Philip Eisner based on the role-playing game by Target SE Director: Simon Hunter 02/02/2006 Revisions The Ed Pressman Film Corporation

Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries These, in the day when heaven was falling, The hour when earth's foundations fled, Followed their mercenary calling And took their wages and are dead. Their Shoulders held the sky suspended; They stood, and earth's foundations stay; What God abandoned, these defended, And saved the sum of things for pay A.E. Housman

Another Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries It is a God-damned lie to say that these Saved, or knew, anything worth any man's pride. They were professional murderers and they took Their blood money and impious risks and died. In spite of all their kind some elements of worth With difficulty persist here and there on earth. Hugh MacDiarmid

DEMONIC VOICES HOWL IN DARKNESS. CUT TO: 1 EXT. STONEHENGE - PREHISTORY - NIGHT A GRAVEN STONE SEAL three meters wide SLAMS into the earth. The VOICES stop. CELTIC WARRIORS surround the seal, swords held before them. A DRUID CHANTS in ancient Gaelic. An INTRICATE CRUCIFORM tops his staff. The warriors take up the PRAYER. MOVE DOWN TO THE SEAL until it fills the frame. MATCH CUT TO: 2 EXT. STONEHENGE - TIDE OF AGES THE MOON blots out the Sun. The FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE sends sharp rays onto the Graven Seal. MOVE ROUND THE STONES. Each time a stone WIPES the screen, REVEAL another AGE OF MAN... FIRST STONE. The Seal has vanished under the dirt. SOLDIERS march in the distance... SECOND STONE. Middle Ages. before an angry CROWD... ROMAN 2 1

A YOUNG WOMAN burns at the stake

THIRD STONE. Industrial Revolution. Grass grows green over the hidden Seal. A distant STEAM TRAIN THUNDERS down its track. It’s WHISTLE echoes through the countryside... FOURTH STONE. WWI. MATCH to an OLD TRUCK. Hollow-eyed DOUGHBOYS are packed aboard, returning from the Great War... FIFTH STONE. WWII. An ME-109 buzzes stonehenge before pulling up into the sun. A SPITFIRE follows, hot on his tail, GUNS CHATTERING... SIXTH STONE. The Modern Age. chatter on their cell phones. A FLASH OF LIGHT. BURNS OFF the... TOURISTS snap photos and Moss and fungus

Grass shrivels to black.

CHAOS.. RADIO (radio filter) Grid gamma niner. . TRACER FIRE ZIPS past. A handful of CAPITOL SOLDIERS are pinned down by enemy fire. There is no sign of any living thing. drags Heldman to the safety of a shell crater. looks up. roger that. Lt.and a hail of lead PULPS him. . we need evac.NIGHT EIGHTH STONE. their uniforms looks WWI. BLASTS him with his DOUBLE-BARRELED SCATTERGUN. Beneath all the mud.. MITCH (into radio) This is Watchdog.2. He A 3 4 5 A BAUHAUS SOLDIER stands over him. WIPE TO: 3 4 5 DELETED DELETED EXT. but their guns are too big and too loud. El 6 Jesus. Aftermath. his SQUAD behind him. Enemy BAUHAUS TROOPS advance from cover to cover. Angry black clouds boil in the sky. He tries to shake it off. He LT. SHOT knocks his helmet off and send him sprawling. Rain SHEETS down. now! 6 A BAUHAUS SOLDIER appears at the top of the crater.. Hispanic and HUGE. He swings up his OVERSIZED BATTLE RIFLE. SEVENTH STONE.. He drops. HELDMAN risks raising up on one knee to return fire. gray-clad shadows. STONEHENGE . FADE IN/FADE OUT TEXT: The Third Corporate War. MITCH HUNTER Emerges from the smoke and fog. Gray uniform beneath ceramic chestplate. ARTILLERY FIRE in the distance illuminates distant CANNON. grid gamma niner. A stylized wolfs’ head helmet hides his face. Blood runs down his face.

Mitch and Slade drag Heldman behind a monolith.. ONE of Heldman’s SOLDIERS tosses his helmet to Heldman: Sir! KIND SOLDIER Buckle up -- MITCH (to Kind Soldier) You keep your fucking bonnet on -The KIND SOLDIER’S head SNAPS BACK. Mitch catches it and send it back in one motion.. Bullets The BAUHAUS SOLDIERS advance. SLADE Where’s the Cap? MITCH He’ll be here. Heldman’s still disoriented: HELDMAN Can’t find my helmet. It DETONATES in the Bauhaus Soldier’s face. Slade? combat dump? No time for a . driving him back. MITCH DIG IN AND HOLD! The Capitol Marines take cover behind the giant stones. EL JESUS What’s wrong. Heldman tries to snap the helmet on. Oberleutnant STEINER leads them. Mitch leans out from behind cover. MITCH GOD-DAMMIT! Mitch pushes Heldman and Slade down into the mud.454 round. MITCH We wait here for Cap. His hands are shaking. RIP the turf behind them as.3. A Bauhaus SOLDIER lobs a grenade at him. He FIRES twin machine-pistols. CRATERED by a . Baby-face SLADE FIRES at a BAUHAUS SOLDIER that tries to circle around. His wolf helmet has an officer’s crest.

Capt. Marine! MITCH H-man’s squad walked into an ambush NATHAN I didn’t ask about Heldman’s squad! MITCH We got Wolves. I want the wounded out now! (to Mitch) Take your trenchman and sweep left. SLADE You know it! I’m pushing cotton. Standoff. Nathan joins Mitch in cover. behind cover. lays down SUPPRESSIVE FIRE. The door on the lead ATC opens. He’s got the look of eagles.4. Nate! MITCH NATHAN You are not supposed to be here. Nathan points. RICOCHETS WHINE. Thanks. Soldiers will fight for Mitch. ANOTHER SQUAD follows Nathan as he advances to the ring of stones. ducks back. Heldman RETURNS FIRE at the Bauhaus Troops. rock. NATHAN ROOKER is first out the door. Both sides BLAST away at close range from cover. LIGHT WASHES STONEHENGE as THREE TRACKED ARMORED TROOP CARRIERS (ATC) move up behind the Capitol position. baby! Mitch hands Heldman his sidearm. at least platoon strength -NATHAN (to one of his men) Get the wounded on the ATCs. ONE SQUAD moves out to the right. HELDMAN Mitch pops from Lead etches Heldman takes it. I don’t want any more surprises! . but they’ll die for Nathan. FIRES.

OHREN! FIRE CONTROL OFFICER 7 The Crew hunkers down and puts their hands on their ears. TWO MORE turn another. It takes four MEN to move a single shell. shovels coal into the BLAST FURNACE that powers the gun. angling higher and higher. And ANOTHER. sir! Mitch stays low. The FIRE CONTROL OFFICER listens to Steiner’s orders. stripped to the waist. RELAYING them to the CREW. The barrel is five stories of plated black iron. THE 880mm BARREL pivots. taps El Jesus on the shoulder. The Fire Control Officer toggles THREE SAFETY SWITCHES. ON STEINER A BAUHAUS SOLDIER in front of him drops. The CAPITOL SOLDIERS are re-inforced ONE of his Steiner BARKS a German COMMAND into his radio. BAUHAUS 880MM GUN . The tide has turned. OTHERS are pinned down in the mud. STEINER CUT TO: 7 EXT. He puts his finger on the TRIGGER: FIRE CONTROL OFFICER (quietly) Feuer. The Crew SHOUTS back as they carry out the command: TWO MEN turn one massive wheel. They are covered in sweat and soot. BACK TO: . He SHOUTS at the top of his lungs. The Bauhaus GUN CREW. Soldiers overhears him: BAUHAUS SOLDIER Sir! Die ist unsere Position! Ich weiß.CONTINUOUS THE 880MM: an immobile gun built on a monstrous scale. MITCH They both Yes. move out. and behind cover.5.

. Mitch swings his gun again and Steiner blocks it. He glares at Mitch. WIDER TO REVEAL SLADE ON THE GRAVEN STONE SEAL At the bottom of the crater. Slade. Steiner turns. STONEHENGE . He gets to his ON SLADE Coming to. Steiner’s WOLF MASK breaks. He staggers to his feet. Mitch reels. It has been unearthed by the explosion. Both hear a HIGH PITCHED sound high above. 8 EXT. Help? SLADE “Helpen?” Looks down at . Blood trickles from his ears. Mitch smashes Steiner in the face with the butt of his rifle. There is a scar on his jaw where someone tried to slit his throat. and then 8 THE SHELL HITS STONEHENGE An EXPLOSION you feel more than hear. headbutts Mitch with what remains of his helmet. Mitch FIRES but the rounds RICOCHET off Steiner’s breastplate. a WAVE OF EARTH AND STONE.. STONEHENGE IS GONE. The horizon FLASHES as the 880mm FIRES. He looks around.CONTINUOUS El Jesus JACKS THE PUMP on the double-barrelled 10-GAUGE. Change of plans. lets it out. Slade gets to his feet. Steam. Slade freezes. ONE OF THE ANCIENT STANDING STONES balances precariously over the edge of the crater. Steiner staggers back. FIRES. ON MITCH Unmoving amidst a jumble of BODIES and MUD. Both dive for cover. WHITE LIGHT. like ice breaking. Steiner SHOUTS in German for his men to fall back.6. A BAUHAUS SOLDIER walks out onto the stone. COUGHING. WHINING LOUDER and LOUDER as the SHELL COMES DOWN. hands and knees on a STONE SURFACE. Stone GRATES on stone. A GREAT CRACK runs through the middle. Smoke. He takes a SHUDDERING breath. The fissure spreads like a spiderweb. Bauhaus SOLDIERS die. Mitch is RIGHT THERE. They both draw pistols at the same time.

holds on with all he’s got. Slade falls with them. WIDE Slade GRINS up at Mitch. Pulls ON MITCH Crawling through the mud to the edge of the crater.. His holster is empty. Sees the Bauhaus Soldier.HITS the seal full force. GRABS a rifle from a half-buried CORPSE. BODIES and PIECES OF BODIES tumble past him. GUNSHOT. Crap. Reaches for his sidearm. The Bauhaus Soldier drops. . He sees Slade. SLADE . Fingers clutch at rock and mud and find no purchase. Takes careful aim at Slade. FIRES without aiming. Oh. yeah. THE BAUHAUS SOLDIER Chambers a round. Falls THE BAUHAUS SOLDIER Grins. pulled towards the hole. The Bauhaus Soldier considers.. Aims. Mitch pulls out his TRENCH-KNIFE. Winds RIPS at his clothes. WIND RUSHES HOWLING into the pit with HURRICANE FORCE. The Bauhaus Soldier trains his gun on Mitch instead of Slade.. Thick stone shards fall into a BOTTOMLESS VOID.falls. MITCH Rolls. THE SEAL SHATTERS. Reaches to his belt. forward to the edge of the standing stone... . ON THE BAUHAUS SOLDIER Mitch misses. his pistol SMOKING. SLADE The weight of the Bauhaus Soldier shifts the great stone’s center of gravity. MITCH Aims.. His fingers start slipping off the hilt.. Mitch is swept off his feet. CLICK.. It tips.7. pulls the trigger. out his pistol. Misfire. drives the FOOT-LONG SPIKE into the dirt.

8. An ATC backs towards him, SPRAYING MUD, fishtailing as it fights the wind. The rear hatch opens. Nathan leans out. Mitch! NATHAN Nathan leans out as far as

The ATC swerves again in the mud. he can, reaches down... GRABS Mitch’s arm.

NATHAN I’ve got him! Pull me in! in!

Pull me

El Jesus hauls Nathan and Mitch into the ATC. NATHAN (to Driver) Put the hammer down! The ATC’s treads SPIN, throwing mud, spewing SMOKE and STEAM, swerving back and forth, making no headway against the hurricane. Inch by inch, the wind SUCKS the ATC backs towards the pit. The winds finally die away, leaving the rear of the ATC hanging over the edge by a yard. Mitch and Nathan peer into the void. MITCH What the fuck? NATHAN Not the time or place. (to Driver) Let’s roll, Troop! The treads SPRAY mud. The ATC leaves the Pit behind. CUT TO: 9 INT. UNDERWORLD Moonlight filters down, down, down... ... onto Slade. He stirs. Tries to move. GASPS. Legs broken. His eyes adjust to the light. He freezes. 9

9. He’s surrounded by BODIES of Capitol and Bauhaus soldiers. They’ve fallen onto ANCIENT BONES. Some skeletons look human. Others look... WRONG. Bones RATTLE. Slade turns, sees a Bauhaus CORPSE as it vanishes SKITTERING into the darkness, dragged by something UNSEEN. He fumbles at his belt for his pistol. ANOTHER CORPSE disappears. his gun runs dry. Slade FIRES at the sound until He PRAYS:

Slade has time for one long breath.

SLADE The magic word is please. The magic word is please. The magic word -Then he too is DRAGGED into the dark. 10 A SERIES OF SHOTS - SLADE’S TRANSFORMATION TIGHT ON SLADE/SLADE’S POV as: 1) MEAT-HOOKS emerge from beneath Slade’s collarbones as he’s put onto the ASSEMBLY LINE. He SCREAMS. He’s lifted into the air. 2) A SNAKE-LIKE CANNULA slithers into Slade’s belly, SUCKING out his gut. His flesh tightens, nothing but muscle and bone. His SCREAM rattles, dies. 3) ONE ARM is shoved into a CYLINDER filled with ROTATING BLADES. It WHINES, GRINDING flesh and bone. When the arm comes out again, it is a JAGGED BLADE OF GLEAMING BONE. He looks at his arm in shock, too weak now to make a sound. 4) ANOTHER CANNULA rams into Slade’s nose, TO THE HILT. His cheeks sink in. His lips shrink back from his teeth. His eyes SUCK in, leaving holes. 5) Slade dangles, an EMPTY HORROR waiting to be filled. A DEMONIC VOICE WHISPERS in the dark. GREEN FIRE kindles in the sockets of his eyes. Slade raises his head. MUTANT. CUT TO: It looks like he’s smiling. 10


Shells WHISTLE overhead. EXPLOSIONS light the rain-streaked sky. TRACER FIRE streaks and chain-guns RATTLE. Mitch wades through knee-deep mud. Past squatting SOLDIERS eating cold meat out of tins. Past kneeling SOLDIERS receiving a CHAPLAIN’S blessing. Past a PSYCHO SOLDIER cursing non-stop: PSYCHO ...fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... He ducks into... 12 INT. NATHAN’S BUNKER 12

...a bunker. Sandbag walls. Plank roof. Only six inches of mud on the floor. Some comforts for an officer: a hammock strung above the mud; real whiskey; a steel-cylinder music box playing a Beethoven piano sonata. Nathan leans over a desk, going over a map with another LIEUTENANT. Sir. At ease. MITCH NATHAN Coe, take a break.

The Lieutenant leaves. Mitch takes a seat. Helps himself to the booze. Familiarity that borders on insubordination. Chalk it up to a long history. MITCH What’s with Coe? NATHAN Martin’s patrol’s overdue, that makes us blind here... Coe sent out Burgess to find them, now they’re late too. An attack? MITCH

NATHAN Watchtowers say, No movement on the other side. Doesn’t make sense. A shell EXPLODES somewhere close. from the roof. DUST and DIRT filter down

NATHAN So what happened out there? MITCH We’re moving into pos on the 880. MITCH Yeah. Another EXPLOSION. and we can’t break their line until we break the gun. bottle to keep it from spilling. this war’d be over. NATHAN No days like that. Closer this time. Nathan grabs the NATHAN We’re losing a thousand men a day. Where’s your head? . and we’ll keep losing a thousand a day until we can break their line. NATHAN Top brass thinks maybe a new Bauhaus weapon. Cogs ambush Heldman. MITCH Yeah. MITCH If Bauhaus has a weapon could do that. He doesn’t sit down. Another shell EXPLODES. well. but they don’t owe me smokes.11. MITCH We learn anything about the big hole? Nathan shakes his head. so I make the call. He owed me smokes. NATHAN Every time that 880 fires fifty men die. figgered they wouldn’t make it to extraction. We were close by. NATHAN So you abandoned the mission and pulled his team out. It’s more important than me or you or your cancer.

