How to host an “Om Café”:  

1) As much as possible, create a light, casual atmosphere (like that of a Café) that invites conversation and openness. Serve tea/coffee and refreshments. Although it is nice to set up round tables and create a café ambiance, it is not always possible. Just aim to create a relaxed setting. 2) Move through the three steps of Explore, Express and Exchange. Engage in rich conversation and exploration of the topic. The exploration is the foundation. Great conversation that is engaging, deep and meaningful is something that appeals to young people. 3) Entertainment is frequently part of the café experience. Create an open mic segment of the evening where youth and young adults can share their poetry or even just personal thoughts on the values.

1) Explore … As a group, pose the question, “Imagine that tomorrow you wake up to a

beautiful and peaceful world, a world like the one you have always dreamed of living in. You’re not quite sure how the transformation took place. It’s as if you’ve been in a deep sleep. You rest upon a rock to observe its harmony, peace and beauty. All of a sudden, you have a clear vision. You realize that five values are responsible for bringing this amazing world into being. What are those values?” As a group, come to a consensus about what five values would have the power to create a new, peaceful, generative world.

2) Express … Once the group decides on the five values, guide them in a creative exercise.
Below are a couple ideas: a) Place several word tickets (see attached document) in the center of each table or hand them to people individually with a piece of paper. Ask them to take 2 or 3 of those word tickets and use them to create a poem about what a world formed by the five values would look like. b) Provide a small mandala and some colored pencils to each person, Put on some soothing music, and ask them to gently hold in their mind the feeling of a world filled with those five values. Ask them to gently hold a sense of this new world as they color in the mandala.

3) Exchange … Whether it’s their poem, mandala, or simply an experience or an insight
about any of the values, encourage everyone to share with the group.

Please send the five values your group decides on to no later than December 31st.

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