Edition  #1   March  27th,  2010    

Olive  Tree  Initiative  
Bitter  Olives:  Discussion  &  Debate  on  Israel  Palestine  
  Inspired  by  the  March  15th  movement,  "End  the  Division",  the  political  wing  of  Hamas  led  by  disputed  Hamas   Prime  Minister  Ismail  Haniyeh  has  invited  Palestinian  Authority  President  Mahmoud  Abbas  to  Gaza  to   negotiate  a  new  coalition  government.     Hostilities  have  recently  increased  between  Israel  and  Gaza,  as  rockets  and  missiles  hit  cities  in  southern  Israel   and  Israel  orders  air  and  artillery  strikes  on  the  Gaza  strip  –  both  on  a  daily  basis.  

News  and  Suggested  Readings  
  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Israel  strikes  Gaza  targets,  killing  eight   PA  must  choose  between  peace  with  Israel,  Hamas   A  small  war  is  starting  along  Gaza  border   Hamas  Risks  Unwinnable  War  as  It  Raises  Tensions  with  Israel   Is  a  Palestinian  Uprising  Next?   Palestine's  Youth  Revolt   We  Now  Return  to  Our  Regularly  Scheduled  Conflict   No  Spring  in  Palestine  

  You  are  not  required  to  use  any  of  the  sources  above;  they  are  listed  for  convenience.  

Questions  To  Keep  in  Mind  
  1. Will  Israel  and  Gaza  develop  into  a  new  war,  and  what  will  look  like?     2. Should  and  will  the  international  community  get  involved  more  directly  to  solve  the  disputes  and   attacks  between  Israel  and  Hamas-­‐run  Gaza?   3. What  effects  could  a  conflict  between  Gaza  and  Israel  have  on  relations  between  the  Israeli   government  and  the  Palestinian  Authority  (West  Bank)?  Keep  in  mind  the  differences  between   Netanyahu  and  Olmert  (when  Cast  Lead  occurred),  the  current  lack  of  any  negotiations,  effects  of  the   Palestine  Papers,  and  the  current  state  of  Arab  revolts.  

  These  questions  are  only  guiding  suggestions,  and  not  required  to  be  answered.  

Submitting  an  Editorial  
  Please  limit  your  submission  to  1000  words  or  less.  If  you  will  be  citing  sources  (not  required),  please  put  the   links  in  parentheses  after  a  citation.  Submissions  of  low  quality,  taste,  or  below  300  words  will  not  be   included.  All  perspective  are  welcome,  but  please  be  respectful  of  others.  Please  include  your  name,  school,   year,  major,  and  any  related  titles  or  involvements  in  your  submission  to  submit@bitterolives.com    

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