We got to look out for each other. Sometimes that means dropping what we want to do and doing what we have to do. like shit. you look He stops in the door: But Mitch hauls himself to his feet. NATHAN You talk to me about “stock?” You think I care about that shit? These look like blood stripes to you? Mitch shakes his head. you’re a shitty officer. NATHAN Your a good soldier. I can take out that gun so some fat fuck’s stock goes up two points. MITCH Oorah. Right now that means letting Heldman take care of his own team and getting the gun! MITCH You want that gun so bad. He tosses Nathan a pack. or I can enjoy the taste that satisfies. Mitch. I’ll go. Nathan throws them back. MITCH I was thinking. Dismissed. NATHAN Go grab twenty. That’s all we got. MITCH You want me to go out again. sir.12. (MORE) . NATHAN This world is one complete monumental fuck up. why didn’t you go for it instead of pulling us out-NATHAN I’m your fucking CO! That means I get to give myself the choice missions! Like saving jagoffs who can’t follow fucking orders! Another shell WHISTLES down.

The BROTHERHOOD CHAPLAIN moves among them. thanks.NIGHT A shell HITS close. The Chaplain PRAYS IN He’s a head taller than the Chaplain. He’s dressed like a soldier. MITCH No. I’ll get it for you. offering the sacrament. I feel all cleansed of sin and shit. GAELIC. The BARRAGE 13 MOVE DOWN THE TRENCH TO REVEAL The REMAINS of MITCH’S SQUAD. MITCH (cont'd) You want that gun. CHAPLAIN (to Mitch) What about you. MUD and ROCK rain down. It’s not. Battle prep. knee deep. and the symbol on his uniform is the same CRUCIFORM seen on the DRUID’S STAFF. CAPITOL TRENCH . finishes with an AMEN. Cleaning weapons. man in his platoon who’s died under his command. El Jesus rises.. NATHAN Then why do it at all? MITCH Because they pay me to. continues. CHAPLAIN Would you receive grace before battle? Mitch tucks the ring back into a pocket. EL JESUS Thanks. padre. taping extra clips. El Jesus kneels in the mud before him. smoking like fiends. but has a sword at his belt instead of a gun.. Every . CUT TO: 13 EXT. flipping through a RING OF DOGTAGS. But don’t tell me it’s worth more than my men. Lieutenant? Mitch is smoking.13.

14. EL JESUS (grinning) The Lieut’s going straight to hell. Courtesy Capitol Corporation’s Big Green Machine. NATHAN (O. I’m on the “pay in advance” plan. NATHAN We are going over the wire.S. El Jesus’s big beautiful face is the first thing they’re going to see. Fuck.) Lieutenant Hunter! Nathan brings another SQUAD down the trench to Mitch. The MEN look at one another. When they finally get the mud out of their eyes. Nathan RAISES his voice above the din of the shells. We are NATHAN Are we clear on this? The Soldiers SHOUT “Oorah!” NATHAN What the hell was that? I asked you men a question. Devil Dogs! Mitch’s SQUAD stands. Gun bunnies gonna walk us right up to the Cog trench. Jesus. dripping mud and blood. MITCH Not me. I expect the goddam courtesy of an answer! The Soldiers respond with a THUNDEROUS “OORAH!” NATHAN Artillery’s giving us ten batteries. And it’s the last thing they’re going to see! We clear? The Soldiers SHOUT: “OORAH!” . NATHAN Unass those troops! MITCH On your feet. going to take out that 880.

15. NATHAN Tonight, I’m throwing a party. We’ll be drinking Bauhaus beer. And eating Bauhaus steak. In the goddam Bauhaus trench! Attendance is mandatory! We clear? The Soldiers SHOUT: “OORAH!” NATHAN We’ve all lost friends. When we hit their trench, there will be a reckoning. The Soldiers SHOUTS ECHO. CUT TO: 14 EXT. NO MAN’S LAND - NIGHT Relative peace. Then the BARRAGE starts, Capitol Artillery CHEWING up the dirt between to two trenches, a WALL OF FIRE AND MUD moving towards the Bauhaus line. ON THE CAPITOL TRENCH The CAPITOL TROOPS pour out the trench, racing low beneath STREAKS of tracer fire, SHADOWS moving through the stinking mire. 15 EXT. STONEHENGE WRECKAGE - NIGHT The CAPITOL TROOPS pass by a few of the RUINED STONES. pit YAWNS just past them. 15 The 14

Pfc. LANCER hesitates, looking back at the pit. The air moving in and out of the hole makes it sound like a GIANT BREATHING THING. El Jesus CLAPS the Soldier on the shoulder. Vamanos! EL JESUS Lancer STARTLES.

Lancer falls in behind him. 16 EXT. NO MAN’S LAND - NIGHT 16

The CAPITOL SOLDIERS take shelter in a crater within sight of the Bauhaus trench.

16. Mitch grabs mud next to Nathan. NATHAN Wait for the break in the guns. Mitch nods, holds up a fist. Weapons held tight. Nathan smiles at Mitch. MITCH Where’s your head? NATHAN Want something done right. Oorah. crud. MITCH Welcome to the blood and the His SOLDIERS get ready.

NATHAN Remember Longhorn Chute? MITCH As I recall, I saved your ass. NATHAN Not even close, son. Count’s still five to two, my favor. MITCH Pure fiction. NATHAN First to the trench? You’re on. MITCH

The THUNDER of the guns stops. The TRACER FIRE stops. For a moment, SMALL ARMS FIRE. For a moment longer, a SCREAM that dies away. SILENCE. NATHAN AND MITCH Clear the crater and RUN LIKE HELL for the Bauhaus trench. Their SOLDIERS raise a WAR CRY and follow on their heels, DOGS OF WAR. A FIFTY YARD DASH through MUD and SMOKE. SOLDIERS slip and fall and rise again. RAZOR WIRE shreds their clothes. Still they run and run, trying to reach the trench before the inevitable hail of lead...

17. ...that never comes. 17 EXT. BAUHAUS TRENCH - MACHINE GUN NEST - CONTINUOUS NATHAN BEATS MITCH to the Bauhaus trench. He STRAFES the trench below, YELLING. There’s no return fire. Mitch comes up behind Nathan. trench in horror. Nathan is staring down at the 17

MITCH’S POV The Bauhaus trench is choked with CORPSES. Red mud and arms and legs, torsos and heads. Nothing moves. Every single Bauhaus soldier has been hacked to pieces. THE OTHER TROOPS Fill in behind Mitch and Nathan. LANCER What the fuck? EL JESUS Better them than me. arty a case of beer. Guess we owe

MITCH Artillery didn’t do this. Soldier BAKER: BAKER Looks like a dry hole. Nathan rallies. NATHAN Don’t count on it. Secure that nest... (pointing to a machinegun) ...hold this point until we get back. Mitch? Mitch tears his gaze away from the carnage. NATHAN Let’s get that gun. Nathan drops down into the trench.

now’s the time. a DEAD FACE. MITCH Charges set! Over his shoulder. BAUHAUS TRENCH . GRIM REMINDERS litter the surface of the mud: a HAND clutching at nothing.. BAUHAUS 880MM GUN ...18. open. The BODIES of the GUN CREW lie scattered in the coal. MITCH Let’s do the job and get the fuck outta here. squinting through the smoke.CONTINUOUS 19 Mitch and Nathan and the SQUAD reach the base of the ENORMOUS GUN. Get clear! NATHAN Reaches out to pull the breach Takes aim. Mitch pulls the breach open. the crook of an ELBOW. Mitch sets the last charge.. the breach hatch moves slightly. Lancer and Jesus take up position to the side. drawing both pistols. 18 EXT. Iron CREAKS. 19 EXT. Mitch moves to the side. Mitch reacts instantly. Nathan sets up opposite the breach. The FIRE CONTROL OFFICER’S mutilated CORPSE POURS out into the mud. Nathan takes a spot further down the trench.. The red mud gets deeper.. Lancer and El Jesus cover the rear. Mitch sets SATCHEL CHARGES on the stockpile of shells while. .CONTINUOUS 18 Mitch and Nathan lead a SQUAD down the trench. mouth choked with dirt. Nathan MUTTERS to Mitch: NATHAN You want to tell me I messed up.

Blood runs down its length.and a BLADE OF SOLID BONE emerges from his mouth. NATHAN Fuck the gun.. PISTOLS tearing FISTS OF MEAT out of the First Mutant.. 20 EXT. . As A HAND-HELD NIGHTMARE OF QUICK CUTS As Nathan and Mitch try to lead the squad out of the trench: A SOLDIER gets dragged down into the mud by something unseen. GREEN FIRE LICKS out of its eye sockets. PULPS it.. Long fucking beat. It lopes toward him UNPHASED. Blood FOUNTAINS from his mouth. Lancer TWITCHES.. REVEALING. Nathan EMPTIES his ENTIRE CLIP into the Mutant. spins.. A MUTANT. Mud and blood stain the tatters of a Bauhaus uniform.. Both hands transformed into CUTTING IVORY BLADES. BLOWS its head apart. Skin sticks to its bones... he reloads: NATHAN Call for gunships.19. Lancer looks ill. raises its BLADES for a killing blow. A MUTANT scissors its arms. LANCER Can we go now? ..CONTINUOUS The fight is on. MITCH What about the gun? WIDER AS MUTANTS RISE From among the CORPSES buried in the mud. SHOVES both barrels in its mouth. A MUTANT attacks him from behind.. surrounding the SQUAD. MOVEMENT in SOFT FOCUS behind him. MITCH FIRES first. chambers a round. El Jesus works magic with his scattergun. slides off. CUTS a SOLDIER in TWO. BAUHAUS TRENCH ... 20 Immediate evac.. Nathan works the bolt. El Jesus SMASHES its face with the stock.. dead.

Nathan’s battle rifle chews through another clip. EL JESUS Motherfuck! MITCH Check your fuckin’ targets! Pfc. El Jesus loads his last shells..20. Mitch FIRES frantically. checks the clip. SPEWING brass. It takes an entire clip to drop a single enemy. 21 NATHAN . Mitch takes its head off with the sword. MACHINE-GUN FIRE chatters behind them. picks up an abandoned Bauhaus TRENCH-SWORD.. 21 EXT. Nathan pulls a battle rifle from the clutch of a dead Bauhaus Soldier. pins it against the trench wall. A SECOND’S RESPITE. Just the All bloody.MACHINE GUN NEST ... Enough to catch their breath. Another Mutant surges at Mitch from behind. MACHINE GUN FIRE RIPS the trench around them. drops USELESS pistols. BAUHAUS TRENCH .. Burning green eyes glare at them through the smoke. get clear! They climb over a PILE of DEAD CAPITOL SOLDIERS and PULVERIZED MUTANTS to. Then another. BLOWS it into pieces. He knocks it back with his rifle. SPLITS a MUTANT from SHOULDER to PELVIS. Mitch wipes gore from his blade.CONTINUOUS Nathan and Mitch and El Jesus round a corner. I’m out. COUNTLESS MUTANTS move down the trench at them. El Jesus steps up.. All sucking wind. Come on! They run like hell. All three GRAB MUD. three of them left. BAKER SHOUTS back from the nest: BAKER Get clear. NATHAN A MUTANT attacks Nathan as he says it.

22 . that’s not going to buy much time. sir. BAKER holds the . NO MAN’S LAND . I got two boxes. Engines ROAR. Baker can’t. filling the trench with lead. THE MACHINE GUN NEST. MITCH Brazen motherfucker. gently takes Baker’s hands from the grips. NATHAN That’s an order. Nathan reaches down. NATHAN Let go. Kind of fucks with a soldier’s head. They’re all that’s left. You’re coming back for me.50 CHAIN-GUN with white hands. NATHAN That’s our ride.CONTINUOUS The CHATTER of the chaingun CONTINUES while.. 22 EXT. NATHAN You god-damn right.21. Nathan FIRES the CHAINGUN. Let go of the gun.. You’re the first thing moving that hasn’t been killed twice already. Mitch looks at Nathan. Blood runs down his face. LIGHT washes the trench from ABOVE. MITCH Not without you. He doesn’t move. so move it. FIVE MORE SOLDIERS hunker down next to him in even worse shape. Mitch grabs Baker and hauls him to his feet. Empty ammo BOXES litter the ground. soldier. BAKER Sorry. (to Mitch) Get them on that hog.

vector-thrust. ANGLE ON THE TRENCH BELOW BULLETS tear MUTANTS apart.. Mitch leans out. grabs the fresh box. Motherfucker! The gunship BELCHES steam. MUTANTS lope towards them through the smoke.22.CONTINUOUS Nathan FIRES the . 24 I/E. El Jesus pulls Mitch into the gunship. MITCH EL JESUS It’s done. BAUHAUS TRENCH . others follow towards. A LOT MORE.MACHINE GUN NEST . smoke. looks up. ANGLE ABOVE MITCH Looking PAST him to the ground. A MUTANT vaults the gun and REACHES for him with BONE CLAWS. GUNSHIP TRANSPORT . 23 EXT.. He SLAMS his fist . against the bulkhead: EL JESUS Let’s go. Fuck you. Mitch half-drags Baker through the mud. MORE keep coming through the 23 FOLLOW THE AMMUNITION LINK As the end SNAKES through the gun.NIGHT Mitch shoves Baker into the transport. The steam-powered.50 CHAINGUN. Fuck off. 24 Turns as the CHAINGUN He starts back but El Jesus grabs his arm. El Jesus and the THE GUNSHIP.. RISES into the air. NATHAN Reaches down. MORE Mitch sees THE MACHINE GUN NEST swarming with MUTANTS.. falls silent. searching for some sign of Nathan. More than you can count. iron monstrosity HOVERS inches off the ground.

. A POWERFUL VOICE intones a GAELIC PRAYER. It tilts. BROTHER SAMUEL stands beneath the windows. Samuel stares at Whey-Face. . the assembly. Somewhere. . 26 INT. He leads the catechism for the ASSEMBLY of ROBED MONKS.where CRACKS spread out beneath the giant 880 GUN... a door CREAKS on its hinges. The sunrise turns the windows red. looks as old as the mountain itself. QUICK FOOTSTEPS echo off the shrine’s vaulted sealing.) What happened down there? Mitch doesn’t answer. Amen. of BRAVE WARRIORS fighting a HORDE OF DEMONS. MONASTERY . CUT TO: 25 EXT. The gun falls into a vast SINKHOLE. Whey-Face Samuel turns to 25 It A CHORUS of voices 26 The Chorus RESPONDS but Samuel has already left the dais.. quiets.SUNRISE ESTABLISH AN ANCIENT MONASTERY built on a high mountain.23. an ascetic. .. PILOT (O. sweeping down the center aisle. The CHORUS FALTERS.and MUTANTS pour out of the hole like ANGRY ANTS. A WHEY-FACED MONK rushes to the dais where Samuel speaks. The charges EXPLODE at its base. MONASTERY . leaving MUTTERS and WHISPERS in his wake. WHISPERS in his ear. SAMUEL Samuel frowns. 50s.S.SHRINE Intricate stained-glass tells a story that isn’t in the Bible: images of an EVIL STAR falling to earth. Whey-Face nods.. answers. of imprisoning the demons in the earth beneath the GREAT SEAL.

