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American Center for Peer Review and Licensing Justice

Texas Chapter
PO Box xxx
Austin, Texas 7xxxx

Dear Representative Kolkhorst,

I am a family physician from Victoria, in Representative Morrison's district. After making

the appropriate inquiries, the Representative has directed me to bring my allegations of
criminal activity against the Executive Director of the Texas Medical Board Mari Robinson to
you, Chairman of the House Committee charged with oversight of the Texas Medical Board,
the House Committee on Public Health.

We have tried the route of the State Auditor's Office without success. Their Director is a CPA
and it seems they are primarily interested in financial matters. American Center for Peer
Review and Licensing Justic has gone through a great deal of effort to determine that you
have authority and responsibility for this matter. You may confirm this with the Office of
the Texas Attorney General. While may have a duty, I have chosen to work through my
elected representative, who has chosen to work through you. It is a crime of omission to
refuse to perform the duties of your office.

We are prepared to file a lawsuit in federal court against anyone who obstructs justice.

I have several persons who will provide probable cause affidavits to present to a Travis
County Grand Jury sufficient for felony indictments against Ms Robinson. Any one of them is

Attorney Mari Robinson is the Executive Director of the Texas Medical Board. It is my
understanding that she previously worked in the Office of the Attorney General, so persons
who know her must be recused. We will charge her with several deaths, if not directly, by
collateral damage. However, she was repeatedly warned that multiple suicides would follow
certain fraudulent actions. She has been issued (invalid) CEASE and DESIST orders. She has
been warned that her fraudulent, arrogant, and malicious retaliations against persons with
psychiatric diagnoses may destabilize them and result in adverse consequences.This
attorney has own agenda unrelated to the quality of healthcare. Ex parte communications
by the Office or by your committee will not be tolerated.

I have personal knowledge of a case where, with wanton disregard for patient safety, she
intentionally destroyed a physician's twenty-six year old practice, without any precipitating
incident related to patient care; the precipitating event was testimony, on February 6, 2009,
to the medical board of allegations of her crimes.

We have probable cause affidavits suitable to take to the Travis County Special Prosecutions
Unit to present to a Travis County Grand Jury. We have researched Grand Juries sufficiently
to know that we ourselves can present these affidavits directly to them if the State
Prosecutor refuses to cooperate. We will not tolerate ex parte communications with jurors or
obstruction of justice from any source.

The Attorney General's website declares that the Chairman of a committee is authorized to
request his opinion on matters of law for which that committee has oversight responsibility.
He has authority and duty to enforce that law.

Based on my lengthy investigation (over three years) of the medical board, my study of the
Texas Constitution and Texas Statutes, my attendance at their meetings, my discussions
and knowledge of cases before them, I do not believe that you have discretion in this
matter. Your failure to seek guidance as to how to handle my evidence would be a crime of
omission for which you could be prosecuted in federal court.

The Texas Medical Board has been dubbed "the worst in the nation" by various physician

The TMB and I do not have a cordial relationship. Because most of their actions are
"confidential", in blantant violation of open government laws. What I personally am
prepared to present in a probable cause affidavid happened to me. What others are
prepared to present in their probable cause affidavits happened to them. The law requires
only one probable cause affidavit. The others will be entered as evidence in the criminal

We will disclose the details of our charges to the Travis County prosecutor after indictments
are made. Citizens of Texas and of the United States are guaranteed equal rights and
treatments under the law. We have the right to experience the rule of law, certainly in our
interactions with the state government to whom we have entrusted authority.