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Browse pages, through these and you'llfindmany exclusive and deals mone.v-saving available in this offers only You prices catalog. ll alsu great see on hundreds qualiry products. of lBecau:e we're always striving becompetitive to , you may give theprices see have dropped-so usa for prices.) callto check thelatest Shop Apple Tbe Catalog, yougetsolid and value yourdollar. fur we're \Vhen need fast, it happv vou to shipvourorder overnight by air express. youcanorder crucial So a product todav, useit in youroffice and pressing we tomorow.Forless needs, also offer other affordahle en delir Details theOrder Form. services. on \{'erehcrct() sen roLl hours dar e 24 a davs u ct'k. pick thephone l JLrst up ancl ordcr ur rlirect, filloutthe cncltiscrL Fornr fax For Orticl and it, trrlrftonvcnrcne e accept c,ri MSA, \lastcr{rr rrntl .\rierican Express. tl. i thc Derltil:rrr ()rrlel Fornt.

OurnewApple Assurance"' customer policy suppor-t service and makes easier it thanever enjoy to Every vourpurchases. wirh upanLl Apple product comes now n-rnning" suppoft, designed provide to youwithgeneral start-up assistance, troubleshooting, configuration and compatibility infomation, third-panv and support referral aslongasyouownit. Toll-free for assistance isavailable dialing 1-800-SOS-APPL, by Monday Friday, e.u,to 9 p,u. through eastern 9 time. ourone-year And waranty been has expanded include marl-in, to carry-in, on-site or Details theOrder Form. service, on

Now, youruna business, if the Macintoshaseasy lease it is ro is to as use. \ilith theApple Business . ror.r Lease getconvenient, financing affordable tirr theApple need. solution,vou Details on theOrder Form.

Call nowat us 1-B00l9t-100


Newton MessagePad
Jot, plan, draw, olganize, faxn and print with our pen-based communicationsassistant.

Itlewton MessagePad The smaftest ;ft you assistant held ever in
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Desktop computing
Macintoshcomputersto sen e all your businessneeds.


Affordable computing
Three inexpensiveways to put a computer on your desk.

Portable computing
PowerBookcomputerc pack a lot of power in a notebook.

20 2*

Introducing the first screen for the multimedia revolution.

lmaglng assistants-from the portable to the powerful.

30 40

Education soffware Business/Publishing solutions
Tools to penruadeyour clients, organizeyour finances, and more.

Create and interact with a new world of sight and sound.

ffi Macintosh 660ry Quadra
you TheMacintosh does that exactlvwhat sav Literally,

Whatbnew! \fhaft
rt8 50 54
Keep in touch with colleagues; leam the latest softurare.



Workgroup solutions
Sharing knowledge-across the hall, across the country.

Keyboardsand more.

TheApple Store
Apple apparel and gifts.

PowerBook Gomputers
yourbusiness more Make trips productive ever-withour than powerful portables. new

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Disability solutions Index AppleCD Multimedia Kit
A completemultimediaCD-ROM bundle-at one low price.

Vith theNewton" MessagePad* communications you assistant, cancapture, organne,and communicate allkindsof information. meeting Take notes. Format andprintletters. Connect yourdesktop to computer or your access network, Send fax,or even a exchange business electronically-without cards touching a piece paper, combining of By revolutionary Newton " with Intelligence sophisticated communications capabilities, Newton MessagePad youmanage helps the yourbusiness-and life-with uncommon your efficiency, Aseasy useaspencil paper-yetfarmore to and versatile-the Newton MessagePad yourhandreads writingandtransforms into textasyouwrite,If it youprefer, on-screen an ke$oardletsyoutypein words. Newton The MessagePad cleans even up

your rough sketches, straightening and lines aligning objects,

Garryan intelligent assistantin the palmof your hand. personal Uke sman a
assistant, Newton the MessagePad actively helps yougetthings done by leaming remembering and thespecific you ways work.It comes a notepad, with to-do calendar, list, and file card applications starters. taptheAssist for Just buttonto seea list of taslait knows howto do-from findinga phonenumber address faxing note, or to a formattingletter, a setting a lunch up appointment, or recalling birthday. priorities yourto-dolist, a Assign to check offyourcompleted tasks, theNewton and MessagePad updates nortday's foryou. the list Vith optional accessories (right),yourNewton MessagePad connect can easily telephone to lines, netwods,andwireless computer netwodato send faxes, receive paging messages, into onJineseMces tap or electronic or justprintyourideas, also mail, It connects Macintosh@ with comDuters.MS-DOS or computers running \flindows, transfer to information easily. Runs fourAM on batteries anACadapter or (both included). E2024

Sk t h. sketch.

accessories Order Neurton the you tomake the connections, need all right
Power Adapter letsyourun Each containscable kit a yourNewton Fax Modem or to andsoftware connect power, adjusts usingAC and yourNewton MessagePad in to justabout voltage any any to yourpersonal computer. country, E2$4 $29 Soyoucaneasily copy Battery Booster Pack Plug frompalmtop desktop to for pack's into thisportable cable your I The fur'ther editing manipulation. Newton and (not Newton, itseightMbaneries inc"iuded) and Kit lets MessagePaddata Connection also youtransfer hours running 82035 add of time, $25 vice into applications-and directly popular computer Rechargeable Battery Pack alternative An to versa-and of translate theminto avarietv formats, NewtonConnectionKit 82028 ForMacintosh 82027 ForMS-DOS tlflindows with

Newton Kit Gonnection


MessagePad Ase lour Newton to "beam' inlormatlontoa MesagePad. Thanks to colleague\ (the built-ininfrared tecbnolog tbat a same tecbnohgt lets remote a control command teleuision), youcanelectronically archange notes, business memos, and cards, sketcb se es-in conds-witb euer out toucbing piece paper. a of

$149 $149

$99 rc"rton PrintPack

most YourNewton MessagePad supports already printers networked, PostScript:' Apple@ and printers, Print with compatible The Pack comes allthe you hardware software needto useyourNewton and printers: laser, withawidevariety otherparallel-pon of CarryingGases portable inkjet, thermal models; and dot-matrix, and your Protect Newton with otherprinters compatible MS-DOS computers andvouradd-in cards E2031 runningVindows. you when take themon the road. Choose snap-shut from Messaging Gard $eAg Newton nylon zippered leather, or Vhenyoucan't afford beoutof touch, card to this personal tumsyourNewton a complete into wireless messaging capable receiving messages, of text system, phone numbers call, voice e-mail to and and notification. with Compatible mostpaging systemsMessaging frommulticity international-the to Card pages whenit'snotplugged receives stores even and intoyourNewton, E2029

conventional batteries, rechargeable alkaline this with nickel-cadmium pack battery works theBattery Pack Recharger, $19 E2036 PackRecharyer you lets charge Battery one pack Newton. using another your in battery while rechargeable One nickel-cadmium batpack included. is tery E2037 $49

Newton Software themintoyourNewton MessagePad,these and Slip provide withuseful you information, cards additional tools, entertainment: and Fortune500 Guideto AmericanBusiness guide alltheFortune andService A reference to 500 corporations, including many charts graphs, and 500 search sortfunctions. and andextensive

$t *g NewtonFaxModem
you Thislighm'eight, portable modem fax allows to mail, send receive and electronic connect online to It services, send and faxes anpvhere. weighs 7 only (included) or ounces, uses and either Mbatteries two PowerAdapter. E2030 a Newton

E2043 $100

Fodortstg4 TravelManagerTravel information for major cities yourfingertips-plus at interactive U.S, "locator" maps. 82042 $12O StorageGards intoyourNewton MessagePad MoneyMagazineFinancialAssistantCalculation Slip of these one cards its capacity, to back and up to increase storage when templates helpyouevaluate possibilities to the yourinformation. 1MB The holds to four up card youneed make to many kinds financial of decisions, asmuch data yourNewton; 2MB as the card E2041$40 up to eighttimes much as data. picture-based Golumbo'sMysteryCapersForn' "whodunit" games testyourlogic to skills.

E2040 $80
AdditionalNewtonSoftrruare 1-800-795-1000 Call for Newton here, software notlisted titles

Order arevolutionary new Macintosh that you helps communiiate effeavely ever more than


$zzg9 o,,
Macintosh Quadra660nv
You'rc looking thefirstof awhole class at new of computers,computer contbines A that the sophisticated capabilitiesmanv of different telecommunicaticlns clevices-far machine, modem. e-mail network, telephone, answering machine-with thesimpliciw theinnritna of N{acintosh interface. A computer connects allsorts that to ofvideo auclio ancl devices plug-and-plav A computer lvith ease. that responds justft)mor.rse andkeyboarcl not clicks taps, butto yourownspoken rurrds,A computer can tltat read aloLrd,l rntrrral tcxr in lrumtn llicc. Introclucing Macintosh the 660,w-a neu', Quaclra'' high-performance Macintosh offers a built-in that vou suite revolutionary of prxvers. communications 1'hc power use yourMacintosh a hands-fi'ce to es speakerphone digital and ansr,vering machinc. l'hc power transfcrm to incoming laes intoeclitahle rcxt ofl 1rog1' taraan. prtvn'er capture, eclit, The r,iew, and t0 export vitleo CD-quality bothhigh-cpralitv ancl audio, Thcpolver automate sorts complicated to all of tasks, ancl have,vour to collplltcf execute withspoken thent commancls.

New communication breakthroughs.Traditional business power. Best these ofall, cutting-edge technokrgres mean don't compromising thepower necessary frtrmarnstleam business Because the tasks, inside
Macintosh 660,w nvostate-of-theare Quaclra eft pr'ocessol's, A digital pfocessor signal (DSP) manages of thecomputer's manv realtrnre comrnunrcations allowing featur-es, the conrputer's Moturola slvift 68010 engine to chLrm thrrugh processing rNher chures, \\,hat yourworkday likewitha rvill bc r\'lacintosh 660,rv r,our on desk? Imagine Quadra tusinu computer jllstasa prr-rcluctivit), vour not trxrl, l)Llt a slraftteleutmrlunrcations Imagine as center, making klng-distance simply 521,ing, "Phone a call fy Bob." Lnagine receivingfarclirectlv vourscreen, a on editing textto yourliking, frtlwarclingto a the ancl it cross-coLurtry colleague-all a fewminutes, in Imagine crcating dazzling plesentaticln \,'our a on computef, then"printing" ciirectly aVCR for east it to ralte copving clisn'ibution. ancl Imagine letting tour "proofreacl" draft a speech-aloud, conrpLltef the of \ViththeMacintosh 6601v, manv scenarios of Quaclra of conrpLrting's can futute coltetrue-tcldav. Your computel comes buihinhigh-speed with Ethcrnet nenvorking, ofcommunications a host applications extensions, ournewhigh-fidelitv ancl and Apple PlainTalk Nlicrophone. Choose from configurations or without AppleCD300i with an intcrnal CD-ROM cl'ive.

.Clc'isnffinur,f, W

ondpal llt'' j',,n1.; jt '-' " Dece"tbet


Your Macintoslr Quad.ra660st tt iti ,. cones u,ltb anr ttt'it \. PlainT ,lIicrolirti t., tlk Tbe AudioVisiott It (page)t t ) dnti Displd.y AppleE\:tended Ket'boarcl (pngei-t t ll dre optbtlstbdl ctlt beordered separatell,.


Phonesupportfor as long product. aslou ownlour Apple Plusneutwarrant! seruices, Detailson the OrderForm.

Grcat financingfor Macintosb busines s0lutions. s As low as $85lmonth. Detaik on tbe OrderForm.

Macintosh Quadra 66olv Processor: 2s-N/Flz 68040
Memoryi Disk Storage: Video Support Networking: 8N/Bof RAM 2301\,48 hard d sk

w/ InternalGD
2 5 - N / l z6 8 0 4 0 8MBof RAN4 2301\,48 hard disk

Pricesmay hauedropped! Callfor latestprices: 1.800.795.1000.

1N/Bof VRAN/ 1N / Bo f V R A M AppleTa k@, Ethernet A p p l e T a i E t h e r n e t k

Oder Toll-Frce1-&n-791i-l (X)O
Call24hoursaday,7days week. a Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

82230 8t230tCD $2,579 Ez23r dourBusinessBundle.add $99 Lease aslittle per month as for $85
(See OrderForrn.fordetaik on leasing.) tbe

t.. j.:';-. . s;, . ;'?



''*%t ; %



Adapter GeoPortTelecom


Thisadapter astheinteriace acts between vour Macintosh 660,w an1'stanclard and anabg Quadla phone Plug in,and line. it and can 1or,r send receive with mail, electronic connect elecnonic bulletin boards ancl information serices, andtransfer atspeeds clata Llpto 9600 perseconcl, bits Y u can scncl also and receir,c at9600 bpsftues you're il'orklng when cr,cn rvith or,vilLr're from awav vour another application includcd, E1990 Fax computef. sofnvare

Ear $f 19 JABRA PHoNE AV Streamline
Thislernarkabl\, c(nxpect incurpurates l both clesign ancl speaker a rnrcrophonc in onelighnverght. com. PlLrg fortablc carlriece it into Macintosh vor:r Quarlra and can 660rv, 1'rnr cnjov harrcls-frec telcphortc
glvc c()llversat()ns, \()Llf cornlrutcl rii:e x cotnmancls, ancl cnsurcprii'aclu4rcn voicc listcning voLrr io iligital

messagcs, Sophisticated cilcuitrr cmphasizcs vour noisc. increasing the voice nlLsks ancl backgnunil E2208 reliabilitr voicc-rlrivcn of applications,


Videolabs FlexGam Plug miniatuLe camerir this rlesktop inftr anci omputer, uscit to Vour imases reconi or captLrfe still-fiame fu1l-motion viclcci stereo cokll ancl souncl tu clisk. <lirectly f ourharcl 1'hen marrlpulate, annotate , or incorpolatc images into thc ffom clocuntents even/thing printed nrail to electronic nrcssages to presentations.sharp, The soplisticatecl business vefsatile fbcuses l/* t,'l.1, 1nfi11ity; lens froir ,u the flexible wand with lS-inch acllusts a touch slender', 82209


.1,t,.',,.* I.... .,*,j1,


$99 NuausAdapterCard
This extnptxl,ers _your to adapter alb\vs to acld \()Ll NuBusexpansion system connecting7-inch br, a lorrr instali adapter'. attaclr card. Simplv thr rhen NuBus card.E1994

, *--. tl.l -,,".,l* 1


Take command ofyourbusinesspowerful for with a tool publishing, presentations, numbeFcrun^ching-and more,

Phonesupportfor as long prcducL as)tou ownyour Apple PIusnew warranty seruices. Details on the OrderForm.

Designed performance flexbility, for and the Macintosh 650 for business Quadra isideal mainstream you users, offering speed power need get the and to thejobdonein demanding environments, the and flexibility growasyourneeds to change, processor, Based thefast on Motorola 68040 the Macintosh 650 high affordable Quadra provides performance allsons business for of tasks-financial projection analysis, and multimedia presentations, publishing projects, more. sophisticated and For increased performance, canexpand 8 megayou its bitesof memory a mammoth megabltes. 112 to For convenience, Macintosh the 650 with Quadra works allApple displays, several SVGA, and VGA, and 19-inch displays.

The computerthat growsalongwith your business.
YoucanusetheexpandabilitytheMacintosh of your 650 setup a system meets exact to that Quadra needs, to increase computing your power your or as needs grow, your Customize system adding NuBus by expansion in thethree cards expansion prcllidecl slots A high-speed interface youaddhigh-volume SCSI lets storage devices. yourMacintosh Order 650 Quadra withor withoLrr anAppleCD internal CD-ROM Both drive. 300i configurations include math also a coprocessor to speed calculation-intensive enhanced videcr tasks, support up to 32,768brilliant for colors, highand Ethernet speed nerworking,

r LiAsE ,busrulis
Greatfinancingfor Macinto busines solutions, sb s As low as $89lmontb. Details on the OrderFonn.

3 *.l6id"Hiilffi*',ffih Wi'{
Pricesmay bauedropped! prices: Callfor latest 1.800.195.1000.

Processor: Memory: DiskStorage VideoSupporh iletworking: 33-lVNz 68040: math coorocessor 8N/B RAI\/ of 230M8 harddisk 512K VRAN/ of AppleTa Ethernel k

w/ InternalCD
3 3 - M H6 8 0 4 0 z
!, ou veP lue>>u

8[/B of RA[4 230f/Bharcd sk 1N/B f VRANl o Applela k Ethernet

\Vesbip ouemigbt modest for fees. SoJ)oucan order it toda!, and useit tomorrou. Detaik on tbe OrderForm.

81955 8t230 81957 8t230tCD nznl d ourBusiness Bundle, add
Lease aslittle per month as for
(See OrderFormlor detaik on leasing.) tbe

$2,399 $2,749


Callour customer seruicee esent es r pr atiu for help:M-F. 8 t,u.-11ru,; Sat,, 10t.u4p.u. ET.

Whateaer businessyou're in, tbeMacintoshQuadra 650can productiue make and fficient, It of.fers speed tbe and 1ou more flexibili4t pu need financiaL analysis,multimedia for presentations, publnbtngproj ects, sopbisticated and more.

Oder Toll-Free €OO-795-i 1 ffn
Call24hoursaday,7days week. a Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD,


I 1


Cboosethe Macintosh Quadra 650 your needs. slstem Ibat meets l'be ir,[acintosb CoLor Displdl' (page21) and AppleErtendedKqbonrd II (page 511 are optionstbat can beortJeret:l separately.

i t,





-.//r '/at

E :'.i" !*i.


Get brains the forbusiness, for pou/er presentations, And mind multimedia, for a


.Teleware M,Y.O,B. Tlte award-uinnlng accountingtool tbat your mnnages business with ftnances profexional fficimcy.
Detailsonpage3l. I


ffi . Gccessory locatesthe tbat informationy ou ne d-fasL e Detaik page on 33, If ordered separately thiscatalog tbis from software would $204. cost Order Busin tbe Bundle jtourMacintosh witb Quadra, pal, and just$99. good Offer tbrough December 1993. 31,

Choosethe Macintosh Quadra 610 slstem tbat nteets.l,our needs. Macinto T'be ColorDisplal,(page andAppleErtended 21) Keyboard (page54) are optionstbat can b ll orderedseparately.

{ l'^S;,,fl;;*il.";i,l i: | : l' ,1tl' { tl l iL,lm lri, t



Macintosh 610 Quadra
Upto rwrce fast previous as as desktop pacesetters like theMacintosh theMacinrosh Ih,x, 510 Quadra will helpyoueffortlessly calculate complex spreadsheets; publish documents of graphs, fuIl illustrations, chafts, anddiagrams; information massive reap from databases; withdetailed work graphics multimedia or presentations; or handle almost othertask any that your challenges inventive mind. TheMacintosh 610 many built-in Quadra has features you'dpayextra on competitive that for systems.comes built-in It with video support all for Apple drsplays many and othercommonly available displays-monochrome or color, RGB orVGA. V4rat's more, Macintosh the 610 with Quadra isequipped onboard video RAM, yougetmorecolors so fromyour display without having buya video to card, TheMacintosh 510 gives lorsof you Quadra also flexibility. 8 megabltes its ofRAM expandable are to 68megabltes, youcankeep so many memory-hungrT applications running smoothly simultaneously. and Youcanuse eitherAppleTalkEthernet or nerworking to linkup withcoworkers. Install processor-direct a card 7-inch or NuBus (withtheNuBus card Adapter listed, right)to capture video clips accelerate graphics or rendering. caneven You connect displays enjoy two to anexpanded workspace. yourMacintosh Order wrthaninternal 610 CD-ROM andyour dnve, Quadra configuration includes also enhanced RAM. video MacintoshQuadra6lO
Processor: Memory: Disk Storage: Video support Neturorklng: 25-MHz68040: maln c0processor 8lt/B of RAIV 1601\,48 d sk hard 512Kof VRAIV AppleTak' Ethernet

w/ InternalCD
25-MHz 68040; math coprocessor S|VB RAM of 230M8 disk hard 1MBofVRAN/
-pp s o ^, L! roil Yl

8223t Wour Business Bundle. add

E1994 NuBusAdapter Iease aslittle permonthas for
(See OrderForm for detaik on leasinp,) tbe

$99 $SS



performance desktopfutstate-of-thq-an 58040 onhr pri'ce, most atour afrordable

ltlacinto I{ew sh 605, Qndra
Phone support aslong for product. asyou ounJ)our Apple Plusnewwarranty seralces, Details theOrder Forn, on

Great financingfor Macintosb business solutlons, Aslowas$52lmonth, DetaikontheOrduForm,

Pdces haue rnay dropped! prices: Call latest for 1300-795.1000.

Choose Mactntosh the Quadra605systen tbatmeets needs. Macintosb Tbe Color 1,our Displa!(page andApple 21) Kqboard Extended Il (page areoptions canbeordered that 54) seDarately,




''jff-njjff I l-x***sM-ffiffiM t"mafr*6{$,fi,tr*[.-i

Macintosh Quadra605
performance Ifyou're looking thestate-of+he-art for processor-without ofthe681C040 having looktoo to in deep yourpockets-it's worthyourwhileto examine Macintosh the 505. our Quadra It features popular profile, offers yet slimJine nvice the performancethebest-selling Macintosh I[, So LC of vougetmorespeed, display options, colorsupport, andpotential expansion-and for morepowerto publishing, rackle sorts all ofbusiness, and presentation tasks. TheMacintosh video 605 built-in Quadra has support allApple for displays, youcanchoose so the yourneeds, screen best that suits Ifyouwantto work witha fullpalette colors, canexpand support of it to morethan32,000 brilliant colors, TheMacintosh includes 80an Quadra605 megabl'te diskand4 megabytes RAM--cnough hard of memory runtoday's morepowerfi.rl to applications. Memory expandable 36megabltes-allowing is you to to workwith largedata graphics andto run files and even moreprograms And simultaneously. aninternal expansion accepts range LClll-<ompatible slot a of your expansion to customize system special cards for purposes. Fast, versatile, o<tremely and afibrdable, the Macintosh power is with 605 packed enough Quadra andpotential keeppace to with yourneeds todayandin theyeanto come. Maclntosh Quadra605
Proce$or! Memory! DlskStoragcr Vldeosupportr l{olurorklng: 25-MHz 681C040 4N4B RAIV, of expaldable 36lvlB to hard 80MB dlsk 512K VRAV: of supports Apple all displays and VGA, severa. SVGA, '9- nchdisplays and AppleTalk

82224 4t80 82231 dour Business Bundle, add Lease aslittle permonthas for
(See Uder Formfordetaih leasing,) the on



Oder TolhFrceI €00-795-1 mO
Callz4hours a day,7 daysaweek. Dial toll-free 1-800-755-0501 forTDD.

anda playdr atelevision, CD Getcompiltq a system, Allinone desktop
$eOZ9 Bonus n ***FREENowFun!

it that At last, there's computer makes per{ectly a W- on the legitimate do yourworkandwatch to TV the Macintosh combines screen. same Macintosh of convenienceanall-in-one ofa with system alltheversatility featureand CD packed television, a built-in drive, So high-qualiry stereo sound. whether working, playing-or creatively you're the combining tlvo-you cando it allon system. desktop oneralented you Everything needin a Macintoshhard an l50-megabye disk. a spacious drive, AppleCD CD-ROM and internal 300i floppy drive-is disk anApple SuperDrive" TV, builtintoMacintosh soyoucaneasily powerful applications workwithtoday's programs. fact, host In a andmultimedia and software CD-ROM of productivity with bundled thesystem titles comes (see below). to Oryoucanlisten TVsound-ora stereo you yourMacintosh edit to CD-while use your yourfinal or draft, calculate budget, your list. update address TheTV of connects easily awidevariery to VCR, video sources-cable, or camcorder, laserdisc or players.creditgame A video manages remote control card-size In functions, bothTVandcomputer room, family room, dorm or conference TV computing room, Macintosh blends in power media versatiliry onespaceand package. E1966* efficient


Macintosh TV
Processor: Memory: Disk Storage! Diiplay: llehnorking: 32-lVHz 68030 to S|VB RAIV, of expandable S|VB 160N/B dlsk hard 640 14-inch Trinitron@iby480pixels; 256 512K VRAI\4 supports coors AppleTalk

. . . . . . 2.0 ClarisWorks@ Templates HomeWorks Aneilcan HeritageDictionary Maais BeaconTeaches fuping ClickArt Collection Macifltosb Erccbange' PC

titles: BundledCD-ROM
. . . . ' . . Grolier'sMultimedia Enqtclopedia TimeAlmanac 1993 Kodak Pboto CDSatnpler wotld Atlas Space Shuttle Greatwondersof tbeworld,vol. 1 System Software(backup)

*r Tltestar symbol indicates that tbis product meenfed,eralEnergt Starpower conseruation Details on the order Fonn. reauirements.


$ ttt 9 o^o**.REENowFunr Bonus

Flick theMacintosh Classicf it'slikelyyou'll pleasantly on Color and The be startled. Sony Trinitron is more display noticeably vibrant trueto lifethanthevast and majority of conventional screens, Color color The has Classic built-in support 2!6 colors for (expandablemorethan32,000 to It's with colors). equipped an8O-megablte disk hard and4 megabltes R!rX4 of (expandable10megabytes). to Allof which means rightoutof thebox,theMacintosh Classic that, Color has power letyouusetoday's enough to illustration, publishing, presentation colorful and soffivare-even workwithsound, to animation, digital and video files. enough Plus (an expandabiliry to accommodate innovations internal future expansion letsyou slot addallsorts ofspecial options), TheColor Classic sports same also the basic design made original that the people's It'sanall-in-one Macintoshpartof somany a lives. package includes that you everything need-display, mouse, keyboard-in compact thatwon't and a unit consume entire an desktop. it carries And from easily office home, to dormto library, * or dento kitchen. 81478

Processor: Memory: DIskStorage: Di8play| lletworking: 16-lVFlz68030 4N/8 RAM, of expandab l0lVB e to hard sk 80MB d 1O-inch Trinitroni supports coors, 256 expandable32,768 ors to co AppleTalk

$ 1599' ff ii,i;;:,:ii:,i::.
PowerBook 145B
.'remost PowerBook'ideal anl,one wants affordable is for who per{ormance solid go-anlnvhere :: a flexible, notebook computer. a.ll Like PowerBook computers, it :'r n'iciescombinationpalm a rest, of dual-button trackball, full-size and keyboard : create comfortable environment consumes space-and a work that little weighs pounds. it offers thepower ouneed change way work. Yet r :rete6.8 all to the you l most notebook Unlike computers,comes it ready use*System software to 7.1 .. installed, built-in and AppleTalk networking give capabilities youaccess office to just r:L'r\\orks printers byplugging a cable itsversatile and in , And floppy dnk lets .::ive youusedisks created Macintosh, on MS-DOS, Vindows, OS/2 and . )nrputers. n2253r:( PowerBook l45B with internal FaxlDataModemletsvoushare with data ihercomputers 2400 persecond, send at bits and fares 9600 at bps. E 2 2 2 ($ 1 , 7 9 9 ) Add our PowerBook Bundleto yourPowerBook purchase 1458 and .ir e $138 software over prices ifbought (see separately page fordetails). 14 E2232 $99

llacintosh PowerBookl45B
Processor: Hemory: Disk Storage: Displayr l{etworking: 25-N/Hz 68030 4|\,48 RA[/, expandable 8V]B of to 80VlBhard disk 10-nch backlltsupertwist LCD 640 bV400 pixels App eTak

Oder TolhFreeI €00-795-1 000
Callz4hours day,7days week. a a Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

' .rrirtttul lirnitetl time s{il'ings.tlso appll to tbe PouerBook l45B u'ithlaxlDu.ta lLodenl

ffiffik. Now Contact Tbe complete conlactrlwnagertbat piaes 'vou instantaccess namds, to numbers, a&lresses," and
Detailsonpage 33.

