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 Be able to list the four natural regions of Texas
 Be familiar with the Caddo Indians
 xnderstand the motivations for Spanish exploration in Texas
 xnderstand the mission system
÷ ¦urposes
÷ ½hat was daily life like in the mission?
 Three forms of civil settlements
 Be able to list three filibusters and be able to describe who these men were
 Be able to define c  and to list two examples

 Causes of the Texas Revolution both long and short term
 The Texas Revolution
÷ The Battle of Gonzalez
÷ Characteristics of the Texas army\
÷ uirst battle of Goliad
÷ Siege of San Antonio
º Rartin Cos
º Ñames Bowie
º Ñames uannin
º Stephen u Austin
º cdward Burleson
º Ben Rilan
÷ uort Lipantitlán
÷ Tampico
÷ Grass uight
÷ ¦ermanent Council
÷ The Consultation
÷ ¦rovisional Government
÷ Ad Interim Government
÷ Santa Anna and the Alamo
º Texans and Americans involved at the Alamo
º Theory about why Santa Anna should have avoided the Alamo
÷ The Goliad Rassacre
÷ The Battle of San Ñacinto
÷ The Treaties of Velasco
 The Texas Republic
÷ mey questions to answer after the war
÷ Republic problems
÷ Convention of September 1836
÷ ¦residential Candidates
º ¦ro-Houston/Anti-Houston
÷ Sam Houston¶s first Administration
÷ ¦roblems with foreign recognition
÷ Õefense issues
º Indians
º Rexico
÷ Rirabeau Lamar
º Goals
º uoreign policy
 Santa ue cxpedition
º ¦ublic cducation
º Indian affairs²Council House uight
º Land policy
÷ Houston¶s second administration
º uinancial problems
º ¦roblems with Rexico
º Somervell cxpedition
º Rier cxpedition
 Annexation to the xnited States
÷ clection of 1844
÷ Ñames ¦olk
÷ Ñohn Tyler
÷ Ñoint Resolution versus treaty
÷ 1845
 cstablishment of the state government
÷ Constitution
÷ uirst government cabinet (i e  governor Lt Gov  exc 
 The Rexican ½ar
÷ Causes
÷ xnderstand how the conflict began
÷ Dach Taylor
÷ ¦resident ¦olk
÷ Santa Anna
÷ Ñohn Slidell
÷ Border Controversy
÷ Be able to list some of the Texas Rangers that were involved in the war
÷ Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
 Texas-New Rexico Boundary Controversy
÷ General Stephen mearney
÷ ¦eter Hansborough Bell
÷ Compromise of 1850
 mnights of the Golden Circle²see handout
 State debt
÷ [rdinary debt
÷ Revenue debt
 carly Texas governors
÷ Thomas ¦inckney Henderson
÷ George T ½ood
÷ ¦eter Hansborough Bell
÷ clisha R ¦ease
 carly Texas politics
÷ American or mnow-Nothing ¦arty
÷ Houston verses Anti-Houston
º mansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
 Immigration
÷ ½ho came to Texas in the middle 1840s and where did these folks come from?
½hy did they come?
÷ Be able to give population stats
÷ Bourland-Riller Commission
÷ Ñuan Cortina--outlaw
 Slavery
 Indian frontier²reservations and Indian agents
 Social Classes
÷ ¦lanters
÷ xrban ¦opulation
÷ ¦oor whites
÷ uree blacks
÷ ½omen
 Religion
÷ Õenominations that come to Texas