Beep, beep, beep, beep.....

Grrrrrrrr ´I can·t believe it·s already time to get upµ I told myself as I rolled out of my nice and warm bed. I went to my closet to pick out an outfit for school, it took me a lot longer than I had hoped, but I settled on a pair of blue jeans, my white stilettos and a t-shirt that said ´ warning I am armed with stilettos am I·m not afraid to use themµ I jumped into the shower then got dressed and headed into the kitchen to make some breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs and glass of orange juice, I put the dishes in the sink and grab my key and headed out the door. My car was being a little fuss but I finally got it started and headed off to school. I went to a very unique high school it was called Silverwood High, it was a school for werewolves, vampires, humans, and all other mystical creates. As I pulled into the parking lot I realized that the rest of this year wasn·t going to be quit the same. Since my best friend, Sam, who was more like a brother to me, was moving away to canada to attend University. So i would have to make do. I made my way into first period which for me was Biology which was also my favourite subject. But before I got a chance to sit down, I was informed that my tutor needed to see me. So I made my way down 3 flights of stairs into Max's classroom, I was a little confused when I walked into the classroom because it turned out he wasn·t having a lesson. It was empty apart from him. His tall bulky figure was bent over the desk reading a book, his blondish hair was unkempt and tidy, meaning he was probably in the middle of some important research, his glasses were in need of some tlc, in general, he looked a mess, but hey, everyone·s allowed their bad days, I thought as I was about to approach him. "Hey Max." I smile tearing his gaze from his book. "Nice t-shirt." He smile looking at my t-shirt, Take a seat." "Thank Max. So what·s up???" I smiled back, sitting on one of the desks that were in front of the classroom. "Well, you see, I was wondering if you would mind looking after a new student for the rest of the term. He wants to join next year so we ask him if he would like to come and check it starting... well today. He's will be in all your classes and since you·re such an easy going person I thought you would be the perfect person for this." "Alright, Who is he?" I ask curiously. "His name is Eli cousin..." Max started. " Sam·s second, I thought sam was home schooling him." "He was, but as you already know Sam got a place in Vancouver Canada , so the pack goes to Eli unless there any fights, which there shouldn't be, there are only two other domainit males and Eli can handle them. So anyway, Sam can't home school him so he's coming here ... Speaking of our alpha." He grinned as he was searching through in his desk draw. "He's left his university details here for you.µ I could tell he was hinting that Sam and I have something going on, which we aren·t, never have, never will. "NO."I smile sarcastically back at him. "He's like a brother to me, I've told you this numerous times now Max." I sigh. "Yea, so how come you·re stronger enough to run the pack with him." "Max, I'm Human, Payton Marie barras equals human." Why can·t you understand that. I said but not as a question. "And I've told you that you're eyes say differently." He said raising an eyebrow expecting me to explain, like every other time that he said this and my answer never changed. I am Not A Werewolf! I said with a frustrated tone "Max, you've seen the test results, there is no sigh of lycanthropes of any stand in my blood. My eyes have been like this since birth, I can't help having wolf·s eyes." I sigh giving up, my eyes are part of me, up to now, no-one's questioned it, except Max, they don't look out of place, there just, well, just my eyes. "I'm not a werewolf Max, I don't run the pack, I just know a lot of them and they trust me. "But they listen to you." He stated. "Only because they'll get a back hand if they don't" I smirk and Max shook his head. "Whatever Payton, come on, he's waiting in the car." Amazingly, although the parking lot was packed, Eli had managed to nab a spot right at the front; I could see his car as I turned to corner. When he saw Max turning the corner he got out the car, smiling, not realizing I was there because as soon as he caught my eye, his smile faded, he looked rather panicked, and I wasn't sure why, we usually got along fine, he was the youngest in the pack, but also the most dominant and strongest, except Sam, but he was going to canada, so unless he came back Eli was the now the strongest. Eli was taller than me, taller than Max, and had short reddish brown hair and bright green eyes, the brightest I'd seen, and he was extremely well built and muscular.

