. this eter ill serve ss an smendment othe Conte xgially signed by our institutions on December 23, 2019. By sighing this ltr agreement we agre that Section 1 o the Contac, wl be amended to eet the fling changes fo the game in 2022: September 17,2022 Michigan Staiom ‘An Arbor, Mt Forthe 2022 game, Michigan shall be dhe home insitionleam and UConn shll be the visting insittionteam. Alother terms and conditions ofthe orginal const wil remain the same and in effet. ‘We look forward to playing the Huskies in 2022 Sincerely, A as Boug Gnodike Beccuive Associate Athletic Director Changes accepted by Pelee Uriversiy of Connesicnt Date Sten es AB ones | HN Soe St Set | An be hier | Or 60 | |

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