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This assignment is designed to demonstrate your: ‡ understanding of project planning, in particular the methods and techniques used in planning and controlling a project ‡ ability to develop appropriate deliverables at different stages of the project ‡ understanding of risk, communications, team management, and quality management aspects of a project ‡ ability to appropriately document aspects of project management using project management software tools.

Assignment Details
You are a manager responsible for the IT function of a medium size pharmaceutical distribution company. Mr. Peter Seddon (VP of Operations) who i an influential s member of the senior leadership team has asked you to consider developing an ecommerce project that involves creation of a company web site with transaction handling capabilities with key customers. The project is urgent and needs to be completed within four months. The company has Internet access that includes space on a web server, but has no prior experience in developing online applications using web technologies. In addition to creating the ecommerce application, Peter would like you to train two sales staff to do simple web site updates. Peter also wants the web site to include the following details: description of the organization (mission, history, and recent events) - list of services offered - contact information


At the conclusion of his presentation.online submission of customer enquires YOUR TASK: Drawing on this description of the e-commerce project you are required to produce a series of documents that address the main activities and milestones of the initiation.identify other stakeholders (e.. Peter has agreed to serve as the primary sponsor of the project and he has appointed you as the project manager.g. While preparing the Project Charter report you will also need to .online purchasing by the company¶s customers The online purchasing facility will need to include . Peter has asked you to draw up a Project Charter as the formal authority for the project.product codes on the online form should be selected from the company¶s ERP system . An outline of the Project Charter is provided below: ‡ Project title and date of authori ation ‡ Project manager¶s name and contact details ‡ Summary schedule 2 .protected customer password entry .hire an e-commerce consultant for a short period You may need to make other necessary assumptions in preparing the Charter but make sure these are clearly stated. To get the project started. the committee authori ed Peter to implement the project. planning and control phases of project management Project Initi tion Phase Peter Seddon has made a presentation about his proposed e-commerce project to the senior leadership committee meeting in order to get approval for the ecommerce project He presented a Business Case to the committee to help him secure their approval for this project The Business Case includes many of the details that will form the Project Charter. key customers) in consultation with Peter .customers should be able to view the stock status accessed from the company¶s ERP system .graphi (photographs and other i ages) .identify costs involved in the e-commerce project .

constraints and expectations .. After further discussion with Peter. reports. photographs. In addition to yourself as project manager. and implementation tasks required for the e-commerce project are set out below: Collect information on the organi ation in hardcopy and digital form (brochures. Other team members will be charged out at $40 per hour.Governance ‡ Roles and responsibilities ‡ Sign-off section ‡ Comments Deliverables: A Project Charter Project Planning Phase Peter has obtained formal approval for the e-commerce project by getting the sign off from the company CEO. All team members will work under the company¶s Enterprise Agreement that specifies normal working hours as 8 hours per day. You are now required to develop a project plan to implement this project. Peter has assigned 2 other staff to the project (Rahim and Henry) and has authori ed you to hire Thomas as an ecommerce consultant.Milestones ‡ Summary budget ‡ Brief description of objectives. design. an outline of the project scope including some of the specific analysis. Monday to Friday. and the business requirements or justifications for project ‡ Summary of the project management methodology including . organi ation charts.Assumptions. you may need to collect additional information from the stakeholders. To support the project plan.Start and end dates . Thomas will be under contract for 2 months at a rate of $60/hr. and so on) ‡ Research web sites of similar organi ations ‡ Collect detailed information about the company¶s design preferences and access to space on a web server 3 .

e. including basic text font and display type and so on). ‡ Identification of resources and costing the project by assigning resources to project activities. and with a network diagram. The project plan you draw up should include the following: ‡ The systems development methodology adopted for the project.‡ Develop a template for the company to review (background colour for all pages. position of navigation buttons. stakeholders) and the reporting structure) ‡ Work to be performed (overview of what will be done and how its will be done) 4 . layout of text and images. typography. ‡ A quality management plan ‡ A risk management plan An outline for the Project Plan is given below: ‡ Title ‡ Author/authority ‡ Overview of the project (the context of the project and goal of the project) ‡ Project organi ation (who is involved i. ‡ A work breakdown structure including task duration estimates and dependencies ‡ Milestone list ‡ A project schedule These four items should be summari ed with a Gantt chart showing dependencies and milestones with duration as hori ontal bars. a task that will take 2 days and run 24 hours/day. ‡ Create a site map or hierarchy chart showing the flow of web pages ‡ Digiti e the photographs and find other images for the web pages ‡ Create the individual web pages for the site ‡ Test the pages and the site ‡ Implement the web site on the company¶s web server ‡ Get user feedback ‡ Incorporate changes ‡ Create training materials for the company on how to update the web pages ‡ Train the company¶s staff on updating the web pages ‡ Include project review that will be recurring over the life of the project ‡ Crash test the web site.

At this stage. Document the changes from the original plan and prepare a new plan. risk management plans and communication management plans ‡ Appendices (reference to other project planning documents) Deliverables: A Project Plan Project Control Phase As the project manager. Indicate how the original plan is affected by this proposed change. Please read the directions carefully and submit all the deliverables required. you are required perform the following specific activities: a) Assume that after one month from the commencement of the project. c) Assume that user feedback indicates some areas in which major changes are required which is estimated to take 1 week¶s work. Deliverables: Revised Project Plan Note:I need a complete Project Charter. All are required in both word and MS Project format.‡ Schedule information (project duration. has re-negotiated his hourly rate with the company management and his new rate has changed to A$80/hr. Indicate how it affects the budget and take appropriate action to accommodate this change. you need to monitor the progress of the e-commerce project. dependencies and other time constraints) ‡ Budget for the project by assigning resources to the tasks ‡ Use of project management support tools/techniques/methods ‡ Management of the projects including quality management plans. b) Assume that one project team member (Rahim) will become unavailable (due to overseas conference attendance) for 1 week in the middle of the project. Thomas. Project Plan and Revised Project Plan. Make adjustments to accommodate this leave so that the schedule does not slip and the costs do not change. the ecommerce consultant. Assessment Criteria: Deliverables 20% Presentation : 10% Submission Date: Thursday 5/5/2011 5 .

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