"Did I interupt something?" I say cautiously tacking a few steps back towards the house. but this was the first time I actually looked. yea. I did see him talking to Jacob. and I was contemplating what was wrong. I thought it was a little weird but I didn't really hang round with Jacob. not even to the two pack member who I hung around with. can I have a quick word with you. Saturday came rather quickly which made me really sad. as I was put down. "Don't the two of you have class?" He says grinning at me. Finally he was acting more like himself again. with Eli trailing me like a lost puppy dog. "Payton. The day went quite quietly after that." Embarrassed to be caught eavesdropping on what was obviously a seriously conversation (though not pack business) I cough loudly to get their attention. and he nodded. because his parents are kicking him out." Sam asked. "Sure. it·s nothing. and you have to tell her." Sam smiled though it looked like it was slightly strained. shaking his head slightly. You know what she means to me! Eli cousin. but when I looked over at them." He whispered when I got to his car. "So what are we doing first?" I ask Max. I felt a little uncomfortable "How could you not tell her?" He growled "of all the people in my life you're about to keep a secret this big from her. are you alright?" I asked cautiously looking up at him. so I could see them. through both lessons and free periods."Okay." Eli smiles." "Well. (Sam always used that as a cover up for private talks I wasn't allowed in) I just let it go. as well as this house. "Oh. a pixie . and you know I could never let my . what can I say. I got slightly confused when I saw you. they had paid all the bills phone. They left me confused standing in the hallway. I decide to walk outside but after hearing Sam·s hushed voice and seeing the look he was giving to Eli. just talking. Because Today was day that Sam is leaving for University so I decided to stop by his house to say goodbye before he went. this could. I had forgotten that you went here. so when Eli said they were just talking about pack business. no it will change her life. "Oh. gas. Throughout the rest of the week he did start talking. Sam must have seen the hurt look in my eyes." He smiled and started pulling me into a hug. Before I had chance to turn around back to Sam I was pulled into a great big bear hug from him. swift and sharp. I mean. muttering something about pack business and they will be back in less than 5 minutes. Come on." I admit to myself while walking towards him. as his smile dropped and he kissed my check apologetically. he·s was gorgeous. which had nothing left owing on it and. no. He said. taking a seat near the patio window. Eli. "Just nerves I guess. as you know I am leaving today. and using over exaggerated hand movements. He turned and grabbed Eli taking him outside. water and electric company enough money that Sam didn't have to deal with the bills for at least 10 years. I was wondering if you were still interested I'll be here now and again but Eli·s going to move in too. He didn't talk much. "Payton. or asked what that really meant.Hey. and since we have been talking about you moving in foe awhile now. though I never knew." I smiled and went to hug him but he backed away. and no-one·s going to be in the house. they both went silent rather quickly and then Eli began walking over to where I was. another pack member. he found out after they died. though he often seemed in deep conversation with my other best friend Rochelle. I knew he wanted to go back to telling Eli off but he couldn't do that with me there. like he was shaking out whatever had been bothering him. leaving him enough money to live on for a century. I just knew that she had some magical ability. that often meant he was angry. Sam parents had passed away a few years ago. he didn't seem fazed from his talk with Sam at all. I sigh and walk into the living room. I was extremely hurt by his reaction. but all I saw was the back of Sam he was pacing. and Jacob started walking in the other direction. Biology. I love Biology. cable. "Hey Sam. "H. Kelly and koda. I smiled and hugged him back. i think were only about 15 minutes in. I sighed again and looked around the house. He looked round and I followed his gaze to see Eli smiling slightly at us. I·d seen him before. Hey." I smile and start toward the school dragging Eli along with me. "Yea.

