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SO tt DAY . . . 2_4_0_ ct_o_h_e_r _20_1_0_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _B_ih_l_e_S_ll_n_d_a_y....

COLLECT as you always do to those who the sabbath day, as was his
Blessed Lord, love your name. R custom. He stood up to read,
who caused all holy scriptures Steady my footsteps in your and the scroll of the prophet
to be written for our learning: word; Isaiah was given to him. He
help us so to hear them, let no iniquity have dominion unrolled the scroll and found
to read, mark, learn and over me. the place where it was written:
inwardly digest them Rescue me from those who 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon
that, through patience, and the oppress me, me, because he has anointed me
comfort of your holy word, and I will keep your to bring good news to the poor.
we may embrace and for ever commandments. R He has sent me to proclaim
hold fast the hope of release to the captives and
everlasting life, Let your countenance shine recovery of sight to the blind, to
which you have given us in our upon your servant let the oppressed go free, to
Saviour Jesus Christ, and teach me your statutes. proclaim the year of the Lord's
who is alive and reigns with My eyes shed streams of tears, favour.' And he rolled up the
you, because people do not keep scroll, gave it back to the
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, your law. R attendant, and sat down. The
one God, now and for ever. eyes of all in the synagogue
SECOND READING were fixed on him. Then he
FIRST READING Romans 15.1-6 began to say to them, 'Today
Isaiah 45.22-25 A reading from the letter of Paul to this scripture has been fulfilled
A reading fro m the book of the the Romans. in your hearing.' All spoke well
prophet Isaiah. We who are strong ought to put of him and were amazed at the
Thus says the LORD: Turn to up with the failings of the weak, gracious words that came from
me and be saved, all the ends of and not to please ourselves. his mouth. They said, 'Is not
the earth! For I am God, and Each of us must please our this Joseph's son?' He said to
there is no other. By myself neighbour for the good purpose them, 'Doubtless you will quote
I have sworn, from my mouth of building up the neighbour. to me this proverb, "Doctor,
has gone forth in righteousness For Christ di d not please cure yourself!" And you will
a word that shall not return: 'To himself; bu t, as it is written, say, "Do here also in your home
me every knee shall bow, every 'The insults of those who insult town the things that we have
tongue shall swear.' Only in the you have fallen on me.' For heard you did at Capernaum.'"
LORD, it shall be said of me, are whatever was written in former And he said, 'Truly I tell you,
righteousness and strength; all days was written for our no prophet is accepted in the
who were incensed against him instruction, so that by prophet's home town.'
shall come to him and be steadfastness and by the
ashamed. In the LORD all the encouragement of the scriptures POST COMMUNION
offspring of Israel shall triumph we might have hope. May the God of all grace,
and glory. God of steadfastness and your Son Jesus Christ fed the
encouragement grant you to hungry
PSALM Psalm 119.129-136 live in harmony with one with the bread of his life
R When your word goes forth it another, in accordance with and the word of his kingdom:
gives light. Christ Jesus, so that together renew your people with your
you may with one voice glorify heavenly grace,
Your decrees are wonderful; the God and Father of our Lord and in all our weakness
therefore I obey them with all Jesus Christ. sustain us by your true and
my heart. living bread;
When your word goes forth it GOSPEL who is alive and reigns, now
gives light; Luke 4.16-24 and for ever.
it gives understanding to the Hear the gospel of our Lord Jesu s
simple. R Christ according to Luke.
When Jesus came to Nazareth,
I open my mouth and pant; where he had been brought up,
I long for your commandments. he went to the synagogue on
Turn to me in mercy,
Sunday. Tht Rtvistd Common LtdiDlrllry is copyright C the Consultation on CommOn TexIS, 1992. The ChriS/lim Yr.u: Cllltlldar, L«/iOllllry fwd ColltC/s, 1997, which includes
~ . TlU' Commoll Worslnp l..tclwllilry (the Church of England's adolp'Miens of the Rnlisro Com mOIl I..«liollll'1' publishoo as the Principal Service Lectionary) and the compilation of
re dem ~\Orlst
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Collects and Post Communion Prayers, is copyright C TIle Archblsho 'CoundJ, and material from ,t IS reproduced w ith permission. Bible readin s from NR5Y pUblished
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..)I (;corI',C ",ilh .')1 /\llllC alld .')1 Vlark. Coffee Mornings:
Monday 25 u1 10,,12
Wednesday 27'" 10,,1130
Incumbent: Rev'd Dr Andrew Manson- Brailsford (In aid of C/lI/sUan Aid)
':iiif Office 012/3 279448 . Home 625538
Social Events:
Good morning and welcome to St George's; we are especially
pleased to give a vmy warm welcome to any newcomers or Tonight at 7.30pm Choir Concert:
visitors wllo aI'O joining us in our worsllip here today and A varied and enteliaininc) proC)l'amme of song and I'eadings
afterwards we would be most pleased if you would join us for produced and directeclby Mark flichey with Irish folk songs,
tea/coffee, spirituals and other well known songs
IJlease remain aftcr the service to take part in tile first of a The concert will be held in a I'ebxed and informal 'cabaret
serlGS of our discussions on topical issues which today is: setting;'
"Women 13ishops and Sexuality", this is your opportunity to ask wine and light refreshments will be avaibble. Admission is fl'ee
questions and listen to others opinions,
but donations to St (,eol'98'5 would be greatly appreciated

