How to Raise Kundalini

Kundalini, a representation of the body's female energy, means "coiled energy" in Sanskrit, because it is visualized as a serpent coiled around the base of the spine. This energy must be activated through months of meditation, and then can be led upwards through an energy channel that follows the spine from the root chakra in the tailbone to the crown chakra at the top of the head. The crown chakra represents male energy, and the goal of raising Kundalini is to awaken inner peace and knowledge by combining the male and female energies. As Kundalini rises up the spine, it fills each chakra like a bowl filling with water. Some chakras may be blocked, and knots of energy may need to be broken to unblock them. Things You'll Need:

Comfortable clothing Instructions

1. Step 1 Activate Kundalini through a breathing meditation. Sit cross-legged, with your back straight. Breathe slowly, and focus on pushing the same amount of air through both nostrils at the same time. Practice this balanced breathing for 2 to 3 weeks until it is completely natural. 2. Step 2 During balanced breathing, visualize Kundalini flowing up the left side of the spine from the root chakra. Visualize Kundalini flowing to the right over the third eye---the chakra in the center of the forehead---and down the right side of the spine. 3. Step 3 Visualize Kundalini flowing down the right side of the spine and under the root chakra to the left, then up the left side of the spine. Meditate up and down this spinal connection while breathing, visualizing Kundalini flowing between the chakras as an ellipse or figure eight. 4. Step 4 To guide Kundalini into the base of the energy channel at the spine, contract the muscles between the anus and genitals while breathing slowly. Bursts of warm energy should rise through the spine.

The naval chakra may be blocked by negative energies from past shameful actions. When all desires are dissolved. Breathing slowly and evenly. Repeat step 3 to lead the energy to the crown chakra. unblock the energy knot in the root chakra by visualizing each material desire in turn. An intense feeling of bliss and understanding should follow. 9. Allow your abdominal muscles to relax and your lungs to fill. Attempting to raise alone could cause permanent mental damage. Unblock the energy knot in the third eye by clearing the thoughts. Partially raising Kundalini can cause pride in your abilities. envision each desire dissolving into nothing. and allow the action to dissolve. Step 9 Allow the Kundalini to fill the chakra in the center of the forehead. let each thought come one at a time. Don't try to push the thoughts away. the chakra is cleared. Be humble. When all actions are dissolved. Step 6 If the root chakra is blocked by negative energies from being attached to negative desires. the chakra is cleared. Step 8 Repeat step 3 to raise the Kundalini through to the heart chakra. The Kundalini may not rise right away. Breathing slowly and evenly. this causes unnecessary stress. the throat chakra and the third eye. Visualize energy filling the root chakra. Pride will block progress. 7. Never attempt to activate or raise Kundalini without a guru. Gently lay each thought aside until the mind is clear. Raising Kundalini can take years of discipline. Unblock the energy knot in the naval chakra by visualizing each shameful action in turn. recall the lesson learned from each action. . Stress will also block progress. The tailbone should feel warm and slightly tingly. Step 7 Repeat step 3 to raise the Kundalini to the groin chakra and then to the naval chakra. 8. The third eye may be blocked by negative energies from distracting thoughts. Step 5 Guide the Kundalini up the spine by pushing air from the lungs while contracting abdominal muscles. Tips & Warnings • • Be patient. 6. After daily meditation. do not focus on your progress raising Kundalini. Breathing deeply and evenly.5.

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