" Sam nods turning away from me to Eli. On the ride home I tried to figure out what was up with Eli. He smiles back pulling away. I moved all of the food and kitchen equipment in. but the only thing I came up with was he was bit apprehensive about being the new alpha. "Remind me why you·re going to Austral 5 months early. Thank you!" I smile jumping into Sam arms. my new home around 10 to find Eli sitting outside with . I mean." He nuzzles Eli then turns to me. trying to avoiding eye contact." "Thanks again Sam. I mean. a growl growing behind his voice. but whether I'd be more of a help or burden was still to be discovered." I whisper." He whispers "They trust you. Then turned away and began walking into the living room muttering something to himself. we would hate for you to be stuck in rush hour traffic." I whine not wanting him to leave. you don't know how much that means to me. but they know you. an old ford escort. "I've told you already Payton. once that was all done." I look over at Eli and he just smiles and nodded." Eli assured.. and tell people I'm leaving and all the fun stuff.. "And you don't have to worry about bills." Eli sighed." Sam lays his hand on Eli shoulder. Sam have been thinking about getting a large house/mansion. I have to get going. "I'll miss you and don·t worry I·ll call . After Sam car was well out of sight I turned to face Eli.second. I got back to Sa. I mean my place and started to unpack. I have been with them so much that I got use to it.. "You both know where you're rooms are right. since Sam started the pack he always made sure that there was more than enough money so if anyone was in need it would be there. "Well. "See you at Christmas. So as long as you don·t mind Eli being here you can move in. " Ok. we wouldn't want to run out would we?" Sam pointed out.. write. Obviously remembering something that distracted him from his nervous rambling. it's all sorted."He says babbling slightly." "I know. Do you want anything while I'm out?" I inquired. I got a job up there." I smile hugging him "I'll miss you soooo much make sure you call a lot. I·ll call. "I'm going to pick up some stuff from my apartment . "Sam. "I will. submitting. I got in and headed towards my apartment." Sam began to blab. not wanting to argue. "Help him with the pack. and his parents don·t know he's like me they have been hard on him." Eli smiles. "When?" Sam asked the growl subsiding. the new Alpha of my pack live on the streets. you have it easy for once. "By the time the next School year starts." I sigh and walk to my own car. hopefully everything will be settled by then. probably what they were 'talking' about earlier." He sighs. "See you both. "We'll be just fine." He chuckled as he got into the car. he's still young to them. nuzzling into my neck. if that·s ok with Eli. "fine I said while giving Eli an evil glare. An hour after arriving home I started packing my car of full of all my stuff. my closets living relative since my parent died 2 years ago. "Well?" Sam says. "Yea. "Sure. "Promise?" "you have my word. they did trust me." Eli smirked from behind. It's wasn·t unusual. And anyway it's means more money for all the pack if they get in trouble. chill. a light blue one. I saw Eli nodding at the logic of Sam·s words in the background. Sam was always short of everything in the kitchen. the pack is general very touchy feely. I returned back to home. or maybe if you·re lucky both." I smile dragging him to the car.." I smile. with arches and arches of land just for the pack. He just shook his head no." He says hugging me. Eli came up behind me and pulls me into him. you both sleep over a lot and their already decorated to each of your tasted and . hopefully. I was out of the house by 5 to visit the campus and give them my moving notice. "See you at Christmas. which means I can get settled in and learn my way round. then I went to my aunts. then I turn to Sam hugging him again "Come on then." He sighs. i began moving and sorting my clothes into my room. Thank you Sam. it's just how they are.

