Her Needs, Her Purpose, and Your God-Machine by JD Fuentes, Copyright 2005 http://www.sexualkey.

com/advanced.htm It's one thing to tell a woman to do something; it's quite another matter to make her feel that, by doing what you want, she is serving her own highest and most valued needs. So whether you want to seduce one woman on a very deep level, or create a system that brings you many women as easily as possible, it's best to start with that most powerful of levers: identity. What is identity? It is the missing term in this phrase: I am someone who _______________ . Unspoken, yet related, and crucial, is the term in this phrase: The most important thing in my life is ________________. Finally, often unconscious, but haunting and potent, is the missing term in this phrase: If I died tomorrow, I would be remembered for ___________________. As you may remember from The Sexual Key, there are a set of “hot buttons” in the female mind, and these hard-wired controls you can use to easily give women excitement and pleasure. Another group of controls is provided by a woman's sense of identity. (Note: For maximum effectiveness with these controls, you must know the “Inward Spiral”-based tools and distinctions presented in The Sexual Key.) Understand that adjusting a woman's sense of identity is both tremendously powerful and completely natural. Tremendously powerful, in that changes to her identity will cascade downward to affect every part of her experience. Completely natural, in that a woman's sense of identity is continually being adjusted by external events. In a way, it's hard to avoid having an impact on her identity. With this in mind, realize that you can gain the most for yourself, by helping her forge an identity that brings her to closer to what she wants, and brings her closer to happiness... by making the act of making you happy an important part of her happiness. And to guide her toward happiness, pick an abstraction and stick to it. Measure all she does and says with a single abstraction, whether that abstraction be faith, hope, charity, GreatOldOne-ishness, or some other abstraction of your choice. Label all pleasure the natural consequence of the abstraction you have chosen; label all pain, the natural price of neglecting it. Lead her to use your favored abstraction again and again in conversation with you-- in fact, insist she use it. Make it your conversational keystone. Encourage her to peer at the world through the

lens you have created. Build rituals around your abstractions. Reinforce them until the rituals become habits, fetishes. Intensify and amplify them until they begin to fill the gaps in her life. Strengthen and connect them, until the rest of her life becomes the thread that connects these knots of ritual. Notice how she glows, as she discovers the rich, colorful tapestry of meaning that you have woven for her life. Notice how much more blissful she looks, as she gazes at the golden aura that she now sees surrounding you. Her life is shot through with passion and drive... and these feelings are focused on and fed by you... automatically... because you have filled a very special place in her mind. You are the representative of the vast and nebulous force-- invisible, yet irresistible-- that guides her life. And because you grasp the details of this system-- because you know how best to find and touch the hidden network of stubborn cogs, the netherworld of brittle wheels and subtle gears-- you move easily toward implanting this conviction: That her happiness grows... as she finds others to share this happiness, in this way. That her happiness grows... as she convinces others... to find happiness... through you. That the more pleasure you brings to you, the more meaningful her life becomes. That the more companions she brings to you, the more quickly the world benefits, and the closer she comes to attaining her own perfection... And the more fully does her perfection find its measure in her devotion... To you. You will have erected this perpetual-motion machine, this vast weighty pendulum, whose steady arc and relentless swing pull those you want closer... closer... closer... as their commitment builds... builds... builds... and the number of those gathered... impassioned... devoted... grows... and grows... and grows. And the truth and power of your machine grew from one commitment, one vision, one decision: You would do what you needed to gain what you desired. You would learn what you needed. You would find what you needed. You would get what you found. And your vision, your commitment were rewarded, for you found The Magnetic Grid, which gave you the tools you needed to build the machine you desired. And the decision you had made now put this feeling of fire and force in your arms, this tingling in your hands, this certainty and clarity in your mind: You knew you were one meant for the Grid. And if your identity can still accommodate an image of yourself exerting ever-widening impact... if you can see your personal force ripple through the world around you, as Neptune might thrash the sea, and as a massive wave might rise from the mere sweep of his arm... if you wish to see those women you want waiting before you, pulled it seems by the power of breath, grateful for the power of your gaze...

if you are a man who wants to show women their womanhood, and show the world its potential... then your will can be the engine your limbs can be the channel your life can be the vessel for the massive force of The Magnetic Grid. Pursue your vision-- what sizzling, arcing, electric truth are your hands meant to feel? Uncover all the details that await you, here. --JD Fuentes, Copyright 2005