Great financingfor Macintosbbusine solutions. ss As lou as $69lmonth. Detaih on tbe OrderForm.

. Cla-ris ultimatepowu- and space-sauing lower T9 Go Tbe utility for your PowerBook. Detaik page on 32. . Now UutuDate Tltefeature-Dacked electronic cabndar tbat precise offers commafid ouwyour busyscbedule. Details page on 33 If ordered separatefu tbis this uould $237. from catalog, software cost
OrdertbePowuBookBundle witb your PowerBook, just and.it costs $99. Offergood throughDecember 19j 31,

Pricesmay hauedropped! Callfor latestprices: 1.800.795-1000.

$tae9'ff ii,i;{:,:ii:,i{^ $zoe9'Iffii,i#,:ii:,i{r $zz+9'fff li,it::,::
PowerBook 165 PowerBook 165c
ThePowerBook proviclcs 165 ntainstream business Nowyoucan have theadvantages all of PowerBook power a bcxrk-size jr-rst in package weighs 6.8 fiat portability-plus impact a colordisplay. the of The pounds, 33-MHz Its purccssor 6,9030 isfaster rhan PowerBook has backlit, 155c a passive-marrlx screen manv clesktop computers, brigltt, Its 15-level gLay-scalethatgives 256 you bright cobrs, useitsbuilt-in Or display y,ou lets workwithsharp andbright, rcxt clear video suppon connect many to to external Apple color images. \t/hen vou'rc on titcgo,itsflexblebuilt-in displays, displays, large n(x VGA projection and monitors. , vicleo support -r'ou lets cor.tnect a rvide to mnge large It has same of powerful processor thePowerBook the as Apple color clisplays otltcr anrl moniturs, easily to plus 165, a built-in math coprocessor to speed t1, exDancl worksnacc, vour calculation-intensive il tasks.

New. PowerBook 180.

Thishigh-perfornrance r.r.uri.rctchrome PowerBook . hr crisp, clear active-marrlr gray-scal rlisplav makes that graphics come alileandletsvouworkwithphotoquality images. oti0-10 Its pLocessor built-in and math coprocessor rheprxler need business. oiiel for vctu graphics, nuth-intcnsn ancl e applicatklns. ir Connect varietv erte ruonifttrs supports ftra wide oi lnel (it 25c cokrrs), voLr rlispiav image thebuilt-in ancl can an on " plus screen a diffcrent intase theexternal on monitur.

82232 w/PowerBookBundle.add Lease aslittle per month as for $69** Modem* 19 82232 w/PowerBookBundle.add kase for aslittle per month as $78**

nr%4 4tr20
82217 41120 uModem* 82232 wr Pon'erBook Bundle, add Lease as little per month as for



+CboosetheconfigurationuithaninternalExpressModem,anduseanyphoielinetoexch Additional limited time sauings dppl.1' tbePoucr[]utk 165,1651:, or 180c ttlso b 180. u,itb Express Mo4em.


33-[/Hz 68030
4MBof RAN/expandab to 14[,48 e

33']\lHz 68030, mathcoprocessor 4N/B RA[/ expandab to 14V]B of e

33-NlHz 68030mathcoprocessor 4N/B RAM expandab 101,![]B of e 1.4lvlB ntefnal Appe SuperDr ve 120l\.48 fternalhardd sk

Memory Diskstorage
l{etworking Display capabilities

1 4NlB interna Apple SuperDr ve 80[/B 160MB or ]nternal d sk hard

1.4N/B nternal e SuperDrive App 120I\,48 interna d sk hard

Buiit- LocalTalki, n connection But-n Loca connectlon Talk Bu t- n LocalTalk connection: AppeTalk network soltware ng AppeTalk network software ng AppeTalk network software ng '0.'c^(dagoai)pdssiveralri,:-6evelso' 1 0 - i n c d a g o ' a ' r a c r . ea , ' ' 6 e r e s r og r a 7 6 1 0 b )1 0 0 p i ( e s 10-rnc-(diaoo^alrbac^toassve-Tal/ospa\{256coo.cl l" 1 l 0 g ' a ) . 6 a A hrJ 0 p u " s C o n n e c t s r o e , r e r a 6 4 0 o y 4 0 0 p ^ e s o - r e c r s o ' e c r v r o e \ t e ; ^ a ' A o o e r o n o c h ' o n e aUonlects C ^o d'e^') to e re na Appe no'och'ore a.d colo'displays / e \ c e o 2 l . r c h r r d n , V C Ao s o l a v \ d ^ o a ' 9 " p ' o j e c r oT o r r o r s . t Apple.monochrorne colordisplays (except colord splays and (except 21-inch), many and VGAandSVGA ^ dispiays. 2 1 -n c h ) Twoslotsonefor a modem, for FA[,4i one supports to s x SCSI ces up dev Twos ots:onefora modem, lor RAI\4i one supporis to sixSCSI up devces Twos ots;onefor a modem. for RAVI, one supports to s x SCSI up devces n p u L p O o u t p - ' p ol b , L - i a i c ' o p ' o n e l

Expansion capabilities

'p-t por1. pur ou po.r. t-i.'r croprore bAdditional ports

p0rt port nput output built-in microphone

-ilose p T i l o s e l a p o n s / o e o - o u t pp o ' . . S C S o . r a o o . r sS C S | p o r A,D B p o r t . p o w e ' a d a o t e r o o n . r ADBporl powe'dddpter W l- optiona poa porr SCSI video-ourp-r W'^ o0ronalSCSI ois, aoapre.. SCS oo.ra .ow: diskadapter, SCS porta owsd rectconnect on d rectconneition another to l\lacinlosh fasifiletransfejr. for to another lvlacntosh fastftletransfef for OptionaExpress N4odem -cadmium; Nicke average 2.5to 3 hours life gef/power battery rechaf adapternciuded

ports, port, port, power port Two serial SCS ADB adapter port. video-output WthoptonaSCSI skadaoter, port d SCS allows d rect connection toanolher ntosh fasi e lransfer lvlac for f
0pt onalExpress Modem N ckel-cadm average 2.5to 3 hours; um; life battery rechargef/powel aoapteT u0e0 nc

Internal modem

0ptonal Express [,4odem
N chel-cadn average I ro 2 ho,rs:barre.\ .r:. l;fe poeel rec^d.ger a0aptef uoe0 Inc


9 . 3 y1 12 5b y2 . 2 5 . l 6 . 8 . b n b

9 . 3 y1 12 5 y2 . 2 5nl 7 b b . b i

9.25 11.25 2.29 I 68lb by by in



PowerBooklSOc New
$33 69' Iff ii,i;:::,:ii:,i{r
180c PowerBook
.J'hafpness clarity anactive-matrlr color and of .:'.1'rnake PowerBook themost 180c appealing the The PowerBook computer. -:.-performance ,, gives theprocessing you you 180c speed crBook maximum of yourcolor ,.:.1 take to aclvantage and to :',rcations, yougettheflexibility handle in that's tasks time-all a package ,..ripie atthesame to .,11 enough fit in a briefcase. .l'he gives vividcolors. bright display you256 crisp, you're when not ! .: \ ou caneven a larger use display ' ihego:justconnect PowerBook to almost 180c the , Apple, VGA, SuperVGA display, dramatically and or '.:,rncl on-screen workspace, ),our family, I.jke othermembers oithe PowerBook the 180c all : PrxlerBook offers theconnections 1,ou the in rirl to workany,r'vhere-rn road, a conference . )nr, atyourdesk. is AppleTalk networking built or network and \o \ou canconnect anAppleTalk to files. mail, servers, share or eileelectronic access r: ri seven ports vouaccess peripheral give to built-in .:r ices such printers, as scanners, external and storage :::r'cs. PowerBook isversatile The 180c enough to graphics multimedia and applications .,rdle colorful programs,i? . 'rellasmainstream business
Eaery PowerBook has an ad.justable, bigh-resolution screen that'safull page 180c.features a wide. ThePowerBooh l)Ltchlit. p-tltLtlri.t dilil dtspla.r gi|es.tou that 256brilliant colors-andbringstextdnd grapbicsto l(b. System7 comes as standard equipment lJlering.you sucbaduanced as Jbatures BalloonHelp"' .foron+creen run asistance and tirtuaLmemory- easib, to p muItipIe ap Ii ccttons sinultaneously. t i PonerBook key (actual size) Order your PowerBookwitb an internal Express Modem,and l,oucan sendanclreceiue Jareq sharefiles,exchange mail, and electronic corulect phone-in u)itb inlormationseruices, just bt'Plugginglour PonerBrtok into tbe phoneline. nearest

Desktop Macintosh key (actual size) Standard.size keys a o n ' lc r u m p) o u r ) n.yle. thc And ryping keyboard qniet is enoullhto usein neethtgs attd cctnlbrence rooms

me Apple SuperDriae flopp1t disk driue norks not ly b ot't tuitb lvlacintcts dishs, alsrtwith but disks.lormaLed on tllSt DOS, \Yintlows, and OSl2 computers. Dual-button trackball lets poitil and click I'ou ol lhtrntl+att(l tL'ithoLl u)itba quick nudge 1'our rbe bourd. liftinga.linger.fi'ont ka.t

Er932 41160 rt933 4/160 */E"p*tt ltod. E2232 w/PowerBookBundle, add
"iee the OrderForm for detailson leasinT.

$3,369 $SS

Built-in palm

rest.fbr comJbn


',1H2 68030, mathcoprocessof

-'.'3 ol RAN/expandab to 14\,48 e

'B nternal e SuperDrive App .18 interna d sk hard
n Loca k confecton; Ta :Ta k networking software


for one a modem forRAN/], one supports toslxSCS up )'( Ihe star symbolindicatestbat tbis product meets federal Energt Starpower consetvatnn requirements. Detaik on tbe Form. Ord,er

pori cortoutput bulfinmcrophone
-..r n^,r( qaq ^^n AnR^^n n^^ar;denrarnnn

portallows r:l-outpulpori.Wth optiona SCS diskadapter, SCSI '::: connect to another on Macntosh fastf e transfer. for
.) Fvnrac< N/^dam

1 12 5 b y 2 2 9. l7 . 1 | b . r

Lockdown. itup, it away, it Power Cury
$149 New.CoastLeather NotebookBriefcase.

Perfect a PowerBook on thego,thisleather for user case attractive is enough carry corporate to into boardrooms. enough slipunder airplane Sleek to an seat. spacious And enough holda PowerBook, to accessories, documents, travel and necessities in multiple easy-access compaftments, luxurious. The top-grain exterior covers layer dense po$oamfcr a of scratch-resistant protection shock Adjustable should stmp removable, is

FREE NylonDiskWatteta $10 value-is included everv with briefcase. It organizes 3.5-inch in a pockersized, ten disks zip-closed compaft ment, Briefcase DiskWallet82106 and withdock. operates It smoothly efficiently and using either PowerBook Adapter anauxiliary the AC or (not battery included). 21MB One flopticaldiskeue is included. E1954

New.lomega FlopticalDrive.
Imagine backng yourentire up PowerBook disk hard onjusta couple offloppy disks. slipping Or an encyclopedia's of information yourshirt worth into pocket, newIomega The Floptical Drive stores 21 megabytesinformation each of on floptical 3.5-inch disk, worlaup to three and times faster than conventional floppy drives. caneven It read fromand writeto yourstandard 1.4M8 disks TheIomega plugs anyPowerBook into or port, Macintosh a SCSI or a PowerBook with Duo"

$99 n"*. tomega
2lMB Floptical Disks. Standard-sized yetextraordinarily spacious, of each Iomega's durable floptical disks stores a 3.5-inch remarkable megabltes 21 ofdata. each backed And is bythemanufacturer's lifetime limited waranry. Packageoffive. E2001

PowerBook thislow-power Duo, external drive disk lets diskwithanother Macintosh system high-speed for file youquickly your transfer between PowerBook files transfer system or recovery. Requires Apple SCSI computer's internal diskandfloppy hard dnks. gives System It (see Cable theOrder FormCable tist). E1033

External $139 ApplellDt-2O sGSt DiskAdapter $49 cmc $39 $pre HDt-30 1.4M8FloppyDisk Drive This adapter youuse lets yourPowerBook 160, 100, PowerHouse Extremely toownersthe useful of PowerBook 100 and 765,165c,180,180c or computer anexternal as hard Ifyou use often
yourPowerBook to drivean external display, you'llappreciate convenient this stand. topfloor The holds monitor almost a of anysize. bottom The floor houses PowerBook, your keeping accessible it while sanng valuable desktop space. E1625

youaccess400K, and14MB to 800K,

Ifyoucrunch lot ofnumbers a withyourPowerBook, you'll findthiskeypad tremendously useful. plugit intothe Just Apple Desktop Bus'" in port theback ofanyPowerBook and start calculating. Function keys reduce keystrokes make and it $39 Apprc HD|.3O SGSI System Cable easier exchanqe ro information Thiscable connects PowerBook most computers to withmarnframe computers. Comes peripheral SCSI devices, asa CD-ROM such drive, witha newsoftware utilitythatprovides the all scanner, backup, harddisk. canconnect ape or You up functions a desktop of calculator adding and machine to sixadditional devices yourPowerBook SCSI to at 81326 once. 81029
t6 TheAppleCatalog

Macintosh and, disks using Macintosh Exchange PC software, MS-DOSto formatted disks. It plugs directly the into floppy drive port disk ofyourPowerBook 100, or anyof thePowerBook Duo dock andadapters pages and19 81027 on 18 ,

$129 Kensington NoteBook KeyPad

$49 cuc
PowerLock Powerlock guards data, your yourprivacyandyourPowerBook itsell-without defacing or permanently attaching yourcomputer. to Installs in seconds, removes and easilywrth turnof a key the (twoareincluded), Made ofcase-hardened and steel plastic, a 4.5-foor ABS with anchor cable foilthieve to 81407

tE89 cotorTravel Bags
\l-i.leof tough, 1,000-denier Plus Cordura nylon, this a:ierproof neatly protects PowerBook your bag and .r!!cssories , andholds inside documents gusseted in The is in of 3 tketsoutside. case availableyourchoice rr c appealing Please colors. speci$,: burgundy, nar,y, gray ir-J.andnotshown: or black.E1855

New.PowerBook AccessoryPack.
Order PowerBook the Accessory Pack, ardyougetfouressential PowerBook extras onemoney-saving The at pnce. Accessory includesPowerBook Pack a AC Adapter; (for battery recharger battery and PowerBook models through 140 plus 180c); a black nylonTravel (described left)to totethemallBag at andyourPowerBook-in comfort style. save and You overpurchasing same the items separately. $43 82219 $269

Carry.All. 949 n"*. Goast
r tlr most affordable isneatly into bag organized r'.rltiple nooks yourPowerBook, for accessories, :. ,ppv disks, business and papers. layer dense A of protects contents jostles shocks, from :. ilrfoam all and your i:d aVelcro strap The secures computer, durable rrlon carry-all over with slings yourshoulder a :cnrovable, padded adjustable strap. FREE Nylon Disk Wallet-a $10 value-is rncluded every with carry-all.lt organizes 3.5-inch ten in Jisks a pocket-sized, zip-closed compaftment. Carry-All Disklfiallet and


$189 uew.
Laptop Liberator. Ifyoutravel your with PowerBook, Iaptop Liberator makes your transfering files fast, safe, easy-without and using floppy disks. its Use
POWefBfidge COnneCtOf

Remote Access $f 99 AppleTalk
Thissoftware youconnect modem) arother lets (r,ra to Macintosh youroffice or AppleTalk nerwork, then and take advantageallitsresources-file of sharing, electronic databases, printers-remotely. mail, even So when take you yourPowerBook theroad, you've on gotyourentire yourarm.E1281 office under



PowerBook Batteries, Rechargers,and AG Adapter \fith ortra batteries-andmeans the torecharge them-you happily can

andanApple HDI-30 Cable SCSI left) @elow to your connect PowerBook anydesktop to Macintosh or MS-DOS your computer, instantly, PowerBook appears asanexternal diskor MS-DOS hard volume the on desktop computer. copy transfer back Then and files andforthusing regular Macintosh MS-DOS or commands. Softwareincluded. is E1998 PowerBook 1401145111581170 Apple requires an HDI-30 SCSI System PowerBook1601 Cable. 1001 1651165c11801 l80c requires
an AppleHDI"30SCSI AdapterCable. Disk

PowerBook File Assistant.
If youworkwith a Macintosh yourdesktop on anda PowerBook the on road, youcanrest now assured you're that always

$79 n"*.

.,..... .ir.'..,ifir:1.rif.1q

working with the most up-

l,ourPowerBook use anywhere hours end, for on n1thout looking awalloutlet, for Batteries to 4 las',2 hours. PowerBook rechargers themback full bring to power justa fewhours cancharge in and two batteries once. PowerBook Adapter required at A AC is ,\bu may wantto order also extra adapters the for places rypically yourcomputer.) you manv take Be PowerBooklDOS :ureto order coffect the items thePowerBook for gives Companion" youfourhardware software and you modei own, products worktogether ease transition. that to the a to computer, and E1001 PowerBookACAdapter $eS Connect PowerBook anyMS-DOS swap convert berween twocomputers. and files the (Over conversion 700 combinations support the all most popular wordprocessing, graphics, spreadsheet, for PowerBook L10 745r45B160165r65ci170/180/180c: I I anddatabase formats.) 3.5-inch I I I MS-DOS Use floppies justasif theywere Macintosh Print and disks, text E1005 BatteryRecharger from to of $89 graphics a PowerBook over850kinds printers. Instructions included. E1498

9qupflx-on ilH\Y,ffTlli:1il:il'


to-date version ofyourfiles. PowerBook Assistant File gives software yousimple powerful yet command of fileslnchronization your between desktop Macintosh andyourPowerBook--romplete autoslnwith chronization features, bothone- rwo-way and and links, also It manages PowerBook battery by life supponing automatic backlight dimming a sleep and "RAM key; permanent disk" a feature saves information restarts shutdov'ns. between and E1995

Oder Toll-Frce €m-795-t 000 I
Call24 hours aday,7 dap aweek. Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

tg"i?fP* . Nut ContadThe cornplete contact nnnaguthat giu.ep instant you acceis namcs, to numbeis, and


adiresses. Detaik page ffi 33. . Clarls Power To Go The ultimateDowtr-ard sDacesauingutility for your PowuBook.-Dentkpage'J2. on . Now U0-to-DateTbefeature-Dacked electronic calmfar tbat offm piecisecoinmandouu your busy pige If scbedule, nuaili'on 33. ordued sepa:ratety, itt* toX*oi, would $237. tlnPuterBnkBundle cwt Uder PowuBook, witbyour just gnd and nsts $9, Offa tbougb k December 1D3. 31,

$t g g9' l* ii,i;:::,:1i:,i{New.PowerBook Duo 23O.
Theheart thePowerBook system the of Duo is PowerBook computer-a Duo lightweight slim, just notebook youcantake about that anywhere. One thatoutperforms desktop machines tip thescales that atmany times 4.2-pound its weight sandwichthin and dimensions. ThePowerBook 230 a built-in Duo has speaker andmicrophone frontforvoice in annotation and multimedia you'llfind applications. Around back, the port a serial to plugin a printer a portfor its and included adapter rechargeable lasts AC (its battery up yourPowerBook 230 to 4.5hours). Order Duo wrthan internal Express Modem, youcanconnect to any and it phone to o<change atspeeds to 14,400 line data up bitspersecond, send receive at9500 and and faxes bps---even you're when away fromyourcomputer,r^1-i

Greatfinancingfor Macintosbbusinesssolutiors As low as #53lmontb. Details on tbe OrderForrn.

Phone support aslong for produa asyou ownlour Apple Plusnewwanantyseruices Details tbeOrder on Form.

PowerBook Duo 210

PowerBookDuo 230
Proceacor: llemoryr Dlsk Storage! Dlsplay! 33-lVHz 68030 4lVB RAN/, of expandab to 241\,48 e internal disk 80N,48 hard f-inch backlit supertwist LCD| 640by400pixels, levels gray 16 of

Themostaffordable to getyourhands the way on renowned flexibility a PowerBook computer, of Duo thePowerBook 210 therwinof thePowerBoo Duo is Duo230, uses but a?5-MHzprocessor. the Like PowerBook 230,itraces Duo through business tasls withastonishing goefficienry, offers same the portability communications and anpvhere power, and easily connects a number docks accessor with of and (next page) offer a hostof expansion you to ;r options.

PowerBook Duo 210

82232 VPowerBook l,ease aslittle per for
(See }rder Formfor detailson leasing,) tbe Additir-tnal linited tinrc sdriilgsttlsodpph to the Pou:erlJook ).)0 tuitbEtpress Dtro llodent

Insertlour PotuerBook lnto tbePowerBook Duo Duo Dock,andyou'ue instantb created complete a Macintosb dektopsy s stem-aitbout transfen'ing sor connecting cables. file

Proce.aor! ilemory3 Dlsk Storage: Dlsplar

2S-lVHz 68030 4lVB RAIVexpandable 241\.48 of to 80N,48 nternal disk hard f-inch backlit supertwist LCD| 640oy400p xels. 6 leve ofgray 1 s

't^? Ihe starrymbolindicates tbis tbat product powerconseraatian meets Enugt Star fed,eral requbements. Details tbeOrder on Form,

w/ PowerBook Bundle.add
(See OrderFormfor detailson leasing,) tbe

$ 89 9' l* 1i,;t?,:ii:,i{^
PowerBook Duo Dock
-:'.::-trour PowerBook intothePowerBook Duo Duo I , . rrnd instantlv l,ou've createdcomplete a " \i., :rrosh desktop system-without transferring files - ,nnectins The cables. PowerBook I)ockhas builrinvicleo support
li(r ccllors a wide varien of on

t- :'.cancl thircl-party displays.offers It
'i.,,,'v'rancinn nnrtt nf the

,.crBtnk MiniDock Duo (below), Expansion slots and ports at tbe . rrbuilt-in Apple SuperDrive that rear oftbePotuerBook Dochletl,ou Duo unl u,ith :',rs bothMacintosh MS- eniot all thacotmeclion e.\pouiiotl and pctu,ers a desktop rl computer. ': fkrppv disks*for effortless access :riirrmation MS-DOS from computers t nlike competitive docking svstems, it uses r crJ.atch technologvprovidesmooth t0 a transition -ri:ilee thenotebook lr world thedesktop and world, . :' rourPowerBook intothedock-justas Duo 1,ou'd jr.t r' I . .:t'irtape aVCR-and automatically into it's connected .'' : eonfigurecl, before eject ourPowerBook you Ancl t - .,,.all\our workisautomatically preventing saved, ." ..furm losing data. an,v E1608

:" t,r:,f| ;.f;:,1

.m n l': I i! tTr,b,,Tr*;ffiC
i,{..1 .si""" ?.,.


,,,{i iii..,.




- . -;rN

ru ijU$ililU*;-*;

:ii:,i::r $ss g' l* il,",;11
PowerBook DuoMiniDock
your Attach PonerBook Duo to thecompact i 'r erBook MiniDock, youopenthedoorto Duo and :r:i nrLlltitude ofdesktop resources. itsvideo port Use ' -,rork botha large with external display the and I ',r erBook simultaneousiy-an solution Duo ideal for The ;':J\entatk)ns. Apple Desktop portconnects Bus .,::trternalketboard, keypad, mouse, graphics or '-,riet. theSCSI to connect a scanner, poft Lse to CDi' t\1drire,external disk, otherdevices. hard and Plug :: .ur.\pple SuperDrive floppv drive workwrth disk to '.1.:Lintosh MS-DOS and floppydisks serial Two ports .J: access \'()Lt printers modems; sound and ports two inputandoutputof monaural :':' ,r'rde sound, the Yet . ::rbleMinrDock onlv1,24 pounds vour adds to I 'r erBook Duo-enormolls possibilities expansion ,.:::: barel.v perceptible in weight. r gain E1610

E-Machines EtherDockby SuperMacPou'erl.ink EtherDrtcktheon\,6ls5kt(yp forthePou,ertsook is clock Duothatenables full-speecl PowerBookDuo connec-tionsEthernetto Rechargeable Battery a nenvorking star.rdard in A nickel-hydride bauery that thebusiness rvorld. it Carry last can up to 4.5 hours. n'ith1,s11, and',,on instantlv can access either twisted-pair 81606 $69 or thincoax Ethernet networks-and enjoy thevideo, all PowerBookDuo Battery Recharger revives one sonnd, peripheral and connections provided a by battery less in than2 hours, twoin less 4 hours, PorverBook MiniDock as or than Duo (left) well.81618 $559 Plugs anACAdapter into (below), E1607$l l9 PowerBook Duo AGAdapterisincludeclwith every PowerBook bLrt useftil har,e Duo, it's to for extms you thevarious locations carryyour computer, to or yourcomputer battery use and recharger thesame at rime.81605 $65 PowerBookDuo FloppyAdapterThis lets adapter vouuseanexternal floppy drive(page and disk 16) inputdevices-such a numenc as kerpad mouseor withyourPowerBook Itssmall andlight Duo. size weight make perfect travel. theadapter a it for And has slotfor a security cable, youcanlockt our so PowerBook to yourdesk.81609 $99 Duo E-Machines Presentor by SuperMac Thisl0-ouncc k isideal dot for people thegowhoneed on to use PowerBook to deliver a Duo presentationseffective jthuLrt anrlime. anwihcre-n tarninga olbulkv lot equipment.connects PowerBook to almost It Duo 1,our any tvpe ofvideo screen-Apple SVGA and displays, LCD panels, conventional even Tvs-andprovides brilliant 256 colors. includes Also connections a mouse, for kevboard, external floppv drir,e, speakers, disk and El62l $429

PowerBook Duo PowerAccessories




Phone supportforas /r,t:^ pn aslou oull lour Apple '..' Phtsneu warrantl' serL r. Detailson the OrderLrn'


Call our custonter representatil serurce L,s for help:M-l:,8 r.u.-l I Sat., 10tv4r.t. E7.