LIBRARY 27 A narrow vaulted chamber filled with books and scrolls. Beautiful and deadly. were it not? Samuel stops before AN IRON DOOR. there was a battle in Heaven.LIBRARY Samuel pours through the tome. ANCIENT SWORDS gleam from the walls -. the bolts slide back. The Air HISSES as the Librarian breaks the seal. Her name is SEVERIAN. the LIBRARIAN in tow. LIBRARIAN God save you. Samuel takes the book. The iron door CREAKS as it swings open.the same blades the Celt warriors held ages past. 28 INT. 29 INT. but in her hands she holds a gleaming naked blade. SAMUEL God save us all. a glass stand contains a single leatherbound tome.24. 29 Severian stands behind him. MONASTERY . MONASTERY . He offers the book to Samuel.. copying manuscripts. Opposite the door. Samuel strides past them. 27 INT..O. A MONK stands beside the door. LIBRARIAN Is it true. One by one. Samuel? Is it true? SAMUEL Would I be here. illuminating texts. She wears the same hooded robes as the other monks. the Guardian of the Book. MONASTERY . sealed by ponderous locks. Samuel follows the Librarian into. The Librarian fumbles with a chain of keys around his neck.) Before the first dawn. 28 SAMUEL (V.VAULT Lichen encrusts the walls of the tiny chamber. (MORE) . MONKS sit at tables.

.O. Founder of our Order.) Neachdainn. BROTHERHOOD .) (cont'd) The Enemy was cast out and fell to Earth. A Gaelic SAMUEL (V.and replaced them with its own Dark Essence.O. consumed by Envy and Hate. SAMUEL (V. CUT TO: . book. MACHINE. ON SAMUEL He reads something that destroys all hope.25. it conspired to remake Man in its own Image. More pages.) . SAMUEL (V.) Broken in body but not in Pride... IMAGES: An ANCIENT CHURCH.) And thus the Enemy created a Machine.O. 30 He closes the SAMUEL (V. A LABYRINTH.O. united the ancient tribes of Man.O. Together they defeated the Enemy... ON THE BOOK The face of a mutant grins up from a yellowed page. SAMUEL (V.. He is WEEPING.. Samuel lingers on a page. text beneath the image describes the creature. filled with grim resolve.. an evil star. SAMUEL (V.) A Machine that stripped the souls from the dead and dying. CUT TO: 30 INT.O. He raises his head.....CELL Samuel kneels beside his cot in his cell.

) .. taken in the night. Bauhaus Cog and Capitol Eagle are joined and the Imperial Crown. becomes a blasphemy.and sealed his Machine beneath the Earth. .DAY WEAK SUNLIGHT filters through narrow windows into.. Severian stand behind him. to follow the path of Neachdainn into hell itself.whateverthey-are -. 31 EXT. CORPORATE COUNCIL .26..a smoke filled room filled with the WEALTH OF NATIONS: teak panelling and ornate rugs. and Deliver mankind from oblivion -MISHIMA (over) What about our ships? You still owe us delivery of four additional transports -CAPITOL (over) We have intelligence that suggests these -. The Chronicles prophecy One will rise.and its wheels turn once again.. But now War has broken the Great Seal.. REPRESENTATIVES of the FOUR CORPORATIONS rule the world -. Every woman. to face the Dark Soul of the Enemy... becomes an Enemy of Man.the powers that SYNCOPHANTS cluster CONCUBINES. 32 INT.. behind them -. The council does not listen. SECRETARIES.O.. gold and ivory inlay. But even now there is hope.are part of a Bauhaus weapons system -- . ARGUES OVER HIM instead: SAMUEL . Every soldier that falls in battle. every child. The by the Mishima Sun 32 Samuel reads from the book to the council. Samuel’s VOICE continues. now COMPETING with others to be heard: SAMUEL (V.TRANSLATORS. CORPORATE COUNCIL . The decor is a monument to excess. -.sit at a round table..DAY 31 ESTABLISH a VAST DOMED BUILDING brooding over a polluted urban sprawl.

Even sucking oxygen.LATER 34 33 Samuel watches the debate drags on. A SHADOW falls over her. SILHOUETTED by fire. BACK TO: 34 INT. CONSTANTINE (O. FIELD . SAMUEL Whoever told you fairy tales weren’t true did you a grave disservice. his voice carries weight. They move corporate symbols around a giant world map like pieces on a chessboard. A LITTLE GIRL trips and tumbles. IMPERIAL (over) I think the current situation makes the contract null and void. 70s. But this fairy tale about demons and devils and evil machines. we aren’t stupid enough to use weapons we can’t control. Mutants lope forward. counselor.. SMOULDERING GREEN EYES look down. . Brother Samuel? SAMUEL Every man that dies becomes another demon bent upon our extinction. CONSTANTINE How many are there.SUNSET CHILDREN Play in a field outside a small town. CUT TO: 33 EXT. CORPORATE COUNCIL . THE SMALL TOWN BURNS.. a thousand beget a million.27.) All turn to look at CONSTANTINE.S. SILENCE! BAUHAUS (over) Unlike you. BAUHAUS This is ridiculous.. She looks up. So ten demons beget a hundred. Mutation is one thing. the COUNCIL CHAIRMAN.. a hundred beget a thousand.

CUT TO: 35 EXT. Their uniforms are mixed: Bauhaus and Capitol. 36 FLASH CUTS SOLDIERS FIRING. TRENCH .NIGHT 35 Rain and mud. A LINE OF SOLDIERS waits for a MUTANT ATTACK. ‘And the Deliverer will rise and smite the machine of the Enemy. MUTANTS KILLING. monk. but we need air support. We can hold them. I concur. BAUHAUS SAMUEL Every soldier that falls reinforces the Enemy.’ BAUHAUS Amd who is this Deliverer that will save us? You? Samuel almost answers. Not books. together. around ground zero. This is madness. FOLLOW A PACK OF CIGARETTES as it moves down the line. Imperial and Mishima. Last 36 . smoke. MISHIMA A defensive battle is a losing battle.28. BAUHAUS You fight monsters with blood and iron. CONSTANTINE You have an alternative? SAMUEL The Chronicles prophecy a band of warriors will descend into the underworld to face this evil. and it shall be riven into pieces. We must attack with everything. CAPITOL We’ve drawn up a defensive perimeter here.

29. and worse than dead. All the SOLDIERS are dead. and child on this world is dead. TRENCH . A VAST CAVERN.. An image 37 WORKER MUTANTS 38 In the center of the cavern. 39 INT.ABATTOIR QUICK IMPRESSIONISTIC CUTS OF. 37 EXT. Treblinka.. down.INTO THE MACHINE. An IMPOSSIBLE JUMBLE OF CORPSES. UNDERWORLD . The COUNSELLORS watch Samuel silently read from his book. Finally. UNDERWORLD . LOOK DOWN UPON A SERIES OF CONCENTRIC RINGS Each ring turning a different direction...THE MACHINE . WEIRD GREEN LIGHTNING pulses at the center of the rings. from the past: Auschwitz. SAMUEL But there is still hope. Each ring devoted to a different stage in the desecration of the body.CONTINUOUS The same trench. They ignore him. . BACK TO: 40 INT. No one has slept or bathed for days. Thirty days until every man. from an ALIEN COIL. conveying the TANGLED BODIES down.. woman. CORPORATE COUNCIL 40 39 No more CONCUBINES or SYNCOPHANTS. a MASSIVE CORKSCREW turns. 38 INT. Sobibor. Samuel closes the book.. CONSTANTINE How much time? SAMUEL Thirty days. down. crawl through the CORPSES.

BACK TO: . CITY . IMPERIAL Assuming you have the ships. 43 A SERIES OF FADES MORE CITIES BURN. The Guards OPEN FIRE on the REFUGEES.NIGHT A skyline. 42 EXT.NIGHT 41 REFUGEES queue up to board a MASSIVE TRANSPORT. 43 It could be any city in the world. CAPITOL Mars can double that. GUARDS try to warn them back to no avail. The crowd panics.30. which you don’t. BAUHAUS Venus could take fifty-thousand refugees. SURGES forward. Samuel’s voice is quiet: SAMUEL Am I to understand that you would abandon the Earth? CONSTANTINE What else we can do? CUT TO: 41 EXT. 42 It’s burning. TRANSPORT SHIP . MISHIMA Mishima has begun evacuating all key personnel to our colonies in the Asteroid belt.

Twenty of your best. SAMUEL No. (beat) I ask for two squads.31. The Bauhaus Representative has already left. What do we Destroy the They just stare at him. He will follow you. Machine. the statues. 44 INT. IMPERIAL And a ship. Samuel raises his voice: SAMUEL And do you think the Enemy will stop with this world? He will not. everything. CORPORATE COUNCIL 44 WORKERS strip of all its splendor: the paintings. CAPITOL And this will this kill all the mutants? SAMUEL Those already corrupted? CAPITOL Then what’s our return? get for our investment? Hope. CONSTANTINE What can twenty do that our armies could not? SAMUEL Fulfill the Chronicles. CUT TO: . how many millions will be left behind? You must give them a chance! No one answers him. busy with packing up what they can. MISHIMA Twenty soldiers. Samuel presses on: SAMUEL Even with every ship you have.

SAMUEL Why are you doing this? CONSTANTINE Most men think they are going to die. 44A INT. Constantine reaches into his jacket and tosses a THICK STACK OF ENVELOPES on the table. CORPORATE COUNCIL . Severian stands behind him. It His ASSISTANT wheels his O2 supply for SAMUEL How is this possible? CONSTANTINE With money.32. SAMUEL What’s that? Constantine grins. him. Samuel stands at the table. defeated. Constantine emerges. He closes the Chronicle. big piles of money. (MORE) . Great. Brother. A few of us know it. A VOICE from the shadows: CONSTANTINE I have a ship. CONSTANTINE Gold. Bare walls. I think you’ll find the contents quite persuasive. but it will serve. The corporate insignias have been ripped from the chairs. Samuel cross to Constantine. SAMUEL We have nothing to pay the soldiers.LATER 44A The chamber has been completely stripped. is old. leaving torn fabric. brother Samuel. unable to speak words of comfort. CONSTANTINE I have also taken the liberty of securing you an all-access permit to aid you in your recruitment.

CONSTANTINE Brother Samuel. Samuel looks overwhelmed by the commotion. Constantine stops him: Samuel turns to leave. Got a job. SAMUEL God Bless You. No one notices them. CONSTANTINE (cont'd) As I draw closer to my end. not sure who to approach. Hurried SOLDIERS board COAL-FIRED ATCS. Severian gathers the ENVELOPES. STREET . Feel the frantic chaos of retreat. Constantine reaches beneath his shirt and pulls out a Brotherhood cross. Doubt it. As he speaks. Severian stands by him. large like a SIDE OF BEEF. Samuel singles out a SOLDIER. I find Hope the only investment worth my attention.33. CONSTANTINE I sincerely hope so. SIDE OF BEEF SAMUEL I have tickets offworld. SIDE OF BEEF SAMUEL I can pay more. CUT TO: 44B EXT. hauling an enormous duffel towards a transport. SAMUEL I need a warrior.DAY 44B An Imperial military base. Are you the Deliverer? SAMUEL I pray God I am. Side of Beef keeps moving. .

Steel gaze.34. Hero. SAMUEL Two tickets. Too far away to hear Samuel’s appeal to Side Of Beef. They get angry. laugh. CLOSE ON SAMUEL Growing desperate. RUDE (to Severian) Sorry. MacGuire releases him. SIDE OF BEEF Who do I have to kill? WIDE ON SCENE The crowd of SOLDIERS swirls around them. QUICK CUTS Samuel approaches other SOLDIERS. MACGUIRE That means I don’t have to restrain myself. .S. Apologize. lantern jaw. (twist) Apologize. Side of Beef stops. They He grabs a passing SOLDIER by the arm: SAMUEL I bring you hope -RUDE (re: Severian) That your whore’s name? Sullivan! MACGUIRE (O. REVEAL CAPTAIN MACGUIRE standing by the transport. They ignore him. Rude slinks off. MacGuire. Side of Beef LAUGHS in Samuel’s face and walks away.) RUDE GASPS as someone twists his arm. MACGUIRE RUDE You ain’t my CO no more. No one says yes.

MACGUIRE Will you SAMUEL I can pay you. 44C . MACGUIRE You shouldn’t be here. Brother. help me? Yes. MACGUIRE Two lives. No takers. SAMUEL I mean to go much closer. STREET .35. SAMUEL I know a way to stop them. it’s a bargain.DAY Outside a depot. MACGUIRE I said yes. 44D INT. CUT TO: A SERIES OF INTERCUT SHOTS Different locations. 44E 44D Same speech. Brother. TRANSPORT SHIP MACGUIRE Two tickets. 44C INT. 44E EXT. for the price of yours. Two tickets off this rock. MACGUIRE Frankly. CHURCH MACGUIRE You have friends? You have family? Here’s your chance to save them. You’re too close to the perimeter. MacGuire cocks his head.

She calls her son: Jack. 44F MacGuire is giving someone the hard MACGUIRE And it’s the only chance they’ve got. wearing her Mishima uniform. 44F INT. HOME . sell. the only listener. DUVAL An nine-year-old TOE-HEAD runs in. MacGuire and Samuel have just finished their pitch. MacGuire thinks about it. 44G INT. . stands behind them. clearing out the bunker. DUVAL Go get your sister.DAY A tiny soldier’s home. He’s talking to DUVAL: late 20s housefrau. EL JESUS This get me into heaven? What? SAMUEL EL JESUS Mi mama won’t get on no plane unless she knows I’m going to heaven.36. Well? MACGUIRE Duval 44G JACK ANGLE ON EL JESUS. sexy enough to pull off a burr haircut. BUNKER SOLDIERS in a panic. Mom? She forces a smile. DUVAL You get to go on a rocketship.

CUT TO: 45 INT. MACGUIRE I personally guarantee you’ll go to heaven.. Some move weakly. their arms transformed into scythe-like blades. Samuel holds his tongue. There are TWO KINDS. Nathan opens his eyes. We’ve already seen the WARRIORS. scalp. UNDERWORLD . Mitch lies on his cot. letting TONGUES loll free. .. smoking. counting his chain of dogtags like a rosary. Plays dead. In the midst the chaos. Use their hooks to drag Nathan looks around for a weapon. spines wrenched into HUMPS. MACGUIRE Any one else we can use? El Jesus nods over. Slowly searches the corpse beneath him. MUTANTS move among them. EL JESUS I don’t know about the tickets. MacGuire approaches Mitch. He slides it from the holster. .HOLE Hear the GASPS and MOANS of the dying. trying not to stare into its dead eyes. Mitch looks up at him.. one by one. Now we see the WORKERS: hands shaped into BONE HOOKS.. The Workers move through the bodies. ON NATHAN His face crusted with mud and blood. JAWS ripped off. them off. His fingers close around the grip of a . EL JESUS I’ll buy those tickets then. A wicked cut on his 45 REVEAL THE HOLE An underground chamber dug in the mud. Holds it to his chest like a talisman. but the Lieut could use a get out of Hell free card.454 pistol.37. It’s full of BODIES.TO MITCH.

