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The Language Animal

The Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity
Charles Taylor

“No other book has presented a critique of conventional
philosophy of language in these terms and constructed an
alternative to it in anything like this way.”
—Akeel Bilgrami, Columbia University
“The eminent Canadian philosopher argues that language
does not merely describe; it constitutes meaning and
fundamentally shapes human experience.”
—The Guardian
Belknap Press 2016 368 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth

A Natural History of Human Morality
Michael Tomasello

“This is an important synthesis of the ideas Tomasello has
been developing over a number of years, extended with an
offer of a philosophically relevant genealogy of morality.”
—Philip Kitcher, author of The Ethical Project
“If you’re after a definitive guide to explain how humans
became an ultra-cooperative and, eventually, moral species,
this must be it.”
—New Scientist
2016 6 line illus. 208 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth

Inside Ethics

On the Demands of Moral Thought
Alice Crary

“Crary’s book is an exciting and original contribution to moral
philosophy and to philosophical thinking about a range of
issues in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and philosophy of
language. It should be of great interest also to those working
in disability studies and animal studies.”
—Cora Diamond, University of Virginia
2016 304 pp. $49.95 | £36.95 cloth 9780674967816

Prophecy without Contempt

Religious Discourse in the Public Square
Cathleen Kaveny

“Through solid historical insights and careful moral reasoning, Kaveny gives her readers something that has become
increasingly rare: a strong religious voice that points not to
a shouted dialogue of the deaf, but to integrity, community,
healing, and ways of getting along. It is an important book
for the times.”
—Mark Noll, University of Notre Dame
2016 416 pp. $49.95 | £36.95 cloth 9780674495036


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800-405-1619 (US only)

How to Do Things with Pornography
Nancy Bauer

“This is not only a strong book on the topic of pornography
and the objectification of women in society today, but a fundamental contribution to our understanding of what, in our
time, philosophy can achieve—and it is a contribution I think
we profoundly need.”
—Simon Glendinning, Professor of European Philosophy,
London School of Economics and Political Science
2015 232 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth 9780674055209

Realism, and

The Everlasting Check
Hume on Miracles

Alexander George
“Alexander George’s interpretation of Hume’s essay is
distinguished by lucidity, logical rigor, and attention to
textual detail. But George is not content simply to clarify
Hume’s argument; he also draws on Wittgenstein and
Samuel Johnson to suggest that religious belief need not
be connected to evidence in the way that Hume assumed.
These reflections will not satisfy those who wish to use Hume
to bash religion, nor those who wish to show that Hume is
utterly mistaken, but they will appeal to anyone who wishes
to think more deeply about evidence, faith, and reason.”
—Ed Witherspoon, Colgate University
2016 112 pp. $24.95 | £18.95 cloth 9780674289246

Hilary Putnam
Edited by Mario De Caro
“Putnam’s writing in these
essays is characteristically
engaging, brilliant, and
insightful, and as refreshing
and instructive to read as ever.
The more of the essays one
reads, the more one sees how
points that may at �irst seem
unconnected are in fact deeply
related and part of a principled
and compelling whole.”
—Gary Ebbs, Indiana

Retrieving Realism

University Bloomington

Hubert Dreyfus • Charles Taylor

“Compact and engaging, Retrieving Realism is more
approachable than its weighty subject matter might predict . . .
[An] adventurous combination of arguments and mixing of
philosophical cultures.”

—Charles Travis,

—Peter Godfrey-Smith, Boston Review
2015 184 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth 9780674967519

800-405-1619 (US only)

“Putnam is one of the most
important philosophers of the
twentieth century and into the
twenty-�irst. Future generations of philosophers will want
to attend to these essays.”


