How is marketing management both an art and a science?

What global marketing challenges and opportunities do businesses face today? Marketing is both an art and a science appealing to creative people and those with a more analytical orientation. Marketers are the crucial link between the organization, its customers/end-users and its suppliers, concerned with building relationships that are valuable for all parties. Consequently, marketing is rooted in a strong understanding of the customer, whether an individual consumer or another organization. Identifying consumer needs, developing new products/services, developing communications strategies, ensuring products and services are available where and when consumers want them, determining prices, and adjusting all of these to international markets and different cultures. Some challenges include problems in exporting can be accepted as the norm with all inherent dangers involved. Also potential exporters need to know what is going on in the global "environment". Just as in domestic marketing "Government" "competition", "social" and other factors need to be accounted for, such is the case in international marketing. Planning needs to be done to create a good marketing strategy. Other opportunities and challenges include the difference in environmental factors such as society, culture, needs, etc. Also the difference in exchange currency can be beneficial and bad at the same time depending on the market fluctuations.

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Internal reports include orders received. inventory records and sales invoices. An MIS is. more than raw data or information suitable for the purposes of decision making. decisions and controlling. A marketing information system has four components: the internal reporting system.Why are global marketing information systems necessary? How are both internal records and marketing intelligence systems of value? A marketing information system (MIS) is intended to bring together disparate items of data into a coherent body of information. An MIS also provides methods for interpreting the information the MIS provides. . By contrast. Management has five distinct functions and each requires support from an MIS. the marketing research systems. organizing. Marketing information systems are intended to support management decision making. the marketing intelligence system and marketing models. The internal records that are of immediate value to marketing decisions are: orders received. stockholdings and sales invoices. Research suggests that a manager continually addresses a large variety of tasks and is able to spend relatively brief periods on each of these. These are: planning. as will shortly be seen. A marketing intelligence system is a set of procedures and data sources used by marketing managers to sift information from the environment that they can use in their decision making Information systems have to be designed to meet the way in which managers tend to work. Marketing research takes the form of purposeful studies either ad hoc or continuous. is chiefly carried out in an informal manner and by managers themselves rather than by professional marketing researchers. coordinating. marketing intelligence is less specific in its purposes. Internal records are all enterprises which have been in operation for any period of time nave a wealth of information.

F. we were always on the media and eyes of everyone because we manufactured the MLB clothing. also the Harley Davidson. globalization.47. (1988) Marketing Management: Analysis Planning and Control. Reference: Kotler. informational and decisional. Macmillan. These brands are always in the public eye because not only they are popular but are very well known. can support these roles in varying degrees. in electronic form or otherwise. and the urgency to fix the world·s problems. Agnilar. Nautica. I was in charge of the sportswear and imagewear lines. p. What are some global marketing trends or megatrends you have personally recognized in the macroenvironment? Which of these trends or megatrends should global marketers target and why? I have personally experienced a few marketing trends and megatrends. Prentice-Hall p. I recently worked in a sourcing company and we were affected by any market change. (1967) Scanning The Business Environment.Managers play at least three separate roles: interpersonal. MIS. MIS has less to contribute in the case of a manager's informational role than for the other two. P. 102.. Vans. New York. connectivity. When it comes to globalization our company was all over the .. and much more. The most common trends that affected us as a company were social media.

com/user/BusinessExpert/profile Moreover I have more than 40 complete courses and different final exams. This helps you gain more market and much more. singers. Right now the biggest trends are the internet and social medias such as Facebook. not artificial colorings. mentioned in my profile. we had offices in Asia. etc. In general trends are everywhere if we think about it. The company even had a greener lines which helped the environment situation. etc. **************************************************** BusinessExpert For A+ work and exactly as per your requirements. Caribbean and the US. Central America. helps the money move. Globalization is important. importing supplies and material and exporting finished goods. We started doing business with almost any country selling garments and ideas. helps the rest of the world know you as a company and helps supply the need. at very reasonable price. I think these trends and megatrends need to be targeted all and the reason is because one helps the other and supports the other actions. hybrid cars or in general creating conscience. it could be by developing greener lines of clothing. This line of clothing was selling pretty good too. we all need to help in some way to help our planet. Twitter. These garments were done with organic cotton. etc. Aiming to help the environment is a trend to target. please contact me http://studentoffortune. have joined. Even television personalities and actors. .world. South America.

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