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‘AGREEMENT. ‘This agreement is etered into on by and between the Regents of the Univesity of Michigan, onsitutional corporate, on behalf ofs Athletic Department (Michiga”) and Arkansas Sate ‘University, on behalf ofits Athletic Deparment ("ASU"). Upon exceation, this Agreement wll supersede and replace ay oer written or verbal understandings between the pats fepardng any ‘otball game to have been played, inluding without limitation the Femiary 16, 218 egeement Petsning toa previously scheduled football game planned for September 19, 202. 1. Purpose: The purpose ofthis Agreement isto confi the arrangements and conditions by which “Michigan and ASU sill compete in a sigle game of intesolegate focball tobe played om the following date and beation: 5714024 Michigan Stadium Michigan ASU ‘Ann Arbor, MI 2. Officiats: The contrence of which Michigan sa member, curently the Big Ten Conference (CBTC"), shal appont officals, including instant replay, forthe game. 3. Hligbty: The game played pursuant to this Agreement shall be governed by the rules ofthe [National Collegiate Aletic Assocation (NCAA) in effect on the date ofthe game. The eligibility of players to participate inthe game shall be determined by the rules ofthe NCAA, applicable ‘eonference() and tke respetive institutions, i effect onthe dt of the game 4. Game Management: All responsibility for and cots of conducting, managing and promoting the {enme shall be borne by the home instution, excep tat the visting team sal e responsible for its (wn travel expenses, The bome institution shall tana revenue esoclated with he pame it hosts, including gate revene, unless otherwise set frth in his Agreement 5. Guarantee: Michigen shall pay to ASU $1,800,000 on or before February | folowing the game, If citer team also sppear forthe scheduled game, that tear sal pay fo the otter team cancelation {fe of $1,800,000, w thin ten dys after the stheduled pame dat; provided tat the cancelling team ‘sth home team, the cancellation fee sal bein ie of and no ination fo he gusrantce amount he canceling eam isthe visting tea, tht tam shall also forfeit end not beetle fo receive the {uaranze amount set fort in the first sentence of this paragraph No cancellation fe shall be paid if "he parties mutually agree in writing to cancel a scheduled game. Any change in the date ofa game to ‘be played under this Agreement shall require the consent of the vsting tea, which consent shall not betnreasonaly witheld 6. Cancellation: No compensation or cancelation fe related to a sheduled game shall be pai to cither party and the canceling party shall nt be considered tobe in defaul of his Agreement in he event it becomes immosible or impracticable play the scheduled gamne because of inclement ‘weather an act of Ged national disaster, national emergency, war, se of temo, nsuretion or ivi disturbance srk; lockout or other labor dispute pandemic, epidemic, o wher public health xii any decision, cde, law rule or regulation of the NCAA, the conference cf which ether party isa member, o ny ther federal, state or municipal agency or official an increase inthe number of ‘anual conference games required by either party's conference, provided that sic of sich inerease ‘is given tothe other rary atleast tice years prorto the affected game scheduled by this agreement, ‘or the occurene of ny other material event that i beyond the essonable cota of party In ‘klitin, if ether nstuion is prohibited from appearing on television by the NAA or the Page Lots instiuioa's respective governing conference, then ether institution shall have the right o cance any ‘ame covered by such sanctions ‘Television: The visting team acknowledges and agrees that (ll rights o telecast or datebute (ive or delayed, whol or condensed including highlights), thoughout! the univene, fn any a all ‘uarkss, in any andl languages and via any and all orm of medias rethods of distbution and Aistibution technology, Michigan home football games bave been assigned by Michigan tot ‘conference, which n tum has entered into agreements with certain third parties fo he telat

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