King’s College London
2016 248 pp. $49.95 | £36.95
cloth 9780674659698

harvard university press


Politics against Domination
Ian Shapiro

“Ian Shapiro has the richest knowledge of contemporary
politics across the world and the keenest sense of political
reality of any American political theorist. This is his trenchant summary of what he has learnt from more than three
decades of strenuous inquiry and hard thought.”
—John Dunn, University of Cambridge
Belknap Press 2016 270 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth

Reality and Its Dreams
Raymond Geuss

“These essays are exhilarating evidence of their author’s
wide, thoughtful, and sharply perceptive reading of the
signs and signals of our culture.”
—Hans Sluga, University of California, Berkeley
2016 5 halftones 312 pp. $35.00 | £25.00 cloth

Strangers in Our Midst

The Political Philosophy of Immigration
David Miller
“David Miller is one of the world’s leading political philosophers and an expert on immigration. Strangers in Our Midst
is a lucid, succinct, and accessible statement of his views
on this important topic.”
—Joseph Carens, University of Toronto
“This is a polished and carefully wrought argument—really,
an extended series of arguments—on an urgent topic by
one of the best political theorists in the world.”
—Russell Muirhead, Dartmouth College
2016 240 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth 9780674088900

Political Political Theory
Essays on Institutions
Jeremy Waldron
“This is a brilliant book. It will excite readers and spark a
revival of constitutional concerns that people might once
have believed had been consigned to the history of ideas.”
—Marc Stears, University of Oxford
2016 416 pp. $35.00 | £29.95 cloth 9780674743854


harvard university press


800-405-1619 (US only)

Puzzling Identities
Vincent Descombes

Translated by Stephen Adam Schwartz
“Descombes is one of the leading figures in French philosophy today. His book is original and remarkably erudite.
Written in a reader-friendly style, it will be read by philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, and political scientists
interested in the highly topical question of identity.”
—Thomas Pavel, University of Chicago
Institute for Human Sciences Vienna Lecture Series
2016 224 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth 9780674732148

Heidegger on Being Uncanny
Katherine Withy

“This book is an excellent piece of philosophy and scholarship. Withy offers a more complete and compelling
account of the concept of the uncanny (unheimlich) in
Heidegger’s thought than anything currently available in
the secondary literature.”

Judith Butler
★ A Times Higher Education
Book of the Week

—Taylor Carman, Barnard College
2015 11 line illus., 2 tables 264 pp. $45.00 | £33.95 cloth

The Topological Imagination
Spheres, Edges, and Islands

Angus Fletcher
“Angus Fletcher’s new book brings the mathematical richness of topological connectivity to bear on our understanding of the literate power of imagination and its potential
for metaphor. Synthesizing insights from the arts and sciences, Fletcher offers a visionary proposal for navigating
our contemporary condition. With brilliance and brio, The
Topological Imagination charts the flow of our life along the
edges of our biosphere.”
—O. Bradley Bassler, author of The Pace of Modernity
2016 1 halftone, 1 line illus. 224 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth

800-405-1619 (US only)

Notes Toward
a Performative
of Assembly


“One of the boldest and most
radical thinkers of our time,
Butler examines the contemporary state of popular sovereignty, resistance, and other
‘concerted actions,’ as Hannah
Arendt termed them, of political engagement.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Butler writes in an uncomplicated manner about signi�icant
ideas. The book should be
read by anyone interested in
political science, human rights,
social activism, critical theory,
gender studies, socio-legal
studies and philosophy.”
—Alexis Bushnell,
LSE Review of Books
Mary Flexner Lectures of Bryn
Mawr College
2015 256 pp. $27.95 | £21.95
cloth 9780674967755

harvard university press


Self and Soul

A Defense of Ideals
Mark Edmundson
★ An Art of Manliness Best Book
★ An Artery Best Book
“An impassioned critique of Western society, a relentless assault on contemporary complacency, shallowness, competitiveness and self-regard . . . Throughout Self and Soul,
Edmundson writes with a Thoreau-like incisiveness and
fervor . . . [A] powerful, heartfelt book.”
—Michael Dirda, Washington Post
2015 304 pp. $29.95 | £22.95 cloth 9780674088207


Acts of Abandonment by Writers, Philosophers,
and Artists
Ross Posnock
“Ranging generously across modern fiction, poetry, music,
religious thought, and philosophy, Posnock laces together
an astonishing variety of figures and works, uncovering unnoticed constellations. Renunciation is a remarkable blend of
immense learning and imaginative insight, one of those rare
books that—to adapt Emerson, one of Posnock’s heroes—
affords both instruction as well as provocation.”
—Robert Chodat, Boston University
2016 432 pp. $45.00 | £33.95 cloth 9780674967830

