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Project Management Professional – Project in Controlled Environments Mapping

Process Group Initiating Planning Executing Controlling and Monitoring Closing
Develop Project Charter Develop Project M anagement Plan Direct and M anage Project M onitor and Cont rol Project Work Close Project or Phase
Project Integration
Execution Perf orm Integrated Change Control

Collect Requirement s Verify Scope

Project Scope
Define Scope Control Scope
Management Create WBS
Define Activities Sequence Control Schedule
Project Time
Estimate Activity Resources
Management Estimate Activity Durat ions
Develop Schedule
Estimate Cost
Project Cost
Determine Budget
Plan Quality Perform Quality Assurance Perf orm Quality Control
Project Quality
Develop HR Plan Acquire Project Team
Project Human
Develop Project Team
Resource Management M anage Project Team
Ident ify Stakeholders Plan Communications Distribute Communication Report Performance
M anage St akeholders
Communications Expectation
Plan Risk M anagement M onitor and Cont rol Risk
Project Risk
Identif y Risks
Management Perf orm Qualitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Responses
Plan Procurement s Conduct Procurement s Administer Procurements Close Procurements
Project Procurement

Starting up a Initiating a project Directing a project Controlling a stage Managing stage Managing product Closing a project
project boundaries delivery
appoint ing an executive planning quality aut horising initiation authorising work package planning a stage accept a work package decommissioning a project
and a project manager
designing and appointing a planning a project aut horising a project assessing progress updat ing a project execut e a work package identifying follow-on
project management t eam plan actions

preparing a project brief refining the business case and risks aut horising a stage or capt uring and examining updat ing a project deliver a work package project evaluation review
exception plan project issues business case
defining the project sett ing up project cont rols giving ad-hoc direction reviewing stage st atus updat ing the risk log
planning the next st age sett ing up project files confirming project closure reporting highlights reporting stage end
assembling a Project Initiation taking corrective act ion producing an
Document exception plan
escalat ing project issues
receiving a completed
work package