Prices ma1bauedroppt,; Callfitr latestprices, r.800.79i.1000. TheAudioVision 14 Displqt integrates -(l bi,q,h uaIi h, sIareo speakers, micropbone, artdtt Sonl''li'initran ptcture tubeitilo d pachage. singlesleek I;or ilrcreaboLd Action! pctge12 nliuare. see


lVeshipouernigbt modes:, for Soyou can order it totlu., and useit tomorrou Detailsrn the OrderFon':

AppleAudioVision 14 Display
If 1'ou thinkgoing fromblack-and-white to color rvas somethrng special, har,'en't seen--or heardvou anlthing TheAudioVrsion Dnplay 14 combines vet, superb colorgraphics a revolutionary sound with new you system, notonlycan u,ork so withtoday's multimedia you're applications, readv take to advantageemerging of speech-recognition and telecommunications aoolicationswell. as Allthe dimensions of multimedia in one convenient display. Thefirstin anentirelv class new ofdisplays, the AudioVisron integrates 14 high-qualiry speakers, stereo microphone, a razor-sharp Trinitron and picture Sonv package, speakers tubeintoa single sleek The are speciallv engineered near-field for listening-so vou getCD-qualitv sound close at range n'ithout , disturbing nearbv colleagues. Simpl.v speak thedisplav's into microbuilt-in phone addvoice to annotations\,our to documents. Or useit asa l"unds-free speakerphone during

videoconferences. AsI'oice-recognrtutn teclmolopl' you'll emerges, even able gir,e be to Voice commanr to vourcomputer for example, Macintosh (see, the 660,rv computef page on 6) Quadra Foradded convenience, AudictVrsioncont the 14 withfourside ports headphones, for external speakers, platers, a kelboard. it'seas\, CD or So rct record, listen or view types media. to, all of Contras brightness, sound and controls convenientlv are located thefrontpanel, newsofnvare on And contro letr,ou customize wavthedispla.v the handles sound input output. and E2022;:".


C'atalog TltApph
dt@#dLllthedFv hEd::.r k'-d4 .: !. r tl6arif i dp* iF$illar$oftwlE

Apple Catalog


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your Black white, crisp clear, Portrait and the Display Anideal workspace composing color for and provides page-Just it will (diagonal) a 8.5-by-1l-inch as documents, 14-inch this display shows complete ,-:rirul design youneed bothtextand printed. when Xfithout scrolling or down, up for unparalleled andcomfort. flat,high-contrast appear clariry The that " .-\ applications, 14-inch preview pages geta "real provides pure, with to sense" of Its Trinitron tubedelivers uniform color Wthoutprinting screen 640- Sony .r -rLrel vinually flicker thefinalproduct. plugs It into Macintosh resolution.built-in A ruor-sharp while eliminating directlv many tilt-and-swivel base definition, without need a video the for card; other viewing anddistortion. tilt-and-swivel andfrontThe base computers :^ :rsimple adjust a comfortable to to ,: .$d brightness, models requirta Macintosh may Display controls youangle adyust display l,lacintosh let and the contrast, onloffcontrols and are mounted '::riently plug-in left). The witha touch. offers it and Card . 24@elow Askourordering for 8 staff located thefrontpanel, monitor on simplicity up to E1323 :. :riLrg-in with Macintosh LC, 16.7 million when withtheMacintosh details. compatibility any colors used ::: rsh Macintosh left).81381r^i Centris, or Card Quadra, PowerBook Display 8.24 @elow -: ,:t affordable colordisplay the Apple for - . ,sh, monitor quality and this offers image the

Apple Golor Plus Display

GolorDisplay $St g Macintosh


PortraitDisplay Macintosh

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intosh16rr Display Golor
high-resolualmost fullpages superb, two of Ol=-.-::rg is this for and 6 c - rlor, display ideal r,rewing editing publishing r - ::ledia presentationssophisticated or .j-rs. comes with learning, It complete setup, and [r (::nce documentation, Depending which on you mav the Color Display X;-:::rosl.r use, 16-inch Display 8.24 1below). Ask Card r...::c a Macintosh i cr-: rleringstaff details, for F,1322 glare up to 96percent, Anti-glare reduce filters by These improving clarity to 20times. up optical-quality glass filters have ceramic anti-reflection scratchand resistant and to coatings arecustom designed fit yourdisplav. 87335 Macintosh Portrait Display Filter $69


Macintosh DisplayCard8''24

T:.:rcd withtheMacintosh Display, expanColor this gives s ,r -'arci you16,7 million colors. Installed in ,:r.-.i: \lacintosh models, provides it ranging options (or million i ,:r156 colors shades gray) 16.7 of to ,;'| :.. -lskourordering stafffor details. 81324

il Tbestar q,mbol indicates tbat thisproduct meets federal Energt Statpower conseruation reauirementsDetails on the OrderForm,

RGB Monitor(13-inch) Filter $69 81334 Macintosh 12-inch RGB Filter Display $79 81332 Macintosh Radius and 21-inch Display Filter $l 35 Macintosh 81572 14-inch Color Display Filter $69 El33l Macintosh & SE/30 Filter SE $Sg 81333 Macintosh & II Classic Classic Filter $.59

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(diagonall/ type

14-lnch colorVGACRT

14-nchSony n tron Tr color CRTwithflatscreen

I 5-inch monochrome CRTwithflatscreen

16-nchSony n tron Tr color CRT

14-inch Trin Sony tron colorCRT withflatscreen



39mm p tch dot
640x 480pixels 60 heftz ELF,^/LF magnet c ELF/N/LF electric Tilt-and-swivel base

p 26mm stripe tch
640x 480pixels

870-line screen
640x870pxels 75 hetlz

26mm pepitch str
832x 624pixels

p 26mm stripe tch
640x 480pixes 66.7hertz

lcren resolution tcr*n

refresh rate

667 hertz
ELF,A/LF magnetic ELF/VLF ectrc e

ELF/VLF magnet c

ELF,ryLF magnetic ELF/VIF c electr Anti-static, are automat c anti-g screen; degaussing; t t-and-swivei with base ports; portsi easylo-reach lront single rear cable
Seedescrptlon etl at



Automatic degaussing, tilt-and-swivel base

Antr-glare screen

Anti-stat -gare c, ant screent automat c degaussing; tilt-and-swlvelwith base easv-to-reach Dorts

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Ei322 $1,299

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New goesportdde!
Pbone supportfor as aslou ownyourApple
Plus new war'ranty Details on tbe Order

printer Introducing 4.!-pound, the laser-quality that goes absolutely aniwhere, perfect A companion for yourPowerBook, Portable the Sryle\(riter' delivers paper high-resolution versatile handling, and output, quietperformance-all in smooth, package slips a sleek that inside briefcase. a Use Portable the Style\flriter a plane, on at in room, a hotel, a conference at home theoffice, Becauseprints both it in or positions, canuseit in even you horizontal vertical and themost confined spaces. whisper-quiet Vith it efficiency,offers same the 360-dot-per-inch resolution thepopular II. as Style\flriter Andit works withanyPowerBook, PowerBook or Macintosh Duo, computer, using rechargeable or a standard a battery power source.
Patient Origin By Market


Shop all jtour printer for onpage28.And don't

gift offeronthesame







A printeras versatileas it is portable.
ThePortable Style\friter comes " with39TrueTlpescalable fonts crisp, for clear in a text range And ofstyles sizes. and it prints envelopes, labels, on transparencies, and letterhead, wellasregular as paper. simplify To paper handling,manual a feeder is you're builtin.And, when noton thego,anoptional 50sheet feeder righQ (at automatic yourPortable makes easy convert it to StyteWiter a to printer. full-featured desktop Includes abattery and recharger, cartridge, ink software drivers, printer and cables.81942

$85 mtomatic SheetFeeder
your Transform Portable into Style\flriter a full-featured

while geton withyour you work.E1!44

$59 PortableStyleWriterBattery
Keep extra rechargeable an battery handto make on yourPortable printing sure Style\(riter keeps when you're froma power for away outlet longstretches of lasts time.Battery charge for approximatelyhoursor 2 81943 50 pages.

Oder Toll-Frce| €OO-795-lOOO
Call24hoursa day,7days week. a Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

Thestar symbolindicates that tbisproduct meets federal EnergltStarpouer consetuation requirements. Details on tbe OrderFotm.


Designed neady bothyourPortable to hold Style\(ri yourentiresystem anda PowerBook, totetakes this almost anl.nvhere. Multiple compaftments organue printer, computer, accessories, documents, othe and necessities. tough The polyester canvas exterior is weatherproof, rubber prevent feet and scuffing and A tipping. removable shoulder makes strap carrying easy comfortable. and 82165

las Affordable ahty er-qu printil€ foryour desktop.

Winner of tbe /-99J \{acrorkl Vbrld Class Au'ard Inkjet .[rn'Best Pilntet ol tbeYedr andEditors'Choice

tl Stytewriter

printing anaffordable we If you're who high-quality price, someone demands at you invite to examine newApple the Style\flriterpnnter. advanced II Its inkjet technology deliverslaserlike a resolution 360 of dotsperinch, speeds up to at of pages minute. rncluded per provides The improved t\\ro Graldhare software graphics printing-so photographs halftone with even emerge remarkable clarity lets II AndGravShare voushare Sn4e\friter withothers a network, the on you TheStyle\flritercomes virtually thing need begin II with printing: even to printa range typestvles fonts aninkcartridge, TrueType thatlet1,ou of and 39 paper sizes, a 100-sheet for effortless and trav handling automatic and feed. envelope Yetthisprinter fit even smallest can the desktop, it and weighs than7 pounds. peripheral canbepurchased less A cable (see Form List) E1386iY separately theOrder Cable E1081 SryleV/riter ipicrured Bag left1


liue-to-hfe pnntingcolor fordocumentsvivid with impact. #",11,,:J:?iff09 9 l;f' $ I
Apple GolorPrinter
you 1':rc Apple CobrPrinter ensures thecolors view thescreen thecokrrs that on are \i)Llgeton paper, Cancln Its inkjet provides engine resolution and 360-dot-per-inch speeds up to 2 minutes page. per (included) vour of GravShar-e software lets It paper (r'ecommencled), . ,lleagues theprinter use over network. plintson coated a just paper, transparencies of up to 11bv 17inches,et it consumes 16 in sizes : ..rin clr t br,20.5 inches desk Packed everr,thing need getstarred-{4 r,vith you of space. to 'l'rLre'fype fonts, paper, power sample cord, documentation. and Requires Apple an (see Form SCSI Cable theOrder Cable List) E1382tk

printrng Reliable dormatrix for labels, forms-and more.
tmasewrirer $*zgto printlabels, letters, tl or eventhosetroublesome If vouneed invoices, memos,
yourbusy more muldpam forms, Image\flriter'canmake the II productive. days This printer dot-matrix connects anvApple to computer, either singly, on a network or with theImage\ilriter LocalTalk Option(LocalTalk required). offers range cable It a of for outputoptions bothtextandgraphics, draftmode near-letter-qua.lity from to mode. It handles (up yet continuous multiple to four)paftforms, easily and switches to feed lenerhead. optional Sheet The single-sheet to accommodate Feeder Cut allows loading automatic ofup to 100 sheets of8.5-by-11-inch letterhead label or sheets.* El26l ImageWriter Printer II E1054 ImageWriter localTalk IL{.Q Option E1010 ImageWriterCutSheet II Feeder

$l 19 $f 79

F'lew GetftelaserWri pu\cdreatnedoL fr"anun&eamed-d
Phone support as hn3 for as)tououjn lour Apple Drui!, Plusneu' warranty il ct' ser Details the)rderI'ont: on



\bopfor all your pilnter suf)[).: onpage 28.And clon'tmiss,,:, pagt gift offer on the same

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Call our customer seru repreentatiues ice s M-F-, ,t.u.-l1r : u 8 for belp: .\at., 10tu4rn. ET.

Nowl'oucanhar,e clualitt conr,enie of true the ancl nce l.aser\\iriter'" printing theprice aninkjet for of printer. Designed snrall fbr ctffice personai the ancl use, Personal Lascr\ijter deln'en sharp, the 300 clear, olLtput need-at a 300-ckx-pcr-inch 1ou rcmarkablv affordable . price Vrithitscompact, lighm'eight clesign. the printer easilv anv fits on desktop.comes It with39scalable TrueTrpe fonts highfor qualitv in a niderange text ofstl-les sizes. and For maximum flexbilitv,uses stanclald it a 100-sheet cassette thatcanholdpaper differ-ent and trav of sizes a manual-feed forprinting othermedia: trav on rnrc1ope.. iabclr. lransnaren( and ic\.
TheApplc Catalog

t: Tltestars.Jnrbol ptui:, indicdtes tbcttthis \tLy ilt(tctt htl l ttL'tg' Powet'consen tt: It',L . ,..fi^? (,n tpqtttt(rJtutli.tpktils tbeUrderForn. I +snftware driuerslbat enabletbel.dserYriterSelect 300 and J10 kt meet Starreqrircments are federal Energl' auailable .lpplereseller by callin3 or from 1'ou autborized 1-8OO-SOS.APPL.

A sharable printer at a personal price. The Personal laser'\Vriterfeatures GravShare 300 software,innovatil'e an technobgr, gives the that lou
abilttr, sharcourprintef to acrossnetwork. a t GrarSlrlre th:livcls ll.o ca.\-lo-use ilnagc grarscale scaling enhanced and printing graphics, to capabilities sharp for And, consene energy, automatlc an on/offfeature keeps printer a standby u,hen the in state not in use. \Xhen read1,1s fie print, vou're

$49 stvt"writer and Personal LaserWriter PrinterDriverUpdate LS

If I'ouownanoriginal StvleVlrter Personal or Laser\{'riter printcr, softrvare t ou allthc LS gives thrs adr,antages ncu'GravShale of oul technologt-inclL gr:Lr.scale ingsharper printing urages, for chafts, an, graphs; printer sharing a networkl 39TrueTr r,ia ancl scalable for maimumtvpequalitv. fonts E2259

printer quicklv po\\efs up-to deliver tofourpages up perminute81945;; ,

$99 xensington

LaserStand TheLaserStand ancL stores organizes paper two casse Extra 1OO-Sheet Universal Paper tworeams oaoer. of Cassette holds U.S. A4, leuer, and 85, execurive powef enr,elopes, andnetwork cables, printer and papersizes, $eg BZZIS accessories printer, also undel,vour It rases vour Laser\flriter a comfortable to height.E1348

Twice speed, the Four timesihe
1 ,.

Select360. New.LaserWriter
pouerful member theIeser\iriter Selcct Themost of orit Select cranks 10pagcs familr,, Laser'\\,riter 360 the perminute-twicc speecl theLaser\Xlntcr Select thc of 6t)f orJ 10. itl\rfr'irtt5ltt lt ) I lctntlLllrht'islr 11,4s r J00 perinch-foLu times resolutiontheuther the of printers, u'ithitsaflbLclable And Laser\\ijter Selcct (available aitthortzetl Fiu ettuur PostScript Option Carcl sencling as Apple resellef can not'k a fu nrachirtc. also , it piainlalrer fir-rcs 9600 persccond, at bits rcceiving anci contpatibilrtv Ancl t.aser.\riter 360 the Scicct oiiels errtl Its its ltnrl to match speetl claritr', ur.rtocurulation ports to conncctionsN'{acintosh, multiplc actir,e prcx,irle With conrputcrs, 6+built-irr \{'inclxvs, NIS-DOS rnd l.o'cl megabltcs RA,\I, Post-Script 2,thc of ancl fonts, 7 nrccts litcl that Laser'\X Sclcct isari'olkhorsc clLsily 360 i: worklrr'oup. E1948 of thencerls l clcmlntling
with optioncil cassettes t oncl feeders, 1r ut t' Ldsc \\'t'i l cj .\t'lct'l t'tut l.vuttlla trp lo li00 sltt(lr (l l)il1)ci'

Add finesse the ofPostScript,


._,. t

LaserWriter Select310
tirc Select and gain Choose LaserWriter 310, ior.r the ofbuilt-rn Adobc PostScript, anrndustrt arlvantages high-qualitv ancl text standard technologr, offers that graphics compatibility allmajor ll'ith applications ancl 'fhe for Laser\rriter Select isdesignecl personal 310 r.rse-lvith plLrg-in srmplicit',,-with either With \'lacintosh orViindorvs computers. its processor, Laser\Xlriter RISC thc Select built-in of speeds througir publication the 310
. )ll\. grfplrs rclr{ lrltcls.( hlft\. :rnd

250-Sheet Feeder/Gassette your feecler noLurts This shect unilcrncath papcr-hantlling Laser'\Xlritcr plintel adcl Sclcct to exna u,ithout , consuming space clcsk abilities or 250 Itsremovable tteholcis lcttcr-sizeA4 casse E1514$149 sheets 500-Sheet Feeder/Gassette rour mounts l'hissheet feeclcr undemeath paper-handling riter abilitics Laserl{ Select addextra to Its cassettc without clesk consunring space, rcmolable 81515$299 holds leuer-size sheets. orA'i 500 250-Sheet Letter Gassette E1517$79 Hokls 250leuer-size sheets. 250-Sheet Legal Cassette (For Select Hokls legal-size 250 sheets. Iaser\\'rriter 2 E1519$79 requlres5NIB RAI\,I,) of 310, Envelope Gassette 81518$89 Holds business-size errvclopes. 30

per printing to fivepages minute at up per fonts Its dots inch. 13scalable 300 -r space. Helr,eticait inclucle popular stanclarcls asTimesio to such Install PhotoGrade a Upgracle print pdntable sizes from at ranging au,hrsper Courier, images orcr90levels ancl with .,r.photo-qualitv scamrecl j can And of fcrr Option expanded to a scream. its1. megabfies memory or -r.1\'r anAdobc PostScript to Apple easilv expandecl5,5megabfies accommodate be to (Both arailable t ourlocal from ::rprtibilitr,. are -rllcr.)Perfect indi',,idualsmall-buslness graphics. Endou'ed the n'ith morefonts complex and use, for or paper-handling the capabilrties cousin, asits frorn same : l;Lscr\''riter 300 youchoose 39 Select lets Select also range Laser\Xlriter 300, Laser\Vriter 310 Seiect the fcrnts TrueType andprintthemin au,icle .,..1b1e .:r'1cs, anv l ou like-fromfootnotes features same flexible options--cxpanding io the in vour size paper-handling po\\efs up to 800 of"enecl to sheets 2i0 of ,.ilines.standard A cassette holds sheets tray paper eases jobs nedia. 81511* ,:'cr, a manual feed small that and ;.rrre personal 81510* attention.

Tray Multipurpose
sheets 5 or N'lounts theside feed letter-size on to )0 enrekrpes, 81516$25 business-size

Ultra-high-resolution results for worlgroups lrgh with erpecations,


LaserWriterPro 600
Thelaser\(/riter 500 a newstandard print Pro sets in qualrtt, delivering unsurpassecl at500 output per dots rnch-foultimes resolution most the of conventional laser printers. forshared bybus,v Ideal use workgroups, Laser\ilriter 600 a 68030 the Pro has proccssof and8 megabltes RAr\'l-tnough of pow'er churn to out consistent\, superior results. up to eight at pages per rlinute . \(/ant great graphics scanned ancl photographs? rvhat See Apple's built-in PhotoGrade technolog,v can show,,,our de clear, tailecl images up to 91lelelsof rvith gray-the cqun alent 1,000 perinch, of ckxs Ancl Apple's FinePrint tecl.rnokrgv smrxxhes jag3ed the edgcs ofbothtext lineaft, out and Merge it into any computing environment. pro Best all,thepcrformancetheIaser\(/ritcr 600 of of ismatched itscompatiltilirr,. by Encktlved multiplc rvith ports(LocalTalk, parallel, serial), printer ancl this offers plug-in srmplicit,vApplcl ncrwrtrks for alk and Macintosh, I,'lS-DOS, \X/indolls and c(ntputefs. All polts active stay sitrultancousl,v-so tltcprrnter can jobs accept fromalltvpes contputers, multiple of on nctworks, Laser'$/riter 600 uses latest The Pro also the larsion Adobe of PostScript 2 software Hp Lel,el ancl lase{et (PCt IIP 4+) emularion, crearewide To a range documents. of choosc fntmthe6.1 TrueTvpe fonts theincluded in Apple FontLibranor anyo1hs1 , pro TrueType PostScript TheLasedX,'riter500 or fons. comes twoversarrle tfays n'ith papef (100-and 250sheet capacitv) supports totalpaper and a capacitv of 850 sheets (withtheopturns availablerigh| ar Et52t*
Thestar s1mbd indicates thal tbisproduct n meets [ederal Energ'Stl r pouer conseruation . a***17 / /^ requiremenls. Detailson tbe OrderFonn. *Softuaredriuers tbat enabletbeLaseAVriter pro 600 and 6J0 to meet are federal Energ,tStar requirements auailable Applereseller by calling or from your autborized 1-8OO-SOS.APPL.


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;JN\... '., .. ., ,.,1;, , ; l8su{c&flf rr


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F' l

Sod on page23 1 8 0d p

Soldof page22 3 6 0d p l

Sod on page23 360dpi

Soldon page23

Print quality Print speed
Paper handling

360 dp
B&W 2 m f/page C o l o r3 . / fm n / p a : Paper holdsl: tray s ze sheets 50 e. or 11 ' b y - 1 7 zs s h e e : -e

Upto 2 ppn]

Mlanua feedel standard onal opt 50-sheet automat c feeder

llp to 2 ppm
I 00-sheet/ l5 enve opetray

kactor feed o p t r o f a1 0 0

Standard fonts

4 b i tm a p p e d

TrueType ( 3 9 c a be ) s a

TrueType ( 3 9 c a be ) s a
0u ckDraur th rv GrayShare

TrueType (64 abe) sca
QuickDraw th w GrayShare




Oder Toll-Free -800-?9S-i000 1
Call24hoursa day, days week. 7 a Dialtoll-free 1-800-7i5-0601 TDD. for
26 TheApple Caralog

Interface LocalTa k


H gh-speed a ser RS422

Er26r 5429

E1942 5429

Er386 $329

E r 3 8 2$ r , 0 9 9

high-speed etnetworking,

Pro 630
l-uer'\(/riter 630 Pro proudes withall you :::gh-performance of itscousin, features the ::\\literPro600(eft).Then takes it one 'r.J technological forward a built-in leap wtth :'.ccricltrEthernet-a to popular high-speed r,r,rrking standard thebusiness in world :rsLrlt impeccable quality vour is print for .{{foLlp, delivered swiftly efficiently, and in :rr)st demanding Macintosh or\flindows Multiple pofis, i:.uting environments,fact, other In no including a bi.gbi:rcr in thisclass offers speed image and
i..:i! that'sso impresSive

Ir' bLrilt"in PhotoGrade technology p ..:lices clear, detailed images up to 91 with :.. oigray-theequivalent 1,000 of dots rnch, Apple's And FinePrint technology r' . rrhes jagged the edges of bothtext out rr: iineartfor remarkably results. crisp In you !?i:\'cases, means cancfeate this ci::cra-ready outputimmediately,

speed Etbemet connectrcn, mean thelaser\Yriter Pro 6J0ollers plug-in simplicit.y toitball sofiso.f computers and nettuorks.

High-performance nehuorking with plug.in simplicity. Materercompurers work you with, the Iaser!/riter 630pror,rdes plug-in Pro rhe simplicity need increased you for productivity, Connect easily high-speed to Ethernet networks, tapinto alncalTalk or network, Parallel serial and ports you let connect MS-DOS \findows to and computers, SCSI while ponsgive the you option ofattaching exrra an harddiskfor large-capacnv srorage. ponssray font All active, youcan so bombard printer the with allsorts documents of without having to changesingle a setting, thelaser\flriter like Pro600, laser\friter 630 the Pro comes with twoversatile paper trays anarray and of paper-handling (ight), 81522* options

500-Sheet Feeder Thissheet feeder mounrs your underneath LaserXflriter to addpaperPro handling abilities without consuming space. desk Its removable universal cassette 500 holds letter-size, legal-size.or 85sheets. A+. E1525$399 500-Sheet Universal Gassette Holds 500 letter-size, legal-size, or 85sheets. A4, E152S$l 49 250-Sheet Universal Gassette Holds 250 letter-size A4, 81529 $99 , legal-size, or 85 sheets. Envelope Feeder Mounrs theside feed on to 75 business-size envelopes, E1527$399

Shop all yourprintel supplies for onpage Anddon'tmiss 28. our giftffir ontbe page. same

.'--: :cL U |Vc Jdl Udy





Soldon page25

Sod on page25

Soldon page25

(lett) Soldabove


300dpiw th FinePr nt and PhotoGrade

300 dpi

600 or300 with dpi dpi FnePrint Photocfade and

600dpior300dpiwi1h FinePrlnt Photocrade and Bppm 100-sheet 250-sheet trays standard; optiona 500-sheet and75-envelope cassettes 64TrueType (35 Postscript inRON/) pt Adobe Postscr Level 2 HPPCL 4+ 68030 25lvfz,ASICs at
Concurfent Ta k, Loca parale , sera E1521 $1,699

600dpor300dpwth FlnePrint Phoiocrade and I ppm 100-sheet, 250-sheet trays standard; opilonal 500-sheet and 75-envelope cassettes 64TrueType (35 PostScrlpt 1n ROM)
AdobePostscript Level 2 HPPCL4+ 68030 25 [/Hz,ASICS at

standard; onal opt second 250-or 500-sheel multpufpose cassette

standard optlonal second 250-or 500-sheet multpurpose cassette

standard optiona second 250-or 500-sheel mutipurpose cassette

TrueType (39 abe) sca . lraww thGrayshare with QuckDraw Grayshare pt Postscroption ASIC
l - - : c e e ds e fa H gh-speed a ser RS-422

PostScript (13 calable) s
AdobePostscript Level1

64TrueType (35 Postscript inR0lV)
AdobePostScript Leve2 HPPCL5

AtvD 29005 RSCprocessor
parallel RS-422 serial

AN/D 29005 processor RISC Concurrent Talk, Loca parallel, serial
E1948 51,599

Concutrent LocalTalk, parallel, Ethernet serial

11945 5689


Et5tl s849

E1522 $2,149

$69 l.ageWriter ll ColorRibbon
(magenta, yellow, Four-color ribbons cyan, black) snap that rightintoyour ImagenflriterThese II. ribbons you allow to printnearly anrthing candraw or vou devise yourscreen, glorious on in color Thetypical of these life ribbons 1 is per million cl.raracters color E1268@ox sx) of

81404 Black Cartridge Ink 81405 Yellow Caftridse Ink

Replacement canridges theApple ink for Prinu Color



liil Sg

81407 CyanlnkCartridge

YourApple Printer versatile is Color enough use to paper almost kindofpaper, coated any but is recommended best yourchoice for results. Order t,: high-quality paper transparencies . coated or belol Paoer: Coated

I $49 lmageWriterand ll BlackRibbon
you Thebest ribbons when is timeto order spare don'tneed And ribbons them, even though these can prjnt to 2 million up charrt ls.rlrev weal te do out, \V1.r1, order boxtoday? not a E1267 (Box six) of

LaserWriter Toner Gartridges
Through Apple The Catalog, essential often (vet forgonen)
products tonercartridges like for yourLaser\flriter printer simple are to replace, 81524 LaserWriter Pro


lmageWriter GolorRibbon LQ

(magenta, \'ellow, black) These four-color cvan, and your libbons LQ allorv Image\(/riter printer printin to E1270(Boxofsh) color,

E1481 Legal (200sheets) size E1482 11"x17" (200 size sheets) 81483 A3size(200sheets)

$3 $al $51



$89 lr"geWriter LQ BlackRibbon
These durable ribbons designed lasta long are to time: Image\ilritel black An LQ ribbon a typical has life ofl million But must characters, allgood things come to anend*andreplacements easilv when are available voucaIIThe Apple Catalog E1269(Box six) of

81523 Laserlfriter 300, 360 $89 E1484 Letter (50sheets) Select 310, size 81368 laserVriter I] $r 05 E1485 A4size(50sheets) 81370 Laserwriter/Laserl(riterPlus ee $
81946 Personal LaserVriter 300

$51 $51

n1369 PersonalLaserWriter

$6e $7e

$49 ScribeBlackRibbon Gassette
Yes, canstillgetribbons yourtrusty \,ou for Apple you printer. fact, cangeta dozen them Scribe'i' In of fora very price. reasonable E1271 (Box melve) of

Thisoptional Cassette allows Base automatic feeding up to 250 of sheetsmorethanthrte times many the as as Personal IaserWiter printer's original cassette. Required addition for ofthetwo Personal laserVriter cassettes below. 81011

$99 personalLaserWriter 250-Sheet These covers rvork withthe1stImpression Desktop GasselteBase lpage to create Bindery professional-quality boun 37)

reports. come perpackageyour They 20 in choice ofcolors spine (Ze" and sizes spine holds sheets; spine 15-30 1-15 %" holds sheets;spine 31-60 holds Z" sheets; %" spine 51-120 holds sheets).
ReportCovers, 81i"x11" size: width,Zr" Spine Spine width,%" 81550 Vhite Sl7 E1551 Vhite 81,554 Black $19 E1555 Black

Letter Gassettes
PerconalLaserWriterHolds sheets, 250 Requires CassetLe described Base aboveE1009$65 LaserWriter Holds sheets. ll 200 E1015$75 LaserWriter/LaserWriter Holds sheets. Plus 150 81018 $59 Legal Gassettes PersonalLaserWriterHolds sheets. 250 Requires Cassette described Base above. 81016 $65 LaserWriterll Holds sheets, 200 E1007 S75 LaserWriter/LaserWriter Holds sheets, Plus 150 E1017 $59

$r $z

width,Z" Spine 81,552 Vhite $tg 81556 Black $Zt

Spine width, %" E1553white $z E1557Black $zl

SMe\flriter SMeWiter printer, II or E1266 E1396 Style'{flriter Cartridge Stylelflriter Cartridge II $19 $19

ReportCovers, size: 9"x11." Spine width,%" Spine width,Z" 81558 Slatc $Zg E1559 Slate $Zt

Wesbip ouemigbt modest for fees. Soltou can order it toda.1, and useit tomorrow. Details on tbe OrderForm.