Vanishing into Things

Knowledge in Chinese Tradition
Barry Allen

“A fine contribution to the continuing dialogue between Western and Chinese philosophy. It shows the Chinese tradition’s
contribution to the broader debates in epistemology, while
also dispelling certain misconceptions that might otherwise
prevail among non-specialists.”
—Brook Ziporyn, University of Chicago
2015 304 pp. $45.00 | £33.95 cloth 9780674335912

The Dumbarton Oaks
Medieval Library
Jan M. Ziolkowski, General Editor
“A boon to professional medievalists, their students and the
general reader, and every good library ought to own the series.”
—Keith Sidwell, Times Literary Supplement
Browse the series: www.hup.harvard.edu/doml


harvard university press


800-405-1619 (US only)

Politics in Commercial Society


Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith
Istvan Hont
EDITED BY Béla Kapossy • Michael Sonenscher

“Istvan Hont [was] a terrifically gifted historian of political and
economic thought . . . [This book] outlines in capsule form his
reconstruction of [Rousseau and Adam Smith], showing not
only what they have in common but also how little modern
political theory has advanced beyond their concerns.”
—Duncan Kelly, Financial Times
2015 160 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth 9780674967700

Why Democracy Is Oppositional
John Medearis

“John Medearis takes the best of contemporary political theory
and brings it face to face with the lived experience of real
politics. The result is a fresh, new approach to democratic
—Marc Stears, University of Oxford
2015 1 table 272 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth 9780674725331

Private Wrongs
Arthur Ripstein

“Ripstein is among the world’s leading philosophers. In Private
Wrongs he offers a derivation of tort law’s complex body of
rules from a foundational moral principle that is at once elegant, original, and ambitious. Scholars working in private law
and in legal, moral, and political philosophy will be required
to engage with it.”
—John Goldberg, Harvard University
2016 330 pp. $49.95 | £36.95 cloth 9780674659803

The I Tatti
Renaissance Library
James Hankins, General Editor
“The most ambitious and innovative writings of the Italian
Renaissance, in prose and verse, in �ields that range from
comedy to metaphysics and beyond—works that for centuries only scholars have been able to read—have suddenly
become accessible to readers who know only English.”
—Anthony Grafton
Browse the series: www.hup.harvard.edu/itatti

800-405-1619 (US only)


harvard university press


Utopia, Limited

Romanticism and Adjustment
Anahid Nersessian

“Utopia, Limited is an exciting, provocative, truly ‘exuberant’ work
of literary philosophy. It speaks to romanticists, philosophers,
theorists of affect, the secular, the ordinary—all those who have
been thinking modernity, the supposedly post-human, the now,
the future, the future-of-the-now. Brilliantly activating Romanticism
as adjustment, Nersessian salutes not the best but the better—a
better imaginable precisely in relation to this world, not a negation
of this world but an improvement on it.”
—Maureen N. McLane, New York University
“This is a book that manages to be moral, informative and entertaining all at once.”
—Uttara Natarajan, Times Higher Education
2015 280 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth 9780674434578

Tragic Modernities
Miriam Leonard

“Leonard’s brilliant examination opens up the discussion of ‘the
tragic’ in exciting ways. Her eloquent, sure-footed readings render
difficult philosophical and literary texts newly accessible.”
—Page duBois, University of California, San Diego
2015 4 halftones 224 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth 9780674743939

Bird Relics

Grief and Vitalism in Thoreau
Branka Arsić

“Arsić discovers in Thoreau’s corpus a man deeply affected by his
brother’s death, but also a man who turns his brother’s death into
the occasion for a renewed understanding of life’s vitality. Her
readings are fresh and original; they are also layered through and
through with a depth of learning uncommon in contemporary
scholarship. I think this is a ‘stunning’ book.”
—Lloyd Pratt, University of Oxford
2016 49 illus. 480 pp. $49.95 | £36.95 cloth 9780674088474

Beckett’s Art of Mismaking
Leland de la Durantaye
“De la Durantaye combines exegesis, biography, and deeply
informed critical theorizing to speculate on the meaning and
methodology of Samuel Beckett’s famously demanding oeuvre.”
—Publishers Weekly
“A fascinating account, both intelligent and irreverent—in the
best sense of these words—of Samuel Beckett’s creative chaos.”
—Chris Ackerley, University of Otago
2016 208 pp. $29.95 | £22.95 cloth 9780674504851


harvard university press


800-405-1619 (US only)