The Warrior thrusts its face close to his. Nathan crawls over. It drives its other bone-blade THROUGH Nathan’s shoulder.. MUTANTS LEGION. The other Mutants parrot him: LEGION.. thing. The Bauhaus Soldier CRIES OUT. LEGION. Nathan takes a deep breath. killing him.454 slugs BLOW its head apart. Nathan looks up. A WORKER hooks a Bauhaus SOLDIER and drags him to his feet. dankeschöen. Nathan brings up the gun. Sometimes the stupid thing is also the right thing. Are. lifting him off his feet. pulls the Bauhaus Soldier free. Come on -NATHAN A BONE BLADE drives through the Bauhaus Soldier’s chest.38. The SHOT goes wide as the Warrior cuts Nathan’s hand in half. BAUHAUS SOLDIER (whisper) Dankeschöen.. Nathan GASPS. He rolls to his knees and DOUBLE-TAPS the Worker. He doesn’t want to do the stupid The Worker sinks its other hook into the Bauhaus Soldier. Still alive. CUT TO: . slings him onto its back. him: Slade? NATHAN Nathan recognizes Slade speaks in a voice CHOKED with dirt: MUTANT SLADE We.. Nathan closes his eyes. It drops. The Soldier SCREAMS. Legion. Their VOICES echo as Slade twists the blade and Nathan SCREAMS. Twin . A WARRIOR MUTANT stand over him.

walks up the steps of a row house. leaving black trails across the sky. shatters. hat in his hand. STREET . MITCH Bad dream. Nathan’s wife ADELAIDE stands in the doorway. I’ll walk. STEAM POWERED JEEP . DRIVER (O. MITCH I’m so sorry. TRANSPORT SHIPS arc across the sky. ignores the sky. Nathan? Stops outside a door. 46 INT.S. MITCH ADELAIDE Don’t say that. 48 Takes his ADELAIDE (O.DAY CLOSE ON MITCH as he opens his eyes. falls.S. MITCH Where’s Nathan? Where’s Nathan? He’s gone.39. Do not say that.DAY Mitch gets out of the STEAM-POWERED JEEP. hat in his hands. Her smile cracks. Mitch ignores the crowd. The street is choked with HONKING CARS. KNOCKS.DAY Mitch walks up the stairs. 48 INT. She sees Mitch: the uniform. I’m sorry.) The door opens. ROW HOUSE . A MOB OF REFUGEES crowds between the cars.) Road’s blocked. his face. MITCH . 46 47 He wears his DRESS He looks down a street of ROW HOUSES rimed with coal dust. sir. UNIFORM. 47 EXT.

ADELAIDE’S APARTMENT . MITCH 49 Adelaide looks . SCREAMING. No. Family pictures. ADELAIDE He lets her. ADELAIDE (watching Grace) She doesn’t understand.. like she has aged years. No. Academy portraits. He holds her tight. She collapses against him. Lots of homey touches. 49 Nathan’s DAUGHTER GRACE (6) peers from INT. He holds her wrists. He trails off. Adelaide SLAPS Mitch in the face. One second you’re there and the next. She hits him again. ADELAIDE Did you see his body? MITCH There’s no way he’s alive.40. Adelaide and Mitch talk quietly on the couch. NO! ADELAIDE He lets her. around the corner. MITCH I’ve seen it every day for six years and I don’t understand. SOBBING. Grace plays with a clockwork dog by the window. ADELAIDE She claws at him. ADELAIDE But you didn’t see his body.LATER The apartment is cramped but well kept. He looks past her.. NO.

Grace gazes out the window. I see him. TWO TICKETS. No one could have lived through that. ADELAIDE Don’t you dare lecture me about responsibility. Mitch. MITCH You can’t do this. Stop. ADELAIDE I have dreams. I’m a soldier’s wife. they’re hurting him. Beat. You said you would look out for each other. watching ANOTHER TRANSPORT arc up into the sky. ADELAIDE So he could still be alive. You can’t. . I know what I have to do. He puts an envelope on the couch next to her. Nate would would have known how to save her. MITCH And ADELAIDE He’s still alive. What? ADELAIDE I can’t hope? MITCH No.41. She watches her little girl by the window. I just don’t know how. Mitch gets up. Not even Nate. I know he is. You have to take care of Grace. ADELAIDE How am I supposed to tell my little girl that she’s going to die? MITCH You won’t have to. God damn you. MITCH No.

Neither moves aside for the other. Samuel briefs them. his silent shadow. short cropped hair. MONASTERY . 20s. 52 A Romanesque stone chamber. Adelaide watches her daughter. Mitch is the front with El Jesus.HALL El Jesus follows.LANDING STRIP . Linger on some new faces: CAPTAIN MACGUIRE (40s). MISHIMA uniform. After you. We’ve already met Duval. Early 30s.42. I guess war IS hell.S. a proud Imperial and the ranking officer. The Chronicles sits before him on a pedestal.CORRIDOR 51 50 Mitch and El Jesus walk down the corridor. Mitch lets FADE TO: 50 EXT. MONASTERY . DUVAL walks between them. 52 INT. They stop in front of the door. DUVAL (O. Steiner is at the back. Steiner. Severian stands behind. The Soldier stares back. MITCH STEINER It’s EL JESUS Ain’t this something? We’ve been killing each other for years. JUBA. himself out. Another SOLDIER comes toward them. I insist. Now we’re supposed to play nice. MONASTERY . . Mitch stares at the Soldier. Stone bio-mechanical gargoyles squat next traditional saints.) Excuse me. lost in thought. TWENTY SOLDIERS stand at ease. 51 INT. dragon tattoos snake down each arm. Mitch goes through the door first. Mishima. yobo.DAY A MILITARY TRANSPORT touches down. duelling scar on her cheek. segregated by CORPORATION.

and it’s down. the ruin of our world and the final days of this age. The Chronicles foretell the release of the Enemy. (beat) You are no longer fighting for profit.43.” JUBA (quiet) Roll with it. DUVAL (quiet) “The Deliverer. until we reach the Machine of the Enemy. It is in the service of this prophecy that we are now irrevocably bound. SAMUEL Very well. Beat. There’s this machine. way way down under the earth. Brother? A hunched and bespectacled Brother steps forward. leave now. These are the facts. really kind of a big evil sausage factory. a descent into the labyrinth. through water. and you’re going to find it and. SAMUEL The Chronicles lead us to another seal. I cannot offer you any hope of survival. No one moves. SAMUEL In the task we now face. MACGUIRE Is that all? Call him . You are fighting for the survival of Man itself. After the seal. um. But they also prophecy the survival of Man: that Neachdainn the Deliverer shall walk reborn among us and redeem us from destruction. If you have any doubts. hidden in an ancient temple of the Brotherhood. and fire. blow it up. Okay. SCIENCE MONK: SCIENCE MONK Um.

SCIENCE MONK (V. You carry the trigger independently. and yes. A device. MacGuire? MACGUIRE You can call me “Captain. REVEALING a DARK GRAY GLOBE the size of a football. SCIENCE MONK It’s a two stage device. I am.44.) From before.. MACGUIRE JUMP TO: 53 INT.” Steiner.CONTINUOUS The briefing CONTINUES: A bomb.CORRIDOR A VAULT DOOR swings open. 54 53 .HALL . MONASTERY . yeah.. A weapon of the ancients. FOLLOW the GLOBE as a LINE OF MONKS pass it from hand to hand.O. SCIENCE MONK Well. SCIENCE MONK A big one. the bomb’s just dead weight. It’s a LOT HEAVIER than it looks. MACGUIRE And we’ll just blow it up? SCIENCE MONK We have a device. MACGUIRE How safe is it to transport? STEINER Worried. MONASTERY . BACK TO: 54 INT. Oh. Without it. Explosives don’t get more stable when they get old.

MITCH (quiet) Amen. One to five. DUVAL (quiet) Completely monumental fuck up. Minutes. Severian glares. Severian looks at them severely. to smile. MACGUIRE Can you be any more exact? SCIENCE MONK It’s very old. moves to stand beside Mitch. They keep DUVAL (quiet) Surpassing all previous fuck ups. JUBA (quiet) SAP-FU.45. EL JESUS Why not just drop it down that big fucking hole? He tries not . SCIENCE MONK One minute. between one to five. MACGUIRE What type of trigger? SCIENCE MONK It’s a clockwork mechanism. JUBA (quiet) COMM-FU. MACGUIRE And how much time does it give us once it’s set? Science Monk licks his lips. going: No talking.

Sergeant. But the path revealed in the Chronicle shows us how to reach the Machine undetected. SCIENCE MONK This machine is supposed to be very tough -SAMUEL Even a direct hit would be of little consequence. SAMUEL The Soldiers look at Samuel with new respect.46. but I’ll hazard we’ll be doing some killing on our way down. SAMUEL EL JESUS Who drew that short hair? I did. one of us is going to put the bomb inside the machine. DUVAL “The Deliverer.” Yes. The Chronicle offer any suggestions there? I can. STEINER Just two squads? SAMUEL We’ve seen what happens in a frontal assault. MACGUIRE It’s a very nice book. EL JESUS Then why the fuck the fucking bomb? SAMUEL Because. STEINER CUT TO: .

unlocks the door. MONASTERY . links begins to bend under the strain.. FIRES. MITCH Something we don’t already know. Behind them. Bullets RIP CHUNKS. The Mutant doesn’t notice.47. Cog. STEINER There’s changes to the mitochondria which augment myofascial release. 55 INT. STEINER Mutants don’t fell pain or go into shock. MONASTERY . 56 INT. Science Monk fumbles with the keys.CELL Dark shadows. stopping the Mutant INCHES from Juba’s face. They just stare at Steiner.CORRIDOR 55 Steiner leads the SQUAD down the corridor to stand outside a cell door. MACGUIRE How can they move at all? The Mutant strains silently against the chains.. Just as he says it. A MUTANT WARRIOR LUNGES out of the darkness. in the It 56 STEINER Keep to the near wall. individual bullets are largely useless. CHAINS at its arms and neck SNAP TAUT. swings wide. hallway: The SQUAD files in. Steiner SMASHES the Mutant in the face with an ARMORED fist. STEINER Courtesy the Bauhaus Corporation. Juba QUICKDRAWS. It’s doesn’t react. As you see. One of the .

. The Mutant LUNGES forward. Prods it with his pistol.. Severian spins her blades. usually a clip or more.” ... The sticks were useless and those blades tore our nets like paper. We finally pinned this one under a tank.. She slices both arms off and a leg for good measure. Automatic small arms fire. skins both blades in one motion. JUBA How’d you get this thing? STEINER Our scientists requested a subject for tests. The Mutant drops. She Mitch kneels down by the Mutant. STEINER Cut a chicken’s head off and watch it dance. EL JESUS Willy-petes? STEINER White phosphorous? Of course. MITCH How many men did you lose? STEINER Does it matter? DUVAL What’s the fastest way to kill them? STEINER Catastrophic tissue damage. Explosives. We went out with shocksticks and nets.help me. sheathes them.Severian steps forward... others SCRAMBLE back.48. Cool. JUBA Black gore flies off. . Its mouth works: “. The fire in the Mutant’s eyes dies. STEINER And swords.. While the The chain SNAPS.

.? SAMUEL I do not know. We can only pray that God is merciful. Samuel sits down next to Mitch. MONASTERY . MITCH No days like that. SAMUEL (O.SHRINE . lost in thought. The man? He died. still alive.. 57 A MONK moves down the Mitch sits in a pew at the back of the shrine. line..DAY The SOLDIERS kneel before the altar. MITCH Do you think inside every one of those things.S. there’s. MITCH Get a medic! What? A MEDIC! SAMUEL MITCH HE’S STILL ALIVE! CUT TO: 57 INT. MACGUIRE approaches Samuel: ..49. MITCH SAMUEL MITCH Did he say anything? SAMUEL He asked forgiveness. performing the sacrament.) You do not receive the sacrament? MITCH I’m not hungry.

He ROARS: EL JESUS I and I. MONASTERY . MITCH Intercourse and intoxication. Locks eyes with MacGuire. MACGUIRE And these men and women are going to die doing His work. SAMUEL MACGUIRE Please give your abbot this list. Samuel glances at the list. MONASTERY . Samuel looks away first. Mitch manages a little smile. MONKS behind him raise their voices in PRAYER that continues OVER: . confused. Severian blushes. MONTAGE . bows his head. MUSIC blasts from a cylinder player and WHORES start to work. Mitch explains: Severian looks to Mitch..SHRINE . She leaves. We’ll need them as soon as possible. Captain. He kneels. SAMUEL This is a house of God.NIGHT BEFORE LAUNCH: 59 INT. motherfuckers! More WHORES follow him in. The MUSIC fades into CHANT.. The other SOLDIERS cheer. MACGUIRE Brother Samuel. 58 INT.SUNSET 59 Samuel lights a candle on the altar of the Brotherhood.50.HALL 58 PULL BACK FROM DOUBLE DOORS AS THEY SWING WIDE El Jesus comes in with a KEG on one shoulder and a WHORE on the other.

OTHERS fuck in the shadows. not his hands. SHOVING. MONASTERY . MEN and WOMEN with one day left to live. The Librarian takes the Chronicles from its case. The Monks’ PRAYER continues: 61 INT. He looks at Mitch.51.HALL The SOLDIERS’ wassail has died away. DANCING. SHOUTING. The Monks’ PRAYER continues: 62 INT. Looks up. then CHAINS it around Samuel’s waist. 60 INT. Mitch looks down at a photo of Nathan and his family. MONASTERY . staring at Mitch as he field strips his machine pistols. kisses it. He tucks it into the webbing of his helmet. Mitch holds himself apart from the others. WHORING. We see her naked back in the moonlight. With reverence. Steiner sits across the room. The Monks’ PRAYER continues: 63 INT. MONKS take the ANCIENT SWORDS from the walls. She is beautiful. MONASTERY .VAULT The VAULT opens. AN IMPOSSIBLY OLD MONK presents Samuel with the CLOCKWORK TRIGGER. MONASTERY .CELL 60 Severian lets her rough monk’s garment slip from her shoulders. Neither looks away. Get a tingle at the back of his neck. Samuel takes it. 63 ONE slow dances with a 62 Just watches. WHORE. Mitch stares back. LAUGHING. The Monks’ PRAYER continues: . tucks it away in his uniform. DRINKING.HALL 61 The SOLDIERS carouse.

She takes the hilt. The Monks’ PRAYER continues: 65 INT.DAWN DARKNESS becomes a RED GLOW. Steiner gets to his feet. A MONK goes to her. Hear a cold engine WHINE.HALL 67 Samuel strides into the hall. MONASTERY .CELL 64 Severian slides her black and grey battle uniform on. examines the blade. MONASTERY . . kneels. kneels. The Chronicles are chained to his belt. 64 INT. Maximillian von Steiner.SHRINE .52. MONKS file in last. holds up a SWORD. Duval stands. MATCH TO: 66 EXT. He wears black battle dress. Ready for war. SILENCE Samuel WHISPERS: Amen. COAL-FED BEAST. SOLDIERS slowly rouse.NIGHT Samuel raises his head. Something this ugly was never meant to fly. SAMUEL It is time. Slides her harness on: twin scabbards cross her back. MILITARY TRANSPORT . bleary-eyed. Steiner take it. MONASTERY . slides them into their sheaths in a single motion. draws it. She SPINS her two swords. presents a SWORD. SAMUEL In the 65 And SNUFFS out the candle. 67 INT. A MONK crosses to him. Ties her hair back. smiles. SAMUEL Chinois Duval. 66 PULL BACK OUT OF THE ENGINE TO REVEAL THE TRANSPORT An ARMOR-PLATED. Severian glides behind him. The Monks’ PRAYER ends.

