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ADB ...

in collaboration with NARBO, CRBOM and national partners

RETA 6470

Progress and Impressions from the five study

Dennis Von Custodio and Tue Kell Nielsen
March 2011

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of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), or its Board of Governors, or the governments they represent. ADB does not
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RETA 6470: Managing Water in Asia's River Basins: Charting
Progress and Facilitating Investment (1)


• encourage further basin water investments under

ADB’s Water Financing Program
• demonstrate good practices in introducing IWRM in
river basins across the region

RETA 6470: Managing Water in Asia's River Basins: Charting
Progress and Facilitating Investment (2)
4 Components

• project development facility

- IWRM investment roadmap, river basin profile, roadmap
advisory service

• RBO knowledge service

- case studies on good practices compiled in a small
publication series

• IWRM performance assessment

- ADB-IUCN joint river basin publication

• RBO performance improvement

- capacity-building activities
Orissa Vu Gia-Thu Bon,
Viet Nam

Bengawan Solo,

RETA 6470 – Five Study Basins (3)

Baitarani Solo Central 4Ps VGTB
Catchment 14,218 16,100 480 12,470 10,350
area (km2)
population 4,400,000 16,000,000 210,325 163,000 1,900,000
Status of Implementation in Basins – In comparison
Baitarani B Solo C Cebu 4Ps VGTB

Over-all progress Percentage 40 pct 90 pct 100 pct 100 pct 90 pct
point (pp)

Kick-off meeting 10 pp Aug 09 Apr 09 Sep 09 Feb 09 Feb 09

1st stakeholder workshop 20 pp x May 09 May 10 Jan 10 Sep-10

Basin profile outline 10 pp Aug 09 Apr 09 Sep 09 May 09 Mar 09

Roadmap outline 10 pp x Sep 09 Jun 10 Jun 10 Aug-10

2nd stakeholder 20 pp x Dec 10 Jul 10 Aug 10 Mar-11

Consolidated basin profile 5 pp Oct 10 x Jul 10 Sep 10 x

Consolidated roadmap 5 pp x x Sep 10 Sep 10 x

Case studies 1=5 pp, SPS-4 SPS-5, 10, SPS-12, SPS-2, 9 SPS-14,
>1=10 pp 11, 24 +3 more SPS-20
Country assessment 10 pp Oct 10 Jun 10 Jul 10 Dec 09 Aug 10

IWRM-based roadmaps can:

• Provide a clear, agreed sense of direction
• Support inter-agency dialogue
• Highlight inter-sector dependencies and
• Sort out gaps and overlaps

• Link with national/state level and province

planning, sector planning
• Links can be by adaptation and/or
interaction – short-term or long-term
• Stakeholder dialogue is valuable ...
including the private sector

Different development needs in pilot basins:

• Structural investments (safe water and
sanitation, irrigation, storage, electricity)
• Soft measures (such as social marketing)
• Institutional aspects
• Disaster management was a priority
shared by all basins

• Strong attention to immediate needs -

rehabilitation of degraded infrastructure,
solid waste disposal
• A need to direct attention towards long-
term, more visionary opportunities
... a matter of perspective - spotting the forest
for all the trees?

• Invited peers (from other pilot basins)

added value by expanding the discussion
and by sharing lessons learned
• Stakeholder collaboration was a frequent
topic for exchange of opinions and ideas.
Knowledge services

• A huge amount of knowledge exists

already ... within agencies, at universities,
on the Internet
• OK, there are gaps (think of climate
change predictions) – but
• a major challenge is supportive
management of existing knowledge:
Compilation and (targeted) dissemination
... within and among RBOs!
Knowledge services
CRBOM Small Publications Series No. 1

CRBOM Small Publications Series No.


Authority and
Satellite-based responsibility
assessment of flood risk in river basin management
and flood exposure
Tomonobu Sugiura
Center for River Basin Organizations
and Management, Solo, Central Java
Center for River Basin Organizations
and Management, Solo, Central Java July 2009

January 2010

CRBOM Small Publications Series No. 10

CRBOM Small Publications Series No. 13

among practitioners
... available from
Floods and climate change
Examples of how to
describe a river basin
- observations from Java
Dennis Von Custodio
Fahmi Hidayat

Center for River Basin Organizations

... contributions are
and Management, Solo, Central Java
Center for River Basin Organizations
and Management, Solo, Central Java

December 2009
October 2009 welcome!
RBO performance

• Benchmarking ... in Indonesia and abroad

• WP8: Assessment of RBOs
• WP15: RBO leadership
• Leadership training workshop
RBO performance
... reflecting the roles of the RBO:
• Regulation and enforcement: Transparency and
predictability – with rules and procedures – like a
classic symphony orchestra
• Development planning: Vision, imagination,
communication, flexibility and responsive
adaptation - like a jazz band
RBO performance

The Minister ADB

National IWRM implementation
Agriculture’s share of employment and GDP
Employment (percent)


Viet Nam

0 50 100 (percent)
National IWRM implementation

‘The changing needs of IWRM’:

WP7: Assessment of national IWRM
WP9: Data and information about river
basins and IWRM
WP10-14: IWRM implementation in
Cambodia, Indonesia, the
Philippines, Viet Nam and Orissa
National IWRM implementation

• The choice of indicators is a compromise

between what is wished for and what is
• The relevance of some indicators is
different from one country to another
• An assessment of one country makes
sense in its own right, and comparisons
can add to the perspective; but
... any comparative exercise is sensitive
Next steps

• Roadmaps: Implementation, lessons

learned, dissemination
• Capacity-building, knowledge-sharing,
networking (national and international):
The demand is open-ended
• Leadership training
• CRBOM consolidation
If you want to know more ...

2nd interim report

... available from

... comments are welcome!

ADB ... in collaboration with NARBO, CRBOM and national partners

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