Our Divine Double
Charles M. Stang

“Our Divine Double is intellectually rich and historically detailed. Stang asks readers to contemplate a theological and
philosophical ‘road not taken,’ one that might challenge
various Christian orthodoxies of the self and the divine.
The book is a triumph; Stang has uncovered an unacknowledged but vital strain of thinking about God and the
cosmos that generated centuries of productive thinking
about the ‘I’ and the ‘Other.’”
—Andrew Jacobs, Scripps College
2016 320 pp. $49.95 | £36.95 cloth 9780674287198

The Discovery of Chance

The Life and Thought of Alexander Herzen
Aileen M. Kelly

“Of Russia’s great nineteenth-century writers, two stand out
as consistently critical of teleological systems and passionately devoted to a humanism of direct vital feeling: Leo
Tolstoy and Alexander Herzen. Aileen Kelly’s monumental
intellectual biography, with its focus on Herzen the natural
scientist refusing to flinch before contingency, transforms
the Romanticism of this visionary thinker into something
tougher and more robust—he was as tolerant of inconsistency as was Darwin and just as shrewdly earthbound. Here
is a Herzen for our times and our most urgent debates.”
—Caryl Emerson, Princeton University
2016 19 halftones 562 pp. $39.95 | £29.95 cloth

Bhāviveka on Sāmkhya and Vedānta
The Sāmkhya and Vedānta chapters of the
Madhyamakahrdayakārikā and Tarkajvālā

Edited and translated by Olle Qvarnström
The Madhyamakahrdayakārikā along with its autocommentary, the Tarkajvālā, is an indispensable resource
composed by the Madhyamaka philosopher Bhāviveka. It
is the earliest and most substantial work to present and
critically examine Śrāvaka, Yogācāra, Sāmkhya, Vaiśesika,
Vedānta, and Mīmāmsā in great detail. Bhāviveka’s text is
of unique value in its attempt to identify a Madhyamaka approach to other schools of philosophy as well as in furnishing us with valuable information regarding early Indic systematic philosophy, including what appear to be extracts
from original sources that are otherwise unavailable.
Harvard Oriental Series 2016 232 pp. $45.00| £33.95 cloth

800-405-1619 (US only)


harvard university press




Volume I, Books 1–8
Volume II, Books 9–13

Volumes I–IX
Edited and translated by André Laks and Glenn W. Most


The fragments and testimonia of the early Greek philosophers

Edited and translated by
Carolyn J.-B. Hammond

(often labeled the Presocratics) have always been not only a

Aurelius Augustine (354–

and ancient philosophy but also a perennially fresh resource that

430 CE) was one of the most
important figures in the
development of western
Christianity and philosophy.
Confessions offers a gripping personal story and a
philosophical exploration

fundamental source for understanding archaic Greek culture
has stimulated Western thought until the present day. This new
systematic conception and presentation of the evidence differs in
three ways from Hermann Diels’s groundbreaking work, as well
as from later editions: it renders explicit the material’s thematic
organization; it includes a selection from such related bodies of
evidence as archaic poetry, classical drama, and the Hippocratic
corpus; and it presents an overview of the reception of these

destined to have broad and

thinkers until the end of antiquity.

lasting impact.

Volume I contains introductory and reference materials essential

Volume I:
2014 480 pp. $26.00
cloth 9780674996854
Vololume II:
2016 585 pp. $26.00
cloth 9780674996939

for using all other parts of the edition.
• £16.95
LCL 26

Volumes II–III include chapters on ancient doxography,

• £16.95
LCL 27

Volumes IV–V present western Greek thinkers from the

background, and the Ionians from Pherecydes to Heraclitus.
Pythagoreans to Hippo.
Volumes VI–VII comprise later philosophical systems and their
aftermath in the fifth and early fourth centuries.
Volumes VIII–IX present fifth-century reflections on language,
rhetoric, ethics, and politics (the so-called sophists and Socrates)
and conclude with an appendix on philosophy and philosophers in
Greek drama.
Available Fall 2016