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$40 ersaerbund
The Treehouse Together child(age r,our 6 andup)andanonpossum screen will companion spend hours The exploring Treehouse-while gaining

Brsderbund The Playroom




The Lost Tfibe
r .icrngame strategy in a prehistoric of set world, r:t l' - .., Tribe helps (ages andup)to learn children 8 . , ,,.itLrclies lessons anengaging in multi-media Users lead must their from .' r'rliment, tribe awav a '-....:'.rl disaster toward new and a homeland, travelng ' .,qh of sx challenging ant scenarios of images, full - .:,, sound-and intriguing random events. the As ' .::'.ev progresses, children learn valuable lessons :-, ,.itribal societies build and leadership, decision' -:rq.and conflict-resolution skills. tl-+5 Macintosh 81650 Apple IIcs

\(/inner sh earlr, of The education anards, Plairrooma place is (ages where children learn love to 3-6) ell snrts nflrnorrqoe leaming, Wlile exploring music, arithmetic and thiscolorful electronic skills, Using Apple softwarc, this IIe learn fun with ther,'ll environment Pepper Mouse, friend their ancl lacts (and about dozens guidethe,v laluable gain ofneighborhood critters the lessons letters, about , sounds make); they wend math, theirwaythrough musical nnmbers, reading, telling a and The time, maze; create (butcomplete) practice Plavroom funny sentences; develops thinking computer both and addition, subtraction, mathematical and strategl,; read skiils-and teaches,voungsters that educatbn bea can heros heroines; sing about and even along an with adr turful rnture. included audiocassette. E1551 81654 Macintosh E1792Apple lk;s

S4O erooerbund

Where in America's Brsderbund fh, nrir I'FEhn$ Past ls Garmen Kid Pix Sandiego? KrdPx isthemultiTheimmensely popular awarcl-winning Carmen Sandiego series paint Macintosh program just continues this with that's ascreative as rollicking adventure that childr:n Designed are, kids sends sleuthing to encourage aftistic past, America's through exploration, rtallows krds theAcme Detective Agenqr and to use setof painting a tools-fingerpaints, crayons, Join chase notorious the rubber Carmen her and stamps, brushes, magical erasers, special gang thev as roam nine through periods effects-rvithout making mess. even, has And a tool its history ofAmerican frompre-Columbianou'nclistinctive from sound, squeaks splatters, kids to so times thepresent, withgraphics, can Rich listen theirmastenvorks to to paint.81652 asthey includes sound, music, program and the people. over1.200 about clues famou. $30 grsOerbund inventions, events-and 1,300and a Kid PixGompanion page reference to helpdecipher book Erpand powers the ofKidPix an*l$ r{fd.qrdftd pH*&.ddthd those clues. (above) itsnewartistic wrth ForApple or Macintosh IIe . nrc49 Companion, SlideShow The feature kds turna series lets of KidPixdrawings afully into realized nanative, complete past withgraphics sound Ember Gobets and explores Amerlca's tuitb CarmenSandiego. effects. SlideShon's be can saved, replayed, edited, and sent friends floppy to on I(d dnks, Pk Companion also features infinitely an reusable electronic coloring book, andrecorded r,oices inspire withdrawing that kds For suggestions. Macintosh. 81653



Oder Toll-Frce-gn-795-l 000 1
Cill24hoursa day,7days aweek. Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

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New.Microsoft Office.

pntJbwrtrul-looking Miorxofi Wordcrcatas docurnents, totalconmnncl npbinicated tr.titb af .fbmwtting.featurcs.

MicxtsofiF-xcel tbesandr,trd.for wr nuttixautrcbitqetfrcima. atablingputodoetc,'. project to budgets detaiLulJbreta:' t'nm quick

k4t Microsoft Office combines allof t.g Microsoft's popular most office @l productiviw software-\ilord 1, 5. iwl Ercel4.0, PowerPoint plus 3.0, a u'orkstation license Mail ,1-in for 3 ' onemone\Lsarangpackage.\ilorcl R,I professional-looking creates documents, total mth command formats, and of tables columns, charts, pictures. and Excel speeds number-crunching withadvanced asks featurcs likeAutoformat Scenario and Mioanf PouerPotfi belps.tou oeatedtamic, MicwxofiMail lets communicate u'ith wu ations,.lr bLtc -tu u-u'hlte om k l Manager. PowerPoint presenations chums dynamic out ranging black-and-white itlbt1lat II eprcsetxt from col leagues an office ork---tL'itbotu ou' neht oterhearls to.full-color litles. depauling papermarcs. on overheadsfull-color Mail with existing to slides, works any Microsoft seryer an Mail on network keep,vou touch office to in electronically, because programs and And the look workalike-withcommon menu commands, ban,andshoncut kei,s-l'ou'll learn them quickly share and information (Get among themeasily, a $50 rebate aPersonal on I I This$,mbol telkyou tbat Personal Training 51,*ems Tutorialsare auailable the for page4! for detdilson tbese Training Sptems tutorial Microsoft for softuaretitles indicated.See Office, page See 49.) 82078 n self-paced audio%ssette tutorials







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t.\ []

MicrosoftWord5,1 This powerful processorgot word iust
you a lot easier use. to \X/hether need to dash a memo compose off or a lengthv report withgraphics, new its "ribbon" panel control lets,vou make changes a single with mouse click. Includesgrammar a checker, spelling checker, thesaums. and 81813 n



ClarisMacWrite Pro
You've alwa.vs thought aword of processor a convenient for as tool creating Butideas expressed text. are in morethanmere words. You've often you wished hada combination text. of graphics, charts, sound and available to you. you \Xlhen need create to documents express ideas your that in just more your than n ords. choice is clearl,v Claris' MacWrite' E1845 Pro.


Glaris FileMaker 2.1 Pro
Vastcr of massesfiles information. and with Adatabase prugram evemhing fromlayour ro math rools functions. FileMaker' offers Pro maximum flexibilitv organizing sorts in all of pictures sound. data-including and FREENow, foralimited (until time Decen.rber 1993), self-paced the 31, audiocassette turorial'Beginning FileMaker value-is Pro'-a $52 included yourorder,E1355f] rvith



Thelatest version thisclassic of spreadsheet many offers tools to supercharge,vour number-crunchin tasks. output New capabilities ),ou let place spreadsheet graphs, cells, and textanl,where, anypage, Exce on And : roolbar automates common operatio you to save time.E1814


Get ClickArtfree a $24.95 pur ualue-atith order $150 more. of or
Detalkin tbeOrder Form Enuelope. good Offer tltrouglt Decembu3l, 193.

:-\ 't.


i:ehtlv integrated processing, word chaning. datat::( s.spreadsheet. rnd communications package .:bevournewoffice-in-a-box, t.:.cr of aMacUser Editor's Choice r,:. Clanslflorks youperform lets all productivity in :rostcommon tasks ciegant familiar and environment: ir oneextremely price, reasonable IFEE \ow, foralimited (until time F-cnrber31,1993),the self-paced tutorial Beginning l,r-::rassette (i:::\\brks' - a $52 value-isincluded r:::. r'our order,81354 Q




Getyourhands allthemost on common ceproductivity offi applications-in affordable, one integrated package. Microsoft \florks includesspreadsheet, a database manager, processor, drawing word and andcommunications software-all working together helpyou to accomplish fromputting tasks together mass mailings preparing quarterly to budgets. 81815O

Nowit'seasy produce to great-looking in multiple labels formats-for envelopes, filefolders, name tags, diskettes, packages, shipping binders, more. and This prinier's prints advanced themalengine laser-quality Postal text, Service-approved barcodes, photolike even halftone images graphics-so and everything comes that outofyouroffice organized, is efficient, professional. single and Print labels you as need them, dozens a time, or at Comes complete integrated with database power software, cable, supplv, a rollof labels. and E2003 Smart Label Printer Plus prints standard address labels envelopes, for file "desk folders, barcodes, even Integrated accessory" software youpreview lets what willlook E1571 exactlv labels like, $149 For additional printer labeL suppLies, at1-8a0-795.10A0. caLl us

Quicken looksand uorkslikeyour paper cbeckbooh, 1,ouaLready so know bow to useit!

$t eg

teleware M.Y.O.B.
l::h itscustomizable flexible forms, n:r,ning, fearures and ranging from card to s:rpleelectronic files cash-flow forecasts r 'lhisticated and e..crinventory tracking, awardthis r:rning accounting package you helps r.".:rd ownbusiness the r.our with [,:crionality experienced that hir)untzntS expect-and ease the of u\-thatnovices demand. 81640


Don'tletbookkeeping getyou tasks down. Designed especially smallfor business owners who'drather do business do books, friendly than this gets system youupandrunning in minutes-with presets over for 30 types businesses; of automated invoicing, reponing, check-writing; and andabsolutely deadly no accounting jargon.87641

New, Quicken 4.0. Thebest-selling finance for small tool business personal Quicken and use, has nowbeen upgraded include to over100 features-without new sacrificing renowned of use. its ease Slash data-entry withQuickFill: time stanqping,andasthecharacters Just match transaction you've a entered before, fills of Quicken in therest it automatically. graphs you give Color at-a-glance intorren& your insight in


finances. Quicken balance your Use to (oryourcompany's) print checkbook, yourchecks, yourinvestments, track loan create amoftization schedules, and "what calculationsplanfor make ift" to thefuture-wrthout using complicated spreadsheets. Quicken, \fith you'llhave complete command yourfinances of in oneremarkably simple-and affordable-svstem. 82082

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New.Gommon Ground.
Atlast, Common lets Ground anyMacintosh view user andprintdocuments without creating the application or fonts.You create distributedocument can and a identicalpLrel-for-pixel-to original. that's the Text graphics besearched, and can copied, pasted and into otherdocuments, saved PICT textformats even in or for editing, freeminiviewer others your The lets view documents if theydo nothave even Common Ground. 81999

Finally, vr-: there's safe, a hassle-free to double way hard capacity. disk Stacker youcompress lets vou: you diskwitha fewmouse clicks-then never hate it think about again. When open you applicarions i files, Stacker decompresses "onthefly,"n'irh them virtually performance no difference. your Vhen computer writes back thedisk, data to Stacker compresses it again, Customizable compatibie and withMacintosh software, iNITs, utilities. and E215J

New. Glaris Power To Go.
Timeto recharge PowerBook your battery again? Out ofspace yourharddiskalready? youneed Ifso, on Power Go"-smartutilities ertend To that life battery , maximize storage space, enhance usabiliry and the of yourPowerBook, control panel you One helps easily manage power-consumption seven variables, an while powergauge youmonitoryour on-screen lets remaning worktime. Stufflt The increases SpaceSaver available harddiskspace ^ver geof50percent. an E2221

$99 tto HandsSofhuareMagnet
A must PowerBook Magnet likehavingan for is users, energetic assistant organize update your to and all files, computer TellMagnet to do-synchronize what your files between PowerBook office and computer or (even search network a remotely, modem) via to retrieve mostrecent the copy a shared of file-andit your follows instructions, automatically. 81.51.6

$99 CentralPoint MacTools
protection Rated best the data software many by Macintosh magazines,MacTools the features industry's recovery diskcrashes (with best from analysis repair morethan100 problems), and of disk continuous protection virus (easily updatable a over nemork), customizable backup-all and data performed automatically, to yourspecifications.

$39 CentralPoint Safe& Sound
Containing same repair the disk technology found i: (eft), theaward-wrnning MacTools Safe Sound is & perfect users wantdata for protection who with ultimate put simplicity,Just onefloppy in your disk Macintosh, Safe Sound and & does rest-pror,id: the diskmaintenance, protection, data virus and recolei witha sinsle mouse click.E1620



productivity ihcrease performance. your dy toolslo
i&r s! ka 2!aCol* t1 Bq 3u(.rE 9t flrbc

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c o fl L c E UI

tool.forcreatingdozens of QuicKeys is a powerful, easy-to-use time-sau ke1 oarcl shortcuts. ing b

Energy Management Systems.
These intelligent systems youuse help yourcomputer withminimal drain energy on resources-and maximum convenience foryou Bothwill automatically offyour swirch computer a afrer period inactivity, switch onwitha specified of then it touch ofyourkeyboard, you Naturally, cancustomize various switch-off events suityourworkhabits-and to automatically yourwork. save Makes Macintosh any with compliant federal Energy conservation Star requirements, Smartbar I isanadapter der,rce included with software.plugs awallsocket control It into to one compurer uproseven and penpherzJs. $129 E21.70 Smartbar lll isa software-only system installs that easily become of yourMacintosh to one control panels. E1996$69

3.0. QuicKeys
:r:ierkable time-saver anyMacintosh for user, s tool dozens of Q-. .Kcr isthebest forcreating p 'i cfll keyboard shortcuts. textblocks a Type with your . Automate access on-line nr:i.ckevstroke to printers onestep, up a numeric Switch in rt.,:ces. Set PowerBook. much tr, rld on1,our And more. No you types r .::cf\\rhat oftasks perform orwhat yourwork a':'rications use, can ,vou QuicKeys make h.:cr.easier, more and consistent. 82080


Vhahlh. eonDal.r lin.r DUt,rhut 6vn vill 0oo0| O thn.dt.t.l! vllhul th. u& 0th.rlrrvf. (0 rfl.r urhggh.rlrN. i..rv..ny hoClfl.C aooffi.ib t0 drl.-rir6p.d ffhr. E Th.0rnpuirr vlll rilt downlrii hd hn Inmtlv. lor. r.rtr.f limr. Afl.r hmtlvitt h$ b.anirlkl.d, vail torr mminrt* b.rs'h!tt$tovo lt..n b. lurn.C brok on!9 lal

$rh Smettfouo
automatic datasaver Ts?rup I

Vhri lb.oh?ul.r !.trr p.rrdi{rhFw.f-onk.r

To lurn Sa oofrFlar olf nrNall! , utr lh. llndrr't "8hul oovn" mrro or oliok m ltu "N!v" bpihn.

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B Th. ooryut./ *ilt rhut cov" *,


Smartbar sofiware helps tlssy6ur computer uitb 1,ou minimumdrain onprecious energ)resources.

. rr,,... .rrr,r.ij.,,r::..1]i::.::t:1frrr.:{!l1f .r,i.ir

New. Now Contact. gives instant NowContact you access allvour to names, numbers, addresses. unlike and And, similar products, offers it complete flexibility-letting you decide bestwayto store, the print,and retrieve, display information. allyourmost contact View frequently called numbers a glance, onepullat in down menu. store to i2 phone Or up numbers, two addresses, detailed and notes each for ofyour contacts. Contact Now integrates easily Now with (left) Up-to-Date to create ultimate personal the information manaser. 82222

tt! 365 claris Retrieve
S:cre didthatfilego? \Xhat I callit? Rerrieve did The quickly easily t: desk accessory and searches any r, 'iume-floppy disks, disks, servers, hard file and CD-ROM discs-forfilenames wellasfor textwirhin as It!, ncs,Vith Retrieve youcanlocate, view, copy and rsrrfiomfiles without opening applications the used you're student i, rfeate those documents, Whether a your ::rdlr.searching cluttered diskor a power hard 'r.crwithinnumerable andresources, files this .i:irrclable accessory youfindexactlywhat lets you :ced-u,ithlightning speed81794

2.0 $79 nowUp-to.Date
Here's full-featured a calendar application that maintains schedule precise your in you detail, warns of upcoming your events, manages to-do and list, keeps associates your upto-date a networkover you're theofficeathome, on theroad. whether in or , It even prints pages allpopular for organizer and appointmentbooks. E1643 l

Weship oaemightfor modest fees Solou can order it toda!, and useit tornoffou. Details on tbe OrderForm.

Order Toll-FrceI -8OO-795-1000
24hours day, days week. a a 7 Dial toll-free 1-800-755-0601 forTDD.

ildf:af ti{t{'{ts!{s$!r{f

l,,]ii::. r":i

Call our customer seruicer epre atiues sent for help,M-F, 8 ru.-11ru.; Sat.,10tu.4c u.ET.

PG Exchange Move betnecn files
Macintosh an and DOS OS/2 or con InsertanMS-DOS,r OS2-formatted cli:k yourSuperDfl\'e tl( diskdrive, its and contents appear youfscreen familiar will on as Macintosh documents, save files Or vour ontoa :i diskfor transfer anMS-DOS OS/2 to or compurc: Comes a coupon one.vear toll-free with for of su; Reouires Svstemsoftware. 7 81280

Wesbip ouernight modest for fees. So)tou can order it todq), and useit tomorrow. Detaik on tbe OrderForm.
!!{{nr l|{is\si


1,,,*,,,'"' D\Jvt,,f,,, 4'"^
ul.tll " t' ttulritttr"

MacintoshSystem7.1 UpgradeKit
Make yourMacintosh morepowerful easy even and to veruion use upgrading thelatest by to ofSystem 7, You'll features Balloon for enjoy advanced like Help on-screen assistance, publish subscribe and and to link related automatically andupdate documents, softwzre,system a extension makes that QuickTime' it easy store viewmoving images, also to and is included. E1315n

$59 lt ease

fjtdir4tA. !r,u, i4,i! r,ir

3REe.ryor,u-^l JecemA.,'.""uugh

C) Thissymbot tellslou that Personal Training SJtstems Tutorials are auailablefor the software page 49for detaik on tbese titles indicated. See self-oaced audiocassette tutorials.

Your Macintosh is for easier children ' t, withthisSystem extension, Ease At provides r software click access theitc to youspeci$,. a And password protects restofyourhard the disk's contents curious from minds littlefinsers. and lr runson Macintosh andlater Plus models ar with 2 megabytesRAM megabltes of (4 recommendec includes coupon oneyear toll-free for a of technit supporr, E1278

$49 uacintostr

System Software SystemSoftware Version 6.0.8 Version6.0 = lJ ThisMacintosh svstem This newsystem software rt\ software suggested is for isbased the on Macintosh computefs Macintosh desktop thatneed latest the It an --:; metaphor, features version Svstem It of 6, improved File Find retains familiar Macintosh pullcommand,handy a capabilities aspull-down such menus movable and downcalculator, and windows icons, wellastheabilitv workwith and as to better keyboard window and navigation. Teach, an morethanoneprogran once. at with Comes four application included thisupgrade, you with allows to 800K disks a reference and manual. E1282 read Macintosh-formatted, Pascal, Apple Apple and DOS 3 files. You'll even able controllaserdisc be to 3 Oder Toll-Frce1-800-795-1000 plavers MIDIdevices yourApple and with IIcs.' 24hours day, days week. a a 7 81286



ncs $39 tuprc

$109 no*


Utilities 4.0 NowUtilities make: Systemeven faster. 7 easier, moreefti.I and It to use, letsyou 'r' automatically save -,: .:,"-';. ;"r:'i1l:* , I documents; custonri menus; file speed searches; nanage diverse syster extensions massive libraries; catalog and font and graphics, sounds, QuickTime text, and movies r in "best versatile Named Scrapbook, utillties" bori: by MacVEEK MacUser. and 81,642

E l-lil# Lrrilfp;

Dial toll-free 1-800-755-0601 forTDD.


ler sohrare outstandrng toenhance fine anofpersuasion,@



PtR$[|AII0l'l 199
Persuasion 2.1
fromdlnamic and : erenthing overheads handouts this with r()memorable audience ionprogram. latest The versiofl Persuasion of lr.ru your in organize thoughts averynatural your to rndgives thetools transform icleas vou visuals. rrofessional-looking E1349

and With Macintosh presentatlon sofrware, lour cctlleagues icleas a manner that'sitlterestitlg, in clientscan uisuctlize persuasit inludiale. anclexremel.v e.

program spatial Thepremier visualization for design professionals, \flalkThrough Virtus you allows to take ideas. on tour" audience a "walking ofyourdesign 1,our Thesoftware's of unique combinationobject-oriented graphics and three-dimensional drawing real-time, provides interactive for an environment protoqping tuchitects, retailers, facility designs allrypes. of spatial planners, coordinators, event engineers-and their discover experienceactually the of clients-will "strolling aounda drawing," E1997 New. Virtus Voyager isa software module that publishable Vinus \ilalkThrough to create allows users that be on Macintosh. 3Ddocuments can viewed any models Vinus into Voyager, Erport WalkThough 1,our themonto clients colleaguesexplore and to thenpass 82000$69 attheirleisure.

you Aldus Persuasionhelps present concepts a in Lurieh,olcolorluL confircing u;a1,s-lrom and bcutdouts ouerheads slides, to to

GlickArtStudioSeries with Addimpact presentations these to color images, compatible anyapplication with that imports PostScript files (EPS) Encapsulated

GlickArt Series Enliven document these any with black-andwhiteimages. MacPainto format compatible is wrthvirtually applications. all



Sports & Games withmorethan180 images. 82013 $65 Animals & Nature withmorethzn150 imaees, E2012$os

Business Gartoons images, 82015 $39 withmorethan100

lllustrations withmorethan l-5imaees. E2014 $65 Adistry & Borderc images. withmorethan375 E2011$es


Publications images. withmorethan100 E2016$39

Business Art withmort than240 images. 82010 $65


?WSffi@rys *sffidffiEtr

Event & l{oliday Cartoons withmorethan100 images. F,2017 $sg

Personal Graphics withmorethan130 images. 82018 $39



Kits. New Apple Language
global Nlarvclous forthcrapidlv tools cr,olr.ing ri'iththe econom.v, Language come Apple Kits fonts, software, andinstructions need easiir, loLr rc foreign languages charactcrsr,our adcl and to Language lettor,r Krts documents. cleatc evcrrthing promotional frombilingual materilLlsplcscntations to reports ncxr-English You and containing char':rcters. insertJapancsc can easil.v or Chincsc tcxt-<ithcr lvith letters, akrne blended English-in or ancl othcr ckrcLrments, oresentations. soreaclshects. Kit E20SL Japanese Language E2140 Chinese l.anguage Kit $249 $249


'H.rldr,tnl1.ta-r'f' r- J .t i' t at tqj.tt. &t;f./)::. |+)| ',ta n L1/;ta:lf -, i4IL=*r+tLB .lFt.Z + 1i; r; t\+t.
r!rl rD rnp,rt E T.;'E and Erglith li



ht 1,q11';P;1;t ,a

Get euerytbing pu neecl kt add.lt4tnrcsa t'bt:tt dcle t'sla t e .J,0! t' (l)c I I n rcitl s-i I I ()t? cotttettietttkil.

Apple OneScanner ' \\ iththeApplc OrreScanner, transfcrring high-c11


u fJ*L*[*]tJ*kk] t*kJ*I*lrl

* . 'lJ"

l*+dt*l l*@ldseLdipl

,Fi l

New. Apple Language Keyboards. These ker'boarcls thepelfect cusKrmized are companions theLanguage abole Helpful, for Kits . for Kit butnotrequirccl uscof Language software. printcd bothEnglish has in each charactcrs ancl Chinese orJapanese,

glaphics photos vour an(l to rkrcnments jLr' . takes singlc ofthcmouse, click Ilecause OncScun evcn .. which corncs Ofoto software u'ith 2.0 makes t]rr , in.ilLl; scannel cxccl.rtionallv to use. jn anv casy Slip lvorn, (Don't hor'i' it Ckrse Ii,. thc aboLrt straightls,) Click ALrtosc:ur ThcC)neScanncr' thc button, autonraticallv thcappropnate nral<es settrngs, thel scarrs, straightcns, crops final im:rge . Nrnr: . and the -. inrage onxtrr N'lacinmsh is screenand likcn. the isoLrtstanclinc.OneScanner procluces The nearphotographic-qualitl ata lesolution up trr scans of per dots inch lvrth levels 256 ofgra.v,scans It 300 ckrcunrentsto 8,5 1,1 up br, inches, even u'. ancl cou\ images dcftlv into color shacled black-ancl-n'hitc
i i l t a q u r . l t c O r ) 1 5 (r i l l e f l ) a . l ) r ' ( C r \ ci.| l l c r ' a ( t i \ ( T l

controls brightness contrast, for resizing, and ancL image rotation-all which of allowlclu preiiel r[: to on sr , ltrrtger tlrc lctrt.El260

Call our atstomer p setuice re / esentat es it) for help:M-|, 8 t t.-11pr: Sat..10:v.-6r.u. ET.