Captain? MITCH MACGUIRE (indicates the hawk) Beautiful. looks at the mountains gleaming white under the angry sky. MONASTERY . 68 69 INT. They close the doors and BOLT them shut. SAMUEL Mitchell Hunter. El INT. SAMUEL Jesus Alexandro Dominguin de Garcia. A hawk spirals above. faces. 70 EXT.DAWN The Soldiers cross to the transport. 68 The Monk nudges him. They watch it vanish over the mountain ridge. closes it. . 70 71 INT. Mitch takes the sword without comment.53. MILITARY TRANSPORT . 72 MacGuire pauses.COCKPIT . Hard eyes.HALL All the SOLDIERS have received their swords.CORRIDOR Samuel and MacGuire lead the SOLDIERS down the hall. 69 All but Mitch.DAWN The PILOT and CO-PILOT scrape FROST from the dials and gauges. MILITARY TRANSPORT . riding the thermals. Set 71 72 EXT.DAWN TWO MEN shovel coal into the TRANSPORT’S HOPPER until it’s full. El Jesus SNORES beside a WHORE. Jesus opens one eye. MONASTERY . MILITARY TRANSPORT .

DAWN A VAST CLOUD OF STEAM BLASTS from the transport. 78 The ship 77 76 75 74 73 EXT. MILITARY TRANSPORT .DAWN Here we go.CABIN Vibration. MILITARY TRANSPORT . 76 INT. slowly first. we’re ready for launch. MILITARY TRANSPORT . PILOT Sound all clear.LANDING STRIP . 75 EXT. boiler two redline.DAWN The transport sounds a SIREN.DAWN Checking gauges: CO-PILOT Boiler one redline. MILITARY TRANSPORT . LOUD. MONASTERY . 77 INT.CABIN TWO MONKS secure the BOMB BAG against the bulkhead. MONASTERY .54. STAY WITH THE TRANSPORT Until the Monastery of the Brotherhood is lost beneath the clouds. PILOT Throttle up one and two -PILOT Throttle up three and four -78 CO-PILOT One and two aye. CO-PILOT Three and four aye. SOLDIERS find their seats.LANDING STRIP .COCKPIT .COCKPIT . then faster and faster. 73 INT. 79 INT. MILITARY TRANSPORT . 74 INT. 79 . rises.CABIN No one says anything.

thanks. MacGuire moves on. sir. Eights. Some read. She hands him a stick of gum. Some SOLDIERS sleep. ON A SOLDIER sitting beside Duval. MACGUIRE I was on the other side. JUBA . lighting up. She looks at his tattoos. He PUKES in his helmet. DUVAL What’s that? JUBA You like my fish? DUVAL It’s beautiful. He nods thanks.55. MITCH Imperial MACGUIRE I’m glad to fight beside you on this one. Kills. Some play cards. Juba sits opposite her. Yes. Mitch: MACGUIRE You fought with Capitol’s 101st in Africa. Each fish has a date and a corporate symbol. a shark pursuing a large school of smaller fish. He nods. Hunter. He comes up to ON MACGUIRE moving from Soldier to Soldier. An intricate sleeve covers one arm. Thanks. MITCH That’s right. under General Bishop. Old times. Skag? JUBA MITCH DUVAL I’ll pass.

She nods. It looks like a FALLING STAR going the WRONG WAY.DAY 81 Mitch glances out the closest gunport. Severian comes out. I’m just a guy ON MITCH Moving towards the head.CABIN .COCKPIT .56. Mitch watches her move down the aisle before ducking into the head. Looks like we got on the wrong fucking shuttle. It’s awkward. PILOT Escape transports. . It opens. CO-PILOT Multiple contacts bearing oh-oh-four and oh-one-five. Mitch grins. Sir. DUVAL You’re the shark. MILITARY TRANSPORT . She has to squeeze past him. 81 INT. JUBA Death is the shark. Getting the hell 80 The Co-Pilot peers into a SCOPE. out of here. MITCH Sorry. CO-PILOT’S POV A magnified image of TWO CIVILIAN TRANSPORTS blasting their way up through the clouds on their way to escape velocity. MILITARY TRANSPORT . Excuse me..DAY The radar screen lights up. Sees a TRANSPORT in the distance.. EL JESUS There goes all the money. 80 INT. with a gun. He waits. El Jesus looks over his shoulder. The door’s locked.

PILOT Changing course to two-eightfive -PILOT Diving to fifty-thousand feet -83 EXT. CO-PILOT Two-eight-five.COCKPIT . This one’s closing. MILITARY TRANSPORT . do you copy? Static. CO-PILOT Another contact at three-fourthree. PILOT Give them a heads up.57. you are encroaching on a military vessel. MITCH Wouldn’t be the first time. copy? Static. 82 INT. CO-PILOT No response. MILITARY TRANSPORT . CO-PILOT (into radio) HMS tango-six. aye -CO-PILOT Fifty-angels. aye -82 * 83 .. Break off your current route..DAY Another radar contact. come around to your heading oh-three-eight.DAY The transports banks and dives. PILOT (shakes his head) Plumbers flying planes. CO-PILOT (into radio) Attention Transport HMS tango-six. come around to your heading oh-three-eight.

getting brighter as it comes closer. BARRELS WHINE as they ROTATE to speed.DAY Shake. PILOT Safeties off. buckles himself in.COCKPIT .DAY Anything not held down HITS THE CEILING. MILITARY TRANSPORT . They’re on an intercept course. MILITARY TRANSPORT . rattle. White knuckles. 87 INT.CABIN . 85 INT. MILITARY TRANSPORT . 84 Mitch CAREENS back to his seat. PILOT That outta do it. MILITARY TRANSPORT .COCKPIT . CO-PILOT They’re changing direction.. MULTIPLE 86 85 The CIVILIAN TRANSPORT glows in the distance like an EMBER. 84 INT. Hold on. break off or you will be fired upon -- . CO-PILOT That’s a civilian ship-PILOT SAFETIES OFF! 86 EXT.DAY The Pilot puts the collective through its paces. PILOT 87 CO-PILOT (into radio) HMS tango-six.58. and roll. The Co-Pilot’s eyes are locked on the radar..DAY MASSIVE CHAINGUN TURRETS above and below unlock.

CIVILIAN TRANSPORT .. CIVILIAN TRANSPORT .DAY 89 88 THE CIVILIAN TRANSPORT BLASTS towards the Military Transport... CO-PILOT (V...DAY Proximity ALARMS. Walls and floor thick with blood. 91 INT.DAY . break off.. break off -- .DAY It’s an abattoir. Every MAN..COCKPIT .O. do you copy? break off now. radio) Tango-six. PILOT Fire the guns! 92 The Co91 CO-PILOT (into radio) Break off. WOMAN.. radio) . 90 INT.! The MILITARY TRANSPORT looms larger and larger through the cockpit windows. 92 INT. and CHILD has been slaughtered. 89 EXT. you will be fired upon. break off.COCKPIT . MILITARY TRANSPORT .O...O. MILITARY TRANSPORT .CABIN . radio) Tango-six. CIVILIAN TRANSPORT . TWO BLOOD DRENCHED MUTANTS sit at the controls. CO-PILOT (V. 88 INT..CABIN . 90 You must MOVE DOWN THE CENTER OF THE CABIN.repeat... break off.. Pilot’s desperation CRACKLES over the radio: CO-PILOT (V.DAY The SOLDIERS are SLAMMED hard in their harnesses.59..INTO THE COCKPIT. Fire! PANIC.

DAY The CHAINGUNS spit FIRE. The wind sucks out everything that’s not nailed down out the jagged HOLE where the cockpit used to be. MILITARY TRANSPORT . . MILITARY TRANSPORT .. SHEARING OFF THE FRONT OF THE SHIP. PILOT FIRE! CO-PILOT Break break break -.COCKPIT .. Including THREE SOLDIERS. 97 EXT. over the ROAR of wind: MacGuire YELLS to be heard 98 97 MACGUIRE Get to the escape pod! What? DUVAL . 98 INT.DAY 94 93 There’s just enough time for the Pilot and Co-Pilot to see it coming.DAY 95 The Civilian Transport’s remaining wing CLIPS the Military Transport behind the cockpit. MILITARY TRANSPORT .. MILITARY TRANSPORT ..60. 95 EXT. MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK . leaving spirals of smoke in its wake. 94 INT. 96 INT.BLOWING a wing off the Civilian Transport. 93 EXT.DAY Everything SPINS and SHUDDERS.! The Pilot reaches over and hits the trigger.CABIN .DAY The Wreck goes into a flat spin at 40.000 feet.DAY 96 An INCREDIBLE JOLT. The Civilian Transport spirals towards the Military Transport. MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK .

The SURVIVORS unbuckle. MACGUIRE POD! ESCAPE! MacGuire points to the rear. 101 EXT. The bomb FLIES free and SMASHES into the fuselage RIGHT NEXT TO MITCH’S HEAD.CONTINUOUS ARMOR PLATES tear free of the SPINNING hulk. Duval lower it down to Steiner and Juba. over the BODIES of soldiers killed in the collision. SAMUEL Get the bomb! Severian pulls Samuel to Steiner struggles to stand. Steiner opens the ESCAPE POD HATCH. Releases the buckle. MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK . Every movement takes tremendous effort -. Severian joins Samuel inside the Escape Pod. reaching up to where the bomb is secured. 99 EXT. 100 INT. apart. He grabs its harness. crawl through the wreckage. MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK .CONTINUOUS ONE ENGINE flies off. the hatch.they must fight the intense Gforce of the spin.CONTINUOUS Mitch and El Jesus get the bomb to the pod. Hunter! STEINER Get the bomb! Come on! Mitch glares at Steiner.CONTINUOUS It’s coming 99 100 Mitch and El Jesus drag themselves to the rear of the plane. 102 MacGuire and 101 INT.61. MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK . 102 Then ANOTHER. MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK . . Juba goes next. The bomb! Steiner nods.

The LINE SNAPS TAUT. MacGuire. Duval are left bulkheads. A PARACHUTE spreads out... DUVAL Those your last words. ESCAPE POD . MILITARY TRANSPORT WRECK . The pod spirals down. ESCAPE POD . There’s only Mitch. 103 EXT. here we go. Steiner.CONTINUOUS Tight fit. then SHUTS the hatch. DUVAL What are you doing? SAMUEL Giving you my seat.CONTINUOUS The ESCAPE POD bursts out of the spinning wreck. El Jesus. El Jesus climbs into the pod. braced against Samuel tries to get up. in the middle. The line UNCOILS. JUBA Silk should pop at 5000. DUVAL Volunteering. SOLDIERS try to buckle into gear as fast as they can. too fast. 105 EXT. tumbles toward earth. The nose blows open. 103 El Jesus holds up his hand.62.CONTINUOUS 105 The pod TUNNELS through a dense CLOUD LAYER. yobo? Yeah. stow seats for so many. MacGuire takes one last look at the DEAD SOLDIERS. and standing. Then Mitch.. The parachute JERKS downward. 104 crash seats. . 104 INT.. EL JESUS Juba’s got one eye on the altimeter. Suck me. RIPPING.

altimeter passes 2000 and keeps dropping. We blew the chute. ESCAPE POD . before the silk rips apart. 107 MACGUIRE The EXT. 108 INT. Do it. down.” motherfucker! JUBA We pop the backup now we’ll shred it like the first! MITCH What’s your thinking? JUBA We wait. MACGUIRE We’re still falling.63. ESCAPE POD . The pod keeps going down.CONTINUOUS 107 The parachute lines RELEASE. The ruined parachute vanishes into the swirling clouds. slow us down before we hit. him: No! JUBA Juba stops 106 EL JESUS “No?” Fuck “no!” “Yes. STEINER We’re too heavy. hit the backup-El Jesus reaches for the BACKUP PARACHUTE TOGGLE. 106 INT. 108 . We open it low. ESCAPE POD . MACGUIRE The backup. Mitch looks at MacGuire. MacGuire looks at Juba.CONTINUOUS Juba watches the altimeter.CONTINUOUS HUGE JOLT. down.

SKIDDING. ESCAPE POD . 110 INT. and forth frantically. The parachute begins to tear. 109 EXT. Juba’s hand on the toggle. Hold on. JUBA Nothing happens. Weakly: Hey. The clouds break RIGHT over a rain-soaked RUINED SKYLINE. leaving behind a long. Hey. ESCAPE POD . slowing the Pod. He flips it back He switches the toggle. Crash positions. 1000. living. HITS the GROUND at an angle. JUBA 1500. El Jesus? From under A DEAD SOLDIER: . It CLIPS THE SKYSCRAPER. Sounds of COUGHS.CONTINUOUS Steam and smoke. The altimeter crosses 1000. MITCH Mitch pulls himself to his She opens her eyes. JUBA Samuel PRAYS. knocking a hole in the corner. The lines snap TAUT. His face is inches from Severian’s. feet.64. The BACKUP PARACHUTE billows out. MITCH You alive? She nods.CONTINUOUS 109 The Escape Pod blasts through the clouds. deep trench. 110 Small movements from the Mitch opens his eyes. The Escape Pod is heading RIGHT FOR AN ABANDONED SKYSCRAPER. COMES OUT the other side in an EXPLOSION of CONCRETE.

Juba follows. CRASH SITE .) 112 111 Samuel and Severian kneel next to MacGuire.DAY The Escape Pod hatch opens. El Jesus stumbles out with a BIG DUFFEL. El Jesus rises up from beneath. STEINER Just make sure you’re not near me when your gun blows up. . falls into the mud. MITCH Grab what you can and get clear.S. ESCAPE POD Mitch searches through the smoke. A METAL STRUT has impaled MacGuire’s thigh. MacGuire? Here. MITCH MACGUIRE (O. DUVAL You sure you want to do that? EL JESUS Be a hot time in the old town. EL JESUS Fuck. 112 INT. 111 EXT. Duval next. Steiner drags the bomb with him.65. she’s a real spitfire. Samuel PRAYS over: MITCH We’ll have to cut you loose. JUBA White phosphorous shells? EL JESUS (re: his gun) Conchita here. El Jesus starts loading his double-barreled pump with YELLOW striped RED shells.

113 . 113 EXT. please. Mitch joins him. MITCH (to Samuel) Will you shut up? He’s not dead. Thank you. MACGUIRE Yes I am. Samuel finishes his PRAYER. Hunter. and the bomb slung on his back. It hit the artery. sir. Mitch leaves. Mitch squats down next to him. MITCH Sorry ‘bout that. MITCH See you later. Steiner: twin machine-pistols in a tanker’s rig. Mitch gives him a grenade. I’ll be gone in sixty seconds. MacGuire clutches it like a MACGUIRE Good luck. El Jesus hands him a rifle.DAY No more extras. Severian follows him. can I ask the borrow of a grenade. then leaves without another word. Severian and Samuel only carry their swords. Duval and Juba carry rifles. CRASH SITE . El Jesus has his trusty double-barreled pump. Amen. MACGUIRE There’s no time. MACGUIRE Hunter. The SURVIVORS arms themselves. SAMUEL MACGUIRE Samuel rests his hand on MacGuire’s head for a moment. You pull it out.66. talisman. Amen.

DAY 114 SAMUEL Let’s go. Who’s in charge? Steiner’s about to speak when Samuel says: Soldiers. MITCH Thanks. MITCH You’re right. 115 The others follow. Silent. Abandoned and burnt out buildings built on the ruins of an earlier age. Samuel shakes his head. CUT TO: 114 EXT. north-northwest. Rain. pulls him back. The SQUAD moves from cover to cover. Juba checks the map. RUINED CITY . Beat. Mud. Nothing ever changes. Mitch takes the map from him. SIX MUTANTS lope down the street in the distance.ELSEWHERE . DUVAL This way. Steiner and Mitch stare at each other.67.DAY Duval squats down behind an overturned car in the middle of the street. RUINED CITY . Fast. Points. Juba joins her. looks. Mitch points. now half buried in mud. hands it back. Something from WWII or Hue City or Beirut or Sarajevo. the Escape Pod EXPLODES. JUBA We’re off course by four leagues. Behind them. 115 EXT. They do. Mitch is about to move around a wall when Juba grabs him. . She takes point.