"You want anything?" "There·s nothing in. He hit me playfully in the arm. I tried telling him to stop.. cups.. fine."He says.. he got up and stood in front of me. I just raise an eyebrow at him. I just shook my head no even though I knew what was coming. He·ll probably have a couple of weekends here before but that though.." I smile. I'm assuming it's a her " I joke." I smiled sitting down. " to answer you other question I'll probably tell her in the six weeks. "You·re going to have to let me go so I can make them. knives and forks." He smiles ´ what is a lupa Eli?µ Well a lupa is the alpha·s mate but she did not have to fight to win the position the alpha choose her." I mumble into her while hugging her.. . "well I better be the first to find out from you afterwards. He smiled evilly. I went to get up but his grip tightens on me as we hug. I'd tease. well actually it·s a Lupa. I shifted slightly so I can cuddle into him and get comfy. I'm going to make some noodles. We kind of went into an awkward silence for a few minutes after that till my stomach decided to save the day and make the loudest growling sound I have ever heard. but it magically made its way to the bin." I smile slightly "Anything you need me to do to make it easier?" i asked " well could you try Not freak out when you find out who it is?" Eli asks hopefully. Sam just realized who my Mate is. so Sam wants me to tell her. ´hey what can I say? I'm use to it. . he realized and stood back up smiling triumphantly. "Why is he so worried?" "its Just who my mate is I guess. I was laughing so hard that I stop gasping for air. She was running around the yard trying to catch her tail. I·ve always been winded easily. and sat down next to me and pulls me into a hug." "That why I brought everything from my kitchen pots. her. "You're mean. most of the time. "There a week old pizza in the fridge. Eli raised his eyebrow and said ´I don·t bite you know. So I think we're good. I hear Eli chuckling behind me. i said with a reliving tone. "I've just. "Nothing really. he's close to her. plates." I joke. "So what were you and Sam talking about when I interrupted earlier?" I ask a little embarrassed. his smiled. "I do not. do you want some?" He just smiles and nods.. "Then I shouldn't have a problem. I sat cross legged at the other side of the bench. smile fading away. he'd tickle. umm." He smirked. "Fussy dog. my mate will be the first Lupa of the pack. I got my breath back to the extent that I could talk. You'd think he was still a pup. so I have time to think things over. when are you going to tell.. that is beside the point. since I am so close to Sam it only makes sense that I would be close to his second. but. "It's a her. that what I get for sensitive hearing. "Just remember not to blow. you know?" I just noded." I said. "Not at all. so I have till College starts next year. " i know But I'm comfortable. "Ok. "I think I may be hungry. lynndora jumping up to get some attention. I was still bit confused but i didn·t push it anymore. but he's hoping it'll be settled when he comes back for Christmas. Speaking of the devil." He sighs.well. food. Anyway." I smile playfully. Watching her made me laugh and it also made Eli aware of my presence. spoons. you·re lucky if you get knives and forks.lynndora his dog. drinks. He just shrugged and started tickling me. pans. Told you they were quite touchy feely." "Ok.. he just chuckles. So I'll say again. You should know what Sam·s kitchens like. I said" he laughed slightly.. so the reason why she will be the first is because when sam was the alpha he never mated.. then smiles slightly. "Is it Rochelle?" i asked with a hint of anger in my voice He just shook his head while smiling." I tease playfully sticking my tongue out.. other times he was slightly distant." He mumbled. Oh i see." He said." He smiles warmly. another regular occurrence. I don't think I was meant to hear but oh well . "You don't mind her being here do you?" he asked realizing he hadn't bothered to ask."I smile "Anyway you got fleas." He smirked. it was a regular thing. but she doesn't know yet. though failed miserably. "Ohh don·t worry you·ll be the first person i tell. "Take it back. I've known since I saw her. and now that you·re the alpha and you have found your mate that will make her the packs lupa..

