DON’TS acorn squash artichokes Jerusalem Artificial sweeteners aspartame banana squash beets beans black currants bread breadfruits butternut squash cereal cherimoyas Chips, pretzels, crackers cookies corn corn syrup crabapples crackers dates Dried or dehydrated fruits fat-free frozen yogurt figs fructose Honey jackfruits legumes mangos Molasses pancakes parsnips passion fruit Pasta peas persimmons pizza pomegranates Potatoes prunes DO'S any vegetable except for starchy ones apple avocado Blackberry Cantaloupe Cheese Coconut oil Coffee cranberry cream Eggs Grapefruit honeydew lemon lime Meat grilled, fried in oil, baked but not breaded Milk preferable whole olives black ripe olives green papaya Peach pear pear Asian plum prickly pear raspberry Some fruit star fruit Stevia strawberry Teas tomato watermelon

bananas Tortillas waffles . grapes.raisins rice rolls saccharin sucralose Sugar Sugar alcohols sugar free frozen yogurt sweet cherries Sweet potatoes or yams Sweeter fruits: Pineapple.

Don’ts high fructose corn syrup honey hydrolysed starch Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates invert sugar Isomalt levulose lactitol lactose malt maltodextrin maltitol maltose maple syrup molasses monosaccharide muscovado panocha polysaccharide rapadura raw cane crystals refiners syrup ribose rice extract rice malt rice syrup saccharide saccharose sorghum sucanat succanat sucrose sweetener syrup treacle turbinado sugar cane white grape juice yellow sugar xylose .Sugars to watch Agave Syrup Amasake ose. 'ol or 'syrup except for sucralose Bar sugar barbados sugar barley malt blackstrap molasses black sugar brown sugar cane juice cane juice crystals cane sugar caramel caramel coloring castor sugar confectioners sugar corn sweetener corn syrup corn syrup solids crystallized cane juice D-mannose Date Sugar Demerara Demerara Sugar Dehydrated Can ?Juice Dextran Dextrin Dextrine Dextrose glucose Disaccharides Evaporated cane juice Evaporated can juice sugar florida crystals fructose fruit juice concentrate galactose glatactose glucose golden syrup grape sugar out for .

Do's alcoholic beverages almond flour Almonds arugula asparagus brazil nuts broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage carbonated drinks carrots cauliflower cheeses coconut coconut flour coconut milk collard greens eggplant eggs fats fish flax seeds globe artichoke green beans green onions hazelnuts herbs xyulose Starchy Carbs .Don'ts arrowroot flour barley garbanzo beans black beans Bread brown rice Buckwheat cashews chestnuts chickpeas cocoa powder corn couscous crackers deli meats not cut from original meat english muffins goat flour lima beans oatmeal ovaltine powder peanut butter peanuts pinto beans pita potatoes pumpkin seeds red beans .grape sweetener Non-Starchy Carbs .

juices macadamia nuts meat milk mushrooms except shitake oils pecans pine nuts pistachio nuts pumpkin red peppers sesame seeds snowpeas spices Vegetable juice. canned walnuts winter spaghetti squash yellow onions yellow pepper Rolls sausages shredded wheat spaghetti Split peas sweet pickles white rice whole wheat yams Things that have added sugar .Don'ts Worcestershire sauce commercial broths bouillons fish marinade Commercial brand peanut butter imitation crab (surimi) imitation seafood made of herring .

Sugar = Total Starch .Fiber .How to Calculate Starch in food: Carbs = sugars + fiber + starch To calculate Starch from Nutrition Label: Total Carbs .

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