Hunter! DUVAL But Mitch is already gone. heading around a corner. TWO ARMED GUARDS. EL JESUS Motherfucker you don’t ever -MOVEMENT behind them. Duval swings her gun up. REFUGEES running across the street. fire MACHINE-GUNS over the heads of a small CROWD OF REFUGEES. thank you. 116 . A TRANSPORT SHIP belches steam in the middle of the square. Then the sound of GUNFIRE. the sound. MITCH Friendlies. The SQUAD slogs up to her. MITCH Check your fire! He knocks her barrel down. away. Mitch watches from the corner of the building. Duval waves them up. RUINED CITY SQUARE . The SHOT goes wild.68. SUCKS wind. 116 EXT. BIGBOY and SKINNY. MOVEMENT in front. FAST MOVING FIGURES. Steiner SLAPS his hand They look. Steiner EL JESUS Need a hand with that? He reaches out to grab the bomb pack. Mitch breaks from cover. STEINER No.DAY Mitch comes round a corner into a small city square. Not mutants. Nothing. They turn. follows JUBA Target’s that way.

ON THE SQUAD They pay no attention to the drama in the square.. JUBA There’s still plenty of easy meat around here. The SQUAD joins Mitch at the corner. Referring to the map: Except Stay on him Even . unfold: ANGLE ON THE TRANSPORT KEEP BACK! BIGBOY KEEP BACK. BIGBOY BACK YOU SCUM! He RAKES FIRE above the crowd. not yet. BY GOD! They watch the scene SKINNY James Corwin and Guest.. The Crowd parts to let TWO WEALTHY PASSENGERS on board while a PORTER loads an ENORMOUS PILE OF LUGGAGE. MITCH. more luggage. so can’t be too many mutes. SKINNY Right this way sir. He keeps glancing over to the transport. for. we’re in a bit of a hurry. Juba points to a break in the buildings. MEN and WOMEN and CHILDREN BEG the Guards to let them on. as the others debate: JUBA We need to cut through there. Several BODIES lie before the Guards. DUVAL Good place for an ambush.69. An OLD PLUTOCRAT moves forward with his TROPHY GIRL. shot to death.

BIGBOY THE NEXT WHORE WHO SHOVES HER BRAT IN MY FACE IS A DEAD WHORE WITH A DEAD BRAT -MITCH Let them on. MITCH You’re letting them take luggage? BIGBOY The ticket says. MITCH How much weight is that? BIGBOY Do I look like a scale? MITCH (re: Refugees) What about these people? BIGBOY “Those people” should have bought a ticket. BIGBOY Ship can’t carry the weight. Slings his rifle and pushes his way to the front of the Crowd. this street here’s a lot harder to get pinned down -Mitch starts through the Crowd.70. Four cases each. DUVAL We go through the square. MITCH What do you weigh? 275? . Hunter? DUVAL Samuel CALLS after him: Hunter! SAMUEL STAY WITH MITCH He ignores Samuel.

Bigboy drops. They squeeze past Mitch looks at him: MITCH He said something about a weight limit.. MITCH Dump the luggage. The Skinny Guard is pissing himself. SAMUEL . SKINNY We can take a lot. BIGBOY 310. you seem to have a handle on this burg. They look at him in a new way... MITCH Y’all figure this shit out yet? Juba grins. MITCH I’ll be watching. Quick-draws his PISTOL and CRATERS Bigboy’s head. That’s two women. MITCH Duval. Mitch moves back through the crowd. Take them all. Skinny nods.71. points..to the SQUAD. new respect. two kids. MITCH (to the CROWD) 310. DUVAL Duval with They start to move out. . TWO WOMEN press forward with their KIDS. Skinny nods. Wanna grab point? Sure.. Mitch. Hunter. A lot.. Steiner with unbridled contempt. Mitch nods. He says it like a threat.

or undead. They turn on FLASHLIGHTS. BURIED CHURCH .DAY 117 The dome of a old ROMANESQUE CHURCH thrusts up through the mud. MITCH Brother. Juba and Duval rappel down thirty feet. DUVAL How do we open it? Samuel refers to the Chronicles..CRYPT 119 The SQUAD descends a flight of stone stairs into the Crypt. 119 INT. THE STONE SEAL that fills the wall..NAVE Juba and Duval climb up the dome 118 TWO ROPES drop down from the hole in the domed roof. dead. CUT TO: 117 EXT. to a hole in the roof. Stalactites of grime hang from carvings of saints and mutants. Just smaller.. The SQUAD splashes to it. . SAMUEL (to Mitch’s back. The first thing they see is a LEERING MUTANT. I don’t want to hear it. It looks just like the SAMUEL What lies on the other side of that seal has not been seen in over eight hundred years.. land in a growing puddle of rainwater. The REST OF THE SQUAD rappels into the nave.72.. Prepare yourselves. Mud covers the floor. Great Seal. No sign of living. It’s a statue.. Duval holds up her hand: All clear. BURIED CHURCH . 118 INT. quietly) . They move past sarcophagi to.good job. BURIED CHURCH .

We did this. A SERIES OF SHOTS as the SQUAD moves deeper and deeper into the labyrinth.” SAMUEL Something like that. Samuel draws his sword and RAMS it into the mortar holding the Seal in place. SAMUEL They didn’t do this.73. the Stone Seal falls in with a CRASH. to the hilt. We’ve always excelled at killing each other. FLASHLIGHTS illuminate a tunnel lined with INTERLOCKING BONES. The Evil. DUVAL How many times has this happened before? The mutants. There must be SAMUEL Millions. EL JESUS “Open sesame. Finally. . MITCH Was wondering when we got to use these. Finally. CATACOMBS 120 Darkness. Mitch draws his blade. Perhaps that is the Enemy’s greatest affront: He would challenge our supremacy as the architects of our own doom. yes. sloping DOWN. thousands. Duval breaks the silence. He drives it into the mortar. Each new age builds upon the bones of the old. speaking in a HUSH: DUVAL All these people. SHAFTS OF LIGHT stream in where the swords break through the mortar. 120 INT.

EL JESUS You gave your ticket to a woman and you didn’t even fuck her? JUBA I said I didn’t know her name. I didn’t know you were looking for a mommy. DUVAL Well. She works at The Pearl. lets them flutter from his fingers. EL JESUS That’s fucking cold. pulls out his TWO TICKETS. What? DUVAL JUBA You didn’t strike me that maternal. EL JESUS Gave those golden tickets to mi mami and papi. STEINER I hope she was worth it. I don’t know her name. I . DUVAL I’m here for my children. Steiner? Who’d you give your tickets to? In answer. never said I didn’t fuck her. She’s got this walk that’s pure sin city and eyes you drown in. then why are we here? SAMUEL Better answer that question yourself. EL JESUS If mankind’s so fucked. Steiner reaches into his uniform. JUBA Yeah? What about you. JUBA There’s this girl.74. across from the barracks. Juba smirks. yobo.

Duval. The SQUAD continues. 121 INT.” No shit. looks at the shadows. 122 EL JESUS MITCH Pick a window. and the warning RELINQUES TOTUS SPEC FORNICATORES MATRIS. . leaving the shadows behind.75.HALLWAY Duval climbs through a window into a hallway of stone and steel. The glass is long gone. STEINER What’s it say? SAMUEL Abandon all hope. About three stories are exposed. asking. Her FLASHLIGHT reveals SHADOWS of people BURNED into the wall. SKYSCRAPER . covered with ANCIENT GRAFFITI: leering mutant faces. Brother? DUVAL Samuel moves up. SAMUEL I have no idea. 122 INT.SKYSCRAPER 121 The tunnel opens into a chamber that ends at the EXTERIOR WALL of a STEEL AND CONCRETE SKYSCRAPER. But thanks for The tunnel of bones begins to widen. (beat) “Motherfuckers. DUVAL Hunter? MITCH My reason’s mine. CATACOMBS .

a bottom. contact.ELEVATOR LOBBY Mitch leads the SQUAD into an ORNATE ELEVATOR LOBBY. Only jagged fragments remain of the railing. SKYSCRAPER . They look at the elevators.. It CRUMBLES at his touch. all the way to the top of the shaft.where the VIBRATION begins to shake an OLD ELEVATOR CAR. The descent seems to go 123 THE STAIRWELL ENDS in a pile of RUBBLE. MITCH One floor up. SKYSCRAPER . up. up.76.. 124 INT. FOLLOW THE VIBRATION up.ELEVATOR SHAFT Mitch leans into the elevator shaft. El 124 DUVAL They DISINTEGRATE on 125 If there’s A SERIES OF SHOTS as the SQUAD uses their climbing gear to rappel down the shaft. Juba shrugs. The RUSTED LOCKS that hold it in place begin to CRUMBLE.STAIRWELL A SERIES OF SHOTS as the SQUAD moves in a spiral down a stairwell leading into darkness. . Juba presses the DOWN BUTTON. looks down. they BUMP into the ANCIENT ELEVATOR CABLE that hangs down the center of the shaft. As they move. causing it to VIBRATE. he can’t see it. That’s it. 123 INT. Mitch KICKS the RUSTED elevator doors. they must have had elevators too. 125 INT. Mitch gets an idea. SKYSCRAPER . The SQUAD keeps close to the wall. . MITCH Figure if they built buildings this big way back.. Jesus stares at him.. on forever.

Mitch goes over the edge. cutting Mitch’s rope as. the ELEVATOR CAR continues it’s descent. It grows very small before stopping with a CRASH that ECHOES through the skyscraper. uses the BOMB to SMASH through a set of RUSTED DOORS. 128 INT. 127 FOLLOW HIM. Mitch is YANKED OFF his feet. Then the Elevator Car SNAGS MITCH’S ROPE. SKYSCRAPER . Time to take one breath. swings across the shaft. Severian’s SWORD FLASHES. Waiting. One SNAPS. dragged back towards the elevator shaft. He takes her hand. 127 126 INT.. SKYSCRAPER .LOWER ELEVATOR LOBBY Mitch is the last one out of the shaft. With a ON THE ELEVATOR CAR as the OTHER LOCKS GIVE WAY.77. Below him. SCREECH the elevator DROPS. ON THE SQUAD. SKYSCRAPER . The CAR PLUMMETS past. STEINER shoves off from one wall.. 128 . They freeze. reaches down to Mitch.ELEVATOR SHAFT Mitch CLINGS to a the EDGE of a RUSTING GIRDER. leaving a TRAIL OF SPARKS. 126 INT. missing him by inches. His fingers find no purchase on the concrete floor. They look up at the SOUND.LOWER ELEVATOR LOBBY Severian and El Jesus pull Mitch up.. THE SQUAD sees the car SILHOUETTED by sparks as it plummets towards them. Come on! STEINER The SQUAD frantically follows as the CAR GAINS SPEED. Severian leans in..

searches in The Chronicles. Juba stands there. No The exits have collapsed into rubble. and finally Severian and Samuel. pulls out another bar. . Pulls out a chocolate bar. JUBA You think they heard that? DUVAL I guess we’re about to get our feet wet. Severian stays with him. MITCH Thanks. way out. EL JESUS Who’s gotta deck of cards? STEINER goes to one of the exits.MAIN ELEVATOR LOBBY 129 The elevator wreck has knocked the elevator doors into the lobby. Clear. uses his sword to probe the rocks. EL JESUS Good thing I brought my rubbers. DUVAL Dead end. She reaches into her uniform. 129 INT. SKYSCRAPER . They are expecting a war. waiting. Mitch and Duval follow. SAMUEL moves off from the group. reflecting BEAMS from FLASHLIGHTS as El Jesus DROPS into the lobby. sits.78. DUST swirls. DUVAL sits down. hands it to Juba. He COCKS his shotgun. Clear. shotgun at the ready. then Juba and Steiner. They don’t get one. EL JESUS MITCH DUVAL There’s no way in. Nothing.

MITCH sits down next to Samuel. You have to have faith in greater things. Do you understand what the Enemy is. MITCH Find any inspiration? Samuel QUICKLY closes the book. But El Jesus goes to help anyway. taste. Samuel nods. Hunter? This Dark Star cast from Heaven? Mitch shakes his head. everything.79. and of God. SAMUEL It is a very good book. He doesn’t want Mitch to see So do Juba and Duval. Hunter. touch. it. is from God. by a handful of rocks. STEINER I will not let it end here. SAMUEL Everything that is. MITCH Haven’t seen much to have faith in. Private conversation. Their voices are quiet. MITCH Even Steiner? . SAMUEL You have seen the worst that Man can do. But you have not seen the worst the Enemy can do. Stopped EL JESUS A fuckload more than a handful. JUBA Thanks. Everything you can see and feel. EL JESUS (to Steiner) You’re wasting your time. But even the best book is just a book. comes from God.

It is the end of every living thing.TO A GRATE set in the floor. We must. A QUICK SERIES OF SHOTS As they pry the grate up and drop down into the hole. It came from Outside. SAMUEL You are a believer. SAMUEL Have a little faith.. SAMUEL Then why are you here? Rhetorical question. For all time. but your mission is kind of fucked. FOLLOW THE WATER It trickles down through dust and over stone. SAMUEL Even so. the Enemy is Unlife. from Beyond. Samuel reaches into his uniform. EL JESUS looks over at Samuel and Mitch.to a dark corner where the stone roof slopes low. Because we must. He pours it on the ground.... MITCH I wish I could tell you you’re right. (beat) And so I have faith that we will triumph.80. No. But the Enemy is not of God.. CUT TO: Removes a bottle of holy . water.. everywhere. As God is life... MITCH I don’t believe in anything. Mitch disagrees: A statement of faith. . EL JESUS You gonna help? Maybe you haven’t noticed.. .

Trying to make no sound. following the line of Workers.. He nods. few living MOAN and CRY and PRAY. They seem to go one forever.. Juba motions behind for silence.. They move TWENTY YARDS down the ledge. Hunter. SAMUEL (whispers) Hunter? But Mitch is locked on Nathan’s body. She points down. Mitch is about to go when he sees something below that freezes him cold. Duval follows it. Their ledge overlooks. 130 INT. staying on the ledge. SUBWAY TUNNEL 130 The WATER trickles down onto a NARROW LEDGE. moving down the tunnel like a line of ants. Nathan COUGHS. Duval glances back to Samuel. A LINE of WORKER MUTANTS scurries below them. The 15 FEET ABOVE the SQUAD moves carefully down the ledge. Anything. looking for any sign of life.. ONE OF THE WORKERS IS CARRYING NATHAN. This is my fight. Mitch moves past the fissure. Lieut? EL JESUS MITCH Go with them. balances carefully on the edge. Mitch leaves them behind. She goes into the fissure. Juba follows. . Most are dead. SAMUEL MITCH I know him.81. .. Juba’s right behind her. AN ANCIENT SUBWAY TUNNEL.to a fissure in the rock that leads away from the tunnel.. Each carries a HUMAN BODY on its back.

