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Othello, the Moor of Venice

Othello was a general of Venice Republic. He
had to organize the Venetian Army to fought
against the Turkey in the Cyprus Island. At
the beginning of drama, Othello leaved to
Venice with his wife Desdemona and the
lieutenant Cassio. When they arrived, the Turkish fleet had
been destroy by the storm.
The bishop Iago tried got to dismiss Cassio, because he
was envious for his success.

A Desdemona’s handkerchief arrived in the Cassio’s hand

for want of Iago. So with this action, he convinced his
general that Desdemona had betrayed him.

In the and of the play Othello killed his wife on the wedding
bed, because he was swiped by the jealousy.
In the epilogue Emily (she was the wife of Iago) discovered
that Desdemona’s intrigue was only her husband’s
In the and of tragedy Othello killed himself for his awful
mistake, Emily was killed by his husband because she
discovered him, then Iago was been captured and doomed
to torture.
Cassio, the once of survive in this tragedy, went instead of

The characters
The Shakespeare’s characters don’t take from once social
class only. In the Othello’s tragedy, the main characters

• Othello: he is the protagonist of the play. He is a

general of Venice Republic who is tormented by
jealousy. His weakness is the confidence in his friend
and bishop, Iago.
• Iago: he is the antagonist and traitor of tragedy. He is
an astute man but false, who feel an hatred and
rancour for his general.
• Desdemona: she is Othello’s wife, who is honest and
• Cassio: he’s the Othello’s lieutenant, who is accused
by Iago to betray the general, but he’s a good man.
• Emily: she’s Iago’s wife. She helped him to the
betrayal of Desdemona. She is not conscious of her

Setting and themes

At the beginning of drama the play is setting in Venice.

Here we’ve seen the introduction of the main characters of
the play. During the evolution of the drama the play’s
setting is shifted to Cyprus Island. So Cyprus is the
“theatre” where the play become tragedy. Here we’ve seen
the relegation from human instinct (for example the killing
of Desdemona owing to Othello’s jealousy).
Besides we can find same opposes objects:
• Good Vs Evil
• Loyalty Vs Betraya l
• Confidence Vs Jealousy

The principally themes are: Jealousy, love, loyalty and

Which represent the oscillatory behaviour of the man.
I think also that the term Moor, which is called Othello, is
an racial extenuating in this drama. But I know that during
the Elizabethan kingdom and later the men who are
considered different, they weren’t always accepted.
So I think that is a thing which exist today.

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