(though mainly because most of our stuff was already at Sam¶s. we went and sat by the river. Eli was off the market. I took a bite of my sandwich. I need to stop my wishful thinking. it would get Max off my back. My stomach tightened and my heart raced. but more instinctual. he's found his mate. how do you feel about this whole mate thing?´ I ask curiously Waiting for his reply as a thoughtful look took over his face. she¶s beautiful and fun. So I decided in a change of topic. I¶ve been a werewolf since I was 16. as far as I¶m aware. as I said. The worst thing about mating is that you can¶t really get divorce. Even if it was just Sam¶s rule. they look for a mate.´ I comment as he turns to his sandwich. ³What is your mate like anyway? I¶ll have to put up with her. Eli and myself made many trips to my apartment and his house. probably knowing I didn¶t understand what he was on about.´ He smiles dreamily lying back. it¶s like being in love. everyone has a choice. making her trust me before she finds out. his mate is a werewolf. ³She¶s a natural werewolf. I know that I didn¶t know."Just thought I'd let you know it's a full moon next Tuesday. not for a fling. slightly surprised ³Well. but it¶s more about possession that human love.´ He sighs ³Kind of what I¶m in the process of doing. and the only way it will be the same again is to win them back. but he wouldn't. Anyway. half the time you don¶t realize you do it. Hey. they are not on market.´ ³You make it sound like you had no choice. and since it is unlike me to waste a sunny day. but it¶s not one person owning the other. ³She¶s amazing. it¶s just like falling in love.´ I smile sheepishly. then moved using my car and took back to our new home. may as well know what she is like. So will chicken noodles do?" He just nods laughing slightly and I kiss him on the cheek and run into the kitchen. Starved. unbreakable. I¶m happy I got her as my mate. he¶s found a mate. ³It¶s not too bad I guess. and once you have bonded every decision you make. without choice. but you are theirs. his sandwich devoured. well our house). I¶ve had two years to accept what would happen. getting everything packed in my case. then unpacked. ³Really?´ He smiles. we were finished Round 2 so we decided to go into the town and get something to eat (from the few places that were open) and settled for getting a coffee and sandwich from Bebe¶s donut delight. Through Sunday. ³So. I¶m not sure. she will be the first Lupa of the Silverclaw Werewolf Pack. I'll be there. yea." "We?" Giving him a uneasy look "Sam said you were going to helping me with the pack.´ I smile cheekily. "Oh God. it¶s both ways your mate is yours. but if you separate you feel like you¶re life has lost all meaning. I think it will be easier on her that way. but I didn¶t want it rubbed in my face. and it's Charlie first transformation so we need to be at the private park for 10. till I get their trust you know. I wasn¶t complaining. clean. and she doesn¶t know I¶m her mate. Surprisingly. but I just ignored it and kept eating. forgot for a second. sorry.´ He looks over to me then. I mean. I just took Sam¶s word for it. if I think about it.´ . it was just a comment. no matter what. he did ask you didn't he?" He asks nervously. lesson number 1 about werewolves. ³I didn¶t. studying me slightly ³What about you?´ He asks curiously ³How would you act if you found out you were to be a were¶s mate?´ ³I¶m not really sure what it means in all honesty. stronger. or maybe that was just pack rule. you take them into account. I¶m doing it already. All the way there I felt like he was watching me.´ He smiled. Eli is off market.

³I suppose it will. you know. ³Mr..consin. She¶ll find out when she¶s 18. I¶d probably come around.´ He winks. I¶d probably freak out.´ ³ Are you going to answer my question Payton . ³Anyway. before her birthday. ³No it wouldn¶t be that bad.´ I smile guiltily ³Thinking of all the things I haven¶t done. ³Why doesn¶t she know about you.´ He agrees. . I wouldn¶t be that bad. it¶s going to be a rough day for her. ³Well. I mean.´ He smirks. you¶re drawn to her so why isn¶t she drawn to you?´ ³The instinct kicks in when you 18. I just punch him playfully in the arm. you have a mate. he never could control his face that well. they are stunning. I¶d adapt. then glances over to me ³You have amazing eyes. but if I¶m going to have to tell her in the 6 weeks. I guess I¶d be scared slightly. ³Yea. you should not be flirting.´ I smile and drink my coffee. But if the person was okay.´ I smile. and that I would now be expected to tie myself to this person for life.´ I scold playfully. I guess if I found out I was a mate.´ He sighs. what would you do?´ A grin was playing at his lips.. this is my last month as a free man. she doesn¶t even know she¶s a werewolf yet.

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