EL JESUS (to Samuel) Does your book have us going anyplace that doesn’t suck? CUT TO: 132 INT. The Subway Car TILTS. Mitch cocks his head. She joins Duval and Juba. STEINER He’s abandoning the mission.. DROPS.. . SUBWAY TUNNEL 132 Mitch moves along the ledge. ONE BY ONE. El Jesus. hanging over the tunnel where two rails once intersected. 131 INT. CRUSHING three Workers and BLOCKING the tunnel.82. Metal GROANS. She watches Mitch move down the ledge until he vanishes around a corner. Severian is the last. out of the HITCH that holds the Car in place. The water is waist deep. keeping pace with Nathan’s body. SAMUEL He’s a good man. a granite slab a yard over their heads. She ducks into the fissure. the others enter the fissure. He squats on the ledge Risks shining his light a A SUBWAY CAR blocks the ledge. He sees Nathan near the end of PULLS the PIN Mitch turns to the Subway Car. PAN UP TO MITCH looking down. little further. ANGLE ON THE TUNNEL where the pallid line of Workers snakes beneath the Subway Car. Looks down the tunnel. UNDERGROUND STREAM 131 Severian drops from above into AN UNDERGROUND STREAM. for a moment. thinking. Reaches down. the ceiling. the line of Workers. There are too many for him to fight. Samuel and Steiner. CRASHES into the tunnel below. Squints.

BLOWING one Worker into CHUNKS.83. Then FOUR Workers are on him and there’s no time to reload. NATHAN I’m getting you out of here. Gently: Nate. SIX WORKERS remain. rolls him over. barely has time to SLAP a new clip into his rifle. Mitch UNLOADS the clip. He clings to life by a single thread. Mitch EMPTIES his Mitch The FIVE Workers dump their bodies. CLIP into its head. Halfway to Mars by now. Mitch rushes to Nathan’s body. NATHAN It’s Mitch. Hey! MITCH Nathan grabs Mitch. SWARM the ledge. Sinks to the ground. Slumps to the side. Nathan stops fighting. A DOGPILE of HOOK CLAWS and BURNING EYES and lolling BLACK TONGUES. Where’s my girls? MITCH They’re safe. One Worker looks up. knocking it off the ledge. His skin is deathly pale. . SEVEN CUTS for FOUR MUTANTS. Rolls Nathan over. Another clambers onto his back. MITCH It’s Mitch. Fever WRACKS his body and his eyes are wild. All FOUR swarm him. Won’t let you. Then Mitch gets the sword free. blowing it apart. Mitch. Mitch. NATHAN Son of bitch! I won’t let you. Nathan HITS Mitch in the face with his RUINED HAND. He SMASHES one in the face. Nathan relaxes. He tumbles off the ledge. NATHAN Mitch. on top. Two more grab him. They drop in pieces.

hermano. Up to their chests. Come on. DUVAL We can’t breath water. and sinks under the water. You’re staying with me. Beat. you don’t. Samuel. A trial of faith. CUT TO: 133 INT. The granite roof slopes down into the water. “A passage through water and fire. Fuck. DUVAL SAMUEL This is the way. MITCH No. And with that. Severian follows him. Samuel takes a deep breath. SAMUEL The Chronicle says.84. Together? JUBA . UNDERGROUND STREAM 133 The SQUAD SLOSHES downstream. He goes under. Mitch lifts Nathan up. EL JESUS I’m no fish. Dead end.” JUBA So where’s the fire? SAMUEL It’s an allegory. The water gets deeper and deeper. SAMUEL The time for doubt has passed. EL JESUS Vaya con dios.

I’m going to die.85. Shut up! here! MITCH I’m getting you out of NATHAN You going to carry me up that hole? . “Save the world. NATHAN Mitch. NATHAN Mitch grabs one of the ropes that hangs down. MITCH I don’t want to hear it. Mitch. Nathan clings to his back. And they sink into the water. You got to drop what you want to do and do what you have to do. It won’t be first class. MITCH No. And you’re going to finish your mission. CUT TO: 134 INT.” How can I save the world if I can’t save one man? NATHAN One’s got nothing to do with the other.LOWER ELEVATOR LOBBY Mitch climbs out of the hole. I’m dying. SKYSCRAPER . both collapse in the dirt. Looks up the shaft. Once clear. but it will get you out of this hole. NATHAN Listen to me. I’m gonna make a sling. MITCH What mission? The mission was bullshit from the start. you’re not. DUVAL Together. Mitch gets up. 134 Goes to the elevator.

MITCH Could you do it? No. NATHAN I can’t order you. That’s what makes you strong. It’s turned black at the shoulder. Nathan holds up his left arm. takes Nathan’s black hand in his. MITCH Yes! NATHAN On your back? MITCH Goddammit will you shut up? Just shut the fuck up! I’m saving you! NATHAN You saved me when you saved my wife and child. and black and red streaks of infection spread into his chest. Look at my arm. NATHAN Since when did you have to believe in a mission to do it? You believe in yourself and your men. MITCH No. MITCH I can’t leave you here. NATHAN I’m not asking you to. Mitch. MITCH I don’t believe in the mission. me. NATHAN You’ll have to be better than . up his neck. Oh. And you know it. Mitch kneels beside Nathan. But it’s the right thing. Nate.86. NATHAN Finish the mission. Nathan slides Mitch’s sidearm from its holster and presses it into Mitch’s hand.

MITCH Anything they don’t already know? Huh. 137 . MITCH No days like that. But Mitch chambers a round.. UNDERGROUND STREAM 136 135 UNDERWATER The SQUAD swims through the murk. Nathan’s head SNAPS back.and keep going.. NATHAN Tell my girls I love them. and up. NATHAN I guess not. down. sucking wind in SHUDDERING GASPS. UNDERWORLD . 137 INT. MITCH You ready? No. Samuel can go no further.KILLING GROUND Severian and Samuel break the SURFACE. they find an AIR POCKET. down. BOOM. He removes Nathan’s dogtags and adds them to his chain. Finally.. He EXHALES his air. Down. NATHAN Do it. Using their hands to pull themselves along the rock ceiling. The Severian grabs him. SUBWAY TUNNEL Mitch moves down the ledge. bubbles rise up. At one point. 136 INT. Not enough to clear their heads -..87. following his bubbles.to SUCK a MOUTHFUL of AIR -. kicks off and up.. Mitch holsters the smoking gun. CUT TO: 135 INT..just enough for nose and mouth -.

BLASTING twin shells of WHITE PHOSPHOROUS into the enemy. The OTHERS come up around them.a small pool in a small cavern. He’s smiling with a weird light in his eyes. Brass sprays.. An EXPLOSION of WHITE LIGHT. current.. No one breathes. CUT TO: 138 INT. Juba steps up with his sword. It opens its mouth IMPOSSIBLY WIDE. Steiner’s gun runs dry. 138 Follows the BACK TO: 139 INT. A MUTANT cuts him when he reloads. REVEALING. It doesn’t matter. around. . DISMEMBERS any Mutants who try to get close. They fight like heroes. He takes the BOMB SLING from his back. It SHATTERS BONE on contact. They bring their lights up. When she reloads.. CLICK.KILLING GROUND 139 FLASHLIGHTS and MUZZLE FIRE illuminate a CHAOS of gunfire and flashing swords and glistening white blades of bone. Beat. BREATHING hard. BURNING GREEN EYES glare back. COMPLETELY SURROUNDED by WARRIOR MUTANTS. His eyes are fierce with holy zeal. El Jesus jacks the pump of his scattergun. They look Then ONE WARRIOR lunges forward and El Jesus GREASES him with a WHITE PHOSPHOROUS shell. and he is unafraid. trying to protect Samuel.. Duval goes through CLIP after CLIP. Back to back with El Jesus. His barrel is beginning to glow red. UNDERWORLD . Samuel has his blade out too. swings it like a morning star. Steiner JAMS both guns in and BLASTS away.88. UNDERGROUND STREAM Mitch drops down into the underground stream. . Steiner FIRES twin machinepistols. Severian is a whirling dervish. weaving a net of steel.

A WARRIOR leaps towards to Duval while she reloads. Juba leaps between them. Juba looks at Duval. hard. Juba tries to keep them back. SHOUTS: No! DUVAL His barrel glows white But it’s too late: El Jesus pulls the trigger again and his shotgun EXPLODES. unconscious. give me a sign He sees the faintest swirl of BLOOD in the water. She tries to bring the gun up. Duval sees it. CUT TO: 141 . Then he looks down. The Warrior’s boneblade has cut through his side. UNDERGROUND STREAM 140 Mitch reaches the point where the ceiling slope descends into the water. Not fast enough. El Jesus BLASTS another W-P shell. burned. here. No where else to go. He hits the rock CUT TO: 140 INT. The BLAST sends Steiner into the wall. Come on. then falls. UNDERWORLD . almost to the spine. but he’s extended too far. MITCH Come on. and a distant echo of GUNFIRE.KILLING GROUND Now the Mutants can bring their numbers to bear. takes the Warrior’s head off with a perfect strike. El Jesus vanishes in a BURNING WHITE CLOUD.89. hot. BACK TO: 141 INT. He takes a DEEP BREATH and goes under.

90. . She takes down THREE before she vanishes under COUNTLESS LEERING WARRIORS.. Nothing moves. following them up. Only Severian and Samuel now. PRAY IN GAELIC. keeps going.. Surrounded. Severian opens CUT TO: 144 INT. her mouth. Samuel’s breath is ragged. 142 INT. deadly blades flashing. Samuel looks surprised.KILLING GROUND Duval EMPTIES her last clip. No 145 144 The ceiling above narrows into a chimney. breathing HARD. UNDERGROUND STREAM Mitch swims. UNDERGROUND STREAM Severian’s SCREAM echoes OVER: Mitch dragging himself under water.. BLOWING another Warrior into CHUNKS. Nothing. A tunnel leads from the chamber.. pinning the Chronicle to Samuel’s chest. SUCKS AIR from the airpocket. UNDERWORLD . But they are tired. He shines his light around the chamber. It looks like it was dug out with claws. 145 INT. soldiers. UNDERWORLD .KILLING GROUND Mitch comes up with a SPLASH. No mutants. The WARRIOR lunges at him. Finally he THRUSTS at a WARRIOR but the parry knocks his sword from his fingers. Samuel begins to 143 142 Every time a MUTANT lunges forward Severian is there. His prayer falters.. BACK TO: 143 INT. He’s getting slow. finally seeing the bubble rise. Samuel barely has time to raise the CHRONICLE before him. She picks up Juba’s sword and CHARGES the horde. The boneblade pierces leather and parchment and skin and meat. Samuel’s sword runs black with gore.

MITCH A WARRIOR MUTANT emerges from the water. He quietly says good-bye to his friend: Jesús. He looks up. PAGES torn from The Chronicle lie scattered and torn. I know. twists its head clean off. collecting the loose.91. (O. El Jesus’ charred corpse. Mitch goes to the body. unused to speech. Look closer. Raises its blades. She means Samuel. but she’s saying what Mitch is feeling. the book said we could do this thing. burned beyond recognition.S. MITCH How long have you been silent? She speaks in a HUSKY WHISPER. Brass casings. Wades into the water. SEVERIAN Eight years. I need to know how. SEVERIAN What are you doing? MITCH Samuel said. Thanks. MITCH Starts Mitch searches the room. bloodstained pages. It is utterly silent. Black blood. impales the WARRIOR through the mouth with his own sword. a cooling puddle beside the skull. comes to shore. It creeps towards Mitch. Severian drops down from the chimney into the pool. red blood. . Finds El Jesus’ gold teeth melted. MITCH She SEVERIAN I couldn’t save him.) Hunter! SEVERIAN Mitch SPINS.

We lost the trigger. MITCH It just stops. ‘The Deliverer will rise and smite the machine of the Enemy. tries to read them.” That’s all it says. It’s incomplete. I couldn’t stop them. and it shall be riven into pieces. Yeah. SEVERIAN We lost the bomb. through water. Severian shakes her head. Sinks down. I’m sorry. Severian is devastated. MITCH SEVERIAN We’ve failed. SEVERIAN It doesn’t tell us how to fight them? Mitch shakes his head.’ He told me. Mitch lies the parchment out. Mitch reads something. What? SEVERIAN MITCH The Chronicle just stops. “Neachdainn the Deliverer shall walk reborn into the labyrinth.92. to confront the Enemy of Man. SEVERIAN It doesn’t say we’ll win? MITCH It just stops. (beat) They took his body. Searches the other pages. and fire. MITCH . SEVERIAN Samuel told me.

SEVERIAN What do you believe in? MITCH I’m not paid to believe. stares back at her. lies.. MITCH You coming? She follows. they reach the end of the tunnel. 147 INT. to fuck shit up. He believed in himself. SEVERIAN So there was no prophecy. was the Deliverer. UNDERWORLD . One carries DUVAL. 147 Juba . hurling the bodies over the edge. and Severian can sense it. SEVERIAN But the book.MACHINE ANTECHAMBER ....93.. He starts down the passageway. Samuel believed in something bigger. FOLLOW DUVAL as she FALLS THROUGH SPACE.TUNNEL 146 I’m paid He’s turned a He believed he Just FOLLOW A LINE of WORKER MUTANTS as they carry BODIES down a tunnel. MITCH The book’s just paper. Mitch puts it together: MITCH Samuel didn’t lie. He helps her up.into a TANGLE OF CORPSES. CUT TO: 146 INT. One by one. UNDERWORLD . corner. And in his men.. There’s a fire in his eyes. On IMPACT her eyes open.

DUVAL (whispers) Juba? She reaches out to touch him. Climbing over tangled bodies. . It’s Steiner. DUVAL You still have it? Steiner nods. She carefully moves through the pile. but for the most part. the bomb. it’s automated. His head lolls bonelessly on his neck. WIDER TO REVEAL A VAST CIRCULAR CHAMBER.. moving them onto the conveyor. searching.. moving the corpses down. Help me.. Tunnels branch off above in every direction. a CONVEYOR SPIRALS DOWN like a corkscrew around a CENTRAL SHAFT.to the gaping MAW of the Machine... gravity and volume pushing the bodies onto the belt. A gore-caked portal IRISES open and closed as each body drops in. Steiner tries to pull himself to the top with one arm.. The WORKERS haven’t noticed them yet. A few WORKER MUTANTS crawl through the cadavers. Duval reaches out and closes his eyes. Trying to stay away from the conveyor. He’s in bad shape: 2nd and 3rd degree burns over half of his body.. Further in from the wall. Duval tries to scramble up the pile. A steady rain of BODIES falls from the tunnels. Duval risks a look around.94. He speaks in a CROAKING WHISPER: STEINER The bomb. A BLACKENED BURNT HAND lashes out and grabs her arm. DUVAL Where’s the detonator? Samuel.. . PILING UP along the outer edge. STEINER Duval looks around. STEINER Steiner clutches Duval helps him pull the bomb off his back. the BOMB SLING to his chest like a Bible.

95. Almost. The VISES bind her. Keeps hold of the bomb. PINNING Steiner to the belt.. HITS HER hard...TUNNEL 148 A LINE OF WORKERS carries bodies towards the antechamber. The Workers pause.. . It’s a ship. Finds the DETONATOR. Before they can race into the antechamber. MITCH Oh my God. She searches inside his battle dress. The Detonator bounces to the edge of the belt... landing on the belt. blades in constant motion. Duval finds Samuel’s body. TOOTH-LIKE VISES CLAMP down on his leg. He GASPS. Every MUTANT WORKER stops and turns as one to face them. slips from her hand.. DUVAL She falls back.. She’s getting close.. JAMMING it. one body after another is DROPPED into the MAW. Steiner’s next behind her. hangs there for a second. The Workers are cut to pieces.. MITCH and SEVERIAN burst from the shadows. Gets to Steiner. As one they raise their heads in response to an unperceived signal. The PRESS OF BODIES rolls Steiner down onto the CONVEYOR belt. It’s a SEVERIAN Why does the Enemy of Man need a ship to fly through space? . Duval tumbles down. The belt STOPS with Duval third in line to drop into the Maw. Ahead of Duval. She turns back to Steiner. free. CUT TO: 148 INT. It’s very quick. UNDERWORLD .then SLIPS INTO the CONVEYOR TREAD. The DETONATOR Tries to pull him A WORKER MUTANT bounds up. Both Duval and Steiner watch the Detonator as it skitters down the belt. goddammed ship. Mitch and Severian look down into the absolute horror of the antechamber.

