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24/03/2011 StandWithUs International

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Sanja M. Sanja ​:((((((
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Brice Chicheportiche So sad....

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Robert Weinraub I gave up on Peace talks, that is only for

educated people, it will never work this way.I suggest they start
considering sending the Palestinians to Jordan and close the door
after them. There is no other choice.
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Isolde Miriam Gornemann i cannot like it but share it...

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Robert Weinraub Arafat and his friends were sent out of Lebanon
to Tunisia for a few years and nobody complained, so why not send
all Hamas to Jordan or else?
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Asia Ann Jade ​:(

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Lex Shooric Horrible

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Vahid Davidli it is horrible

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Ahmed Elhamy i'm muslim and killing young and old ppl against
islam :)
but ur army killing every day every year young and old ppl and
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Beth Belasco Newman There will never be peace. Theirs is a

"culture" of blood, murder, destruction, with no regard for human
life, not even among their own. An eye for an eye...speak to them in
the only language that they comprehend!
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Olga Shelkov What will be the Israeli government’s response to this


really Ahmed? Last time I checked the Quran, the holy book of Islam
called muslims to kill and subjugate non-muslims… and how can we
forget the public celebrations among muslims every time they murder
Jews… the muslims take to the streets to hand out candy to
celebrate death
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Nancy Cohen Raabe I can't bring myself to 'like' this one. Stop the
Palestinians. Now.
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Ahmed Elhamy olga: i swear our islam is against kiiling innocent ppl
and i have alot of friend are christen and i love them and i can't kill
them coz they are my freinds
and in our revolution the christen protected us when we prayed in
eltahrer square
and prove that in the Quran called muslims to kill and subjugte non
muslims and islam is a religion of tolerance
and u can add me and see that i have real friends are christen :) and
they are my best freinds
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Debbie Mankowitz Really Ahmed well then look at the baby closely
on my profile picture- she will never grow up have children and give
her parents, grandchildren because your Muslim friends came into
her home and decapitated her and killed her parents and two of
siblings as Glen Beck described in a "Manson -like fashion! Your
religion has no compassion and no mercy and calls for the killing of
Jews so Thank G-d for my army!
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Debbie Mankowitz Ahmed its an old one, all my best friends are
Jews and Christians as long as they are subjugated by me and have
Dhimmi status-lets be honest here!You guys want to rule the world
and be the only religion, lets say it out loud! You want to re-establish
the Caliphate and that is why you have infiltrated Europe in the
millions- the Europeans that support you and that are against Israel
are going to get the shock of their lives as soon as the Muslims force
the Europeans governments to institute Sharia Law!
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Ahmed Elhamy Debbie: listen i told u islam against terror

i swear and ur army still killing children
and i swear am against killing children and innocent ppl
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Ahmed Elhamy and soooooon the war will beginning

i think that and i will get the shehad (‫)الشھادة‬
and u don't know anything about real islam:)
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Ahmed Elhamy i will write it by arabic from the quran coz i can't
write it by english(‫)لكم دينكم و لي دين‬
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Ross Moran Gilboa Taqqiya, it's hadith. Ahmed is proving his

loyalty to Islam buy spreading his web of lies, and that is exactly why
he tells us "you dont know anything about real Islam", I think I made
it a little clearer now. it's also funny how he contradicts himself, in

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