Form and function, which one is more important in brand success.

We are for the motion that states that product design is the key to brand success. A brand can be successful even if its performance is not up to standard. The added details are what differentiate and sell the product. To start with we agree that marketing of your brand is the most important component of brand success. Marketing as by our working definition, is A business philosophy and A set of organizational processes for Creating, communicating and delivering superior customer values, and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. This definition takes into consideration a lot of components: 1. A business philosophy:-That is a way of thinking that goes beyond the ensuring that the brand is functioning. A mindset that For example car manufacturers do not just make a car that moves but consider a lot of touchy feely features. I don t think anyone here would love to drive a tro-tro instead of a brand new Toyota lexus with leather seats, power steering, surround sound and a chilling air-conditioning system. The marketer looks at the added features that would bring differentiation in its market segment. A brand can thrive but ladies and gentlemen, for the brand to be successful you need some colour, you need the brand to speak to you, to attend and convince all your senses that it is the brand for you.These are only communicated through the extra features that make the brand tailormade for you. 2. Communicaton: There is a saying that if you don t communicate to your clients, it is like winking to your wife in the dark. Only you know what you are doing. No one else does A typical example is nike. The nike company spends a high percentage of its budget on design , colour shape and other non-performance related components. Nike is the leading sports wear company in the world. Brand success is more about perception of the product and how you attract and maintianyour customers 3. Delivery- You may have a very good performing product for which the delivery process is not adequate or does not reach the target market. Let s consider two food products Fanyogo and Yomi yoghurt. The brand fanyogo is by far more successful than yomi based on a number of factors which includes distribution.Fan Milk has refrigerated trucks which ensure a cold chain of their products right from factory to the lips of the consumer.In actual fact, yomi yoghurt tastes better than fanyogo but is less available compared to Fanyogo. 4. Additionally, before a consumer decides to attach itself to a brand, it has to be attracted to the brand. Consumers nowadays make purchase decisions based upon their emotions about a product. This is the key to brand success. For instance, a product like anago samina can be said to be less successful than a brand like imperial leather, even though anago samina may perform better. Imperial leather communicate values suggesting luxury and the need to pamper yourself daily.When we compare the two, we all know the success of imperial leather. The list can go on and on.

sustainable development is becoming more and more about design with considerations such as recycling materials. If there is nothing attractive about your appearance. He is a footballer. You don t create a brand and expect a brand to sell itself because it is proven that it can perform. you can liken the relationship between a brand and its customers to relationships between a husband and a wife. As my favourite lecturer would say. club and country based on his looks. then don t expect to attract any favours. He is considered one of the successful footballers in the world yet he earns more money for himself. that life in general in not a straight road. feels and also smells good. Ladies and gentle men I would end by saying. all feeding into the design concept. reducing waste in production. increasing energy efficiency. There are boards and institutions that have their key roles as just to ensure that the product looks. My final example to back my point is a man like David Beckam. Thank you . This simplistic attitude to brand success can be termed as very shallow. One of the most important components in the production and manufacturing sector is packaging. eliminating toxins and extending product life.5. he expected to perform but the media focus on his looks and other touchy aspects because his marketers have realised the importance of other aspects rather than jus his performance In a nutshell.

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