Saturday 30'" October 7.30pm Michael Friel's Halloween Pally in

Sunday 24111 October the Crypt:
Sung Eucharist· 10.30 am,
Meeting re Pilgrimage to Israel & Jordan:
There v/ill be J. mcetin~J tor those Iyho are interested on \ii/eclnesday
Inynms; 11
27 October at 7prn in the Crypt eM. Delails can be found on the
notice boo.rd.
Celebrant: H, Brian
Preact'1cr: H, !Inclrew
iilaients Initiatives"~

Flrst :,,,:ul::nn [\leii F"-·ox The Bells are !~iiq.:.irlj.~

Sec{)t"ld Pead:tnq Helen Shnl"p If you INol.dd iike the bells (rf St jVlark's Church rtm~l -for a speCial
occasion 'then please spe;lk to IVjar~j;:1rct Ellis 01' Salll Tylel
!ntcn:essions: Mark subject to availability, will ohlige in exchange fol' d donation.

Wednesday 27'" Eucharist 12 11001l

Celebrant: I=r, !\nclrew Christmas Sale:
Friday 29"' We are holding our Christmas Sale here on Saturday n
teucharist 1Gam
Celebrant: Fr, Andrew November.
Willing sOlils are needed to make cakes, home made lam and
Please Not(~: marmalade and to donate prizes for the raffle; volunteers are
Evensonq is held on the hi''! Sunday of the month at also needed to help on the stalls,
Fuc/",,!,t wlfh Anolll/IIIg IS' held on Ihe Iluid Sunday of Ihe We would be most grateful If you could kindly let Lorna or
month dlm!Ig the Anthem after Holy (ommulllon Marcia know if you can help in any way at all, thank you,
llibie Study and hayer Meefll,.'!s are held III the Clypt on
Monday evellll,.'!" at 730 Thank YOIl from Ken onr Reader Emeritus:
"What a fantastic Sunday morning, Oclobor 17'" 20101
Wbat a wondeliul atmosphere of love and warmth and of
Our Harvest Appeal: such encouragement from the dear people of St
Wrth gift aid, we rarsed a total of £436.26 for IDVlAL. Well done George's.
June and I thanl< all WllO were in any way involveci wi1l1
and thank YOIl to all who were able to contribute.
the proceedings We 1Ilanl< too. 1I10S8 who sent us
cards, gifts including the cheque and of course for
June's beautiful flowol's and tile lovely cake, And 11 well
done to everyone for keepinq quiet about it.
We were taken completely by surprise and Vi/8re
ovelwhelmed by the celebration for me attaininq the tiile
of 'Reader Emeritus'
God Bless You All. Ken"
1::&Ior': rn ichoe l.we leh