II 9780674996892
III 9780674996915
IV 9780674996922
VI 9780674997073
VII 9780674997080
VIII 9780674997097
IX 9780674997103



all volumes $26.00 • £16.95 cloth

The Orange Trees of Marrakesh
Ibn Khaldun and the Science of Man
Stephen Frederic Dale
“Six centuries ago, a Tunisian scholar created a new mirror
for humankind. In his masterwork Muqaddimah, Ibn Khaldun
became the �irst person to approach history scienti�ically, by
analyzing social, economic and political evidence to reveal
cycles of societal change  . . . Ibn Khaldun’s work is a key
milestone on the road from Greek to Enlightenment thought,
chiming with the radical reasoning of philosophers such as
Montesquieu and Adam Smith.”
—Barbara Kiser, Nature
2015 2 illus. 400 pp. $29.95 | £22.95 cloth 9780674967656


harvard university press


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“The Anglophone world’s
most readily accessible
collection of classical
masterpieces . . . With
their digitization, [the
translations] have crossed
yet another frontier.”
Wall Street Journal


Persian Culture on the Global Scene
Hamid Dabashi

“Hamid Dabashi’s scholarly investigation into Persophilia—the
attraction that Iran’s literary humanism held for giants of European culture including Mozart, Goethe, and Nietzsche—turns
simplistic views of ‘Orientalism’ upside down. His penetrating
account of a global conversation lasting centuries forces us to
rethink tired old clichés about European cultural hegemony.”
—Malise Ruthven, author of Islam in the World
2015 250 pp. $35.00 | £25.95 cloth 9780674504691

800-405-1619 (US only)


harvard university press


New in Paperback

One-Way Street
Walter Benjamin

Edited by Michael W. Jennings
Translated by Edmund Jephcott
Preface by Greil Marcus
Walter Benjamin avoids all semblance of linear narrative, enticing readers with a seemingly random sequence of aphorisms,
reminiscences, jokes, off-the-cuff observations, dreamlike
fantasias, serious philosophical inquiries, apparently unserious
philosophical parodies, and trenchant political commentaries. Providing remarkable insight into the occluded meanings
of everyday things, Benjamin time and again proves himself
the unrivalled interpreter of what he called “the soul of the
Belknap Press 2016 144 pp. $12.95 • £9.95 paper

Our Aesthetic Categories

Zany, Cute, Interesting
Sianne Ngai

★ Ray and Pat Browne Award, Popular Culture Association
★ James Russell Lowell Prize, Modern Language Association
“By indexing the kinds of feeling-based judgments we make in
our daily lives, Ngai opens up questions about how emotions
can act in social contexts more generally, how our private experiences might shape our political and economic discourses.”
—Rebecca Ariel Porte, Los Angeles Review of Books
2015; 2012 344 pp. $19.95 | £14.95 paper 9780674088122

Walden’s Shore

Henry David Thoreau and Nineteenth-Century Science
Robert M. Thorson

“In his 1854 masterpiece Walden, the U.S. writer and naturalist
Henry David Thoreau invites us to ‘wedge our feet downward
 . . . till we come to a hard bottom and rocks in place, which we
can call reality.’ Robert Thorson obliges, focusing on Thoreau
as a flinty amateur geologist to reinject science into his
literary legacy. Thoreau, Thorson persuasively argues, was as
grounded in rock as he was in the elemental understanding of
the cosmos sought by the Transcendentalist movement.”
2015; 2014 440 pp. $22.95 | £16.95 paper 9780674088184


harvard university press


800-405-1619 (US only)

New in Paperback

Political Emotions


Why Love Matters for Justice
Martha C. Nussbaum
★ A Choice Outstanding Academic Title
★ A Times Higher Education Book of the Week

“Those who would extend the sympathy individuals feel to
include fellow citizens of whatever views, ethnicity, ability or
disability must ‘create stable structures of concern that extend
compassion broadly.’ Those structures cannot be exclusively
rational and philosophical . . . but must, says Nussbaum, be
political in the sense that they find expression in the visible
machinery of public life.”
—Stanley Fish, New York Times
Belknap Press 2015; 2013 480 pp. $22.00 | £16.95 paper