Order Toll-Frce1-8OO-795-t 000
24hours day, da,vsweek, a a 7 Dial toll-free 1-800-755-0601 forTDD.
TheApple Cetalug



Apple Font Pack for Macintosh
TrueType fontsto yourcollectiontl distinctive price, ren'down-to-earth Developed in withtheworld's leading foundnes, type Font Pack includes text businesslike fonts, fonts, headline display and century-old fonts. calligraphic symbol and andunique to they andscalable anysize, provide results thescreen on thepage and on

IntelliDraw S210 Aldus

FreeHand S399 Aldus

is ways with Aldus IntelliDraw oneofthefastest to create hand-drawn effects \florkandeditin color, create Xflith pressure-sensitive andstack graphic andrefinedynamic drawings yourMacintosh, on design tools, linked in respond objects yourdrawings in FreeHand theability make IntelliDraw, to elements layers. offers automatically,youcancreate so drawings with and and changes ease precision, theprofessional- to changes them"onthefly''--cven quality performance and required produce to black-and- andanimations update presentations. documents even have Your prepress during can whiteor four-color output.E1350fl pa$es layers. 81352 multiple and Cl rbis youthat tetk Personal Training Slstems symbol
page Tutoriak are auailablefor tbesoftwaretitles indicated.See 49.fordetailson these self-paced audiocassette tutorials.

AgfaType CD-ROM
font is an thisCD-ROMlikehaving entire you For atyourfingertips, just$69, getmore plus 20exclusive display typefaces, multimedia of rurorials morethan7 megabites public and Then browse throush andshareware utilities, catalog ofmorethan2,000 otherAdobe pt and.{gfa fontsPostScript TrueTlpe and -unlock" ones choose, time, you withone the any you fonts You'll charged for those only call. be ' .A,gfaType best thenew isthe of .llacUser says, of unlockable-font CD-ROMs." shown.) Not

AldusFreeHand youdrawonscreen a lets in tben professional-quality naturalway, use pur electronic toenbance design. tools

drawings Wth AldusIntelllDraw,))oucancreate swiftly easily-and and euen andanimations tbem themiddle apresentation! in of update

T zrLarUa-tt*^atr! RFi"ifr

Orderan Apple OneScanner, a Macintosb p6ge witb layout sofiware, a and lst lmpression Desktop Bindery, youbaue and a complete desktop publishing that rystem takes from lou originalideatofinal product ease. witb

$269 tst tmpression
Nowit'siustaseasy bindyourpublicationsit is to as your to produce them-fromyourdesktop, place Just pages a custom finished in cover, sliptheminto and 1st In thiscompact bindery. just35seconds, Impression's thermal technology ensures your that is and bound-and document neatly professionally pack with sure beread. to Comes a starter of70 whitecovers transparent with fronts, in widthsranging fromrAe inchto spine _

^/ {f N ^,{




r4inch. ciroose avariety or from oi ltr'.l".over sryles sizes. and
available Page or from on 28

always sureyourreports be andproposals yoursubject suit your matter-and impress audience, E1505
Custom report coaers the for Desktop Bindery befound can onpage28.

n lMng Create dynami&o.uren$- cblor
rl r{ft! @e@1&st !ad6 I qi$,r/

New.Aldus PageMaker 5.0.
iilli *rHj:I(F nsflF@d i:,irdru| ftsfrrfi EdN d rfllflrmdJWh@ 1ffiro!iluiXF&i ii:,flis!4iB& dril

"ritrni ry?Mi w5drj ille qr.,&f/m*d{*hl ",,!trrwqbs ,,r*nr,,r-o,,*,* arMtwknhl

ver.: : Thesoftware sparked desktop the publishing revolution, newest that this with you Aldus PageMaker ispacked sophisticated features give absolute .1 that 1' professional-qualitv publications*in or black white, to produce and color PageMaker combines tailored each for person thepublishing in tools o'clc 5.0 graphics writers, production designers; editors, tvDesetters; and artists pre:'and personnel. graphics, anddata Integrate text, froma widevariety softrvare of packages. generate Rotate, and Easily high-qualir skew, mirrortextandimages. colorseparations,short, gain In complete control over evenaspect the of 1'ou publishing process, saving significant effort, monsl, traditional time, and evsl methods. E1351 n




Atuus PAOI]',|AIfiR

The newest uersion of PageMaker-the ptrblishing solhcarethat sparkedthedesktop reL)olLliot._ttox' gi rcs)'oLtcot11p cotlh-ol t lete process. ot;eret'et1' cts1cct thepublisbittg ol


;\clobc lllustratg-r
Adobelllustrator5.0 $99 ClarisBrushStrokes
I brings powerful BrushStrokes simple, colorpainting andimage editing yourMacintosh. ease use to Its of caninspire novice a creating illustrations thefirst for time-1etitsadvanced capabilities impress will 32-bit graphics people demand artists business who and professional-looking presentations. BrushStrokes includes manv thefeatures high-end paint of of programs cost that several times price: gallery its a of images, clip-art borderu, backgr-ounds, and paintbmshes, manipulation sophisticated image tools, andspecial effects. ofcourse, intuitive And, an interface complete, with context-sensitive E1793 help



2.5 $Sgg AdobePhotoshop

Oneof themost adr'anced for creating tools artful illustrations clesigns, and dazzling and logos letterheads, Illustrator professional-qualitv puts your drawing abilities vourhands. in Create artlvork fromscratch, andtransform trace images, scanned or useitsman,v built-in tools render to shapes, finesse manipulate andproduce contours, text, subtle highlighting airbrush and effects81403 Q

Adobe Owning Photoshoplikehaving comple is a tc professional prepress, correction, paintbox, color ar: darkroom Photoshop ler system yourMacintosh. on images--cventh edit, and 1,ou merge, manipulate fromfineretouching complete to transformations :: black whiteor 24-bit and This version hr. color, latest become toolof choice allsorts imaging for the of professionals-without sacrificing of use. ease

n E13S3

Q Thisglnbot tetls tbatPersornlTraining$stems lou Tutorlals at'ailable.for sofnuare are tbe titles indicated. pLi See 19.fordetaik on tbese seLf-paced audiocassette tutailals.


C olorSync Euery Apple color sJlstem tdkes adr.atllageoJota'trcL Co rSytt soltu ar e. So lo c thecr,tlors match ft'ont scal? scrcet1 print. ta to and Iott ctul concentl'dte doitlg at1 LLtot'k insteacl ol ),otn' tu,ectkittg btLes the in docttntent l'ctto'

photorealistic displaving to 16.7 image nillion up from presenrng integritv colom, vonr at choice resolutions 75to 1,200 of the I colorimages-while per dots inch, .'.lttoIrt'. is tltc cttc|tt,rnal :tfengthof lhr ,iorOneScanner, it also provides Thescanner's includcd Ofoto2.0sofnvare Yet offcnunril'aled r,ia intuitir,e r: Ljittl.rc Slip onephoto, map, lid, in one onc a highdegrce use control, a remarkably of r rrr. cliagram. onebutton. wrth Prcss That's it, interface caneditanvimage conplete . You one r.timmediatel.y, and highlights ancl theimage begins appearing command rotation sizing, of The pfogresses, shadows, printer more. As calibration, much and \hcintosh screen, thescan provicles with 2,0,1 Color OneScanner comes HvpelScan also softrvare automatic, CokrrSvnc -ihc-scenes matching-so into stacks; softr'rare scans images HvperCard' cobrs stav cokrr , which In user's manual; a color-design and booklet, to a detailed rnt fromscan screen print, a single to E1380 .cscanner's sensofs pfotluce can a

e GolorOneScanner




ffi , r r " ; rd l r , r . r . r l \


99 ttew.AldusFetch1.2.
..,ble anv lvith or ior business works visual that 'redra is infoLmation, Fetch a powerful Aldus gailery ::rg tl.rat voucreate r,isual lets a of tool \fith , .r allvour files, Fetch, or more one users photos, clip documents, .,:rlog aft,illustfations, pfesentations, mol'ies, .L|outs, QuickTime :', applications-and mofe-in a common visual for browsir.rg retrieval, Instanth, .,se fast and Preview r torimages kenvodsof attributes. bv flles--cven sounds movies-rvithout original ancl their into apphcations, copv paste then and them popr-rlar page la\outprogfams asPageMaker, sllch \\hether youneed filefromroul ou,n had disk, Apple a u'orkgroup ers, fioma network spans a sen or that Fetch browsing, corporation, makes organizing, finding, retrieving swift efficient, ancl files and

E{6t@h ( t ' | | lt(Iiu l)

82124 Sinsle-User Version

'*ssffisdEMw. Ct

pror.'ides Ihe Apple Color Printer (page2J1 crlsp,J60resolution aril.fletiblebandlingoJt'arious clr.tt'per-ittch papetand tt'anspafeltc.ll slzes

Weshipouernigbt modest for fees. Solou can order it toda!, and useit tomorow. Details on tbe OrderForm.

Oder Toll-Free1-800-795-1000
24hours day, daysweek, 7 a a 1-800-755-0601 forTDD. Dial toll-fiee


gallery y,tu Aldus Fetch lets create uisual a af tirttnlb all your mired-media Jiles.

polver Mu ediatodtr ltim addcofrpeiling presentations, business toyour
QuickTime Starter Kit
In no time, has QuickTime a started multimediarevolution. is QuickTime a that system extension letsyoustore and as Macintosheasily as onyour youcan view word processing document-iust a multimedia pointandclick. Virtually popular all Krt , The applications support QuickTime Starter a CD-ROM includes software; QuickClips, QuickTime withmorethan400 megabltes clipvideo, of disc and of for animation, stills yourownuse; oneyear and 41 drive A toll-free technical suppon. CD-ROM (page or 81279 useful. 44)isnotrequired iseminently but

them.C nde,

Killer Tracks Multimedia Music presentations with multimedia Add toyour life Killer produced tracks. Tracks professionally sound you library offers adiverse

recorded of digitally music livesounds and which on CD-ROM, youcaneasily Ii. with synchronize Adobe I ' Premiere yourintros, transitions, imagery and Premiere 2.0 sequences-without $+Sg Adobe studio Adobe Premiere likehaving movie is a hard Using valuable onyourMacintosh consuming space of and all on yourdesktop. Gather organize kinds ofmusic Three versions youa choice offer disk. sound, material-graphics, images, still uses audiovisual for training, education or specially tailored sales, Then set video clips, animations. usea powerful of 81772 KillerTraclsfor Sales $69 and fades, dissolves, otherspecial tools-including forTraining 81773 KillerTrack $69 in complete creative control bnnging.vo effects-for presentationlife.E1397 to

videoSpigot $g+g SuperMac
video into Nowyoucanpourfull-motion yourMacintosh. it onyourharddisk. Store it Andeasily incorporateintobusiness materials. presentations. interactive training publications, more. and electronic is solution that VideoSpigota complete provides thehardware software and all video-inreal external necessarycapture to as as rime. speeds high theindustryat per it transform into standard frames second-and 30 movies. QuickTime

$19 &prc Microphone

narrations to Addvoiceoversyourpresentations, to LC, VideoSpigot LG for theMacintosh LC[, LCru, yourtraining annotations to materials, spoken Classic. 81398 $269 andColor Lightweight, and stacks. documents HyperCard computers VideoSpigot NuBus forallMacintosh affordable-this compact-and ertremely with of withNuBus expansion Comes a copy slots, .. in plugs Macintosh microphone intoyour Premiere software no additional LE at charse. Adobe . seconds,enablingyoutodigitizeandstore t. E1399$349 Then paste, cut, and directly disk, on iisounds with Comes a 3editthemasyouplease. holder hang it meter to cordanda microphone near E1504 neatlv vourcomnuter.

Order Toll-Frce1-800-795-1000
24hours day, days week. a a 7 1-800-755-0601 forTDD. Dial toll-free

Capture imagesJor your presentations uith a camcorcler.


$429 Drive ApptecD3OO CD-ROM

. Morph2.0 GryphonSoftware.
'..1 wizards special-effects callit "morphing": into :.;rltransformation image another, of one . rnrlluter generate animate ancl the to -. Forblockbuster hundreds movies, of . .:sof dollars-and of high-powered lots visions. these magical ::r's-are used create to .l ,rph to the brings same the capabilities ' 'h ei a fraction theprice. of . . :.riu'rn movies stillimages each into or tno - , ilrildintoa man, man a monster, into a a . ::' intoa cucldlv photos into krtten, Transform -.,:rrinc from import caricatures. images a variet,v from or : cs-video captured cameras VCRs, image clips, : QLrickTime of an.\'scannecl or of to use ,rstratjon-then avalietv settings ancl Click rhctransfcrrmatron.abutftrn, Morph ' :r rest. resulting The animations be can ''':rsccl saved movies-and asQuickTime ancl presentaticln dazzling effects an1, to :,1to acltl 9.1 magical l.O performs same the n'orking stillimages with onlv nrarions.

and Plug AppieCD into vourMacintosl.r put a the 300 Today, at fingertips. worldof information ,vour films from to everl'thing enoclopedias classic is discs discs-{50-megab}te that stored CD-ROM on (he lookjustlikeaudio CDs AppleCD plays 300 The as as those, well), AppleCD n twice fast as 300

and smoother most CD-ROM drir''es, pnrvicles video QuickTime movies, It plavback digital ancl of rvith Photo multiple CD also sessions Koclak sr"rpports ntional of film rolls conle discs-so canprocess vou CD store on digrtal)v, theimages a Photo forr,iewing into cop,v them other onvourivlacinftrsh, andpaste images thesame then more to applications, adcl The and CDagain again, AppleCD inclLrcles 300 nine and Setup software, CD-RON{ CD QuickTime grxxlfora $y last, titles, while ancl, supplies a coupon Photo processurg. 81402 on CD cliscount Kodak
Morpb brings magical, I Ioll.yLuootl'stl'le u)izardryto |oLu' Xlacitllosb screen at an alfordable price.


AppleCD l5O GD-ROMDrive plaver a standardis affrrrdable ROM CD Ourmost drat many speed cLrive accesses of thesame with ancl single sessions CDRON{ discs, supports Kodak Photo 81026$369 CD

$39 lpprc GDcaddy



Witb multimedia on sortware lour Ilacintosh,tt'seasj' Lo integrute inages lhe r,nt1 pt re .1, ;e ccr u tl it'tkt il] nltetacnt)e enit cstunen| u:ords, o.l pictures, nrl sourtds.

protective fromdataEacl.r caddy shields disc a it then damaging andscratches, loads into.vour dust away to where metal the shutter slides CDROM drive, (Box E1013 offive, shown.) Not uncover disc. the
Call our customer s seruic repre entatiue e s M-F,8 tu.-11ru.; for belp: ET. Sat.,10.tn.-6pv. ystenl staffat 1-80a-795-1 K)discuss 000 CaLl ordering our pages. tbe requirementsJor products tbese on Your AppleCD J00 CD.ROMDNue with comes ni.ne CD-ROM titles, plusQulckTime and CDSetup software.

Thenmake dynamic and uetl irnpressiuepresentatians.

Theforemost authonng for multimedia tool productions, gives Macromedia Director youthepower communicate to more with effectively sophisticated animation, sound, video, interactivity. Director and Use to produce dlnamic information kiosks, visualizations, technical simulations, video productions, business presentations. and precise Enjoy complete, control ofallthe productionselements yourmultimedia in you whether develop themin Director impon or themfromdifferent The sources, integrated Cast, Paint, Score windows youcreate sequence let and and graphics, text, slnchronize animations, and and them withsound video. award-winning This and multimedia program thetoolofchoice morethan50,000 is for multimedia developers. 82159

from Choose Macromedias softwarebesrse the preferedprofessionals, tools by


Swivel3D Professional

Use Dlrector to blend sophisticated animation, sound, uideo, interactiuit!and product andto create euerythingfrom demos presentations, to business

Use Swivel Professional visualize to quickly 3D concepts, develop present ideas, build and and mechanical models a vividly in rendered threepublishers dimensional world. Ideal designers, for andmultimedia developers, program this lets youcreate compelling infographics, dlnamic visualizations, dramatic animations, high-qual and illustrations. Advanced features include smooth shading, control eight of different sources, light environmental mapping, and24-bit output, in color you shon, Swivel Prcl of 3D gives thepower a highperformance graphics system a fraction at ofthe cost-without compromising of use.E2160 ease

Mediai: $2gg Grip
ThisCD-ROM containslibrary high-quality, disc a of royalty-free multimedia chosen clips for specifically presentations. usein business technology and graphics, Hundreds ofvideo clips, animations, sound effects, music canbeusecl modified and clips and over andoveragain. a great to addaction It's way and interest yourpresentations-{asily, quickly, to and cost-effectively. 82758

$249 Action!

Pro $z*g soundEdir

Designed for specifically uncommon of use, ease multitrack Bring mixing editing powersr sound and t Action! thefirstapplication letsbusinesspeople yourMacintosh is that screen. Pro SoundEdit letsyoublen quickly persuasive presentations andmanipulate create multimedia multiple tracks voice, of music, and combining sound, motion, graphics, text, animation, sound effects inclusion multimedia for in productio movies, interactivity. it works and Yet like audio annotation documents, e-mail. ca of You even QuickTime many familiar slide-making applications, simple with record digital sound andplay directly you it from to just outlining, drawing, tert tools. control You and the harddisk. andpaste Cut sounds liket'ext or flowof yourpresentation a graphic with graphics, easily special timeline, and add like effects echo, instant andbuttons, anintultive links and control reverb, filtering-allvia intuitive, "tape and an panel. multimedia Sirty templates included-just are recorder" interface cansimultaneously that displav replace andgraphic text elements suityourneeds. sound waveforms astwo-or three-dimens to as and 82756 spectralviews, E2|57


your into rsform desktop afull-fledsed r-/ reco'rding studio. tal andediting
Digidesign AudiomediaLG
,urradio anycontemporary and to station, with .rrrr ll.rtthms melodies and created the rgital recording contained in technology :cclia. onlydifferencethatAudiomedia The is Lr power features a professional the and of r ::rqstudio a fraction theprice-ina at of
SVSI€m, " .:.1.e?SY-tO-US€


Get ClickArtfree your a $24.95 ualue-witb ordwof#150 ormore.
Details theOrder on Form Enuelope. good Offu tbrougb December 193. 31,

l'r: Ar.rdiomedia consists two system of .::.rlelements. Audiomedia isa highThe card :ranceaudio expansion boarcl provides that the ,ignal-processing to record powef stereo to Macintosh disk. hard Sound .liLect 1,our provrdes intuitive, graphic II an ::rcL software : :rment editing, for shaping, manipulating ancl ' uncl, pitches, adcl manv Insert fades, change or .pecial Playlist fcature effects. thepclwerful Use verse sections a song-intrc, clf , -<lerarious nuntber' ..-and regroup them create infinite to an '.,. without ilffangements, destro,ving original the r,iingor using additional space. 16-bit disk \ilrth rate, , ,.ri(nr a 44,1-kHz and sampling yourfe;..,.,,.,,.:11 ^,,- tL^ ,.^'-^ A,l^1i,,,.,,. willL have same ficlelity a compact the as disc cs

Audiomedia ll foranyMacintosh with computer a slut. \uBus cxpansion E1623 $ggg LC, Audiomedia LG foranyMacintosh LCil, LCn, E1622 or Color Classic compurer, $799

PG-2oomkll 5339 Roland MlDl Keyboard Gontroller
Ideally for suited multimedia applications, this way compact 49-note keyboard anaffordable to is enjo.v pleasuresMIDI(Musical the Instrument of Digital Interface) The music composition. PC-2OOmkll a lever offers built-in bender/modulation andsustain capabilities; a data-entry for real-time slider control of pan, volume, andotherMIDImessages; avelocityand Vith sensitive keyboard outstanding for d,vnamics, jLrst a touch a button canshiftthetonerange tl.re of of )rou kevboard or down oneoctave. up by Connect PCthe 200mkll theRoland Sound Module tl.re via to SC-7 f,"'ry@ Apple MIDIInterface ThenplugtheSouncl @elow). Module yourMacintosh-and to playE1703 into start ,,\urlioshttp

$79 opcoae

Audioshop Audioshop's Player CD Lurking inside compact this module thepure, are interface you allows to lifelike sounds 128 of musical instruments sound anci play manipulate and both in effects, sir "drum and krts"-all CD-qualiry digrtal Macintosh sampled 99 opcooeSystems form-ready bearanged anymusical to in composition sounds audio and tracks MusicStarterKit youmight imagine. witha keyboard Used controller, a fromyourCDlibrary, Kit nearly EZMusic Starter provides everything Macintosh, appropriate and software, Roland this Imported sounds bedisplayed waveforms, can as nakingmusic yourMacintosh. Sound reedto begin on Module likehaving entire is an orchestra or.r manipulated various with tools, even andpasted cut in package: vourdesktop, comes built-in r elements included oneaffordable are It with effects reverb, liketextin a wordprocessor. Audioshop like Use to Book MIDIisa HlperCard of tutorial makes delay, chorLrs; that for and software accompaniment and process for sound multimedia applications,add to ringabout MIDIsimple fun.TheMIDI and player; outputs a inputs a CD-ROM for scoring; and to and special effects, to create editextensive and audio is interface r-slator a hardware between anv stereo amplifier headphones, or E1527 playlists. Includes discs music sounds two of and to hesizer yourMacintosh. Vision EZ and sequencing get)rou quicklv. stafted 81775 n--,i.aLe yourcomputer anelectronic turns into Interface $79 fuprc MtDt qstem Call our orderingstaffat 1-800-795-1000cliscuss tct rrerpiano," letting compose, control, Thiscompact interface theessential is hardware link and vou pages, requirements.for productson these tbe parts-and plav instrumental : upto 16different between MIDIinstrument yourMacintosh any and you'llreceive Apple n simultaneouslv. Band-in-a-Box And \(/ith software computer. 1,our order, the OOO Oder Toll-Free1-8OO-795-l professional-quality dmm,andpiano :rates MIDIInterface, cables, MIDI Apple Peripheral-S bass, System guide, one-raar in avariery popular Requires Cable, limited warantv. 24hours day, days week. :lngements of styles. a user's and a a 7 srnthesizer. E1614 8r042 Dial 1-800-755-0601 toll-free forTDD.
EZVision sofiwareisjust part al the EZ one Music Kit. Stafter

Module SG-7 Sound $3+g Roland

New PowerGD.
Multimedia Audio If CD-ROM Photo discs. CDs. CDs. you've portable player been waiting anaffordable, for you kind thatgives carefree access every ofCD to PowerCD,' technologl,-mset Designed use for withanyMacintosh or PowerBook PowerCD player computer, 3-pound the letsyougive high-qualitv presentations anwvhere, anytime, cantapintothousands existing You of multimedia reference CD-ROM including discs, libraries, databases, clip-art clip-media and collections, programs, more. get interactive and To educational even with the voustarted, PowerCD comes a Kodak Photo collection CD-ROMs, of CDs, useful and software @elow), photography with Access manipulate and digital PowerCD, viewthepictures a television then on .vour yourown You have of computer screen, canalso camera converted Photo images; film to CD zoom, rotate, manipulate any youwant; and then them way copv paste and themintowordprocessing, presentation,graphics or applications. video/stereo cable out Use included the to connect PowerCD vourtelevision, usethe the tr.r Or port yourowncable) connect built-in SCSI (and to to a Macintosh PowerBook or computer. course Of , PowerCD act. a high-fidelitv CDplayer, can as audio (adapter too.Runs ACpower on included), eight or M baueries; remote included. E2023 control

.: \Vhen.vou're thego,thisdurable neath r on case PonerCD. remote control. accessolies. .f ant: lour three 1in CDs jewel Mulriple detar'hablr cases;. sections make easy organize anadjusr:r: it and to , strap makes easy carry. it to 82201

GarryBag. $52 ff""r. PowerCD

. Introd,ucingPowerCD, PbotoCDdisc a ' Visual $tmbok, a PhotoCDof clip-afi images . GreatCitiesof tbe lYorld, Vol.2,amultimedia trauelguide . AppleLinktD sampler, cD an introduction to tbe reference material auailable on tbeApplelink CD 18) @age . Complete setup,leaming and refermcedocumentationand disks

" ',,1.


Speakers Powered $1 79 AppleDesign'
l'e sbip ouemigbt modest fees. for Solou can order it toda.!, and useit tomorrow. Details on tbe OrderFonn.

Pricesmay hauedropped! Callfor latestprices: 1.800.795-1000.

Call our customer repre sentatiu es seruice for belp:nt-F, I au.-11r.u.; Sat.,10ru.4r.u.ET.

from clean sound dellver crisp, These compact speakers PowerCD computer, Macintosh lBM-compatible or vour to the Engineered meet player, or system. television, stereo let use, requirements ofcomputer thespeakers you unique titles audio advantagethehigh-qualiry of multimedia of take which blends the They have buibinmixer, a andaudio CDs. drive yourcomputer CD-ROM and twotlpesof sound fromaudio CDs, computerand produce-music tracks effects. generated like beeps game or sounds warning that ensure listening, these speakers Designed near-field for treble youenjoy bass shimmering without and deep you. people even around There's a disturbing jack headphone for listening built-in privacy. E1503

Hell Gab epic Aninteractive is Hell adventure, Cab more thanagame-it'sahairjoumey a tlme in raising machine. yourdriver, Join Raul, a taxiridethrough for most history's infamous periods. E2176



The Orchestra
Connect Pou)erCD to tbeAppLeDesign Powered Speahers and enjo! crhp stereo soundfrom your audio CDs,

popular Benjamin Britten's Tbe Young Person's selection \s to Guide theOrchestra with featurecl full-length in with annotation sync the music. Instrument An the teaches about all Catalog instruments theorchestra. of 82180

Sports lllustrated CD-ROM Sports Almanac mouse, \flitha click .vour of provides thisalmanac or to access anystar statln wodd thewide-ranging of league from sports, major racing. to baseball dog-sled E2186

Display your Kodak Photo CD images screen.It'sa great directfi,on any teleuision photoarcbiues uiew.famill or wa1to explore snapsbots.

