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FOGHORN July 2021

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Howard Leight NEW Impact Sport In-Ear electronic

hearing protection
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Howard Leight NEW Impact Sport In-Ear electronic hearing protection 2021
– with amplification

Howard Leight NEW Impact Sport In-Ear More import than all the electronic circuitry is
electronic hearing protection - with comfort, and these ear buds satisfy that
amplification criterion. Howard Leight ships three sets of
foam ear tips, small, medium, and large. You
By: Sal Palma will want to try out all three sets to decide on
your best fit.

The In-Ear headset is extremely light and after a

minute or two of usage they just seem to
disappear becoming hardly noticeable.
Howard Leight is a leading global provider of
passive and electronic hearing protection for
the shooting sports. The company also offers a
line of eye protection products.

In 2010, Howard Leight was acquired by

Honeywell International; it maintains one of
only three accredited NVLAP (National
Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program)
acoustic laboratories to test hearing.

In July of 2021, the company announced the

addition of two new in-ear electronic hearing
protection sets: Impact Sport In-Ear – Hear-
Through Protection with Amplification and
Impact Sport In-Ear – Hear-Through Protection
with Bluetooth. My review is centered on the
At a mere three-quarters of an ounce, I did not
feel like my head was stuck in a vise, so I was

Copyright 2021, Twobirds Flying Publications. All Rights Reserved.

Howard Leight NEW Impact Sport In-Ear electronic hearing protection 2021
– with amplification

able to continuously wear hearing protection Another feature that I found especially useful is
without fatigue and perspiration issues. the absence of replaceable batteries. The IN-
EAR headset uses an internal, micro-USB,
rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On a full
charge you can expect about 12 hours of

All things considered, the Howard Leight Impact

Sport IN-EAR electronic hearing protection is an
exceptional value at its $120 M.S.R.P. For
shooters, or hunters, needing Bluetooth
connectivity, Howard Light has a Bluetooth
Contributing to its comfort are the moldable enabled model for you at an M.S.R.P. of $160.
wire ear hooks, they provide a high degree of
I thoroughly enjoyed not having to adjust cheek
customization, so you’ll have a secure and
weld due to bulky ear cups. Check them out.
comfortable fit regardless of anatomical
variability. Manufacturer Specifications

1. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 29dB

2. Separate hear-through volume control
3. Realistic, natural hear-through
functions with digital circuitry
4. 9mm Dynamic range speaker
5. (2 ) Omni-direction in-ear microphones
6. Device actively listens and
automatically compresses amplification
when loud impulse sounds like firearms
discharges exceed 85dB.
7. USBC Rechargeable with a charging
Simply wearing the ear buds provides 29 dbrn time of 2 hours
of ambient sound attenuation. Howard Leight 8. Unit Battery Type: 200mAh Lithium
calls this the passive mode. Switching on the Battery
headset activates its electronic monitoring; 9. Flexible, moldable ear hook
providing sound to both ears but limited to a 10. 3 different ear tips for ideal ear canal fit
very safe 85 decibels in amplitude. This is a 11. SKU R-02700-EC
design default; however, if you desire further 12. M.S.R.P $120 / $160 Bluetooth Model
amplification, eight different volume
increments are provided above the safe 85dB
initial power on level.

Copyright 2021, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved

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