The Road from Mont Pèlerin

The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective,
With a New Preface

Philip Mirowski • Dieter Plehwe

“The volume’s contributors make heavy use of original archival
materials and make good on the editors’ promise to expose
the complexity, nuance and plurality of neoliberal thought . . .
The Road from Mont Pèlerin is indispensable for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of neoliberalism.”
—Daniel Kinderman, Critical Policy Studies
2015; 2009 496 pp. $23.95 | £17.95 paper 9780674088344

Elegy for Theory
D. N. Rodowick

★ Katherine Singer Kovács Book Award
“While remaining rooted in the intellectual history of cinema
studies, here Rodowick situates that history within a longer,
larger story. Significantly, he seeks to show how theory’s
changing applications to film exemplify its more general
trajectory across the arts and humanities—a narrative whose
sheer scale and complexity, he contends, now needs to be
brought into focus.”
—David Winters, Los Angeles Review of Books
2015; 2014 304 pp. $20.95 | £15.95 paper 9780674088153

800-405-1619 (US only)


harvard university press


Forthcoming in Spring 2016

“We can only welcome an
undertaking like the Murty
Classical Library of India,
which intends to inject
fresh blood directly into
the circulatory system of

Cancer Stem Cells
Philosophy and Therapies
Lucie Laplane
$39.95 | £29.95 cloth

James and Royce Reconsidered
Reflections on the Centenary of
Edited by David C. Lamberth
$22.50 | £16.95 paper

the English language. Any
intelligent reader cannot fail
to be favorably impressed
in the presence of the
variegated offerings of the


series’ fi rst titles.”
—Roberto Calasso,
New York Review of Books

Allen, Vanishing into Things


Leonard, Tragic Modernities


Arsić, Bird Relics


Loeb, Early Greek Philosophy



Loeb Classical Library


Bauer, How to ... Pornography

“The Murty Classical

Benjamin, One-Way Street


Medearis, Why Democracy Is ...


Butler, Notes Toward a ...


Miller, Strangers in Our Midst

dazzling literary history…

Crary, Inside Ethics


Mirowski, Mount Pèlerin

It illuminates lost things,

Dabashi, Persophilia


Murty Classical Library of India 14

Library is uncovering India’s


Dale, Orange Trees of Marrakesh 10

Nersessian, Utopia, Limited

texts that were once crucial.”

de la Durantaye, Beckett’s Art ...


Ngai, Our Aesthetic Categories


—Neel Mukherjee,

Descombes, Puzzling Identities


Nussbaum, Political Emotions


Digital Loeb Classical Library


Posnock, Renunciation


Dreyfus/Taylor, Retrieving ...


Putnam, Naturalism, Realism ...


Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Lib.


Ripstein, Private Wrongs

Edmundson, Self and Soul


Rodowick, Elegy for Theory

brings back to recognition

New Statesman
Browse the series:

Shapiro, Politics against Dom.


George, The Everlasting Check


Stang, Our Divine Double


Geuss, Reality and Its Dreams


Taylor, The Language Animal

Hont, Politics in ... Society


Thorson, Walden’s Shore

I Tatti Renaissance Library


Tomasello, A Natural History ...


Kaveny, Prophecy without ...


Waldron, Political Political Th.



Withy, Heidegger on Being ...


Laplane, Cancer Stem Cells


Cover: The Terrace at the Garden at Les Lauves (detail) by Paul Cezanne,
1902-1906. The Morgan Library and Museum / Alamy.

harvard university press


Fletcher, Topological Imagination 5

Kelly, The Discovery of Chance




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Wisdom Won from Illness:

Teresa M. Bejan

Essays in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

Thinking with Kant’s Critique of
Michel Chaouli

Jonathan Lear
On Betrayal
Avashi Margalit

Adorno and Existence

Collective Choice and Social Welfare:

Peter E. Gordon

An Expanded Edition

Success and Suppression:

Amartya Sen

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy in the

Dark Ghettos


Tommie Shelby

Dag Nikolaus Hasse
Sources of Knowledge:

Religious Freedom in an Egalitarian

On the Concept of a Rational Capacity for

Nelson Tebbe


Andrea Kern
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