HowGomputers Work
expeft Becomecomputer a withthisfunandeasy-toguide. Colorful, use and narrated shows slide hands-on activities from everything demystify programmng concepts to hardware. E2189


000 1 OrderToll-Frce -800-795-1
24hours day, dapaweek. a 7 1-800-755-0601 forTDD. Dial toll-free

So |tve Heard, Vol.ll

Bach and Before Thisovewiew two of mlllennia music of travels fromancient Greek rituals the to passionate compleities Bach of and Handel. Includes audio from examples E1n7 $21 35recordings. Take Five Relieve everyday with stress yourMacintosh. This refreshing CD-ROM takes youon a visual vacation, offers and a widerange activities ease of to aching muscles, frzzlednerues, sooth and recharge mental energy, E1811$39

GriterionGoes to the Movies I Photographto \flith over150 video clipsfrom r: ,ru! HememDer theworld's films sreatest in , m; MI I Renownedphotographer Voyager's Critenon Collection, CDthis [.***",{ Pedro Meyer's documenrary ROM a mol're dream-come-true. is fan's of hisparents' battleagainst fatal It'salso chock-full ofessays, credits, and cancer.Macworld op 10Multimedia coupons for$50 A T good offCrirerion CD-ROMAwardWinner. $35 81974 Collection laserdiscs. EU34 $21

Last Ghanceto See Douglas Adams, creator of The HitcbHiker'sGuideto tbeGalaryt, teamed with up zoologist Cardwardinecreate Mark to yet thisfunny poignant withenvisit dangered species asthemountain such gorilla Yangtze dolphin. and nver A rwo-CD E1973$49 set,

Who Built America? This groundbreaking CD-ROM combines historical video, audio, images, documents and while takngyouback timeto a crucial in period inAmerican history: thefirstcentenfrom nialin 1876 \forld \flar1 81975$79 to

The PelicanBrief by John Grisham Theauthor ofThe Firm returns another with lesal thriller. \Vhen Supreme two justices mysteriously Court are assassinated,student law Darby Shaw inadvertently uncovers to the clues murderer's identity. 81976 $l 9 SailorSong by Ken Kesey Hollprood invade types an Alaskan fishing village this in comic touching bytheauthor and tale of One Flewouer Cuckoo's tbe Nest, E1719 19 $

Expanded Book Toolkit Everything need you to your create ownelectronic books theMacintoshluicldy, for easily, andinexpensivelv. importtext Simply andgraphics, theToolkit and quickly formats book, vour turning intoan it publication. electronic E1978$249 The Gomplete AnnotatedAlice by Lewis Garroll Thefulltexts olAlicein \Y'/ondIand andThroughtheLo king er o 6/ass, enhanced charming with illustrations. E1714$19

Waiting to Exhaleby Terry McMillan In a hard-hitting yet humorous account female of camaraderie, Africanfour American heroines share their strengths grow and emotionally. E1977$19 The Complete Hitch Hiker'sGuideto the Galary by Douglas Adams Allfourrollicking volumes the of galactic adventuresmild-mannered of earthlingtuthur E1715$1 9 Denr.


Neuromancer/Gount The Gomplete Stories, The Autobiographyof ZerolMonaLisa Vol. I by lsaac Asimov MalcolmX Overdriveby William Erudite, fancifuprovocative, l, as told to Alex Haley Gibson andfun,these stories 46 Thebrilliant, impassioned life Thetrioofnovels reinvented that showcase prolific the Isaac Asimov's story ofoneofrhedefining figures of science fiction, depictingfuture a diverse talents. E1716$19 thecivilrights movement the1960s. of where information bothultimate is prlze E1713 19 $ and ultimare weapon. E171S $19


Jurassic Park by Michael Grichtor

Oder I'ioll-Frce 1-800-795-1000
24hours day, days week. a a 7 Dial toll-free 1-800-755.0601 forTDD,



Genetically engineered dinos runamok this in hearr-pou cautionary warning the tale of perils irresponsible of rinker witheenetic code, E1717


From Aliceto Ocean: Alone Acrossthe Outback
tn re ctnni nf

* Who Killed Sam Rupert? A richandhandsome restaurateur isfound dead you hiswinecellar-and thata colorful of cast had Rupert suspects reasons wantSam to multimedia dead. Solve fun-filled the mpterythatrecently fourprestigious won industryawards. E1967 $39 ,fir$frm The Magic Death !|ulvla .5-St, r i Multiole endinss to the add r. ^,: challense thismurder of f&.*.

DinosaurSafari Travel throughtimeon a Mesozoic adventure. 3D Use animations learn to about geography, geology. dinosaurs, and your on or Capture prey photographs video thisintemctive, in educational safari. E1970 $59

FamilyDoctorlll this reUse award-winning source findtheanswers to youneedfor yourfamily's health well-being. and Updated and it features comprehensive, full-motion video, animation, audio, andprinttext, ingcapabilities. 81968 $69 Parenting: Prenatalto Preschool A multimedia resource for parents uses that authoritative photos, audio text, and clips to job helpyouwiththemost important of yourlife-from thetimeyoumake his thedecision have childthrough to a orherpreschoolyears. $59 E1972

tlt4tr -'-6iii
E' - " rfir-

Ghaos Continuum
In the vear257'. Titan

is Colonvheld captive a bv
v c q f n'r-h i.t . nc -c-e nlte n t S U O e f - " i' o "' i

RoblnDavidson, whocrossed the Australian desolate outback foot, on accompanied only by fourcamels a and dog, taleofher The trek , 1,700-mile istoldin her prose, s'itry fiercely honest and pictures of in thestunning Rick Includes Smolan. andtwoCD-ROM discs.

when which mystery. begins -il abrilliant anthropology is student found inheroffice. the dead Solve mystery unearthing by clues interactively. $39 E1969

Trapped a in computer called CtlAOS. parallel who continuum, scientists the are helpfrom created CHAOS seekng you, dramadc development in A new n1971$79 CD-ROM entertainment,

Word Tales Funny A GermanRequiem Fenen's on CDfilm More Yourkids willhave Bran thana listening expefun performance ROM features rience, color-enhanced this learning wordrecognition program 100 indexed features letter ofnearly jokes the andinitial sounds I with reward-filled bytopic, tastefulness, of the color completeEnglishandGerman these animated, makes learning comic's mdmore, hair, AMacwodd texts tworeal-time and analvses of activities, Tales Vord a pla1fi.rl 82174 $92 awardwinner, Brahms'music. $53 E2178 experience. E2184 $48 Glintonr Portrait of Victory on JoinBillClinton hislong journey the\{hite to House. Photojoumalist Bentley P.F. reveals candidate 300 in the intimate photogrzphs, annotated speeches, with music, nanation. E2183 $32 and The New FamilyBible All ofyourfavorite Bible in stories presented are paintings full-color and Includes maps audiodramatuations. of Biblical lands, family trees, more. and Desert Storm Murmurs of Earth Experience sights and A two-disc the edition the of sounds ofthePersian Gulf Voyager mission's internflar fromthefield. directly stellar travels. Contains an Includes image-laden coauthoredCarl original correspondents' book by recorded interviews, Sagan, full-color plus photos repofts, exclusive collected inspace. 82188 andmorethan photographs. 300 $48 E2181$32 The LlFEmap SevenDays in August Series A day-by-day, eyewitness Doyouknow account theteni$ring of howlifebegan? construction theBerlin of Or howinsects in Relive events learned to how !(rall 1961. the through fly? lIFEmap theeyes Berliners, \flarpolitiof Cold E2182 $48 clans, andAmericans. unravels the

TheView from Earth
Exolore Eanh. andmoon the sun. with thisinteractive never before Stunning slide color shows nanated tours oursolar of system outerspace close. in E2190

82175 vO

The StringQuartetl{o.14 Beethoven's masterpiece, plushundreds pictures, of morethan250additional audio examples, music and analysis, cofllmentary, historical and information. E2179 $53

historyof all

Earth's forms, life frombacteria and plants amphibians mammals. to and Diversity Organic E2185A$32 Animals Backbones with E21858$32 Animals E2185C$32

inbrmed.connec Be Get
Applelink GD
just Didthedogeatyourmanual? ma$eyou've Or product bought used a computer otherApple or that product didn'tcome witha manual, Many manuals are available. ustoday youcouldbethumbing Call and
thrnrroh nnP qnnn

Apple ll Apple IIc* Manual Apple Owner's IIe Manual Apple Owner's IIcs Manual

Getting Started YourMacintosh with Macintosh Owner's Plus Manual Macintosh Reference Guide Macintosh Reference Manua Macintosh Owner's SE Guide Macintosh User's Guide Macintosh User's for Guide Desktop Macintosh Macintosh Manual IIor Macintosh Owner's II Manual

Applelink 6.1 Resources, news, technical support, and morethan50,000 other Macintosh friends 52 in countries justa local are with telephone away call your Applelink service, Macintosh, a modem, and A Apple's on-line seruice, Applelink provides direct, 24-hour access expert to advice-from developers resellers colleagues and to and otherMacintosh users, Contact developers your with questions, browse technical or through Apple's extensive technical libraryUse Applelink sample to software access and You upgrades. getyourown electronic mailbox, youcaneasily andreceive so send graphics, page messages, layouts documents, and to other Applelink regarded subscribers-with software as Fl132 theeasiest useof anyon-line And to seMce, retrieve Brr36 mailfroma phone anl"where theworld, Version $299 Single.User n[52 Applelink one line most in global, is This version of the sophisticated, yet requires Macintosh 4 megabr with any easy-to-use electronic systems mail around. of RAM, version system software 5,0.7 orlater,anda n121,1 n1277 $70 start-upfee per account Macintosh-compatible CD-ROM Updated drive. 81188 PLus E1490 plus KCcbatges quarterly. montblltusage #l2lbour connectcbarge

AnApplelink subscription provides withan you CD fi-xed-fee affordable, alternative AppleUnk. a Cl to On ROM Applelink provides extensive dnc, CD an sub€ of theApplelink information libraries, technic with information Apple, Macintosh, PowerBo about and computers, Macintosh and developers softr'are and Theinterface same Applelink) (he provides a as friendlyway navrgate to through storehouse this of information.

81220 81210 81191 E1108 81238 E1190 E1187

lees, (6 prime-time r.u.-6 r.u,pacific time)and $.0151KC of $.0551KC (6 non-primelime r.u.-6 t.u. pacifictime);1 KC : 1,000 (t/ cbaracters pageof text),$12montbfu minimumper account.

version S649 Muftiuser

This version makes information the accessible a over network, requires Also System(orAppleShare'3 7 software users system for of software version or 5,0.7 quarterly. 5.0.8). Updated 87495

PowerBooUMacintosh Portable
Gening PowerBook Manual 100 Started 81242 GettingStarted PowerBook ll7 0 Manual 81243 t40 Macintosh Ponable Owner's Guide 81184 Macintosh User's Guide PowerBook for El24l

ImagelfriterII Owner's Manual Laser\[triter Manual Plus LaserVriter NTNTXManual II, StyleWriter Ov,ner's Guide

81100 Err2g

Witb Applelink" your Macintosbbecomes an electroni maiIbox.Send c and receiue memos and patticipate in .files, discussions, acces and libraries of informationall uith just a local telephone call.

Soards Naluork

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All manuals $15 each. are


fleet I ng SchcduI e

H eI l o R o c h l , a T h q n k s{ o r U o u r l i n k . V c a ! s . q r c i n l e r l l t e d i r t h i s o p p o r t u n i t g l n d I u o u l d l l k e t o l a o r n m o f ed b o u i l t , lf gou con fox ne o eopuot the



has software neler with :1expertise Macintosh Sit :.i.ter more or affordable. downatr,our Ancl : ,sh. in a disk. turnon anaudiocassette Slip Aldus PageMaker 5.0 In Training S.vstems. by -,.developed Personal Beginning atyourownpacecompletel,v , :cl hours-and Intermediate at with software avery :.:interacting Macintosh Advanced in concepts a waynovideoJ\.eI, mastering and 2.1 AldusPersuasion Each rrinstructorled method match, can Beginning comes tutorial witha 90-minute Intermediate r'r\\ettP r (lick Auto Creating Templates Artwork Creating withlesson and files, exercise a Glaris FileMaker Pro 2.0 Refercnce Quick Beginning Carcl, a and Intermediate Practice Card, Advanced ()I wrnnef Macnorld'sBest Claris HyperGard 2.1 HyperCard Using alstl PTS :ngProduct awarcl, tutorials offcra you'r,c Cards Stacla and n Creating chose polic.v: thetutorial If i-fieetrade your level vttu :r'rsr,rit current of cxpertise, cau GlarisWorks 2.0 ttr fur : ir ri'ithin days a moreadvanced simltlcr 30 Introduction :.r1. Microsoft Excel 4.0 System 7 Beginning people who've useda Macintosh) Intermediate rl439$52 Advanced rr440 $52 Graphs Business Creating Powerful Spreadsheets 7 intoshSystem people who arenewto Macintosh) Microsoft Word 5.1 Et44l $52 Started Beginning m442 $sz Interface theMacintosh Intermediate 81443$52 Features enced System \ford Advanced Features Additional r, Macintosh Performa.

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81447$52 81448$52 8t450 $sz


81452 $sz 8r453$52 81454 $sz
81474 $52 81475 $52 81476 $52 82167$52 82168$sz 81477$52 81637$52 Er74r $52 81742$52 81743$52 81744$52 81.636 $52 nfi38 $52 81739$52 81740$52 81638$52 81455$52 81456$52 81457$52 81458$52 81459$52 82082 $52

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,j "a"-- l.*. I fi::


Buy a Microsoft OfficeTutorial. Get a $50 rebate.
ancl frrr Office, vttu'll OrlcrthePfStLrtorial Microsoft get gctm(n'e a great of expertise-t'ou'll a cleal than t'rrtil Dcccmbcr 199i. cverl-\'licrostrft glcat rlcirl. J l. rebate with comes a manufacturer's of Officc tr.rtorial S<t cncl $50, r,rtr-r up spending $99for a wholelot of lust valr.rable trarning. combines (page Like Microsoft Oflice 30)-which in productivitv applicationsone four' lrolverful is Microsoft Officc tutorial fourtutorials package-the You n onepackage, get: . Getting wrth 7 Started Svstem . Bcginning \ilord5,1 i!{icrosoft . Beginning N{icrosoft 4,0 Ercel . Introduction PowerPoint to a ar.tdtocassette, Each module contains90-minr"rte a files, card pracdce wrthiesson a reference asa disk practice To receive card, memonaid,andanextra just yourproofof purchase to back rebatc, send 1.our E2l6l $149 Training S1'stems. Personal
)hril original ln oiceto: I'ersonulTraining Estems. CA Bdsconl AttenueStite 100SanIose, 95128 828 Soutb

with ngStarted Performa Macintosh Fonts Postscript Fonts

82166$52 82234$30 82235$30

Introduction Woda to

3.2 QuarkXPress
Beginning Pages Master Tefi Formats ColorandType TipsandTechniques New. Quicken 4.0. Introduction Quicken to

ng rmediate

87460 $52 Er46r$52 81462 $52
81,467 $52 nr468 $52

e Photoshop 2.5 2 3.1 FreeHand 81463$r2 81464$52 81465$52 81466$52

Effects Special Techniques ion Drawing

"Now becomingan expert is not only easy, it's fun. Tbesetutorials will make youfall in loue with computing;' -P eter orton, d N acclaime software expert of anddeueloper the NortonUtilities

OOO I OrderToll-Frce €(X)-791t-l
a a Call24hours day, days week. 7 for TDD. 1-800-755-0601 Dialtoll-free


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products, t0connect lt's easy with these

New LANsurveyo

Isyournetwork terra ''etrrr L{Nsut incognita? draws automatically a nq nets'()ri of anAppleTalk AppleShare screr onyourMacintosh $tgg Apprerark I file AppleShare andprint Remote Access map TheLANsurueyor c:l sets service software the you're from far when Even as thenbeused the for standard networking you network, can theoffice manageme important several interface perform to of flexibility ease use, and of take advantageitsfile use the Graphical\rdocumentnetwork, tasks, \Xlhether re networking LANsurveyor's vou' printers, and sewers, . capabilitit real-time troubleshooting or a small businessa class- anddepkry mail electronic seruices network and SNMP profile monitor to enterprise devices. caneven room, global a Apfrielirlkknmekrx's Remote withAppleTalk launch othermanagement You AppleShare softnare themap. ideal or a laboratory, Access software. use for companion An from Just *Sil"w"'**-' canneetvourneeds and thissoitware a modem (below left). for ApplcTalk Connection Macintosh provicle full-featured INsurvetorisarailable twoversions, versions ' precisely. AppleShare All Macintosh anAppleTalk or to depenclin to connect another in workgroup, fol file you'll shared storage anentire yournetwork. access security, In seconds, have network-via telephone. in thenumber ofzones printers, access up to firanetwork to andqueued resources, to allyournetwork Version $39 giving 82084 5-Zone support, provicle cross-platform all network, Ancl versions yourMacintoshon anAppleTalk is Once $69 82085 UnlimitedVersion access to use$ MS-DOS \Xlindclws trunsparent or to you'llbe to printdocuments thenetwork's able AppleShare file AppleShare andprintservices. 3,0 mail, electronic andshare printers, andreceive send logusers 120 and concurrent up supports to 1j active the users, files withotherMacintosh Andbecause use$and up to 30active 4.0 ons. Appleshare supports graphic icons on as network resources appear familiar Pro, logons. AppleShare fortheApple 150 concurrent as yourownscreen, using themisassimple pointing users up \forkgroup Server supports to 50active 95, E2149 and clicking. l LANsuruqtorautomatical$ draws a map of an Applc ti.l k)g-ons, and concurrent 200 a netuorkan \lourMucinbshscreen-proliding helplulrisu.


Timbuktu Farallon

tasks. maru\lenrcnt is Timbuktu software the 4.0 82t48 way easiest to network Macintosh \ilindows ancl It computers,lets1,ou AppleTalk printers, exchange I i \ t { i { ( l { r , ' d share Gonnectionfor control files, even and Macintosh l Timbuktuanother I AppleTalk Connection The l Macintosh or equipped package provides industryover IBM-compatible computer anyAppleTalk SNMP standard nerwork no easily, can network. workgroups worktogether So support management for personal they Timbuktu computers use. matter which plus most AppleTalk tl-re such applications as with dial-up iscompatible remote version of curent full(above), features and Access Remote AppleTalk package adds The software. administration AppleTalk protection. and sharing password colorscreen necessary trr and thesoftware documentation software AppleTalk Connection and forMacintosh 5.0 m646 Timbuktu $f 29 configure manage computers, of 1.0 for 81746 Timbukru Wndows $ 1 2 9 on anetwor-k Macintosh



to reference allottittgl,ou performimportantnehrcrk und

81779 E1780 81781

AppleTalkConnectionfor Package $39 Macintosh Single-User for Connection Macintosh AppleTalk Extension* License 20-User $f 99 AppleTalkAdministration for Macintosh $199

+Requires purchaseof AppleTalkConnection xilacintosb for Package.


New. AppleSealch.
AppleSearch" software offers powerfulyet a easy way Macintosh to for users information from access documents, onlinenews feeds, CD-ROMs a on and server providing text by full quick users gain can access andretrieval, Client on a selected topic, theycanlet or actasa personal agent periodically that information. AppleSearch updated Because natural-language queries, can users search aseasily if theyhada personal as librarian, Asyourcompany grows, may you wantto move up to a higher-performance network system as such per Ethemet. Ethemet networks at 10megabits run in second canbefound businesses sizesand ofall sowemake Ethernet connections nearly for every Macintosh. Ethemet including hardware capability, andsoftware,builtintomany is Macintosh Quadra computers, theLaserVriter 630 and Pro printer, Apple alsooffers interface two that Ethernet cards provide connectionsotherMacintosh to computers.

$99 apprcEthernet Twisted-Pair Transceiver
Connects eitherAppleEthernet (described card at left)to anEthernet network using unshielded twisted-pair cable.81248
Apple TIJin Etbemel CoarTransceiuer

$99 lppte Ethernet ThinGoax Transceiver
either Apple Ethemet Connects card(describedleft)to anEthernet at network using coaxial thin 81246 cable.

Apple EthernetNB Gard
Thiscard youconnect Macintoshcomputer lets II any Ethemet networls, have choice You to IEEE 802,3 the AppleTalk (Phase TCPIP, DECnet" 2), of using or protocols, youcan so communicatemultiin vendor environments. Includes EtherTalk' for software easy access network to NuBus andanEthemet (above slot transceiver right). Requires NuBus Adapter when Card with used Macintosh Macintosh IIsi, Centris or Macintosh 610,

Use either these of self-terminating Ethernet to cables connect Apple Ethernet Coax Thin Transceivers or in otherdevices a thincoax nefwork, E1038 81253 Ethemet 5-meter ThinCoax Cable Ethemet13-meter Thin Coax Plenum Cable

Clientruns any with on Macintosh an
hard andatlext4 megabytesmemory disk of 10-Client Pack Pack 5-Client



cables and connectorsforlour AppleTalknetwork bund on tbeOrderForm CableLisl

510 81245 Quadra computers.
Callfor hbemet NB Cardbundlepricing


Apple EthernetLC Gard

Developed IBM, Token Ring netrvorks serve by often a mixture personal, mini-, mainframe of and computers, Software and for drivers hardware TokenRing networks available Macintosh are for with computers NuBus slots.



This card youconnect Macintosh lets your Color LC, Classic, LCII, or LCIII to anyEthernet nefwork. Includes EtherTalk software, Choose appropriate the adapter (below) transceiver (above right)for your or network. E1247

Token Rins $gOg Apple
4/16 NB Gard percent compatibility Designed 100 for IBM through theuseoftheIBMToken Ring set, card chip this Macintosh connects computers Token to Ring netrroorla at operating moderate highspeeds: or either per 4 or 75megabits second. TokenTalk' software is included. useon Macintosh For with computers NuBus slots. E1041 Not shown.) MacintoshGoprocessor Platfonn" Memory Expamion Kit adds1 megabyte RAM thiscard of to Ethernet Card improved NB for or theApple performance, Installs easily, E1648 $1 59





Ethernet Adapter AUI $99 Appre
This adapter anIEEE adds 802.3 attachment unit interface (AUI) eitherApple to Ethernet (above), can card and connect external to transceivers for fiber-optic, thickcoaxial, andotherEthemet media. E1250

Oder Toll-Frce €OO-795-lO0O 1
Ca1124 hoursa day,7 days week. a Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

l I



for TCP/IP Gonnection Macintosh

New. Data Access Products. Language
specialists, Awelcome for information systems tool Data and application developers, endusers, Access (DAI) provides immediate access to Ianguage keyenterprise DAIis data. database theunderlying software connectivity you to thatgives access in information residing 17 management systems database running 14wpes on 1DBMSs.l plaforms, either from of host yourfamiliar Macintosh or Without Windows applications. process,offers it users a learning a time-consuming pathfordata. further For information on transparent products, usat 1-800-795-1000. call thefollowing

package provides the software TheTCPIP Connection plus mostcuffent version MacTCP@ industry-standard of The Adminsupport, TCPIP network management SNMP package thesoftware documentation and isuation adds Connecand the necessaryconfigure manage TCP/P to of computers. tionsoftware a network Macintosh on for Connection Macintosh n1785 TCPAP Package Single-User $Sg for 81786 TCP/IP Connection Macintosh Extension* 20-User License $69 81787 TCP,{PAdministration for Macintosh $r99
*Requires purcbase TCPIIP Package. of Connection Macintosb for

$f 39 Faral

IBM WorkstationOne

LocalPath LocalPath software u nt solution theideal youneed link to LocalTalk resource or anEthernet Toke Ring network-with theexpense seni of rout up a dedicated Macintosh the install software any on this on Just You Ring network. canthenlink Ethernet Token or fa;i scanners, to eight LocalTalk devices-printers, just the modems, othercomputers-to network, br port plugging themintotheLocalTalk ofthehost Macintosh. E1644

enablesMacintosh a or Xflorlatation software One Ring Ethemet Token local or Windows computer an on with host netlvork worksmoothly network comto area puters. a consistent intedace,provides text it both Via graphical and emulators to forconnection IBM DALServerfor A/UX and hoss and 370 DEC" AppleWorkgroupServer95 isa networking ..f,' TCPIP protocolsusing product-a"middleware" solution-that software Ih.hodd otr. rb, Mrin66 iid'' without burdensome provides on access databasesAAX hostsystems. to Then it log-on tasks. the Running anMX@hostcomputer, DAI Server on ';*lt you lets easily host use works withMacintosh Wndows or cooperatively applications, transfer giving residing in to applications, youaccess data and and data, share E2094$995 Oracle Informxdarabases. and protect onyour files component DALGlientfor Macintoshistheclient loca.l network server. solution gives that the connectivity of a client/server WorkstationOnefor Macintosh types hosts of and easy access many to enduser computer works withanyMacintosh or newer SE familiar desktop applications. DBMSs, through version or later. 6.0.5 running system software

$t OS Fara


\ ffi:,

Ifyoutravel a with PowerBook compu wantto easily and the access local n Ethernet Token or networks ofyour c colleagues, clients, customers-Pow Install makes easy affordable. it software and in Macintosh minute PowerPath anynetworked on (or LocalT ThenplugyourPowerBook anysingle into using include the device) thehostcomputer Now connectors extension and cable, yourPower including canaccess thenetwork's all services, printers, servers, mailseruers. E1645 file and

license E2086 Single-User

$f 49

Apple lnternet Router
WorkstationOnefor Windows works withanyIBM-compatible computer running \flindows or later. 3.1

$3OOvFAL Guides
Technical tuchitecture VIT{ (Vrnually Integrated is set that Liferycle) a six-volume of guides helpyou and integrate incompatible systems applications, and into technology incorpomte power desktop the of include The detailed enterprise systems. guides Integration, Capture, Data information Desktop on Repository, Systems Infrastructure. Data Access, and E1883 Not shown.)

Call our customer r sent s seruice epre a.tiue for belp:M-F,8 tu.-11tn.; Sat.,10ru4rn ET.

Wth theApple Internet Router Basic ConnectMn you increase size, enhance t Package caneasily the performance, improve managementyo of and the You AppleTalk network. canconne organization's yourlocal workgroups industry-standard using Ethernet, network including LocalTalk, and t\,pes, grows larger, App the TokenRing. yournetlvork As wid several Internet Router youchoose lets among You area options: canlinkremote to your sites over network through dial-up a connection a stan Intemet Route modem, youcanaddtheApple or (sold Extensions separately)linkyou to VideArea protoco networks X.2! AppleTalk using or TCPIP Router 81288 AppleIntemet Package Basic Connectivity



Weship ouemight modest for fees. Soyou can order it toda!, and useit tornorrou. Details on the OrderFonn.

