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Medium Artist/Produce

Age 8 and up Chumash VHS Tape

Ages 8 and up Crafts Book, Secular

Ages 8 and up Crafts Book, Secular

Kosman Miriam R. ;
Ages 8 and up Fiction, Short Stories Book CIS Publishers
Age 8 and up Humor DVD Samaeach Music

Ages 8 and up Humor DVD

Ages 8 and up Midrash DVD Greentec

Ages 8 and up Music Audio CD Alter, Rebbe

Ages 8 and up Music Audio CD Mendlowitz, Shey

Ages 8 and up Music Audio CD Suki & Ding

Ages 8 and up Nature DVD, Secular

Ages 8 and up Biography Book, Secular Cousins, Margaret

Ages 8 and up Biography Book, Secular Parks, Edd Winfield
Kessler, Raizy; The
Non-Fiction, Short Yom Tov Series,
Ages 8 and up Stories Book CIS Publishers

Ages 8 and up Stories Audio CD Hill, Rebbee

Ages 8 and up Stories Audio CD Hill, Rebbee

Ages 8 and up Stories Audio CD Rebbee Hill

Ages 8 and up Stories Audio CD Sameach

Ages 8 and up Stories Audio CD Unknown

Ages 8 and up Stories Book

Ages 8 and up Stories Book

Title Description

Passover: Tradition
of Freedom
Fun with Paper
Folding Origami 2
Fun with Paper
Folding Origami 4

"…the stories all have the

common thread of rising to the
challenge of the occasion, they
range widely in them and plot,
dealing….with sibling rivalry,
cantankerous grandmothers,
hostile neighbors, crippling
accidents, learning disabilities,
popularity, friendships, peer
pressure and coping with
Stepping Stones, A tragedy. The stories are told in a
Collection of Short refreshingly light and witty
Stories style...."
Time is running out on Agent
Emes. Unclde Evil has abducted
Shpittsburgh's renowned sofer,
Rabbi Abrams, in an attempt to
sabotage a new Torah scroll
being written for Jewish
Children….This funny, exciting
and convoluted tale reaches its
thrilling climax in the halls of
Aveiros International's famous
Agent Emes No. 9, lower tower, when....well you'll
The Wolrd's Mosty just have to pick up your own
Popular Jewish Spy: copy to find out what
The Sofer Situation happens...."
More Silly Tales of

"Nesanel, whose net worth totals

one cow, struggled for years to
support his family until a fateful
encounter with the tzaddik R'
Aharon, who offers surprising
financial advise. Nesanel sells
his only cow and gets entangled
in large real estate purchase,
without a penny to his name.
Hounded by a gang of creditors,
Nesanel can only be saved by a
Justice From Above series of events that clearly show
- A Compelling Hashgacha Pratis." - Set in
Drama 'modern times'
Opening Melody: V'hotsaisy,
Mitzvah Oleinu, Hmavir Bonov
(Modzitz), Mi'mitzraim; Kadaish
urchatz; Ma Nishtana; Avodim
Hayinu; V'hi Sheomdo; Dayeinu;
Afikomon Song; Chasal;
Pesach, Featuring the Leshono Haboh; Mo Adaber;
Aikman Song Ufartem Medley

Pesach: 1) Overture; 2) Kadesh;

Journey Through 3) Traditional Recital of
The Sedar, An Kiddush; 4) Ma Nishtana; 5)
Enchanting Musical Advadim Hayinu; 6) Baruch
Voyage from Hamakom; 7) V'hi She'amdah; 8)
Kiddush through Dayainu; 9) Chasal; 10) Adir Hu;
Chad-Gadya 11) Echad; 12) Chad Gadya

Professor Green; I'm the Simcha

Machine; A Pesach Celebration;
Little Har Sinai; It's a New Year
Now; Tonight is Yom Kippur; I
Profession Green Bought Myself a Lulav;
And the Simcha Chanukah; The Best Children are
Machine Singing Yes, Yes, Yes!
March Of the
Penguins Full Screen Edition
"A man for all times…Benjamin
Franklin ran away from Boston
when he was just a teenager.
Penniless, he seized his chances
and, through hard work, became
a Philadelphia printer. Later he
pleaded for the union of the
thirteen colonies and traveled to
England to fight for American
rights. He helped write the
Declaration of Independence,
then gave up home and business
to serve as ambassador to France
fro many years. A man of many
talents, Ben was also an inventor,
a musician, and an author. By
the time he was sixty. Ben
Franklin was the most famous
Ben Franklin of Old American of his day--beloved at
Philadelphia home and abroad."

"Focuses on the childhood of the

dynamic president, describing
how Teddy worked hard to
Childhood of improve his poor health and
Famous Americans - developed a lifelong interest in
Teddy Roosevelt, nature and the conservation of
Young Rough Rider natural resources."
"What wonderful treasure can be
found on the shore of a
Mediterranean island, a treasure
worth many hundreds of rubles?
What is significant about the
"dance of the frozen feet"? How
can prisoners in a Hungarian
labor camp manage to celebrate
Sukkos? These are some of the
intriguing questions raised in the
twelve beautiful stories presented
in Treasures on the Shore and
other Sukkos Stories, the newest
volume in the Yom Tov Series.
As story follows story, the reader
encounters such great luminaries
as Reb Levi Yitzchak of
Berdichev and Reb Moshe Leib
Sassover, as well as numerous
ordinary but colorful people
from all walks of life. And each
story adds another element of
Treasurers on the inspiration to the joyous
Shore and other celebration of the Yom Tov
Sukkos stories Sukkos."

Shmuel I, Part 2,
Golias, Vanquishing
The Enemy
Shmuel I
The Story of the Klei
Ykar 2
""Miss Blythe…Colonel Cohen
here...left two compact discs on
your desk...They Both look
exactly the same. Please do the
following with is to
be sent to the President's science
advisor…by CIA courier only,
please. It's a top secret computer
program ...The other compact
disc is for my nephew, Levy
Abrams. It has pictures from last
year's Purim party that I want to
give to him as a gift." When
Miss Blythe accidentally sends
Levy Abrams the wrong disc,
Levy is introduce to "Project
Majestic". It's like a game and a
story all at once and a window in
time that thrusts Levy back over
2000 years to experience the
Project Majestic: A events of the Purim story as they
Purim Story unfolded before his eyes!
Seeing Things Right
- Rechilus
"Have you ever wondered why
things happen the way they do?
Why is it that good things
happen to bad people and bad
things happen to good people?
Why sometimes things just don't
seem to work out the way they
should? Rabbi Yeshoshua ben
Lvi thought about these
questions a lot. In fact, he
thought about them so much that
The Man Who Rode he wanted to ask someone who
With Eliyahu knew the answers: Eliyahu
HaNavi HaNavi!"

Best I can figure this a book

about some chickens who have
Hindi Iz Ertzoigen chores in a house…enjoy!