. It spirals shut.MACHINE ANTECHAMBER 149 WORKER MUTANTS slowly clamber through the BODIES towards the belt.. Steiner SCREAMS. . Steiner. A WORKER MUTANT reaches Steiner.. Get DUVAL DUVAL Steiner. a CORPSE drops down.. I’m trying to concentrate. The Conveyor begins to move. but the CLAMPS have her in too many places.96.to the DETONATOR.. STEINER Would you be quiet. He tries to pull it free. ANOTHER BODY drops down. UNDERWORLD . head with the bomb.. The VISE TEETH dig into his leg. The WORKER that clocked Duval lunges at him..past Duval. Two more to go.. Duval watches horrified as. What are you doing? me loose! He doesn’t look at her. He WRENCHES the Detonator free.. .. STEINER tries to pull free. The MAW SPIRALS open.. One more to go. He CRUSHES its Steiner staggers down the conveyor towards Duval..onto a MEATHOOK. . He SCREAMS and with a hideous effort PULLS FREE. Hooks him through the shoulder and pulls. STEINER! DUVAL With shaking fingers he tries to put the DETONATOR into the bomb. MITCH These aren’t demons at all. BACK TO: 149 INT.. Duval strains.... ...

The WORKER stands over her. Mitch pries Duval free. He shakes his head. The body in front of Duval drops into the Maw. The DETONATOR drops to the conveyor. stopping the conveyor.S. She’s next. Steiner is a little bit higher up. it would be smiling. Mitch catches the He falls down. One arm free. The BOMB flies from his grasp. sling. we’ll get to you.) Mitch looks over the edge.. Hunter! STEINER (O. Steiner glances up at his burnt hand. Steiner throws the bomb up to Mitch. STEINER I suppose so. DUVAL You fucker! Yes. . Severian scoops up the detonator JAMS it back into the gears. into the maw. with Duval’s head and shoulders dangling over the edge. holding on to the guts of the conveyor mechanism with his burnt hand. Steiner dives after it. STEINER The mission is everything. rolls over the edge. vanishing from sight.. pry me loose.97. Duval SCREAMS. Steiner’s burnt fingers break off. Mitch uses his sword for leverage. Severian hits it high. pulls her up. Mitch hits it low. MITCH Hold on. The Maw opens and closes below her. One leg. He holds the bomb with his good one. But his charred fingers are beginning to come off. But the conveyor is still moving and she’s about to go over. His grip on the girder is solid. If it had a lower jaw. Pieces tumble DUVAL Quick.

staying in place. opening and closing.. . DUVAL Do our best.. DUVAL MITCH Mitch YANKS the detonator free. COMM-FU. throws an arm over the curve. into the Maw. Drop it Onto a Hook. Severian shakes her head. The hook swings back and forth. MITCH We got to take it inside. 150 FALL WITH HIM. . Amen. 150 INT. Eiether way.. crawling through the bodies towards them. Loops the bomb sling around it to stop his fall. SAP-FU.. WARRIORS and WORKERS are pouring in from above. They look down at the Maw. they’re fucked. . SEVERIAN Duval and Mitch look at her. The three look at each other. The conveyor begins to move..jumps into the Maw. Mitch pulls himself up.98. Mitch walks backward. Beat.INSIDE THE MACHINE Mitch misses the hook. UNDERWORLD . yobo. getting his timing. DUVAL What are you waiting for? in. is gone. They look up above.. The Maw irises close and he MITCH Try to keep them off me for a little while. Dead men’s grins.

against the tide of bodies. Duval SCOOPS up FIREARMS from the bodies. WORKERS and WARRIORS try to swarm them. If they have rounds left. Mitch twists upon his crux. The meathooks tear away. She sticks a few in her belt.. just in case. falls down to the levels below.INSIDE THE MACHINE 152 THE CHUTE OPENS UP TO REVEAL A SERIES OF CIRCLES ROTATING IN CONSTANT MOTION.. . trying to anticipate what will happen.. Mitch tries to keep his grip on the BOMB sling.99. they make their way up the corkscrew. crucifying them. Slowly but surely. then tosses them. his torso. Then something hits him in the back. as. CUT TO: 152 INT.. swinging back and forth on their hooks. The middle is filled with obscene alien machinery. UNDERWORLD .huge cruciforms SLAM slam into the bodies. THE SECOND CIRCLE. If they’re empty. Mitch looks at the bodies on either side. NO. Severian CUTS them down. CUT TO: 151 INT.. one on top of another. He pulls at the cables that dig into his legs. He managed to keep one arm free. The walls glisten black with blood.MACHINE ANTECHAMBER 151 Severian and Duval move up the conveyor. Mitch’s hook feeds into the FIRST CIRCLE. He can’t. He can barely see the bodies ahead of him in the gloom. she tosses them. The hook carries him down into the guts of the Machine. Wires snake out. It flies off the hook.. . taking chunks with them. she FIRES until they’re dry. WORKERS and WARRIORS slowly prowl its depths. UNDERWORLD . MITCH Mitch drops down to. HARD. each devoted to a different stage of production.

UNDERWORLD . Before Mitch can get completely free.. BACK TO: 154 INT. pulls himself free. Almost free. His eyes have been taken out.. UNDERWORLD . face. The nails turn black. PUMPING in black mutant blood. Another CANNULA swoops towards Mitch. Mitch GASPS. TWO PRONGS lance from the darkness. Something WHISTLES in the darkness.. EXPLOSION. disembowelling him. They drop down to. Mitch jerks his head to They barely miss his Mitch looks to the body beside him. pulls at the wires frantically.. ready to die.. THE FOURTH CIRCLE.. falls to the grid-like scaffold as the other bodies descend to the next circle below. They tumbles down a tunnel into a chute that drops them below the machine. Mitch slowly forces it across the bands that bind his chest.. Severian stand tall. SPASM.MACHINE ANTECHAMBER Severian and Duval make it to the top of the corkscrew. He Then a wormlike SHUNT buries itself in his bound arm. It twists in his grip like a live thing. he drops again.. The dead soldier’s head turns.only to find themselves totally surrounded. Comes up with a bandolier of GRENADES.. swords in position. the side as. his legs. It cuts both flesh and wire.INSIDE THE MACHINE Mitch holds his infected arm. Mitch shakes.. A sharp CANNULA with a mouth like a rotary drill SNAKES into the Dead Soldier’s gut. Mitch now hangs by a single arm. Black lines spread up his arm from the point of injection. 154 Duval 153 The fingers open and close in . He catches it. CUT TO: 153 INT. searches for a weapon.100. chewing and sucking out the organs. He looks at his arm. THE THIRD CIRCLE. .

UNDERWORLD . He’s not alone. where the BOMB sits on a grid below JERKING BODIES. THREE WARRIORS watch the action below.454 with his good hand. If he fires. Senses MOVEMENT nearby. Mitch draws his knife... Slices deep into his arm at the point of infection..INSIDE THE MACHINE Mitch lies on the steel grid. Fuck. MUTANTS.. UNDERWORLD . SPITS out BLACK BILE. All around them. shaking.101. The MUTANTS turn to 155 Severian takes one deep breath and goes BERSERK. . fresh from the machine. PAST THE SIXTH CIRCLE where GREEN LIGHTNING energizes the dead.. They don’t know he’s there. MITCH . weaving a net of steel and gore. SLOWLY pulls out his . it will all be over.. CUT TO: 155 INT. Out of the frying pan into the fire. HEARS the sound of battle 156 MITCH’S POV PAST THE FIFTH CIRCLE where the Machine CARVES the CORPSES forearms into BONEBLADES. BACK TO: 156 INT. ON MITCH He looks from the Bomb. completing their transformation into MUTANTS. on the steel grid. Repeats the process until he collapses.. TO THE HOLDING AREA BELOW where Severian and Duval fight for their lives. face them. They are bigger than the others we have seen. below.. Above them. SPASMS racking his body. to the WOMEN. Duval YELLS and swings her rifle like a club. The Machine THROBS in heart-like rhythm. Retches. to the Bomb.. Puts the wound to his mouth and SUCKS.. He looks down. Looks around. Aims carefully.into a MUTANT HOLDING AREA beneath The Machine.BELOW THE MACHINE Severian and Duval drop from a chute.

.. Sees the bomb. Mitch takes out the detonator with shaking fingers.. HURLS him across The Machine.BACK TO MITCH now moving as fast as he can to get away from the BIG MUTANT that’s almost on him.... the Bomb. Mitch races to it.. 158 INT... Looks up.into Steiner’s MUTANT face. Severian glances up. filling their eyes with GREEN FIRE. He lands hard... . He leans over the edge. It SLAMS into Mitch. The trigger POPS . Looks up. rides it down to the FIFTH CIRCLE grid.. a GREEN ORB hangs suspended dead center It BEATS like a HEART.. A BONEBLADE GOES RIGHT THROUGH HIS SIDE.102. BLOWING A HOLE through the Mutant big enough to pass a chair. scraping RIBS. pinning him to the grid. 158 MOVE WITH HER GAZE. .. Mitch SCREAMS. MITCH MUTANT STEINER Steiner lifts Mitch off his feet. FIRES anyway. Dives for it. UNDERWORLD .454 until it runs dry.. Just as he grabs it. Steiner stalks toward him. Mitch falls. GREEN LIGHTING arcs from it to the hanging CORPSES. Legion.but its muscles keep twitching.grabs one of the SCULPTING CABLES that shapes bone into blade. 157 INT..... Mitch SLAMS the detonator into the bomb. up.. Mitch lands on the SIXTH CIRCLE grid. UNDERWORLD .BELOW THE MACHINE 157 Just as a MUTANT is about to skewer Severian from behind ITS HEAD EVAPORATES into black-red mist. Mitch FIRES the . All he has to do is press it.INSIDE THE MACHINE .. Still holding onto Opposite. Steiner.

A pile of “dead” MUTANTS surrounds them..BELOW THE MACHINE . DUVAL Is it done? MITCH We’ll know in one to five minutes. timer begins to turn.. . stares back.falls. the barest WHISPER: Mitch. They’re tearing him apart. Mitch looks up. The TWO BIG MUTANTS attack Nathan. Machine. UNDERWORLD . 159 Bleeding.lands between Severian and Duval. And Steiner DRIVES his blade through Mitch’s other shoulder. . But even more wait just beyond the reach of Severian’s swords. Half-dead. Duval hands him an SMG and a pistol. Mitch nods... . yet.. Horribly transfigured into a Mutant.. The green fire fades from Steiner.. He’s returning the favor. Groggy. Severian and Duval are caked with blood and gore. Nothing he can do. MUTANT NATHAN And Crawls for the bomb.103. Mitch loses the bomb. Twists.at NATHAN.... The clockwork Mitch ROLLS off the grid.. He takes them. A BONEBLADE punches THROUGH Steiner’s head. swarming over him.. MITCH This is much better. Hits the button.. It rolls beneath the HEART of the Mitch Steiner raises his other BONEBLADE for a killing blow. He gets up. Mitch reaches the bomb. SHEARING it in two.. He drops. 159 INT. Looks around.

Mitch looks away from the MUTANTS. He’s almost smiling. He FIRES. This way. UNDERWORLD . Severian follows. BACK TO: 161 INT. The MUTANT HORDE gains. chipping it away. The FIRE dies from his EYES with a SIGH. Beat. DUVAL What are you doing? MITCH The base. UNDERWORLD .104. Wheels turning in his head. He AIMS twin pistols at the STONE that rises up like a giant’s tooth. The HORDE comes after her. 161 . The Mutants bend down to peer at him. The CLOCKWORK TRIGGER stops moving. shoot the base! They FIRE. RED LIGHT washes over them. CUT TO: 160 INT. Finally. still fighting. he’s pierced through the heart. MITCH He sees something.BELOW THE MACHINE . DUVAL MITCH What? COME ON! Duval follows. As MUTANTS are made. BULLETS ETCH the base of the rock. the lungs. Mitch runs.SPILLWAY Mitch races along the towards the edge of the spillway. they attack him.INSIDE THE MACHINE 160 Nathan’s still on his feet. the gut.

CUT TO: 162 INT. UNDERWORLD . CUT TO: 163 INT. Duval’s fingers dig in.. IMPLODES into a single point. WHITE LIGHT. UNDERWORLD .BELOW THE MACHINE . UNDERWORLD .. DECAPITATES another. . Pushes. grabs hold of the rock... The base of the rock narrows.. stop.SPILLWAY Severian turns. faster and faster and faster.start spinning in reverse..105. Mitch and Duval and Severian drop. taking them with it. She CUTS it in two. slow. The MUTANT HORDE is almost on them.. Begins to fall. BOOM. Hits the rock like a tackling dummy. The rock FALLS.hit the foul water below. One MUTANT reaches them.INSIDE THE MACHINE RED LIGHTNING replaces the GREEN and arcs up through the machine. Mitch’s guns run dry. 165 INT.. 163 162 Mitch grabs Severian by the belt. Duval joins him. . HEAR a CRACK. Slowly. . jumping over the edge of the cliff.. The rock begins to lean. The CIRCLES grind. CUT TO: 164 INT..INSIDE THE MACHINE The CIRCLES collapse down on one another... Mitch tosses his guns and sprints flat out. The rock begins to tilt. The MUTANTS follow..BELOW THE MACHINE/THE LAKE 165 The Machine 164 Clinging to the rock.. UNDERWORLD . Then Duval’s CLICKS empty.

blue to red to black. MORE and MORE and MORE. UNDERWORLD . They kick up from the mud. alive...106. In GAELIC: SEVERIAN I believe in God Almighty.. Then THREE FLASHLIGHTS illuminate the murky water. 166 INT. keeping just ahead of the boiling water. Their LAUGHTER dies away. They slog to the shore and lie there.to surface in STEAM. As they LAUGH. SEVERIAN Mitch They’re The Turns THE MUTANT to ASH 166 Duval and Mitch begin to LAUGH. BURNING GREEN EYES begin to emerge through the dissipating MISTS. BREATHING. Amen.. Severian prepares herself for death.but Mitch and Severian and Duval sink with the stone. (MORE) . They look up at the blue inferno sinking towards them as the water boils away. creator of heaven and earth.. Amen.. Amen. ROAR of the EXPLOSION fades to silence. White light incinerates the HORDE. . heaves himself onto his back. . Severian drags herself to her knees. Duval GRINS. Light shifts through the spectrum.. before they can hit the water. DUVAL MITCH Severian manages a grin. They are surrounded. littered with skulls..LAKE The water begins to BOIL AWAY. They reach the bottom mud. MORE WARRIORS emerge from the gloom. Beat.

I believe in the forgiveness of sin. clip into her rifle.. CUT TO BLACK. Duval SLAPS her last DUVAL Then we’re pretty fucking close. They CHARGE. END. MITCH We’re not dead yet. MITCH Have faith.107. They HISS. So be it. I believe in eternal life. Severian nods. The MUTANTS leer. .. SEVERIAN (cont'd) I believe in the Brotherhood and the communion of the Saints. FIRES. As he Mitch brings BOTH GUNS UP STRAIGHT INTO CAMERA. Picks up her swords.

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