81783 AppleTalMP IflideArea Extension* E1784 AppleTalkrX.25 Wide Extension* Area
*Requires BasicConnectiriry Package.



Addfew a hardware andsoftware tools, Macintosh fluentlywith systems, andyour can speak other
Vhenyouneed UNX,youdon'tneed another computer, need You MX. AltX isApple's implementationtheindustry-standard of UNX@ \fith operating system. MX, yougeta UNX opensvstems solution alltheadvantages and of Macintosh AndMX dramatically Kffiexpands options your the on desktop. (Systems SNA Network Architecture)IBM's is standard way connectinghostmainframe of a computer to IBM3270 personal terminals, printers, computers, and otherelements a network. 51r{do (SNA of ps" 6up protocols services) and software youmake lets the Macintoshto-mainframe connection easily. SNA.ps3270 providesconnection anSNA a to network fromanyMacintosh a NuBus directly with expansion Requires Apple slot. an Serial Card NB or Apple Coax,4winax (below), anApple Card Token or (page n1362 $279 Ring NBCard 4/i5 tD, SNA.ps3270 GCprovides mainframe via access network without expansion an card 1'ourAppleTalk in yourdesktop Macintosh. Requires SNA. ps an Gateway (below) card installed yournetwork. on 81294$105

A/t|X 3.0.1CD.ROM Product
ith theAI,X software rhisCD-ROM vou'll on disc, traditional UNX features assuooort such for multitasking multiple and users. Al,X provides standard communications on TCPIP UNX based and protocols. AppleTalk There's range programming a of options wellasUNX andMacintosh as text-editing capabilities. order includes d{X Your also the Essential Manuals and Set Apple Assurance, which provides suppol't helpyousetup andbegin use to to VLX 81300

TheX VindowSystem' industry-standard protocol you allows to display graphics generated many in computer environments, including UNX-based scientific engineering and applications. the Vith MaiX"display you gain server, can access X client to applications running othernetworks, MacX on The display server on either Macintosh runs the operating system ord{lX. If youhaved{,X2.0or a laterversion, youalready MacX intoyourMX software. have built

MacXVersion1.2 ps Vith SNA. Gateway software anintelligent and Youcan gain access X applications to operating Sun NuBus on you card, canconfigureMacintosh a a as workstations Digital or VM' computers your from gateway 3270, for or communications to 5250, APPC Macintosh, software anX VindowSystem MacX is communicate IBMcomputers with running \M, the display server runs that withineither Macintosh the or ]UVS, AS/400, OSZoperating or systems. Choose from the&{,X operating system, withtheappropriate cards support 35,or 70concurent And that 10, Macintoshnetwork you software, canalso access gain to to-host communication sessions. A/UX3.0.1 Manuals and Update DECwindows. applications, Included yourorder with areallthemanuals need, you'll Requiresmegabltes 81307 ! l/UX EssentialManualsSet Available separate for of RAM System or later,E1302 $295 and 6.0.5 purchase, complete this manual isincluded set with ElJ09 SNA.ps Garcu,ay/70 theditX 3.0.1 CD-ROM Product described above, MacXVercion1.2 UpdateUpdates versions earlier 81299$159 ofMaiX, thisupdate Use withMX 3.0 3.0.1. and NB $1019 lppteSerial Gard 81293 $49 l,/UX Prcgrcnming ManualsThis includes set Youcanconnect NuBus-equipped your Macintosh you'llneed develop dl themanuals to applicarions for MacX ManualSet Forusers need who additional computer networks a widevariety industryto via of M x 3 0 1 . 8 1 2 9 5$ 3 2 9 manuals. 81292 $85 standard communications serial protocols. card's This fourserial ponssupport RS-232,R5-422,X,21, andV.35 l/UX AdministrationManualsIn thissetvou'll Macintosh Open communications atspeeds up to 64kilobits per of you'llneed administer or allthemanuals to one Gommunications Support The second. card serves anSDLC connection as host manyA,{,X systems, E1296 3.0.1 $329 gateways SNA. 3270 for SNA.ps or ps software. 3.0.1 CD-ROM ProductUodateIf vou're MacX25" Server SofhrrareKit Unksyour Requires anRS-232 (see orV,35 cable theOrder an version running earlier ofA,/LX, canupdate you to Macintosh data to networks supporting standard the Form). E1052 this disc. update X.25 3.0,1with CD-ROM This communications protocol. E1303 $599 includes complete the Essential Manuals Set, MX MacX.4O0'. ServerSoftwarcKit Allows Macintosh Gard $1019 lpple Goax/Twinax 11301$250 to exchange electronic withnon-Macintosh mail Lets connect NuBus-equipped you any Macintosh Prcgramming ManualsUpdateIf youown systems useelectronic applications on that mail based computer anIBMmainframe coaxial to via cable. This version thismanual thisupdate anearlier of set, thestandard X.400 messaging protocols. cardrequires SNA.ps 3270 compatible or software to provldes manuals you'Il the need develop to E1304$4,950 gain access hostsessions, Coaxr4winax to The Card thatarecomparible MX 3.0.1 with MacODA"Iflith thissoftware you translator, can seffes a coax as ps cluster controller SNA. 3270 for or $285 Macintosh convert documents andfromtheOpen to gateways, SNA.ps 81255 AdministratorManualsUpdateIf youown Document Architecture (ODA) standard, MacintoshCoprccessorPlatformMemory earlierversionthismanual thisuodate of set, E1305$149 Expansion adds megabite RAM theApple Kit 1 of to provides manuals you'llneed administer the to an Also available MacX.400 SD (single domain) NB Serial Card Coap/Twinar for improved or Card system. E1298$285 M,X 3.0.1 E1367$2,950 performance, installs easily. 81648 $159

you yo on add-ons needGet r hands the for, prices been you've looking atthe r

rdcards )mrce
$tgS ll Keyboard AppleExtended

Apple AdiustableKeyboad
it for keys volume record make easy Accessible and A in applications. youto control sound multimedia keyboard this Wth itsergonomic design, innovative keys keypad function has numeric extended feel comfortable-an separate lets workthewavvou most vou keys andcursor-control thatletyou who for invaluable benefit people without move through document a deal spend great of timeatthe a yourhands thekeyboard. off taking is Its feature the kelboard. main Adjustable allowyouto change feet and abiliry splittheleft- righr to and ofbothkeyboard theslope up hand sections anyangle to 30 to keypad. resultis a flexible, The that's degrees, flndtheposition to compatible modular design that's rightfor you.Detachable exactly Macintosh has that an withany provide flatsurface to palmrests a Angledsealonsand denchablePalm Bus Desktop port. E1501 your rests pu configure Apple your keeping support hands, Adjustable Apple let the in comfortable, position, Kqtboard tbeaa1tbat\ most in natural wrists a relaxed,

II function Extended Keyboardputsmore TheApple 15 function atyourfingertips: built-in andcapabilities that let ofapplications keys youtakeadvantage speeds kelpad keys, a numeric and suppor"t function Standa applications, for data entry number-intensive and arrowkeys sixcursorlet controlkeys you movethrough a yourhands offthekeyboa without taking document common keycaps some themost for of Dual-legend make in environment the functions theMS-DOS to people from switching MS-DOS ke$oardidealfor S[ with This Macintosh. keyboardworks allMacintosh E1000 andnewermodels.

ll $85 fuprc Keyboard

featura keyboard anyMacintosh for Thiscomfortable kelpadfor fas layout a numeric and a tipewriter-sryle you keys data entry. Cursor-control allow to work Your your fromthekeyboard. without taking hands Bus with Desktop Keyboardcomes Apple II Apple E1020 limited warranty. and cable one-year

lle $109 AppleMouse

ll Bus Desktop Mouse $75 Apprc
and to Getready point,click,drag, scrollwith greater This ease comfort, next-generation and rounded mouse featuressleek, a of shape fitsthecontours that yourpalm, a larger and button clickngeasy and thatmakes cursor dragging on-screen the The ball, effortless. tracking now it to makes possible moved thefrontof themouse, to to yourfingertips, rather yourhand, position than use whlledoing thecursor. yougainnewcontrol So precision with that work.Compatible anyMacintosh Desktop port. E1502 Bus has anApple

from IIe \fith theAppleMouse" youcanselect graphics much in the menus, enter data, design and This would witha Macintosh. mouse same wayyou (withenhanced IIe works withtheApple computer Interface with Cardand ROMs). Comes a Mouse E1002 MousePaint' software.

TurboMouse4.0 $f 09 Kensington

inpu for and awards "best \finnerof 10editorial user Mouse is version this oftheTurbo device," latest There's need rolltheentire no to better thanever. just for trackball the device; move ultra-smooth pinpoint It's useful control. especially for precision graphic workor navigatinglarge a screen, from let Programmable buttons youchoose seven performance. th And mouse to commands maximize lets and included software voucreate save fo of different combinations settings E1325 different applications.

Trackball $t 81327 Red



Expansion Gards for Macintosh you Macintoshllsi NuBusAdapterCard lets add high-per{ormance expansion NuBus and cards, its Motorola floating-point coprocessor math can 68882 graphics, speed sophisticated up spreadsheet, and E1045$199 database applications, Macintoshllci GacheCad your IIci increases Macintosh performance 20to by computer's 81053$319 30percent. Apple lle Card for Macintoshletsyourunthe II thousandsApple programs--onethelargest of of libraries theworld-right on your in software Macintosh LCII, LCil, or Color LC, computer. Classic 81043$r45 Expansion Gards for Apple ll your Apple ll High-Speed SCSICardconnects Apple or IIcscomputer anySCSI IIe to devices, as such external disks CD-ROM hard or drives. E1049$r05 Extended8O-Golumn Text Gard(llefdoubles per Apple computer's IIe display 80characters to .vour lineand memory. 81050 $79 expandsto 128Kof it SuperSerial Gardletsyouconnect serial devices to Apple I Plus, IIecomputer. II, 81048 $l 09 or .vour 256K Apple lle MemoryExpansion Gardadds (expandablei megablte) yourApple II, of RAM to to II Plus, IIecomputer, it or allowing to runmore larger files. sophisticated applicatrons create and E1046$r79 vtlu Apple ll SuperDrive ControllerGardlers use (below) yourApple or with IIe anApple SuperDrive Ilcscomputer. 81044 $135

$39 copvholder
Twoproblems most with copyholders thattheyuse are wreak havoc magnets, which onfloppy disks, they and take valuable up desk space. ourcopyholder So has clipinstead a magnet, a of anditsbase slides under either side It a ofyourcomputer. has guid an transparent e barand your right arm adjustable thatletsyouposition copy you matches where wantit. Theplatinum color Macintosh II E1079 andApple computers.

joystick ::;itimate game icious
s. the

.cStick's high()n optical rlogy offers



)intcontrol. patented Its offers tension system from handletension settings everything fast for games precision simulators. its And to flight iedsoftware youeasily lets create custom games players.MacUser A fordifferent and I ri inner. E2020

$25 X"*. Apple ComfortKits.
your with Improve productMty reduce and fatigue this provides support ideal ergonomic Thewnstrest trio. while you're impact keeping ryping, dispersing and yourhands a natural position, The in pad mouse provides an circular optimalwork in minimal area whileitssoftcorners help space, wrist The eliminate irritation. mouse maintains metatarsal cover constant elevation and offers exceedingly touch, an soft from colors. Choose three Kit for Computerswith Apple Desktop Bus Mouse green, E2004Specifyred, orblue. Kit for Computerswith AppleDesktop BusMouse II green, E2164Specifyred, orblue.

game hand-held controller xvned itsversatility. for Its -operated pad controller substitutes a for "pointandclick" seduring games. if you're Or, in using simply screw the comfortable a joystick, joystick xable handle. programmable, Four colorfirebuttons eliminate need kevboard the for feature independently mands, even and gets turbo-fire when action real\, for the for Switchable left-or right-handed users. game for E2021 software custom settings.

Apple Joystick ll
games your rouliketo play on lle or IIcs, you'llenjoy them more withtheApple Joystick plugit intothegame of por"t Just It computer. also connects to IIe thecable theApple Card on you've added your to Macintosh LC[, LC LC, III,or Color Classic.

$gZg AppteSuperDrive
Thisexternal floppy drive allows disk yourMacintosh format, from, read to andwriteto Apple 400K, 800K, and 1.4MB And disks. withMacintosh (page youcan PC Erchange 34), with do thesame MS-DOS OS2la}Kand or 1.44M8 It withall disks. works 3.5-inch Macintosh models curentlysuppon that 1,4MB disks have DB-19 and floppy drive a external disk port;andwithApple andIIcscomputers IIe equipped a controller (above). with card 81025



Apple5.25 Drive

This drive accepts floppy disks, standard the 1.25-inch medium thousandstime-honorcdApple for of II programs. port It plugs thediskdrive of theApple Card into IIe for (described Macintosh It works withApple above). also [, II Plus, Plus, IIcscomputers. IIc 81024 and

I Oder Toll-Frce €0G795-1000
Ca1l,24 hoursa day,7 dap aweek. Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.

your Keep computer datasafelfrom and outages, outlaws dusf in{gnte, ,ffidpolver
Disc $29 ttew.GD3Gompact StorageSystem.

Neatly retrieve to 40CD-ROM up store quickly and portable To in caddy. access a titles thiscompact, indicator the with specific simply CD, align sliding the lid, title desired andlift thedustproof TheCDyou've presented you,soyoucan is to selected automatically it easily remove without the touching delicate surface. thelid, Close carry andyoucansafely thecaddy anpvhere,

S49 woooDiskBox

place to Theworld's filing An smallest cabinet. elegant your3,5-inch thisboxkeeps of them 100 sa store disls, fromcoffee with spills dust. and Complete removable Elffi wooden filingandfinding easy, dMders make to

New.AppleDisk Kits.
your label, transport data withease and Store, and The DiskKitincludes premium-quality 10 safety. Apple disks, designed Apple's rigorous to own 3.5-inch quality-control padded nylon standards; a 10-pocket for a of diskwallet storage travel and pack 50 and ; adhesive labels. dnk


Itlew. Read/Right Gleaning Kits. with Keep yourhardware running and clean smooth kits, these effective, easy-to-use cleaning $26 Gomputer Gare Kit includes you allthesprays, andswabs disks, (both3,5need keep and to drives displays, and 5,25-inch), working peak keyboards at performance. E2007

Disks 82163 KitwithDouble-Sided (800Kcapacity) $25 82254 KitwirhHigh-DensityDisks (1.4MB capacitg $gO

$25 oi"r

yourdisks onequick withthisindexed Find in spin disks. can You carousel, which stores to 803.5-inch up even stack or morecarousels yourdesk. two on platinum or black. gray 81077 Speciff

$45 CD-ROM Gare Klt includes a both lens to data cleaner a disc and cleaner retrieval eliminate by and erorscaused surface and E2006 contamination CD-ROM on drives discs.

your PathKleen Feed sheet a through laser paper printer's path, it removes and unwanted particles, prondes cleaner eliminates marks, toner for maintena output, reduces need printer and the Also works withfaxmachines. 10-sheet oack. E2008$12

MacAttireDust Goverc

you way Here's simple affordable to safeguard a and fromdestructive Made computer printer and dust. with oftough, rip-stop nylon covered protective Amercoat, MacAttire covers water-resista dust are flame-retardant, antistatic. iscustom-tail Each and to neatly oneof thefollowing fit configurations: 81699 Macintoshllsiwith

I-1846 Macintosh Classic Color 81701 StyleVriterPrinrcr II nfi02 Personal Laser\Vriteror NTR LS


$2 $e

not Callus infonnation theauailabili4t dust on of couers for listed bere.


TheKensington PowerBacker Plus safeguardspur computer data and power from botb outages power and suWS. Andits reliabiliry backed k b1 tbemanufacturer witb a 5-)tear, $20,000 protection plan.

yourcomputer printerfromthieves. Protect Made and galvanized these ofrugged steel, tamper-resistant cable install andlocking devices easily. Desktop Gomputer Securitl Kitguards your monitor, printer, other computer, kel,board, and peripherals using yourcomputer's by built-in security slot.E1336$39 your MicroSayer Security Slrstem leashes PowerBook PowerBook to anyimmovable or Duo in hotelroom, object, anoffice, convention centerAt aniwhere. just5.5ounces, travels it easily. 81534$49

KensingtonPowerTree 50
your Kensington stripprotects Macintosh outlet fiveotherdevices) power from surges, and dips, your noise, whileprotecting modem fax or fromphone surges. sixpower line Its outlets Its power controlled onemaster by switch, 9-foot plugs anystandard into outlet.81345

Power interruptions destroy Andpower data. surges candamage Power Backer provides Plus circuitry. continuous protection, ifyourcomputer surge and, loses power, power ever automatically backup supplies your for up to 4Jminutes---enough to save work time andshutdownuntiltheproblem solved, usfor is Call your advice choosing model meets needs. on the that


is a hardware software protection and (210 wans) thatincludes floppy-disk-drive plates one lock, E1538 PowerBacker 450 PIus vourcomputer's pons, floppy-disk-drive SCSI and (315 watts) password nmper-proof screws. Software includes 81539 Power Backer 600 Plus locking, a user that screen and log (480 watts) yourcomputer tains listof attempts use a to Macintosh Classi Macintosh SE60, Macintosh II SE, andIk, Macintosh 700 Quadra disk Macintosh Ik, IIcx,andIIci II, Macintosh IIsi

81537 PowerBackerPlus300

$299 $399

Kensington MasterPiece Compact Plug to fourdevices--romputer. printer, up fax machine, modem-into MasterPiece Compact, you and power have centralDed, one-touch control overeach panof yoursystem, a master plus on/offswitch to control everything once. at MasterPiece Compact also provides surge suppression, filtering, noise and protection-backed themanufacturer's antistatic by protection poliry.E1535 equipment 5'year, $20,000 MasterPiece Remote letsyouusea slim, handheldremote control command protect to to and up plugged a power fivedevices into strip,(Notshown,) EB44 $749


s49 9+g

$63 KensingtonSystemSaverc
TheSystem attaches thetopofyour Saver to Macintosh 128K\ Plus, or IIcs or 512K, SE, SE/30, Apple it andprotects frompowersurges whilekeeping it running its cooler, quiet, built-in draws fan fresh air your through computer's ventilation andits slots, provides electrical surge-suppression circuitry safe power. E1342 E1343 S)ntem SaverMacintosh Slntem IIcs Saver $63 $63

Weship oaenxigbt modest Jor fees. SoJ)oucan order it toda!, and useit tomorrow. Details on tbe OrderForm.

Oder Toll-Frce -800-795-1 I 000
24hours day, dapaweek, a 7 Dial 1-800-755-0601 toll-free forTDD.

$99 Macintosh GarryBags

$25 rcw. AppleWall Glock.
it's Vhenbothhands theApple, timefor hit make lunch. clock's This neutral colors it ideal youroffice-whether for it's Its downtown in yourhome. 10' or it inchdiameter makes easily made readable. Components in U.S.A. movement. Quartz 82055

If youhave takeworkhome to you'llwant fromtheoffice, to yourMacintosh well. as take water-resista Made sturdy, of healy-duty nylon, bags these arr for especially designed your Macintosh its compact and Padded interior essentials. pockets neatly your hold Apple computer, standard kelboard, mouse, extemal and papers, otherdocuments. to last. manuals, and Built leather have healy-duty zippers, reinforced thebags handles, a padded, and adjustable shoulder strap, 81087 81687 Bagfor Black-and-White Compact Macintosh Bagfor Macintosh ColorClassic

$99 $gS

Wesbip ouemigbtfor modest fees Solou can order it tod,cu, and useit tomoffou. Details on the OrderForm.

Turtlenecks. $35 rue*.Apple
percent Ourtop-quality turtlenecls crafted 100 are of long-staple Each double-needle has ailoringin cotton. waist, rolled neck, ribbed theshoulder, hemmed and sleeves. Machine washable, in U.S.A,, emmade and broidered thestrikng with six-colorApple Adult logo. I'f l sizes S-)t, Please specifublack orwhite,82118 wflry+u,

$16 mto Mouse

yourMacintosh it mouse, AutoMouse Snap over and gray into transforms scurrying creature a that Each smooth-cruising Corvette. carisindividually hand finished polished redandblack. in This and vintage will Chery driveyouto newheights of productiviry-just thehoodandgo,(Fits click

Apple Desktop Mouse Bus only.) RedE1438 BlackE1489

$25 new. Anvil MockTurtlenecks,
Classic comfortable, mock and these turtles made are percent preshrunk hear.ryweight with of 100 cotton Lycra neck cuffs. and Affordable, durable, machine and washable, make versatile they a addition any to wardrobe. Adultsizes S-K,. Please soecifv black or white, 82115

\7ithdoors open, that a detachable r-and a traile veryrecognizable sixcolorlogoon both 19-inch metal sides-our hours truckdelivers of funto anydesktop or plapoom, 81656


Mnlt sizes: (34-J6), (J&40), M L(4244), S N"(4518),N"(50-52)


$24 lpprc Sweatshirt
gift Agreat for anApple theApple nut, cotton-blend with sweatshift comes a silk-screened six-colorApple logo. whiteor black. In Adultsizes SJCil., 81070 Vhite E1071 Black

$24 lppre Sweatpants
Formal for attire theserious hacker. cotton-blend, Our fleecelined have sweatpants a drawstring elastic waist, attheankles, theword"Apple" and silk-screened on withcolored therighthip.In black white or letters that match those theApple of Sweatshirt, Adultsizes SJt. Please specifyblack orwhite.81072

Set of Six Apple Mugs
'jie large ceramic coffee mugs hold12ounces of you :.:e.tea, whatever drinkwhen sitatyour or ,vou '.rDuter, logo. Sx-colorApple Dishwasher safe. l+97

,, F'



ff"#m/ ,


'. *dF'


Chris Archibald and Helga Salto, tu'ointrepidApple enplotees. bundleupfor autullln


J{ew.Gear lrExtlemettJacket.

garment an1, four Wear versatile, reversible in this of ways-its double-layer instantly a from design changes jacket. hoodis heav,v, insulated to a lightweight coat A concealed thecollar. anelastic in fastener the and on innersleeve holds insulated lining place in the Front pockets bellows extra have for room. Adultsizes S-D0..Black zure blue(left). and E2tt1,

5199 New, Gear

!'Golumbustt Jacket.

\fleather storm any withthisattractive o[funaional design rugged and iacket construction. saterproof The outershell andpolar fleece lining create perfect the for combination awarm, comfoftable fit.Stand-up collar, adjustable elastic cuffs, andwindflap ensure maximum protection theelements. from (ight). Adultsizes S-Xil. BlueAlacVplum


1 OrderToll-Frce -800-795-l000
24hours day, days week. a a 7 Dial toll-free 1-800-7554601 forTDD.

nardn soltwearanes, cool-pIay our 5t4/
Shirt $29 apprcPolo
These heaqweight, percent 100 bmshed-cotton poloshirts per{ect thecoufts theclub. for are or in \fith knitribbing collar sleeves an and and white, ro.val Apple In embroidered logo, black, withrainbow Adultsizes blue, white and collar, s-nfl.. 81075

$39 lpprc

Watch Thesimple lines of look thiswristwatch great awoman on or a man, witha business or a suit T-shir-t jeans. watch and The iswater-resistant has and a quaftz movement. One-year limited waranty.81078




Weship ouemigbtfor modest fees. Soyou can ordu it today, and useit tomoftow. Details on tbe OrderFofln.

Bag $29 lpple Recreation
Take to thegym, thebeach, an it Or Or impromptu picnic thepark, versatile in This recreation goes totes bag anl,where-and Made durable, anlthing-you imagine, can of waterproof, 400-denier nylon, zips it shutand carries easily itswebhandles adjustable by or E1678 shoulderstrap.


Apple Golf Umbrella
golf : ,rge light'nrerght umbrella ample is but enough foursome unexpected from 3: iectanentire sun. oftough, percent 100 :rs or high-noon Made rthas 5S-inch andseven-panel, a arc double-rib The is fiberglass :ruction. shaft heawduty wood .,comfortable handle81681



T-shirt keep .rtest designs Apple enthusiasts : rrtably TheApple clad. T-shirt sports rainbow a rnblack. PowerBook The T-shirt emphasizes our go-anJrvvhere TheNewton ::x)ok's T-shirt ethic, ..rims nextrevolution portable in the digital penent preshrunk , All in r..:gence come 100 cotton i:,rk sizes: S-M-L-Xt+)C0, Please soecifi, sizes whenordering. -hart below)

SportShirt $40 Piqu6.Knit
Made comfortable piqu6-knit of cotton, Apple the for sport shinisperfect thecoufts theclub. or Thedurable whitefabric accented is with contfasting andcuffs-and, course, collar of a logo. simple distinctive but embroidered Adult sizes S{C0.. E1658

$35 lpprc GotfBattsTwetve-Pack
perched thefaim,'a,vlying the Vhether in they're on or rough, logomakes our these stand fromthe balls out Titleist compression wrth crowd. balls 90 high-energy solid rubber center, thread, cut-resistant and cover deliver outstanding distance per andcontrol, dozen One pack.E1679

t27 Newton T-Shirt $r5 1+ T-Shirt T-Shirt 113 PowerBook S M L(4241). sizes: (J+J6). (38+0).
- gR\ YXT f(0-(2\

Get ClickArtfree your a $24,95 ualue-with order $150 more, of or
DetaibontbeOrder Fotm Enaelope. good ofer tbrough December 193. 31,


$35 new SwivelDeskGlock.
This lustrous black clock up or down tilts witha touch, anatfor view a-glance fromany perspective. of Made plastic, a it's sturdyABS to distinctive addition anydesktop. One-year E2060 Required battery included. AA is warranty.

to Slim, deftly designed, a pleasure and pen makes a use, Cross a ballpoint always great for a colleague, gift a loved one--or yourself. areanointed a tiny with Ours gift by Apple logo, boxed, backed the and guarantee. manufacturer's lifetime from Choose twofinishes.


$e+g Leathe Valise

}Iane E1683Black 81682 Gold



$20 lpprc Fotdins
when may inefficient it be Forthose times we be to let a smile yourumbrella, model, folding recommend elegant this its Made rugged nylon, 43-incharc of provides ample against rain; the and an shield friend. It roomunder for a close it there's even pops witha touch, folds a compact and to open package slips nylon neatly itsmatching into that E1686 logoon handle. sleeve. Apple Gold

with first PowerBook always users travel class valise, designed hold to leather thiswell-made littlespace. Padded virtually in eveq,thing very foam, withaninchof shock-absorbing it neatly protects PowerBook itsaccessories, your eve and phone. separate zip-down A a cellular all organizer stows yourtrave needs, business and both passports personal-from to to pens, credit cards And curency. itsample portfolio expands document thre to include accordion-style file Crafte legal-size sections. leathe top-grain ofglove-soft. it zips shutto a slim5 inch thick, carries comfortably with andcomes a lifetime guarantee manufacturer's




$199 New.Kensington ExecutiveGase.
the ofa travel Designed withstand rigors heavy to nylon organizes schedule, water-resistant case this all computing andprotects yourportable gear-and as doubles a briefcase,well. as Itsinternal system three-compartment includeswell-padded PowerBook a padded a second compaftment compartment, (ideal a Portable for withelastic straps printer), a separate and accordionStyle\flriter file Two style storage compafiment, outer11-bypockets a multitude utilitypouches of 14-inch and power to holdavariety accessories-from adapters of disks. sturdy A extm batteries, business to floppy cards PVC foam internal frame high-density padding and jostles protecteveryrthing frominevitable inside and you bumps, whilea contoured shoulder keeps strap Lifetime manufacturer's warranw. 82132 comfortable.

$75 new.Titanium
Quartz Watch.
x/ith irsdark, gold-accented face, gray and titanium case, durable metalband, watch adds this simple elegance any to Its man's wardrobe. highquafiz accwacy movement powered is by a longJasting oxide siher Shock- scratchand battery. resistant, backed a and by 82045 5-yearwananty.

The Kensington E @cutiue Ca amountofge stows remarhable a in a surprisingb compactspa

i Name (Plzueprint) N4ailingAddress

City Occupatron



AC1 Please thecompleted to: mail form Apple Computer, Inc, 20525 MarlaniAvenue, 2AC M/S 1 Cupertino, CA95014




\florldwide Disability Solutions Group
Wedon'tmeantopry Vehearfrom individuals these every justwantmake thatwe day. Ve to sure From overtheworld. all They knowwho are. you Especially if tellushow Macintosh isincreasing you aninterestin foJlowing their have the independence, nches Adding pages, Specialsolutions forchildren totheir 3 self--esteem, describe They and adults disabilities. wrth Since how participating fully the/re more 1985, Apple's Vorldwide Disability inmainstream How society, thel/re Solutions has Group worked closely able express to themselves more with number companies a of to loudly, clearly. more krwords, In ensure Macintosh that isaccessible pictures, music. In Theirway, toindividuals disabilities. with Not anyone way. else's These solutions, ofcoume, aren't foreveryone, if thelre But of rnterestyou, tosomeone to or you plzue usthe know, send information above, want besure Ve you're to kept informed the about technologies ofndependence, wecan And only your dothat ifyou us name. tell

lrdepnden Deduatnnof
insights,but the fact is, you makeup your " lt's greatto hearprofessional or own rulesas you go along.Fromthe time I was haro three, l've donemy rOkay, ahead."' go own thing.Andthe doctorsjust watch me and say,
has Laurence dreaming dreams. from big Being dystrophy never stoppedJennifer bornwithmuscular Inspired twoelementary to a herself, Several theworld's of by school teachers, longed become teacher she goal, mostrespected an expens herthatit was "unrealistic" Yetwiththehelpof herMacintosh, told degree whilestudent-teaching sherecently earned Bachelor a ofEducation in Arizona. special-education at Corona SolHighSchool Tempe, classes del Because has employs onan she limited ofherfingers,Jennifer use post reports, keyboard do research, grades, writepapers, to and screen plans, evaluations.theclassroom, Macintosh lesson In and the display, her ontoanoverhead screen. becomes electronic chalkboard. "i'm "Best all," writesJennifer, sharing my with of has students miracles Macintosh worked the the in mylife.Many mylearning-disabled of and emotionally handicapped students also have been they told 'have whatit takes' don't to compete therealworld. I'm in But showing themwhata goodfriend thecomputer be-how it can can fill in thegaps wheretheyhave limitations, letthembloom and where arestrong." they
Using artificial lntelllgence, Co:Writer adaptsto a user'sstJ)le as beor sbe urites.

$290 DonJohnston Developmental Equipment Go:Writer

program, word is Co:Witer, intelligent prediction the who with due useful for anyone struggles writing tool language or to learning disabilities, deficiencies, physical with wor limitations. Working anyMacintosh processor,employs it artificial intelligence help to predict complete words writer wants and the a to write-andadapts a user's asheor shewrites to style helps grammar, Co:\flriter with spelling, subject and verbagreement; automates like and routine chores The is in capitilizationand spacing. result a reduction keystrokes energy and exerted, thebuilding and of Requires self-expression, confidence, creativity, and a Macintosh computer,megabltes RAM, syste 4 of and version sofhvare 6.0.7 orlater.81378

ls at JennlferLaurence surtoundedb! her students Coronadel Sol Hlgb Scbool Tempe, Arlzona.Toda1,, ln teachingjob diploma band, in is afull-time Jennifer pursuing Andboadoes dealaitb theineuitable nay-salters? sbe "lpretry mucb ignore them," smiles. sbe

Jennifer Laurence Specialeducation teacher

5 OonJohnston
lpmental Equipment On:Board
PowerBook kevs comouter's andtrackball are if youhave limited finger control. Ke:nx membrane kevboard Board a full-featured is that You noneof the solves problem, lose the ter's capabilities-yet keyboard's the compact neatly yourPowerBook, together and slips over r fit easily awheelchair on tray, provides Ke:nx complete keyboard and On:Board The reacts touch instead emulation. surface to for hand , andisadjustable a lightor heary keyboard overlays youchange keyboard's let the to suitdifferent applications. design.vour Or keyboard layouts theincluded with software for s even programmable a speech option all yourkeystroke to soyoucanlisten check

Prentke Romich HeadMaster HeadMasteranalternative themouse those is for to goodhead whoareunable usetheirhands have to but andmouthcontrol, simply andpuffinstead You tum included. keltoard A ofpointing clicking. and Cable (below isrequired. left) emulator asScreenDoors such HeadMaster-ADB allMacintosh LC. II. SE. for Macintosh Classic, Centris, Macintosh and Quadra compurers. E1392$l ,I 95 HeadMaster Macintosh and512K Plus for computers, E1388$990 RemoteHeadMaster infrared link, uses wireless a soyoucanroam freelywithoutcable. a \forkswrthany Macintosh distances to 12feet. at Allow one ofup week delivery. for 81387 $1,780


IntelliTools IntelliKeys


Ganyon Converter
rourwheelchair topower your battery
Theconvefter connects most12-volt to :hair batteries, mounts and easily included with E1379 strips.

Edmark TouchWindow
helpful users limited for with motorabilities disabilities, Touch\findow mounts easily cognitive your vourexisting display, enabling Macintosh to / instead mouse directly touch to of comincluded. Plugs anyMacintosh into Software newer 81372 computer.

wlth a HeadMaster and ScreenDoors sortware, people whobauelimited useoftbeir hands can operate tbeentire Macintosb inte(ace.

Thisaltemative kelboard a breakthrough is in versatility, ease use. IntelliKeys compatibility, and of plugs thekeyboard of anyMacintosh, no port into with need a costlv for additional interface.works It withallyourexrsting software impoftant Butitsmost feature itsability is to rapidly change face suit its to arange adaptive of needs, Toreconfigure IntelliKeys. justslide anyof itssix in included Each a overlavs. has bar in recognizes instantlycode back thekeyboard that soyou're andrunning seconds, theAnows up in Use Overlay mouse for emulation a maximum with target The and area. Alphabet Numbers overlays textease andmath-based TheBasic input. VritingandQ\{ryRTY people workmorefreely word overlays enable to with processors. Setup The Overlay instantly enables special IntelliKeys functions. result a flexible for The is tool people a widerange disabilities-physical, with of visual, cognitive, IntelliKeysalso or is extremely useful for early childhood education, forpeople are and who learning English a second as language. Prize First winner thei992Johns in Hopkins National for Search wirh Persons Disabilities D1540 Computing toAssist lntelliKeysOverlayMaker.Create custom ovedays program. your wlththisdrawing Customize IntelliKeys keyboard different for users, software, activities; or or for design unique overlays communication and curriculum 81542$69 uses.

Canyon Conuertu

$t ZgS Madenta Gommunications VirtualTelephone
yourMacintosh anintedace yourphone. Use as to gives Virtual Telephone you200-number dialing, speed anon-screen directory, more-allactivated any and by

Madenta Gommunications

using conventional a keyboard outofthe is point-and-click orbyvoice device, recognition, Includes$299 Mayer.Johnson puts ScreenDoors software a keyboard on , headset letsyouplace byvoice a wireless that calls Speaking Dynamically lets screen-and youuseit viaanypoint-and-click from command within400 ofyourcomputer, feet This lets talkative software youlinkspoken words, froma mouse a head pointer, built-in to A word Requires phrases, sentencesa "communication aMacintosh or newer Plus computer 2 with and to of board" your you learns vocabulary type, as then megabites RAM, harddisk, version graphic textual of a system software is when or symbols; speech heard the words based thefirstfewentered on 6.0.3 later, HiperCard.1. 81373 2 pictures clicked. "talking picture" or and Each is are board ingthespeed accurary and oftext yourowndesign; to 200 up boards becreated can and Worlswithanyapplication, includes and linked in together hierarchies, E1371 keyboard layouts, different Requires 2 version ofRAM system and software 5,0.3 BoardMaker. software This provides 3,000 over "picture with later MultiFinder,@ El389 resizable communication synbols" beused to withSpeaking Dynamically (above). 81265 $399 Liteoffers thesame all benefits, but t thewordprediction features, 81390 $125

Braille Translator $495 Duxbury
Translating to Braille--or versa-iseasy vice text and affordable thisprogram, with created theleading by printing software vendor Braille for houses around theworld. reads It from any documents virtually word Macintosh processor, a range offers of formatting options, produces and outputthatisfully (see compatible theVersaPoint with Braille embosser publishersIdeal teachers, for below). employers, anyone wants communicate Braille who to with readers. Comes fullinstructions orint.in with in Braille, on disk.81375 and

$99 ouxlury Braille Font for
Adobe Type Manager Desiqners create who
informationalgraphics public appreciate for the will having fontin theirlibrary--cspecially the this since Americans Disabilrties mandated inclusion with Act $495 the Berkeley of Braille signs. in Designed beused to withthe Systems Duxbury Braille Translator this labove;, fontis with OUTSPOKEN compatible anyprogram-including Aldus The heart soul and of PageMaker QuarkXPress-that Adobe and Type uses interManager Type1 fonts. Requires theMacintosh or system software graphic, visual version or later.Bl374 face-its 6.0.7

qualities-might seem
visually to leave blindand impaired users thecold. in $gzgS reresensory ButouISPOKEN theMacintosh makes VensaPoint completely BrailleEmbosser replacing icons spoken accessible-by visual with TheVersaPoint embosser Braille brings desktop true words, power Selectfolder, outSPOKEN itsname publishing a and reads to it aloud, Open document hear spoken letter, creators a and by ofBraille word, line.Pull or down menu hear listof a and a documents. Offering commands. isthe interface for plug-and-use outSPOKEN firsttalking agraphics-based computer-and available exclusively simplicitywith any for theMacintosh, Macintosh, VersaPoint Fullmouse emulation provided keypad is via embosses Braille dots permit functions, single-keystroke and commands easy thatarehigh, movement pitch, volume consistent, easy among windows; speed, and and control: reference a talking and to text graphics It to read. produces dictionary; more. and outSPOKEN wellwithany bothsix-dot works and Macintosh text-based software, including word eight-dot Braille a for processing, publishing, desktop spreadsheet, database, range math, of programs, andtelecommunications with Comes full science, business and documentationprintandaudiocassette in formats applications, a on plustacdle represendng Macintosh sheets typical variety ofpaper Requires screens. a Macintosh or newer Plus Requires stocks. computer, Braille A manual available no charge is at on Braille translation requesr. 81376 software as such Duxbury Braille (above). Translator Oder TolhFrceI €OO-791t-l 000 Allow week for one hours Call24 a,day,7 aweek. daln E1391 delivery.

its VhenApple trumpeted philosophy first of "Oneperson, computer," were awa well we one people couldn't thatthere were some who see our advertising. Or,for thatmatter, ourtrumpets. hear Vhichiswhywe've always committed been t providing access people disabilitie easy to with sothey, canenjoy power betheirbes too, the to That is in commitmentreflected thefundamental hardware design Macintosh of and software, which features a built-in like offers screen magnifier, audio and enhanced feedback, ways altemate to usea kelboard a mouse. and It'sreflected ourtoll-free number in TDD (1-800-TDD-MAC3) deaf to provide andhearing impaired with users direct access our to Assistance Customer Center. it's reflected Macintosh in Disability Resources-a valuable collection information of free it available to anyone requests who (call1-800-795-1000 forvoice; 1-800-755-060 forTDD). It'salso reflected theproducts these in on pages The in Apple Catalog, partners Today, Apple itsindustry can and provide impressive of solutions an range to children adults disabilities, thepoin and with To for example, even who areable that those to move their onlytheirheads usea Macintosh can for way, theirpurposes. Whatever purposes be, those may

Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD.







AppleLogoMerchandise Clothing
i8 .,0 i9 i9 Anviltr'lock Turtlcnccks Apple PoloShirt Apple Sweatpants AoDleSweashirts Apple Tudenecks Gcar "Columbus"Jacket Geaf "Extrcme"Jacket Pl.lud'Kdt Sport Shirt

ScreenDoo6 tr{adenta Communicatlons VirtualTelephone Mad€nta Communlcations 0) Mayef JohnsonSpeakngD,vnamicallv bo omnifone IDD N{odem 65 PrentkeRomichHeadtr'laster VersaPoint BrailleEnbossef 66 TeLcsensory 0)

50 50 t3 t3 t3 53 53 53 i3 53 52

t,shirts I r ,tffLe

Displays and Accessories
AppleBasicColof NIonIor Audiovision14 Displa,v K€nsington Antf Glaf Filtc$ e tr{acintosh Coior Dlsplar Nrlactrtosh DisplayCardli.24 Poft tr'lacinrosh rait Display Macintoshl6-inch Cobr Displal

i8 i9 59 61

lilguage Chentior trlacrntosh DdraAc(ess DaraArcesslanguageSencr for A,/L'Xand AppleVorkgroup SeNer95 LocalPadl Farallon PowerPath Farallon F[al]on Timbuktu IBtrlVorkstationOne L{Nsuneyor MacODA MacXVe$ion 1.2 MacxVeNim 1.2Update Macx 2t SeNcf Soltwtre Kit Kt MacX.400 Sener Software SNA.ps Gatewa,vs SNA. ps 3270 GC SNA.ps3270 fof TCP,,TP Connectlon Macintosh


24 28 28 24 28 22 28 23 28 24

Las€rltrriter I1 Toner Cartridges PathKeen LS Personal Laser!(riter PrinterDdver Update Personal laser\friter PaperCtrseites PersonalLaser\FriterToner Cartridge Personal kseAvdter 300Papercassettes Personallas€r\firiter 300 Toner cartridges Portable Stylel(riterAcc€ssories ScdbeRibbons Stylevrfier Bag Srylevriter lnk Cartridges Style\(rit0 PrinterDrirer Updale

16 ,7 57 51 57 57 t1 57
CMGPowerlock Kensington MasterPiece Compact R€mote MasterPiece Kensington PassProof Kensington PowcrBackerPlus Kensington PowerTree50 Kensingron Kensington Secudty Systems Kensington S)stemSavers

Accessories Computer
Mousc 5E Auto 56 ComputerCafeKit 5i Cop.vhold€r i6 DiskBoxes CarouseLs 56 Disk 56 DiskKits ai2 katherPowefBookValise Dust i6 Nlac{ttire Corcrs 58 xlacintoshCarq,Bag Cafrying Cases 6l PowerBook

Desk Personal and Accessories
62 62 61 61 i9 60 iE 58 60 62 62 62 Pens Aoole Crcss AbfleFoldins Umbrclla AiilecolfB,lls ADplecolfumbr€lla Apple tr'lugs ADple Rccrcatior Bag Airirle Truck AbblevallClock Applevatch ExecLrtivc Crse Kcnsirgton SwiitlDcsk Clock I'itanium Qurft Yiatch

Applell Expansion Products
i5 5i t5 55 55 55 t5 55 55 i7 r\pfleJo.vstifkII AppleMousc IIc Apple SupcrDdvc Crld Applelle Nlcnx)['Erpansion SCSI Applc1lHigh-St)ccd Ca(l Afplc Il SupcfDdveContf(tlcr (iaf(i Applc5 25 Dfivc Extended iJ()-Column'fext Crfd ll Gfavislvl(Nsestick Kcnsing([ SYstcnSxvcfIics

Ke.vboarcl AppleAdjustable Appl€ CD Caddr ,{pple Comfort Kus Apple DcsktoptsusMouseIl t6 AppleDisk Kits Apple ErtendedKcylloardII ipple KerboardIl ao Af plc Iinguage Ke,Yboards I'licroDhone 11.) ADDIe tffle lttot inreLfacc ii lDDlcSuperDrite ii .\irble llc card fof I'lacintosh 56 CoilpLrtcfCareKits i 5 GfavisGamePad 11 5 5 Gra!isI'louseStick Ddvc and Disks 1 b bnr€ga FloDtjcal AV Ear IABRA. PHONEStrcamline ArtfGlerc Filt€$ l 1 Kcnsington 5- Kcnsrng(DSYstemSavcf s 4.0 Kcnsingbn Tufbo MoLrsc r l llicin()sh cokn Classic 1 l \hcintosh Quadfa60i 1 0 \'lrcintushQuadm610 Ihcinosh Quadn650 6 Ihcirtosh Quadra660Av l l llrciotosh lY Card 5 5 Ihciniosh Ilci Cache CaKl 5 ) ]hcintosh IIri NullusAclaptcr \ullus A.iaptefCafcl

MacintoshGomputers Ploducts and Expansion

Newtonand Newton Accessories
and PowefAccessodcs Batteries Carrying Cases Kt NewtonConnection NewtonFu Modem MessagePad Newton Card Neilton Messagjng NewtonPrint Pack Nc'vtonStofage Cards Softsare

i1 i5

PowerBook Gomputers and Accessories
16 Apple HDI'20 Extefnal 1.4M8FloppyDisk Drive 16 AppleHDI-30SCSIDiskAdaptcr 17 AppleTalkRcnnneAccess 17 ColofTravclBags 16 CMGPowerHousc 16 CNIGPoweflock 19 E-Nlachin€sEtlr€rDock 19 E-NlachincsPrcs€ntof 16 lomegaFbpticalDriveandDisks NotcBookKe,YPad 16 Kensington Lanlr)f LDemiof I lb l.rJIneri{)sutbooK bflcrcJSe 17 PowefBookACAdaptcr 1l PowcrBookAccessoq/Pack Batr€ryRechafgcrx 17 PowcrBo0k CafryingCases 16,17 PowefBook 17 lowcfBook/Dos Companion DuoACAdaptef 19 PowcfBook Duo BancryRechagcr 19 PorvcfBook 19 PowcfBookDLoDock DLroFhppyAdaptcf 19 PowerB(x)k Duo MiniDock 19 PowcfBook Duo Rechargcabl€ Battery 19 PowcfBook PowefBook Duo 210 lll Duo 230 18 PowcLBook 11 PowcfB(x)kFa,DataModcm 17 PowefBookFilcAssisunt Battefies Rcchagcable i7 PowcrBook 1458 13 PowefBook 14 PowcrBook165 165c 1.i PowcrBook 14 lowcfBook 180 15 PowcrBookl80c

29 29 29 29 29 29

Software Education Software
Kid Pix Kjd Pi\ Companion The LosrTribe The Plavroom lne lteenouse \Iherc inAm€rica'sPastIs Carm€nSandiego?

Software Productiairy
J8 40 39 37 37 38 35 38 37 38 30 30 31 40 30 J0 30 31 41 33 J3 31 10 31 31 35 3i 35 Adobe Illusrator i.0 Adobe frcmiere Aldus Fctch 1.2 Aldus FreeHand IntelliDraw Aldus Aldus PageMaker 5.0 Aldus Persuasion Photoshp 2.5 Adobe Font Apple Pack ClaisBfushstrokes FileMakcr 2.1 Pro Claris Mac\frite Pro Claris 2 Clafisvofks0 Multimedia Music Krll€rTracks Micnrsolt 4.0 Excel Micrcsoft Office MicrcsoftM)fd1 5 Vuks 3.0 Micrcsoit MoryhbyGryphonSofiware Now Contact Now Up{o'Dat€ 4.0 Quickcn Staftcf Kjt QuickTimc TelewareBesBooks M.Y.O.ts. Teleware '1,A4aker Click{tCollectkrns ViftusVo,vager VirtusvalkThroush


Multimedia and Tools Multimedia
Sotiwarc l l ,\ctiur Pfcscntatkm {0 A(lollc Pfcilief Drives r l i\pplcCDCD'RONI DtcK f(ncf Kir A||lcCD IlulrLnrcrhr All trDr\rgn Pl[rcfcrl Spc]kcrs Apple I'licfophorlc Apflc i\'llDl lntcrface Aud!)Visrn14Display Cht)I'lc(lia 1 CD-ROM incdix CD-ROMs 0crti!e lt'luft S,vsten rJ DigiDcsign Audnncdia Recording Killef llrcks \'lultimcdiaMusic ) 2 Mrctrnnc(liaDircctor .il i\'lofphbv Gryphor Sottwafc ALrcliosh0p {J OpcodeSystems j3 opcode s,vstems MusicStdflefKit [Z Powc|cl) {i) QuickTimeStrftef Kit +l R",rul Pt:iu0n (l vlD. K(yl.'"rl CJn ru lL +J RolandSC-7SoundModule '!2 Soun(lEdit Pfo l0 Sufcr\1lLVrLleosligi { 12_S\ifcl lD Pr,fc$iortl flcxcan VkleoLabs ErpaildcdBooks 46 Voyager 46 V(ryeger MuhimediaCD-Rotr'ls VaLncr Ncw MediaCD'ROlvts

l6 L6 oF OF oF OF ql uf OF OF 51 oF Ol O!OF AfplcHDl-30SCSlDiskA(laptcf HDI-30SCSI Systenr Cal)lc At)Dlc Appl€ RS'232 Cablc AplrleSCSI Cablcllxtcndcf I'cfiphcrrl lnterirce Cable Apple SCSI Cablc Apple SCSI S_vstcnr L,rhlr r\rpleS\\rcrr Perphcrrl-rl APpLe Jr r,.rrc v lppleliNlqlcnlsCrblc Apple 1l Pfirrtcfll (hbk K$ Erhefner Cable Ethefnet lhin CoaCrblcs LocalTalk l,ockirg Corrcfrn Kits i{aciil!)sh PcriphcmlAdrl)ref Meciilosh Pefit)hcilfs (lablc

10 +J lil l2


and System Software Extensions
lrnguage Km 36 AppleChincseandJapanese 11 AppleTalkRcmoleAcc€ss Softw"feVersbn 6.0 Apple llcs Systcm At Ease Product A"/UX 3.0.1CD-ROM AruX CD'ROMlroduct Update ClarisPowcfTo Go ftl 32 ClarisRerilevo Comnxn Gf0und Nlacintosh L\change PC JT Vcrsion6.08 Macinlrsh System Software Macintosh Sistem7.1 UpgradeKrt 32 MacTools Magnet 32 No HandsSoftware 34 \ow Utilities 33 QuicKeys 10 QuickTimeStafer Kt ? ) Saf€ Sound & Systems 33 SmaftbafEnergyManagement 32 Stacker

Printersand Scanners
39 23 36 23 26 27 25 25 25 2,{ 22 31 23 AppleCobrOneScannet AppleColorPrifief Appl€Oncscanncf ImrgewfirefII laseN(LiterPro 600 Pfo Laser'\Vritef 630 lascLwfiterSelect J00 laser'\flritef Select310 Lascr'\flffer Select360 Personallaserwdtef300 PoftableStyle\{rilcr SeikoSmartLlbcl Pdtrtefs II St,vlev/riter

n 53

Drivesand CD-ROM Accessories
Agla'l\l)c CD-ROll Apple CD Clddr AppleCDMuhincdir Ku AppleCDCD-ROi!I Dfics l'0\'ef ed SlcakcN AppleDesign Applctirk CD 56 CD'ROI'I (larc KI Discs r5-47 CD-RON'l Srstenr 56 CD3 Conpact Dis( Srofage 14 PowerCD 11 PowcrCDCarqlBag


Networking/ Communications Hardware
t3 51 51 5J 5i 51 7 5 15 3 ,
Applc Qru4winu Catd and Adapters Apllle [thernct Cards Applc Efi eflret'li"nsceivers AppleSc.al NB Cafd !/16 NB CafLl Apple foker RrnS Erlrefnef Cxl)leKirs GeoPoftTelecomAdaptef Platform Memory Macintosh Copfocessor Xrt Expansion

PrinterSupplies and Accessories
17 28 28 37 28 37 2J 16 l5 lJ 23 24 28 27 28 25 28 AgfaT.vpe CD-ROM Apple Color Pfintef lnk Carridges Al I e aolo- f-i ,r(' Pa|(f Tr?n-larerr'e) Applc Font Pack DesktopBnderyRepoftCovcrs 1stImpression DesktopBindeq, lma8cvhrefBlg-, tmeBcv-fllelLQ hrDoons tmagr,w_fLtef Lt KD0on\ , 1,3n0 ha$YwfLtef Lut Jneetlctoel ll Option Imagevriter II|'\.QLocal'Lalk KensingtonLaserstand L6er\(rjter/4rser\Vrfi€r P]usToner Caftridges lsedflrirerProPaperCassett€s laservrlter ProToner Catrridges lfier\friter SelcctPaperCassettes Lser\X/dter SeleclTonef Caffddges

48 48 t3 53 Appl€Link 6.1 Applelink CD .duX Manuals Manual MacX Set Manuals VITAL Guides

bb Berkeley Sl'stems outSPOf'lN 6 5 can\on Converter 64 Don JohnstonDevelopmertal
Equipnent Co \!ffef Don Johnrtin Devclopnental EquipmentKe nx On:Boald 66 DuxburyBrailleFont fofAdobe TvpeManagei 66 DwbuN BruilleTmnslator 65 [dmark Touch\findow IntelliTools lntelliKe_vs

t2 Apple Inteilret Rouref .18 AppleLink 6.1 5 1 AppleSearch 50 AppleTalkConncctionfor Macjntosh 50 AppleTalkRemoteAcccss
AppLel-ink CD

Tmrning S)\tems Tlloia s 48 Peruonal OF: Ofder Form

lnc ,\ppteCam,uter, C : 193 &; .'ppiiuouse,spple,kat CanD .rice ndri al ApPLe Puitt UaiWr ite a t;;,;pni,t t, and UaiWrir ar regtiered tddel1ldt*s.dnd F :i er Bacheir, PiuerTr,'9s .,r: t erd tudemdrk afllo :: ered tatlem a& ofMoioro hr ; rndeiMrk af 7.C1, , Ddt!^\, Ter;s.kribe is d reg
i,.;tblog, Pradtrct itlJotm4lian end prices dre vLbject to cbange uiillaul ilatil ..t:utsibilit|,tritb rcgard tu lhe seleclion, perhrilldnce. ar uv aJ thN produds

Appleasun6 na suppliers. and lr! nor neith{ an endarsement d rccanmentlatian}Jl productspeci|icatiafrt detiptiow aqe supplied therespulfue

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